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Promoting energy efficient, healthy & sustainable building products for the construction industry

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects wins competition to design the redevelopment of the historic Kimmel Quarter in Riga, Latvia DOORS, WINDOWS, ROOFLIGHTS & GLAZING PAGE 04








Riga, the Baltic states' largest city, will see the mostly abandoned buildings of its historic Kimmel Quarter transformed into a thriving commercial development, and Danish architectural firm Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects is behind the winning design to revitalize the neighbourhood. RIGA, Latvia -- Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects won a competition to design Kimmel Quarter, an 11,500-square-metre area that assumes nearly an entire city block in Riga's Central District. Kimmel Quarter is the former home of Brewery Kimmel, a 19th century beer brewery that in its wake left an industrial complex filled with buildings that, while now mostly abandoned, are rich with history. The project called for a design that realizes the vision of a vibrant new city block with deep historic roots. Schmidt Hammer Lassen was one of eleven participants, along with firms like Henning Larsen and Zaha Hadid, invited to the open competition. Schmidt Hammer Lassen's winning proposal aimed to revive the brewery site by transforming it into an office building and hotel with public facilities on the ground floor that will bring new life to the area such as a public gym, child care centre, café, spa, food court and convenience store. By creating beautiful, inviting courtyards and plazas that connect old and new, the overall design will create a strong urban


made of more recycled bricks, lush landscaping, brick and timber benches, and mirroring water elements fed with water from the roofs. "The plaza is one of the primary elements that will bring new life back to Kimmel Quarter," said Geerte Baars, architect at Schmidt Hammer Lassen. "It will be a place to enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee; an informal breakout space; a place to meet, to exchange ideas and to have a good time." A focus on sustainability Riga is a city with ambitions of transitioning into a sustainable city with long and short-term strategies that start with the first step of reaching the European Union's 2020 climate & energy package goals. Kimmel Quarter will become a leader in applying these measures from day one.

expression with a timeless, classic appearance that is also uniquely contemporary. "We wanted to create a new composition of building volumes as pragmatic and straight forward as the old industrial complex with a dynamic façade that pushes back and forth and up and down," said Rasmus Kierkegaard, Associate Partner at Schmidt Hammer Lassen. "The resulting architecture is distinctly modern, but in a rewarding dialogue with the old restored buildings. We have designed a new Kimmel Quarter in which history and the future are bound by timeless architecture." Old and new united by green space Schmidt Hammer Lassen's concept centres on a 30,000-

square-metre office building that is open and inviting with direct access to indoor and outdoor public areas with urban qualities and atmosphere. The existing buildings at Kimmel Quarter will remain as unaltered as possible, enhancing the charm and authentic character of Riga's historical fabric. The new office building's ground floor is inspired by the arches of the brewery, and with the use of recycled bricks from the site, its material is traced back to history. Outdoor spaces such as terraces and roof gardens allow access to the outdoors from all levels and bring users of the building closer to nature. In addition, the new design turns the Brewery Kimmel's former industrial backyard into a vibrant plaza revitalized with a new surface

The new office building's rectangular grid facades are designed to allow maximum daylight deep into the building and secure great views to the surrounding city, while making the interior life of the building visible from outside. In order to avoid overheating and to reduce the need for cooling the exterior, lamellas provide shading from a substantial amount of direct sunlight. In addition, the amount of glass in each panel is adjusted according to the orientation of the facade, so the north side is almost fully open and the south side more closed. Moreover, having an unflinching sustainability strategy with BREEAM as the driving force, Kimmel Quarter has the potential to become an example for future development of the city of Riga.

Tetra Hotel: Could this be the world’s most futuristic-looking hotel?

WSP’s newly created Design Studio unveils plan for what might just be the world's most futuristic-looking hotel. Brainchild of awardwinning architecture practice Innovation Imperative, the eye-catching modular and sustainable hotel will feature around 42 suites in modular pods, as well as space for art and design exhibitions and fairs for global nomads and design-lovers alike.

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NEWS May 2018



May 2018 £4.50





Promoting energy efficient, healthy & sustainable building products for the construction industry


Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects wins competition to design the redevelopment of the historic Kimmel Quarter in Riga, Latvia DOORS, WINDOWS, ROOFLIGHTS & GLAZING PAGE 04

efficiency are only required when the house is due to be sold. Furthermore, England and Wales have a high number of properties that were built before 1960, many of which will have poor energy efficiency. If we want to get serious about our carbon emissions, we need to develop minimum energy efficiency standards that apply to all types of property, whether rented, social or owner-occupied.”


Martyn suggests that a better target would be for all properties to have had an energy rating undertaken by 2025.


An industry spokesperson has welcomed the arrival of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) for privately rented properties in England and Wales, but suggests that owner-occupied properties should also be included. 10 FLOORS, WALLS & CEILINGS 14 REFURBISHMENT & NEW BUILD 18 PAINTS, COATINGS & FINISHES

Martyn Bridges, Director of Technical Communication and Product Management at Worcester Bosch, says: “Minimum efficiency standards for rented properties will go a long way towards

reducing carbon emissions, but this only scratches the surface. Owner-occupied homes form the majority of our housing stock, yet they remain largely unregulated. Certificates demonstrating

“Ensuring that every property has an energy rating would give us a better idea of our current energy performance, and help us to identify areas of improvement,” he says. “That way, we can set realistic targets, while empowering homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their properties, thereby lowering the cost of their heating and hot water.” The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards came into force for England and Wales on the 1st April. It is now unlawful for landlords of privately rented domestic and non-domestic buildings to lease any property that holds an Energy Performance Certificate rating (or EPC) of Category F or G.








Tetra Hotel: Could this be the world’s most futuristic-looking hotel?


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Martyn Bridges




Waterscan has been selected to provide a sustainable water system for The City Law School, part of City, University of London following a competitive tender. Set to open in early 2019, sustainability principles feature highly in this building scheme which aims to contribute positively to its local context: it will comprise a car-free zone, secure cycle parking and tree planting alongside water reuse. “The London Plan encourages the reuse of water and we worked through various options for this project including greywater recycling to intelligent attenuation. Tight space onsite led to us recommending and creating a bespoke combined rainwater harvesting and attenuation system: an exceptionally cost effective solution when balancing spatial and environmental considerations,” commented Barry Millar, Operations Director from Waterscan.

The standalone rainwater harvesting system, operating in conjunction with attenuation water storage, will collect and store rainwater, filter it through a robust treatment system and reuse it for non-potable applications including toilet flushing. Not only will its deployment contribute to London’s long term urban infrastructure planning and sustainable development goals, but it will also deliver ongoing cost savings for the client through the substitution of mains water for rainwater. It is estimated that City, University of London will save around £4,500 each year by adopting this approach. Rainwater harvesting systems are suitable for all commercial applications where there is adequate roof space to harvest sufficient water to achieve a good return on investment. They can reduce mains water consumption by up to 30% with additional benefits arising from reducing

All Worcester Bosch gas-fired combi boilers comply with the new standards. For more information, please visit

Enquiries Tel: 0121 451 3037 Fax: 0121 433 3082

risks of stormwater flooding, decreased sewerage charges and lower energy costs associated with water supply.

Subscriptions & Delivery

Waterscan’s unique water reuse systems feature multiple tiered redundancy to ensure complete integrity of supply, built-in telemetry which transmits system data and live diagnostics for preventative maintenance, and low energy components which can produce 1m3 water using just 1.5Kw/h energy. Smaller system footprints, when compared to legacy water reuse technologies, reduce installation costs and impact on building footprints too.

($65 US for all other countries).

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May 2018



ISO CHEMIE’S has window and door sealing collared Rapid and effective air and weather tight sealing around windows and doors is provided by a new easy-to-use collar system from foam sealants specialists ISOCHEMIE. The self-adhesive ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING COLLAR is a single-piece bespoke solution, which can be quickly fitted around fenestration elements installed in façades and load bearing walls to provide long lasting external protection against the elements.

Manufactured from flexible EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), which can compensate for joint movements due to its high elasticity properties, ISOCONNECT EPDM SEALING COLLAR is resistant to extremes of temperature and weather.

Featuring vulcanised sections, the collar can be fitted up to six times faster than alternative foil strip sealants via a butyl adhesive or a clip-in frame groove feature, saving onsite labour and material costs.

It also possesses good diffusion properties and complies with the relevant building regulations and DIN EN standards, covering thermal conductivity, dimension tolerance, and resistance to driving rain on joints among others.

Product can be customised to specific applications – the fitter places the collar around the frame section in front of the wall before securely bonding it to the supporting wall or façade.

Supplied with a 10-year warranty and available in 0.6mm, 0.75mm, 1mm, 1.3mm and 1.5mm thicknesses, ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING COLLAR comes in a choice of four finishes to suit

all applications. Moulded inside and outside corners are also available for in front-of-wall elements, lower connection areas, floor-level elements, and balcony and patio door systems.

ISO-CHEMIE specialises in the manufacturer of foam products from polyethylene (EPE), polypropylene (EPP) and polyurethane (PUR) using the latest production techniques.

More at Tel. 01207 566867 ❚ enquiry 100

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Garador’s Roller Doors Perfect for Seaside Homes It can come as a shock to some homeowners just how damaging salt in the sea air can be to coastal properties. Homes within three miles of the ocean are generally

considered to be at risk of salt related corrosion, as salt particles are carried through the air by fresh sea breezes. For those with a home near the coast, leading garage door manufacturer Garador offers the perfect solution – the GaraRoll roller door. Gararoll is constructed from rust-resistant aluminium laths, which roll up into a box at the head of the garage door opening. Unlike steel or timber, the aluminium laths resist corrosion by moisture and salt in the air.

Thanks to its neat space-saving design; Gararoll also maximizes space both on the driveway and internally in the garage, especially useful if you want to park the car close up to the garage door or need access to the roof for loft storage. Find out more about the Garador’s GaraRoll roller door range by visiting or call 01935 443700.

❚ enquiry 101

REHAU SHORTLISTED FOR NATIONAL RECYCLING AWARDS 2018 There’s much to celebrate at REHAU as its TOTAL70 co-extruded profile has been shortlisted for the critically acclaimed National Recycling Awards 2018. The annual National Recycling Awards identify and celebrate best practice and innovation in recycling and waste management across the country. This year, REHAU entered the popular TOTAL70 co-extruded profile into the Recycled Product of the Year category which recognises innovative recycled products that exemplify the best of sustainability. Products shortlisted within this category have been designed and manufactured after careful consideration of resources which incorporated recycled content. Other factors including reusability

and end of life, waste minimisation, closed loop processes were also considered. REHAU’s TOTAL70 co-extruded profile uses recycled material from first generation PVC windows to create brand new high-quality, energy efficient window frames. The core of the TOTAL70 coextruded window profile is made up entirely of post-consumer waste, with only the outer skin made of new polymer for a flawless finish. The product is truly unique as it is believed to be the only profile in the market to use post-consumer waste within its core. This means the entire

polymer REHAU uses for the recycled element of the profile comes from old PVC windows and doors, effectively creating a closed loop of material use. The TOTAL70 co-extruded profile was launched into market late last year and has already received widespread popularity. It is now being fully embraced by a widening group of customers with a total conversion planned my mid-2018. Martin Hitchin, Chief Executive at REHAU said: “We are delighted to have been shortlisted for this fantastic award and eagerly await the final results this June. At

REHAU we are constantly improving our recycling methods and are committed to manufacturing products that steer us into a sustainable future. Our TOTAL70 co-extruded profile demonstrates this commitment with a very high percentage of recycled material used in the core of the profile, and only a small amount of virgin PVC is used for the skin, making it a very sustainable solution.”

A specialist panel of industry peers will assess the entries over the coming months and the winner will be announced at the National Recycling Awards to be held on Thursday, June 28, at the London Hilton. For more information about REHAU please visit ❚ enquiry 102

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Now it’s your turn to lift and slide your product range with Comar 7Pi LS+. Innovative lift and slide gearing provides smooth operation for door configurations up to 12 metres wide and 3 metres high, creating true glazed sliding walls.

smooth and easy lift operation, it’s ease of operation for sliding doors means that there is no alternative; it really is a lift slide life for all members of the family. Another advantage is the ability to lock the door in an open position anywhere along the track which means that the homeowner can open the door for ventilation without the risk of small children and toddlers exiting the doors.

The Comar 7P.i Lift and Slide was developed to ensure a highly engineered solution that offers market leading performance. Feedback from the UKAS Accredited Test House was “it is the best they’d ever seen”, as it passed BS6375 Parts 1, 2 and 3 with no water leakage at 1050Pa.  The hardware, has been tested to over 50,000 open and closing cycles.

reassurance of the lowest Uvalues, so even in the coldest winter months daylighting is maximised and warmth assured. For a standard CEN size set of doors U-values are down to 1.4 with a 1.0 centre pane and using glass technology and Comar’s Enhanced Thermal Foam Uvalues of 0.74 are achievable. The real advantage of this system is it’s

For our fabricator and trade partners, Comar Systems utilises multi-function profiles which means that from a minimum stock all configurations of this feature laden system can be fabricated. Installers with the unique Comar Easyfit components minimise time on site and disruption to the home owner whilst maximising returns.

As Secured by Design is now being incorporated into some region’s Planning conditions and BREEAM Assessments, Comar 7P.i LS+ passed the new stringent PAS24:2016 and holds a Kitemark for Enhanced Security to enable sub-contractors to provide an SBD Licensed product to discerning customers.

Comar 7P.i LS+ It’s a Lift Slide Life for Us From one system Comar 7P.i LS+ provides delivered solutions, for the summer months maximise the opening space with the three-track slider which creates two thirds clear opening, whilst in the winter the lowest U-values keep out the cold. Innovation comes from Comar 7P.i LS+ offering unique solutions from one system, which means that with the same profiles

you can provide lift slide or straight rolling gear, standard or slim interlock, enhanced performance with the inclusion of thermal foam and double or triple track configurations. Optional slim interlocks maximise the homeowners view out when the doors are in the closed position keeping the slim sightlines of Comar 7Pi LS+ doors with the

Glazing technology advances every day with new triple glazed units providing ever lower centre pane values, acoustic glasses to meet enhanced performance criteria are widely specified, Comar 7P.i LS+ now provides a future proof solution with a glazing pocket of up to 57mm. With a simple change of gasket and beads the Comar 7P.i LS+ provides this flexible solution for all your glazing needs. ❚ enquiry 103

A NEW STANDARD FOR AUTOMATIC ACCESSS The new TORMAX Secure+Therm automatic sliding door system effectively combines certified protection from burglary to resistance class RC 2, with the aesthetic benefits of a lightweight, thermally separated profile that still delivers exceptional energy efficiency. “Security after closing time is always going to be a priority for retail outlets, restaurants and other commercial properties,” comments Simon Roberts, managing

director for TORMAX UK. “Now it’s possible to maximise protection against attempted break-ins without compromising the look of the building’s frontage.” Incorporated within the slim door profile, the Secure+Therm system is fitted with a convenient electromechanical multipoint locking. Rigorously tested to the highest standards, the added security protection contributes towards low insurance premiums by significantly reducing risk of theft or damage to property. Despite being just 40mm thick, cold, heat, damp and noise are all kept outside thanks to the thermally separated construction of the profile and the insulating safety glass. In short, an elegant solution that enhances the external appearance of the building whilst creating a comfortable internal ambience. Fully tested and compliant with the most stringent regulations, the Secure+Therm automatic sliding door system is driven by proven TORMAX iMotion technology. Maintenance-free motors and above average reliability ensures low service callouts and a long-life span as well as energy efficient operation. Email: Web:

❚ enquiry 104

Tameside College achieves Peak Performance

The £10.5 million new Advanced Technologies Centre at Tameside College in Greater Manchester, benefits from a radical external screening solution, courtesy of Levolux. Levolux, a world-leading solar shading and screening specialist, was able to draw upon its unrivalled experience of delivering similar solutions, to meet challenging project requirements. The custom solution comprises perforated aluminium panels, secured against an inclined supporting structure, with integral horizontal walkways. The screening structure was not only required to create a striking architectural feature, but also performs as an effective solar veil. This is a critical element of the building envelope, particularly on exposed elevations, as it effectively curbs the effect of solar heat gain. As a form of passive cooling, the solar veil helps to create a comfortable internal environment for students and teachers. To achieve the desired degree of openness, Levolux devised an arrangement of perforated aluminium panels, with a unique pattern of different sized circular perforations. Each

panel, which typically measures 3.8 metres in height by up to 1.2 metres in width, is formed from 3mm thick sheet aluminium. The panels are strengthened by means of returns along each edge, allowing them to be secured to low profile, ‘T’-shaped vertical aluminium carriers. This ensures they can withstand high winds or snow loads. The screening structure is inclined at an angle of 1 degree, allowing it to lean away from the building’s glazed facade, with a maximum projection of 1.8 metres at its peak. The solar veil extends the full length of the building, 61 metres in total, with a sloping top edge that increases in height from 12 metres at its lowest point up to almost 30 metres above ground level. To facilitate regular maintenance and cleaning of the façade, the supporting structure incorporates a series of perforated walkways on four levels. Formed from galvanised steel, the walkways, which are secured to horizontal aluminium support arms, increase in width at each level, from 770mm at low level up to 1250mm for the upper level. Complete with aluminium handrails, the walkways provide a safe and efficient means of accessing the façade. Levolux’s market-leading Triniti® curtain walling bracket was specified, to deliver the optimum structural performance, while achieving a thermally broken building envelope. The first-fix brackets secure the screening structure to the building, without compromising the thermal performance of the envelope. This was an important factor for the architect, as they set their sights on achieving a BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating. ❚ enquiry 105

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May 2018


ISO CHEMIE Tape has new low carbon homes sealed ISO-CHEMIE's expanding foam sealing tape has been specified for a low carbon housing project, which incorporates the latest developments in sustainable building technologies. with Historic England as part of a city regeneration project, the houses have been built combining Scandinavian design and renewable construction materials to lower the carbon footprint of the occupants.

hippest places to live in the UK, and Little Kelham is right in the heart of it, said Mark Fox, operations manager at Citu. He added: "ISO-BLOCO ONE is an excellent product, meeting the requirements for an easy-to-install, cost effective and extremely reliable sustainable sealing solution." Andy Swift, ISO-CHEMIE's national sales manager, said: "Developers like Citu are looking at new ways to deliver low carbon homes, which use sustainable technologies. Our sealant tape technologies support this approach. "Involvement in this and other groundbreaking projects reinforces our strong environmental credentials and showcases the long term airtight, acoustic and thermal benefits of sealing tapes." ISO-BLOCO ONE offers a single product ‘fit and forget' solution for fast and effective sealing based around the European RAL principles of three level sealing - the inside seal area is more


airtight than the external one, allowing any trapped moisture inside the joint, or within the wall, to escape outwards rather than into the building. Once installed, ISO-BLOCO ONE ensures a building is better protected from elemental factors like wind, dust and moisture ingress by accommodating the changes in structural movement caused by environmental, cyclical and settlement factors. Product, which has Passivhaus certification, has CE marking and complies with energy saving regulations (EnEV) on windows and doors as well as the RAL quality assurance association, has an EC1 rating for very low emissions and a B1 fire resistant rating. It can accommodate extremes of temperature changes - from 30°C to + 80°C and is available with a 10year performance warranty.

❚ enquiry 106

Sustainability is a key driver of the scheme, so self-adhesive foam tape has been used to seal the expansion joints and gaps around the window and door frames. This will significantly help to achieve a Passivhaus target of <0.69 m³/hour/m² measured at 50 Pascals airtight seal per completed building - a good standard for the construction industry is anything between 3 - 5 m³/hour/m².

More than 240 properties at Little Kelham on Kelham Island, on the banks of the River Don in Sheffield, feature ISO BLOCO ONE tape, which provides a high performance airtight, acoustic and thermal seal for hundreds of new doors and windows. Developed by sustainable urban developer, Citu, in collaboration

The external seal area provides weather resistance and breathability with a minimum resistance of 1000 Pascals (hurricane forces). The intermediate seal area provides extra thermal and acoustic properties, with a U-value upwards of 0.8, while the tape installation itself gives less than 0.01 m³ air loss when tested at 1,000 Pascals air pressure difference. Kelham Island features in the top 10

Steel windows in fashion for Clapham brewery building renovation

A leading member of the Steel Window Association has manufactured and installed bespoke double glazed W20 frames for the refurbishment of a former brewery building in South London, with the replacement fenestration fulfilling various technical as well as planning requirements. West Leigh Ltd carried out the £130K contract on the Plough Brewery, Wandsworth Road, for Marston Properties working closely with specialist restoration architect, McDaniel Woolf in order to satisfy the concerns of local conservation officers.

REHAU presents the reality and vision of intelligent windows at Fensterbau Frontale 2018 2200 mm tall where semi-circular heads feature, mimicking the appearance of those believed to have originally been installed when the brewery was built back in 1868. In order to achieve improved energy performance and to cut traffic noise from the very busy Wandsworth Road, 4-6-4 sealed units were fitted, featuring a soft coat Low-E inner leaf and Krypton filling. This offered a centre pane U-value of 1.2 W/m2 K and full compliance with Building Regulation requirements. The frames were powder coated RAL 7021 Black Grey.

Not only were the new W20 windows customised to respect the property’s heritage – including bespoke vents, hardware and glazing details - but they also offer much improved thermal and acoustic performance. In addition, West Leigh’s fitting of the windows had to be completed without disruption to the work of the Plough Brewery’s tenants, who are mainly involved in the fashion and creative industries.

The architect for Marston Properties, Richard Woolf, commented: “Obviously working with the Conservation Officers on a Grade II listed property, they had a great deal of input. It was in trying to achieve the detailed approvals necessary that the steel windows came into their own, harmonising with the building and replicating metal windows from a previous century.

West Leigh produced a total of 80 made-to-measure windows, up to

❚ enquiry 107

At Fensterbau Frontale 2018, market leading window and door systems provider, REHAU once again brought to customers expertise and innovative spirit with the introduction of new and exciting window solutions. This year at Fensterbau, REHAU introduced customers to a range of new and exciting smart technologies under the motto “The REHAU View”, which featured the brands reality and vision of networked, intelligent windows. Among these was The Smart Guard window alarm system, which deters intruders with several levels of escalation, even before they touch the window. The Smart Air, which is an intelligent ventilation and air purification system stimulates improved indoor climate. Smart Shading attracted much attention from a wide range of visitors as it provides customers with varied and exciting new solutions to control the level of light within their homes. Also on the stand was REHAU’s Heritage Vertical Slider presented in pearl grey with the newly introduced timber weld technology. The REHAU Heritage Vertical Sliding Window system is designed to incorporate all the

desirable traditional features of a timber sash window, but with all the additional benefits and conveniences of modern u-PVC. Its traditional timber looking finish sparked great interest among visitors and was a key highlight at the event, particularly from customers outside the U.K.

manufacturing. All five European window plants as well as numerous REHAU system solutions, including the UK’s popular TOTAL70 system, have been certified along with its glassfibre reinforced window profiles such as GENEO and NordicDesign Plus.

In addition, brand new woodec – a new laminate finish that gives an authentic timber look, and is exclusive to REHAU was also featured on the stand on a Synego lift and slide door. Most excitingly, REHAU received the product label from VinylPlus for its success and commitment towards sustainable

Gareth Jones, Marketing & Technical Director - Window Solutions at REHAU UK Ltd, said: “Fensterbau is a great opportunity for us to gain insight into the latest introductions in the market, fresh inspiration and understand the key issues that are driving the industry forward.

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to match the sightlines of the original windows.

HISTORIC TOLL HOUSE RESURRECTED INTO A SERENE OFFICE AND HERITAGE HUB The Old Toll House, located on Clopton Bridge in Stratford-upon-Avon, was built over 200 years ago in 1814 and Grade I Listed. It was only used as a Toll House for 25 years, before it was shut down in 1839 due to the lack of toll money. It was, until recently, included in the top ten West Midland’s Historic England’s Register of Buildings at Risk. The toll house was rescued by Stratford Historic Buildings Trust,

Good acoustics for Art and Design Bedales School is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty on the edge of the South Downs National Park in Hampshire. Its new Art and Design building designed by architects Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios has a strong sense of countryside drawing references from traditional agricultural buildings by creating a series of connected barn forms. Materials were used in their natural state throughout. This includes renewable natural products including sustainably sourced timber for cladding and Troldtekt’s wood wool panels for acoustics, all of

which help to reduce the embodied carbon in the construction. The form and east-west orientation of the pitched roofs on the five new buildings defines a series of carefully scaled, north-lit studio spaces. Their dramatic pitched ceilings comprise Troldtekt acoustic panels on one side to absorb sound and improve acoustics. On the other side, natural light is maximised and the need for artificial lighting reduced. In what is otherwise a lightweight building, the thermal mass of exposed concrete surfaces contributes to a stable internal temperature. Specified throughout the UK and Europe, the benefits

Fast track all the way for Sixth Form College with Gerflor Choosing a school for your children’s education is never an easy task, its full of pitfalls where the unwary and poorlyadvised parent can fall into a situation where a bad choice of school can have educational and social aftershocks for their child lasting many years. A school that can deliver both academically and socially across the board is a welcome beacon for a plethora of hopeful parents. Whitworth Park School and Sixth Form College in Spennymoor, just south of Durham, provides an environment where they strive for ‘excellence for everyone’. It’s an ethos that’s based on a clear vision and ethical values. The school

previously had a new block constructed during the Building Schools for the Future programme. The remaining part of the works required the fitting of new floor coverings to the circulation routes of the old block that would continue to be

retained. It was in a sense, the old meeting the new and a project that would have to be completed quickly to avoid disruption and any shut down to the education facility. The requirement for a fast track flooring and durable solution would be well-suited to international flooring specialist Gerflor who would supply their amazing GTI Max flooring. This would prove it’s worth in saving both time and money for Durham County Council as there was no need for the school to close with the installation being completed in only four days. Philip Etherington, Senior Building Surveyor from Durham County Council Design Services said, “we were commissioned to carry out the works by our Education Department. We initially commenced on site on the basis that we were going to remove the existing Granwood screed and vinyl. The works were planned in phases and during the night so that there would be no disruption to the day-to-day operation of the school. However,

providing it with a new use as visitor centre and office space. Despite extensive initial works to the original windows; their reveals and openings, the single glazed window performance was deemed inadequate for modern needs. To help find an appropriate solution, Stone-Edge, together with Mark Evans Architects approached Selectaglaze. After a positive meeting, Selectaglaze proceeded to install a total of 8 units on the ground and first floor of the Old Toll House. Selectaglaze Series 45 double side hung casement with gothic curved head was chosen

“Fitting secondary glazing into a Grade I Listed building with lots of different sized windows was a big challenge. We are delighted with the finished product in terms of insulation and sympathetic appearance.” Commented project organiser Chris Rice. Founded in 1966, Royal Warrant Holder Selectaglaze has gained a reputation as a leading secondary glazing specialist offering high performance noise insulation, improved building energy performance, and certified security. ❚ enquiry 109

of 100% Troldtekt natural wood wool panels include high sound absorption, high durability, natural breathability, low cost life cycle performance and sustainability as documented by Cradle to Cradle certification at silver level. They are specified to improve acoustics in many different projects such as schools, leisure centres, pools, commercial, private and public buildings. Available in various sizes and in four grades from extreme fine to coarse, they can be left untreated or painted in virtually any RAL colour. Samples, case studies and technical information are easily sourced from tel 01978 664255 or visit

following two days on site we decided to stop the works due to the amount of dust and time it was taking to remove the existing floor”. He went on to add, “we decided instead to install 600m2 of Gerflor’s GTI Max Carbon, a perfect solution that eliminated the issues with dust, and it also saved us both money and time in the renovation. GTI Max allowed us to go over the top of the existing Granwood floor finish without any subfloor preparation or having to remove it whilst still allowing the existing floor finish to breath”. Gerflor’s GTI Max range is ideally suited to a variety of education applications with high resistance for extreme traffic. It also offers easy installation and maintenance for less disruption to the daily operation of any education building. It provides one of the best PVC heavy traffic flooring solutions in the marketplace and offers a truly fit for purpose product that delivers an easy, long-lasting renovation resolution for specifiers and contractors alike. The GTI Max wear layer is reinforced by specific oblong fillers that offer outstanding resistance to traffic and is reinforced with 2 glass fibre grids on either side of an intermediate pressed homogeneous layer. GTI’s backing is a 4mm thick black pressed homogeneous sheet and its surface is a coloured homogeneous sheet and its surface is a coloured

homogeneous sheet 2 mm thick. GTI Max is 100% recyclable and is also made with up to 80% recycled content. The GTI Max range provides a speedy renovation solution and can be installed over many different types of existing floorcoverings with minimal subfloor preparation, no adhesives are required and most importantly… no disruption or need to close the establishment. It comes with the polyurethane surface treatment PUR+ for ease of maintenance and specifiers and designers can also benefit from mixing and matching colours to create corners and walkways using its modular tile format in 23 stunning colour choices. GTI Max is also 100% REACH compliant, Floorscore® certified, free of formaldehyde, free of heavy metals and solvents and manufactured in an ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certified site. GTI Max delivers TVOC emissions 10 times better than norm requirements (TVOC <100 μg/m3 after 28 days).

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May 2018

Clean Modern Lines and Protected Walls Achieved with Yeoman Shield Macmillan Academy, eager to promote sustainability and design throughout the interior fabric of their academy have used Yeoman Shield wall protection products to help achieve their goal. Based in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, Macmillan academy, responsible for the education of nearly 1500 pupils between the ages of 11-18, have spread their facilities across various site buildings that were built anytime from the 1940s to 2011, to accommodate the students.

Wanting to provide an aesthetic modern synergy between older parts of the academy and the new, along with reducing repair and redecoration requirements, Yeoman Shield wall protection products were chosen to be fitted along the corridors of the Drama and Maths departments.

After a site survey was carried out by an Area Sales Manager, 2.0mm thick wall protection panels in Yeoman Shield’s FalmouthEx finish were installed on corridor walls at 1250mm high in Dusty Grey. Alternate panels were placed at 2500mm high in mid grey offering a decorative yet functional scheme that is modern, clean and attractive to the eye.


protection will help to maintain the pristine interior of the busy school for many years to come whilst helping to promote sustainability by reducing the amount of maintenance work that will be required in the future. “Finding a sustainable solution that assisted in the reduction of annual repair costs to some areas of our older building stock was


paramount as we embarked on this project. With over 1700 young people and staff moving about our site daily, we wanted to create spaces that both felt fresh and clean whilst also improving the overall image of some of our older spaces. Yeomen Shield was excellent from start to finish, great communication and advice during the quotation process. Their own dedicated fitting teams were super-efficient and met with all our H&S requests. Ultimately the end product is stunning and we are seriously considering rolling this programme out over further areas within the Academy.” Commented Mrs A. Jackson – Estates Director, Macmillan Academy. ❚ enquiry 113

Corners vulnerable to damage by people passing through and the movement of equipment, were also protected with Yeoman Shield 75 x 75mm corner protection angles in contrasting Graphite Grey colour. On the ramp areas of the hallways there is the addition of Yeoman Shield’s 50mm dia. PVCu handrail in Mid Grey mounted on cream PVCu under slung brackets. Installed by Yeoman Shield’s directly employed fixing operatives the wall and corner

A proven management tool to help keep track, allocate and improve efficiency

How we can help • Information at a glance • Keep track of current and up and coming projects easily • Improve your departments performance • Manage resources more efficiently • Standard or tailor made

Special Offer Size 70 System only £69.00 + P&P and VAT

tel 01732 871 417 web

❚ enquiry 112

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Tetra Hotel: Could this be the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most futuristic-looking hotel? Continued from Front Cover

May 2018

WSP’s newly created Design Studio unveils plan for what might just be the world's most futuristic-looking hotel. Brainchild of awardwinning architecture practice Innovation Imperative, the eye-catching modular and sustainable hotel will feature around 42 suites in modular pods, as well as space for art and design exhibitions and fairs for global nomads and design-lovers alike.

as possible with a view of making the building completely off grid and independent. As advised by WSP, the hotel will use local sea water for cooling and solar thermal panels for hot water heating among other green technologies. During the construction phase, the pods will be prefabricated and assembled on-site for speed of delivery and use the local rock as foundation for minimum environmental impact.

An extension of Innovation Imperative’s previous project the Tetra Shed modular office pod, the hotel will be located in a geographically stunning location, aiming to provide a carbon neutral autonomous structure with sustainable agriculture and forest management at its core. Current locations under consideration include Cape Verde, Norway, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Hungary and the UK. The first hotel location is to be revealed this summer with others to come.

The hotel will be the first collaboration between WSP’s newly created Design Studio and an award-winning architect. The Design Studio has been created by WSP’s talented early career professionals as a portal for architects to get engineering support on their creative ideas, be they competitions, design features or just innovation ideas that need some engineering back-up.

A team of engineers at WSP is providing multidisciplinary engineering consultancy services on the Tetra Hotel providing a proof of concept study. Each 19 meter-high pod will feature multiple floors with the top storing a large bed set under a skylight while a shower will be located just below it. A third platform will feature a couch for entertaining, and just beneath it at the bottom of the pod there will be a secluded working area with a full desk. The hotel will also include bars, restaurants, spaces for markets, exhibitions and fairs that have been designed to attract and promote talented designers and creatives from around the world. But the hotel is not just about being another pretty façade. With sustainability at its core Tetra Hotel has been engineered to be as low energy


Ross Harvey, technical director and project director said: “Tetra Hotel and WSP are combining their creative powers on an exciting project that aims to create iconic architecture in stunning locations globally. WSP’s multidisciplinary Design Studio initiative is undertaking a proof of concept study to enable early-stage client discussions. The solutions being investigated are founded on sustainability, renewable energy and achieving minimal environmental impact. WSP is proud to be involved in this project and looks forward to its future success.” Comments David Ajasa-Adekunle, founder of Innovation Imperative: “With a team of talented and progressive professionals, our collaboration has so far proved to be both fruitful and exciting and we all look forward to an ongoing partnership with WSP''

w w w . w s p . c o m / u k

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Flowcrete UK Expands BIM Content Library New BIM objects added to Flowcrete UK’s extensive BIM Content Library. Every flooring element required for a 3D building model can now be sourced from Flowcrete UK’s BIM Content Library. Each BIM object provides layers of data to support the design, specification, construction and maintenance of the floor. Flowcrete UK has expanded its BIM (Building Information

Modelling) Content Library to encompass a wide selection of resin floors, screeds, damp proof membranes and underfloor heating systems – everything an architect needs to create an accurate 3D representation of a high-performance floor area. The resin flooring manufacturer is committed to providing the resources required by today’s high-tech construction industry professionals, which are increasingly embracing digital building modelling as a day-today practise.

Granorte Showcased Cork Innovation at Ecobuild Granorte’s presence at this year’s Ecobuild exhibition has cemented its position as the UK’s most highprofile cork supplier, showcasing its innovative cork flooring and wall products to the UK construction and specification industry. With Ecobuild viewed as the construction industry’s foremost event for building a sustainable future and cork a renewable and sustainable resource that is gaining acceptance as a surface suitable for use in commercial environments, Granorte proved an ideal fit. Showcasing a range of cork-based surface products suitable for use in demanding commercial environments, the manufacturer demonstrated the Available from the NBS National BIM Library, Flowcrete UK’s new BIM Content allows its flooring systems to be easily incorporated into a 3D building model and its associated component database. The BIM objects are available in a variety of formats, including Autodesk Revit, IFC, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks and AECOsim, so the

potential of the material to transform interiors with a fresh aesthetic and remarkable performance. With flooring products such as the revolutionary Kenko, rated for Class 34 Very Heavy Commercial use, there is no doubt that cork can have the durability to withstand busy commercial spaces, but the material also brings a range of benefits including heightened comfort, sound-reduction, thermal insulation and low environmental impact. Not only is cork a renewable natural resource, the cork in Granorte flooring is the result of by-product from the wine stopper industry and any waste through the production of flooring

designer can easily pick and choose the product in the preferred format. Flowcrete UK’s Managing Director, Kevin Potter, said: “BIM has revolutionised the construction industry, helping to provide more consistent, accurate project documentation and a more

can be easily reprocessed. Granorte specialises in innovation and demonstrated this at Ecobuild with the PVC-free alternative to rigid vinyl and LVT products, Kenko. Using a special polymer wear layer from Japan that is PVC and plasticizer-free, Kenko delivers the practical and aesthetic qualities that makes vinyl plank flooring popular in commercial spaces, with less environmental impact and heightened sound reduction, underfoot comfort and thermal insulation. The Portuguese-based company also showed its versatility to visitors at Ecobuild, with wall coverings, fabric and furniture all on display at the event at London’s Excel exhibition centre. With strong interest from specifiers and construction professionals, Granorte has declared its attendance as a success, and an important step in working towards its goal to become the UK’s best cork supplier. ❚ enquiry 115 transparent project delivery process. With BIM awareness at near-universal levels and adoption at over 62% of practises and growing rapidly, being able to provide so many products as BIM objects ensures that Flowcrete UK is a futureproof manufacturer that stays ahead of the technology curve.”

Sweet acoustics for chocolate manufacturer HeartFelt®, the latest sustainable ceiling system from Hunter Douglas Architectural, has been specified to great effect on the new Brandmaster’s confectionary office block in Oosterhout Holland.

The new facility, which houses offices, a boardroom, rest room, and cafeteria feature over 500sq metres of Hunter Douglas Architectural’s exciting new HeartFelt® ceiling system. Finished in seven different shades of grey and incorporating bespoke lighting strips fitted to the carrier system, the ambient feel and acoustic properties have been warmly welcomed by the company’s staff. A recent winner of the Red Dot design award, the new HeartFelt®

modular ceiling system is an innovative and sustainable felt ceiling product that delivers incredible acoustics and a unique modern appearance. Produced from non-woven thermoformed PES fibres, HeartFelt® is a linear felt ceiling system whose panels are manufactured 40mm wide x 55 mm deep and in lengths up to 6000mm. A wide choice of modules are available and the joint widths can be varied depending on the acoustic

performance required. A standard carrier system provides ease of installation and demountability for access to the plenum. The HeartFelt® range has a C2C Bronze certificate is dust and dirt free and has recently been enhanced by the addition of five new earth tones. E: W: ❚ enquiry 116

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May 2018



Armstrong Ceiling Solutions launches a Cradle to Cradle™ CPD New presentation advises on the role of Cradle to Cradle™ design in the built environment. A powerful CPD presentation on the role of Cradle to Cradle™ design in the built environment has been approved by RIBA for Armstrong Ceiling Solutions.

2. Material health in designing products that are safe for humans and the environment, from production to use to reuse.

“The circular economy and Cradle to Cradle™ design,” presentation is designed to help architects understand the concept of a circular economy and the industry drivers and business case for adopting circular design principles. It also helps them evaluate the performance characteristics of ceiling systems designed for circularity.

3. Design for disassembly and recovery through buildings which are designed intentionally for material recovery, value retention and meaningful next use.

The CPD pulls no punches when it explains how “the making of things is destructive” and how the construction industry has to change from its traditional “take, make, dispose” process to designing buildings for disassembly and re-use. It explains the definitions, principles and benefits of a circular economy as well as those benefits specific to the built environment. The Cradle to Cradle™ design concept is built around five principles: 1. Circular design which eliminates the concept of “waste”, with intentional nutrient cycles to retain the full value of the nutrient.

4. Value chain collaboration which innovates and accelerates circular solutions. This requires early and frequent engagement of all stakeholders, from the supply chain and material manufacturers, through architectural and interior designers, to owners and developers, and banks and financiers. 5. Quantifying value by creating and retaining value over the life cycle of a product or building. This is enabled by the identification, optimisation, verification and tracking of materials thoughtfully designed and assembled for whole building circularity. Guidance is also given in the CPD on how design principles can be applied in practice but it points out that although a reasonably high level of understanding of the generic principles of designing for deconstruction exists, there seems little commercial appetite

Sweden’s Safe Sanctuary: ‘House of Heroes’ children’s recovery centre is built with MEDITE TYRICOYA EXTREME

for doing it. However, the manufacturing sector has responded by adopting the Cradle to Cradle™ standard as product design and innovation leads the process, and currently 185 products from the built environment sector are certified. The in-use phase is under increasing focus as building owners, operators and occupants want to know the impact and benefit of the product when installed and also how value can be retained throughout its lifetime.

It also quantifies the benefits of the mineral ceiling tile recycling programme that Armstrong pioneered in the UK in 2003 and advises on tools useful for tracking the value of materials.

Armstrong’s new CPD also explains how Cradle to Cradle™ accreditation has been designed to be flexible, with five different levels of certification (basic to platinum) acknowledging that products are not perfect from a Cradle to Cradle™ perspective but encouraging continuous improvement in the five criteria of material health and re-utilisation, renewable energy and water stewardship, and social fairness.

But more than just a CPD for architects, it is a CPD for life.

Why MTX is an effective choice Research has shown that exposure to woodbased products and interiors can create similar health benefits to spending time in nature. These include physical and mental rejuvenation, emotional calm and quicker recovery from illness. However, it is imperative to consider formaldehyde levels in all timber products used, especially for a building which is home to recuperating young residents. MTX offers an excellent solution because of its incredibly low formaldehyde emission classification of E1.

demonstrates the full value of our product, and great understanding of timber as a building material. Not only will the product help to create a fantastic environment for children to live in, but it will not degrade, meaning it will be there for years to come.”

Additionally, the versatility of MTX was harnessed to create a stunning architectural design, with the panels lining the outer walls being milled into intricate patterns. This created a well-lit space, allowing the young children to enjoy a light, bright atmosphere. As MTX is completely weatherproof both on the surface and all the way through, it enables elaborate machining to achieve complex patterns. This ensures that the effort and investment poured into design innovation will last a lifetime. Stuart Devoil, Head of Marketing and Brand for MEDITE SMARTPLY commented: “This wonderful project A hospital facility in Norrland, Sweden has been renovated extensively with woodbased products, owing to the universal belief that natural materials help people heal better. This serene and homely sanctuary functions as a temporary home for families with young children suffering from long-term illness. Designed by White Arkitekter, Hjältarnas Hus (House of Heroes) features MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME (MTX) panels along the outer walls, while the roof

is structured from glue-laminated wood (‘glulam’), overlaid with white metal sheets. The building’s interior walls and ceilings are clad with fir. MTX was specifically chosen due to its “outstanding qualities,” including being the only wood composite panel guaranteed to last 50 years in an external environment, even when in contact with moisture. Equally importantly, it is manufactured using no added formaldehyde; extremely important when considering its purpose as a recovery centre.

The presentation, which gives architects a one-hour CPD credit, covers the new CPD core curriculum subjects of design, construction and technology to a general awareness knowledge level.

More information is accessible via the Armstrong Ceilings website commercial/en-gb/. ❚ enquiry 118

As MTX is fully FSC certified, it was a natural choice for a building designed to meet the highest environmental standards. Generally, in using mainly timber for this build, Hjältarnas  Hus and the Sweden Västerbotten Healthcare Counci l, who collaborated on the project, have eliminated approximately one tonne of carbon dioxide per one cubic metre of solid material, from being released into the atmosphere, compared to using materials such as concrete or brick. While it includes an indoor courtyard in the atrium, the recovery centre is also surrounded by a park with a pond and playground. The atrium within the centre allows access to conference rooms and offices, while another new building houses small apartments  and  hotel-like suites with cooking facilities and activity rooms. This is truly a beautiful example of a ‘healthy’ building where both its inhabitants and the environment have been very carefully considered.

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Collaboration proves key to West End Gate development success

May 2018


Commercial aluminium systems specialist, AluK, has demonstrated that collaboration is the key to success, by working with a range of partners to deliver a comprehensive tender package for an aesthetically striking and energy efficient building façade solution, at a high-profile Berkeley Homes development. The extensive West End Gate development in central London is designed by Michael Squire & Partners (MSP) and boasts a mix of more than 700 apartments, penthouses and luxury-living housing. By working collaboratively with project partners and key stakeholders from the very early stages of the design process, AluK provided Berkeley Homes with a façade design they could be confident in, while meeting MSP’s desire to mix contemporary architecture with performance, within the final derisked tender package. As façade systems supplier and part of the project’s consultancy team, AluK worked closely with key stakeholders including lead architect Michael Squire & Partners, façade consultants Cladtech and structural engineers WSP, to design and develop the envelope solution from tender stage. AluK’s technical team designed more than 14,000m2 of unitised curtain wall, among other systems, to provide the envelope of a 29-storey residential tower – one of the tallest under construction in the capital.

Other companies working as part of the collaborative project team included BuroHappold as thermal and acoustic consultant, Exova Warrington as fire consultants and Martfier as the envelope contractor. Kevin Leahy Senior Technical Manager, Berkeley Homes (Central London) Ltd comments: “We feel that being able to provide accurate information to our supply chain partners, enabling them to de-risk the technical and commercial elements of any package when tendering, is the correct approach. I am delighted to say that having AluK work so closely with us on the unitised façade was central to helping us achieve this on West End Gate.” The value engineered design devised by AluK, in collaboration with the project partners, involved a faceted design with 72 different angles around a curved building, without compromising MSP’s design intent. 14,000m2 of AluK’s AW86 unitised curtain wall was specified, along with 241 2-pane, single track, lift and slide SC156 sliding doors, 750 concealed vents and 58 77ID swing doors for a full envelope and fenestration

solution. The design met the thermal requirements of the building at 0.95W/M2k as a weighted average across the façade. No renewable materials were required to supplement the façade’s performance, and traffic noise from the streets around the development could be kept to a minimum, through the use of RW43+ CTR acoustic glass. Russell Yates, Managing Director,

AluK GB Ltd comments: “Very early on, the importance of AluK playing a lead role in developing the design of the unitised façade for this flagship project was recognised. Our dedicated team works with partners from the design stage to ensure the exact project needs are met. “West End Gate has thrown up challenges on the way but through early involvement and collaboration, I believe we have played a pivotal role in assisting


the design team to deliver an exceptional, de-risked, tender package for Berkeley Homes.” Tony Ball Commercial Director, Berkeley Homes (South East London) Ltd: “We feel that being able to provide accurate information to our supply chain partners, enabling them to de-risk the technical and commercial elements of any package when tendering, is the correct approach. “I am delighted to say that having AluK work closely with us on the unitised façade was central to helping us achieve this on West End Gate.” The first phase of West End Gate complex has an expected completion date of summer 2020.

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Simpson expands range with masonry reinforcement and render mesh Introducing the latest product offering by leading construction connector manufacturer Simpson Strong-Tie; masonry reinforcement and render mesh solutions for timber and masonry construction: • Bricktor® for crack control reinforcement • Brickforce® for structural reinforced masonry applications

Cavity Barrier Eliminates Identified Weaknesses A multi-functional acoustic and fire cavity barrier/stop eliminates concerns associated with alternative approaches, claims its manufacturer Cavity Trays of Yeovil. It’s called the Cavi60 SAF. Cavi 60 denotes sixty minutes fire integrity rating and SAF stands for Sloping/Acoustic/Fire. This parallelogram barrier/stop always deflects the water forward, avoiding the

• Bricktie® - developed to overcome the problems associated with lifting heavy blocks in the construction of 215 mm and greater thickness walls • STUCANET HGBM and EBM - purpose designed steel welded wire mesh plaster and render carriers Sales Director Jon Head comments “The introduction of a complete suite of masonry reinforcement products means that, along with our wall ties, frame ties and joist hangers, we can now offer the widest range of masonry connectors to the UK construction sector.” Visit our Resources page at for more information and to download our handy flyer, packed with product details and installation advice. ❚ enquiry 123

difficulties and wet ingress routes that can arise if penetrating water can pool and track across a square flat surfaced barrier. Its’ unique shape also makes joining easier. As well as being conventionally butt-jointed, it can advantageously be staggered up and down, with its angled surfaces overlapping to ensure barrier continuity. No other fire-rated cavity barrier/stop offers this angle-lapped continuity and protection.Vertical and corner barriers are also available, providing the specifier with compatible safety barriers to protect the building envelope with fire-integrity ratings from Cavi 60 (one hour) up to Cavi 240 (four hours).

❚ enquiry 122

and look right in this heritage location” To fit in with the architectural vernacular, Swish supplied approximately 100 metres of their cellular PVC, Black foiled fascia and soffit boarding together with similar quantities of cast iron effect guttering in Ogee profile, plus square section downpipes. According to Swish, cellular PVC has taken over from timber for roofline work – fascia, soffit and barge boards. Better consistency of materials, ease of working, long life and nil-maintenance have all lead to the gradual dominance of the material. Cellular PVC can also be fully re-cycled at the end of its service life, adding a further benefit over timber.

Swish roofline and rainwater systems for Brecon Mountain Railway refurbishment.

Owners of the Brecon Mountain Railway turned to Roofline & Rainwater Systems specialists, Swish Building Products, for replacement guttering and fascia boards for their station buildings and maintenance facilities. The Swish products were ordered as part of a major refurbishment and upgrade of

the railway buildings. These included the booking hall, restaurant, platform and engine repair sheds, all located at Pant Station, the start and finish point for the Brecon Mountain Railway, near Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales. Duty Officer John Taylor takes up the story. “With over 85000 visitors per year travelling on the Railway, we were concerned that the buildings were looking shabby and the original guttering and fascia boards were well past their best. We needed replacements that would stand up to the heavy rain we get in South Wales

When it comes to gutter detail, Swish cast iron effect rainwater goods are excellent reproductions of the original, with a surface texture that makes them highly appealing, and specially moulded components that follow the original design. PVC is also a cost-effective alternative to the hugely more expensive, real thing. “As far as roofline and rainwater systems go, Swish did a fabulous job for us and we are good for many years to come.“ Said Mr Taylor. For further information on the full range of Swish roofline and rainwater systems contact: Swish Building Products: 01827 317 200 ❚ enquiry 124

May 2018



❚ enquiry 126

Mapei launch Mapetherm Flex RP - a flexible, ready mixed skimming base coat Mapetherm Flex RP is a readymixed, cement-free flexible skimming base coat that is extremely elastic and due to added Bioblock technology, is resistant to the biological attack of mould and algae. Developed by Mapei’s worldwide Research & Development laboratories, Mapetherm Flex RP is excellent for repairing deteriorated insulating systems and/ or micro-cracked render to form reinforced skim coats on insulating panels and thermal insulation systems. Thermal insulation systems offer protection from bad weather and help to contain energy losses which can be costly and increase the levels of CO2 emissions. These systems sometimes require maintenance and, in worst cases, may need to be completely removed and replaced. If the damage deterioration has been identified in time, it’s possible to carry out repairs using technologically suitable product and, if applied by skilled workers, the intervention will be reliable, durable and economically advantageous. Mapetherm Flex RP contains versatile

characteristics that have been successfully used to carry out repair and maintenance work that is efficient and has an aesthetically pleasing finish. An innovative use of resin ensures that Mapetherm Flex RP is highly elastic. It also adheres perfectly to insulating panels, old and new render, organic and cementitious skimming compounds, paint and coatings including those deteriorated - as long as they are sound, well bonded to the substrate and do not suffer from rising damp. A high impact strength also ensures that impact loads are dissipated by its elastic structure. Mapetherm Flex RP can also be tinted using the Mapei ColorMap automatic coloring system. It also contains Ultralite technology – a Mapei certification that characterizes lightweight adhesives by their low density which are made lighter by adding tiny, lightweight glass beads. In addition, Mapetherm Flex RP is also Mapei certified as Fast Track Ready, an exclusive Mapei technology that identifies products for rapid installation of wall and floor coverings. Mapei has produced an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Mapetherm Flex RP. An EPD is a complete certified report prepared according to international

standards, documenting the effects a product has on the environment. An analysis of the product using the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, evaluates the environmental impact of the product: from extraction of the raw materials that make up the formula, to its final disposal. ❚ enquiry 125

Email or tel. +44 (0)121 508 6970 for more information on how Mapei products can be used in your project or visit to view the full product range.

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Kemper System’s Kemperol 2K-PUR solvent-free and odourless waterproofing membrane has been used to refurbish the 1,000m2 penthouse roof area above an oil refinery at a food processing plant in in Erith, London. Working closely with Northfall Design Associates, the highly experienced and knowledgeable team at Kemper System helped to devise a successful conservation programme at the ADM Milling penthouse to address water ingress caused by severe deterioration of the 40-metre high roof area. The oil refinery is housed within the ADM penthouse building and is more than 100 years old. The flat roof area which required refurbishment sits above the oil refinery with steeply pitched mansards, dormers and concrete gutters which also needed repair. A quick yet durable waterproofing solution was required as the food milling plant was occupied and needed to remain fully functioning throughout the project. Roofing contractors, Garhigh Southern Ltd, was able to install the Kemperol 2KPUR system in a single, wet-on-wet process after removing, cleaning and priming the existing concrete substrate. Concrete repairs were also required on the steep mansards and dormers prior to installation, and on the flat roof area to address disused venting outlets and to obtain optimum thickness of the concrete substrate prior to installation of the Kemperol 2K-PUR system. The Kemperol 2K-PUR liquid waterproofing was then applied using a roller, with a reinforcement fleece laid

directly into the wet resin, immediately followed by more resin on top to ensure complete saturation of the fleece. The cured solution then forms a seamless, elastomeric waterproof membrane that cannot delaminate and is UV stable – directly addressing the issues of water leaking into the building. The works also demanded complex detailing around the disused vents, several outlets and plant on the main roof area. Because of the nature of the building, the food processing mill was still occupied during repair works, which also included a steam release from the oil refinery several times a day. This meant contractors had to work during weekend hours when the mill was closed to avoid any potential health and safety risks, as well as being flexible around the working processes of the plant. Despite this challenge, contractors were able to install Kemper System’s liquid waterproofing quickly and with ease thanks to its versatile liquid application technique. Gary Buckman, director at Garhigh Southern Ltd, said: “Kemper System was an ideal choice on this project for many reasons. One main challenge was access to site as not only was the complex roof area 40-metres high, but the client requested for there to be no scaffolding from the ground and up the building. Therefore, we devised a plan to erect hanging scaffolding out of the dormer windows. The ease of application of

Kemper System ensured installation ran as smoothly as possible.” Gary continued: “In addition, because of the exposed location of the building, next to London’s River Thames, operatives were also faced with high winds during installation being completely exposed to the elements, and the steam released from the plant was also a potential health and safety hazard. The handling and laying of sheet membrane materials would not have been practical and increased the safety risk further for installers and employees. Therefore, Kemper System’s twocomponent liquid applied system was ideally suited to these conditions.” Stuart Hicks at Kemper System added: “This project presented many design and installation challenges, yet the Kemperol 2K-PUR waterproofing solution was able to overcome these easily. The level of variation and detail of the substrates that required refurbishment showcases the

versatility of the liquid applied resin, and contractors were able to safely install the system to the extremely steep mansard as well as guttering and detailing around the roof area. The fact that Kemper System’s waterproofing solution is eco-friendly as well as odourless was an added bonus for the client operating within the food-sector, and work was able to be carried out whilst the building was still occupied and with little disruption.” ADM processes rapeseed into vegetable oil at its London site as well as six other facilities in England and Scotland. Kemper System was also specified to refurbish an 85-metre high food silo at the same site in 2017. Website: ❚ enquiry 127

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May 2018




Celebrating 30 Years Trading Barrier Components Ltd, has traded as a specialist architectural hardware supplier since 1987. Based in Purfleet, Essex they constantly strive to source new and innovative hardware products, from around the world, to provide a one-stop-shop with respected technical support for their customers. The company’s product portfolio broadly includes swing, sliding and folding door systems, glass hardware, balustrade systems, gate hardware, shower enclosure components and brush strips and seals.  But their success has come not only from a wide product range, it is from the detail and energy they pour into sourcing new innovations, testing them and bringing them to the UK market. Barrier Components prides itself on the long-standing supplier partnerships it has with leading manufacturers across the world. Brands like FAC of Italy that supply a wide range of steel components for cantilever, swing and sliding steel gates. Their recent additions are bi-folding and

telescopic kits for all sliding solutions. LOCINOX of Belgium is another supply partner with a focus on high security lock systems. They design and manufacture the largest range of locks for steel gate systems in the world together with self-close mechanisms for swing gate systems. HELAFORM of Finland supply Barrier with heavy duty industrial and agricultural sliding door solutions.  The COLCOM group (including SADEV of France) offer a solution for frameless glass facades and balustrade systems and GCC of Taiwan supply an extensive range of glass components for shop fronts and shower enclosures. These are just a few of Barrier Components long-term suppliers, quality brands that ensure that

Barrier Components keep on offering the very latest product innovations. ONE BALUSTRATE CHANNEL TO RULE THEM ALL… One of Barrier Components most recent successes has been in capturing a large share of the balustrade system market with their supplier Sadev. In the spring of 2016 they introduced the Barrier-SABCO balustrade hardware system boasting a hitech, sleek and minimal finish and offering the perfect cost effective solution for Frameless  glass  providing an installation that’s designed to be simple to install and achieves the stringent BS EN 6180:2011 3kN performance*.Consistent development saw a now popular addition introduced last year to complement the system, a high quality RGBW LED lighting strip.  The strips can be used with either a 12v or 24v power supply and has an impressive 60 LED’s per metre.  It is IP68 rated for external use, comes with a 5 year warranty and can be purchased with a range of RF remote controls. They also introduced Juliet balcony kits into their range enabling supply for a popular domestic trend.

STEEL POSTS & SPIGOTS Barrier Components selection of stainless steel posts and spigots are also proving to be increasingly popular, triggered by the current growth in sales of glass balustrade systems. They have a range of pre-assembled posts, tilt-loc spigots and stand-off adapters suitable for a wide range of applications. In fact their broad range of glass hardware includes hinges, patch fittings, door handles, clamps & point fixings, frameless glass seals, spider fixings and articulated fixing bolts, including blast enhanced bolts for point fixed glass facades. GATED SOLUTIONS The company has a wide range of gate products including hardware for Bottom rolling,  Cantilever, swing and bi-fold systems, together with general gate locks and bolts.  One of their key suppliers Locinox and FAC work closely with the company to provide technical solutions for a wide range of customers. DOOR SYSTEM SPECIALIST Swing, Sliding and folding door systems really are a speciality of Barrier Components.  They offer a host of domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural door system solutions.  This range includes Straight Sliding, Stacking, External Bottom and Top Hung

Folding, Interior End fold systems together with many Frameless Glass solutions. Barrier works hard to constantly improve the design and performance of the systems they provide to ensure they carry the latest technology and material finishes. Their most recently introduced systems are the Barrierslide Strap, Ivan 2 and Crystal that not only save space but reflect the latest look in interior styling.  They are ideal for both residential and commercial applications and they will work with solid, framed and frameless glass doors and feature exposed tracks and industrial style running gear which are right on trend. They all come complete with fixing stops, guides and both soft close and open devices.   BRUSH STRIPS AND SEALS Barrier also sell a range of quality brush strips and seals to reduce draughts, shaking and rattling. The range includes everything from glass to garage door seals to help improve the efficiency of the home or office.  Check out  for further details or to purchase on line or call their technical team on 01708 891515 ❚ enquiry 128

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Marina makeover by Osmo Listed country house saved from dereliction With summer on its way, UVProtection-Oil 420 from Osmo UK has been applied to a café in Cheshire to rejuvenate the exterior cladding ahead of the busy season and enhance the natural character of the wood. Yorkshire-based professional painter and decorator, and member of The Decorators Forum, Rob Greenwood was contracted to revive the exterior cladding on The Boathouse Café in Tattenhall Marina. The wood cladding had weathered by the UV rays, destroying the lignin in wood. It required an upgrade – one which would improve the aesthetics of the building, but also protect the wood going forwards. Based approximately 100 miles away from this project, Rob needed a finish that he could rely on. Having worked with Osmo UK products in the past, Rob recognised that the UV-ProtectionOil 420 finish would be the best option for this job, as it would

A Category B listed country house near Peebles, Scotland, has been brought back to life following many years of neglect.

As in most historic houses, the walls of Hallyards do not have a damp course, which means that moisture rises up them and needs to evaporate away. At some stage lime plaster had been replaced with gypsum plaster but this had

protect, maintain, and restore the wood.

damaged walls by preventing them from breathing. Owner Mike Gush said: “For the internal decoration we chose Earthborn Claypaint because it is highly breathable and works well with lime plaster. We’ve chosen shades that complement the stone floors and slate worktops, aiming to create a bright and airy feel.” Claypaint is a unique, clay based emulsion that maximises the natural properties of clay to create a high performance, highly breathable paint that covers exceptionally well and gives a distinctive, ultra matt finish.

Rob used a 2-inch flat brush to apply two coats of UV-ProtectionOil to the cladding, using around 10 litres in total. “Two coats of Osmo UK UV-Protection-Oil, and the cladding immediately looked amazing” comments Rob. “The first coat makes the world of difference and the second coat is a dream to put on. The consistency was really good, making it flow easily off the brush.”

It is virtually VOC free and does not give off any toxic emissions so it is safer for the health of building occupants and the environment. Its eco credentials include the stringent EU Ecolabel.

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Claypaint is available in Earthborn’s signature palette of 72 shades. Bespoke colours can be developed through the nationwide network of Earthborn stockists such as Ian Russell Paints of Edinburgh which supplied the paint for Hallyards.

Teknos Paints; buy from the best

For further information visit:

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Finnish born company, Teknos, has over 25 years’ experience of supplying water based coatings to the UK joinery industry. Working with some of the best-known names in the industry, including Timbmet, Accsys (Accoya) and James Latham, Teknos has built up a tried-and-tested coatings portfolio that works. TeknosPro paints are not only technically-advanced solutions designed to protect and preserve

Mapei launch Dursilite Gloss -

a semi gloss Mapei introduce Dursilite Gloss to the popular range of Dursilite water based paints for interiors. Dursilite Gloss is an internal enamel wall paint based on special acrylic and polyurethane resins and has a smooth, semi-gloss finish that enhances the brightness of colours. Dursilite Gloss allows you to create a high-end finish, is durable and resistant to yellowing and thanks to

its polyurethane resin content, is highly resistant to staining and can cope with the most rigorous cleaning regimes and comes with a Class 1 wet scrub resistance, that conforms to EN ISO 11998. Dursilite Gloss bonds perfectly to all types of wall, plaster, skim coats and old paintwork that are sound and well-bonded; it also has good hiding power and is easy to apply. An elegant, high quality finish is

wood, walls and metal, they also have low VOC levels and, as waterborne paints, they have little impact on the environment compared to solvent-borne products from others in the industry. They are specifically designed for the discerning professional painter. TeknosPro chooses high quality raw materials at the manufacturing stage to offer the best performing coatings. With

achieved when using Dursilite Gloss in residential or commercial environments. Due to its hard wearing protection, excellent cleanability and low dirt pick up, Dursilite Gloss is recommended for use in areas that are used by the general public that are particularly exposed to high wear and dirt. Dursilite Gloss, along with all products within the Dursilite product family, can be tinted using the ColorMap automatic tinting machine. Other products within the Dursilite Gloss family include Dursilite Plus, Dursilite Matt. Email or tel. +44 (0)121 508 6970 for more information on how Mapei products can be used in your project or visit to view the full product range.

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superior pigments and binders, the coatings have a long life prolonging the times between maintenance and touch ups. The waterborne paints do not contain lead, chrome or other heavy metals making them perfect for the home as they are safe for the homeowner and the environment. However, as with use of any paint, the use of protective equipment and clothing is advised.

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May 2018

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st o the large the We are one We no further. ble. We have lab ct? Then look colours avai p you. m mercial proje an amazing range of help ent or com how we can developm perience plus to our team about exp your building talk a wealth of LS s why not so a partner for in the UK and have , for TERIA too A AT g MA cts D Lookin proje  ANTI-SKI AILABLE resin products ly large commercial VA AV VICE A RV SER suppliers of N supp TION T or A ll ALL to insta  INSTA D CT TO SITE DIRE ABLE capability





HRPROF is manufactured and approved to ISO 9001-2008!

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Tetra Hotel: Co the world’s m uld this be futuristic-lookost ing hotel?

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! Water based - does not leach! ! Allows wood to breathe naturally! ! Internal/external application! ! Colourless - Odourless! ! EN 13501 - 1! ! Non Toxic - No Solvents! ! BS 476 part 6 & BS 476 part 7! ! Euro-class B-s1-d0 and C-s1-d0! ! BM TRADA ISO 9001 Certificate! ! Meets the highest EU standards!

No HR Prof! !


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Classification Reports & Certificates; Pine, Spruce, Scots/Siberian Larch, West Red Cedar, Oak & More!



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POLY X®- OIL: Highest qualit y colour and protection for wood d











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‘Unitised Systems for All’ by Wojciech Brożyna MD Aluprof UK. More specifiers in the UK are becoming aware that Unitised systems arebecoming more affordable and available through UK fabrication specialists. Simple to install by experienced teams on site, unitised systems can speed up the completion of the building envelope on site, whilst also catering for greater building movement. Tom Wells of Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Architects, comments, “Scotland Yard is the radical remodelling and extension of a 1930s building in Whitehall, to provide a new headquarters for the Metropolitan Police. “The new west facade was designed as a more contemporary element using aluminium unitised curtain walling, manufactured in Poland by Aluprof. The system is a combination of glazed and solid bronze powder coated

panels with a brise-soleil of different colour aluminium fins forming privacy and solar shading. The colour of the fins sampled the surrounding buildings, creating a rich tapestry which despite its modern form, complements its prestigious location. “Aluprof were able to produce bespoke extrusions to suit the architectural design and engineered the system to meet the strict performance requirements, whilst also advising on delivery, logistics and erection. Due to tight access and proximity to neighbouring parliamentary buildings, the glazed and Louvre panels were craned to the roof, assembled together and then lowered into position in a matter of weeks.” The choice of curtain wall construction for many years has been limited to the traditional ‘stick’ form of construction. Aluminium mullion and transom profiles prepared in the factory are assembled and fixed onto the building in a grid formation and later glazed on site with, or without, pressure plates. These systems offer an excellent solution for small or large areas of glazed facades. A relatively simple concept, a unitised facade installation consists of individually glazed, aluminium framed, complete unitised elements being delivered and assembled on site. Each unit is complete and, once in place, seals effectively to its unitised neighbour and offers a complete weathered installation. The unitised solution often shortens the time required to complete the building envelope and can save weeks on a building programme. Many of the very large facade companies in the UK and Europe specialise in unitised systems, but due to the nature of fabrication and logistics, will not consider projects under a certain value. These companies often hold the designs to the profiles and initiate weather testing on a ‘per project’ basis. For small to medium sized buildings in the UK we have therefore normally resorted to ‘stick’ curtain wall systems which are relatively easy to produce in a well equipped aluminium fabrication shop. Whilst these systems can be cost effective, they can take time to complete on site, often relying on wet sealing solutions in their construction so program progress can be slow in damp conditions, which is not ideal given the uncertainty of the British weather.

The most competitive stick systems comprise of 50mm mullion and transom sight lines which suit most construction requirement, but care is needed when calculating for allowable thermal and building movement. Unitised systems are complete facade elements which span from floor to floor and are often in standard module widths that allow for greater movement around their unitised perimeters than that of their stick system counterparts. In today’s construction market, filling the supply gap between the huge facade contractors and the smaller to medium sized facade contractors are the aluminium ‘systems’ companies. These systems companies supply ‘off the shelf’ profiles complete with hardware solutions

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May 2018

and installation. Manufacturing often requires a new production line with mechanical lifting equipment. Unitised systems are factory glazed and elements are typically up to 3.0m in height and 1.2m or more in width which weigh upward of 150kg once glazed. It is this fully glazed fabrication requirement for unitised construction which is not normally considered in a typical aluminium fabrication shop. Logistics are also much different to normal commercial aluminium work. Whilst stick curtain wall systems, unglazed windows and doors can easily be packaged and loaded onto a flat bed lorry for transport, unitised modules are usually placed in racks which are either lifted off in their entirety on site, or when possible, unitised elements can be lifted off individually and installed direct from the delivery vehicle. As unitised elements take up little space and can be installed quickly, they are ideal for where site access is very tight and storage limited.

to the experienced fabricator and installation contractors. The systems are manufactured to strict guidelines, often laid down in a comprehensive technical manual, and once installed, perform to extensive weathering capabilities. Until a decade or so ago, no systems companies provided such unitised solutions. Windows, doors and stick curtain wall systems can easily be produced on a typical fabrication line, as the completed products are of reasonable size which can be manually handled and easily delivered. Unitised construction requires a significant investment in new plant and machinery, as well as experience in manufacture, logistics

Where racks of complete elements are loaded to the floor where they are being installed, special plant is used for installation. These specialised machines pick up units from the rack, take them beyond the floor edge, turns the unit vertical and places it upon the fixing brackets, where the unit aligns with the edge seals of adjacent units. Scaffolding is not required when the glazed facade is constructed of unitised elements. No applied ‘wet’ sealing is required on installation, so units can be installed in inclement weather, the only issue that does require monitoring is that of high winds. Being able to install without scaffolding and in damp weather ensures that the building envelope is watertight in the shortest space of time and importantly, to programme. This leads us onto the third crucial element of unitised facade installation, that of setting out. A unitised element sits on two brackets fixed to the building structure, these brackets need to be set out accurately around the building on all floors prior to any units being delivered on site. Between the units there is a least two structural seals which link units together on all sides allowing for building and thermal movement whilst creating excellent weathertight and good thermal insulation properties.


As unitised systems are manufactured off site in a controlled environment, it is often claimed that such fabrication is conducted to a much higher standard. Due to the more specialist manufacture, logistics and installation, unitised systems are more expensive than traditional stick construction. Given that scaffolding is not required, the additional costs can be completely offset but with the added benefit of up to 50% reduction in time to install on site. To ensure that the complete facade contract can be achieved with the correct expertise and appropriate efficiency, Aluprof offer UK support for their UK customers with startup production assistance of unitised systems, offering both factory based and on site support, from experienced unitised engineers. As one of Europe's leading systems companies, Aluprof’s MB-SE75 competitively priced unitised curtain wall system has been extensively tested and used on many European and Worldwide projects. Projects in London are also under installation at this time. Our philosophy is one of bespoke design when in consultation with specifiers. Project details and solutions can be developed by our technical department in the UK before the project goes to tender to ensure that construction details are both robust and covered by Aluprof’s warranty. Our Aluprof UK head office and extensive distribution centre is located in Altrincham, Cheshire. Our systems are increasingly being specified on a wide range of residential and commercial projects across the UK. Systems are designed, fabricated and installed by selected, specially trained companies, to ensure each fabricated product meets the Aluprof exacting standards.

Further information is available on our company’s website at and specialist advice is available directly from our UK offices on 0161 941 4005.

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Fully WRAS approved, DELABIE’s new anti-bacterial BIOFIL shower head filters provide peace of mind if bacterial analysis identifies an outbreak. Featuring innovative, hollow-fibre membrane technology to microfilter the water, the BIOFIL filters accommodate increased volumes of water. Although compact, they have a large filtration surface with better resistance to clogging.

The landmark project, by property developers British Landis being undertaken by Laing O’Rourke, with the Waterman Group filling the role of structural and building services consultant. The quality of the design and services will set new international benchmarks for residential schemes. The CeraLine units are being supplied to installer, Vetter UK, through Neville Lumb: a specialist bathroom retailer established in 1882 that has been involved in many of the country’s most prestigious residential and leisure projects. The Dallmer floor drains were selected for their high quality appearance, their capacity to remove large volumes of water quickly from the shower zone and the ease of installation, which includes the provision of an insert to maintain the integrity as well as the appearance of the tiling. While CeraLine F Flex is available in lengths of up to 1200 mm, the fit out of the residences within Clarges Mayfair is making use of sizes from 500mm to 900mm. Fashioned form 304 grade stainless steel, the Flex features not only height adjustable pedestal legs for accurate levelling, but also an outlet which can be rotated through 360 degrees. The drain body has a removable trap insert and a sanded flange to facilitate secures bonding of the under-tile membrane. Web:

❚ enquiry 136

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DELABIE launches new threaded shower head filter

DALLMER Drains make their mark in luxury Mayfair Development

Clarges Mayfair, the super prime development of 34 luxury residences with stunning views over Green Park and Buckingham Palace, have been fitted to the highest specification, including bathrooms and wet rooms where CeraLine F Flex drains from the Dallmer range will keep shower areas clear of water.

DELABIE has extended its range of BIOFIL terminal filters with a new single use anti-bacterial shower head which attaches directly to the shower hose. As with all the BIOFIL filters, this shower head secures the water quality at the point-of-use, protecting the user against waterborne infection. This new shower head has a threaded tail which screws directly into any flexible hose, without the need for a push-fit connector. Available in both sterile and non-sterile versions, it complements the existing range of BIOFIL antibacterial shower heads, cartridges and spout filters (the only ones available on the market). The spouts are also available in sterile and non-sterile versions and can be fitted to all DELABIE’s mixers with removable BIOCLIP spouts. All DELABIE’s filters have a maximum lifespan of 62 days. They have been subjected to the bacterial retention test in accordance with ASTM F838, and have a sterilising grade of 0.1μm absolute-rated. They will also withstand chemical and thermal shocks.

ZIP launches product to help architects and specifiers ditch plastic bottle drinking water systems sparkling or ambient filtered water – equivalent to 373 bottles (750ml). With oncounter or below-counter options and flexible packages depending on usage requirements, the new range has been created to meet any need. Alongside its ability to provide vast amounts of chilled water – perfect for filling re-useable glass bottles – its 3 micron Zip MicroPurity filtration system ensures that the water dispensed is safe, pure-tasting and free from contaminants. This means that those who dislike the taste of tap water have access to great-tasting water without the need to buy plastic bottles.

The latest product from Zip Water UK may mean architects and specifiers never again have to specify a commercial drinking water system that uses plastic water bottles. The company behind the infamous HydroTap has developed Zip HydroChill, a high-capacity filtered, chilled drinking water range which completely removes the need for unsustainable plastic bottles. Designed for offices and hospitality areas, the HydroChill range caters for up to 280 litres per hour of chilled,

“The use of plastic water bottles in commercial environments is a huge contribution to environmental damage, and is completely unnecessary”, comments Russell Owens, marketing director at Zip Water UK. “We know how important it is to have a healthy drinking water supply readily available – it’s been proven to directly impact productivity after all – but it’s important that those specifying know that there are sustainable options out there. Even more concerning is that alongside the presence of microplastics in tap water, a recent study* also discovered microplastics in bottled water – in fact 93 percent of the bottled water tested showed evidence of plastic contamination,” continues Russell. “Drinking water systems such as the HydroChill range are mains-fed with

excellent filtration systems, ensuring that the water delivered is healthy and sustainable.” The easy to install and use range includes benefits such as portion control for filling bottles, purchase and rental options and a complete after-care package for peace of mind. This package – HydroCare – includes an annual service, technical support and full breakdown cover. “Whether the brief is to provide water for meetings and conferences or to keep numerous staff hydrated, we can provide great-tasting water in an instant,” continues Russell. “We would encourage anyone responsible for specifying a commercial drinking water supply to look at whether they currently use plastic water bottles and how much plastic waste this creates. Architects and specifiers are in a very influential position when it comes to helping businesses to reduce plastic waste, so we’re happy to help them make the right decision.” Zip also offers a range of glass water bottles and accessories to be used alongside the HydroChill range. As part of Zip’s ongoing commitment to helping businesses reduce their use of plastic bottles, it is spearheading a new campaign. Reuse Refill Refresh aims to promote refreshment and hydration without the use of single-use plastic bottles. ❚ enquiry 138

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May 2018


• ATRIO Collection • Sense & Sense Guard Water Security System (2 awards) • SmartControl Concealed • Essence Spa Colours Collection • Architectural Flush Plates • Euphoria 260 Showerhead

GROHE breaks all records at the 2018 Red Dot Awards GROHE has won a record number of nine awards at the Red Dot Design Awards 2018 – one of the most prestigious international design recognitions. The design competition is organised by Design Zentrum NordrheinWestfalen in Germany. GROHE received the prestigious "Red Dots" for the GROHE Red and the new GROHE BLUE

Home Pull-Out water systems and bathroom collections such as the brand new ATRIO product generation which recently launched at Fuorisalone in Milan. The nine winning GROHE products are: • RED Kettle Hot Water tap • BLUE Home Chilled Still and Sparkling filtered Water Tap

Each of the awarded products will be displayed in the exhibition of the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany, the largest museum for contemporary design. In addition, they will be presented in the Red Dot Design Yearbook, at the online portal Red Dot 21, in the app, and the online exhibition starting on 9th July 2018. On the same day, the official awards ceremony (known as the Red Dot Gala) and the subsequent Designers’ Night will take place in Essen. Michael Seum, Vice President Design at GROHE leads the team of 20 international designers who develop all design ideas. He said: “GROHE attaches great importance to the fact that design as a corporate value is more than just a driver. Rather, it is firmly anchored in the company's DNA. My team and I are very happy about this outstanding recognition of our work. We are honored that our design philosophy is so well respected in the creative community. Our products have to stand out in an extremely competitive environment. Design is a very important key element. We want to create something unique and new, while also achieving design permanence. In

Saniflo celebrates 60 years of innovation The Saniflo macerator is celebrating its diamond anniversary and to celebrate the company is launching a unique prize draw which can be entered by installers each time they purchase one of a range of domestic macerators between 15th May and 31st September 2018. It’s hard to believe that the first Saniflo was launched some six decades ago in France. The very first units were invented to provide extra wc facilities in apartment blocks in France. In the sixty years that have followed the innovation has continued and today Saniflo has the most comprehensive line-up of macerators, pumps and lifting stations for commercial and domestic markets and is not only the UK market leader, but has become the generic term for macerators in the same way as hoover has for vacuum cleaners. To recognise the landmark in the company history there will be special stickers on the boxes of the Saniflo Up, Sanipro Up, Saniplus Up, Sanivite+, Sanishower+ and the Sanispeed+ between those dates and these will

explain how to enter the draw to try and win cash prizes including: 1 prize of 6000 Euros, 10 prizes of 600 Euros and 100 prizes of 60 Euros. The Sterling equivalent will be available. A website URL and QR code printed on the sticker takes the installer to a dedicated web page where he/she can enter the relevant details and submit a proof of receipt whereupon he or she will be automatically entered into the random draw which will be drawn in October 2018. It is possible to enter the draw more than once; every purchase of a relevant product entitles the purchaser to a further entry. For a copy of the full terms and conditions please visit

addition to that, the aesthetics have to embody a deeper ease of use that will make it a pleasure for consumers to interact with our product." GROHE inspires with intelligent solutions at Red Dot 2018 The international Red Dot Design competition is organized by the Design Zentrum NordrheinWestfalen e.V. in Germany and honours the best products of the year. Designers and manufacturers from all over

the world submit their products and a jury of 40 experts assesses the submissions based on criteria such as degree of innovation, functionality, ergonomics, longevity and ecological compatibility. This year, the jurors received submissions from 59 countries. GROHE presented its extraordinary product variety with intelligent solutions in modern designs for bathrooms and kitchens. With nine of the coveted Red Dot Awards, GROHE has once again successfully demonstrated its leading market position in the sanitary industry. As part of the globally networked LIXIL family GROHE is pleased about six more Red Dot Awards for LIXIL. American Standard received four awards while DXV received two awards. In addition, the Red Dot jury awarded the title “Honourable Mention” for LIXIL’s SATO V-Trap Toilet System, a twin-pit pour-flush latrine designed to help give millions of people across the globe access to hygienic sanitary facilities.

The Saniflo macerator is celebrating 60 years of innovation worldwide



€6,000 0 ! N I W U O Y



Terms and conditions The promoter is: Société Française d’A Assainissement (SFA A), 41 bis avenue Bosquet et 75007 PA ARIS of which SANIFLO Ltd Howard House, The Runway,, South Ruislip, Middlesex HA4 6SE is the UK subsidiary. The draw raw is ONLY Y open to those purchasing one of the following product ucts: Saniflo Up, SaniPro Up, Saniplus Up, Sanivite+, Sanishower+ and Sanispeed+, ed+, between the prromotional period 15th May 2018 – 30th Septtember 2018. To enter you must register your details on the website com directly or by using the QR code on the sticker.. A copy of the he invoice from the product purchased must be scanned or photographed and sent nt with the entry. Each entry requires a separate (different) invoice. o A prize draw will be carried out from all qualifying entries and will be drawn randomly andomly for the winner nner selection. In total 111 winners from acrosss Europe will win one of: 1 x 6000 Euro; 10 x 600 Euro and 100 x 60 Euro. Entries must be from applicant cants aged 18 years or over.. The prize is not trans ransferrable. Please visit for full Terms and Conditions. * Or equivalent ivalent in £ sterling g.

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Consort Claudgen launches new Heat brochure Consort Claudgen’s new Heat brochure is now available in print and online. The full-colour, 48page product directory has been designed with ease of use in mind and to assist readers in selecting the right products for their heating requirements and application. It provides information and comprehensive explanation of various heating systems including the SL and RX Wireless Control Heating System, and Electronic 7day Timer models. Two receiver units which can be retrofitted to existing compatible heaters have also been introduced, allowing the heaters to be wirelessly controlled by either an RX or SL wireless controller. All product information is detailed on their new website at A free of charge advisory service is also May 2018

DRU Fires and Grate Expectations selected to supply fires for prestigious home counties estate Four DRU luxury gas fires and one Spartherm inset wood fire have been specified by developers Ethos and DRU London dealer The Original Grate Expectations

for Harford Manor, a stunning, purpose-built country house and estate in Holyport, near Windsor, Berkshire. The mansion and estate, which extends to over 40

available to assist with installation design or technical queries. For a copy of their brochure, download from or contact Sales: 01646 692172 or email: ❚ enquiry 141

Stokvis BV series provides compact response to DHW demand

Locations such as pubs, restaurants and sports pavilions and all commercial buildings of similar size are proving to be popular applications for the Econoplate BV Series of semi-instantaneous hot water units, thanks to their responsive and high performance, compactness and lower capital cost compared

❚ enquiry 142

to traditional solutions. The recently launched Econoplate BV Series presents specifiers with a wide choice of sizes and outputs to suit premises with modest plant room space and medium levels of hot water demand. These are met by combining one of the manufacturer’s long proven Econoplate plate heat exchangers with different sizes of storage vessel. Crucially, the hybrid unit takes up less space than installing a separate Econoplate PHE, and could typically cut capital cost by £2K or more. The BV (Brazed heat exchanger with Vessel) are capable of supplying domestic hot water direct on demand, or rapidly reheating the stored volume which can be 300, 500, 800 or 1,000 litres.

There are five heat output capacities, rising from 56 to 231 kW, with flow rates from 606litres in 10 minutes, up to 1551litres in 10 minutes. The peak output over a one hour period can be a highly impressive 4,851 litres. Based on a primary flow temperature of 80 centigrade, recovery time for the smaller stores can be as little as six minutes. As with other heating and hot water equipment within the Stokvis Energy Systems range, the Econoplate BV units are built to a very high standard with sophisticated control options while, for higher demand applications, multiple units could be installed in parallel. ❚ enquiry 143 was so big it was nicknamed the bungalows by our engineering team in the factory!” says Roy Jones.

ECO Strategies play key role in regeneration “Northern Powerhouse” is being given a whole new meaning with the opening of Calderdale’s new multimillion pound Central Library & Archives in Halifax.

incoming air, have been built into the façade by main contractor GRAHAM Construction drawing fresh air into the Library.

“Ensuring an appropriate, fresh internal environment for occupants and contents was a significant challenge,” observes Gilberts’ Technical Director Roy Jones. “We needed to design solutions that would discreetly blend with the architecture, yet ensure adequate fresh air inside for people using the building, adequate removal of moisture to protect the contents as well as expel all the excess heat from the IT suites.”

With the main atrium acting as a passive stack, the warm, used air is drawn through and vented through the roof, via 8no purposedesigned and constructed penthouse roof terminals. The 7 main penthouse terminals also incorporate Gilberts’ Mistrale 75 natural ventilation control dampers to insulate and further optimise extraction ranging in size from 2m x 1.4m x 0.75m to 6m x 2.2m x 1.5m; a further giant T shaped penthouse terminal was designed to cover 3 separate shafts in one unit and measured 8m x 6m x 1.5m.

Calderdale Council’s BREEAM “Excellent’ rated buildingdesigned by LDN Architectsutilises sustainable strategies to reduce its carbon footprintincluding a highly insulated building envelope, ground heat source pumps, a rooftop array of photo-voltaic panels and low energy LED lighting throughout. Also, through engineering innovation from Blackpool-based Gilberts, the edifice is selfventilating- even for the vast amount of plant required to service the four-storey building. This is achieved by using BMS controlled actuated dampers within the facade and at roof level.

As the solution 65 no Mistrale 75 glazed natural ventilation units fitted with acoustic attenuation, and LTHW heat coils to warm

acres, has been designed for the ultimate in luxury accommodation and is in one of the most soughtafter parts of the south east of England. The developers and installers selected the DRU Metro single sided and 3-sided gas fires and a Spartherm inset wood burning fire for their high specifications and ‘A’ energy ratings. In the case of the gas fires, this included the use of the exclusive DRU PowerVent extended flue system, which meant that there was no restriction on where the fires could be located in the building.

“The T shaped penthouse louvre

Further enhancing the project’s overall environmental credentials the Gilberts’ Mistrale ventilation dampers - used in the Library’s façade and most of the roof penthouses(*)- deliver the best combined performance for Uvalues and air leakage of its type, surpassing current and mediumterm future regulatory requirements. They are proven to deliver a smooth stable and accurate airflow. Gilberts hasn’t just ventilated the inside of the building though. In line with Calderdale Council’s requirements for the building, GRAHAM Construction commissioned Gilberts to design and fabricate louvre screening to protect and visually hide the roof level plant equipment - one roofed, measuring 19m x 8.5m x 2.3m, and one open, measuring 5m x 4m x 2.3m. Adds Andrea Heath, GRAHAM Regional Building Services Manager, “Because Gilberts can design, engineer, and test, all air movement componentsstandard and bespokein-house, it gave us the assurance to use its expertise, bearing in mind

the sheer scale of elements required.” Explained Councillor Susan Press, Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member fir Neighbourhoods and Communities, “One of our Council priorities is to become more sustainable. The new Central Library & Archives is a real flagship building. It harnesses the latest environmental technologies to reduce the building’s carbon footprint and energy running costs, in an impressive setting with state of the art facilities and iconic heritage features.” All Gilberts’ systems are engineered to order, and comprehensively tested in its own purpose-built centre, in the UK. ❚ enquiry 144

May 2018


TORFLOOR RDB CHOSEN TO HEAT RENOVATED 1820’S HOUSE A recent renovation project carried out on an early 19th century town house in London’s fashionable Holland Park area, has made use of the innovative new TorFloor RdB system, manufactured by underfloor heating specialist, OMNIE.

❚ enquiry 145

New website is all about enhancing the customer journey

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new website to improve access to information for customers with a seamless, modern design that will tailor content to suit visitors.

In common with the standard system, the RdB version is an ideal means of deriving optimum performance from heat pumps or, as in this case, a high performance gas boiler. TorFloor RdB is a dry install where the panel doubles as the structural decking. It also now forms part of OMNIE’s LayFast product offering: speeding installation time and offering the potential for overall project cost reductions. Furthermore for retrofit situations, combining the structural deck and heating system into a single panel can save precious head height where floor-tofloor dimensions are restricted. The first floor features a family bathroom and two bedrooms – one en-suite – while the top floor is given over to a master bedroom suite: with dressing room and luxury bathroom. Throughout the living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and landing areas, the heat from the 65 kW Worcester Bosch condensing boiler is delivered via OMNIE UFH systems, though on the lower ground floor use was made of the manufacturer’s Staple system: set in a screeded finish.

TorFloor RdB panels spanning the joists on the three floors above consumed a further 1,680 metres of 12mm diameter pipe, generating room temperatures from 19-220 Centigrade. To connect the various zones and room layouts, OMNIE also supplied a series of four manifolds with six, eight, nine and 11 ports. The make-up of the TorFloor RdB panel differs from its standard counterpart in having two additional layers on the underside with an extra layer of chipboard separated from the upper panel, featuring its multi-directional pipe channels, by sound damping strips. This results in an overall depth of 39mm (before the 6mm plywood overlay is secured in position) and acts to counter vibration while attenuating both airborne and impact sound transmission. A spokesperson for the project team commented: “This residential refurbishment contract on a period property raised many of the problems encountered by architects and heating installers across the country. Specifying the OMNIE TorFloor RdB system for the three floors above lower ground offered us an easy to install solution with several combined benefits – including the control of sound transmission and avoiding the installation of a separate structural deck. It is a system we would employ again.” OMNIE offers a full technical advisory service to assist clients through all the stages of product selection, distribution and installation, while its website and 2018 Product Guide give details on the LayFast, UltraLow and TileOver technology categories.

While the lower ground floor Staple system consumed some 630 metres of 16mm diameter pipe at 150mm centres, the

❚ enquiry 146

“Our website has served us really well but we wanted to make our products and information even easier to access,” explained Deane Flint, UK Branch Vice President for Mitsubishi Electric. We’ve therefore looked at every single aspect and developed a new site that is stylish and really easy to navigate.”

accredited guides to the latest construction legislation, as well as find information on the latest class leading HVAC solutions. Corporate customers and individual Homeowners will be able to easily source a local accredited installer and see examples of innovative case studies and cutting-edge solutions.

The site delivers customised content relevant to installers, specifiers, corporate end users and homeowners and will intuitively present focused information to visitors making navigation easier and everything more accessible.

“We’ve also linked the site to our awardwinning blog site, The Hub, so customers can easily access a huge amount of useful information on legislation, environmental issues and the latest advances in technology, all on one site,” adds Flint.

Installers will be able to access a vast selection of tools and apps to aid design, commissioning and installation, whilst Specifiers will be able to download CPD-

The updated website is available at ❚ enquiry 147

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applications. There is also a breakdown of the key benefits of TABS, such as its low operating costs (TABS can be used with renewable heat sources as it can be run using lower flow rate temperatures), quick and easy installation and reduced maintenance requirements.


REHAU has created a new no-nonsense brochure to introduce its innovative Thermally Activated Building Structures (TABS) technology to architects and specifiers looking for an environmentally-friendly heating and cooling system solution. TABS is a unique innovation which uses the large thermal mass of concrete in a building’s

In addition, the handy guide features case studies from across the UK, where TABS has been successfully used, and advice on the different types of installation possible. These are; in-site concrete slabs, precast concrete planks and pre-fabricated mesh. The brochure also details REHAU’s compression joint system, which is used to join the lengths of PE-Xa pipework together before it is encased in concrete. To date 750 million joints have been manufactured.

structure to adjust the environment inside the building throughout the day. It does this by running heated or chilled water through a network of PE-Xa pipes embedded within the concrete slabs. While the ground-breaking system has been used extensively in Europe and South Africa, it is not yet widely known in the UK. Understanding that many of the industry professionals looking at TABS as a

possible heating and cooling system for their next project will not be familiar with the technology, REHAU has redesigned its brochure to give a more simple, concise overview of the system and its benefits. The brochure includes an introduction to TABS, an explanation of how the radiant heating and cooling works and suggested

GAS SHUT OFF VALVE PROVIDES SIGNIFICANT SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS the most popular valves on the market due to its exemplary performance, usability and eco-credentials.” Compatible with pipes from 40mm to 250mm the valve uses just 6% of the power that a comparable magnetic solenoid valve uses and saves around 768.64kg of carbon emissions too. This is equivalent to carbon emissions of 3,758 miles generated in a car. “The Powerseat Eco is the perfect solution to building designers, specifiers and those overhauling systems to drive energy efficiency and safety,” said Dave. “It ensures the safety of the building and its occupants at both point of entry and point of use and is infinitely reliable.”

Safety, for those that use or occupy buildings remains a topic off much discussion and ways to ensure building safety is of primary consideration during initial design, specification also refurbishment programmes. Managing gas supply to the building is a legal requirement but installing a gas safety shut off valve that is energy efficient and environmentally friendly brings added benefits to the safety and carbon footprint of the building. “Our Powerseat® Eco gas safety shut off valve is ideally suited to commercial and domestic applications and protects the gas supply and building by detecting when issues occur such as a drop in pressure,” said Dave Raynor Product Manager Watts Industries UK. “It remains one of

Manufactured in the UK by Watts and part of the renowned product name Black Teknigas combustion range, Powerseat Eco benefits from an LED display detailing the status of the valve, increased external environmental protection to IP56 equivalent, a manual re-set switch in all versions and screwless, quick connections for installation of electrics, all of which will assist installers and those that manage the system on a daily basis. The popular and reliable Powerseat gas shut off valve will remain available in the 200 and 300mm range. Each Powerseat® Eco valve comes with a 3-year warranty as standard and is certified to EN161, Class A Group 2 construction. Working with specifiers, installers and contractors Watts Industries UK provides product and solutions for some of the most iconic new build and retrofit schemes in the UK. Further information can be found by visiting

❚ enquiry 148

Drew Clough, Product Manager, Building Solutions at REHAU said: “Architects, specifiers and contractors are increasingly looking for cleaner, greener ways to provide heating and cooling to their new build schemes and TABS is a great solution as it is sustainable and creates a healthier, more comfortable environment for the end user. To ensure we get that message across to prospective customers, we have revised our literature for TABS to make it easy to digest so people can see right away if its right for them.”

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May 2018




email: Վ«ÀœiVÌÃJ}iœÀ}wÃV…iÀ°Vœ“ George Fischer Sales Limited Paradise Way, Coventry CV2 2ST


Telephone: 024 7653 5535

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The Gateway on the outskirts of Ballymena is one of the most ambitious private developments ever undertaken in Northern Ireland, Green Pastures spokesperson Jason Kennedy says: “We believe that the Church of Jesus Christ should have a relevant and influential position at the heart of the community. We are focused on meeting the needs of our local communities and committed to bringing the hope of the Gospel of Jesus to the local area. “The new facility is the first stage of a larger, long term not-for-profit legacy project, desiring to play a part in bringing spiritual,  social and economic revival to our city.”  In 2016 the church leadership team signed a multi-million pound contract with main contractor Martin & Hamilton to construct what has been described as a state-of-the-art - church facility the like of which has not been see in UK or Ireland. Designed by HPA Architects from Craigavon, it will be the new home for Green Pastures Church family and the support base for all its ministries operating throughout the wider region. The recently completed 3,600m2 roof over the auditorium and sports hall uses perforated metal decking to span the main steelwork,

with an infill of Rockwool insulation. This is then covered by a vapour check membrane and a layer of 12mm thick Magply boards, specified to carry 150mm of Hardrock DD underlay and a further 60mm of Hardrock Multifix insulation which is weathered by a Sarnafil single ply roofing membrane. The site manager for McCavery Roofing, Stevie Jones, commented: “This is a large installation of some 3,600 square metres, with the auditorium and the higher level roof over the sports complex, both featuring the use of the Magply boards. They are being mechanically fixed to the decking prior to installing the two layers of Rockwool and then the Sarnafil membrane. Work has gone well so far and we expect to complete the roof installation to schedule by the end of March.” Magply features an MgO formulation to offer a fire-safe and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plywood or OSB products. Additionally, the unique production process keeps the chloride content to just 0.01%, enhancing both stability and long term durability. Crucially, Magply carries internationally recognised accreditations confirming the boards’ ability to deliver 90 minutes’ integrity and insulation under test conditions. The church facility is scheduled for completion in autumn next year and it also has its own restaurant, coffee shop, gym, dance studio, sports shall, training college and recording studios.


environmental perspective, alleviating the risks for the specifier, contractor and client.

Sika Sarnafil launches new Self Adhered Membrane

The absence of VOCs means that the new system is especially well suited to sensitive environments such as hospitals, schools and other public buildings that could be in use during roofing works.

Sika Sarnafil has launched its latest flat roofing innovation, a completely unique ‘peel and stick’ self-adhered single ply membrane that does not require a primer. Quick and easy to install, it also mitigates the potential risks associated with adhesives and primers, making it a trusted choice for contractors and specifiers alike.

Dean Grady, Product Manager for Single Ply Membranes at Sika said: “This new roofing system was born out of listening to our customers and finding out what they really need. As market leaders it’s important to constantly reassess the market and develop new technologies to advance the installation, health and safety and sustainability of roofing products.

The G410-15 EL SA membrane combines Sika Sarnafil’s tried and tested BBA certified single ply membrane with new self-adhesive technology, researched and developed in Switzerland. The adhesive is factory installed, removing the need for on-site application.

“We’re not a company to rest on our laurels and the launch of our new selfadhered membrane proves just that. It’s an industry first that is fast and straightforward to fit faultlessly, while giving architects and clients the reassurance they need when it comes to specifying a safe and robust roofing system.”

Thanks to this new technology, the membrane does not require a primer and is free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Not only does this significantly speed up the installation process, it is also beneficial from a health and safety and

Supplied as part of a complete system, the G410-15 EL SA membrane must be installed with SarnaTherm G insulation in order to qualify for the Sika Sarnafil guarantee. As with all Sika Sarnafil roofing systems, G410-15 EL SA has been fire tested to meet ENV 1187 Broof(t4) and BS476 Part 3.

For more information please call 01707 394444, or visit

❚ enquiry 152



ďĞƐƉŽŬĞŽƉƟŽŶǁŚĞŶŝƚĐŽŵĞƐƚŽŇĂƚƌŽŽĮŶŐĂŶĚŇŽŽƌŝŶŐ Based in Colchesterr, Esse E x, we have had the pleasurre of working with hundreds of businesses, ŵĂŶLJŽĨǁŚŝĐŚƌĞƚƵƌŶƟŵĞĂŶĚƟŵĞĂŐĂŝŶ͘&ƌŽŵ>ĂŶĚ͛ƐŶĚƚŽ:ŽŚŶŽ͛'ƌŽĂƚƐ͕ǁĞŽƉĞƌĂƚĞ ŶĂƟŽŶǁŝĚĞĂŝŵŝŶŐƚŽŽīĞƌLJŽƵƚŚĞƐŽůƵƟŽŶLJŽƵŶĞĞĚ͘ tŚLJĐŚŽŽƐĞ^ƉĂƌƚĂŶWƌŽŵĞŶĂĚĞdŝůĞƐ>ƚĚ͍ ͻ Custom price based d upon requirements ͻ ŶǀŝƌŽŶŵĞŶƚĂůůLJĨƌŝĞŶĚůLJŽƉƟŽŶƐĂǀĂŝůĂďůĞ͕ƐŽLJŽƵĐĂŶŚĞůƉƚŚĞĞŶǀŝƌŽŶŵĞŶƚĂŶĚƐƟůůĂĐŚŝĞǀĞƚŚĞ ůŽŽŬLJŽƵ͛ƌĞĂŌĞƌ &ŽƌĂ&ZƋƵŽƚĞĨŽƌLJŽƵƌŇĂƚƌŽŽĮŶŐŶĞĞĚƐ͕ ĐĂůů^ƉĂƌƚĂŶWƌŽŵĞŶĂĚĞdŝůĞƐ>ƚĚŽŶ

01206 230 553


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May 2018


VMZINC standing seam roof for Hammersmith community pavilion A VMZINC® standing seam zinc roof in PIGMENTO® Red forms a key feature of De Rosee Sa Architects’ design of Brook Green Pavilion in Hammersmith. Funded by the Friends of Brook Green, the pavilion is part of the community group’s drive to regenerate the area and offer a public facility and community hub as part of an ongoing regeneration programme. The brief was to create a small building of enduring civic quality that was sensitive to its setting. According to the architect, the £250,000 project was ‘inspired by use of natural stone on building façades facing the green.’ It is clad in Jura beige limestone and features windows concealed behind timber louvres and set into recessed openings which match the colour of the zinc roof. The design proposals were developed over three years of public consultation, with input from the community carefully considered at each stage and an extensive public consultation held to approve the final scheme. Architect Max de Rosee said: ‘This building is the only one on the Green so the challenge has been to create something that is attractive at the heart of the community. We think that the result is one of great civic quality and harmony.’  PIGMENTO colours are created using modern pigment technology and showcase the naturally grained texture of pre-weathered zinc. Unlike painted finishes, they are effectively maintenance-free. Beautifully organic red, green, blue, brown, grey and ANTHRA-ZINC® pre-weathered colours have a texture which shows through the colour just as the grain of wood is visible through coats of varnish. Bespoke colours to RAL shades can also now be manufactured. ❚ enquiry 155

For more information visit:

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TR EX D E C KI N G Trex Company, the world’s No 1 decking brand, offers a simple and easy way to build with green materials whilst not compromising on look and feel. With high-definition wood grain patterns and rich, saturated colours inspired by the outdoors, Trex composite decking looks natural and boasts a vibrancy that remains unchanged for years. Colour options range from deep earth tones to warm umbers, spicy reds and pristine greys. Made of more than 95% recycled materials, Trex composite decking provides the look and feel of real wood, without the environmental impact. Offering an elegant finish requiring minimal maintenance, Trex is the optimal outdoor flooring for creating the perfect outdoor space. Trex resists fading, scratching and mould growth so, unlike wooden decking, it won’t rot, warp, crack, split or splinter. Composite decking is also splinter-free, making it a much safer and more comfortable decking choice for all families. Trex offers designers and homeowners alike the opportunity to create a truly unique and customised outdoor space. From building different levels and zones to cutting and bending Trex boards to create dramatic curves, Trex is the optimal outdoor flooring to create an enviable al fresco living space. With its exclusive CustomCurve decking solution, Trex can create a deck to fit any space, no matter the shape or size. Trex decking is available locally through Arbordeck stores with prices starting from £75m² including VAT (tax) and secret fixings. Visit for more information on Trex products. ❚ enquiry 156

Channel 4 Upgrades to Millboard:

process meant the work was completed in less than a month, meeting the deadline set for the project.

New Terrace for Westminster Headquarters

Pawel Madry, Managing Director at Well Done Construction, comments: “We proposed Millboard because of our previous excellent experience with its longlasting quality and the ease of work with this material.”

exciting project in 2017. Acting under main project managers GTA Interiors, Well Done Construction had been instructed to renovate an existing terrace at the Channel 4 building for staff to use as a breakout area. While the terrace offered a beneficial outdoor space for employees, the timber decking had stained badly over time with algae growth that made it dangerously slippery when wet.

Premium wood-free decking manufacturer, Millboard, has supplied a spectacular new terrace at Channel 4’s Westminster headquarters as part of a wider refurbishment project. Millboard’s authentic, handmoulded Enhanced Grain decking was selected as a safer and more attractive alternative to the badly-worn existing timber terrace at the broadcaster’s distinctive head office.

Millboard is the UK’s leading manufacturer of unique hand moulded decking systems, and produces the world’s only woodalternative decking in polyurethane, replicating the visual appeal of natural timber. The products, available in an extensive selection of designs and finishes, are low carbon, sustainable materials that have been rigorously laboratory-tested. Significant investment in its manufacturing processes and product development have resulted in products that offer the highest level of durability, longevity and safety. Millboard was first contacted by contractors Well Done Construction regarding the

In refurbishing the terrace, Well Done Construction’s aim was to provide a surface that not only looked appealing, but was also low maintenance and safe in all weathers. Millboard’s decking was chosen as it has the appearance of natural aged timber, but resists algal growth and offers excellent non-slip properties, even when wet. No special treatments are needed to keep it in good condition, and it will not rot, warp or split, so is much more long-lasting than wood. Millboard offers a full flooring solution, with a design and system available for almost any application. For the Channel 4 project, Millboard supplied 370m2 of Enhanced Grain decking in Charred Oak, together with matching fascia boards and square edging, fitted with a Plas-Pro subframe. Well Done Construction wanted to lay the decking radially out from the building to fill the quarter circle shape of the terrace. Millboard’s easy installation

Amy Gower, Workspace Project Manager at Channel 4, says: “The new decking looks great – you’d never know it wasn’t real wood – and has transformed our terrace. It’s now a place our staff can enjoy without any fear of slipping or sliding.” Guy Douglass, Sales Director at Millboard, comments: “We were delighted to be selected to provide a replacement decking system at such a prominent and distinctive building. Our high-performing Enhanced Grain decking has transformed the terrace into an attractive outdoor space that reflects both Channel 4’s modern, dynamic brand and our ‘live life outside’ ethos here at Millboard.” ❚ enquiry 157

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May 2018



Designing driveways, car parks or even ,'sƉĂƌŬƐ͍tĞ͛ůůŚĂǀĞĂƐŽůƵƟŽŶŽŶĨŽƌLJŽƵ ^ƵƌĞŐƌĞĞŶŽīĞƌĂǁŝĚĞƌĂŶŐĞŽĨƉĞƌŵĞĂďůĞ͕^Ƶ^ĐŽŵƉůŝĂŶƚŐƌŽƵŶĚƌĞŝŶĨŽƌĐĞŵĞŶƚƐŽůƵƟŽŶƐ

PP40 Porous Paver ^ƚƌŽŶŐƉĂǀĞƌŝĚĞĂůĨŽƌĂŐƌĂƐƐŽƌ ŐƌĂǀĞůĮŶŝƐŚ

PP50 Porous Paver ^ƚƌŽŶŐĂŶĚĚƵƌĂďůĞ ͲĨŽƌŚŝŐŚƚƌĂĸĐƵƐĞ


PP30 Porous Paver ĞĐŽƌĂƟǀĞƉĂǀĞƌŝĚĞĂůĨŽƌ ŐƌĂǀĞůĚƌŝǀĞǁĂLJƐ








dŚĞǀĂƐƚŵĂũŽƌŝƚLJŽĨŽƵƌƉƌŽĚƵĐƚƐĂƌĞ ĂǀĂŝůĂďůĞĨƌŽŵƐƚŽĐŬĂŶĚŝĨŽƌĚĞƌĞĚ ďĞĨŽƌĞϰƉŵĐĂŶďĞĚĞůŝǀĞƌĞĚ the next working day! ❚ enquiry 158

For the Complete Ra ange of Fencing, Shelters & Site Protection ukk

TEL: 01782 33 39320

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Polypipe helps to put new Blackburn rail depot on the right tracks Polypipe, the UK’s leading manufacturer of sustainable drainage and water management systems, has supplied two surface water drainage and wastewater management solutions for the newly opened £23 million King Street Train Depot in Blackburn, keeping a key infrastructure project on time and on budget. The depot has been constructed as part of the £1 billion Great North Rail Project investment in rail infrastructure across the north of England. The site incorporates a six-track stabling and maintenance depot, complete with carriage wash facilities, a plant room, water tanks, and an office accommodation building, serving as a maintenance, refueling, and cleaning centre.

Polypipe worked with main contractor Buckingham Group to supply a system to manage stormwater gathered across the trainyard and direct it to a nearby river. A geocellular attenuation system was originally specified, but Polypipe’s technical experts were able to demonstrate through structural calculations how a Ridgistorm-XL large diameter piping system would help to minimise the build-up of sediment and could be installed more quickly. A 750mm diameter Ridgistorm-XL system was engineered to specific stiffness classes to meet the site’s ground and loading conditions, with RIDGISTORMCheck Chambers installed to manage the flow of water out of the tank. The system was jointed using Ridgistorm-XL ring seals and was installed at depths ranging from 1.35m to 2.25m across the site. A second system was designed to manage the waste water from the cleaning and servicing of the trains by discharging it into the established sewer system. This solution required 1,280 Polystorm

cells situated beneath the train servicing area to gather and attenuate surface water, with Polystorm Access and Polystorm Inspect components strategically placed across the system for access and maintainance. The water is dispersed from the attenuation tanks through a system of RIDGISTORMCheck Chambers, designed to control the discharge flow of water at precise rates through use of penstocks, manufactured to specification. RIDGISTORMSeparate Catchpits are used to separate the water from other particles with petrol interceptors and hydro-breakers to ensure safe and clean discharges into the local water networks. Clint Wiltshire, site agent at Buckingham Group

Infinity – the new name for Alumasc Steel Rainwater

Contracting: “We have a longstanding relationship with Polypipe, and have had previous positive experiences using their intelligently engineered thermoplastic products. The systems supplied for this expansive project allowed us to complete installation in a very efficient manner, which helped the full project to stay on time and under budget.”

and the ongoing improvement of train services across the North West.

Rosie Cheetham, marketing manager at Polypipe Civils: “Rail infrastructure in the UK is in the process of being upgraded, with projects such as the King Street Depot providing new facilities to manage the rolling stock. This project is part of the major investment into Blackburn

The King Street Train Depot was officially opened by the junior government minister responsible for rail, Transport Minister Paul Maynard, on 26 October 2017.

Alumasc Rainwater, the leading manufacturer of all metal systems, introduces Infinity – the new name for its high-performance steel gutters and downpipes. The innovative galvanised steel system is manufactured in Germany using the latest in material and manufacturing technology. It comes with a 15year product warranty and is 100% recyclable. Steel rainwater is growing rapidly in commercial and domestic markets as specifiers, contractors and property developers realise the many leading benefits of a metal system over plastic. Steel is robust, will not

“Polypipe was able to work with Buckingham Group Contracting to devise two intelligently engineered systems to service the full site, with the ease of installation of our products assisting with maintaining project timelines.”

❚ enquiry 161

crack or corrode, requires little maintenance and resists thermal expansion. It is also lightweight and easy to install. A dry joint system removes the need for additional silicone sealant, and the gutter lengths and angles are jointed with EPDM rubber sealed connectors for fast and watertight installation. Infinity’s high capacity, deep-flow gutters help to channel heavy rainfall effectively and efficiently, and a ‘deep drawn’, one piece gutter angle allows for greater flow capacity. Infinity also benefits from ‘ROBUST’ - a unique and innovative colour coating system that consists of three layers of protection for an extremely hard-wearing system. The layers include zinc corrosion protection, a primer bonding coat for further corrosion protection, and a polyester top coat for maximum UV and scratch resistance. ROBUST is performancetested in accordance to EN123523-12-2004 and EN10169-2 for long-term peace of mind. Alumasc’s steel rainwater is available ex-stock in plain galvanised steel or in polyester precoated black and anthracite. Additional colours are available to order. With the price of steel rainwater systems comparable to some plastic systems, Infinity is a true alternative, making little difference to the overall cost of the project. National Sales Manager Pete Wainer of Alumasc Rainwater says: “Infinity steel rainwater represents innovation, cutting-edge design and market-leading performance. It is the practical, reliable and stylish choice for new and existing buildings. The versatility of steel means it can add a traditional, contemporary or industrial finish to projects, and combined with its cost effectiveness, makes it the rising star in today’s market.” ❚ enquiry 162

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May 2018

Freeeph hone - 0800 328 5492 Emaill: Website: SEWAGE & EFFLUENT TREATMENT SYSTEMS



A broken ½” tap can consume £70 of water per day

The Dependdable Choiice in Draiinage In ruural areas without a mains drainagge system, and where septic tanks willl no longger reachh envviromental standardds, Allerton can provide the ideal soluution. Trading since 1974, Alleerton are leadiingg speciallists inn efficient treatment systems. Thheyy pride themselvves on their individual, problem sollving approach to dealing with alternatiive means wage. of treating and dispoosiing of raw sew The Allerton ConSept conveerts your exxisting Septiic Tank or Cesspit innto a fully functiooning Sewage Treaatmentt Plant

The Diamond Sewage Treeatmentt Range is suitable forr either Individual Homes or smalll population applications

When Grravity Drainage is not possible choosee Alleerton Pumping Statioons for Sewage or Dirtty Water

Serviciing & Mainntenance on a wide rangee of Sewage Treaatment Plant and Pump Stationss by BRITISH WATTER ACCREDIITED ENGINEERS

Our SPED Standpipe prevents damage Permanent, tamperproof, frost resistant Hose Union Tap with Fluid Category 3 protection > Free standing – no wall required > Bottom entry > Suitable for mounting in soft ground > Padlock provides security Model SPED

Tel: 01442 823 123 Email: The Water Regulations Solution Specialist ❚ enquiry 163

COMBAT THE BRITISH WEATHER WITH KALSI Builders and contractors can stay one step ahead of the UK’s inclement weather with the support of low maintenance building products manufacturer, Kalsi Group. Since Q4 2017, the nation has suffered from extreme weather cycles – unprecedented levels of snow, persistent rainfall and surface run-off. Without adequate rainwater and drainage solutions, high volumes of water and snowmelt can damage homes and buildings. With 10 rainwater systems, the Kalsi Aquaflow range suits all applications and building types including domestic, commercial and industrial. Colour and finish options include black, white, grey, brown, light oak and cast-effect. Many of the Kalsi rainwater gutter profiles are co-extruded with colour coded interiors. This allows the finished product to retain a high gloss finish, it has greater weathering performance and provides a consistent colour match to the fittings. All Kalsi profiles are manufactured to BS EN 607:2004 (gutters and fittings), BS EN 12200-1:2000 and BS EN 13291:2000 (downpipes and fittings) and BS EN 1462:2004 (gutter brackets); within a quality management system that meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008. The latest addition to the Kalsi range, the Aquaflow

channel drain helps combat surface run-off. Designed for use in domestic applications, the channel drain is suitable for areas where surface water collects from driveways and paths to patios, swimming pool surrounds and water features. The lightweight yet high-strength channel drain conforms to BS EN 1433: A15 and is available in one metre lengths from approved Kalsi stockists. It is slip resistant with heel guarding while its crossbraced design prevents floating. For details of the complete Kalsi Aquaflow range visit or contact a member of the team on 0121 693 0373 or email Keep up to date with company news and views on Twitter (@KalsiPlastics), Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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New PIR Occupancy Switches with Daylight Linked Dimming and Corridor Function DANLERS new range of passive infra-red (PIR) occupancy switches with daylight linked dimming (maintained lux level) is designed for lighting loads controlled by DALI, DSI or 1-10V dimmable ballasts. These products switch lights on when an area is occupied and maintain a chosen lux level by dimming the lights in response to changes in the ambient daylight level. There is also a “Run-on” timer (corridor function) which allows the light to return to a minimum background level following a period of occupancy. This can either be for a chosen time or as a permanent background light. Each control has a switching relay,

Now you can make landmarks, buildings, bridges shine with a simple swipe on your smartphone New Scene management app from Philips Lighting allows lighting managers to control a building’s façade lighting from anywhere, at any time using a smartphone or tablet. Philips Lighting (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting,

announced today the launch of a new cloud-based Scene management app that enables businesses to quickly and effortlessly change a building’s architectural lighting using your smartphone or tablet. The app, specially designed for use on smart devices, further illustrates the company’s leadership in connected lighting and lighting for the Internet of Things. With a simple tap or swipe, the Interact Landmark Scene management app enables lighting managers to manage, control and change the lighting on bridges, buildings and monuments on the fly. Spectacular light shows can be remotely programmed to commemorate special events, holidays and

“Architectural lighting is increasingly being used by businesses and cities to create a unique identity and engaging experiences. The need to be ‘on call’ and responsive to last minute requests outside of the office is a pain point for lighting managers. The app now provides them with the flexibility to change lighting scenes at any moment and anytime. It also illustrates the power of Interact Landmark to support lighting

Light + Building is the world’s leading event for this sector and 2018 welcomed a total of 2,714 exhibitors from 55 countries launching the latest products on an international scale. More than 220,000 trade visitors from 177 countries made their way to Frankfurt Fair and

Highly revered, its modern approach to electrical installation means Gira offers a broad range of the most innovative and cutting-edge intelligent building technology for convenience and security.

New benchmark data security products by Gira: • ‘Plug & Light’ light socket design line • ‘Gira X1’ compact smart home server combined with ‘Alexa’ voice control • ‘Sonos’ wireless sound system

Tel: 01249 443377 - Fax: 01249 443388 - - Website: ❚ enquiry 166

managers, simplify the management of architectural lighting and help make cities smarter and more livable,” said Jacques Letzelter, Global Business Leader Public Segment at Philips Lighting.

Exhibition Centre, noting Gira’s extremely interactive stand concept which spanned two floors.

All able to fit together, new and existing devices and solutions on display at L+B18 offered networking home technology, music control for all rooms and comprehensive design lines and numerous functions for door communication and energy profiling.

This extensive new range includes flush and surface mounted PIR switches - as well as both surface high bay mounted or batten mounted high bay versions. Additionally, there are versions in either Presence or Absence detection as well as variants in the ControlZAPP and EasyZAPP range.

important civic causes. For example, managers can now respond quickly to a request from the mayor’s office to paint a bridge in pink light to support World Breast Cancer Awareness or program.

Gira shine bright at Light + Building 2018 Gira, one of the world’s leading full-range suppliers of intelligent system solutions for building management, is proud to state a significant increase in the number of stand visitors, with a great deal of positive feedback regarding its new innovations: debuted from 18th – 23rd March 2018 in Radevormwald / Frankfurt am Main.

capable of switching 2 amps (500W) LED lamps and fittings or up to 6 amps (1500W) of most other types of load.

• ‘Gira S1’ remote access module which ensures complete data encryption when accessing the smart home remotely “It has never been as easy and safe for users to connect up to their digitally connected home from elsewhere. We are thus setting benchmarks in terms of data security and proving once again that Gira stands for German engineering solutions and innovation quality ‘Made in Germany‘ with real added value for users” says Torben Bayer,

Head of Brand Development and Marketing, Gira. Torben Bayer continues “This is our most important trade fair, and the success we enjoyed here will give us momentum for the day-today business to come. The combination of product presentation and hands-on experience of smart housing technology found just as much favour with our domestic and foreign customers as our range of specialist lectures on a wide range of topics related to building control.”

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May 2018



CONCORD PUTS THE SPOTLIGHT ON LEEDS ART GALLERY The newly refurbished Leeds Art Gallery is benefitting from a high quality and high performing lighting scheme thanks to Concord by Sylvania and its innovative Beacon Muse spotlights. Leeds Art Gallery was recently closed for 18 months to complete a £4.5million refurbishment of the building and its glass roof. During the refurbishment project the lighting throughout the gallery was also upgraded to meet the needs of the new décor and highlight the artwork on display. When the team at Leeds Art Gallery started its extensive renovation to re-glaze the glass roof, they were completely unaware of the wonderous new space they would uncover along the way. Whilst undertaking the restoration, the cladding from the central gallery was removed to reveal a stunning double height original barrel-vaulted ceiling. The central court formed the centre of the original 1888 Leeds Art Gallery. Now fully restored the glass roof is providing the gallery with increased natural daylight and works in perfect harmony with the ambient lighting the Concord Beacon Muse spotlights offer. The team at Leeds Art Gallery worked closely with Concord to select the luminaires that best met their requirements. After careful consideration, the Gallery selected a combination of the Concord Beacon XL Muse and the Beacon Muse II luminaires installed on the Lytebeam track.

Sarah Brown, Principal Keeper at Leeds Art Gallery, explains why the Concord spotlights were chosen, “whilst we researched museum and gallery lighting products that were available, we have also used Concord luminaires in the past. The galleries, as you can see from the images, have naturally lit ceiling spaces and we identified Concord as the most competitive manufacturer with a flexible range of fixtures that would give us the right ambient light. We can now create wall washing effects and have tight spot lighting to highlight our exhibits and enhance our visitors’ experience. We can also control the lighting easily and adjust the scheme when we need to.” A variety of Concord Beacon XL Muse and Beacon Muse II spotlights have been installed in the majority of the galleries. The Concord Beacon XL Muse features intelligent LED technology and ancient lens principles to create a fully adjustable spotlight making it an ideal solution for museum and gallery lighting. It provides Leeds Art Gallery with a flexible, high quality solution that can be easily adjusted. Artwork and exhibits are often changed and updated, and the Beacon XL Muse lends itself perfectly to this

environment, especially as a continuous lighting upgrade would otherwise be required. The spotlight’s beam angle can be adjusted from 10° to 70° and has a dimmable range of between 5-100%. In addition to this, the position of the spotlight can also be physically adjusted, with a rotation of 355° providing a near full rotation from a fixed position. The Concord Beacon XL Muse can also incorporate a multitude of customisable aspects, with options for Sylsmart wireless dimming available through App Control. When paired with a smartphone via a free application, scenarios can be set up with single or multiple luminaires, and light levels can be set according to the needs of the end user. This wireless feature adds great benefit to the luminaire where multiple occupants require different lighting needs. The Beacon Muse II builds on the innovative features found within its predecessor but now incorporates more powerful LED technology with a total fixture output of 1081lm and adjustable beam angle from 8° to 55°. ❚ enquiry 169

For more information visit

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SPECIFIERS KEY IN REDUCING USE OF BOTTLED WATER, SAYS ZIP WATER UK It’s vital that architects and specifiers choose their clients’ drinking water supply wisely, says Zip Water UK, which has responded to discoveries of plastic fibres found in bottled water. Alarmingly, the levels of fibres found are twice as high as tap water.

water coolers, which use bottled water. “When considering drinking water systems, bottled water is often chosen as it’s perceived to be purer”, Russell continues. “However, if microplastics are also present in bottled water, users may well be ingesting more of these particles than they think.

“Those in a specification role have the chance to influence the eradication of plastic bottles. We are all aware of the detrimental impact plastic has on the environment, but we now know that our health could be at risk too. I’d urge specifiers to look at other options for their drinking water supply to avoid bottled water.”

In addition, the HydroTap provides boiling, chilled and sparkling water, instantly, making it the convenient choice for any workplace, with no more time wasted waiting for the kettle to boil. ❚ enquiry 170

Zip’s priority is to provide the purest, healthiest water possible, so offers the highest levels of filtration. The Zip HydroTap uses a 0.2 micron MicroPurity filter, which filters out particles bigger than 0.2 micron – and with a human hair being approximately 75 microns across, its filters remove a significant proportion of contaminants.

The study, commissioned by Orb Media, found an average of 10 confirmed plastic particles – each larger than the size of a human hair – for every litre of water being sold. A further 314 smaller particles per litre assumed to be plastic were discovered. “Anyone responsible for specifying the drinking water system for an organisation – no matter the size – is playing an important role in maintaining the health of the users as well as the environment,” comments Russell Owens, marketing director of Zip Water UK. “The fact that bottled drinking water is likely to be contaminated is hugely concerning, particularly as it’s still common for workplaces to have

Norbord achieves Structural Timber Assure Gold status

Norbord’s position in the timber frame industry, as manufacturer of key product, SterlingOSB, has been acknowledged by reaching the Structural Timber Association’s (STA) Assure Gold status. STA Assure is a newly launched scheme by the STA, of which Norbord is a member, which defines levels of accreditation to provide customer assurance.

Expansion into advanced composites brings third Queen’s Award for Ancon

Structural fixings manufacturer, Ancon, has won a 2018 Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category, for the successful introduction and on-going development of its advanced composite, low thermal conductivity, Teplo wall tie range. This is the third time that Ancon has been honoured in this prestigious award scheme that rewards outstanding achievements by UK businesses; it follows Queen’s Awards for International Trade in 2015 and Innovation in 2012. Teplo wall ties are manufactured from continuous basalt fibres set in a resin matrix; a fibrereinforced polymer that is 70 times more thermally efficient than steel. When

used to join the two leaves of a cavity wall, this material virtually eliminates cold bridging across the insulated cavity. Launched by Ancon in 2010 as part its market leading wall tie range, Teplo has had a major influence on the growth of low energy housing in the UK and Ireland, and helped futureproof traditional masonry cavity wall construction techniques, by minimising insulation thickness and wall footprint. Whilst Ancon’s first Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2012 recognised the company’s

The STA Assure membership and quality standards scheme is designed to benefit both customers and members alike, promoting the differing specialisms, accreditations and quality standards held by STA members. The STA has established three levels of membership accreditation; Gold, Silver and Bronze. The relevant accreditation highlights the

in-house development of a unique lockable concreteconnecting steel component, this second Innovation award has been won jointly with its external strategic partner in this advanced composite development, MagmaTech. Head of Marketing and Innovation at Ancon, Annabelle Wilson, says “Ancon launches a number of new and improved structural fixing solutions every year and invites ideas into our innovation process from both inside and outside the company. We saw potential in this new material immediately, and over the last eight years have committed our business resources to improving and extending the Teplo wall tie range as part of the Ancon product portfolio, bringing the benefits of advanced composites to mainstream UK construction.” ❚ enquiry 172

differing levels of in-house quality procedures, management systems and product performance as well as external accreditations held by STA members, offering clients complete transparency. David Connacher, Norbord’s Marketing Manager, comments “We are obviously pleased to have been awarded with STA Assure Level Gold which enables

us to further demonstrate our high quality standards to the market and provide complete reassurance for our customers.” For further information on Norbord, please call 01786 812 921 or visit

overhead. The ergonomic design features a slim handle, whose 110mm circumference and soft-grip covering add further comfort and control.

Class-leading price-toperformance ratio: Bosch GDR 18 V160 Professional Impact Driver Powerful, fast and easy to use Enabling trade professionals to raise their game without incurring extra spend. Bosch Professional brings the GDR 18 V-160 Professional Impact Driver to the marketplace. Top of its class, the Bosch GDR 18 V160 Professional Impact Driver leads the industry’s 18V cordless professional impact driver class on price-to-performance ratio. High Performance: Users benefit from an impressive 160 Nm maximum torque, with variable speed control,

❚ enquiry 171

up to a rapid 2,800 rpm and an impact that reaches 3,200 bpm. The result is fast and easy work progress, even in heavy application. Ergonomics and convenience: Weighing just 1.37kg, including the 2.0 Ah battery and a head length of 150mm, the impact driver can be used with little effort. Its compact size is ideal for operation in tight spaces and when working

Versatility: Robust construction and easy serviceability, together with proven performance capabilities, make this an ideal tool for a wide variety of tradespeople. It is aimed at trade sectors like carpentry, building and electrical, as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Flexible Power: As part of the Bosch Flexible Power System, the Bosch GDR 18 V-160 Professional Impact Driver is fully compatible with the comprehensive Bosch range of 18V power tools, charges and batteries.

❚ enquiry 173

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May 2018

MAPEI Are Sustainability - Clerkenwell Design Week 2018 Mapei Are Sustainability - A global corporate focus to protect the earth, use energy and resources sustainably, minimise waste and develop and supply products with end user safety in mind. As a leading company in the global construction market the Mapei Group are taking further steps towards social responsibility - ethical behaviour, the quest for excellence and transparent communications are our corporate values and this year, will be showcasing their sustainability commitments through daily events at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018.


Guest speakers will be presenting daily ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions from 11:30-12:30 at the Mapei Specification Centre during Clerkenwell Design Week, with a buffet lunch and refreshments provided for delegates*. Presentation topics include ‘External wall insulation (EWI) and Sustainable protective and decoration coatings’ on the 22nd May, ‘Sustainable roofing solutions in collaboration with Polyglass’ on the 23rd May and ‘Specifying sustainable flooring’ on the 24th May. On Wednesday 23rd May, renowned sustainable architect, Charlie Luxton, will be presenting from 7-8pm at an Italian evening event (6-10pm) where Italian food and drink, plus music will be provided, please email to register your interest. East London based florist, Grace & Thorn, will be holding daily Terrarium planting workshops, 15pm, with the aim to help people in the city live a greener life. The workshops operate on a first come, first served basis and are subject to availability. For a 2nd year, Mapei UK are working closely with established architecture practice, Harper Downie, to present an installation as part of the official installation series. Mapei’s installation will host ‘Conversations at Clerkenwell in partnership with Mapei’, an arena for world class talks and programmes, located in the Design Fields. The installations embrace the special character of the area by using

Saracen appoints project consultant consultant, Perry has a good working knowledge of the London commercial property market and is adept at building new relationships and identifying opportunities. Responsible for early client liaison and relationship development, Perry is expected to support projects in the initial concept and planning stages.

Saracen Interiors has introduced project consultant, Perry Scofield to the team as part of the leading workplace consultant’s strategy to bolster its share of the London commercial property market. An experienced business development manager and project

Perry is delighted to join the team: “Saracen is an ambitious and dynamic group. Everyone on the team shares the same ethos and resolve and I’m excited to be part of a company that is clearly enjoying a strong, continued growth trajectory.

Star Refrigeration unveil new industrial CO2 Refrigeration Packages for smaller industrial applications Specialist in the industry Star Refrigeration have announced the launch of their new Envi range of eco-friendly, industrial CO2 refrigeration packages to provide a long term solution for smaller scale industrial applications for temperature controlled storage, food and drink manufacturing, inline freezing and chilling, building services, industrial processes, data centres and leisure and ice applications. The range of pre-engineered, energy efficient industrial CO2 refrigeration packages are one of the industry’s first

Impact of government biomass policy on wood-using industries The popular Use Wood Wisely w w w. u s e w o o d w i s e l y. c o . u k answers the demand for easilydigestible and understandable information on the contentious issue of UK power stations burning wood to generate electricity. Hosted by Norbord, leader in panel products, the site explains the intricacies of the argument which has seen industry confront government over the issue of subsidies provided to biomass power plants amongst other related topics. Unsurprisingly,

subsidising the burning of wood for electricity has led to increased demand for this finite resource. Wood is not a freely available and instantly renewable material, therefore competition for it has risen significantly. However, true competition is not the issue. Government policy has created a market distortion, with the subsidies received by energy producers providing them with the ability to ‘pay’ more for their wood supply than traditional wood-using industries. This has resulted in increased wood costs. Like any cost to an industry, these increases are passed on to the consumer. Therefore, UK households are effectively paying twice for the UK Government’s support of electricity producers and their profits – firstly, through


public spaces to present a wideranging mixture of solo shows and street installations. Collaboration and working together is a principle inherent to Mapei’s ethos with this project reflecting Mapei’s strong relationship with architect practices and the wider specification supply chain. The Mapei Group invest 5% of annual turnover into Research and Development activities with a total of 70% of this sum channelled into the development of environmentally friendly products. Mapei also produce Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to help architects, design engineers and other buyers have a better understanding of a product’s sustainability characteristics and its impact on the environment. Certification bodies and protocols for buildings, such as LEED  and  BREEAM, have implemented criteria for sustainability and imposed specific requirements for construction based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method. Email or tel. +44 (0)121 508 6970 for more information on how Mapei products can be used in your project or visit to view the full product range. *Booking is essential for these events as places are subject to availability – please visit to reserve your place. ❚ enquiry 174

their energy bills and, secondly, in the higher prices of wood based products, such as furniture and building materials. This poses a major threat to both direct and indirect industries that use wood. It puts at risk investment and jobs in industries that were established long before wood was burned for electricity production. Often these industries are in rural areas and, as such, are significant local employers and contributors to their community. ❚ enquiry 175

industrial CO2 refrigeration solutions to offer longevity along with high performance and a competitive price tag. Up until now, those seeking refrigeration solutions in an industrial setting but with a capacity of under 300kW faced something of a conundrum. The F-gas regulation is moving end-users away from HFCs through the imposition of stringent restrictions in the production of high global warming potential refrigerants and sharp price hikes. At the same time, the use of industrial ammonia systems is unsuitable in certain applications due to its capital costs and toxicity potential when used in enclosed environments. As a result, customers have been forced into adopting commercial, line-assembled CO2 packs, geared towards non industrial applications or HFCs which are subject to phasedown. ❚ enquiry 176



MODERN METHODS OF COUNTERING COLD-BRIDGING Ever since the days of the Egan Report and ‘Rethinking Construction’ the building industry has been presented with a bewildering multitude of system solutions, often featuring off-site technologies and unfamiliar materials, not always suited to UK climatic conditions or our workforce’s inherent skillset.

provides the y-value but SAP offers three very different approaches to assessing the effect of thermal bridges. The “Default” approach means adopting a y-value of 0.15 W/m2K: the equivalent of having a hole the size of a garage door in the wall of a house, then there are Accredited Details which will reduce the imaginary hole by nearly half with a y-value of 0.08 W/m2K. Best by far though is to use Thermally Modelled Junctions which are rewarded with much lower y-values. The conundrum then for the specifier is to identify an insulation with a high enough insulation value to extend the heat path around the junction and thereby cut heat loss, but still be able to support substantial structural loadings. The solution developed by Marmox - adopted by countless consultants and loved by bricklayers for its simplicity of use - is a product known as Thermoblock. Offering an installed length of 600mm and available in widths of 100, 140 and 215mm Thermoblocks transmit the load of the wall above though a series of high strength concrete columns. These though are surrounded in XPS insulation, to account for 85% of the total cross-section area and thereby minimise heat loss. This offers a combined thermal conductivity of 0.047 W/mK to input into the calculations.

The truth is that while panelised or modular designs – especially timber based systems – have gained market share thanks to Government and public sector housing initiatives, the wider industry remains more comfortable with what are still referred to as “traditional” designs. However, driven by increasingly more onerous energy reduction targets within the Building Regulations and Fabric Energy Efficiency Standards (FEES), masonry construction has metamorphosed from the basic brick and block cavity work which dominated the mid-20th century, to offering specifiers a selection of well-engineered wall constructions, able to meet modern performance standards.

the window reveals or the floor-wall junction. Physically, these thermal bridges create cold spots inside the building, which lead to problems of condensation and mould growth, with consequent health issues for occupants. Approximately, 30% of a building’s heat loss can result from these areas and as properties have become better performing overall, the significance of thermal bridges has grown disproportionally. To counter their impact, regulators have loaded the SAP SEBM calculations

to punish poor detailing, with elements such as steel lintels bridging cavities being obvious weak spots. However, it is the floor-wall junction often accounting for up to two-thirds of thermal bridge losses - which has been singled out for the toughest treatment. Taking the Transition Heat Transfer Coefficient (HTB) for the materials making the bridge and dividing it by the surface area of the building

Lightweight or aircrete blockwork inner leafs, often combined with full cavity fill insulation, and measures such as parge coats, have seen heat loss and air leakage through the external envelope drastically reduced. In fact hybrid traditional masonry constructions have even proved themselves capable of creating properties designed to the coveted German PassivHaus standard. There remain, though, enduring challenges for consultants and contractors in maintaining continuity of insulation at particularly vulnerable areas of the envelope: essentially in preventing thermal-bridging at places like

The blocks feature a stepped interlock to which Marmox Multibond Sealant is normally applied, while a top and bottom surface of micro-fibre reinforced polymer concrete creates an excellent mortar key, and at 65 mm in height the horizontal band of Thermoblocks is the same depth as a course of bricks. The vertical columns of concrete have a compressive strength of 9.0 N/mm2 and enables them to be used within buildings up to three stories, including non-domestic structures. Under pressure from industry, especially the major housebuilders, Government accepted that further improvements in insulation values had reached a point where diminishing returns could not justify the very large additional costs of achieving them. Zero carbon targets have effectively been put on hold. What we are presented with today is a far more pragmatic approach to reducing carbon emissions, where the practicalities of modern masonry construction, well suited to the British weather and existing workforce, offer an attractive answer. Marmox Thermoblocks, meanwhile, present an ideal means of addressing the building envelope’s most problematic area for potential energy wastage.

❚ enquiry 177

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Warmbeam m To opsheet Syste em ยฎ


Advantages: โ€ข

Quick and easy to install














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TR A DE D & COMMER COMMER RCIAL PA RTNER R Looking for a partner for your building development or commercial mercial project? Then look no further. We We are one one of ofthe largest suppliers of resin products in the UK and have a wealth of experience perience plus an amazing range of colours available ble. We We have the the capability to install or supply large commercial projects too, so s why not talk to our team about how we can help p you you.





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01656 667866

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