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Promoting energy efficient, healthy & sustainable building products for the construction industry


environments and those looking to understand more about the subject will find GBS provides an invaluable framework.


“Austria is world-renowned as a pioneer in sustainable construction and we share years of insight with participants so they gain a thorough understanding of the use of natural resources and their connection through natural, and economic engineering sciences.


“GBS also offers a unique opportunity to build a network of useful contacts across Europe and beyond.”



with Passive House at unique summer university programme



With the emphasis on building properties in the UK and Ireland which balance environmental and economic factors, the passive house model is one which is well-placed to deliver significant benefits. A unique training programme held in Vienna offers an opportunity for students and professionals in architecture and the built environment to understand more about the concept and introduce elements of the programme into their work. Green.Building.Solutions. (GBS) takes place in Vienna, the capital of energy efficient construction from July 22 to August 13, 2017.


It is organised by the OeADHousing Office - which won the Austrian Climate Protection Award in 2013 and the Environmental Award of the City of Vienna in March 2015 - together with the BOKU University of

Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. Run under a not-for-profit arrangement, the three-week programme carries out its lectures and all associated social activities in English and the course is of appeal to - but not limited to those working in and studying architecture, construction management, project management, building and energy engineering and surveying. It concludes with an integrative design project, where participants from different fields work together to bring their learning and experiences from the course to design a ‘green’ building. Student

participants are entitled to seven ECTS points after successful completion.

Last year, 38 participants from 20 nations successfully completed the programme, covering topics including Sustainability in Building and Urban Planning, Principles of Passive House Planning and Renewable Energies and Business Concepts. As well as GBS, OeAD also runs the Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems programme (AEMS), which analyses how economic, political, monetary and environmental factors need to change to be more sustainable – from the 26 July until 11 August, 2017.

The cost of the course is €2,490 for professionals and €2,000 for students. This price includes all social activities as well as accommodation in OeAD’s passive house student properties in Vienna. The cost also includes accommodation for participants for almost a week after the programme, enabling them to explore the city at leisure. Günther Jedliczka, CEO of the OeAD-Housing Office, said: “Passive house is being increasingly referred to in architectural and construction

Worlds greenest terminal launches at Oslo Airport SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION PAGE 22

Designed by Oslo-based practice Nordic-Office of Architecture, the 115,000 sqm expansion to Oslo Airport sets new standards in sustainability. The competitionwinning design, which uses snow as a coolant, has achieved the world’s first BREEAM ‘Excellent’ sustainability rating for an airport building. The expansion doubles the size of the existing terminal building with the addition of a new, 300m long


pier. Nordic continued the timeless architectural expression and rational simplicity of the original airport – which the practice designed in 1998 - whilst introducing new design elements to enhance the passenger experience. Nordic also updated the existing train station, which sits at the heart of the airport enabling 70% of all passengers to access the airport by public transport.

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Nordic’s design increases the airport capacity from 19 million to an anticipated future capacity of 30 miliion, whilst passenger flow was improved with a maximum walking distance of just 450m, far shorter than most airports.

The multi-disciplinary design team applied an holistic approach to sustainability, including the harvesting of as much on-site energy as possible. Snow from the runways will be collected and stored during wintertime in an on site depot to be used as coolant during the summer. Natural materials have been used throughout the building: the new pier is entirely clad in timber sourced from Scandinavian forests. Continued on Page 02

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NEWS April / May 2017


Worlds greenest terminal launches at Oslo Airport Continued from Frontcover Recycled steel and special, environmentally friendly, concrete mixed with volcanic ash has been used throughout. By choosing environmentally friendly materials, the building’s CO2 emissions were reduced by 35%.


Enhanced levels of insulation mean the project has achieved Passive House level performance

standards. Energy consumption in the new expansion has been cut by more than 50% compared to the existing terminal. Passenger comfort and well-being have been key drivers of the design throughout. Artificial lighting is designed only as a minimal supplement to high levels of natural daylight, and can be set to reflect different moods according to weather, season and

Rooftop milestone for £41 million university building 14 KITCHENS, BATHROOMS & WASHROOMS

A £41 million university building in Birmingham has taken a major step forward as the finishing touches have been made to the development.



Contractor BAM and local stakeholders were joined by staff and students from Birmingham City University at the institution’s new Health Sciences and Education building to mark the traditional ‘topping out’ ceremony and celebrate a key milestone in the delivery of the facility. The 10,500m² extension on Westbourne Road in Edgbaston forms part of the University’s City South Campus. The new development, set to open in 2018, will also enable the relocation of the University’s School of Education, consolidating the Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences on to one site.


Designed by architects Sheppard Robson, the building will help reinforce Birmingham City University's status as the region’s largest provider of qualified health and social care professionals to the NHS and producer of more teachers than any other institution in the West Midlands. The space will offer teacher training and specialist facilities for health sciences including provision for research, a new lecture theatre, a multi-purpose hall, speech therapy, physiotherapy and ultrasound suites, art and technology classrooms and IT hubs.

strengthen our existing education teaching and research programmes, we will also be offering a wide range of new health, nutrition and biomedical science courses. “The new Health Sciences and Education building offers students and staff the highest quality facilities available to ensure that we are best equipped to provide for the next generation of public health and education professionals in the West Midlands. “The new building also strengthens our student experience and University community by allowing us to house our health and education offerings on one site for the first time. In doing so, we are creating a significant hub for our public service contracts and professional development provision in Edgbaston, offering more consistent support services and facilities for both students and staff.” The building forms part of the University’s £260 million investment into new state-of-theart facilities which will be

time of day. The compact layout of the building, transparency and open spaces enhances visual legibility and wayfinding, providing reassurance and peace of mind for travellers. A panoramic window at the north end of the pier, a 300-metre long skylight and curved glazed windows on both sides open up the view to the surrounding landscape and beyond.

strengthened with the opening of the new £57 million Birmingham Conservatoire later this year.


As part of the City South Campus extension, students from the of Faculty University’s Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment have been working alongside BAM to gain real-life experience of working in the construction industry, by putting the theory learned in the classroom into practice.

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Colin Harper, BAM Project Manager, said: “This could be Birmingham's most advanced construction scheme. Our sector is undergoing a quiet technical revolution. Digital techniques are helping us and our supply chain deliver both the speed and quality we need for complex modern buildings, like this one for Birmingham City University.

“It is especially pleasing this is happening on a higher education project, thus demonstrating the future to our next generation of construction professionals. Even more impressive is the depth of understanding we have formed with our client. Whatever the technology, strong partnerships are always the secret behind successful construction.”


Executive Editor Maria Hodgetts Editorial Co-Ordinator Charlie Zeall

Circulation Manager Julie Poole Production Manager Wendy Harris

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Speaking at the topping out ceremony on Thursday 4 May, Professor Graham Upton, ViceChancellor of Birmingham City University, said: “Today marks an exciting new chapter in the University’s long and proud history. Not only will this new building allow us to

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Need more teaching space...

...without the drama? Wernick modular versus traditional build is 50% faster. Reduced time on-site means buildings can be installed and completed outside term time, keeping disruption to a minimum.

An education in modular buildings To find out more and view education case studies go to:

0800 112 4644 â?š enquiry 100 .

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Former Deputy Mayor of London for Environment says the UK Government must do more to address air pollution from construction sites Matthew Pencharz commented after the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) finally published the consultation on its new UK Air Quality Plan London. 8 May 2017: Matthew Pencharz, the former Deputy of London for Mayor Environment and current director of Off Grid Energy, is urging the UK Government to do more to encourage local authorities to introduce and have the powers to enforce environmental regulations on construction sites to push the utilisation of clean technologies the disappointingly after unambitious Government Air Quality Plan was published by Defra on Friday. In London, construction equipment accounts for some 7% of emissions leading to the unacceptably high NO2 concentrations and across the country they are important sources of pollution in our towns and cities with poor air quality. Fortunately, clean technologies through the use of batteries, especially when it comes to temporary power for construction and events, are in the marketplace,

which would markedly reduce air pollution emissions. Companies, such as Off Grid Energy, are saving their customers many thousands of pounds in fuel costs while also reducing pollution emissions and noise from construction sites. “It is disappointing that in its new consultation to deliver the reductions in air pollution the UK needs, the Government is not doing more to push the utilisation of clean technologies on construction sites to save both money and emissions and stimulate this high value manufacturing sector,” said Pencharz, who brought in the Greater London Authority’s (GLA) regulations for construction equipment while he was Deputy Mayor of London for Environment. The GLA brought in regulations in 2015 to begin the cleaning up of constructions sites but the Government in this consultation is only talking about regulations from 2019 for new machines, with no thought to the thousands of older, high polluting ones. In addition, other local authorities do not appear to be being

Specialist glazing company provides solutions to historic buildings

encouraged to bring in Londonstyle regulations and, even if they did, any enforcement powers remain weak. Pencharz stated that the Government should be proposing to give strong enforcement powers to local authorities wishing to regulate construction equipment operating in their areas and work closely with organisations like the Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) to solve this growing problem. “The challenge to deliver clean air creates a huge opportunity for the UK’s high value manufacturing sector but it does need reasonable and pragmatic regulation to stimulate the deployment of technologies, such as Off Grid Energy’s, which is delivering environmental and financial benefits in the construction and events industries.

A Textbook Answer to Accommodation Problems from The Holt School Two of the biggest problems facing schools in Britain today are aging building stock and oversubscription. The Holt School in Wokingham recently found itself in the unfortunate position of displaying symptoms of both these issues.

We feel the Government has missed a trick,” finished Pencharz. For more information or to speak to Matthew Pencharz directly, please contact Kelly Mancaruso at or at +44 (0) 1636 704888.

Selectaglaze’s expertise has assisted in creating more comfortable working spaces in a former chapel and a former outpatients building for the University of Oxford. The University approached Selectaglaze to support its renovations to St Luke’s Chapel and the former outpatient building on the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter site. Both buildings face each other across a courtyard and are Grade II Listed. The chapel dates back from 1865 and outpatients from 1913. As is quite common with older buildings, both structures suffered from significant heat loss as a result of the inefficient original glazing. The original windows were to be retained, so the University approached Selectaglaze, the leading specialist in the design manufacture and installation of secondary glazing, to help resolve the issues. Selectaglaze installed 82 units across the two buildings using a mix of products from its range to meet the required specification. In the chapel the stunning gothic arched windows posed an interesting challenge to Selectaglaze, as the planning authorities were particularly keen to ensure the aesthetic impact of the secondary glazing was kept to a minimum. Selectaglaze collaborated with the architects and designed solutions that would work and compliment all the various styles. Low emissivity glass was used throughout both of the buildings which in combination with the primary window achieve a U-value of 1.8, reducing heat loss by around 60%. In addition, the application of secondary glazing achieved a reduction in noise egress and ingress. Selectaglaze has been established for fifty years and in that time gained extensive experience with working on all building types from new build hotels to Listed museums. It was granted the Royal Warrant in 2004 as a testament to the quality of its products. Selectaglaze works closely with clients to ensure their buildings are warmer, quieter and safer. For further information, please contact Selectaglaze on 01727 837271/e mail: or visit: ❚ enquiry 101

“Our Sixth form common room was becoming cramped, and was no longer the quiet study area we wanted to provide for our students,” commented Janet Perry, Business Manager for the School. “We also had two old timber frame classroom blocks that were beginning to show their age.” The school decided that replacing the old classrooms with a new twostorey block would solve both problems at once. Like all schools, the solution to these problems needed to be cost efficient and delivered quickly. “To receive funding for the project we needed to meet a limit on the price per square meter ,” Janet told us. The school would also be without four classrooms for the duration of the project, meaning a drawn out construction process was out of the question. Ridge and Partners LLP were brought in as architects on the project, and recommended using modular after having delivered another modular project earlier in the year. Partner Adrian Goulding commented “The time for delivery of building and design reviews is

massively reduced with a modular programme, and we knew it would also help us meet the price per square meter.” This wouldn’t be the first modular building for the school, as they had previously worked with Wernick to provide a two storey classroom block many years before. Ultimately, Wernick would be the ones to build the new block.” We went through a full tender process,” commented Janet, “and Wernick Buildings’ submission most closely responded to our requirements.” The new 981m2 block was installed in just 3 days, with the total programme lasting only 14 weeks. The ground floor is dominated by an open plan study area complete with a small kitchen area, and also features meeting rooms and office space. The upper floor contains three classrooms as well as more office and study space. Architecturally designed, the building is finished with brick to the ground floor and render to the second floor, with grey cedral cladding features around the windows. Externally, the building also incorporates a partially covered patio area accessed via a bi-folding door from the study area. “The response to the new building has been overwhelmingly positive,” Janet told us. “We would absolutely recommend a modular build for another school. The demands on schools are always changing, and modular buildings provide the flexibility to accommodate that.” ❚ enquiry 102

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April / May 2017



Forbo’s new Sphera Energetic adds colour to the curriculum Hot on the heels of its very first homogeneous vinyl collection, produced in a new state-of-the-art production facility, Forbo Flooring Systems has now launched a second range: Sphera Energetic. Reflecting the latest education trend colours, and with low emissions and high LRVs, this new phthalate free collection will contribute towards a stimulating, yet healthy indoor environment for any educational establishment. Forbo’s Sphera Energetic is a bold and exciting new range that challenges traditional flooring design in the education sector. End users are presented with a fresh and playful colour proposition consisting of 52 shades: 41 ‘flecked’ colours alongside 11 complementary ‘vivid’ hues, which feature corresponding highlight chips to create an integrated flooring solution. The colour options are ideal for zoning and

way-finding through corridors as the palette has been designed with intrinsic tint combinations to create stand out and inspiring flooring schemes. Sphera Energetic - vivid snow

Janet Lowe, Head of Marketing UK and Ireland at Forbo Flooring Systems commented: “The new Sphera Energetic range delivers an exciting proposition for educational design: a stylish and

contemporary yet wholly practical flooring solution. Benefitting from the SMART-top finish, the new collection is resistant to chemicals, scratches and stains, making it ideal for busy classroom areas and corridors. “What’s more, the colour palette offers high Light Reflectance Value (LRV) ratings, which will help you to maximise any form of lighting within a building – helping you to create a better and healthier environment for pupils and staff. It is also phthalate free and has very low emissions of 10ug/m2 after 28 days.” Sphera Energetic is manufactured using SMART (Sustainable Modern Advanced Robust Technology) technology; the in-line coating and subsequent embossing process results in superior appearance and durability, which sees the collection

Sphera Energetic - vivid spring & vivid ebony


achieving the highest abrasion wear rating group T (tested to EN660-2). For further information please call telephone 0844 822 3928, email: or visit ❚ enquiry 105 .

Sphera Energetic - denim, 5 mandarin & vivid elephant


Heckmondwike FB, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of fibre bonded carpet, has reported an increase in demand for its renowned heavy duty Supacord range for use in educational environments. The company attributes this rise to schools seeking carpet with anti-fraying properties. Jeremy Broadhead, Commercial Manager for Heckmondwike FB, said: “With pressure on schools to choose durable, long lasting carpet solutions, Supacord is becoming more popular than ever. Schools and colleges have seen how some type of loop pile carpets can ravel and fray and there’s a noticeable trend towards fibre bonded carpet as it’s known for being so much more durable.”

Heckmondwike FB has supplied the education sector with Supacord for over 40 years and now the range is more comprehensive choice than ever. There are 42 shades available and the option of tile or sheet, to suit project requirements. Supacord is renowned for not ravelling or fraying, even in the most heavy-duty environments. It also provides good acoustic properties and reduced noise transmittance, which is really important in educational environments. Like all Heckmondwike FB’s carpet, Supacord has anti-static and anti-slip properties, it also offers low maintenance. Great thermal performance is another property attributed to Supacord, which is warm and comfortable underfoot. Schools like the fact that Supacord is available in all primary colours to match their branding or classroom themes. Supacord can also be complemented by bespoke entrance matting in Heckmondwike FB’s Diamond, with integrated logos or customised designs. This is widely used in schools to create a striking entrance area or reinforce an education establishment’s ethos. Heckmondwike FB’s sample cards are available to order via the website by calling+44 [0] 1924 406161.

t Blackout, Screen & Anti- Microbial Fabrics

t Reducing Solar Heat gain t Reducing the cost of Air condition

t Remote Electric & Manual operation

t Fire resistant fabrics B E S P O K E S H A D I N G S YS T E M S

T: 01684 593957 F: 01684 591502 E:

❚ enquiry 104 .

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Intersolar: TESVOLT presents new megawatt TPS container storage system Low storage costs and great flexibility benefit trade and industry

Energy payback time of 4 to 6 years in Europe

Wittenberg, 10 May 2017 – Storage system manufacturer TESVOLT is set to unveil its new TESVOLT Power Storage (TPS) lithium battery storage container at Intersolar 2017. The system employs a newly developed container module which offers highly flexible installation in both indoor and outdoor environments, and also protects the storage unit effectively from external influences. A service life of 30 years and 8,000 charge cycles makes investment in the new battery storage system particularly worthwhile for industrial applications.

“The TESVOLT Power Storage system is our solution for all commercial and industrial operations where storage systems of 0.5 MW and above are of interest, but for which issues of cost or installation have been a big concern until now. Enormously high power density, guaranteed charge cycles, and a simple, standardised construction make it one of the most costeffective systems for megawatt applications on the market,” states Hannemann. With market prices for peak-load power currently ranging from 80 to 140 euros per kW, and remuneration for supplying operating reserves commanding up to 160 euros per kW, such systems are extremely worthwhile investments and achieve energy payback times of 4 to 6 years in the European market. What is more, a discharge rate of 1C makes the TPS suitable for both on- and off-grid applications such as primary operating reserves, peak load capping, ramp rate control and load levelling, as well as for use in hybrid systems.

“The TESVOLT Power Storage system allows us to ensure a secure power supply for major consumers all the way from the tropics to Alaska,” states Daniel Hannemann, Managing Director of TESVOLT. The containers are insulated and air conditioned, enabling them to provide constant environmental conditions in temperatures ranging from -40° to +55° Celsius. As a result, the storage systems no longer need to be installed in closed, airconditioned rooms, and they can achieve consistently high performance levels even in challenging environments such as factories, barns or the open outdoors. Thanks to their sturdy design, the containers can be transported in their entirety either by road or sea. Standard ISO container sizes of 20ft, 40ft and 45ft are available. Once at the installation site, all that remains is to connect the unit to a Sunny Central Storage System from SMA Technology AG, which can also be supplied as a container module.

Outstanding performance & long service life “We use prismatic cells from Samsung SDI which are extremely durable and safe. By combining these with our Active Battery Optimizer, which individually balances the state of charge of each and every cell, we are able to guarantee the high rate of charge cycles.” In addition, this Active Battery Optimizer allows the battery modules to be exchanged or expanded, even years later, adds Simon Schandert, Director of Engineering at TESVOLT.

Gas powered heat pump for home South West Heat Pumps Ltd. (SWHP) has installed a Robur K18 gas powered heat pump boiler to provide heating and hot water to a three bedroom home in Gunnislake, Devon. Owner Mr. Jackson, along with SWHP, evaluated a range of possible replacements for his old, inefficient non-condensing boiler and decided on the Robur K18 as the most cost-effective solution. Powered by natural gas, but benefitting from renewable energy from air, the Robur K18 offers exceptionally low running costs, at least 38% below the cost of a modern condensing boiler, but can still provide water up to 70°C, just from the heat pump. Supplied by Robur importer ESS, the K18

has an 18kW output and is intended for use in larger or older properties with a high demand. The capital cost is substantially below that of a ground source heat pump and the running costs are lower and the performance is better than an equivalent electric heat pump. The system can be installed by any gas safe heating engineer as it uses ammonia, exempt from F-Gas regulations, within a factory sealed circuit as its refrigerant. With gas burners replacing compressors and inverters, the Robur K18 is considerably quieter than equivalent electric heat pumps. A new “Hybrigas” model from Robur, with a 37kW output, will be available later this year. ❚ enquiry 107

Photon install 165.55 kWp PV system for Hampshire’s new £23m leisure facility Photon Energy has recently commissioned a 165.55 kWp rooftop solar PV system for Hart District Council’s new flagship Hart Leisure Centre, built by main contractor Willmott Dixon. The £23 million building, now one of the largest leisure facilities in Hampshire, opened its doors to the public earlier this month. Hart Leisure Centre has been developed on land which borders Fleet Country Park to the west and Calthorpe School along Hitches Lane to the east. The building has been designed with the local physical environment in mind in order to blend with the outdoor spaces and the greenery of the adjacent country park. The site accommodates a wide range of both indoor and outdoor facilities including three swimming pools, a 130 station gym, climbing wall, coffee shop, sports hall and multitude of outdoor sports pitches.

The state-of-the-art building has an expressive structural design with long span roof structures to provide a column free environment, built from structural steel. The PV system comprises 602 Trina monocrystalline black 275W PV modules mounted in a single area on a pitched south-facing standing seam roof. The PV panels are on full view to the public ensuring a raised awareness of Hart District Council’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

The PV system has a total installed capacity of 165.55 kWp and is expected to generate around 152,390 kWh of energy per annum. Abu Luswata, Senior Engineer at Photon Energy said “We’re very proud to have been selected by Willmott Dixon to be involved with this high-profile project that will provide such great benefits to the local community.” During the construction of Hart Leisure Centre, as with all their projects, Willmott Dixon ensured that the local economy benefitted. Approximately 85% of suppliers

were SME businesses and 75% of the labour was sourced from within 40 miles of the site. Brian Woodfood, Services Manager at Willmott Dixon said: “It was a pleasure to work with Photon Energy, their project managers and site team were very professional throughout the design and installation process. We’re very happy with the quality of the end result and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again in the future”. ❚ enquiry 179

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NEW CLARITY GIVEN FOR USE OF AIR ADMITTANCE VALVES EXTERNALLY Drainage ventilation expert Studor has responded to market confusion about Air Admittance Valves (AAVs) and whether they can be used externally. “There does seem to be confusion in the market and we’re frequently asked whether AAVs are suitable for exterior use,” comments Studor’s Technical Director Steve White. “Both our own Studor Maxi-Vent, as well as the Wavin branded OsmaVent 110, can all be used externally. The latest BBA Agrément Certificates clarify this and specifically refer to their external use.” The BBA certificates verify that the AI rated valves perform in extreme temperatures, from -20°C to +60°C in accordance with EN12380. However, it should be noted that the independent testing actually carried out exceeded the requirements of the standard and proved that the valves operate in temperatures down to -40°C without the insulating cap. In addition, the ABS plastic which the valves are made from includes

Domus Ventilation MVHR wall units now with Bluebrain Control Following the launch of its ceiling/void mounted HRXaQ Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) appliances with intelligent air management, Domus Ventilation, part of Polypipe, has introduced this same advanced

Underfloor heating ticks all the boxes!

by Steven Rooney, Sales Director at Gaia Underfloor Heating. When it comes to heating, there is no single off-the-peg solution that suits every situation and it is no longer a case of considering the

a UV stabiliser to protect against any degradation effects from ultraviolet radiation. The certificates note that these external AAVs should be installed with the Aluminium Cover (Alu Cover) and insulating cap which fits on top of the valve to protects the unit from birds, wildlife and accidental damage. The Alu Cover, which can also be painted if there is a need to match a particular RAL colour, can be purchased independently of the AAVs as needed and is very easy to fit. “Our company has over 40 years of specialist knowledge in drainage ventilation” explains Steve White. “Installing an AAV externally protects against pressure fluctuations due to “wind effect” which can lead to traps self-siphoning.

‘Bluebrain’ control to its wall mounted MVHR units. The new Domus HRX-D and HRX-2D wall mounted MVHR units intelligently match ventilation rates to the internal environment and occupants’ requirements, for maximum homeowner comfort. This is achieved through advanced AMIE (Air Management for Indoor Environments) technology including features such as digital humidity control, automated summer bypass and accurate system balancing. individual components in isolation. Now the emphasis is on looking at the whole project design and mixing and matching various systems to achieve the most appropriate overall solution. This is being driven by the building regulations which, in turn, are taking account of the sustainability agenda, energy use and reduction of CO2 emissions in buildings. As a consequence, suppliers that provide total designed solutions rather than individual products are in a winning position. Underfloor heating (UFH) whether wet or electric – is well placed to be part of a

Another key benefit of using an AAV externally is that it allows a vent pipe to be terminated close to a window or other opening – removing the need for additional pipework to locate it further away. It can also improve the aesthetics of a building by allowing the soil stack to be terminated below the roofline, avoiding the need for the protrusion of an ugly vent pipe above the roofline.” Studor has been selling AAVs for external use for more than 10 years, each comes with a lifetime warranty and requires no maintenance. For more information visit studor-maxi-vent-aavfor-external-installation/.

❚ enquiry 112

By accurately measuring air humidity, the HRX-D’s extract speed automatically changes from background to boost as the level of humidity increases, thereby providing optimal ventilation performance. The thermal (summer) bypass feature operates in a similar manor, automatically activating when the air temperature reaches a preset level, allowing in cooler, fresh, filtered air. ❚ enquiry 109

holistic design solution. It scores well in terms of environmental performance and is regarded as economical, ultra-efficient and comfortable. Simple to install and control, UFH wastes no heat at ceiling level and frees up valuable wall space, providing complete design freedom. Wet systems circulate water at low temperatures through a series of continuous pipe loops laid within a screed, or between timber joists, beneath the floor surface. ❚ enquiry 110

Andrea Leadsom MP is VIP Visitor to Johnson & Starley

in existing homes were major topics of positive discussion.

Andrea Leadsom, MP for South Northamptonshire and Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs was a VIP visitor to the headquarters of Johnson & Starley on March 24, 2017. The company is a UK market leader in heating and ventilation technology for the local authority, social housing and private residential markets and Managing Director Chris Yates hosted a visit that demonstrated the company's commitment to environmentally product development and marketing initiatives.

A tour of the company's facilities on Brackmills Industrial Estate in Northampton, where some 85 local people are employed.

Johnson & Starley is a member of the BEAMA Ventilation Group that promotes the importance of indoor air quality and the need for efficient ventilation in new and existing properties. During the visit, the roles of BEAMA and the government in underlining the concept of indoor air quality and providing financial incentives for the installation of effective ventilation

Chris Yates commented; “We were delighted to welcome such an important figure as Andrea to our company. Sharing many of the same environmental values and commitments, we were pleased to demonstrate how far we have come as a company since our establishment nearly 100 years ago and our role as an important local employer with a very positive future.” Andrea Leadsom commented; “I was delighted to visit Johnson & Starley and have the opportunity to hear their views, as well as those of the wider industry, on the importance of indoor air quality.” ❚ enquiry 111

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April / May 2017



Our eQ Prime Air han ndling Unit is ’Best in Class’ s’ with straightforward and simple plug and play,, *80% energy recoverry which results in low SFPs (1,5 kw/m3/s), as a solution you can’t go o wrong.

• Reducing your CO2 • *880%+ efficiency • Sorption p rotors to maximise cooling oling g recovery • High efficiency PM motors • Ecco Design 2016 & 2018 compliant iant • Integr ntegrated controls • Plug & Play installation • Short delivery times • High efficiency counterflow heatt exchangers • Eurovent certified

80% efficiency

ick delivery packaged AHUs s designed with maximum flexibility. With the eQ Prrime is our range of quick latest verrsion, our AHU offers the quality uality,, energy-efficiency and performance – all integrated ed in one very attractive package. It brings all the technology echnology and impressive energy efficiency you have come to expect from Fläkt Woo ods with PM motors, RegAsorp s sorption rotors and integr egrated controls - a packag ge that can’t be ignored. *80% is optimised imised for UK design conditions accor cording to the carbon trust

www.fl ❚ enquiry 115

Stokvis Solar at Birmingham International

proactive in resolving them. I believe we are going to see real savings."

The installation of a ten panel Solar array featuring Stokvis Energy Systems solar collectors, to serve existing facilities at Birmingham International Rail Station, is being assessed as a potential pilot for a wider roll out of renewable energy across the facilities operated by Network Rail and Virgin Trains nationally.

The solar fluid contained within the solar collectors is circulated by the solar bloc pump station to a large surface area coil contained within a 1000 litre stainless steel thermal storage vessel which provides a ‘pre-heat' for the domestic hot water, serving the station's toilets and various shops and eateries around the main concourse linking to the airport and NEC.

The project at Birmingham International a station which serves both the NEC and the adjoining airport - was jointly commissioned by Network Rail and Virgin Trains, with renewables specialist ECO2SOLAR Ltd carrying out the installation of the Stokvis solar equipment.

This solar preheat system raises the temperature of the incoming mains water from a typical 10 degrees to around 35 degrees centigrade, although it is expected to reach a figure of 55C to 60C in high summer.

In addition to the 10 Stokvis DF100-6 Evacuated Tube Collectors - offering a net absorber area 10.69m - the manufacturer also supplied a Stokvis Solar Bloc Maxi pump-station, and a Stokvis Resol BX Plus differential temperature controller, providing up to eight sensor inputs.

Richard Davis, the engineer in charge of the project for Virgin Trains, commented: "We chose to use Stokvis equipment because I was already aware of the company's reputation for offering high quality products to the health sector and hotel

chains; and have previously attended a seminar on their systems and products. This was always going to be a challenging retrofit, and although there have been some initial teething issues, Stokvis UK Sales Director, Keith Howard has been really

The pre-heated cold water feed water then serves two existing gas fired water heaters which then increase the DHWS to 60C. ❚ enquiry 113

Get multizoned with Consort Claudgen’s MRX1 controller Consort Claudgen has launched their latest innovation, the MRX1 Multizone wireless controller, which offers ‘zoning’ of your electric heating system. This central controller can control up to 8 heating zones using the existing CRX2 controllers, where each CRX2 can control multiple Consort RX heaters in the same room or zone. The MRX1 is simple to set up and easy to programme, has a large backlit LCD colour display with touchscreen control. A 7-day programme with 6 time periods per day can be set separately for each zone and if

required, be duplicated across other zones saving time. Temperature adjustments for all zones can also be done simultaneously. With extensive heat control options and energy saving features, the MRX1 controller provides great energy and cost saving making it ideal for home or commercial property owners. ❚ enquiry 114

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NEW INDOOR/OUTDOOR UPHOLSTERY FABRICS SPIN & CANDY Newly released to the ranges of upholstery fabrics at Woven Image are Spin and Candy, two new easy-care indoor/outdoor upholstery textiles. Responding to the growing demand and popularity for multi-function, durable fabrics this collection provides an addition of texture and on-trend design attributes.

Made from solution dyed polyolefin, Spin and Candy have excellent performance characteristics.

design. A re-interpretation of a classic circular design by Woven Image called Bonbon, Candy breathes new life into the concept by exploring an adjustment of scale, texture and colour.

This dying method occurs while the fibre is in a liquid state, prior to being extruded into yarn, therefore providing easy-care textiles with outstanding colourfastness to light, chlorinated water, and bleach solution. From an environmental stance, solution dyed yarns are considered to be optimal as this production method allows for reduced water usage and reduced emissions compared to conventional dyeing processes.

A series of rings and circles create a pop-art colour blocking style with a three dimensional embossed effect occurring by the juxtaposition of thick and thin yarn combinations. Candy combines 4 different yarn colours within each colourway available in 9 combinations of intrigue and delight from fresh popsicle accents to textural functional neutrals.

Spin is a tonal textured upholstery fabric that combines two colours of yarn in varying thicknesses to create a sophisticated organic appearance. The 9 available colourways reflect trend driven combinations of marine blue, highlights of sunshine and salt & pepper neutrals.

Injecting a fresh approach into the Woven Image Summer Collection, Spin and Candy provide a palette of easy-care textures and trend driven colourways. Suitable for hospitality markets as well as the contract office environment, Spin and Candy explore a playful yet sophisticated image.

Spin is designed to co-ordinate with Candy and also provide a new textural reference within the Woven Image indoor/outdoor collection. Suitable for poolside furniture, banquet seating, lounges, cushions and ottomans Spin reflects a subtle contemporary look. As the name suggests Candy instils a playfulness in colour and

â?š enquiry 116

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April / May 2017



with 15db sound reduction offers comfort underfoot, making life easier on the feet of students, patients and hard-working staff. An even wider palette of 40 colours and designs varying from calming neutrals reflecting tones of nature to vibrant shades allow you to design the right atmosphere every time.

Altro has launched three new complimentary flooring ranges, developed to deliver harmonious design possibilities and meet the needs of diverse areas. Each room in a building has different challenges. Altro’s new flooring ranges draw from the same colour palette but offer different properties so you can mix and match to meet your needs, without compromising on style or performance.

Altro Serenade™ is an acoustic floor, ideal for playrooms, hotel rooms, care homes or offices – anywhere where silence is golden. Whether softening the sounds of little feet or maximising privacy at work or leisure, Altro Serenade is up to the task. At 3.9mm thick with 19dB sound reduction, it also offers a high level of comfort underfoot. With 15 colour and design options, Altro Serenade matches and coordinates with Altro Operetta and Altro Orchestra. Altro’s new ranges are colourful, easy to

Altro Operetta™ is a robust 2mm floor perfect for medium to high traffic areas such as corridors in hospitals, care homes or schools, patient rooms and retail environments. It has 25 attractive natural and contemporary colours and finishes to fit your interior design scheme. Altro Orchestra™ is ideal for areas where comfort and sound reduction are important. Engineered to create the ideal environment to learn and live, this 2.85mm thick floor


clean and compatible with each other. They are perfect for internal areas with low potential for spills from water, and can be combined with Altro safety flooring for areas prone to spills that have a high slip risk. All three ranges also harmonise perfectly with Altro Whiterock™ hygienic wall cladding and the Altro Fortis™ wall, door and corner protection system, allowing you to create the look and feel you want, throughout. All have industry-leading guarantees and the performance you would expect from Altro. ❚ enquiry 117 .

Flagship leisure centre gets Hunter Douglas treatment The pool area of a flagship £22 million leisure centre in Hampshire features a striking Hunter Douglas ceiling. Edenbrook Leisure Centre, in Fleet, sits in a new country park setting and was designed by Nottingham-based GT3 Architects to seamlessly integrate into the landscape. It complemented the green theme with an energy-efficient roof and sustainable timber detailing. Hunter Douglas echoed the timber inside, manufacturing and supplying a 1752m2 linear open ceiling in African Ayous, comprising 111mm module, with 92mm wide panels and a 19mm gap. The panels were coated on four sides with a lacquer that is suitable for high humidity

environments, and a black non-woven fleece was attached to the panels’ long edges for acoustic absorption. The carrier and suspension systems were manufactured from galvanised steel and finished with a polyester powder coat, so they can withstand the demands of a high humidity and a corrosive swimming pool environment.

Collaboration presents new surfaces to A&D community Granorte, producer of highest quality floor and wall coverings, is delighted with the ongoing progress of its collaboration with Material Lab, with the latest in cork, leather and fabrics presented to guests at this central London hub of surface design. Material Lab has long been the capital’s go-to location for inspiration in the realm of

surfaces, and has worked with some of the biggest brands in the sector, both in the UK and on a global scale. In recent times, Granorte has been proud to add its own name to this list, presenting the A&D community with beautiful cork, leather and fabric surface products that champion not only trending looks but also practical credentials such and acoustic and thermal insulation, with sustainability and exceptional quality assurance to boot. Paulo Rocha, R&D, Granorte UK, comments:

“The collaboration between Material Lab and Granorte continues to pay dividends for both parties, and we are proud to be in such esteemed company while showcasing our newest ideas for 2017. At Material Lab, specifiers can get up close and personal with the floor, wall and ceiling options that are available to them, while also taking an opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals and brands within the industry. We hope, and expect, our partnership with Material Lab to continue well into the future.” At





Granorte’s samples and swatches are stylishly showcased using a combination of permanent and revolving displays, helping to place the company as a brand leader in the UK’s A&D community. With this in mind, interested parties are encouraged to visit Material Lab, London, where an expert will be present to guide them through the last in cork, leather and fabric floor and wall coverings from Granorte. ❚ enquiry 178

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Gdańsk’s new museum puts history at the ground level The recently opened Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk, the biggest historical museum in Poland, specified 4,000 m2 of Flowcrete’s Peran SL flooring to create unique finishes that were an integral part of the museum’s exhibits.

April / May 2017

The Museum of the Second World War is a modern venue that presents the history of the war as the greatest cataclysm of the 20th century with a focus on the stories of individuals, societies and nations. The museum has been developed at Władysław Bartoszewski square in Gdańsk – the city where the war broke out, at the Motława river, close to the historical city centre. The museum’s project is authored by “Kwadrat” architectural studio from Gdynia. The Belgian architectural firm Tempora designed the permanent exhibition, after it was selected in an international architectural competition. It is located 14 metres under the ground and covers around 5,000 m2, which makes it one of the largest historical museum exhibitions in the world. The main exhibition comprises three main narrative blocks: "The Road to War", "The Terror of War" and "The Long Shadow of War" divided into 18 thematic sections. The collection shown at the exhibition includes two and a half thousand objects and approximately 240 modern multimedia displays. Flowcrete Poland supplied the technology and materials for the floor in both the museum’s hall and exhibition rooms, which was installed by TQS Flooring. The floors were made in 12 different colours, including white, black, khaki, light and dark shades of brown and grey, with PU Matt coating. Resin flooring in natural shades of browns and greys perfectly suited the industrial, minimalist aesthetics of the Museum of the Second World War. Using Peran SL also meant

that the museum could create attractive and powerful visual effects, like in one exhibition room where posters and old newspapers were sealed into the resin floor so that the visitors could walk above them. Peran SL is an epoxy-based, 2-3 mm thick flooring system, which provides an even and smooth surface. Due to its high resistance to mechanical damage it is usually applied in industrial environments with heavy-duty wheel traffic, however its durability and appearance also makes it ideal for public venues subject to high levels of foot traffic - such as the Museum of the Second World War, which was visited by almost 2,000 people per day after it opened. The robust material offers impressive durability and resistance against not just the intensive pedestrian traffic but also heavy loads, which here included exceptionally heavy objects, such as a German Torpedo G7a weighing over 1,000 kg, which was extracted from the bottom of the Gulf of Gdańsk, and even a Sherman Firefly tank! Apart from Peran SL flooring in the hall and exhibition rooms, Flowcrete Poland also supplied 6,000 m2 of its specialist Deckshield ID car park deck coating system for the museum’s two-storey underground car park, which was installed by IMR company. Both of the flooring applicators that worked on this project are Flowcrete Poland approved contractors. ❚ enquiry 118 118

F o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n p l e a s e v i s i t w w w. f l o w c r e t e . c o . u k

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April / May 2017



DECORATIVE, ADHESIVE-FREE ALTRO CANTATA HITS THE RIGHT NOTE Altro has unveiled its latest innovation: decorative, adhesive-free Altro CantataTM flooring – designed to create maximum impact with minimum downtime. Altro Cantata’s 16 soft-look shades, which range from subtle naturals to beautifully vivid, allow you to create just the right tone with endless design possibilities.

The new flooring has been designed for use in busy environments where days of downtime and disruption are simply not an option, such as hospitals, schools and general circulation areas. Using Altro’s awardwinning adhesive-free installation method, with Altro Cantata you can halve installation time compared with a traditional floor. No adhesive also means there are no odours.

Altro Cantata is 100% recyclable postconsumer and can be re-used in other installations. Waste is minimal as only one product is used. Any leftover floor can be used elsewhere, returned to Altro, or a Recofloor collection point, for recycling. At the end of its life, it can be removed quickly and reused or recycled. And, as you would expect from Altro, Altro Cantata contains bioplasticisers and is phthalate-free.

Altro Cantata is a durable 2.2mm floor that can tolerate medium to heavyduty traffic, meaning that it performs in busy spaces as you would expect from an Altro floor. It is also easy to clean, so its striking shades look good long-term. Altro Cantata holds as effectively as an Altro floor installed using adhesive, with no rucks or movement. It achieves optimum installation results and carries the Altro 10 year guarantee.

Altro Cantata harmonises perfectly with other Altro floors, plus Altro Whiterock™ hygienic wall cladding and the Altro Fortis™ wall, door and corner protection system, allowing you to create the look and feel you want, throughout. ❚ enquiry 119 119

See for yourself at or find out more at

New premium high density underlays to top Interfloor’s PU range Interfloor is launching its highest density PU underlay range in response to market demand for firmer and more luxurious products suitable for use in all areas of the home. The three products in the new Premium High Density (PHD) range are all 180kg/m³ and offer superior protection for carpets that is longer lasting and better performing as well having impressive "green" credentials. Interfloor CEO John Cooper said: "The trend for increasingly luxurious and comfortable interiors means that many of our retail customers are keen to add firmer PU products to their offer. Now with our new Premium High Density range they can. "This latest product development demonstrates our commitment to providing customers with the very best choice of quality and value for money flooring products as well as outstanding service. We pride ourselves on offering a one-stop-shop for all their flooring needs." New PHD Chromium 9mm, the standout PU underlay in the range, has high performance Textron backing to give it more dimensional stability and cleaner cutting during installation as well as exceptional ‘shock absorber' properties to help give it a longer life. PHD Titanium 8mm and PHD Palladium 10mm have a polyethylene with reinforcing scrim backing, as featured on Tredaire

Titanium, Flamecheck and FR7. This backing also helps increase dimensional stability, is resistant to tearing and is easy to cut and trim. "Consumers will love the high performance features of our new PHD underlays, while fitters can't fail to be impressed with how easy it is to install. We are sure the range will be first choice for professional installations in all areas of the home," added Mr Cooper. The PHD underlays boast superior heat insulation properties and have high acoustic ratings to reduce noise. They are also made from 100 per cent recycled foam, giving them excellent "green" credentials.

For full technical specifications and further information, contact Interfloor on 01706 213 131 or visit

❚ enquiry 121 .

❚ enquiry 120 .

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MARMOX SHOWERLAY 360 DRAIN enables most versatile floor level shower available British company specialising in insulation and waterproofing products, Marmox, has added a new drainage solution to its range of Showerlay floor level shower bases, which has been designed to simplify the installation of plumbing in both new-build and refurbishment applications and is compliant with all relevant standards.

Joining the company’s extensive range of products, the new Showerlay360 Drain, as the superscript title suggests, is fully rotatable to enable use in horizontal as well as vertical outlet connections – or any angle in between – for total flexibility. For even greater ease and adaptability of installation, the

compact drain measures just 80mm deep with a 50mm water seal. It can be utilised with both of Marmox’s Showerlay trays, which are tileable sloping bases for a shower area on either a wooden or concrete sub-floor. Two options are available: a 20mm or 24mm version which is supplied with a traditional square drain or a 40mm thick version which

features a stainless steel linear drain. Both can be used to create level access showering areas, or wet rooms. The square drain version has a brushed stainless steel grate housed in an integrated frame which can be adjusted to accommodate tiling thicknesses from 5mm to 15mm. Thanks to the new adjustable Showerlay360 drain, the siting of the drain gully is now infinite, offering endless design opportunities. Depending on the angle of the outlet pipe, the flow rate is 30 to 50 litres per minute, and thus faster than its predecessor. Showerlay, when combined with Marmox’s well tried and tested Multiboard, ensures an exceptionally stable decoupling substrate to tile upon. Manufactured from an extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) core, the boards also provide very good thermal insulation and are completely impermeable to water for a totally leak-proof and trouble-free installation. Marmox (UK) additionally manufactures solutions for pipe boxing, curved walls and showers, as well as bath panel kits.


Saniflo launches raft of new products, new product catalogue and extended warranty Saniflo – inventor of the macerator with more than 60 years’ experience and the number one in the UK macerator market – is launching a raft of new products featuring new

technological advancements for the domestic and commercial plumbing sectors, a new product catalogue available now and an extended warranty for domestic products. The hassle-free, plug and play range is designed to be the best on the market featuring ease of installation and maintenance with new and improved noise and vibration reduction. Firm favourites from the domestic range to have undergone improvements include Saniflo Up, Sanitop Up, Saniplus Up, Sanivite, Sanishower, Sanipro Up, Sanipack Up and the Saniwall Pro designed with Grohe cistern technology. An extra bonus across all

Rainforest inspires latest Francis Pegler Tap Design Stainless steel worktops from GEC Anderson are made to your precise specificationand requirements using top quality, brushed satin, stainless steel With our wide choice of edge profiles, sink bowl sizes and other details, made-to-measure stainless steel worktops are long lasting, durable and highly attractive, making them ideal for use in domestic, commercial and public environments.

Pegler Yorkshire, the leading UK manufacturer of fittings, valves and brassware has launched a new range of stylish taps. The ‘Waterfall’ epitomises style and elegance and offers consumers with another high end range of brassware from leading brand Francis Pegler.

GEC Anderson Limited Oakengrove Shire Lane Hastoe Tring Her tfordshire HP23 6LY Tel 01442 826999

The design led Waterfall Tap range offers an undeniable elegance and panache to any bathroom.

❚ enquiry 123 .

❚ enquiry 122 new products in the domestic range is a special three-year extended warranty period – on top of the two-year standard warranty – once the product is registered. This unbeatable warranty period reflects Saniflo’s confidence in the new designs.

For the commercial sector, industry professionals will love the new and improved versions of commercial sector essentials Sanispeed +, Sanicubic 1, Sanicubic 2 Pro, Sanicubic 2 Classic, and Sanicubic 2 XL Single Phase and Sanicubic 2 XL Three Phase. ❚ enquiry 124

Its wider than average spout allows a lavish flow of water to cascade into the bath or basin, offering a sense of splendour. Inspired by deluges often experienced in the rainforest this tap provides a controlled and comfortable flow of water for any bathroom. Mike Johnson, Pegler Yorkshire’s Market Manager for Washrooms, for commented: “It is essential we continually develop taps inline with current and future trends. The Waterfall style is very

en vogue at present and we’re excited to be now offering this design, coupled with our renowned high performance technology, to the market place.” ❚ enquiry 125

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2.4m x 0.9m of Maxtop’s White Jasmine worktop was used by Glasgow-based kitchen specialist, Alexander Macbeth, in the bathroom of the property in Stepps, Scotland. One

The surface was recommended by the installer and ultimately selected by the residents, Mr and Mrs Moore, for both its style and durability. Stephen Moss, managing director of Maxtop Quartz Ltd, commented: “Our worktops are used in projects of different sizes and scales up and down the country, but are ideal for smaller scale projects like this one, where timescales are tight but a stunning, high-quality quartz finish is essential for customer satisfaction. “While solid stone is often a popular choice, the price pushes it beyond the budget of many projects, whereas Maxtop Quartz surfaces offer all the same aesthetic benefits, as well as strength and durability, at a reasonable price. “Unlike traditional stone worktops, Maxtop Quartz is supplied directly from stock to site, reducing waiting time for product delivery, meaning there’s potential to make the whole renovation process that little bit quicker.” The surface, which is manufactured with a patented polypropylene interior honeycomb core, combines the beauty of natural stone with engineered enhancements to deliver a lightweight worktop that is stronger than traditional stone and significantly easier to install.

SWeeT SMeLL Of SUcceSS fOr MAxTOp QUArTz Worktop specialist, Maxtop Quartz, continues a reign of customer satisfaction with a recent installation in a home bathroom renovation.

Mr Moore commented on the decision making and results: “It was really important to us to have a surface that complemented the rest of the new bathroom décor. As we don’t renovate often, it was also important that the surface was long-lasting and resistant to damage. “We’ve found the surfaces to be of excellent quality so far and they’ve had a huge impact on the final look and feel of the room. We couldn’t be happier with the results.” For more information about Maxtop please visit, call 0161 224 0333 or visit the Maxtop YouTube page to watch a short installation video. ❚ enquiry 182

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EUROPE’S FIRST FULL RANGE OF SUSTAINABLE FIBREGLASS WINDOW FRAMES LAUNCHES IN UK ‘The window revolution has arrived’, according to the company responsible for bringing Boavista, Europe’s first full range of fibreglass window frames that set new industry standards in sustainability, durability and performance, to the UK. linear metre of window frame weighing approximately 1kg. The result is a frame with high thermal and acoustic properties that enables the window to retain heat whilst providing an effective barrier to sound. The company expects Boavista’s UK arrival to be welcomed by architects and housebuilders as a result of the window’s minimalist design and stylish finish. Fibreglass also expands in line with window glass, removing the need for unsightly gaskets generally required to hold the pane in place and adding aesthetic value to a development. The new range includes a tilt and turn, sash, casement and sliding window and door product, all of which are 100 per cent recyclable and deliver longer lifecycles than uPVC and aluminium frames as a result of fibreglass’s inherent qualities. Boavista’s rigidity also enables its sliding windows and doors to withstand single panes that weigh in excess of 250kg, which is approximately 150 per cent more than its aluminium and uPVC counterparts. This means that those wishing to incorporate glass as a major design feature no longer need to commission and fit specialist, structural glass. Boavista is exclusively available to the UK through Boavista Windows UK Ltd, a company formed by the team behind Meronden Designs, a 20-year-old firm that has provided bespoke glazing solutions for the Lloyds Building, Tiffany & Co. Selfridges in Manchester and Ernst & Young’s iconic More London Place building. Using the latest in pultrusion technology Boavista’s fibreglass frames are created by pulling resinsoaked glass fibres through heated dies – a process that only consumes 0.07 kilowatt to produce a

On launching Boavista in the UK Neil Puttock, Managing Director of Boavista Windows UK Ltd, comments: “Boavista provides an alternative window product that offers those who use it the opportunity to contribute towards reducing the UK’s carbon footprint without compromising on design, function or form. From the perspective of an architect or homeowner fibreglass frames open up a world of possibilities by supporting adventurous designs that, up until now, have been prohibitive due to the cost associated with incorporating bespoke glazing solutions.” The product’s hardwearing properties and rot and corrosion resistance is also expected to appeal to local authorities and facilities managers by reducing the cost associated with window maintenance, repair and repainting. Neil concludes: “There really is no comparison between Boavista and other window products currently on the market. We now need to make the case for fibreglass and inform those who naturally turn to uPVC and aluminium just what fibreglass is capable of.” ❚ enquiry 126

For more information on Boavista visit

Has the window revolution arrived? By Neil Puttock, Managing Director at Boavista Windows UK Ltd An American engineer and professor by the name of William Edwards Deming once said, “Innovation comes from the producer – not the customer.” When it comes to the window industry I couldn’t agree more. After all, what is the incentive for the customer to seek alternatives to tried, tested and familiar products - and in this context I mean uPVC and aluminium windows – when those products do exactly what is required of them: they let light in, enable those inside to see out and provide an adequate level of security. However innovation, like evolution, plays a key role in not only enabling us to adapt to the constant changes and demands of a continually changing world, but also pre-empting those changes and demands by developing products and services that significantly improve the lives of those who use them. The launch of Boavista, Europe’s first full range of fibreglass window frames that set new industry standards in sustainability, durability and performance, is a perfect example of this. It is also a move that I believe has the potential to disrupt the current window supply and install model by providing a credible alternative to plastic and aluminium. An alternative that offers those who choose them the opportunity to contribute towards reducing the UK’s carbon footprint without compromising on design, function or form. In fibreglass window frames I believe that the window revolution has arrived, and here’s why. Designing out compromise: In terms of design, fibreglass opens up a world of possibilities due to its strength and stability, which enable it to hold large surface areas of glass, bypassing the need to produce and fit specialist, structural glass. From the perspective of an architect or homeowner, fibreglass frames support more adventurous designs that would previously have been prohibitive due to the cost associated with incorporating bespoke glazing solutions. Not only that, but fibreglass also expands in line with window glass, removing the need for unsightly gaskets to hold the pane in place, adding aesthetic value to a building. Perhaps one of the most striking features of a fibreglass frame is that, despite weighing half that of aluminium, it is exceptionally hardwearing, highly rot and corrosion resistant and delivers a much longer lifecycle than PVC and aluminium. In fact it is these factors that have underpinned the material’s success in parts of Europe and Canada, countries that were quick to harness the power of fibreglass to counteract the weather-related erosion that window frames in coastal regions and harsh climates are subject to. We only have to walk down the high street of any coastal town to spot evidence of decay brought about by the continual blowing of sand and the high salt content found within sea air. Reducing the maintenance associated with repainting – or even replacing – windows in these parts of the UK would not only cut costs but also enhance the local environments, removing the sense of decline that some coastal towns, through no fault of their own, sometimes convey.

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April / May 2017



Fuss-free installation with Hörmann’s range of timber internal doors At the end of last year, the UK’s leading door manufacturer, Hörmann, launched its first ever range of internal doors onto the market. This diverse range of high-quality timber internal doors not only offer homeowners a range of stylish door leaves, but comes as complete door sets to allow for quick and simple application onsite.

Whether modern or traditional, glass or timber, this diverse range of high-quality timber internal doors comes available with a choice of fixtures and fittings. This not only helps save the homeowners time sourcing parts, such as hinges, handles and architraves, it saves the cost of hiring a specialist joiner, making this way of buying a new door for your home one of the most cost effective and convenient.

With four distinct collections to choose from, and available in a choice of surface finishes, this range of doors offers something for every style and budget. So whatever your design challenge, Hörmann’s timber door range has something to match your personal style perfectly. For more information, please contact the team on 01530 516888 or visit

❚ enquiry 127

Innovation Delivered Comar 10 offers a new departure; a Passivhaus Certified “B” product with Uvalues as low as 0.66 coupled with processes that cut manufacturing costs by up to 70%. The Comar 10 window range includes: Inward opening, tilt & turn and fixed lights and are internally beaded and glazed. • U-values as low as 0.66 W/m2K • Cut manufacturing costs by 70% • Certified by Passivhaus Institute for cool temperature areas • Future-proof & energy saving • High thermal insulation with ground breaking technology • 90mm deep outer frames • Minimal care & maintenance For further information about Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems, please visit call 020 8685 9685 or email

❚ enquiry 128 .

Size options for

ISO-Chemie’s Iso-Top Winframer ISO CHEMIE’s ISO-TOP WINFRAMER thermal insulating and load bearing bracket system of the rapid and effective installation of windows, is now available in varying sizes from 80mm to 200mm to suit window depths.

quickly cut to length on site and secured in position using a single component adhesive and, if necessary, fixing screws. This enables installers to position and fit windows into the insulation area between the inner and

outer walls quickly and easily, avoiding the need to use metal brackets that cause non-repeating thermal bridging and give extensive problems when the windows need replacing. ❚ enquiry 129

Great returns at St James’ Place St James’ Place Wealth Management Group recently moved into their new £10 million phase II office building in Cirencester, which is equipped with a comprehensive solar shading and screening solution from Levolux. The FTSE 100 listed wealth management company moved to its current headquarters building in 2007 and has now expanded its operations on the site, by developing a new 50,000 sq foot office building. The new three-storey building, which was designed by Scott Brownrigg architects to achieve a BREEAM ‘very good’ rating, stands alongside the original phase I building, on the former Bridges Garage site.

Having attained Passivhaus certified status, ISO-TOP WINFRAMER is a structurally solid, prefabricated installation frame manufactured in 1,200 mm lengths, which can be

Levolux delivers top class solution The award-winning, £42 million Vijay Patel Building at De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester, combines several structural elements, each distinguished by a contrasting, yet highly effective external solar shading and screening solution, courtesy of Levolux. The development, named after Dr Vijay Patel, a graduate of DMU’s Leicester School of Pharmacy and now a very successful businessman,

comprises the Arts Tower, Design Wing, the Food Village and the Pod. The Vijay Patel building, designed by CPMG

architects, becomes home to the DMU’s faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities, offering sector-leading facilities to students. Levolux has an impressive track record working on projects at the DMU campus. This continues with the delivery of a custom solar shading and screening solution for the Vijay Patel Building. ❚ enquiry 130

Having fitted an external solar shading solution for the original building, featuring horizontal Timber Fins, Levolux was invited back to develop a custom solar shading and screening solution for the phase II office building. ❚ enquiry 131

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Crown Trade Fastflow goes from strength to strength in the marketplace

Crown Paints is widening opportunities for specifiers to introduce its pioneering waterbased Crown Trade Fastflow system to exterior and interior projects. Following extensive research and development, the UK paint manufacturer is bringing a satin finish to its popular Crown Trade Fastflow range for 2017. Since its launch two years ago, Crown Trade Fastflow has built-up a following in the specification sector as the ideal choice where a low odour and quick drying product are required. As the newest recruit, Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Satin retains these key brand features. It features advanced water based technology to offer the characteristics of a traditional solvent based product with the benefits of a water based formulation. As a result the product delivers a highly professional, contemporary finish, fast drying performance and a low odour, as well as slower yellowing when compared to traditional alkyd systems. Due to its fast-drying qualities, two coats can be applied in one day, therefore reducing time and labour costs – a crucial factor for public and private sector specification projects. Of major significance is the fact it has also been manufactured to Crown’s renowned Breatheasy® formulation,

which means it is 99 per cent solvent free - a key attribute which today’s customers are increasingly requesting. Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Satin comes to the market following the launch in 2015 of Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Gloss and Quick Dry Primer Undercoat, which were well-received among specification clients. They recognised the qualities of a product which performs like it’s oilbased with attributes of a water-based system and leaves great lasting colour too. Sharon Smith, Crown Trade Brand Manager, said: “We were really pleased with the reception Crown Trade Fastflow Gloss received at its launch. “We invested heavily in research and development to ensure it offered the trade the right paint for the job for both indoor and outdoor use – and would set the pace for the future in terms of style, speed, substance and sustainability. “These same qualities remain at the fore with Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Satin. It represents a break-through in innovation and all the reassurance of our experience and heritage, which stretches back more than 200 years.” For more information please contact the Crown Trade Specification Team by calling 0330 0240310, email or visit the website at

New Sadolin Outdoor Varnish – puts the Outdoor protection natural beauty of wood centre stage in all climates with NEW FILA Hydrorep Eco Surface care specialist, FILA has launched a new water-repellent protector for outdoor surfaces. New FILA Hydrorep Eco is a solvent-free treatment for surfaces spanning from stone pavers to exposed brick walls. It protects against water, weathering and efflorescence, and also hampers the build up of algae, moulds and lichen. The breathable treatment can be applied over residual moisture, for a fast application in all seasons, and does not alter appearance. Part of FILA’s award-winning Green Line, FILA Hydrorep Eco is a ready-to-use one coat treatment that is applied by brush or airless pump. The water-based formulation dries after just four hours, resists UV radiation and does not alter frost-resistant properties. It can be applied to unpolished stone and agglomerates, quarry tiles, terracotta, concrete, exposed bricks and plaster. The antifouling barrier it creates is certified by tests conducted in conformity to the UNI EN ISO 846: 1999 method. The treatment also

preserves breathability above 90%. FILA Hydrorep Eco is available in one litre and five litre containers and provides coverage of 10-20m2 per litre on all surfaces apart from concrete, where coverage is 810m2. For more information, please contact Lisa Breakspear at Fila UK on tel. 01584 877286, email and visit

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Offering an exciting development in superior woodcare, specifiers looking to achieve a natural, modern feel for exterior projects can now turn to Sadolin Outdoor Varnish to achieve this stylish look. New for the 2017 season, Sadolin Outdoor Varnish taps into the growing trend towards a contemporary feel, where the beauty of wood takes centre stage.

The product’s completely clear formulation, in a choice of matt or satin finish, offers translucency with the perfect blend of protection. Ideal for use outdoors on windows, doors and conservatories, this premium clear varnish can be applied on both new wood and previously coated surfaces. The look is also assured for the long-term with Sadolin Outdoor Varnish building a durable barrier of protection against weathering. Sharon Smith, Sadolin Brand Manager, said: “There’s a growing trend towards a contemporary look which highlights the natural look of wood and Sadolin Outdoor Varnish has been developed to offer the perfect solution. “Both the contemporary satin or matt finishes maintain the natural colour and finish of the wood. “Developed by our wood care

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Osmo revives aged wood with effective power gel Osmo UK, the eco-friendly wood and finishes expert, brings tired looking and aged wood back to life with its powerful cleaning agent, Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel. This product has been especially developed to restore exterior wood, including wooden decking, timber cladding and garden furniture, back to its original colour and character.

experts with protective UV additives, the premium formulation also protects against damaging UV light and provides long lasting protection.” This latest addition to the Sadolin range reflects the brand’s commitment to creating the very best in wood protection products, drawing on more than 200 years of innovation to offer customers quality, trusted products. Sadolin Outdoor Varnish comes in a choice of 750 ml and 2.5 litre pack sizes. For more details, contact the Crown Paints’ Specification Team by calling 0330 024 0310, email or visit the specification website at Alternatively visit

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Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel is a jelly-like cleaner that effectively cleans and refreshes greyed and weathered exterior wood. Made from environmentally friendly and biodegradable ingredients, the product is free from harmful solvents, chlorine compounds, amines and harmful odours. Osmo’s special cleaning agent is also biodegradable and odour free. One coat of Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel is sufficient to revive external wood back to its natural colour and appearance. ❚ enquiry 186

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April / May 2017


Kathryn said: “Colour Influences bring together the latest trends and forecasts to give a fresh and creative perspective to colour.


“Each year they continue to be well-received by specifiers looking for inspiration and insight.” “Stillness” is the first palette in the collection. Developed to induce a relaxed mood it features soothing shades of yellow fading into architectural greys, with the subtlety of water colours.

with the new trends for Spring/Summer 2017 Architects and designers looking to get up to speed with inspired, eye-catching colour schemes for their projects will find help at hand with Crown Paints’ latest trends. Colour Influences 2017 is Crown Paints’ way of celebrating its love of colour - and the programme gives specification professionals useful insight into the shades which will shape professional interior and exterior environments in spring and summer this year. The Influences are produced by an expert panel, assembled by Crown, who join forces to pinpoint the latest colour trends.

The team has used its knowledge and passion for colour to produce three stunning palettes, ‘Stillness,’ ‘Fusion’ and ‘Free Spirit.’ The colours are available in Crown Paints’ high quality, professional brands, Crown Trade, Sadolin and Sandtex Trade, which are all crafted with over 200 years of knowledge and experience. To check out the colours, please go to /colour/colour-trends/ Crown Colour Specialist, Kathryn Lloyd, is a member of the Colour Influences panel and has worked to ensure the palettes work in both private and public spaces.

The second palette, “Fusion” showcases rich, vibrant hues in a complex, ornamented design. Inspiration for this trend comes from marrying traditional ethnic design with bold colour, with multi-layering for a contemporary look using a patchwork of stencils and vivid shades. The third and final palette “Free Spirit” is a fun trend evoking a faded 80s Miami glamour. Combining coral and aqua tones it includes the use of quirky shapes to punctuate walls.

PAINTS, COATINGS & FINISHES Furthermore, Crown Paints offers two CPDs on the subject. The first, ‘The Role Of Colour In Buildings’ covers colour psychology and the role it plays in creating atmosphere, effective lighting and the role colour plays in perceptions of room dimensions. This CPD also offers advice on how to create and specify colour schemes and comply with the Equality Act with the use of Crown Paints SCAN® colour coding system. The second CPD, entitled ‘Colour In Education’ explains how colour can be used to best effect within


an educational environment. It addresses topics similar to the first CPD, but explores them in the context of educational sector. An area dedicated to colour can be found on the Crown Paints Specification Services website at urServices More details are also available by calling the Crown Paints Specification Team on 0330 0240310 or by emailing ❚ enquiry 134

The Influences programme is one of a series of initiatives from Crown developed to support specifiers with colour. Accessed through Crown Paints’ Specification Services, other services include bespoke colour scheming and a library of sector focussed colour books for environments including healthcare, housing and education. Exterior and interior schemes can also be completed using computer aided design - and for certain projects the Colour Services Team can provide face-to-face consultation.









0 12 9 6 3 2 3 7 7 0 w w ❚ enquiry 132 .

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Tower Bridge is an iconic symbol of London, an image recognised around the world. When repairs to the lifting sections,



approaches became necessary, April / May 2017

IKO helps repair London landmark Tower Bridge

only the best materials would do.



Systems chose IKO Permatrack to renovate the walkways, approaches and tower bases. Tower Bridge was built over 120 years ago to ease road traffic while maintaining river access to the busy docks. Built with giant moveable roadways that lift up for passing ships, it is to this day considered an engineering marvel. The bridge was closed in September 2016 for three months while repairs were made. The high-profile job was completed a week ahead of schedule, allowing the bridge to re-open before Christmas. John Chapman of Infallible gives further details: “We knew the schedule was achievable if the weather was reasonable, but unfortunately when we started on the main piers, we found the asphalt we had to remove was 160mm thick, much more than expected. We replaced it with a 10mm IKO waterproofing layer and IKO Permatrack Bridge Surfacing to an average depth of 30mm. In total we broke out, cleared, and then reinstated 800 tonnes of material – all without having any lorries or machinery on the bridge due to weight restrictions!”

Infallible Systems has been an IKO customer since the specialist contractor was founded more than 30 years ago. John adds: “The product is excellent, the after-service is fantastic and IKO’s technical help with the initial spec is invaluable.”

The Tower Bridge project has been shortlisted in the Mastic Asphalt/Hot Melt category in the NFRC Awards 2017.

For more information on IKO PLC visit Follow @ikoplc and /company/iko-plc.

Winners will be announced on 19th May.

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Accessible eco home makes a statement in colour After Steve Hudson was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he and his wife Barbara searched for a wheelchair friendly property. Eventually, the couple found a rural property for demolition to make room for a new, purpose-designed home. As part of a raft of eco friendly features, Steve and Barbara specified Earthborn paints throughout. Barbara said: "The Earthborn colour palette is fabulous and it inspired us to use around 15 different shades." Steve added: “The painters were very impressed with Earthborn’s covering power. The texture was quite a talking point with them.”

Aside from the aesthetics of Earthborn paints, their formulation benefits Barbara’s health. She developed skin allergies a few years ago and wanted a paint that would not trigger them off. Earthborn paints are made without oils or acrylics, so they are virtually VOC free. That means there are none of the strong smells associated with oil based paints and they do not give off any toxic emissions, so are much better for the health of building occupants as well as the environment. ❚ enquiry 143

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April / May 2017




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A sound investment – minimises life cost Sioo are leaders in wood protection using silicate technology. We provide a highly effective proven system to protect wood of all types. It gives long life and a beautiful natural surface with even colouration and is friendly to people and the environment. An example of a Sioo project is Ålleberg High School, a low energy building in Falköping, Sweden.

Made in Sweden

Sioo Wood Protection AB | Tel: +44(0)7788 542859 | E: |

Environmentallyy friendly endly

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NEW range of Sun-Shading Systems MEDITE SMARTPLY announces launched by

Schueco UK

Leading sustainable building envelope specialist, Schueco UK, is updating its sunshading offering by launching in the UK three new high-quality systems: two are large louvre blade ALB systems and the third utilises C-shaped and Z-shaped blades, a new departure in blade design.

can tailor the system to a building. Particular benefits include maximum light penetration, increased internal comfort and reduced thermal loading. The louvre blades themselves are available in different widths – 250 mm, 300 mm or 400 mm – with a further option of 300 mm parallelogram blades. The system is windproof and can be seamlessly attached to Schueco windows and façades by means of standard interfaces. Schueco’s third new sun-shading system employs C-shaped and Z-shaped louvre blades. In addition to providing a perfect shading solution, the system provides buildings with year-round weather protection that is unaffected by wind or rain.

major investment in new factory In a significant move for the construction industry, MEDITE SMARTPLY, producers of innovative timber panel products, has signed a commitment as part of a consortium planning the construction of the world’s first Tricoya® wood chip acetylation plant. To be built in Hull, the plant will produce the raw material for the manufacture of MEDITE® TRICOYA® EXTREME, the market leading high performance wood panel. The consortium is between MEDITE SMARTPLY, chemical technology group Accsys, venture capitalists BP Ventures and Acetyl industry leader BP Chemicals. The plant, due to come on stream in 2019, will produce Tricoya Wood Elements using Accsys’ proprietary technology for the acetylation of wood chips and particles.

All the blades in this ‘hi-tech’ system are made from formed sheet metal profiles mounted on a carrier tube; the latter is a crucial component because it has a flat top side that allows blades of differing contours to be attached.

The distances between the blades can be modified to take account of local conditions and the position of the sun, making it easy to significantly reduce thermal loads throughout the day. ‘Stacking’ and a variety of fixing options mean that installation is easy and straightforward.

These acetylated elements are used to manufacture the high performance MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME Medium Density Fibre panels. The panels exhibit outstanding durability and dimensional stability which allow them to be used in exterior and wet area applications once limited to products such as concrete, plastics or metals. With the added benefits of light weight, sustainable raw materials and a guarantee of up to 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground, these revolutionary panels provide architects, specifiers and designers with an entirely new construction material, allowing great design flexibility and endless opportunities for creativity.

The second Schueco ALB system has new rectangular and parallelogram shaped blades: again, these may be installed vertically or horizontally and may be passive or active, so architects and planners

For further information on the full range of Schueco sun-shading solutions, please email: . ❚ enquiry 135

MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME was launched in 2012 and demand has outstripped supply consistently since that time. With a buoyant building market and

The first Schueco ALB system for 2017 – designated as ‘hi-tech’ – provides highly effective sun-shading unaffected by wind. It incorporates large louvre blades in a variety of different geometries, colours and arrangements, thus allowing architects maximum design freedom. When mounted vertically, the blades may be specified in an active configuration.

The blades, which may be configured as either horizontal or cantilevered shading, are available in a wide range of geometries and widths, making it simple to plan and install a system on large areas of wall or façade. The system can also be used to protect a building against birds and insects.

The theory of reforestation restoring the CO2 balance instantaneously is a fallacy

the CO2 balance instantaneously is a fallacy, asserts Norbord, a leading manufacturer of engineered wood-based panels.

While wood is a renewable and versatile resource which, when used sensibly, is proven to reduce carbon in the atmosphere, the theory of reforestation restoring

Replanting trees only become effective when the carbon sequestration benefits are equal to those gained from more mature

trees; something which takes several decades to achieve. In addition to the time it takes for saplings to grow and absorb the same amount of CO2 as those trees burned for energy production, the planet is also losing 25 million acres of forest

Roofing contractor keeping quiet about the advantages of Magply

huge demand for this product, the factory will not come on stream a moment too soon for the team at MEDITE SMARTPLY. Neil Foot, MEDITE SMARTPLY CEO, is clearly delighted with this development: “The commitment to develop this facility is a huge step forward, providing the opportunity to significantly increase our manufacturing volume and unlock interesting new markets where wood-based products would not previously have been applicable. It’s a very exciting development for the company and the construction industry as a whole.” Two years in the planning, the €68 million venture will see the construction of a new factory adjacent to BP’s existing acetyls facility and the place where much of the original research and development into wood acetylation was carried out. Anticipating an accelerating demand, the consortium envisages constructing the plant in such a way that further capacity can be added to the site as required.For MEDITE SMARTPLY this is a game-changing development, enabling the rapid development of the market for MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME into a new era for the use of “high technology wood” in new applications. Web: ❚ enquiry 136

land to deforestation every year. Closer to home, the World Wildlife Fund estimates that £712 million is spent in the UK alone on illegal wood from threatened rainforests every year. ❚ enquiry 137

RT Roofing Services specialises in the education sector and carries out up to 20 large scale upgrade projects for premises across London and the South-east each year, with its current contract focussing on Herts and Essex High School in Bishops Stortford. A Colchester based roofing contractor has been using Magply Recovery boards as part of a While much maintenance work around high specification build up, which provided its operatives with a relatively quiet as well as school and college campuses has to be safe means of carrying out re-roofing works to school classrooms during lesson times. scheduled for the long summer holidays, the pressure this puts on the re-roofing works means some operations have to carry on during term time, as long as noise and disruption are kept to an absolute minimum. As a result, instead of scabbling smooth the old covering of asphalt and chippings on the Bishops Stortford buildings, RT Roofing proposed to simply sweep away any loose material and then begin the over-roofing with a layer of 6mm thick Magply, bonded down in hot bitumen. This then offered a sound flat surface on which to install a Langley builtup felt system. The owner of RT Roofing Services, Richard Tebbutt commented: “We mainly install Langley and Bauder flat roofing systems, being one of the latter’s biggest customers in the UK, having tackled 18 big contracts for schools in the past year. At the Bishops Stortford School we wanted to avoid the noise and dust of scabbling the existing asphalt surface and chippings, so instead the team just brushed off the loose material

and thoroughly prepped the surface before bonding the Magply sheets down in hot bitumen. “Because Magply is non-combustible, any excess bitumen can simply be burned off before the vapour barrier is installed as part of a Langley approved system. We have used Magply a number of times in the past in similar situations – including for another school project and purchase our supplies through Under Cover, a specialist roofing merchant in Rayleigh and Colchester.” As its contract at the Herts and Essex High School has progressed, RT Roofing Services has laid some 600m2 plus of 6mm thick, 1200mm x 1200mm Magply boards. As a high performance, multi-functional overlay board, Magply is manufactured from an MgO formulation. The board has been tested in the UK and carries a Euroclass A1 Non-Combustible Fire Rating. Magply boards are robust, easy to use on site and provide an environmentally friendly alternative to other conventional overlay products. Crucially, Magply carries internationally recognised accreditations confirming the boards’ ability to deliver fire resistance and insulation under test conditions. ❚ enquiry 138

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April / May 2017



Yeoman Shield help to maintain standards at Oldham School. The new building of North Chadderton School, Oldham was built in 2013 providing facilities for up to 1500no. students aged between 11 & 18 years. Built without the provision of wall protection to the school’s interior walls, Facilities Manager William Wheatcroft soon noticed that the plastered, white walls, were suffering marking and superficial damage detrimental to maintaining the school’s high standards. “We needed a permanent solution to our problem of continually re-decorating and cleaning the walls along corridors and congregational areas of the school – which was proving to be a drain on the maintenance budgets.” Explained Mr Wheatcroft.

Yeoman Shield, manufacturers and installers of wall & door protection products, were called in to survey areas in the school most needing wall protection, where it was decided that 2.0mm thick FalmouthEx protection panels would be the answer to stopping the continual damage. The work was to be phased over time as and when budgets became available.

to raking wall of the Assembly Hall Stage. Other areas which have received the same treatment over the past 2 of years have included, staircases, refuse points, sports exit lobby, performing arts and music centre along with staff changing facilities.

The first area to be fitted with Yeoman Shield FalmouthEx protection panels at 1250mm high, in white, were the dining room, boys WC on the ground, 1st & 2nd floors, reception exit area and along the flat

“There has definitely been a marked difference in the time spent re-decorating and sorting out wall damage which I am sure is resulting in a year on year saving in our maintenance budgets. Our cleaning

team have also commented that the wall protection panels are certainly easier to wipe down than the painted wall finish. “We are very happy with the finished products and the workmanship supplied by Yeoman Shield over the years and we will be continuing with the roll out of the wall protection programme in the future.” Concluded Mr Wheatcroft.

For more information on how Yeoman Shield wall and door protection products can save on maintenance budgets go to or call 0113 279 5854

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VMZINC engraved zinc scales for Brussels shopping centre 19,340 VMZINC® scales in AZENGAR®, Europe’s first engraved rolled zinc, have been used to create a façade at Docks Bruxsel. 6,650 m² of zinc was used in a design by Art & Build Architects which has transformed an industrial wasteland.

respecting the district’s industrial history. The sustainable approach achieved a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating through use of canal water, recovery of heat from a nearby incinerator, harnessing solar gain and photovoltaic panels installed on green roofs.

VMZINC prefabricated the scales to save time on site and to enable the entire envelope to be completed in ten months. To follow the curvature at every level varying dimensions from 0.25 to 0.5 m² were used.

Architect Lilia Popcheva explained. “We wanted a texture that was matt, heterogeneous and luminous and loved AZENGAR for its bright, naturally preweathered appearance.”

Materials were used to create continuity between interior and exterior areas while ❚ enquiry 141 .

The flexible choice in advanced Render Systems

Retro-fit or New Build Proven in use throughout the UK and Europe Thermally advanced, highly decorative Insulated Render Systems


11-0110 13-0480


10-4725 Tel: 01827 711755 ❚ enquiry 142 .

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COPPER IN THE PARK Distinctive Nordic Brown Light pre-oxidised copper cladding plays a unifying role in Glancy Nicholls Architects’ competition-winning design of the Chamberlain Hall complex for the University of Birmingham. Set in a ‘listed’ historic park, the new complex replaces 20th century buildings that proved unsuitable for sustainable student modern, accommodation and unfeasible to improve. Conceived as a landmark tower with three adjacent, linear ‘finger’ wings, the complex provides 726 student rooms, split into 5 and 6 en-suite bedroomed clusters and 1-bedroom studios. Communal facilities including a bar, restaurant and conference space are

provided in the ground floor of the tower. The footprint of the new complex sits within the perimeter of the previous buildings, minimising impact on the surrounding parkland. The architects’ ambition was to create a cohesive concept using materials and building forms to tie together the development as a whole. On the three ‘finger’ wings, brickwork matching local buildings acts as a ‘grounding’ material at low level with Nordic

Brown Light pre-oxidised copper cladding as a striking, robust and highquality finish above. The ends of the wings overlooking the park are highlighted by copper frames projecting out to add solar shading. Conceived as ‘a landmark for the University within the wider city skyline’, the tower is based on a cranked X-shape plan with two elements, one 21-storeys, the other 17storeys, linked by glazing overlooking two local landmarks. The taller element is brick, contrasting with its copper clad neighbour which appears to float above the entrance pavilion. The copper cladding on all the buildings incorporates perforated copper panels for natural ventilation to bedroom units and living spaces, opened internally. Project architect Parminder Degan commented on the choice of Nordic Brown Light pre-oxidised copper: “The challenge was to provide a material for the tower which responds well to the autonomous colours of the site. Copper is a natural product which changes over time. The pre-oxidised finish accelerated the ageing process of the copper from a shiny material and provides a dark brown finish more in keeping with the site”.

Nordic Brown products are preoxidised at Aurubis’ factory to give straightaway the same oxidised brown surface that otherwise develops over time in the environment. The thickness of the oxide layer determines the colour - either Nordic Brown Light or the darker Nordic Brown – and the oxidisation process darkening continues in the natural environment. Other Aurubis Architectural surfaces include Nordic Standard ‘mill finish’, as well as Nordic Green and Nordic Blue factory-applied patinas developed with properties and colours based on the same brochantite mineralogy found in natural patinas all over the world. Aurubis copper alloys include Nordic Brass – also available pre-weathered – Nordic Bronze and the innovative Nordic Royal with a long-lasting golden colour. Aurubis is part of the world’s leading integrated copper group and largest copper recycler. For more information email: or visit: finland/architectural ❚ enquiry 146

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April / May 2017

GREEN ROOFING, FAÇADES & CLADDING 25 James Latham has been a leading distributor of Accoya wood in the UK for more than six years and has seen its popularity grow significantly, to the point where it is now becoming the material of choice for exterior applications as it can be used for virtually anything, from windows to doors, decking to cladding and siding. This latest innovative use of Accoya developed by Exterior Solutions Limited pays homage to the traditional Japanese technique of “Shou-Sugi-Ban” in which timber is burned to provide a beautiful, distinctive, unique and long lasting wood cladding and it has already made a big impact with architects. Richard Mosson, Group Cladding and Decking Manager, James Latham, explained, “The reaction so far from the market and our customers who have seen Shou-Sugi-Ban is astonishing, it really does have the wow factor and the enquiries we are receiving are growing by the day. “And because it has been developed using the most durable and stable timber available and has the credibility of a product that is the result of decades of research and development which brought together a long-established, extensively proven wood modification technique and leading-edge patented technology, I have no doubt in my mind that it will be a big success for us.”

THE ACCOYA® CLADDING THAT’S EXCITING ARCHITECTS As the UK’s biggest independent distributor of timber and panel products, James Latham has announced the latest addition to its portfolio, a new range of charred Accoya® cladding.

For more information on Latham’s full range of materials: phone 0116 257 3415, e-mail or visit

Richard continued, “Charred timber cladding is becoming increasingly popular in the specification market and this is a modern application of the ancient Japanese art of burning timber to provide a beautiful and long lasting wood cladding. Traditional techniques are used to give uniqueness to each individual project and there are lots of finishes and textures available for both interior and exterior projects - from the traditional, highly charred, heavily textured looking cladding to the sleek and contemporary finish.” Shou-Sugi-Ban Accoya Cladding is available across Lathams nationwide network of depots in finished dimensions of 19mm x 145mm (planed tongue and groove profile) and in three charring styles - Shosai, Shizen and Tenki. Other section sizes and profiles are available on request. ❚ enquiry 147 .

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Wraptite-SA exceeds Passivhaus air tests at Hampshire Childrens Home Wraptite-SA the high performance airtight membrane from the A. Proctor Group has once again surpassed the initial air test targets for an innovative new children’s home project. A new children’s

home in Havant is one of a series of buildings currently being built for Hampshire County Council to Passivhaus standard, which will help to achieve a signifi cant reduction in energy bills for each property. In order to successfully achieve the Passivhaus standard, buildings are required to pass three air tests April / May 2017

throughout the construction process. The development at the new children’s home was designed requiring an airtightness level of less than 0.5. Wraptite-SA was applied externally to the timber frame panels in continuous pieces by chartered building company Raymond Brown Building creating a highly insulated and sealed finished building, and achieving the required standard. Initial air test results of 0.38 were achieved coming well below the 0.5 air permeability target. All the more impressive, since this was recorded even before the installation of the internal VCL Procheck 500, also provided by the A. Proctor Group. The use of Wraptite-SA, the only self-adhering vapour permeable air barrier certifi ed by the BBA, makes a signifi cant contribution to a building’s thermal performance by preventing lateral air movement. ❚ enquiry 148

Cellecta expands its portfolio with the addition of RUBBERfon® Cellecta, the UK’s leading manufacturer of Acoustic & Thermal Insulation have launched their latest product range to an ever-expanding Acoustic range

with the introduction of RUBBERfon® ULTRATOP & RUBBERfon® IMPACT. Made from 100% Recycled Rubber and Cork content, the product is suitable for all floor finishes including ceramic tiles, vinyl, wood and laminates. “The importance of offering the right variety of products remains core to the business – Customer demand, and market needs have been a major driving force for this addition with orders already been taken.” Lee Baxter - Southern Divisional Sales & Technical


Director Following extensive testing, RUBBERfon® ULTRATOP & RUBBERfon® IMPACT have excellent Sound Proofing & Noise Reduction acoustic performance. RUBBERfon’s High compressive strength makes it suitable for a multitude of applications including underfloor heating. Whether you’re looking for product range dimensions or technical information to use in your design and product selection, we can help you, contact our highly skilled technical team on 01634 29 66 77 or email ❚ enquiry 149

Construction starts on IKO's insulation factory at Alconbury Weald IKO PLC, global leader in roofing, waterproofing and insulation products, held a ‘Spade in the Ground’ event on Friday 10th March to mark the start of construction of its 470,000ft² PIR insulation factory at the Alconbury Weald development in Cambridgeshire. The new factory is a real ‘good news’ story for the UK’s energy savings, business and manufacturing. It represents a £30 million investment by UK manufacturer IKO PLC and will make a significant contribution to the construction industry and the local community - creating up to 160 jobs in the area. Tim Leathes, of commercial developer Urban&Civic, says: "IKO is a great addition to the growing community of Alconbury Weald, and we are pleased this incredible location can provide their first UK insulation manufacturing base. We will continue to work with the IKO team to support their commitment to bringing low carbon construction materials into the UK market. This ground-breaking ceremony marks the second largest footprint-building within the Alconbury Weald Campus.”

POLYFOAM™ XPS - the lightweight, strong and moisture resistant closedcell insulation foam manufactured by Ravatherm UK - has been awarded a BES 6001: Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products certification. Achieving a rating of ‘Good’ for its extruded polystyrene insulation products manufactured at its Hartlepool headquarters, Teesside, the certification provides further reassurance that the materials used to produce its products meet the highest levels of responsible sourcing practice. The BES 6001 certification can also contribute towards the award of credits within the BREEAM assessment for specifiers, and demonstrates to customers its excellent manufacturing performance as well as facilitating continuous improvement within the company. This new certification reinforces Ravatherm UK’s commitment to quality manufacturing as its POLYFOAM™ XPS has already achieved a certified BRE Green Guide Rating of ‘A’, as well as BRE approving and issuing Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s) for the entire Ravatherm UK product range. These globally recognised standards enables construction companies and specifiers to gain independent verification of a product’s environmental credentials, and provides peace of

Jonathan Djanogly, MP for Huntingdon, together with councillors and media representatives, attended the event. “I’m delighted to mark the start of construction of the new IKO enertherm insulation factory with an event which involves key members of the local community,” adds Andy Williamson, IKO UK Group Managing Director. “The development of this plant is a example of UK great manufacturing.” When fully operational, the Alconbury plant will produce insulation for around 40,000 homes a year in the UK. This will have a major impact on helping the Government achieve the Climate Change Act’s current target to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. By manufacturing the insulation boards in the UK, the factory will also help reduce the environmental impact and cost of importing materials from abroad. Andy continues: “IKO has achieved the highest standards for environmental management (ISO 14001) and BES 6001 for responsible sourcing of construction products on three of our existing UK factories. ❚ enquiry 150

mind that the products offer a proven sustainable solution. Ravatherm UK announced the acquisition of the UK POLYFOAM™ XPS business of Knauf Insulation in January 2017, which offers a range of extruded polystyrene products for the construction markets. Managing director of Ravatherm UK, Stuart Bell, said: “Achieving the BES 6001 certificate is absolutely fantastic, and further cements our responsible manufacturing credentials. “We’re delighted to be able to reassure existing and new customers of our responsible sourcing practices with this certification, which has come at a really exciting time for Ravatherm UK following the acquisition earlier this year. We’ve joined a company that has established success in the XPS business, and our offering to the market place is going from strength to strength.” Ravatherm UK, which sits within the Ravago Building & Construction Solutions (RBCS) division, is one of the historic cornerstones of the Ravago Group and has grown from a local Belgian activity in the sixties to a pan-European division dedicated to developing and distributing specialised building and construction solutions across European, Turkish and CIS markets. For more information about Ravatherm UK, visit ❚ enquiry 151

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April / May 2017

SCOTTISH MINISTER OPENS NEW NATIONAL HVDC CENTRE BakerHicks completes Civil and Structural Design for newlyopened HVDC Electrical Network testing and training Centre for Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE)


BakerHicks, the multi-disciplinary design and engineering business, has completed the Civil and Structural Design work for the critically-acclaimed SSE High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Centre. Jamie Hepburn, Scottish Minister for Employability and Training and Member of the Scottish Parliament officially opened the Centre yesterday. The National HVDC Centre has been constructed to test the operation of HVDC schemes on Britain’s transmission network. It houses large equipment replicas which research will be carried out on and also serves as a training centre, complete with auditorium and administration block. BakerHicks provided C&S design consultancy services from concept design through to construction support, as well as Principle Designer services under the Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations. A complex and striking building constructed on a brownfield site, the Centre posed a number of challenges for BakerHicks’ structural engineers. The main structural challenge was to achieve overall stability, with large amounts of perimeter glazing meaning it was vital that deflection and sway were limited. Difficulty was increased by the limited number of internal partitions to conceal any vertical bracing. This was overcome by adding horizontal bracing to the entire curved upper roof area to ensure the loads were passed down through the structure to the foundations. A curved and tapered Truss was also required to support both

H+H adds module to its popular online academy

International Mark of Quality for Iso-Chemie’s Tape LEADING European foam tape manufacturer ISO-CHEMIE has won an international quality award for its sealing tape ISO-BLOCO 600.

The tape, which can seal joints up to 42 mm in prefabricated concrete, brick work, curtain walling and cladding, has gained the prestigious RAL quality mark. RAL is seen in Germany and internationally as a symbol for product quality and ISOBLOCO 600 has been recognised for its high performance joint sealing, airtightness and weather resistance capabilities. The versatile ISO BLOCO 600 range can be used to provide effective gap seals to accommodate expansion and movement while remaining permeable to trapped water and water vapour – similar to a flexible breathable style material for the building facade. Quick and easy-to-apply, the self-adhesive ISO BLOCO 600 tapes can be used to seal joints providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Product can accommodate a temperature range of -30° to +90° and is impermeable to driving rain with a minimum of 600 Pa, making it one of the best performing tapes in its class.

Once installed, a building is better protected from elemental factors like wind, dust and moisture ingress by accommodating the changes in structural movement caused by environmental, cyclical and settlement factors. Presented at ISO CHEMIE’s Aalen headquarters in Germany as the firm marked 40 years as a sealants’ manufacturer, Andy Swift, the UK national sales manager, said: “ISO-CHEMIE has a strong commitment to providing customers with high quality innovative product, so gaining the RAL seal of approval is another significant achievement for us.” RAL quality-assured joint sealing tapes require regular testing to DIN 18542 for airtightness and resistance to driving rain up to at least 600 Pa. The quality and testing requirements demand both monthly inhouse monitoring and a biannual external inspection by a neutral testing institute. These characteristics must be maintained beyond 10 years of natural weathering - this is checked on an annual basis. In testing, ISO-BLOCO 600 met all the requirements concerning temperature stability range, thermal conductivity, building material class B1, resistance to vapour diffusion, BG 1 classification, resistance to driving rain of at least 600 Pa, joint permeability above a-values up to 0.1 m³/[h•m•(daPa)n] and soundproofing values up to 58 dB. It also received positive results for suitability for overpainting and compatibility with adjacent materials.

❚ enquiry 180 .


roofs over the auditorium whilst acting as an anchor for the inclined perimeter columns. BakerHicks used 3D modelling software to help coordinate the design and enable the wider design team to better visualise the original 2D architectural proposals. BakerHicks’ engineers also helped reduce the carbon footprint through a cut and fill earthworks study which reduced the volume of material removed from site. Andy Gotts, director of civil and structural engineering at BakerHicks, said: “The complex geometry of the building structure with its curved roof, inclined columns and large external canopies presented a considerable challenge, requiring close collaboration with SSE, BSP Architects and contractors CCG (Scotland) Ltd. Our structural engineers and technicians created sophisticated 3D BIM and analysis models that were central to overcoming this. “The Centre has been finished to very high quality specification and we are proud that BakerHicks’ design skills have played a key role in achieving this result.” The National HVDC Centre is part of Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and is funded through the Electricity Network Innovation Competition as the Multi-Terminal Test Environment (MTTE) Project. HVDC is the most efficient way to transport electricity over long distances. BakerHicks was formerly Morgan Sindall Professional Services. ❚ enquiry 154 . aircrete is the ideal choice for use in cavity separating walls.

H+H, the largest UK manufacturer of aircrete blocks, has launch a third module onto its already popular online training academy.

H+H aircrete is ideally suited for the construction of both loadbearing and nonloadbearing internal walls. It creates a more robust partition, adding overall rigidity to the structure, making it less prone to damage and easier to fix to than studwork.

New to the academy, ‘Benefits of Aircrete for Separating Walls’ joins ‘What is Aircrete’ and ‘How Aircrete is Used’ as in-depth learning modules designed to clarify and demonstrate the benefits and uses of aircrete in housebuilding.

The third module sits alongside regularly updated H+H news, animations, case studies and product literature making it a one-stop-shop for everything aircrete.

The five minute e-learning course defines separating and flanking walls before detailing the thermal and acoustic benefits of using aircrete in construction and why

To view the new module or visit the training academy and begin learning about the offered products and services provided by H+H, visit

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Cavity Barriers protect against fire spread According to Document B of the UK Building Regulations fire barriers must be installed in cavity areas that are vulnerable to the spread of fire. Using the correct passive fire cavity protection system within a building is crucial, in the event of a fire, intumescent

fire barriers activate and seal holes, penetrations and cavities, preventing the spread of fire and smoke, thereby fulfilling UK regulations. Standards and Regulations also stipulate that two storey buildings and above require cavity barriers to stop fire from spreading through walls, floors and cavities. The Envirograf® Cavity Barrier range fully satisfies the requirements stated in Document B of the Building Regulations. ❚ enquiry 158 April / May 2017

Carbon negative ‘first’ for Ecodek British manufacturing company, Ecodek has achieved “carbon negative” status for the production of its composite decking system. This important achievement, believed to be a first for a UK polymer processing based company, is for the manufacture of Ecodek wood-polymer composite [WPC] decking, and follows years of painstaking development of its design, manufacturing and distribution processes. A



Meet the new SL25 lightweight flood barrier from IBS Worldwide leaders in demountable flood protection systems, IBS, have just released their smallest, lightest system to date. Called the SL25, the new lightweight system is targeted at the property sector of the flood protection market and aims to capitalise on the company's strong brand and product reputation in the wider flood risk management industry. Drawing on all their experience from more than 2 decades in the global flood defence sector, IBS have designed the SL25 to be as


Due to pressure from a mushrooming demand for Recycled Plastic profiles in Building and Maintenance Industries, Kedel Limited have been forced to relocate.

programme, undertaken by the BioComposites Centre of Bangor University, considered production of the decking on a cradle to factory gate basis, accounting for all significant materials, transport, energy use and packaging inputs. Results showed that production of Ecodek actually had a net effect of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere rather than adding to it – hence carbon negative - a huge achievement in modern manufacturing and one that clearly illustrates the company’s environmental credentials. Ecodek’s Technical Director Alex Collins, explains: “Ecodek is a wood polymer composite made up of 55% hardwood waste – easy as possible to install and more importantly, to require minimum effort to deploy before floodwater arrives. Major advantages of the new SL25 lightweight system include the ability to use it without intermediate posts for widths of up to 2.5m and for heights of up to 1m, as well as not requiring a ground rail* or recess along the bottom edge. With a patent applied for and pending, this new system will allow IBS to continue leading the way in the provision of innovative new solutions for those people, businesses and communities that find themselves at risk of flooding. ❚ enquiry 159 Dermot Walch, Managing Director of Kedel Limited explained, “Our success has made it necessary to relocate for the 3rd time since we launched in 2010. “We started in a 1000 sq ft unit in Colne, and are now located on a 1.6 hectare site near the centre of Burnley. This allows us to carry more stock to fulfil orders quickly and with a spacious fabrication workshop for rapid assembly of fencing and benching products.” “The larger building means we now have more plastic extrusion lines, and will be able to keep up with the demand for maintenancefree recycled plastic fencing, vcladding, tongue and groove and decking boards,” added Kieran Walch, Kedel’s Production Director. There’s also a separate dedicated unit for CAD Design and CNC Services, supplying bespoke products for specialist building and construction applications. Recent examples include supports for a new tramline on the Gold Coast of Australia, and a comprehensive Safety-on-Site (SOS) unit. It’s a one-stop-shop for fast access to all the equipment needed for every type of on site accident or medical emergency. Contact: 01282 861325 email ❚ enquiry 160

mainly sawdust and wood shavings – and 40% recycled high density polyethylene – the material that plastic milk bottles are made from. These raw materials give Ecodek a 95% recycled content and it is 100% recyclable, back into composite decking” ❚ enquiry 157

Plaswood presents new contemporary seating designs The new, 100 per cent recycled Plaswood Edge bench introduces a maintenance free and sophisticated product range which combines versatility with outstanding long life properties, stylish designs, together with sweeping contemporary lines, for both outdoor and indoor settings. Mike Baxter, External Affairs Director at RPC bpi recycled products, which produces the Edge, says flexibility is the key to success: “Plaswood has always appealed to customers looking for value for money over the lifetime of the product; it doesn’t rot or degrade, and neither does it need painting annually, so it really is a case of fit and forget. In this way, it has a clear edge over wooden structures – especially in wet or outdoor environments.

“The new designs are refined, simple to install and are also ideal for indoor or outdoor use, especially when sited in damp or humid locations such as for swimming pools, locker rooms and gym changing facilities.”

All Plaswood products are manufactured in the UK from 100 per cent recycled plastic; they are also fully recyclable. The new Edge bench uses components assembled from one size profile, resulting in an elegant but solid structure, which can either be placed as an individual piece, or positioned together in a variety of shapes. ❚ enquiry 156

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April / May 2017




The trade association Interpave is exhibiting at FLOODEX at the Peterborough Arena on 17th and 18th May, and hosting an important presentation by SuDS guru Bob Bray. As the driving force behind concrete block permeable paving, Interpave will be promoting the latest innovations with this important SuDS technique.

opportunities, illustrated with recent exemplar case studies. Visitors and journalists can also ‘meet the expert’ at Interpave’s Stand A5 where Bob Bray will be available for further discussion after the presentation.

FLOODEX is the trade event for the water level management (WLM) sector looking at flood defence, prevention, mitigation and drainage. The event is run as an exclusive cooperation with the Association of Drainage Authorities, whose members include the UK’s Internal Drainage Boards – at the coalface of water level management and flood prevention – and local authorities.

As an established technology with proven performance, concrete block permeable paving is uniquely placed to play a key role in SuDS as a source control, conveyance and storage facility, requiring no additional land-take. Not only can it reduce, attenuate, store and treat rainwater runoff near the surface, meeting current SuDS guidance, it also provides completely level, well drained and slip-resistance surfaces accessible to all.

Entry tickets are free and you can register online at

The latest developments with SuDS and urban design are summarised in Interpave’s ‘Hard Landscape Today’ brochure, ‘Innovations with SuDS & Hard Landscape’ case study and a video, which also dramatically demonstrates the performance of concrete block permeable paving.

Hosted by Interpave, SuDS expert Bob Bray’s presentation is at FLOODEX on Thursday 18th May at 10.45. He will discuss new approaches to SuDS delivering flood prevention and enhanced water quality while reducing costs, minimising land-take and maximising landscape design

Interpave will be promoting a fresh approach to permeable paving using straightforward orifice flow control chambers to provide and demonstrate water storage deployed around developments without dedicated storage features occupying valuable land.

They are available via where you can also request regular e:Bulletins from Interpave.

❚ enquiry 163 .


Light Grey


• Low Maintenance • Easy to install • • Slip Resistant • Long Lasting

Step On Safety Ltd,

Tel: 01206 396446 email:

❚ enquiry 161 .







Ăůů͗ϬϳϳϬϯϳϴϰϱϱϴ ĞŵĂŝů͗ƉĂƵů͘ŵƵŶĚĂLJΛƐƵƌĞͲŐƌĞĞŶ͘ĐŽŵ dĞĐŚŶŝĐĂů/ŶĨŽ͗ǁǁǁ͘ƐƵƌĞͲŐƌŽƵŶĚ͘ĐŽŵ ❚ enquiry 162 .

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Swish see SuperDeep170 as being ideal for large commercial developments such as agricultural buildings, hospitals etc

Provide the right guttering sys

aci tems with the appropriate cap


Rainwater Systems from Swish – Never a case of one-size fits all. When it comes to choosing the correct rainwater system for construction projects in the UK, it is definitely not a case of one size fits all. Here we take a look at how one of the leading manufacturers has developed

a portfolio of products designed to cope with the wide range of rainfall condition experienced in different areas of the country. If there is one characteristic that British people are known for all over the World, it’s probably our obsession with the weather. As children, we only seem to remember the long hot days of summer. Did they really happen? Did our Dads actually manage to keep the barbecue alight through the downpours? Our rose-tinted memories may say “yes” but reality was somewhat different! And when the first flakes of winter snow arrive, does the whole country goes into panic mode with road, railway and airport disruption at every turn? Oh, yes it does! The real problem with the British weather is that it is so variable. In some areas of the country – Wales, Scotland, The Pennines etc, we see a huge amount of rainfall – as much as 180 inches per year, making them some of the wettest locations in Europe.

In other areas – London, East Yorkshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, much less rainfall occurs – as little as 24 inches per year, making them some of the driest areas of the country. It’s also a little-known fact that Colchester, Clacton and Ipswich actually have less annual rainfall than the Middle Eastern cities of Jerusalem and Beirut. Hard to believe, but true.

Super Strength A consequence of increased capacity is an increase in potential weight-loading and resulting pressure on the gutter fixing system. The high strength bracketing developed for SuperDeep170 is said to be capable of holding over 125kg on one unit and well able to handle the gutter system running at full capacity.

Right system, right capacity. But what does all this mean in the real world of UK construction? The simple answer, according to roofline and rainwater systems specialist, Swish Building Products, is to provide the market with guttering systems with the appropriate capacity to do their job with optimal efficiency, whatever the prevailing conditions may be.

Expansion & Contraction Heat build-up is sometimes seen as a downside to large capacity, PVC guttering systems due to the volume of material in their composition.

For areas of high rainfall intensity, Swish has developed a SuperDeep170, a PVC profile guttering system, designed to handle a much higher flow rate than standard guttering. With a market leading flow rate of around 10 litres per second, it has the capacity to carry 10 times more water than a standard half round gutter and at least five times more water than a standard deep system. Swish see SuperDeep170 as being ideal for large commercial developments such as agricultural buildings, hospitals, schools and factories. These types of buildings generally have large roof areas with high run-off potential and therefore need a much bigger capacity system. According to Swish, SuperDeep170 can even reduce the number of downpipes needed with consequent reduction in the frequency and lengths of below ground connections etc.

A SuperDeep170 bracket can hold over 125kg

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April / May 2017


Typical Swish rainwater systems application

Thermal expansion and contraction can result in an increased risk of leaks but Swish has raised the benchmark for the industry by co-extruding the SuperDeep170 gutter profile onto a white base with a black or grey outer skin. The white base material helps reduce heat build-up through reflection, whereas a black or dark, through-colour would tend to absorb heat and increase the risk of expansion/contraction. The dark outer skin co-ordinates with other components in the range provides the required aesthetic to satisfy the demands of architects and other construction professionals.

rainwater disposal from the roofs of everything from garages to houses, flats and large commercial buildings. Also available are half-round and ogee profiles in cast iron effect in black with specially moulded components that closely reflect the traditional detailing of cast iron systems. So, whether you are building in the wetter parts of Wales and the West or the dryer corners of East Anglia and the South, you can be confident that the right rainwater system, with the right capacity, profile finish and colour is little more than a phone call away. Swish Building Products.

Wider range Where high capacity systems are not a requirement, Swish has a range standard rainwater products, manufactured in round, square, deepflow and ogee profiles and in a range of colours, all well up to the job of

01827 317 200 â?š enquiry 155

Cast iron effect


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Polypipe launches Elegance Colour as more homeowners repair rather than relocate The UK’s leading manufacturer of plastic piping, rainwater systems and underfloor heating, Polypipe, is looking to add colour and vibrancy to the rainwater market with the launch of its Elegance Colour range.

As more homeowners opt to invest in home improvements over moving, due to the rising costs of admin charges and stamp duty, Polypipe’s new eye-catching rainwater collection is ideal for brightening the exterior of any refurb home or new build development. Elegance Colour is the only high quality rainwater guttering system available in 11 vibrant colours across three collections, providing architects and developers with the chance to add an extra feature to their designs. Elegance Colour provides a choice of distinct hand-applied colours incorporating Anti-Chip Technology, which can be supplied in a cast iron or matte finish. The rainwater collection, which includes colours such as Chartwell Green, Brilliant Blue and Pastel Pink allow a property to stand out from the rest of the street. Each system is available in the classic Sovereign and contemporary Square profiles to cope with the level of rainwater a home may be exposed to. Furthermore, Elegance Colour is manufactured from modern PVCu, is resilient, light and easy to install and will not be weathered by heavy rain or years in the sun, ensuring high performance many years after installation. The range comes with a 10-year guarantee providing buyer peace of mind, while the guttering and downpipes are 100% recyclable, ensuring minimum impact on the environment when they are finally replaced. Paul Jackson, Elegance Colour Product Manager, Polypipe, comments: “We wanted to bring some new thinking to rainwater systems, which are often

installed as a necessity rather than a differentiator. The Elegance Colour range is simple way to add a finishing touch to new design, and we have provided a range of colours and styles suitable for any project. “Each product is manufactured to Polypipe’s market leading standards, and the range comes with a number of quality assurances for reliability, performance and longevity with a selection of quality fittings and fixtures. The most difficult decision will be deciding which colour to use to add a unique look to your design.” Information on the full range of products can be found by visiting For information on adding Elegance Colour to your projects please email:

❚ enquiry 164

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April / May 2017



nd Saving Bli et’ Energy im lt ‘U e h T Blinds in 1 3 Window ts heating cos ling costs – reducing improved lowering coo light nsulation reduced – of natural m the sun els fro lev n gai lled eat n – contro dow ts cos ighting

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Reflex-Rol ly demonstrab . supplying lutions shading so y da to scientific Contact us 0704 01989 75 www.reflex

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solar h levels of ed h the hig ty afford l fabric wit of emissivi ry leading e Ultimeta he Th low levels indust and e e vid anc pro years’ g flect refl ised coatin mance. The 50+ ding tall me for y its by ed sha ding per fibre bas nce elss of sha vel lev ng glassperforma e of weavi nce t levels of enc rie eri fabric xpe exp g the highes Ultimetal css producin of materials. The ric bri fab etre thick, llim est mi nn a thi of t to m the om fro e quarter s in heigh on tre n me tha . is less m square of over 3.0 than 55m g a blind ng ttin miitti erm per te of less frames, the in a casset window e stored be match the to ted isible. owder coa Pow e almost inv figures inds becom ric in single for the fab comfort ission levels rkspaces and reduce ht transm ght Lig roving wo imp re, gla over 70% can r 50% an remove ar reflectance (Rs) of ove to 40% , Sol ones alike. glass by 25% ds also improve ough the blin eat gain thr perties. The 20%, 30% or more, , on glass pro dow by 15% ependant of the win e insulation ature loss. per ducing tem

April/May 2017 £4.50

Simply fill out the grid with the enquiry numbers you are interested in, cut out this box and post to: Ecobuilding News, McDermott Publishing, Kings Norton, Birmingham B38 8SD or FAX direct on: 0121 433 3461.


Position: Company: Address:

Postcode: Tel No: Website: Email: Yes, please keep me up to date with McDermott Publishing News By providing your details, you are consenting for McDermott Publishing Ltd to keep you up-to-date with news and offers via email. If you wish to opt out of this service, please tick the box provided.


Alumasc Skyline delivers bespoke solution for Jersey residence Alumasc Skyline recently designed and manufactured a comprehensive fascia and soffit system for a prestigious private residence in Jersey. The new-build home, erected on the site of a dilapidated 1930s house, is a four bedroomed property with home gym, cinema and pool. The ecofriendly design, by Paul Van Bodegom of Page Architects, involves extensive landscaping and ecology work where quality and style combine to form a stunning build. Alumasc Skyline’s bespoke solution, supplied through builders’ merchant Precision Plastics, provided the perfect finishing touch. The challenge for Alumasc Skyline was to design soffits that would fit with extremely awkward overhangs, along with specially tailored nosing fascia and rainwater pipe systems. Skyline’s unique experience and

expertise played an important part in winning the contract. Technical Sales Manager Ivan Colvil visited the site numerous times to advise on the design of the products and ensure the architect’s vision was achieved. The building is designed to take advantage of the beautiful sea views, with extensive glass panels and white render with granite cladding. Although Skyline products are available in a wide selection of colours, white soffits and fascia were specified to complement the light, airy look. Alumasc Skyline is part of Alumasc Water Management Solutions (AWMS), the first joined up brand in the industry to provide an overall water management solution, from rain to drain. AWMS also includes Alumasc Rainwater, Harmer Building Drainage and Gatic Civil Drainage. For more information visit, call 0808 100 2008 or follow @AlumascWMS. ❚ enquiry 166 .


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ICYNENE April / May 2017

Unlike rigid board materials, s Because spray foam can create an air-tight yet breathable envelope, it has made it the insulation material of choice in new build homes built to Passivhaus-type standards.


INSULATION HIGH PERFORMANCE HEAT LOSS MITIGATION. Paddy Leighton, UK Director for Spray Foam insulation specialists Icynene, looks at heat loss in buildings and how new, high performance insulation systems can improve comfort levels in retrofit and new build applications. When Britain began its post war building boom, coal was king and energy was relatively cheap, so little thought was given to heat loss and few buildings were constructed with any meaningful level of insulation. Seventy years on and the world is very different. With sky-high heating costs and a greater focus on the need to reduce energy consumption, builders, landlords and homeowners all take the insulation of their

properties much more seriously. But before we look at insulation it’s important to understand what’s involved. Insulation in a building is introduced to provide resistance to heat flow. The more heat flow resistance the insulation provides, the lower the likely heating [and cooling] costs. Good levels of insulation not only reduce heating and cooling costs, but also improve comfort. How Insulation Works To understand how insulation works it helps to understand heat flow, which involves three basic mechanisms -conduction, convection, and radiation. Conduction is the way heat moves through materials, such as when a spoon placed in a hot cup of coffee conducts heat through its handle to your hand. Convection is the way heat circulates

through liquids and gases, and is why lighter, warmer air rises, and cooler, denser air sinks. Radiant heat travels in a straight line and heats anything solid in its path that absorbs its energy – think about sitting in front of a roaring open fire and how you feel warm on the side facing the fire but less so on the other! Insulation materials work by slowing conductive heat flow and to a lesser extent, convective heat flow. Regardless of the mechanism, heat flows from warmer to cooler areas until there is no longer a temperature difference. In a typical home, this means that in winter, heat flows directly from all heated living spaces to adjacent unheated roof voids, garages, cellars and particularly to the outdoors. Heat flow will also move indirectly through interior ceilings, walls, and floors, wherever there is a difference in temperature.

Insulation materials work by slowin conductive heat flow and to a lesser extent, convective heat flow

To maintain comfort, the heat lost in the winter must be replaced by heat from a central heating system or other means. Adequate levels of insulation will decrease this heat loss by providing an effective resistance to the conductive flow of heat. How can we insulate effectively? Retrospective insulation – that which is fitted after construction the building – has traditionally taken the form of thick layers of glass or mineral fibre placed between rafters in the roof void, or blown in cavity wall insulation such as styrene beads or mineral wool. These forms of insulation work well but they do not significantly address the crucial factor of preventing convective heat loss. In the UK, U values are the measure of insulation’s ability to limit conductive heat flow - the lower the U value the better the resistance to heat loss. However, it should be noted that up to 40% of a building’s heat

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April / May 2017


Open cell is extremely vapour open and will allow moisture vapour to pass freely through it allowing the building to breathe naturally.

used in spray insulation many years ago, are recognised as the main cause of the ozone depletion. CFC's can last for 100 years and 1 CFC molecule can result in the loss of 100,000 ozone molecules. In light of this, when spray applied insulation is used it is important to verify that the material does not contain any chemicals that may potentially cause damage to the environment.

rials, spray applied insulation can cope with complex curved substrates. loss can be attributed to air leakage. Moisture vapour in the air within a building carries heat and moist humid air can support up to 4000 times more heat energy than dry air. As air leaks out of a building it carries with it this moisture vapour and with it, heat. Therefore, the best way to increase the energy efficiency of a building is not merely to reduce U values as required by Building Regs, but rather to combine U value reduction with an air barrier – creating a “sealed box” effect to reduce air [and heat] leakage to a minimum. [*footnote]

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Spray applied insulation Traditional forms of insulation are relatively inefficient in sealing the box, in that they cannot completely fill all voids or seal the interface between the insulation and the building structure. Nor can they cope with small structural movements which will often lead to air gaps, particularly in difficult to treat situations where access is poor and/or when voids are of complex geometry. This can lead to cold bridging and thermal by-pass, with the consequent risk of localised condensation and inevitable dampness. Air leakage can be eliminated by the introduction of an air barrier. These can take many forms but must be installed with great care if they are to perform as desired. Real world experience also shows that the more difficult a component is to install, the less likely it is to be installed correctly! The modern alternative is spray foam insulation, which is applied using a pressurised gun system. Here, foams are applied as a two-component mixture that come together at the tip of a gun forming a foam that expands 100-fold within seconds of application, sealing all gaps,

service holes and hard to reach spaces, virtually eliminating cold bridging and air leakage. When selecting spray applied insulation it is important to understand a number of factors: Unlike the urethane foams of 20 years ago, modern spray foams such as Icynene Foam Lite use water as the blowing agent. This means that the reaction between the two components produces C02 which causes the foam to expand. As Foam Lite expands, the cells of the foam burst and the CO2 is replaced by air. Consequently, from an environmental perspective, Icynene has a Global Warming Potential [GWP] of 1 and an Ozone Depletion Potential [ODP] of 0 [Zero]. Icynene does not, therefore emit and harmful gases once cured. Open cell or closed cell composition. Spray foam insulation can be either open or closed cell in composition. Open cell is extremely vapour open and will allow moisture vapour to pass freely through it allowing the building to breathe naturally. Open cell foam will not soak up or “wick” water. Closed cell foams tend to be much less vapour permeable than open cell and are considerably more rigid and hard. They resist the passage of liquid water and although not entirely waterproof, will prevent it from passing through a structure for a considerable period of time. Closed cell foams often have a greater thermal resistance than open cell foams.

Where does spray applied insulation fit? Spray applied insulation tends to be more expensive than conventional fibre based and rigid board type insulation materials and is usually applied by specialist contractors using bespoke equipment. However, its speed of installation, minimal waste and its ability to perform in difficult to treat applications and the fact that it can be injected into voids that would otherwise require invasive tear-out of surfaces, means spray foam is a cost-effective solution when compared to rigid board type insulation for both refurbishment and new build projects. Open cell spray insulation has been used on many historic buildings where its noninvasive installation methods have allowed the continued occupation of the building with the minimal of disruption to users and negligible impact to the fabric or the breathability of the structure. At the other end of the scale, the fact that spray foam insulation can create air-tight envelope has also made it the insulation material of choice in new build homes built to Passivhaus-type standards. *Footnote As levels of air tightness increase, consideration should be given to the introduction of efficient mechanical ventilation.

For further information on Icynene spray applied insulation:

Chlorofluorocarbons [CFCs], which were developed in the 1930s and frequently

CE Mark Approval

Certificate e No 08/4598 8

ISO 9001

Foams are spray-applied as a twocomponent mixture that expands 100fold within seconds of application, sealing all gaps, service holes and hard to reach voids.

Unlike the urethane foams of 20 years ago, modern spray foams such as Icynene Foam Lite use water as the blowing agent.


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concrete-to-steel and steel-to-steel. All units meet full compliance with the relevant UK building regulations, which require that the temperature factor used to indicate condensation risk (fRSI) must be greater than or equal to, 0.75 for residential buildings. This is easily met by incorporating the Isokorb and in addition to the BBA Certification, the range also provides Local Authority Building Control Registration. There is compliance too with the UK government Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP 2012) concerning CO2 emissions from buildings and respectively heat losses through non-repeating thermal bridges. Here, the lambda values of the Schöck Isokorb enable energy loss in various connective situations to be reduced by as much as 84% to 91%.

London’s Riverwalk specifies Passivhaus standard Schöck Isokorb Riverwalk is a striking new development at Millbank, on the north bank of the Thames. It features two organically shaped buildings connected by a central podium with 116 high specification apartments, plus penthouses. The buildings are enhanced by horizontal bands of limestone on the curving facades, with stonework wrapping around the lower parts of the balconies, creating a continuous organic shape.

With such a high specification development, early consideration was given to the avoidance of the thermal bridging at the critical balcony connections and the Schöck Isokorb type KXT provided the ideal solution. It

Cork enhances one of London’s hottest wine spots

its very best. As one of the fastest growing wine brands in the UK, with over 400 wines available through its bar and retail environments, as well as online, any consumer-facing aspects of the business require careful

Striking cork wall and ceiling tiles from Granorte can now be found in the Humble Grape wine bar, Fleet Street, a new London hotspot that is the latest to recognise the aesthetic and practical benefits this most natural of materials can bring to an interior. First used in its inaugural Battersea site back in 2015, the Humble Grape has now doubled its London presence with the opening of the Fleet Street location, and both now showcase Granorte’s creativity with cork at

Saint-Gobain PAM UK Revamps Its Website Saint-Gobain PAM UK, the country’s premier supplier of ductile iron and cast iron products, has revamped its website. The new-look site at is now fully mobile-responsive, more user-friendly, and enables access to more downloadable information than ever before. Visitors to the site are now able to

download e-catalogues, product drawings and datasheets. The revamp also aligns the site more closely with the Saint-Gobain group’s corporate identity. Commenting on the new website, Mark Esling, Saint-Gobain PAM UK’s Business Development Director said: “In addition to offering improved functionality, the new site also pulls together our company news, case studies, performance and sustainability credentials, and reveals why this company is a great place to work.” ❚ enquiry 169

offers such a high level of insulation, that in Germany the Passivhaus Institute in Darmstadt has awarded the product with the low ‘thermal bridge construction‘ certificate and confirmed its suitability even for Passivhaus In the UK, the construction. latest BBA Certification awarded to the Schöck Isokorb is the

culmination of an unprecedented standard of assessment by the BBA. Resulting in a much more demanding new generation of Agrément Certificates for thermal break products. There are more than 12,000 standard types and solutions in the Isokorb range, allowing connections to be made between concrete-to-concrete,

consideration, and hence the specification of Granorte’s Decodalle tile with looks and practical benefits combining in perfect harmony.

Engineered solutions are taking over from natural wood

“There’s a real retro feel to the Humble Grape, Fleet Street, and having worked with Granorte in the past we knew the natural aesthetic of cork could bring the walls and ceilings in line with the scheme,” says Jean Dumas, Director, Trellik Design Studio. “The Decodalle tile has been used throughout restaurant, private dining room, bathroom, entrance, bar and wine display areas, in various patterns and textures that champion red and white accent colours for a unique twist.” ❚ enquiry 171

In an age when nearly all building products are mass-produced, natural timber has a unique position in the industry.

GEC Anderson ‘Series A’ Sinks Steal The Show Series A sinks from GEC Anderson, the stainless steel specialists, are now available individually. Series A sinks are available in an unrivalled range of standard sizes and are suitable for all installation types, including for inset, undermount and flushmount fixing. Their distinctive 15mm corner radius and 20mm flat flange provides a neat and contemporary appearance whilst ensuring they are easy to clean and maintain. This makes them ideal for all situations where high quality and practical sinks are

Timber is a natural product and

❚ enquiry 167 like all products of nature it is neither consistent nor guaranteed free of defects. Prone to warping, twisting and splitting, sawn timber is still widely used understandably so, as it is relatively cheap, easy to work and both light and strong. Yet today's building industry expects high levels of precision and for structures to be right-first-time. Natural timber cannot deliver reliably on this. The response of the industry has been to develop engineered wood products - materials which, instead of being hewn out of solid wood, are manufactured by bonding small pieces of wood fibre together to produce a homogenous product.

G required. There are eight single sizes, ranging from 180mm to 700mm as well as nine double and combination sizes. Therefore, there are, currently, 18 models in the range. Plans exist already to further enhance the range through the introduction of models with drainers and others with tap holes. With their superb aesthetics and practicality, Series A sinks are of

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the very finest quality and finish and are made using EN 1.4301 grade bright satin stainless steel. The Series A sinks are very competitively priced. For example, the A50 (500x400x200mm), sells at £450, including VAT. Managing Director of GEC Anderson, Martin Tye, says: “The introduction of the Series A sinks, for inset, undermount and flushmount applications is a really exciting development. Series A sinks provide a great combination of unmatched quality, beautiful appearance, a tremendous range of sizes and real value for money.” ❚ enquiry 170

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April / May 2017



CLADDING MAKES AN ‘IDEAL HOME’ Every year one of the most popular elements of the Ideal Home Show at Olympia, London is the full size show homes. Visitors to this year’s show were treated to two stunning properties, both featuring Freefoam Fortex cladding. Pale Gold Double Shiplap cladding formed the exterior finish of a three apartment structure designed to reflect the three stages in life, first time buyer, new family home and downsizing. Visitors were invited to ‘climb the property ladder’ apartments to navigate first-hand the design and practical challenges faced by designers and city dwellers alike as they move through these stages.

Pale Blue Weatherboard cladding was used to great effect on the second show home 21st Century Cottage. A traditional cottage with a contemporary twist designed to appeal to metropolitan families relocating to the countryside or as a second home. The house featured a beautiful thatch roof and timber cladding with the lower level also clad with ultra hard-wearing, low maintenance Freefoam Fortex pvc cladding. David Richards, Director David Richard Associates, commissions the homes each year and explained the background to this year’s projects “We wanted to showcase the flexibility of modern PVC building materials and to show how they can be used on both contemporary and traditional Both homes were developments. constructed off site by Futureform Housing Ltd so we needed to source a light, easy to handle product that would withstand the rigors of transportation and look good at the show. We have been delighted with the Freefoam cladding range and its performance throughout the project and would recommend it to homeowners and housebuilders - it made a stunning finish to both properties.” Freefoam Marketing Manager, Louise

Sanderson commented “ With over 20,000 visitors each day to the Show we were really pleased to have the Freefoam cladding range exposed to such a large, engaged homeowner audience.

housebuilders alike. Available in a choice of eight subtle colours the range has been developed specifically for both renovation and new build projects, the perfect product to create an ‘Ideal Home!”

Cladding is rapidly becoming a very popular home improvement product and our range is meeting the demands and aspirations of homeowners and ❚ enquiry 172 .

The polycarbonate pioneers It’s nearly thirty years since Twinfix Limited offered its first roof glazing system, and they have gone from strength to strength, but always maintained their core values and devotion to polycarbonate. Polycarbonate glazing in it’s different forms has always played a central role in the company’s core product offering of canopies, walkways and rooflights. Established in the late 1980s, Twinfix was one of the first companies in Europe to develop a range of glazing bars and fixing accessories specifically designed for installing polycarbonate. These glazing bars formed a core product in Twinfix’s range and remain a popular product, from which the highly respected Twinfix non-fragile MultiLink roof panel system evolved. The Twinfix Multi-Link-Panel – an industry standard The Multi-Link-Panel NF features an innovative reinforcing technique that allows the glazed panels to pass the HSE test procedure for Non Fragile Roofing Assemblies (ACR[M]001:2014) as detailed in HSG33. Light in weight and available in a range of colours and tints, the Multi-Link- Panel is also incredibly quick to fit. Today, Multi-Link remains the definitive system of its kind, with an outstanding track record stretching back nearly twenty years and installations throughout the UK and Europe. Director Vicky Evans, is a passionate advocate of polycarbonate as a glazing material, but she is quick to point out that it requires specialist knowledge and understanding to gain the most benefit from its excellent characteristics. “Polycarbonate sheet offers light transmission that’s broadly comparable with glass, plus extremely high impact resistance and tensile strength, making it perfect for all kinds of roof glazing applications. However, other characteristics of the material, like flexural strength and dimensional stability are very different from glass and require a different approach. This is where we believe our expertise and experience with polycarbonate gives us an edge on projects where polycarbonate glazing is the appropriate choice.

It’s also enabled us to innovate and develop new solutions to cover a wider range of installation requirements.” Today’s Twinfix designs & installs: • Glazed canopies, shelters & walkways • Industrial roof glazing; modular panels or in sheet and bar form • Northlight replacement • Vertical glazing; using either solid or multiwall polycarbonate • Balcony screen glazing • Solid polycarbonate anti-vandal glazing • Flashings, rainwater goods & accessories Georgian Wired Polycarbonate –another Twinfix innovation Another example of Twinfix innovation is the development of their Georgian Wired Polycarbonate glazing. This new material provides the look of Georgian Wired glass, with the lightness, impact resistance and excellent light transmission of polycarbonate sheet. It’s also safer to handle, without sharp wire on cut edges. Twinfix Georgian Wired Polycarbonate is proving extremely popular for heritage refurbishment projects. Victorian railway station canopies are an example of this. Twinfix: innovative approach, traditional values Twinfix is a family business, run by founder Graham Kench’s daughters Vicky Evans and Sarah Kench, together with fellow directors Dan Smith and Paul Greenfield. As an accredited CHAS contractor with membership of Constructionline, Link-Up and NARMthe Company is committed to quality, health & safety and to working in an environmentally responsible manner. Twinfix have also recently attained the RISQS qualification which will allow them to become more involved with future rail projects. For further information, visit:

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ISD Solutions exports single envelope know-how for NewCold frozen distribution centre in Melbourne

Largest high-bay cold storage warehouse in Southern Hemisphere ISD Solutions, the UK’s leading specialist subcontractor in the design and construction of composite panel, single envelope coldstore warehouses, has won an A$12m order from Dutch cold chain logistics specialist NewCold, to build the company’s latest super-efficient freezer storage and distribution facility near Melbourne, Australia. This is ISD Solution’s first Australian cold store construction project and follows the creation of an Australian subsidiary earlier this year with the goal of

introducing their acknowledged design and construction expertise with thermally efficient insulated PIR panels, to cold store warehouse and distribution clients across the region. ISD Solutions have previously delivered several ‘’Single Envelope’’ high-bay freezer projects in the UK, in Gloucester, Wisbech, Dublin and Macclesfield . The contract involves the design and construction of the external single envelope for a 35m tall high-bay freezer operating at -25 degrees C and a detached 15m tall low-bay section. Together these will have a combined floor area of 19,000m2 and storage capacity for 100,000 Australian standard pallets. ISD expects to use some 60,000m2 of Kingspan CS panels during the build and once completed, mid 2017, the facility will be the largest automated high-bay freezer warehouse in the Southern hemisphere. The fast expanding frozen and chilled food industry in Australia April / May 2017

combined with growing demand for more thermally efficient, sustainable, chilled and frozen storage facilities globally makes single envelope construction and clad rack freezers using PIR insulated panels increasingly attractive. Significantly improved thermal performance compared to construction conventional materials and polystyrene based insulation is a key factor for the Australian market. High-bay single envelope solutions are also faster to build with a 20% saving on site time, lower carbon and becoming more viable as land prices increase. The ability to operate with oxygen reduction fire safety technology partly as a result of the airtightness of the structure brings further benefits. The team are using BIM level 2 processes during the project to ensure seamless collaboration with the design team, structural engineers and lead contractor Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd. This is particularly important for single envelope structures at this height where high tolerances for the structural steel supporting the composite panel envelope are crucial.

Giacomini furthers CIBSE recognition Two members of Giacomini’s technical sales team have received accreditation and are now fully registered CIBSE Heat Network Consultants. Alistair Moore and Warren Smyth both recently completed the CIBSE training and passed the examination to become fully registered Heat Network Consultants. This reiterates Giacomini’s position of expertise in the sector as well as being a leading supplier of heat interface units and a specialist in providing unique complete underfloor heating packages. It also demonstrates Giacomini’s knowledge of HIUs and the intricacies of communal, district heating networks. Alistair is Giacomini’s UK and Ireland sales manager and has been with the company since 2011. Warren is one of the newest additions to the Giacomini team, having started with Giacomini as its new technical sales engineer for Ireland in the summer of 2016. Achieving CIBSE recognition is an important step for Giacomini, as managing director, Matt Lowe, explains: “Receiving recognition from CIBSE gives our team wider expertise within the building services sector. The technicalities behind engineering are rapidly evolving; at

ISD is sharing knowledge and expertise with the structural team and is responsible for load and fixing calculations for the envelope, all independently approved, to ensure long term integrity and thermal performance of the envelope. High wind loadings in the Melbourne area have made this doubly important. The team is also advising on insulation and specific sequencing for the floor construction required for this type of building, as this is fundamental to forming an insulated envelope in its entirety where all interconnecting insulation junctions need to be continuous. ❚ enquiry 174

Giacomini, we strive to retain our positions as leaders of this so having

switches - as well as both surface high bay mounted or batten mounted high bay versions. Additionally, there are versions in either Presence or Absence

detection as well as variants in the ControlZAPP and EasyZAPP range. ❚ enquiry 173

our team receive the CIBSE accreditation for being Heat Network Consultants is a great feather in our cap!” Alistair and Warren are not Giacomini’s only employees to have received the CIBSE recognition. Helen Gibbons, Giacomini’s UK technical support manager, passed the CIBSE exam in June 2016. For more information on Giacomini please visit

New PIR Occupancy Switches with Daylight Linked Dimming and Corridor Function DANLERS new range of passive infra-red (PIR) occupancy switches with daylight linked dimming (maintained lux level) is designed for lighting loads controlled by DALI, DSI or 1-10V dimmable ballasts. These products switch lights on when an area is occupied and maintain a chosen lux level by dimming the lights in response to changes in the ambient daylight level. There is also a “Run-on” timer (corridor function) which allows the light to return to a minimum background level following a

period of occupancy. This can either be for a chosen time or as a permanent background light. Each control has a switching relay, capable of switching 2 amps (500W) LED lamps and fittings or up to 6 amps (1500W) of most other types of load. This extensive new range includes flush and surface mounted PIR

Tel: 01249 443377 Fax: 01249 443388 Email: Website:

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April / May 2017


Call us

01296 481220




T O P O I L : H i g he s t q ua l it y f oo od s a f e p r o te c t i on f or w ood w or k top s


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Where do you get your news? In case you hadn’t noticed, the world of news has changed rapidly over the last few years with social media transforming the way we as individuals receive and consume information. Platforms such as Twitter are often the best place to pick up breaking news and even Youtube offers a news service, so the traditional methods such as newspapers and even TV are facing stiff competition from almost every angle.

There is a place for a daily newspaper and regular monthly magazine of course, as this can allow readers to delve deeper into a subject that flitting around on an i-phone is likely to allow.















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You are also far more likely to come across an article or piece of news that you simply may miss if you only ever receive the ‘tailored’ items that your app believes you want, which is important in these days of needing to keep up with legislation. And of course, you are less likely to be the victim of ‘fake’ news if you rely on a reputable source. A new approach So you might be interested in a new website that promises to offer comment and opinion on a host of issues relating to energy use in the built environment. Called The Hub, it’s the brainchild of leading manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric and, although it does contain articles from the company’s technical experts, it is by no means simply A N Other manufacturer’s website as Russell Jones from Mitsubishi Electric explains: “The Hub will look at legislation, technology and the issues affecting buildings and the built environment, as well as provide useful links to help visitors understand where they can get further information.� The site contains posts from leading industry editors, as well as Mitsubishi Electric’s own experts and focuses on a

range of subjects that will appeal to corporations, housing associations, consultants and installers, as well as consumers in general. “There is a lot going on at the moment with regards to saving energy within our built environment and it can be difficult to keep track of everything,� adds Jones. “The Hub will provide one searchable site that will build into a useful resource over time.� The site is smartphone and tablet friendly so that it can be viewed on the go, and also contains an advanced search facility to make finding relevant articles easy and straightforward. Visitors can also sign up to receive a monthly email newsletter, highlighting pertinent subjects and the blog site is optimised so that articles can be easily shared on all major social media platforms. Visit the new website here.

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The ‘Ultimet’ Energy Saving Blind 3 Window Blinds in 1 Insulation improved – reducing heating costs Heat gain from the sun reduced – lowering cooling costs Lighting costs down – controlled levels of natural light

All in One Blind The Ultimetal fabric with the high levels of solar reflectance and low levels of emissivity afforded by its metallised coating provide industry leading levels of shading performance. The 50+ years’ experience of weaving glass-fibre based shading fabrics producing the highest levels of performance from the thinnest of materials. The Ultimetal fabric is less than one quarter of a millimetre thick, permitting a blind of over 3.0 metres in height to be stored in a cassette of less than 55mm square. Powder coated to match the window frames, the blinds become almost invisible.

Reflex-Rol supplying demonstrably scientific shading solutions. Contact us today 01989 750704

on tr light in c




% 50

He at

, View to the ou ll ed o

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educed by u nr p i a t o


mproved b ni y1 o i t 5 0% -5

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Light transmission levels for the fabric in single figures can remove glare, improving workspaces and comfort zones alike. Solar reflectance (Rs) of over 70% can reduce heat gain through the glass by 25%, 40% to over 50% dependant on glass properties. The blinds also improve the insulation of the window by 15%, 20%, 30% or more, reducing temperature loss.

❚ enquiry 801 . • • 01989-750704 • Ryeford Hall, Ryeford, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire HR9 7PU

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