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Promoting energy efficient, healthy & sustainable building products for the construction industry British Antarctic Survey is getting ready to move its Halley VI Research Station 23 km across the ice. This is the first time that the station, which has a re-locatable design to cope with life on a floating ice shelf, has been moved since it was towed from its construction site to its present location in 2012.







The station sits on Antarctica’s 150 m thick Brunt Ice Shelf. This floating ice shelf flows at a rate of 0.4 km per year west towards the sea where, at irregular intervals, it calves off as icebergs. Halley is crucial to studies into globally important issues such as the impact of an extreme space weather event (which could cause an economic loss of $6 - 42 billion a day), climate change, and atmospheric phenomena. It was scientific investigations from this location that led to the discovery of the Antarctic Ozone Hole in 1985. Long-term monitoring of the natural changes that occur in the ice shelf has revealed glaciological changes, including new growth of a chasm that has been dormant for around 35 years. Preparatory work for the re-location was carried out during the 2015-16 Antarctic Summer season (NovMarch). Now that the station has emerged from months of winter darkness, operational teams are ready to tow the station to its new home. This involves uncoupling the 8 station modules and using large tractors to transport each module further inland. As Technical Advisors for BAS, Ramboll is providing specialist engineering advice, including onsite support from structural engineering Director, Ben Rowe. Scientific research at Halley will continue in temporary facilities at the existing site and move to the new location next season.



ON THE MOVE Ramboll supports relocation of Halley Research Station

Tim Stockings is BAS’s Director of Operations. He says, “Halley was designed and engineered specifically to be relocated in response to changes in the ice. Over the last couple of years our operational teams have been meticulous in developing very detailed plans for the move and we are excited by the challenge. Antarctica can be a very hostile environment. Each summer season is very short – about 9 weeks. And because the ice and the weather are

unpredictable we have to be flexible in our approach. We are especially keen to minimise the disruption to the science programmes. We have planned the move in stages – the science infrastructure that captures environmental data will remain in place while the stations modules move. ” Ben Rowe from Ramboll joined the BAS team in Antarctica on 5th December and will be providing valuable structural engineering

expertise throughout the move process. Commenting prior to his departure he said “It is a privilege to be part of the operation to move Halley VI away from the chasm to ensure its continued safe operation into the future. While my primary role is as structural advisor, my experience of managing teams and projects in complex environments will be used to support the Station Leader and the project team, to contribute to the project’s overall management.”

Omnie UFH System supplied for Royal Marine’s Accessible Home PAINTS, COATINGS & FINISHES


Exeter based renewables and underfloor heating specialist, OMNIE has donated one of its Staples pipework systems for the construction of a fully wheelchair accessible home that has been built to accommodate a former Royal Marine and his family, after he contracted a serious illness on overseas service and can now no longer walk. Corporal Phil Eaglesham contracted the relatively rare Q fever while serving in Afghanistan


five years ago with the condition unfortunately proving to be degenerative and making his existing home near Taunton increasingly unsuitable. In order to help the family, The Royal Marines Charity appealed for help to construct a bespoke dwelling to meet his specific needs, on a site in Taunton. OMNIE was amongst a number of building product manufacturers to make donations in kind, with the 600 metre of Staples underfloor heating pipe and made-to-measure manifold

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being provided to keep the entire ground floor of the two-storey property at a carefully controlled temperature. Sharky Ward, the Deputy CEO of The Royal Marines Charity, commented: “Thanks to the incredible help we have received in particular Persimmon Homes, who donated the land, Haldons Chartered Surveyors who are project managing the build, and Grainge Architects who developed the plans, all free of charge. OMNIE have played key role and very

kindly donated the underfloor heating system, which will help provide a consistent temperature, which is critical to Corporal Eaglesham’s needs. Continued on Page 02

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December / January 2017

Omnie UFH System supplied for Royal Marine’s Accessible Home

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Continued from Front Cover We are hugely grateful to everyone who has made this dream become a reality, delivering a bespoke house in the most cost




effective manner.” The layout of the property has created a totally wheelchair friendly environment across both floors, linked by a lift. As well as the integral garage, the downstairs contains a master bedroom suite with shower room, while the linked kitchen, dining and living rooms feature folding doors, which open out onto the rear garden. These areas, together with a lobby and separate cloakroom are heated by six pipe circuits connected back to the five port manifold and controlled by programmable room thermostats. Designed to create room temperatures of 19, 21 and 22 centigrade, the pipe layouts were securely clipped down over thermal insulation before a wet

screed was laid to provide good heat transference. Phil Eaglesham said: “This house gives us the chance to make a life and a future again. Even as my condition deteriorates we can still get on with our lives to the best of our ability, rather than fire-fighting every issue that comes with every little change in my condition. The independence which the house layout gives me is second to none.”

December/January 2017 £4.50





Promoting energy efficient, healthy & sustainable building products for the construction industry



ON THE MOVE Ramboll supports relocation of Halley Research Station







Omnie UFH System supplied for Royal Marine’s Accessible Home PAINTS, COATINGS & FINISHES

Suitable for operating at low temperatures, the different OMNIE UFH systems available are suitable for delivering optimum efficiency in conjunction with high performance gas or oil boilers as well as the company’s own range of air or ground source heat pumps.




Exeter based renewables and underfloor heating specialist, OMNIE has donated one of its Staples pipework systems for the construction of a fully wheelchair accessible home that has been built to accommodate a former Royal Marine and his family, after he contracted a serious illness on overseas service and can now no longer walk.

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‘Towards Circular Economy’ is the theme of VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2017

Editorial Co-Ordinator

Taking the theme of ‘Towards Circular Economy’, the fifth VinylPlus Sustainability Forum will examine the key sustainability challenges for PVC when representatives from the entire industry value chain meet in Berlin, Germany on May 10th and 11th 2017. Organised by VinylPlus, the European PVC industry sustainability programme, the 2017 Forum will focus on sustainability and delivering durable solutions for PVC within

Circulation Manager

Hayley Murrell

Julie Poole

the high-profile context of the European Commission’s Circular Economy Package. It will also feature sessions with EU authorities on Circular Economy policies, both regionally and Europe-wide. The 2017 Forum is a ‘not-to-bemissed’ event for VinylPlus members and their stakeholders to share insight on potentially growing opportunities for PVC to

contribute to a stronger circular economy where resources are used in a more sustainable way. Key topics will include the contribution of the vinyl industry to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), global vinyl market and industry initiatives. ❚ enquiry 100 Production Manager Wendy Harris


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UK Timber Leader Set to Head PEFC International Board Chairman of James Latham Plc, Peter Latham, was elected as Chairman of the PEFC International Board, at the PEFC General Assembly which was held recently in Bali, Indonesia.


As well as being Chairman of one of Britain’s oldest timber companies, he is a former Chairman of the Forests Forever Committee of the Timber Trade Federation and member of the Council of Commonwealth Forestry Association. Commenting on his appointment, Mr Latham said: “I would like to thank everyone at PEFC for the support I have received. I am very much looking forward to taking on this demanding new role with the support of the global PEFC family.

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“While PEFC enjoys increasing successes as an organisation, achieving significant growth in certified forest area, the number of new members and acceptance in public procurement policies, the organisation still faces important challenges and I am confident that we will face them together.” Welcoming the appointment, Ben Gunneberg, CEO of PEFC International said, “I am very much looking forward to working alongside Peter in his new role of Chairman.

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“Peter brings with him a wealth of valuable experience; not only has he been on the Board of PEFC International since 2011, he was also previously Chairman of PEFC UK and heads up one of Britain’s oldest and most respected timber trading companies, James Latham. His knowledge and expertise will be invaluable to our organisation as it works to implement our vision of a world in which people manage forests sustainably.” Peter Latham was awarded an OBE in the 2012 New Years Honours List in recognition of his service to the UK wood industry

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December / January 2017



A modular approach Modular building projects are on the increase, reports Giacomini UK, and most notably in the education sector. Giacomini UK, one of the UK’s leading underfloor heating providers, has recently noticed an influx of modular projects with its three most notable all being for primary schools or nurseries. Modular underfloor heating systems consist of pre-built modules, which are installed in transportable sections of various sizes. The sections are created in a controlled factory environment and are then delivered to site and craned into position to simply be connected together. This innovative system results in projects being completed punctually and quickly as, by using the modules, efficiency and installation speed are maximised with limited disruption on site. However, most importantly for the schools involved, the biggest benefit of using modular underfloor heating is that it is very cost efficient and helps keep the project comfortably within

budget and effortlessly within the tight timeframes such as school holidays. Giacomini was selected by Hull based Servaccomm for the projects which saw the company supplying the underfloor heating materials for the plated modular systems, as well as factory pressure pre-testing the systems and fitting the manifolds on site. The first project was at Prae Wood primary school in St Albans where the UFH was installed on the ground and first floors as part of the school’s £2 million expansion. This was followed by two further school projects, which saw Giacomini UK and Servaccomm install modular systems within a state-of-the-art nursery and primary school in Milton Keynes. Matt Lowe, managing director of Giacomini UK, commented: “Underfloor heating is proving to be increasingly popular within schools due to its safety benefits as well as being cost efficient. Further to this, by working with Servaccomm’s modular builds we can ensure minimal disruption is caused to the customer, due to the majority of the construction and installation taking place in the factory with only the final connection taking place on site.” For more information please visit ❚ enquiry 102

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December / January 2017


FIRST PHASE OF £44 MILLION SCHOOL CAMPUS IS HANDED OVER – A NEW SPECIAL NEEDS SCHOOL FOR LONDON The Portakabin Group has handed over the first phase of a £44 million school campus for the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, which will be the UK’s largest free school campus. Yorkon off-site solution, the new special educational needs (SEN) school for Riverside Bridge has doubled its capacity in time for the start of the 2016/17 academic year, providing much needed additional places at an earlier stage. The SEN scheme is part of the 23,000sqm Riverside Campus – an innovative new three-school campus which will accommodate 2,645 children aged from 0 to 19. Designed by Surface to Air Architects, it will be operated by the multi-academy trust, Partnership Learning, and will integrate provision for nursery, primary, special needs, secondary, and sixth form pupils. The second and final phase will be handed over by Portakabin in late Spring 2017. According to Anna Hope, Head of School at Riverside Bridge, “The new building already feels very familiar to our children and part of the design was to facilitate the transition as some special needs children are very sensitive to change. The wide corridors, larger classrooms and overall design have created a really calm environment for the children. They love the floor-to-ceiling windows which overlook the outside play area and allow lots of light into the building for a very welcoming feel.”

“We participated in weekly meetings with the construction team which were invaluable and allowed us input into the design. This attention to detail has helped to make this an outstanding building. This is still a live construction site but we are kept fully up-to-speed with how the wider project is progressing so we can maintain safety and reassure parents. The Portakabin team are so mindful of the children’s wellbeing. They worked around the clock to complete the floor above us as far as possible to avoid noise which could upset the children once we had moved in. And site deliveries have been restricted to avoid the times when our children arrive and leave the school.” “Portakabin has really understood how to work with special educational needs children and has been absolutely brilliant. All the small details have made the whole construction experience fantastic for us.” Jane Hargreaves, Strategic Director of Education at London Borough of Barking and Dagenham said, “Portakabin has been easy to work with, and the scheme has been on target to the advantage of our special needs students”. The new purpose-designed facility has doubled the capacity of Riverside Bridge

School to 64 children and will have space to further expand it to 160 places. Portakabin phased the construction programme to allow the SEN school to open on its new site ahead of the other buildings at Riverside Campus. On completion of the overall development, the SEN school will work very closely with the primary and secondary schools, creating an inclusive educational environment. The use of a Yorkon off-site solution from the Portakabin Group for the curriculum areas of the campus has significantly reduced the programme time for faster completion. This has helped to address the demand for school places in the area as a result of new housing. Off-site construction allowed the structure to be manufactured in York at the same time as the major ground works were progressed on site and created a high quality, watertight structure for fitting out much earlier in the build programme. Features of the new SEN school include: • Wider corridors to help children who have mobility or balance issues, giving them a sense of independence which improves their confidence • A large amount of storage space in the classrooms with lockable cupboards to allow as much clear space as possible and maintain a safe learning environment • Hard-wearing solid ceilings as items can be thrown into the air which would damage tiled ceilings

• Hygienic, easy-to-clean flooring which is ideal for messy play and painting • A sensory room with specialist lighting • Hygiene rooms located on each floor and equipped with a hoist to assist children in wheelchairs • A specially-designed SEN playground with timber trail ways. The children also have access to a mini outdoor amphitheatre and raised plant beds • An external canopy for each classroom to provide a sheltered outdoor space for learning and play. The Portakabin Group is the main contractor for the Riverside Campus project. The contract was procured and awarded by the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham via the Council’s Local Education Partnership, Thames Partnership for Learning. It is funded by the Department for Education. The scheme is the seventh school building contract awarded to Portakabin by the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham and follows on from two earlier phases at a school near to the Riverside Campus. For further information about Yorkon offsite building solutions from the Portakabin Group, call 0845 2000 123, email or visit ❚ enquiry 104

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Plate heat exchangers for commercial applications For large commercial applications a PHE is ideal as it is capable of producing hot water instantly and constantly at peak times. A hot water system using a plate heat exchanger (PHE) does not store hot water. The water is heated instantaneously and only when required, so it is intrinsically energy efficient. A PHE consists of a pack of plates (usually stainless steel) to transfer heat from the primary fluid to the secondary fluid. The plates and gaskets are arranged to form alternating channels between the primary and secondary fluids. Arranged in this way the plates have an extremely large heat transfer surface area and therefore considerably high loads are achieved from a very compact plate heat exchanger. ❚ enquiry 107 .

Pendock bends it with LST Radiator Guards British encasement specialist, Pendock has been involved with important upgrades within the Whipps Cross University Hospital in Waltham Forest, London, which is affiliated with the prestigious and world-famous Barts Health NHS Trust and, having been founded in 1917, initially treated wounded soldiers from the Great War. Today it is famous for being the birthplace of former footballer and fashion icon, David Beckham and for having one of the largest and busiest A&E departments in

Fusing efficient ventilation & heating in one Strategic thinking inside the box is enabling specifiers to fuse December / January 2017

Another smart product range by Consort Claudgen! Consort Claudgen has introduced an improved range of slimline low surface temperature fan heaters with intelligent fan control. Each PLSTi heater is equipped with intelligent fan control which detects the temperature in the environment and automatically adjusts its fan speed to quickly achieve a warm airflow

temperature. This allows the heater to immediately blow hot air, even when initially powered on in a very cold room, for the user’s comfort. Enhanced with one of the latest low energy consumption EC motors, these smart heaters also operate on a very low noise level, are more durable with a strengthened grille and splash proof. The PLSTi heaters comply with NHS Estates Health Guidance Notes with a maximum surface temperature of 43oC, making them perfect for environments with vulnerable people such as children and elderly residents. For more information, email:, tel: 01646 692172 or fax: 01646 695195. ❚ enquiry 108 .

the UK plus it was the first to open a hyperbaric unit. But, as with all older buildings and the advent of modern technology, refurbishment becomes necessary at Whipps Cross Hospital, the trust undertook a mock CQC audit which immediately highlighted a number of uncovered and very hot radiators as well as piping – obviously a burns risk to the elderly and infirm. The project management team, WT Partnership, employed DAVCO Construction Co Ltd. to install 250 radiator low surface temperature guards, plus some 300 meters of boxing to cover the exposed pipework. This was after Pendock had completed a trial installation on Bracken Ward and carried out a detailed measurement survey of other areas during August, subsequent to the hospital’s risk assessment findings. ❚ enquiry 160

efficient ventilation and heating all in one…. Gilberts (Blackpool) Ltd, Britian’s leading independent air movement specialist, has developed a natural ventilation unit that also features both heat reclamation and space heating.

The unique Mistrale MFS Fusion unit can now be optioned with an integrated LPHW coil, which provides a complete solution for both morning warm-up and any boost heating requirements.

façade. The core MFS appliance provides natural ventilation and uniquely blends the incoming fresh air with the warmth from the exhaust air without the need for a heat exchanger.

The stand-alone unit is installed as normal through the building

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MEDITE SMARTPLY HIGHLY COMMENDED IN ENERGY AWARDS 2016 MEDITE SMARTPLY has been highly commended at the Sustainable Energy Awards 2016 in the large energy category.

The event, which took place on the 3rd November 2016, brings together leading innovators and companies that demonstrate a proven track record of going beyond best practice in integrated energy management. This award, in part, is a result of the MEDITE SMARTPLY Operation Excellence programme that began in 2014. The programme initiatives consisted of product and process flow optimisation, variable speed drive monitoring, controls, lighting, ISO 50001 certification, electric transport, and a steam turbine generating onsite electricity driven by their own biomass steam boiler. The company has also undertaken employee awareness initiatives including displaying energy targets in real time at operator stations, children’s Energy Calendar competition and an Energy Fun Day.

r at MEDITE Operations Directo tenance Supervisor at MEDITE e, or dm ar Be t Pa an, Main to right: EDITE, James Ry Names from left ing Manager at M er ne gi En n, ee Br Pat

The company has systematically and effectively focused resources on opportunities for energy reduction saving the company in excess of €250,000/per annum in energy costs.

“This award is an independent external acknowledgement of the hard work and efforts that all of our teams across Europe have put in from day one. From our new technologies, such as our Mat Preheater, compressed air energy reduction and process pumps upgrades, to our engineering works on LED lighting and airflow optimisation, everyone has had a part to play,” comments Pat Beardmore, Operations Director. “The innovation and passion shown by all members of MEDITE SMARTPLY reflects what a truly energetic place it is to work and grow. We will continue our work and chase the top award next year.” The company has set its sights on achieving an energy reduction in excess of 10% in the coming years. With five projects already in planning in order to achieve these ambitious goals MEDITE SMARTPLY will continue to lead the way in energy management in its sector. ❚ enquiry 105

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Polypipe Brings the Heat with new Smart Plus Controls This Autumn, Polypipe, the UK’s leading manufacturer of above and below ground drainage, plastic plumbing and underfloor heating (UFH) systems, is launching a new range of Smart Plus controls, designed specifically for use with their UFH systems.

Most systems available on the market have a complicated pairing system, with complex diagnostic tools. The new Smart Plus controls from Polypipe have ‘push button’ initial pairing for easy installation, a wiring centre which can house up to eight zones, and a screen for simple set up and diagnostics. Suitable for use in all rooms, including kitchens and bathrooms, the controls are easily installed as an update to older systems. With full RF communication with the wiring centre, the controls are available in battery and mains powered variants, providing increased flexibility in new build houses and renovation projects. As well as providing vast benefits to installers, such as quicker and easier installation, the new control systems have been designed with the end user in mind,


removing any concerns that homeowners may have. Users can choose anything from full TFT displays with touchscreen functionality to basic room sensors, making the system tailored to suit any budget or design. With a choice of five editable preset schedules or the option to create schedules from scratch, the system is designed to fit seamlessly around family life. Available in a range of colours, including chrome, black, blue and purple, the new controls are sleek and suit any interior aesthetic. When not in use, the unit screen displays a rolling selection of personal images, or a clock. The easy to use menus can also be pin protected, meaning only the designated password holders can change the room temperatures. Andy Coy, Product Manager at Polypipe, said: “There are currently a number of different universal product controls on the market, working with lots of systems, from heating to lighting. Having controls specifically designed to manage UFH allows users to make the most of the energy savings and controllability on offer. Using a UFH system and controls from the same manufacturer ensures homeowners have access to the best systems available. “Arming installers with top of the range systems and advice, means that they can comfortably move into 2017, introducing or expanding UFH in their service offering.” For more information on the new controls and Polypipe’s wider underfloor heating range please visit ❚ enquiry 109 .

ESS (Environmental Site Supplies) is pleased to announce the launch of the world’s first gas heat pump for domestic and small commercial use. The Robur K18 is an 18kW mini gaspowered heat pump that offers temperatures up to 65 °C for heating and up to 70 °C for domestic hot water. The

K18 is aimed at larger or period domestic properties, and is also ideal for small commercial installations, such as schools, church halls and care homes. A hybrid version, with an integrated boiler, offers a 37kW output and is available early in 2017.

Rust Free Heating

The Robur K18 is a high efficiency boiler replacement that provides energy and carbon savings of 38% against a modern condensing boiler. It is a monobloc heat pump that requires no costly fridge work and simply connects to an existing heating main. The K18 has fewer mechanical parts than electric heat pumps and so benefits from exceptionally low noise levels and low maintenance costs. It satisfies demand in properties that are too large for electric heat pumps, or where higher water temperatures are required. Kevin Pacey, Managing Director of ESS Ltd., says, "It makes complete sense to use our established gas transmission network to deliver the energy we need for heating until such time that adequate renewable power becomes available. Gas heat pumps are straightforward for a gas-qualified plumber to fit and plumb and are similarly priced to an electric heat pump.” For more information on this and other Robur gas absorption heat pumps (GAHPs), please contact ESS: 020 8641 2346

❚ enquiry 110 .

Our Dose & Fill unit protects pipes Avoid the cost and disruption of a heating system shutdown with Advanced Pressurisation Unit c/w Fluid Category 5 protection Model DF - 15 & 22 mm

The world’s first gas heat pump for domestic use is now available in the UK

> No annual testing > Comprehensive BMS controls > Self-test monitoring system alerting Applications: of pressurisation fault before heating > Filling buckets e.g. campsites system is shut down > Filling watering cans e.g. cemetaries > High & low pressure cut-outs with > Vehicle washdown areas boiler control output > Garden centres > Anti-seize pump and daily pulse > Gardens > Integral water meter and excess filling alarm Dose & Fill has all the features of the “Midi-Fill” Digital plus automatic inhibitor dosing during initial fill and top-up. No separate dosing pot required

Tel: 01442 823 123 Email: The Water Regulations Solution Specialist ❚ enquiry 111.

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Kensa unveils an evolutionary new heat pump for 2017 Kensa Heat Pumps, the UKs confirmed leading supplier of ground source heat pumps, has released details of a brandnew ‘Evo’ series, which claims to deliver significantly improved efficiencies. Manufactured in Cornwall, the new Evo ground source heat pump series builds upon Kensa’s eighteen years of experience designing heat pumps specifically for British properties. Simon Lomax, Managing Director comments: “The Kensa Evo represents a significant step forward and is a testimony to the ingenuity of an engineering team which focuses exclusively on ground source heat pumps. The Evo series is more efficient and we have also worked hard to reduce noise levels to industry-leading levels. And we have not forgotten that the Evo must be simple-to-install and maintain.” Offering a 15 per cent gain in efficiency in order to minimise running costs and maximise income via the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive, the Kensa Evo is available to pre-order in January 2017 for delivery from Spring in 7kW, 9kW, 13kW and 15kW single phase models. The ERP A++ rated Evo delivers heating and hot water efficiencies of SCOPs to 4.2 at 35°C along with significantly reduced

noise outputs, packaged in a contemporary contoured gunmetal and gloss-white finish, punctuated by a custom built control panel unique to the Kensa series. According to James Standley, Operations Director: “All of the ‘off-the-shelf’ controllers failed to deliver all the functionality demanded by our specification so we have designed a bespoke control unit.” Designed for larger new builds and renovation projects, the Evo will supplement Kensa’s market-leading Shoebox 3kW and 6kW models which are ideally suited for smaller new builds. Lomax continues: “With the Kensa Shoebox Heat Pump, we revolutionised the ground source heat pump market and opened up the potential for the technology to be used in the mass market new build sector. Since then, we have focussed on the Evo development which is the evolution of our Compact series, the original Kensa heat pump launched in 1999. With the Shoebox and our new Evo series, alongside our Twin Compact and Plantroom models, Kensa has a product portfolio that suits every application, and all models are backed-up by our exceptional technical support.

“We are proud that BSRIA Market Reports have confirmed Kensa as the leading UK supplier of ground source heat pumps for the past four years, and we are confident that we can build upon this success with the Evo series to support the Government’s ambitious targets for heat pump deployment.” Performance: Each model in the Kensa Evo series has optimised sized stainless steel heat exchangers, which allows the compressor to respond more efficiently, increasing SCOP performance and delivering60°C domestic hot water. Appearance: The ergonomic steel casing has been designed with a focus on ease of access, whilst providing sturdy yet stylish protection from ageing and wear and tear. Installation: The Evo has been designed to be easy to handle and install. With just one single cross head screw in its unique bevelled front panel, the Evo’s electrical component and wiring terminals are easily accessible with the removal of just one panel. The heat pump has four rear water connections, two for the ground collectors

and two for the property’s heating distribution system. The connections consist of four 28mm straight brass fittings designed with minimal tolerances, ensuring compatibility with easy to install push fittings. The external side panels feature a curved cut-out offering the installer an extra level of flexibility to install the Evo according to the demands of the site, with vertical and horizontal pipework exit points from the sides and top of the unit. Controls: Kensa has developed its own control board which is the brain of the new Evo heat pump. The customer interface is an intuitive touch screen that facilitates commissioning and parameter settings, and provides live status readings supported by LED light indicators. The custom built software also permits the control board to pre-empt system irregularities using warning safety levels, which may previously have resulted in a fault if left unchecked. This pro-active system will ultimately reduce costs and call outs and enable better diagnostics and system resolution, aided by Kensa’s technical support and UK wide installation network.

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Our eCO Our eCO P PREMIUM™ REMIUM™ is is a compact compact energ energy y recover recoverry ry u unit nit tthat hat iis sp pack acke ed d ffull ull of of featur eature es. s. W When hen iin nve vesting sting iin nan ne ew w ve ventilati ntilatio on nu unit nit w with ith heat eat recovery ttoda recovery oday, yo you uc co ould o uld – and and should should – go go for for the the highest ighest standar standard ds. s. Clean, C lean, ffrre esh sh air, airr,, high high efficienc efficiency ya and nd lo ow w noise noise - eCO eC CO O Prre emium mium has has itt all.

• •

Re R educing e ducing y yo our ur CO CO2 e emissions missions EC m EC motors otors ffor or lo low ws specific pecific ffan an po owe wers rs llea ea ading ding tto o llo ow we ener nerg gy yc consumption onsum mption ption

BS B SE EN N 113779 3779 a and nd BS SE EN N 113053 3053 cert ce rtified tified F7 F7 supply supply filters filters

BB B B93 B 93 n noise oise a and nd B BB101 B101 p performance erform mance ance and lleak an eaka age ge c compliant ompliant

• • •

Eco D Ec Design esign 2 2016 016 & 2 2018 018 compliant omp pliant liant Hig H ig gh he efficienc fficiency ya and nd llo ow wn noise oise lle eve vels ls Co omprehensive,, ve omprehensive versatile rsatile but but eas asy y tto o us u se CURO® CURO® contr contro ols ls

Sim S im mple ple tto om maintain aintain with ith remo remova vable ble key key com co mponents ponents ffor or lo low wm maintena aintena ance nce



energy y recovery recovery u unit nit iis s designed esigned to to pr prov ovide ide p perfect erfect c comfort omfortt a and nd tthe he h highest ighest e ener nergy gy ™ energ eCO PREMIUM P efficien ef fficien ncy tto ncy o a wide wide rra ange nge o off a applic pplications. cations. It It fits fits equally equally w we ellll tto oa applications pplications such uch as as classro classr oom om ms, s, gyms, gyms, offices, fffices, shops shops or or hotels. otels. Our Our vve ersatile rsatile u unit nit iis s ava available ilable iin n6d differ iffere ent nt sizes sizes and and air air flo ow wc capacities apacities range ra nge ffrro om m 0.2–0.9 0.2–0.9 m³/s. m³/s. Y Yo ou uc can an c ch ho ose se tto o equip equip y yo our ur eCO eCO PREM PREM MIUM™ IUM™ w with ith a p post ost h heater heater, eaterr,, either eiither ther an an electric electric element e lement o orr a coil coil to o be be ser serve ved d by by a llo ow ttemper ow emperature ature h hot ot w wa ater ter cir circ rcuit. uit. Electric Electric pr pre e-heaters -heaters a arre re a also lso a available vailable dependin d epending o on n yo your ur a application pplication rrequire equire ements. ments. O Our ur e eCO CO PREMIUM™, REMIUM™ ™,, a p perfect errfect solution olution ffor or yo your ur ve ventilation ntilation needs. needs.

www.fl www .fl flaktw ❚ enquiry 113 .

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December / January 2017


SUSTAINABLE HOMES FEATURE REHAU HEATING AND COOLING A whole raft of REHAU low energy heating and cooling solutions have been chosen for an innovative development of sustainable homes in Lighthorne, Warwickshire.

Specialist designers and contractors Be Green Systems, working in partnership with Housestyle Countrywide, are fitting the contemporary family homes with ground source energy and REHAU underfloor heating systems as standard, and then showcasing additional options such as REHAU chilled ceilings and MVHR to buyers in the onsite show home.

REHAU CoolBoard is essentially plasterboard panels with integrated loops of REHAU’s RAUTHERM 10mm PE-Xa pipe, through which chilled water is circulated to provide a sustainable alternative to conventional air conditioning. It is an all-in-one solution which is quick and easy to install with pre-drilled fixing holes located on each panel for fixing to the ceiling.

The intention is that, once buyers on the development see how easily and cost effectively these can be integrated into a new property and experience for themselves the gentle heating, cooling and ventilation which they generate, they will specify them for themselves.

The pipe tails from the boards are connected together using REHAU’s renowned EVERLOC compression sleeve fittings which guarantee no leaks. The system offers optimum comfort and fast reaction times and, because of the low thermal mass of the panels, good control response.

Be Green Systems has been a long term customer of REHAU, routinely choosing the RAUVITHERM pre-insulated pipework for district heating projects and the REHAU floor systems and PE-Xa pipework for underfloor heating installations.

Be Green are using Solar PV panels mounted on the roof to generate the energy required for the chilled water, with any excess energy stored overnight in an innovative Tesla Solar battery.

At Lighthorne, RAUVITHERM pipework is connecting all of the nine properties to a ground-source energy collector installed under the road. A heat pump in each property is generating the low flow and return temperatures required for the REHAU underfloor heating systems. REHAU’s flexible heating and plumbing pipework is also supplying the hot and cold running water. Definitely the most unique aspect of the project is the inclusion of REHAU’s CoolBoard chilled ceiling system in the kitchen, living room and master bedroom of the show home. Extensively proven in the commercial sector, this is the first time that REHAU CoolBoard has been installed in a domestic property.

Be Green Systems is committed to partnering with REHAU on projects like Lighthorne because of the quality of the pipework and the fittings and because of the support and back up available from REHAU’s technical team. Garry Woods, Managing Director of Be Green, said: “This project not only showcased our expertise but it also showcased the potential of using what we believe are now mainstream heating and cooling solutions in a domestic setting. Our aim was to show just what can be achieved using sustainable energy giving home owners low energy bills and a low carbon footprint. I’m delighted that the response from visitors has so far been hugely positive.” Further details are available at and at

❚ enquiry 114 .

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MAPEI CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS USED FOR SWANSEA HOUSING REFURBISHMENT Matthew Street flats were originally built in the 1960’s as part of a wider housing boom at the time. The two ten-storey blocks of flats, owned and managed by the City and County of Swansea, have recently undergone a large scale refurbishment using Mapei

construction products and have subsequently been upgraded to the Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS). As a result, residents will benefit from better December / January 2017

quality, more energy efficient housing. The project included removing asbestos, demolishing reduandant risers, replacing kitchens and bathrooms, electrical rewiring, as well as upgrading the insulation level to external walls. Beton Bauen carried out the specialist repairs on behalf of client Interserve Construction.


Matthew Street flats in Swansea Photography : ROBERT MELEN


A number of Mapei products were specified including Mapei’s carbon fibre plate Carboplate E 170/100/ 1.4 which was bonded with Adesilex PG1 adhesive and used to reinforce 500-2000m2 of concrete elements damaged by physical and mechanical stresses within the block of flats. Mapei concrete repair mortars Mapegrout T40, Mapegrout T60 and Planitop Smooth and Repair were used in the refurbishment of existing deteriorated concrete. The use of Planitop Smooth and Repair eliminated the need to break out concrete, significantly reducing the noise and dust pollution. This allowed all occupants to remain living inside the building whilst the refurbishment was taking place. For more information on how Mapei products can be used in your project, please call 0121 508 6970 or visit to view the full product range.

Mapei’s Carboplate E 170

Fire & Water resistance see Magply picked to play vital role for Bath, Rugby

❚ enquiry 116

The Recreation Ground in Bath is one of the crucibles of English rugby, famous long before the professional era and still a venue other Premiership and European sides frequently find presents a challenge they cannot meet. It is also a location that posed specific physical and technical questions for the materials used in building the new West Stand, which Magply met in full.

The new Gem Stand sponsored by brewery Bath Ales, backs onto the River Avon which is prone to periodic flooding, while the project architects, Arena 1865 also had to take several other design criteria into consideration. These included the provision of fire protection to help safeguard the 4,500 spectators the steel framed structure can accommodate, while rigidity, all round durability and ease of installation were all important. Project Architect, Simon Pugh-Jones outlined the long term ambitions for the ground as a resource to serve the people of Bath rather than just the rugby club, as well as the way Magply aligned with the demands of the most recent building project. He commented: “The Recreation Ground is the spiritual home of Bath Rugby, but the game has grown and the facilities no longer match all the needs. Our long term objective is to redevelop the ground and a year ago we embarked on a planning process to give certainty over the next four years while the bigger plan is considered and this involved building a new ‘temporary’ West Stand. This sits on the massive old base of the stand rebuilt after World War Two, with spreader plates to carry the steel frame. Unfortunately, however, the Rec is prone to flooding rapidly to a depth of a metre or more and therefore the building has to be resilient. Also safety requirements have been increased over the years and the new West Stand gives us better facilities including more toilets, more bars and better access and egress in an emergency. We looked

at a full range of board solutions including high performance gypsum and recycled plastic, but when we got into the science and the costings, it soon became clear the only board which ticked all the boxes was Magply. If there is a flood we will be able to quickly wash it down and repaint it, while it will continue to offer full fire resistance. We didn’t need specialist installers and although some of those unfamiliar were sceptical to begin with, they soon found it easy to work with in achieving a neat fit, which also included some fireboarding applications.” Simon summed up saying: “We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved with this project and the product gave us exactly what we wanted. As a club Bath is all about elite performance, constantly pushing forward and Magply fits with that ethos.” In total some 2000 square metres of the Magply 1200 x 2400 x 9 mm boards were consumed in fitting out the main passageway beneath the Gem Stand where supporters can access various concession stands as well as the other facilities. Available from distributors nationwide, Magply continues to grow in popularity with consultants and contractors as well as manufacturers of fire doors, bathroom pods, custodial buildings, park homes and other modular buildings. Ultimately, it offers a long maintenance free life and peace of mind for the building specifier in respect of the ever present danger of fire to life and property.

❚ enquiry 115

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Helifix Dixie piled foundations for new build modular and temporary structures A new brochure from Helifix gives details of how its versatile, high performance, Dixie micro-pile system can be used to provide reliable and economical structural support for new permanent and temporary buildings. Piled foundations are likely to be more cost-effective than traditional foundations requiring deep excavations, when load-bearing strata is at a deeper level. Helifix circular hollow section piles are simply screwed vertically into the ground, to the required depth, and then topped with an engineered steel plate. This plate is then either cast into reinforced concrete pile caps / ground beams, for traditional new build construction, or connected directly to the base of modular or temporary steel

December / January 2017



structures. Once a temporary building is dismantled, the piles can be ‘unscrewed’ and removed from site. A technically innovative proprietary system certified by the International Code Council (ICC), Helifix Dixie foundation piles are easy for engineers to specify, can be screwed into virtually any type of soil and facilitate rapid contract times with minimal disruption, noise or spoil removal.

WEDGE GROUP GALVANIZING Your Galvanizing Partner

This new brochure includes installation details and technical specifications. It complements an existing brochure on using Helifix micro-piles in remedial applications for stabilising subsiding foundations and an animation illustrating how the system works, which is available at ❚ enquiry 117 .

We offer you quality approved Galvanizing along with unrivalled customer service. Our 14 plants across the UK offer you collection, delivery and direct to site services, as well as 24hr turnaround on request. We can galvanize steel from 1.6mm to 29m long.

E: T: 01902 600704 @wedgegalv

❚ enquiry 118 .

ISO 9001 FM 00382

Yeoman Rainguard GRP Downpipes Weather the Elements at Scarborough’s New RNLI Lifeboat Station. A new building was required to house Scarborough RNLI’s (Royal National Lifeboat Institution’s) new arrival – a Shannon class all-weather lifeboat, which is larger than Scarborough’s outgoing Mersey class lifeboat. The charity’s new purpose built lifeboat house at Scarborough not only boasts a modern and practical interior with upgraded volunteer crew facilities, an up to date drying room along with a modernised shop and exhibition facilities for visitors, but also a robust, low * Photography courtesy of rnli

maintenance, weather resistant exterior. Having to use building materials which can stand up to the coastal elements, Yeoman Rainguard GRP downpipes were chosen to complete a hardy rainwater system with their 100mm diameter GRP downpipes in Black being installed to the exterior of the

new building. Though lightweight, making the downpipes easier to handle when fixing on site, GRP is a durable material which can deliver many years of maintenance free service. In turn this will save time and money being spent on repair or replacement benefitting the ecological rating and lifecycle of the building. The through coloured GRP downpipes are not susceptible to erosion from sea salt or indeed to colour bleaching from the Sun’s ultra violet rays ensuring that the Station will remain looking as good as new for many years to come. Scarborough’s new Lifeboat Station with new modern amenities and the arrival of their new £2M Shannon class lifeboat (funded by donations from the FW Plaxton Charitable Trust), is certainly something that Scarborough can be proud of. For information and news about the RNLI, please visit: www. ❚ enquiry 119 .

Head Office: Stafford Street, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 1RZ

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Director of Leading Rendering Business Appointed Chairman of INCA Mitchell Gee, director of one of the UK’s leading suppliers of external wall insulations and rendering solutions, has been appointed Chairman of the Insulated Render and Cladding Association (INCA). As director of SPSenvirowall for 14 years, Mitchell is a recognised industry leader and was elected as INCA Chairman by INCA members at the AGM earlier this year. Mitchell said of his new position: “I’m thrilled to be elected Chairman by my peers at INCA. I look forward to continuing to represent the EWI industry and to further promote EWI to homeowners, social landlords, architects and main contractors. “External wall insulation has already become the ‘go to’ cladding for costeffective decorative finishes - but for the retrofit market we have only just scratched the surface. We predict that the demand for our products and skills will be unprecedented.

Wraptite delivers airtightness to converted barn house The design and transformation of a derelict barn into a thermally efficient house and home for its new owners is being achieved thanks to the Wraptite system from the A. Proctor Group. South Park Farm Barn, near Ludgershall on the Hampshire – Wiltshire border, dates back to around the 1830s. Selfbuilders Ian and Casie McDonald Wood are converting this tumble-down barn into their dream home. Designed to cost effectively replace traditional airtightness methods, Wraptite is a low-resistance vapour permeable air barrier, which is durable, flexible and lightweight, allowing for easy installation, with the added benefit of providing temporary protection against the elements during construction.



Wraptite-SA, the only self-adhering vapour permeable air barrier certified by the BBA, was installed as part of the construction of the roof, with the combination of Wraptite and Wraptite Tape applied to the walls. The use of the Wraptite system will significantly enhance the building’s thermal performance by preventing lateral air movement. It also provides high vapour permeability in a continuously sealed, airtight membrane. December / January 2017

“We can transform the appearance of houses and improve lives of those who live in them. I don’t know of another home improvement product that can offer so much.” Mitchell will manage INCA’s board of senior executives for two years, in which time he will be the principal spokesperson for INCA and will chair the AGM as well as a number of key meetings. Katie Nurcombe, Trade Association Director at INCA, said: “We are dedicated to supporting leading system designers, specialist installers and suppliers to ensure the provision of high quality EWI to homes and businesses across the UK. We welcome Mitchell’s appointment as INCA Chairman. He is a well-respected leader in our industry and we look forward to the future with Mitchell at the helm.” SPS Envirowall sells in excess of 1 million square metres of external wall insulation per year and has branches in South Wales, West Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Essex and West Lothian, Scotland. ❚ enquiry 120

Thermoblock protects floor junction in low energy flat development A private development of highly energy efficient apartments in one of South-East London’s most popular districts is employing two different widths of Thermoblock – manufactured by Marmox Limited – to minimize heat loss at the floor junctions of the external and internal loadbearing walls. Tyson Road in Forest Hill is the prime location for an ecodevelopment of 71 one, two and three bedroom flats across a total of nine separate blocks, rising to three storeys, where Wicklow Projects is the design and build contractor, employing London based Bryden Wood, an integrated architecture and engineering consultancy.

PV panels to generate electricity for the communal areas to the properties. The Thermoblocks have proved very simple to install and easy to cut when necessary and will help us achieve the very high energy efficiency targets.”

Marmox is supplying hundreds of its 140 mm and 215 mm wide Thermoblocks for the build process with the wider units being used to subtend medium density (10.5N) concrete blockwork of similar width, which will form the stair cores and other internal load-bearing walls. Then the 140 mm wide versions are installed at DPC level to carry the inner leaf of the exterior wall behind a partially filled 120 mm cavity.

The project architect at Bryden Wood confirmed: “We were concerned about the issue of cold bridging from the beam and block and the walls around the properties and as we are using the services of an approved inspector for Building Control matters, we wanted to employ a detail he was happy with. The Marmox Thermoblock is recognised under Robust Details and will therefore counter any risk of thermal bridging or condensation problems. Neither ourselves or the builder had used Thermoblock before, but found them very effective and something we feel the industry should adopt.”

Together with triple glazed Velfac windows, this construction will help achieve commendably low rates of heat loss as well as very affordable energy costs for prospective tenants of the privately rented developments. In particular, the Thermoblocks tackle issue of linear heat losses at the building perimeter and the other vulnerable floor-wall junctions where cold bridges frequently cause problems. The Site manager, Tommy Webster, commented: “We are building the Tyson Road apartments to achieve very high fabric energy efficiency standards and installing

The 600 mm long units incorporate mini columns of high strength concrete to support the load of the wall above while the low lambda value insulation effectively lengthens the path for cold-bridging. They are laid using the special Marmox Multibond sealant adhesive to secure the stepped joints while an integral layer of mesh on the upper and lower surfaces offers a good mortar bond for block-laying to continue in the conventional manner. ❚ enquiry 121

Sika Sarnafil launches BRE Certified Thermal details In a move to help specifiers make buildings more sustainable, Sika Sarnafil is proud to announce the launch of its BRE Certified Thermal Details, available to download via its online Sustainability Hub ( and from the Certified Thermal Details and Products scheme website ( thermalproducts). The Certified Thermal Details and Products scheme, run by world-leading building science centre BRE, gives thermal junction details an independent third party assessment, assuring users of the ‘as designed’ thermal performance. Sika Sarnafil has been working with BRE for the past year to become one of the first flat roofing manufacturers to have its thermal details certified. Since the introduction of the revised Part L building regulations, which deal with energy efficiency requirements, architects and specifiers are now actively encouraged to use details with thermal values attached, otherwise they may have to pay a penalty elsewhere. Easily accessible and straightforward to use, all Sika Sarnafil’s thermal details have been redrawn and modernised with values that tie in with the requirements for Part L. The specifier can be confident that all Sika

Sarnafil thermal details assessed under the new scheme will perform as described, as well as being of a very high quality. Becoming part of the Certified Thermal Details scheme is part of Sika Sarnafil’s ongoing commitment to promoting positive, sustainable change in the industry, as Sika Sarnafil’s Martin Bidewell, technical services manager for Single Ply Roofing, explains: “Insulation used in roofs and walls to maintain heat works well, but this can fall down at junctions and thermal bridges where heat can escape. Recent research has shown that thermal bridging can be responsible for up to 30% of a dwelling's heat loss, which is really significant. “Independent certification helps to address the problem of this performance gap – enabling us to build better buildings with superior thermal performance, which in turn are better for the environment. In addition there are serious cost savings for all parties involved in the project, not to mention those who will be paying the energy bills. “Of course, all of this work to provide accredited details falls down if they are not installed properly. That’s why we fully train our registered contractors and have a dedicated Applications Team that visit projects, inspect work and give advice.”

Graeme Hannah, Scheme Technical Manager from BRE, adds: “Since the launch of the Certified Thermal Details and Products Scheme at EcoBuild 2015 we’ve had an excellent response from industry, with both manufacturers and designers realising the value of accurate and independently assessed thermal performance values. The free to access searchable online database is constantly evolving, and the increasing number of high quality suppliers, such as Sika Sarnafil, undergoing certification demonstrates a positive step change in reducing the performance gap and enhancing building performance.” The details are available to download via Sika’s new Sustainability Hub, a website packed with tools for those specifying projects with a sustainability requirement. For more information on Sika Sarnafil’s products and services, call 01707 394444, email or visit For further information on the Certified Thermal Details and Products scheme, contact the scheme manager at 01355576200 or, or visit products

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NEW PRODUCT INNOVATIONS FROM ANCON AT ECOBUILD 2017 Keeping innovation at the top of its agenda, high integrity structural fixings manufacturer, Ancon, will further expand its wide product range with new product launches at the UK’s largest event for specifiers in the built environment, Ecobuild 2017. With four key product zones, the Ancon stand E3110, will feature the innovative Nexus brick-faced support system for prefabricated soffits, structural thermal breaks for balcony locations, KSN Anchors for quicker, safer reinforcement continuity at construction joints and a comprehensive range of low thermal conductivity wall ties. Nexus Brick Soffit Support Systems Creating architectural brick features including soffits, deep reveals and flying beams has never been easier thanks to the lightweight, brick-faced Nexus® system developed by Ancon and cut-brick specialist Ibstock Kevington. Combining a specially developed brick faced steel unit with Ancon’s tried and tested MDC stainless steel bracket angle support system, Nexus is quick to install as no mechanical lifting is required, is lighter and easier to handle than precast concrete soffit systems and its two-part design allows full adjustment on site resulting in perfect alignment. Insulated Balcony Connectors To help designers meet their thermal performance aspirations, Ancon has once again expanded its range of structural thermal breaks for balcony locations to accommodate even higher loads. Typical applications for these high performance products include large cantilever balconies and situations where column layout or rebar congestion limits the number of connectors that can be installed. Minimising heat loss while maintaining structural integrity, Ancon balcony connectors are available to suit concrete-toconcrete, steel-to-concrete and steel-to-steel

applications. All solutions can also now be specified in stainless steel which is 3x more thermally efficient than galvanised/carbon steel. KSN Anchor Reinforcement Continuity Systems The award-winning CARES-approved KSN Anchor system allows engineers to design slab-to-wall connections in reinforced concrete frames without the restrictions on bar length and bar diameter of traditional re-bend continuity systems. The system works by casting internally threaded anchors into a concrete wall which accept Bartec parallel thread reinforcing bars during construction of the adjoining slab. A new Ancon video demonstrates how KSN Anchors accelerate construction and improve on site working conditions by eliminating the dangers inherent with projecting starter bars and bar straightening required by rebend continuity boxes. Low Thermal Conductivity Wall Ties For visitors designing PassivHaus and Zero Carbon projects, a new product innovation from the award-winning Teplo range of basalt fibre wall ties will be unveiled at the show. Samples of Ancon’s low thermal conductivity ties will be displayed including the new Teplo-BF, a new build cavity wall tie with a thermal conductivity of just 0.7W/mK that has exceptional mortar grabbing capability, suitable for use with lime and other slow-drying mortars. The Ancon stand gives visitors an excellent opportunity to talk one on one with our experienced technical and sales support team who will be happy to help with specific project or business requirements. Contact Ancon on 0114 275 5224, email or visit ❚ enquiry 122 .

Unusually shaped, the architecturally stunning Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Aberdeen in Scotland is designed to assist in the psychological and emotional healing process for those affected by cancer. A Licensed Icynene contractor installed both Icynene H2Foam Forte™ and Icynene H2 Foam Lite™ in the pebble shaped structure. Situated on the southern boundary of the Foresterhill site of the Royal Infirmary in Aberdeen, Scotland, Maggie’s Cancer Centre is the latest such centre to provide emotional and practical support to anyone affected by cancer. The centre, designed to be homely and full of warmth, aims to provide an environment where those facing cancer can gain support. The centre also intends to inspire imagination from visitors and has contributed to the architecture of the Aberdeen city area.

Being 100% water blown, Icynene H2Foam ForteTM has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of only 1 - the lowest GWP available. In addition to providing structural strength, the closed cell product also can reject bulk water penetrating through the building envelope.


As a result of using spray foam insulation throughout the design, an extremely high R-value was achieved. With a high Rvalue, staff and visitors to Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Aberdeen will be able to work and heal in comfort all year round regardless of the season.

Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta, together with Scottish firm, Halliday Fraser Munro, took on the challenge to create a visually stunning structure in the shape of a pebble. The unusually-shaped single storey structure features a reinforced concrete exterior and timber interior. Steel reinforcements were used to form the structure’s unique shape. With activity and meeting rooms located on the ground floor and office space on the mezzanine, the centre features high-end interior finishes and manages to create a peaceful, welcoming and beautiful space for anyone who visits.

Above the 2.5m mark and across the curved roofline, spray foam crews applied Icynene H2Foam LiteTM. Due to the unique curvature of the roofline, crews had to aid the rise of the foam by hand to ensure consistent and even coverage.

Both Icynene H2Foam Lite™ and Icynene H2Foam Forte™ contribute to creating a positive, peaceful and comfortable environment for visitors to the new centre in Aberdeen. THE RESULT

INSULATING MAGGIE’S CANCER CENTRE A Licensed local Icynene contractor was enlisted by Halliday Fraser Munro to help insulate the centre in February 2013 using two high performance Icynene spray foam insulation products. The spray foam insulation crew used five sets of the 100% water-blown closed cell medium density Icynene H2Foam ForteTM and used seven sets of the open cell Icynene H2Foam LiteTM throughout the curved structure. Spray foam crews applied the medium density material on the lower part of the structure to a height of 2.5m in an effort to provide additional structural strength.

Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Aberdeen was completed and opened in September 2013. The structure, set apart by a small landscaped area, is open to anyone requiring its services and support. The unusual shape and highly visual design has been receiving attention from the architecture community and the greater Aberdeen community. In November 2013, the centre was awarded a Commendation by Aberdeen’s Civic Society and in March 2014, GMS Insulations Ltd, the Icynene distributor in the UK, was awarded the Best Architectural Project – International at the Icynene 2014 Global Conference for their involvement in the project. ❚ enquiry 123 .

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Spanish Natural Slate from Cembrit is the Pinnacle

Sika Sarnafil branches out with unique garden room project

An exquisitely designed home in South West London is crowned with a picturesque, multi-faceted roof turret that dominates the area’s skyline, thanks to the installation of Cembrit Contessa natural slates. Situated on Roehampton Lane, the “The curved turret design certainly posed residential property is surrounded by a challenge and the owner wanted the Richmond Park Golf Courses and the turret slated in the original style which largest of London's Royal Parks, Richmond meant heandcutting approximately 40% of Park. The double storey house had an old the slate to the original ornamental shapes,” and leaky roof, which was refurbished a says Mark Bennett, Manager, G.S. Roofing. few years ago, leaving only the turret to be “However, the versatile structure of restored. As the turret is curved and steep, Cembrit Contessa slates, and the ability to it required a slate that is easy to cut and lay cut the natural material easily, combined and provides a finish that matches the with first class service from Cembrit’s unique roof top feature – all of which were London team helped us complete the fulfilled by the choice of Contessa slate. The installation without any issues and achieve aesthetics of the property and the the end result that we so desired. The complexity of the project have led to the Contessa slates not only look impressive, house being entered in the UK Roofing but also add a distinctive architectural feature to the property.” Awards.

In possibly the only building of its kind in the UK, Sika Sarnafil single ply membrane has been used to waterproof a garden room with a live tree growing through it. Hackney-based architect, Andrew Leckenby, specialises in working with private clients to improve their homes. But when it came to extending his family home, Andrew became his own client. Living in an urban area meant imagination was required to increase his living area. Deciding to make the most of his home’s outdoor space, Andrew settled on a garden room. However, the rear of the garden contained a beautiful false acacia tree, which he did not want to remove. Thinking outside the box, Andrew drew up plans for a room that would incorporate the tree, making it the focal point of the space. Andrew explained: “There are countless examples of trees being integrated with architecture – but these are generally found in countries where it doesn’t rain quite as much! To be able to achieve the same effect in the UK, we needed a roofing membrane that was flexible enough to allow the tree to sway and grow, as well as being durable enough to keep the building watertight.” Andrew had specified Sika Sarnafil on many extensive commercial projects during his career working with larger architectural practices, so knew that the product would meet his requirements. “Faced with a challenging roof design, I instantly thought of Sika Sarnafil. As the industry leading single ply membrane, after

decades of specifying it for corporate clients, I was confident that I could trust its quality and durability. In addition, Sarnafil’s Registered Contractor scheme allowed me to identify an installer that had the training and experience to do the job – essential for detailing of this nature.” The finished article is a striking, yet homely multi-functional space, used as a garden room that extends the summer season, a home office – and not to mention a unique sleepover location for Andrew’s son.

Wimbledon-based roofing contractor, G.S. Roofing installed 1,500 Cembrit Contessa slates on the turret of the property. Specified for its attractive, natural finish, Contessa slates have a textured surface, which complements the rustic appearance of the house. G.S. Roofing added an extra dimension to the design of the turret, by cutting some of the slates into a diamond shape, and fitting these alongside the normal shaped slates.

Contessa, one of the UK’s leading specified Spanish slates, is produced by some of the most efficient quarries in Spain. This natural slate is available in blue/black and grey and comes in a variety of sizes. With its textured surface, an attractive and long lasting roof can be achieved. They are strong enough to withstand weather conditions and are unaffected by sunlight, ultraviolet light and acid rain. Contessa slates will last the lifetime of the building.

A member of the Sika Sarnafil technical team inspected the project once complete and awarded a 15 year guarantee on the roof. The low maintenance membrane means Andrew only has to check the waterproofing once a year to ensure the detailing around the tree is still sound. A small price to pay, says Andrew, for such a fantastic family space. ❚ enquiry 124

Dura Cladding Chosen for New Eco-Office Concept Boasting Quality Business Accommodation with Low Running Costs Dura Cladding Composite Timber Cladding has been selected for an attractive new development in Newport, East Yorkshire known as Green Park. A 20 acre, mixed-use business park consisting of prime office, industrial and leisure space, Green Park is situated at junction 38 on the M62 where the motorway ends and joins the A63 the main arterial route in to Kingston Upon Hull. Part-funded by December / January 2017

the European Regional Development Fund, Green Park provides local companies in East Yorkshire with modern and energy efficient business space in the right location – benefits that are usually only reserved for large organisations. The developer behind the concept is the Horncastle Group who are specialists in creating innovative property solutions for modern businesses. The

Harris Partnership, as architects for Horncastle Group, selected Composite Timber Dura Cladding in Type 150 Cedar as the exterior wall covering for the Eco Offices within the development in recognition of its low maintenance and environmentally friendly properties. Dura Composites’ composite timber cladding is produced by combining natural wood flour and high density polyethylene with specially selected additive. ❚ enquiry 125

Green roof disasters ways to avoid them •Pointers to maximise success Green roofs have come a long way as genuine construction options. Technical advances, training and quality of materials means that failures are now very rare. Nevertheless, green roofs are complex, requiring several considerations for a riskfree and enduring solution according to ISD Solutions expert Mike Goodhead. Poor design and the wrong waterproofing membrane for the chosen application,

combined with a sometimes cavalier attitude to additional penetrations through the roof structure, were common mistakes, as was bad or insufficient irrigation. There is a significant difference between a green roof that fails because it cannot sustain the desired vegetation cover and one that leaks, compromising the building below. Both can be rectified; but tracing and repairing a leak, or replacing a failed waterproof layer, will be a far more complex and costly exercise. Today green roofs can be designed to meet a wide variety of commercial requirements and generally fall into three categories – Extensive, Semi-Intensive and Intensive. Each has a progressively deeper growing medium, up to a metre in depth for Intensive types, with differing maintenance and irrigation requirements. My top tips to avoid disasters are to get expert input, design out issues, communicate changes, pick a knowledgeable contractor, double test and protect your investment. ❚ enquiry 126 .

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❚ enquiry 127 .

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Sales of cup recycling solutions have never been stronger Leafield Environmental, has reported record sales of its cup recycling bins as a direct result of the renewed commitment of businesses to tackle the much publicised issue of disposable cup waste. As many as 5 billion paper cups are used and disposed

ACWA secures major MBR upgrade project for Center Parcs Woburn Forest

Leading water and wastewater solutions specialist ACWA Services has been awarded a design and construction project by Center Parcs UK to upgrade wastewater treatment and reuse facilities at Center Parcs Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire. This will provide increased balance tank capacity and process resilience to match the expansion of the village facilities including the construction of 57 luxury accommodation lodges at the Woburn Forest site, an increasingly popular UK short break destination, just an hour from London.

of each year in the UK which, due to the previous lack of recycling solutions, were either incinerated or sent to landfill. Leafield has been working with Simply Cups, the UK’s only cup recycling scheme, which has resulted in an expansion of its cup bin range and increase in sales. According to Justin Salmon, Business Development Manager for Leafield Environmental; “We knew our customers genuinely wanted to recycle their cups This is ACWA Service’s third contract for Center Parcs and follows the design and installation of the original wastewater treatment facilities at Woburn Forest, completed in 2014 and a similar project at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, completed in October 2016. Each is based on ACWA’s leading MEMTREAT membrane bio-reactor (MBR) technology. This is an advanced, compact and visually unobtrusive wastewater treatment solution that provides a high quality effluent without the requirement for primary or secondary clarification and tertiary treatments associated with conventional activated sludge processes. Pure water from the process is discharged to the local watercourse via a water quality monitoring station or reused, following further treatment using reverse osmosis (RO), to top up lakes and water features. Work to further improve the Woburn Forest water treatment facilities began in November and is due for completion in autumn 2017, in time for the opening of the new lodges. This will include the construction of a new, much larger

because it improves their recycling targets, avoids waste going to landfill and enhances their environmental credentials. Now that there is a robust scheme in operation, through Simply Cups, there is a huge incentive for businesses to recycle their cups, which gives us the opportunity to help them find the best bin for their needs.” ❚ enquiry 128

balancing tank with a capacity of 1,200m3, ensuring a uniform flow of wastewater and stable operating conditions for the bioreactors. The provision of a jet mixing system will maintain solids in suspension. The existing balance tank will be converted to provide a third MBR tank, incorporating eight additional single deck submerged plate MBR modules. This will also be fitted with new air scour blowers to protect the membranes from fouling, plus new duty and standby pumps for return activated sludge (RAS) and surplus activated sludge (SAS). Adding this third MBR tank ensures further resilience and will allow maintenance to the other MBRs without interruption to the process. Additional modifications to the plant, which is designed to provide a treatment capacity of 1,134m3 per day, will include new forward feed pumps to transfer wastewater from the Balance Tank to the Anoxic process tank, new tanker loading and unloading facilities for sludge disposal and ferric deliveries, plus a larger sludge holding tank. A key challenge for ACWA’s design and installation teams is to maintain the International. “Strong concerns were expressed about the lack of a clear national framework for maintenance and adoption, together with uncertainty over which authorities or organisations should be liable for SuDS components over their lifecycle. Comments suggested a lack of confidence amongst some authorities about taking over ownership of SuDS from developers.

UNCERTAINTY ABOUT MAINTENANCE IS PRESENTING BARRIERS TO SUDS ADOPTION, SURVEY FINDS. LACK of a clear framework for the maintenance and performance of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) is seen by professionals as a key barrier to effective delivery and adoption, a national survey has found. The results of the research, conducted by Engineering Nature’s Way, the knowledgesharing initiative for SuDS, also revealed that most (79%) of respondents working with SuDS day-to-day believed the UK Government is not fully committed to longterm delivery, and 72% believed it had not committed sufficient funds for satisfactory flood resilience. SuDS: The State of the Nation 2016 sought the views of professionals working with SuDS at the ‘grass roots’. As the Government prepares for a review next year of the effectiveness of delivering SuDS through the planning system in England, the survey generated more than 360

detailed responses from consulting engineers, local authority professionals and developers across the UK. The majority of respondents (69%) believed that uncertainty around the maintenance and through-life performance of SuDS components is presenting barriers to adoption. Most (73%) also believe more standard technical guidance is needed on the long-term maintenance of SuDS components. “The survey provided an unprecedented level of personal insights from professionals working ‘at the coal face’ with SuDS, with over 1000 additional comments offered,” explains Phil Collins, European Sales Director of Hydro

“There were also worries about the lack of arrangements in place for inspection of SuDS post-construction and for monitoring their ongoing performance, as well as for enforcement if SuDS features are not maintained as designed. Some people felt that a clearer national policy is needed to place a duty on public authorities, including water companies, to adopt SuDS.” Proprietary SuDS While over half (56%) of respondents believed that it is too easy for developers to avoid implementing SuDS, the vast majority (73%) agreed that designing from a full SuDS toolbox would facilitate a sustainable approach. Most also agreed that proprietary SuDS components are essential to the SuDS toolbox (77%), and can facilitate Green Infrastructure (70%) as well as help to ensure the long-term maintenance of SuDS features (63%). Most (68%) agreed that affordability should not be a valid reason for developers to gain exemption from SuDS and 60% agreed that making SuDS compulsory would not compromise the viability of developments. Phil Collins continues: “We are grateful to everyone who completed the survey. In particular, it was pleasing that so many people took time to provide detailed insights in their additional comments to the survey questions. “The comments have provided a deep professional insight into the frustrations felt by many professionals working with SuDS, either as design

operation of the current wastewater facilities whilst the modifications are carried out. The first phase will involve the construction of the new Balance Tank and associated equipment, adjacent to the existing plant. Once this is operational the existing balance tank will be decommissioned and converted to house the new MBR modules. “We are delighted to be continuing our relationship with Center Parcs to provide resilient, energy efficient and flexible wastewater solutions,” said Peter Brewer, ACWA Services’ UK General Manager. “Supporting Center Parcs’ vision for sustainable, environmentally friendly infrastructure remains a key focus for us. Once completed the MEMTREAT upgrades at Woburn Forest will provide further flexibility for wastewater treatment and reuse at the village.” ACWA’s approach to use membrane filtration has a number of advantages for Center Parcs, not least a significantly smaller footprint than conventional processes, which is particularly important where space and site constraints are an issue. engineers, or in local authorities. I would commend anyone to read the survey report to get a picture of the issues experienced by people from day to day.” Important new regulations and technical guidance have been published during the past 12 months for England, Scotland and Wales. The SuDS: The State of the Nation 2016 survey, which was conducted between March and May 2016, also investigated whether or not industry professionals believe current policy and practice is now sufficient to enable them to deliver effective flood risk and surface water management schemes. Most respondents (61%) welcomed the new standards and guidance now in place for designing SuDS schemes and considered them to make widespread uptake more likely. However, there were some concerns over the complexity of some industry guidance, as well as the consistency of application and interpretation of standards across the country. The Engineering Nature’s Way initiative provides a forum for best practice information and opinions on SuDS policy and practice in the UK, co-ordinated by Hydro International. It is centred on a popular website and Twitter feed @engnaturesway. More than 16,000 consulting engineers, housebuilders, developers, local authority professionals and Environment Agency staff were invited by Engineering Nature’s Way to answer the survey’s 13 questions as well as to provide additional comments. For a copy of the survey results visit ❚ enquiry 129 .

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Harmer Drainage specified for ‘forward thinking’ Children’s hospital

Harmer Drainage high performance Roof Outlets and SML above ground drainage were specified for the new, forward thinking children’s hospital in Liverpool. The Alder Hey Children’s Health Park is a large £250m project developed to improve the paediatric medical facility and enhance the experience of both patients and staff. The aim is to set the hospital as a new benchmark for the delivery of paediatric care in the UK and around the world. It includes six wards, a large critical care unit, 16 theatres and a host of clinical services, together with shops and cafes.


Covering a floor space of more than 60,000 sq. metres, it’s been designed around colour and orientated to make the most of its heavily landscaped setting. A mix of curved and flat roofs enhances the design and architecture. All rooms look onto the surrounding park, helping to blur the lines between inside and outside. The hospital, designed by Architects BDP, won the Prime Minister’s Better Public Building Award at the British Construction Industry Awards. High performing products were key criteria for the design and build of Alder Hey. Through M&E merchant BSS, Harmer supplied its SML cast iron soil and waste

pipes chosen for its lightweight, dry jointed system, with the assurance of BBA certification, Kitemark accreditation and CE Marking conforming to BS EN 877. The above ground drainage system is strong, durable, easy to install and noncombustible, which means fire protection collars are not necessary. Excellent noise attenuation tested to BS EN 14366:2004 is another key benefit of Harmer’s unique cast iron pipes, which means the sound of swooshing water cascading down from upstairs fixtures is suppressed.

for flat roof drainage applications. The outlets are lightweight, non-corrosive and highly durable. They are also easy to fix and require minimal maintenance. The high flow performance ensures the outlets drain up to 40% more roof area than conventional gravity outlets.

Harmer also supplied high capacity aluminium flat roof outlets, which are ideal

❚ enquiry 130

To find out how Harmer can make a difference on your next project, call 0808 100 2008 or visit Follow @harmerdrainage

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New light on ventilation Washington Leisure Centre builds community connections with Reynaers The Sunderland community now has access to an exceptional facility with curtain walling from Reynaers, a leading provider of aluminium glazing systems.

The Reynaers systems incorporated into this approach are Vision 50 doors as well as both CW 50 and CW 50-SC curtain walling.

Putting leisure at the heart of the community, the centre underwent an £11 million development and was rebuilt to encourage participation in a comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor activities.

Vision 50 is a non-insulated flush door system offering solutions for high-traffic, ground-floor areas. The system provides the ideal combination of premium performance and ease of production, and safety can be maximised with anti-finger traps for added safety.

Washington Leisure Centre’s offering now includes pools and flumes, a health suite with a sauna and steam rooms, a wellness centre, a soft play area across two levels as well as outdoor floodlit synthetic football pitches. It also boasts a multi-purpose sports hall that can accommodate trampoline training to an international standard. Thoughtfully positioned glazed areas from Reynaers enhance connectivity between these internal and external spaces whilst maintaining privacy for visitors.

Offering unlimited design freedom and maximum transparency, CW 50 is a curtain walling system available in several aesthetic, technical and glazing variants to comply with all visual and performance requirements. Washington Leisure Centre also uses CW 50-SC, the structurally clamped variant. ❚ enquiry 136

The overall approach to the architecture is ‘soft’, with architects Watson Batty utilising a combination of timber and insulated composite cladding panels, with sedum roofing to knit the building into its green surroundings of Princess Anne Park.

Gilberts Blackpool, the UK’s leading air movement specialist, has continued its reputation for innovation by now combining a roof light into its rooftop penthouse terminal. The option is available with Gilberts’ standard or bespoke designs, and encompasses glass or polycarbonate glazing to the roof top of the turret. It can be fitted in both new build and refurbishment schemes.

Certification Awarded

our purchasing decisions. The materials used on a building draw from the Global economy, therefore a decision today could create deforestation in poorer regions of the world or create the impetus for modern slavery. ❚ enquiry 134

SWA member supplies stylish screen for residential extension A long-established member of the Steel Window Association, Steel Window Services & Supplies, has worked with the owners of a North London property and their architects to produce a bespoke screen with double doors. This maximises the natural daylight entering the home while elegantly framing the view of the outside space.

friendly strategies, particularly in schools. Indeed, Gilberts’ new concept has already been fitted at a number of projects including Liverpool University’s Jordan Building, Athlone Institute of Technology and Sandringham School’s sports hall. ❚ enquiry 132

The development means build and operational costs, and potential weak points on the roof, are all reduced, whilst the internal environment below still benefits from natural daylight and natural ventilation- both key requirements for eco-

Getting on top at the Crick The Francis Crick Institute in central London is a world-leading centre of biomedical research and innovation. It’s research groups are now beginning to move into a new stateof-the-art building, featuring an extraordinary roof screening solution from Levolux. This striking new building, designed to achieve a BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating by architects from HOK with PLP Architecture, is one of Europe’s largest biomedical research centres. Once complete, it will accommodate some 1500 staff including 1250 scientists. The building is equipped with a vast array of specialist, highly sensitive plant and equipment, much of it located at roof level. To satisfy planning requirements, it was necessary to limit the visual impact of the building, particularly at high level, as it overlooks St Pancras International Station, the British Library and housing in the Somers Town area of Camden.

BES 6001: 3.1

The impact of our purchasing decisions has never been more critical. Our global economy is now bringing to bear the Butterfly effect: when a butterfly flaps it’s wings in one part of the world it can cause a hurricane in another part of the world. Construction by its nature of increasing or improving density is intensely energy demanding, the embodied energy contained in our building stock has derived from the earth’s resources, therefore, as construction professionals we should all carefully consider the ethics of

New light is being shed on ventilation options for non-domestic buildings.

Each shell is formed from a variety of screening fins, or louvres, that combine to create an attractive, yet multifunctional enclosure. Solid, perforated and twisted aluminium fins all feature, along with glass fins.In total, Levolux designed, fabricated, supplied and installed almost 2400 screening fins. The fins vary in size, with widths ranging from 150mm up to 750mm and lengths of up to 9 metres. Each fin is engineered with custom brackets to facilitate the smooth operation of lifting and securing them into place. The roof screening solution is not simply a decorative feature. It provides shading and a naturally ventilated enclosure to allow mechanical and electrical plant and equipment to operate efficiently. ❚ enquiry 133

Levolux worked collaboratively with the project design team to develop a custom roof screening solution, to satisfy unique and challenging project-specific requirements. The resulting solution is impressive in scale; extending 160 metres in length and 80 metres in width, and reaching up to more than 43 metres above street level. The enormous roof screening structure resembles a modern vaulted roof, divided into two interlocking shells.

Steel Window Services & Supplies took the design brief from Charlton Building Design whose principal, David Charlton, wanted to respond to the client's brief by taking advantage of W20 steel frames' unique qualities for the work on the house in Stoke Newington. As well as optimising daylight transmission and minimising sight-lines, other qualities include unrivalled strength and durability as well as inherent security. The custom-built screen, which Steel Window Services & Supplies fabricated and installed in the kitchen-dining area to the extended dwelling, was produced as three separate units - the double doors and two sidelights - plus a curved head unit to match the arched opening in the brickwork. While the doors are side hung,

outward opening, the sidelights also each feature a top hung opening window. David Charlton commented: "The project in Stoke Newington involved constructing a side return extension that required altering the whole back elevation to the building for the creation of a new kitchen dining space. The client was already keen on the concept of using "1930s style" windows so I looked around at what was available from manufacturers in the London area, with Steel Window Services & Supplies coming out best in terms of both cost and quality. "In terms of energy performance, the Building Inspector was happy to take a view on the extension as a whole and so we increased the thickness of the floor and wall

insulation slightly to balance the U-value calculation. I was very pleased with the appearance of the frames, with folded rather than cast material and attractive beads. The fabricator performed very well and we are about to do another job with them in Highgate." The patio door screen was finished in RAL 7016 30% bluegrey powder coat paint over hot dip galvanising to present an extremely hardwearing and low maintenance appearance. ❚ enquiry 135

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December / January 2017



PROFESSIONAL APPROVAL FOR THE JIGTECH DOOR HANDLE FITTING SYSTEM Since taking the industry by storm with the latest innovation in door handle fitting, Dale Hardware wanted to find out exactly how their customers were benefitting from using the Jigtech Pro fitting system.

With over 20 years of experience in the trade, Tony Walker of Tony Walker Construction was keen to test out Jigtech whilst working on a variety of new builds, large extensions and refurbishments in the Sheffield region.

the use of an easy and precise method. Tony adds, “There is time to be saved on each aspect of the job and the use of a complete kit means my team only need a drill and hammer to fit each door handle set.”

Before being introduced to Jigtech, Tony and his team were fitting door handle systems using a standard tubular latch and keep plate with square face – a method that could take up to 25 minutes per door. Although this is a professional standard, to which most tradespeople are used to, the method meant fitting times were lengthy and the amount of different tools needed for the job meant it was inconvenient for workers to move between fittings.

He continues to say, “The Jigtech handle bolts within the kit allow for easy fitting and they require no re-drilling. The use of the latch locator also means we can save time adjusting the keep.”

Since moving to the Jigtech system, the team can now fit a door handle system in five minutes with

Tony Walker Construction is now able to fit up to 20 more doors in a week, which equates to around two more houses each week– improving profitability for the developer and Tony. The main question many potential customers have is whether the quality of the fitting is compromised as a result of the reduced fitting

time, however Tony noted that the quality of finish is faultless and the Jigtech ensures a professional standard every time. Jigtech also has a range of door furniture that Tony is particularly impressed with – an opinion shared by his clients who are delighted with the finish of the plates. Tony adds, “My clients have all been exceptionally pleased with Jigtech’s range of door furniture which covers a variety of modern and popular styles. There is a perfect handle and finish for everyone.” For further information on the professional installation kit and range of door furniture from Jigtech, simply visit ❚ enquiry 139 .

Tony Walker of Tony Walker Construction

ROOF AND WINDOW BLINDS High qu ualit a ty, Sash Wind alit dows 36mm ultra Slim-line meeting eting rail The first with original ‘Pu utty Line’’ styling Optional decorative horn - Patented Traditional Parting Bead (Retractable) - Patented C Choice of 43mm or traditional nal 90mm deep bottom rail Document L compliant

Blackout, Screen & Anti- Microbial Fabrics

Fire e exit window available Sealed units 30db rating 24mm 4mm (4--1 16-4) Full gloss white RAL 9910 or any Std Ral

Reducing Solar Heat gain

Easy-Tilt clean feature with full sash removal

Reducing the cost of Air condition

Ideal fo or Schools, Heritage and Conserv vation Arreas Powder coated finish with upto a 30 year guarantee Exclusive concealed balance ce cover

Remote Electric & Manual operation

For more i ormation inf

Fire resistant fabrics


T: 01684 593957 F: 01684 591502 E:

❚ enquiry 137 .

Call 01778 347 7147 www.clearvie




Original Easy y-Til T lt Sash M Manu anufacturer Sin i ce 1959

❚ enquiry 138 . 2407 1216

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and former international gymnast, Gabby Logan, the award was accepted by Hansgrohe UK Managing Director, Martin Mongan.

Talis Select wins GOLD at the Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards At the 2016 Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards, the Hansgrohe brand received the Gold product award for the category of ‘Innovation in Functionality’.

Within the international Hansgrohe Group, Hansgrohe is the premium brand for bathroom and kitchen fixtures, showers and shower systems as well as thermostat and plumbing technology. Winners of numerous awards throughout the world, the brand’s products stand for modern technologies, innovative design and a superlative level of functional quality. This explains the success of the brand as a market leader in the shower segment and as one of the leading manufacturers of fixtures. With inventions such as the shower bar, adjustable spray types, the QuickClean function, the AirPower or the EcoSmart technology as well as the convenient Select technology, Hansgrohe is regarded as one of the leading innovators in the international sanitation industry.

Talis Select is the bathroom basin to switch off, making these mixers mixer range from Hansgrohe that a sustainable choice. perfectly blends form and function. Featuring intuitive push Held at the Supernova in London on/off technology, it is easy to on the banks of the Thames, on operate by all ages and the two 9th November, the glittering slender designs, Talis S and Talis Designer luncheon event is the E, are ideal for all modern only industry awards to recognise bathroom schemes. Integrated and celebrate achievements in the EcoSmart technology delivers a field of kitchen and bathroom water-saving flow of just 5 litres design. per minute and the simple 2016 Presented /byJanuary TV sport’s presenter operation also encourages the user December

Iconic New Washroom for contemporary office refurbishment

Washroom designer and manufacturer, Washroom Washroom, has drawn on its Iconica collection to deliver a bespoke office washroom design in the heart of London’s old legal district. Just a few minutes’ walk from the Royal Courts of Justice, Chancery Lane was once home to law firms and barristers, and now attracts a new generation of professionals, who want to put their own stamp on the area. The project by Orms Architects to refurbish 79-86 Chancery Lane, which was overseen by Chorus Group, involved the careful restoration of the original Victorian façade and complete modernisation of the interior which now provides modern BREEAM rated Excellent office space, retail units on street level and a number of private flats. Washroom Washroom worked closely with Chorus Group to install new high specification washrooms and disabled facilities throughout the building.

Washroom’s full height Alto toilet cubicle, with its rebated edges and flush front design, was chosen to provide end-users with complete privacy, helping to create a washroom more akin to a luxury leisure facility than an office. Finished in dark wood veneer, the cubicle doors feature an unusual bespoke routed finish to help make a striking impression. Complementing the bespoke toilet cubicles, Washroom also installed its Concerto integrated duct panel system and urinal modesty screens in toughened back-painted glass. The Concerto duct panels provide a smooth, easy-to-clean surface and allows access for any future maintenance or repair. The vanities were manufactured from natural stone in a soft grey and feature individually shaped sinks and an integrated waste bin. The disabled toilets, which all comply with document M, were designed to feature all the same design elements to create a sense of cohesion between all areas of the building and ensure that the same level of luxury was delivered throughout. Trevor Bowers, director at Washroom Washroom said, “One of the things we pride ourselves on is our ability to provide a bespoke design service and this is an excellent example of a number of bespoke elements coming together to create a seamless unique design for the end client.

Modern, classic and ready for the future: introducing the L-sized GROHE Eurosmart CE Touchless • State-of-the-art infrared technology ensures maximum user comfort • GROHE quality at an attractive price • Promotes sustainability with no compromise on comfort which allows the user to retrieve usage rates and consumption information.

Durable & Classy Kitchen Work Surfaces From Granite Transformations The launch of the new L-sized Eurosmart CE Touchless from GROHE marks the addition of yet another clever solution to the world’s best-selling mixer range. The latest mixer design closes the gap between the M and XL-sized variants, offering even more design flexibility.

Granite Transformations 0800 044 5393 T❚ enquiry enquiry 102 140

Unique, smart technology with customisable settings Equipped with the latest GROHE infrared technology, the L-sized Eurosmart CE Touchless tap offers an unrivalled range of customisable settings. The seven pre-set programmes cover the most frequent uses and can be selected during installation, whilst the remote control can be used to further customise settings. The product also features bidirectional communication

Ample space for comfortable hand washing With its stylish design, the L-sized Eurosmart CE Touchless mixer complements a variety of decors, offering a sleek and modern solution for both public and private bathrooms. With a height of 150 millimetres, it offers generous space for comfortable hand washing. The bidirectional infrared sensor sits on the body of the mixer making it suitable for use on wash basins with an elevated rim, for flexibility. The L-sized Eurosmart CE Touchless is made with GROHE’s high quality and is also available to buy at an attractive price. The product promises reliability in day-to-day use and has a long life expectancy, offering excellent value for money and helping to maximise long-term operating comfort. Sustainability with no compromise on comfort Sustainability is a growing consideration for both consumers and project specifiers when it comes to choosing a modern tap for the bathroom. GROHE is committed to developing water fittings which help make the most efficient use of available resources. The Eurosmart CE Touchless comes with a customisable flow duration to help reduce water wastage and a builtin GROHE EcoJoy® aerator which has a flow rate of 5.7 litres per minute.

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December / January 2017




Stainless steel worktops from GEC Anderson are made to your precise specificationand requirements using top quality, brushed satin, stainless steel With our wide choice of edge profiles, sink bowl sizes and other details, made-to-measure stainless steel worktops are long lasting, durable and highly attractive, making them ideal for use in domestic, commercial and public environments. GEC Anderson Limited Oakengrove Shire Lane Hastoe Tring Her tfordshire HP23 6LY Tel 01442 826999

❚ enquiry 142 .

❚ enquiry 141 .

With Space Savers, anything is possible.....

in 25 Y bu ea sin rs es s



@ecobuild_now #ecobuild


Register for Free Tickets:

Call 0207 993 8009 now for your copy of our brand new Projects Brochure and discover how Space Savers deliver inspired results in the smallest of spaces.

The BIG name in small kitchens

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FLOORS, WALLS & CEILINGS December / January 2017

Mapei UK expands Eco Adhesive Range with Ultrabond Eco V4SP The range of Mapei flooring adhesives produced in the UK expands with the introduction of Ultrabond Eco V4SP to Mapei’s Eco range. V4SP, available Mapei’s Ultrabond Eco in 8kg & 16kg drums

Ultrabond Eco V4SP is a multipurpose high performance professional adhesive for the installation of resilient floor and wall coverings. In commercial projects, Ultrabond V4SP can be used in the installation of PVC and rubber flooring, as well as in interior applications for LVT, linoleum and indoor sports flooring. Ultrabond Eco V4SP is a low VOC product and can be used in residential and commercial environments such as hospitals, shopping centres and airports. One recent installation was at the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) in Melbourne, Australia. 60,000m² of vinyl flooring was installed using Ultrabond V4SP throughout the hospital. Mapei UK’s Resilient Product Manager John Monaghan commented, “Ultrabond Eco V4SP gives a good initial tack and provides a very high peel strength, couple this with the product’s extended open time, it is found to be extremely easy to apply.”

Courtesy of The Royal Melbourne Hospital

Ultrabond Eco V4SP is a solvent free, synthetic polymer-based adhesive in water dispersion. Due to its particular formulation and extended open time, it can be used as wet-bed adhesive for all kinds of floorings on absorbent substrates, as well as a transitional pressure-sensitive adhesive for bonding dimensionally stable floor coverings on impervious, non-absorbent substrates. or tel. +44 (0)121 508 6970 for more information on how Mapei products can be used in your project or visit to view the full product range. ❚ enquiry 146

Light Grey

Classic Teak

• Low Maintenance • Easy to install • • Slip Resistant • Long Lasting

Decksafe Solutions Ltd,

❚ enquiry 145 .

Tel: 01206 322899, email:

❚ enquiry 144 .

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The key to secure tiling The maximum tiling weight is limited only by the capacity of the tile adhesive and the wall structure the board is fixed to. When fixed with a continuous bed of adhesive, the adhesive itself will crumble before the bond between the board and the tiling breaks, therefore the loading capacity typically far exceeds 100kg/m2. In excess of 100kg/m2 on walls Multiboard, the key to successful tiling Passes all load testing stronger than any other board

EN 13164

Bath panel kits

Easy fixing

â?š enquiry 147.

Marmox (UK) Ltd, Caxton House, 101-103 Hopewell Drive, Chatham, Kent ME5 7NP T: 01634 835290

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PAINTS, COATINGS & FINISHES December / January 2017

Cottages’ prestigious award

A restoration project featuring Earthborn paints has won two categories in the prestigious 2016 Daily Telegraph Homebuilding and Renovating Awards. Two miners’ cottages in Pensford, Somerset, were restored by architects and developers Design Storey to create dwellings fit for 21st Century living. The judges selected the cottages for Best Renovation, while Telegraph readers awarded them the coveted Readers’ Choice. Lydia Robinson, Director of Design Storey, said: “To protect the traditional materials and to maintain their breathability we specified Earthborn paints: Ecopro Matt Emulsion on lime plastered areas and Claypaint on the timber panelling. Their flat matt finish sits comfortably against the lime plaster. Ecopro Emulsion is a high performance, environmentally sound alternative to conventional emulsions. Claypaint maximises the natural properties of clay, producing a high performance, highly breathable paint. Both paints are EU Ecolabel approved and contain no oils or acrylics, so are virtually VOC free and highly breathable.

Earthborn created a bespoke shade of Ecopro Matt Emulsion to match Claypaint’s Feather Pillow, giving a uniform colour across walls and ceilings. Photo courtesy: Design Storey.


solution for all needs OrganoWood® is the latest name in sustainable wood protection and is building a reputation amongst architects, professionals and end users as the external wood treatment of choice for a number of different applications.

Offering three leading products OrganoWood® 01 Protection, OrganoWood® 02 Repellent and OrganoWood® 03 Cleaner - OrganoWood has developed a product for all exterior wood requirement. Providing a high quality alternative the chemical pressure treatments, OrganoWood is favoured by those who are discouraged by using chemicals for either sustainable or applications reasons, such as environments where there the wood has a close contact to children, animals or vegetation. “We are thrilled that OrganoWood is being used by so many different users, for so many different applications,” comments Steve Grimwood, Managing Director at OrganoWood UK. “It’s widespread application and ability to protect exterior wood in all environments is without doubt one of its best features. We hope that users continue to find new uses for the solution.” The external protection and aesthetic qualities delivered through the OrganoWood range makes it an ideal solution for wooden cladding.

OrganoWood® Protection 01 provides an unrivalled natural protection against fire and rot decay with OrgnanoWood® 02 repelling water and rot from taking hold in the material – essential to ensure long lasting building integrity. OrganoWood is often specified to meet the high performance requirements for wooden decking, promenades and jetties. As well as providing water and rot resistance, OrganoWood® 02 Repellent hardens the wooden surface, making it less likely to split or crack. Through its proprietary technology, which mimics the natural fossilisation process, OrganoWood smoothens the surface, ensuring the decking the safe to walk on barefoot. Providing high quality protection without the use of toxic chemicals or heavy metals, OrganoWood is the ideal solution to use on external wood in environments with close contact to children and animals. Requiring little or no maintenance for up to five years, OrganoWood is favoured by those who work on schools, leisure facilities, agricultural buildings, playgrounds, and in public spaces. Finally, as well as providing unrivalled ecofriendly protection, OrganoWood allows the timber to age gracefully – gradually enhancing the aesthetics to a silvery-grey hue over time. In particular, this makes it a popular choice for external garden fences and furniture, such as benches, tables and wooden planters. Manufactured in Sweden, OrganoWood has employed some of nature’s own tricks to develop lasting, effective and unique wood protection that is entirely non-toxic without the use of harmful heavy metals, biocides and solvents. OrganoWood products are classed as a Good Environmental Choice by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and are verified by FSC® (FSC-C120532) and PEFC™ (05-35-168), achieving the highest ecological standards. For stockists and more information on OrganoWood®, please call 01296 323770 or visit

For further information:

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Crown Paints on the ball at Wembley Stadium The Road to Wembley is a welltrodden path for sports fans and concert goers alike – and keeping the landmark venue in the very best condition is crucial to maintain its position as one of the most famous stadiums in the world.

Crown Paints is working behind the scenes to ensure more than two million visitors who flock to the venue each year are left with a lasting impression of its iconic status. The UK paint manufacturer’s Specification Services team is working with CBRE – who maintain the Stadium – to deliver outstanding aesthetics and safety on site. The team is delivering a personal service which helps the CBRE facilities management unit to achieve outstanding results, with support including the delivery of technical specifications, colour matching and delivery co-ordination. The CBRE maintenance department specifies a variety of high-quality products from the Crown Paints range, including both Crown Trade Timonox Acrylic Eggshell and Scrubbable Matt formulations. Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt is also specified. The products are provided in a palette of 12 core colours which have all been carefully matched to ensure the correct shade is provided in accordance with Wembley’s branding requirements. All of the products also need to be non-oil based to reduce odours for the comfort of those who visit or work at the venue. Jack Hopkins, CBRE Fabric Supervisor at Wembley Stadium, said: “We’ve been working with Crown Paints for three years. “The paints are always here when we need

them and we find no-one else offers the quality of products we require or the same level of service. “The paint goes on to the surfaces really well and the products are geared-up for commercial use in terms of their durability.” Crown Paints products are used across vast areas of the Stadium. Pillars around hospitality areas and communal spaces are painted with flameretardant Crown Trade Timonox. The CBRE team has chosen the Crown Trade Timonox system to enhance safety on site in this high traffic area. And for the corridor areas and in the 161 hospitality boxes, Crown Trade Clean Extreme is used. The product’s high technology formulation provides a surface that is not only wipeable but has the real bonus of offering a truly scrubbable finish, enabling marks and stains to be easily removed to ensure an attractive look is in place for the long term. This allows a ‘just painted’ appearance to be maintained, with surfaces returned to their pristine condition time and time again. ❚ enquiry 149

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December / January 2017




Envirograf Protecting the irreplaceable



 PLQXWHVȴUHSURWHFWLRQ to BS476 Parts 20 & 22.

Fire retardant coating system for SUHYHQWLQJ VSUHDG RI ȵDPH RQ WLPEHU substrates.

Intumescent coating for timber surfaces and timber products including doors.

SOME OF OUR COATING SYSTEMS BENEFITS  Allows existing wood to be upgraded to comply with both UK and European Fire Regulations

 Tested to both British and European standards  &DQEHXVHGRQIXOO\ORDGHGȵRRUV

 Our Fire Coatings will last for a lifetime of the substrate, just maintain the Top Coat

 &OHDUDQGFRORXUHGȴQLVKDOORZLQJ to keep existing appearance of the substrate

 1HZUDQJHRIȴQDOWRSFRDWVZLWKXSWR 12 years maintenance free

 No need to plaster over and cover exisitng ceilings or walls

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POLYX®-OIL RAW: Retains the wood’s natural light colour











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Firing imaginations for over 35 years... Over 35 years of design and engineering have gone into creating the UK and Eire’s most comprehensive range of high quality woodburning, solid-fuel, gas and electric stoves and fireplaces. E

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Lighting Control for Those who

Do and Those who Don’t DANLERS new range of PIR occupancy switches with SHORT VISIT MODE and COURTESY EXIT MODE can save even more energy through automatic presence based switching with OPTIONAL manual intervention feature. Product Benefits • Manual option for short visits to reduce the Lights ON time (time lag) • Manual option when exiting to reduce Lights ON time (time Lag) • Always returns to standard automatic mode after short visit/exit functions • Ideal for those who do and those who don’t switch lights off • Easy to Install and backed with a 5-year warranty • Made in the UK for quality, reliability and service Tel: 01249 443377 - Fax: 01249 443388 Website:

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Zeta creates bespoke solar-powered LED luminaires for Cornwall Council SSE Enterprise and Zeta Specialist Lighting delivered a unique solarpowered LED lighting solution that enabled Cornwall Council to upgrade two lights at either end of the island in the middle of South Quay Harbour, and replace an existing lantern next to the fishermens’ bait stores at North Quay. Zeta supplied the Solis Nano, a versatile solar lighting solution

that combines the SolisPOLE, an innovative system specifically designed to capture and store solar power and the SmartScape Nano, a lightweight, highly efficient LED street and area light. A standard Solis Nano was installed at North Quay and two specially designed poles for installation either end of the island in the middle of the harbour, incorporated an additional head

VENTURE INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRES USED TO HELP COMPANY SAVE ENERGY Venture Lighting Europe’s high performance industrial luminaires have been used to upgrade the lighting at two depots owned by vehicle maintenance and repair company, Marshall Fleet Solutions.

Over 50 of Venture’s 150W Highbay Professional luminaires were used across the two sites to upgrade the company’s lighting scheme from 400W Metal Halide lamps to help achieve the company’s aim to reduce its energy consumption. By replacing the lighting with Venture’s LED luminaires, Marshall Fleet Solutions are expected to receive over £7,000, approximately 66%, in annual energy cost savings, which also significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the two sites. Venture’s 150W Highbays were

specified due to their competitive price and ability to meet the energy saving requirements that Marshall Fleet Solutions were aiming to achieve. Marshall Fleet Solutions has grown to become the UK’s largest independent commercial vehicle servicing companies and has 11 depots across the country, which are used for maintenance and servicing of its customers’ vehicles. The new lighting schemes across the two depots in Garforth and Salford, were designed and specified by Luminous Solutions

unit, so that light was emitted on two sides. Zeta’s solar-powered solution removed the requirement to dig up the harbour to repair the damaged cable and enabled the Council to provide the Harbour Commission with a long-life, maintenance-free solution.

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Ltd, a key partner of Venture Lighting., and were installed by electrical contractors GWR Electrical & Data Comms Ltd, who are both also working to upgrade the lighting to Venture’s LED luminaires across other sites owned by Marshall Fleet Solutions. The lighting schemes were designed by Luminous Solutions to 300 lux AVE which is in line with the latest BS EN 12464 regulations on the lighting of work places and the requirement for general vehicle servicing, repair and inspection. Since installing Venture’s LED Highbays, the lighting across the two depots has noticeably improved and now provides a bright white light to offer workers a better and clearer working environment. The Venture LED Highbay Professional luminaires R also offer a significantly improved life of up to 50,000 hours which eliminates the need for regular lamp replacement and maintenance, which can be disruptive to operations when replacing or fixing. The enhanced lifetime of the luminaires also reduces the likelihood of lamp failure which may compromise the overall light levels across the depots. Venture’s LED Highbay Professional luminaires have proved to be a popular and beneficial product for industrial applications such as maintenance workshops, due to the quality of light and low energy consumption.

Polynom AG acquire majority share holding interest in leading UK self testing emergency lighting specialist, P4 Limited Leading self testing emergency lighting manufacturer and supplier, P4 Limited has announced the sale of a controlling interest in the company to Polynom AG, the Swiss holding group of emergency lighting module manufacturer Sander Electronik AG, based near Baden in Switzerland, who have supplied P4 since it was founded. The sale of equity in P4, was brought about by the retirement of founder and Chief Executive, Peter Warner and his wife, Financial Director Maureen Warner. Founded 27 years ago, P4 Limited has grown to become the leading independent self testing emergency lighting company in the UK. P4 specialises in providing self testing emergency lighting, most of which is connected via wired or wireless networks and installed in major healthcare, education and commercial establishments to provide remote monitoring and control, ensuring compliance with legal requirements. The aquisition of shares from Peter and Maureen Warner gives Polynom a majority shareholding in P4, the remaining shares being held by the directors of the business. Day to day operation of the business will continue to be managed by the current team. Managing Director of P4, Rob Warner commented “The acquisition by Polynom is excellent news for P4, it secures the future of the business,

ensuring that the strategy of providing high integrity emergency lighting solutions, that has proven to be successful over the years, can continue unchanged. Sander Electronik has proved to be an ideal supplier to P4 since we started in the emergency lighting market and we have worked very closely together. We are commencing a new phase in our business and excited by the opportunities to develop new technology, monitoring and control systems to further reduce user operational costs” Reg No.: 2570169 01328 850555 ❚ enquiry 157

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ExCeL is CentrEd on Goodlight

LED lighting Camberley, 22 November 2016 LED Eco Lights today announced that CentrEd at ExCeL, London’s new meeting and training facility, is being illuminated by long life, energy efficient LED lights from the Goodlight™ range.

/January 2017






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Royal Marine ’s Accessible Home Partners: Strategic

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Continue d on Page



DEC/JAN 2017 £4.50

Simply fill out the grid with the enquiry numbers you are interested in, cut out this box and post to: Ecobuilding News, McDermott Publishing, Kings Norton, Birmingham B38 8SD or FAX direct on: 0121 433 3461. CentrEd at ExCeL is a state of the art facility with 29 training rooms for 20-400 delegates, coffee lounges, dedicated reception areas and its own 300-seat restaurant. Opening earlier this year, it is lit throughout by Goodlight LED luminaires, including LED panels and LED light discs. The ExCeL has made widespread use of Goodlight LED lights since first encountering the range at a lighting event held at the Centre in 2014. The 400m North and South Galleries, board rooms, offices, public conveniences and other areas are already illuminated by Goodlight. According to Brian Cole, Operations Director at ExCeL London, “Our aim was to create a centre that looked and felt exceptional, and lighting is an important part of the experience that we offer. Visitors to CentrEd regularly comment on the lights when being shown around for the first time.” He continued, “We chose Goodlight LED lighting because of the quality of the light and the sleek appearance of the luminaires. They offer beautiful even illumination right across the fitting, something that not all their competitors can match. The fittings are also very flat and thin, making them easy to install unobtrusively, both in new areas

like CentrEd and when replacing existing lighting.” Brian Cole added, “We are very conscious of the need to limit energy use, both from a carbon footprint and an operating cost perspective, and have been replacing fluorescent and other lamps with LED lighting for over two years. LED lights can use less than a fifth of the energy of the lamps they replace, so the economics of replacement are compelling. Since starting to use LED lighting, our experience with Goodlight has been extremely positive and we have never had to replace a lamp. They offer a five-year warranty but we’ve never needed to use it. Substituting Goodlight LED luminaires for existing lights is very straightforward.”


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For further information about ExCeL London, please visit

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Architects & Builders are turning to JJI-Joists when looking to build Passivhaus standards December / January 2017

More and more architects and builders are recognising that using JJI-Joists to construct walls and roofs gives them the opportunity to maximise the insulation they are able to incorporate into a building. The

shape of the JJI-Joist, with its 9mm OSB web means that cold bridging is reduced and the wide choice of joist depths make it easy to choose a specification that meets the specific design requirement to suit the building and location. Both architects and builders are turning to JJI-Joists when looking to build to Passivhaus standards, using the joists in stick build construction or pre-fabricated cassettes. Because the JJI-Joist allows for high levels of insulation and is easy to work with onsite, creating a structure which meets Passivhaus standards for airtightness is more straightforward, aided by the OSB web which outperforms a metal web joist when it comes to controlling energy movement. With the biggest range of standard sizes on the market with joist depths from 145 to 450 mm, as well as bespoke sizes available to special order, architects, engineers and building contractors know

that they can easily specify the right joist for a job. JJI-Joists come with the best design and engineering support in the business with a team of regional technical sales staff backed up by a design and engineering resource at our manufacturing plant in Scotland. With impeccable environmental credentials, including being available with FSC or PEFC certification, JJI-Joists are the only I-Beam on the market that can be supplied with independently verified carbon data, meaning that we can accurately tell you the carbon impact of the joists in your job. The JJI-Joist system is designed to make your job easier, whether you are an architect, engineer or builder; choosing JJI-Joists means you are guaranteed total peace of mind. www. email: â?š enquiry 158 .

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You can rely on JJI-Joists to succeed – whatever the challenge, because JJI-Joists are jam packed with features to make your life easier, and the job quicker. We are the most popular I-Joist in the UK and the I-joist most specified by architects and engineers. So, whether designing or building, choose JJI-Joists with confidence. You’ll find there’s so much more to them than meets the eye.


EMAIL: jji-joists @

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Ecobuild is evolving with the industry, focusing on the issues that matter the most. Register for a free ticket:

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