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Promoting energy efficient, healthy & sustainable building products for the construction industry


1 Angel Square winner of the new Your BREEAM Award

“A great building to work in” Looking ahead: As well as providing a good working environment, the new building is predicted to produce 80% lower carbon emissions and half the energy consumption of the Coop’s former head office. This is expected to save the group over £500,000 per annum. The building’s actual performance is being carefully monitored and measured. “We have built a big research project,” said Peter Cookson, programme director of Co-operative Group, “and we will be metering it to death to ensure we optimise the building.”


The design also considers the more distant future, with the building having been futureproofed against the temperatures forecast for 2050. It is predicted that temperatures in summer will increase by 5%, with a 30% reduction in winter temperatures.





From the buildings shortlisted for the 2014 BREEAM Awards, The Co-operative Group’s new headquarters in Manchester was selected as winner of the new Your BREEAM Award. If the proof of the pudding is in the eating it could also be said – though less poetically – that the proof of a building is in the experience of its users. The Cooperative Group’s new HQ at 1 Angel Square in Manchester is proving to be a very successful building. Rated BREEAM

Outstanding and shortlisted for a 2014 BREEAM Award, it was highly commended by the judging panel and won the new Your BREEAM Award which is decided by public vote. Thousands of readers voted to select the Your BREEAM Award winner from the top three

Fracking gets green light, but green and pleasant land to be 'protected'

The government has opened the bidding process for companies seeking licences to explore for onshore oil and gas, but announced new planning guidance designed to protect national parks and other areas of important countryside from shale gas extraction. This is the first time in six years that companies are being invited to bid for onshore oil and gas licenses.

New planning rules state that the licenses do not give absolute agreement to drill. On top of a license a company will require

BREEAM scoring shortlisted buildings in eight award categories. Many of those supporting 1 Angel Square actually work in the building, and the comments accompanying their votes can be summed up in the phrase, “A great building to work in”. planning permission, as well as permits from the Environment Agency and sign-off from the Health and Safety Executive.

Ministers are also publishing new guidance on where fracking can take place. Although there is not a total ban on drilling in beauty spots, applications for unconventional oil and gas developments in National Parks, the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and World Heritage Sites in England will be refused except for in "exceptional circumstances".

Triangular building with full height atrium: Home to more than 3,000 Co-op employees, the 15-storey 1 Angel Square is a striking three-sided building, with a fully glazed double skin façade curved horizontally and vertically around it. The curving walls are interrupted by a diagonal series of stepped terraces, rising towards the back of the building and forming the roof. South facing, the terraces make the most of the available sunlight.

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Commenting on the opening of the bidding process, business and energy minister Matthew Hancock said: "Unlocking shale gas in Britain has the potential to provide us with greater energy security, jobs and growth. We must act carefully, minimising risks, to explore how much of our large resource can be recovered to give the UK a new home-grown source of energy. As one of the cleanest fossil fuels, shale gas can be a key part of the UK’s answer to climate change and a bridge to a much greener future.

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August 2014

1 Angel Square “A great building to work in” Continued from Page 01

The triangular building boasts a stunning, full-height atrium. Its three sides are formed from whitepainted concrete balconies at each floor level. The column-free, openplan office floors behind the balconies are bathed in light from the atrium. Ventilation: Around 50m3/s of fresh air is sucked into the building through three huge earth tubes buried beneath it – this helps to cool the air in summer and warm it in winter. The air is then further heated or cooled in a basement plant room, before giant fans push it up to the floor plates through vertical service cores in the atrium’s three corners. Each of the service cores delivers fresh air to four of the 12 control zones into which the building’s

Fracking gets green light, but green and pleasant land to be ‘protected'

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"The new guidance published today will protect Britain’s great national parks and outstanding landscapes. Building on the existing rules that ensure operational best practices are implemented and robustly enforced. Ultimately, done right, speeding up shale will mean more

2,700m2 concrete floor plates are divided. To minimise the volume of air treated, carbon dioxide sensors regulate the amount of fresh air supplied to each zone. A displacement system delivers fresh air to the offices through a 350mm raised floor void. As the air is warmed it rises 4m to the soffit and out of the offices into the central atrium, which acts like a giant chimney. In the atrium the air ascends to roof level, where it is drawn through a heat recovery system before being ejected. Fuel from the Co-op’s own farms: In addition to the recovered heat, 764kW of waste heat from two 400kW combined heat and power (CHP) units is used to heat the fresh air. These are fuelled by waste cooking oil and rapeseed oil produced on the Co-op’s own farms. The CHP units also provide

jobs and opportunities for people and help ensure long-term economic and energy security for our country."

Communities minister Lord Ahmad added: "Effective exploration and testing of the UK’s unconventional gas resources is key to understanding the potential for this industry – so the government is creating the right framework to accelerate unconventional oil and gas development in a responsible and sustainable way. We recognise there are areas of outstanding landscape and scenic beauty




New Stokvis interface unit at the Energy Event Stokvis Energy Systems will be introducing new product developments at The Energy Event, NEC, Birmingham, 16-17 September 2014.

The Stokvis stand No. E01 will feature a selection of the company's high performance products and systems including its new Econoplate "H" Series interface unit for district heating schemes. This innovative unit allows simpler, effective and flexible integration of low to zero carbon technology at the central

where the environmental and heritage qualities need to be carefully balanced against the benefits of oil and gas from unconventional hydrocarbons.

"For this reason, I am today making clear our approach to planning for unconventional hydrocarbons in National Parks, the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and World Heritage Sites.

"Proposals for such development must recognise the importance of these sites." option to separate the heating and hot water services, which allows direct heating and separate HWS and a ‘single plate' unit which separates heating only. There are a number of ancillary devices to accompany the "H" series launch, which includes the capacity for heat metering.



cooling through an absorption chiller. Cooling is delivered to the offices through passive chilled beams suspended beneath the concrete soffit. Double skin facade: The building’s double skin facade reduces heating and cooling loads. In summer louvres at the top of the facade open to allow the warmed air trapped between its inner and outer skins to rise up and out of the building. In winter these louvres are closed so the facade can form an insulated blanket around the building. Solar gain is mitigated by coatings on the glazing. It is also reduced by shading from the facade’s access walkways and by varying the depth of the bronze mullions on the inner face of the double skinned facade.

Also featured on the stand will be the company's latest Econoflame fully modulating condensing boilers, Econoplate hot water service plate heat exchangers, electronic pressure sets and solar thermal panels.

plantroom and overall energy efficiency can be increased.

Director Paul Sands explains: "Where you are looking at flats, sheltered schemes or student accommodation, it is a lot simpler and safer to have a district boiler, rather than individual boilers requiring annual gas inspections and servicing. The new "H" Series interface unit can be located in a kitchen or utility space the same as a conventional boiler and draws heat from the main flow and return circuit, via a packaged heat exchanger interface. "We are offering a ‘twin-plate' 27/08/2014 09:26 Page 1

August 2014 £4.50




Promoting energy efficient, healthy & sustainable building products for the construction industry


1 Angel Square winner of the new Your BREEAM Award

“A great building to work in” Looking ahead: As well as providing a good working environment, the new building is predicted to produce 80% lower carbon emissions and half the energy consumption of the Coop’s former head office. This is expected to save the group over £500,000 per annum. The building’s actual performance is being carefully monitored and measured. “We have built a big research project,” said Peter Cookson, programme director of Co-operative Group, “and we will be metering it to death to ensure we optimise the building.”


The design also considers the more distant future, with the building having been futureproofed against the temperatures forecast for 2050. It is predicted that temperatures in summer will increase by 5%, with a 30% reduction in winter temperatures.





From the buildings shortlisted for the 2014 BREEAM Awards, The Co-operative Group’s new headquarters in Manchester was selected as winner of the new Your BREEAM Award. If the proof of the pudding is in the eating it could also be said – though less poetically – that the proof of a building is in the experience of its users. The Cooperative Group’s new HQ at 1 Angel Square in Manchester is proving to be a very successful building. Rated BREEAM

Outstanding and shortlisted for a 2014 BREEAM Award, it was highly commended by the judging panel and won the new Your BREEAM Award which is decided by public vote. Thousands of readers voted to select the Your BREEAM Award winner from the top three

Fracking gets green light, but green and pleasant land to be 'protected'

The government has opened the bidding process for companies seeking licences to explore for onshore oil and gas, but announced new planning guidance designed to protect national parks and other areas of important countryside from shale gas extraction. This is the first time in six years that companies are being invited to bid for onshore oil and gas licenses.

New planning rules state that the licenses do not give absolute agreement to drill. On top of a license a company will require

BREEAM scoring shortlisted buildings in eight award categories. Many of those supporting 1 Angel Square actually work in the building, and the comments accompanying their votes can be summed up in the phrase, “A great building to work in”. planning permission, as well as permits from the Environment Agency and sign-off from the Health and Safety Executive.

Ministers are also publishing new guidance on where fracking can take place. Although there is not a total ban on drilling in beauty spots, applications for unconventional oil and gas developments in National Parks, the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and World Heritage Sites in England will be refused except for in "exceptional circumstances".


Triangular building with full height atrium: Home to more than 3,000 Co-op employees, the 15-storey 1 Angel Square is a striking three-sided building, with a fully glazed double skin façade curved horizontally and vertically around it. The curving walls are interrupted by a diagonal series of stepped terraces, rising towards the back of the building and forming the roof. South facing, the terraces make the most of the available sunlight.

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Commenting on the opening of the bidding process, business and energy minister Matthew Hancock said: "Unlocking shale gas in Britain has the potential to provide us with greater energy security, jobs and growth. We must act carefully, minimising risks, to explore how much of our large resource can be recovered to give the UK a new home-grown source of energy. As one of the cleanest fossil fuels, shale gas can be a key part of the UK’s answer to climate change and a bridge to a much greener future.

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August 2014

Contemporary and Heritage Roofline • Rainwater • Cladding Long lasting, sustainable PVC systems for exposed and inaccessible locations. • Responsibly sourced and manufactured • Maximum CSH points for new build • Minimum lifetime costs for refurbishment BUILDING PRODUCTS

Creating curves in Crawley

The long awaited transformation of the former Sussex House site in Crawley Town Centre is almost complete, as Land Securities’ new £39 million mixed use development takes shape, showcasing a curvaceous Solar Shading and Screening Solution by Levolux.

Levolux was approached to develop a custom solar shading and screening solution, to be applied across glazed curtain walling, rainscreen cladding and open

steelwork. The solution comprises extruded aluminium rectangular-shaped Fins, each measuring 175mm deep by 50mm thick. The Fins are arranged vertically, secured between custom extruded aluminium ‘C’ section channels, each measuring 175mm high by 80mm deep. All Fins are fixed at a pitch of 400mm, following the horizontal channels, which continue along straight and curved elevations. The combined screen extends an impressive 390 metres in length, with a maximum height of 12 metres. Most Fins are fixed at 90 degrees from the façade (fully open), creating a uniform external aesthetic. However, a section of Fins fitted to the east-facing elevation are fixed at contrasting angles. Custom brackets have been engineered to achieve 3 alternative angles.. The combination of Fins fixed at alternating angles creates an interesting ‘wave-effect’ external aesthetic. ❚ enquiry 103

The Brighton Waste House is now open DuPont™ Tyvek® advanced breather membranes help waste products to perform in unexpected ways in a new building experiment

Architect Duncan Baker-Brown and the University of Brighton’s Faculty of Art have undertaken a fascinating new ‘living experiment’ in sustainable building. The Brighton Waste Houseaims to use as much reclaimed and recycled material as available or appropriate – but where a certain type of product or technology proves to be the best solution in terms of optimum efficiency, then new materials or equipment have been specified. The building aims to demonstrate ways to combat the 45% contribution to CO2 emissions in the UK that can be attributed to architectural structures.

The timber framed structure is made largely of timber off-cuts with salvaged ply and is insulated in a variety of ways, including with old VHS tapes and compact disc cases, discarded wallpaper and 19,800 disposable airline toothbrushes! In excess of 85% of the building product has been sourced through reclamation of some kind, but certain new products and hi tech solutions have been added where needed. For example, making the structure as wind

and watertight as possible, while also capable of diffusing interstitial vapour to the exterior, was crucial to the success of the experiment, and it became clear to the team that the ideal membrane solution to protect the build was the renowned reliability and performance DuPont™ Tyvek®. In total 400 square metres of DuPont™ Tyvek® Housewrap has been used to seal the building envelope and a similar amount of the specialised DuPont™ Tyvek® UV Façade membrane has been installed directly behind the second-hand carpet tiles that act as rain screen cladding to the external walls.

Architect and project leader Duncan BakerBrown of BBM Sustainable Design Ltd comments, “We were very happy to specify DuPont™ Tyvek® Housewrap and DuPont™ Tyvek® UV Facade for The Brighton Waste House, as the products guarantee the proper performance of our rather unusual walls made of reclaimed and surplus material from the construction industry, as well as from household waste. DuPont™ Tyvek® Housewrap ensures that our carbon neutral building manages moisture sensibly, while DuPont™ Tyvek® UV Facade forms a highly effective weather seal for the building, sitting just behind our unusual external rain screen, which is of course, also made of waste.” ❚ enquiry 105

❚ enquiry 102 .

Fakro L-shaped windows for Passivhaus modular building The latest eco-project to which FAKRO has supplied roof windows is the Green Unit®, a modular, single storey Passivhaus design for a variety of sectors and the result of over three years development. The prefabricated buildings are carbon neutral, FAKRO FTP U5 non-vented, tripleglazed windows with a U-value of 0.97W/m2K having been used individually and in L-shaped configuration.

The L-shaped principle incorporates an additional lower window, in this case BDR tilt and turn, to take the glazing area into

Cembrit clads sustainable homes

Cembrit Metro cladding has been installed on a mixed use development in the heart of Camden, London to provide a decorative finish to complement the surrounding brickwork. Approximately 500m2 of Stockholm cladding has contributed to the building achieving an accredited sustainability status. Londonbased architect, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) specified Cembrit’s Metro cladding with the design plan of the brickwork ‘peeling back’ at the corners of the envelope, revealing a contrasting palette of glazing and cladding. Drylining and façades specialist, Conneely Group installed the cladding onto the new build project and found the material particularly easy to handle. “The cladding was extremely simple to install and cut” explain James Guerin, Project Manager

the wall. The FTP U5 windows have been installed in a green roof, those with an easterly aspect also having AMZ external awning blinds to offset solar gain. The Green Unit’s Jonathan Finnerty commented, “The requirement to be carbon neutral meant that procurement for every element was considered in great depth. Fakro worked with us to achieve what we required and gave us highly valuable advice.” ❚ enquiry 104 from Conneely Group. “Not only is the product tough and durable, thanks to the range of 26 colours, it also provides an aesthetically pleasing finish which can be used to create exciting and unusual designs. We hope to use the product on future projects.”

The new build is due to complete at the end of June 2014 and achieving sustainability status has played a key role in the development. The residential side of the scheme will achieve Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4, meeting and exceeding minimum voluntary standards for energy use and carbon dioxide emissions, water use, waste, materials and surface water run-off. At the same time, the student housing aspect to the development has achieved a BREEAM preassessment rating of Very Good, with aspirations to increase to Excellent. The Code for Sustainable Homes is the national standard for the sustainable design and construction of new homes and aims to reduce our carbon. It measures the sustainability of a new home against categories of sustainable design, rating the ‘whole home’ as a complete package. BREEAM is an environmental assessment method which sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design construction and operation. BREEAM encourages designers and architects to think about low carbon and low impact design. ❚ enquiry 106

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August 2014


Solar Slate’s Planning friendly Roof Slate matches natural slate whilst giving unobtrusive free Solar PV Electricity and 20 Years Government Feed-in-Tariff earnings. Solar Slate is changing the face of Solar Photovoltaics.

Our planning-friendly range of technologies provide solar power from a traditional slate roof with:

• No planning headaches • No complaints from the neighbours • No unsightly solar panels • Helping you achieve Code 4,5 or 6 standard build

Start your journey today and allow:

• Green energy to be generated at the property • No hard visual impact • Energy cost protection long term • Free electricity at the property • Earning from the Government feed in Tariff • Protect our heritage


Channel 4 host and design guru, Kevin McCloud was impressed with new Solar Slate Multi and said; "It is the ideal solution for generating electricity without affecting the aesthetics"

Solar Slate Traditional product is designed to match standard 20” x 10” ‘Countess’ slate and provides a close colour match to many types of historically relevant natural slates including Welsh blue-grey. Now alongside it, the Solar Slate Multi offers the superior aesthetic that the Solar Slate Traditional boasts but in a larger format.

For the first time, it’s possible to take advantage of solar power without compromise. Unhook from the fossil-fuelled lifestyle and make a real reduction in your carbon footprint.

As a technology, ours is unlike anything else that’s available, truly taking the concept of a solar slate to a new dimension. Even homes in historic or conservation areas can now tap into an endless supply of free, clean energy, with the added longterm financial benefit of guaranteed payments from the government’s Feed-In Tariffs. British-designed and European-manufactured, all of our products are backed with a wealth of experience and a wide install base. Every project is a journey so we support our customers every step of the way, from supply and design through to installation and warranty.

The larger format has reduced costs, allows faster and simpler installation giving all round better value. The panel is manufactured to match standard 24” x 12” ‘Duchess’ slates and is effectively 4 slates in a single panel.

Solar Slate is ideal for use in in conservation areas, on historical buildings, new builds, sites where standard solar panels are not an option, renovation projects and has an unrivalled track record in gaining planning approval. These projects, being grade II listed buildings in conservation areas and areas of outstanding natural beauty, challenged Planners. Standard solar panels were refused by the LPA so samples of Solar Slate were submitted by the homeowners, which gained approval. We have a permanent display at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre in Swindon which you can visit at any time for free and we will be at a number of shows this summer including the Yorkshire Show in July and others to follow.

For more information: please visit email, or better still call us on 01454 627841.

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August 2014

August 2014 £4.50



Promoting energy

efficient, healthy &

sustainable building



products for the constru

ction industry

1 Angel Square winner of


the new Your BREEAM

“A great building to work Award in”


From the buildings shortlisted for the 2014 BREEAM Awar The Co-operative ds, Group’s new headq uarters in Mancheste selected as winn r was er of the new Your BREEAM Award. If the proof of the pudding is in


Outstanding and the eating it could shortlisted for a also though less poeticall be said – 2014 BREEAM Award, y it was proof of a building – that the highly commended by the judging is in the panel experience of its and won the new users. The CoYour BREEAM Award operative Group’s which is decided new HQ at 1 by public vote. Thousan Angel Square in Manchester is ds of Building4change proving to be a .com readers very successful voted to select the building. Rated Your BREEAM BREEAM Award winner from the top three




Athletes Village,

Looking ahead: As well as providing a good working environment, the new building is predicted to produce 80% lower carbon emission s and half the energy consump tion of the Coop’s former head office. This is expected to save the group over £500,000 per annum. The building’s actual performance is being carefully monitored and measured. “We have built a big research project,” said Peter Cookson, program me director of Co-operative Group, “and we will be metering it to death to ensure we optimise the building.”




Walk all over us...

Fracking gets green light, but green and pleasant land to be 'protected'

The government has opened the bidding process for companies seeking licences to explore for onshore oil and gas, but announced new guidance designed planning to protect national parks and other areas of important countrys ide from shale gas extraction. This is the first time in six years that companies New planning rules state that the are being invited to bid for licenses do not give absolute onshore oil and gas agreement to drill. licenses. On top of a license a company will require

planning permissi on, as well as permits from the Environment Agency and sign-off from the Health and Safety Executive.

Ministers are also publishing new guidance on where fracking can take place. Although there is not a total ban on drilling in beauty spots, applications for unconventional oil and gas developments in National Parks, the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and World Heritage Sites in England will be refused except for in "exceptional circumstances".



Excel Arena Main entran

The design also considers the more distant future, with the building having been futureproofed against the temperatures forecast for 2050. It is predicted that temperatures in summer will increase by 5%, with a 30% reduction in winter temperatures.

Triangular building with full height atrium: Home to more than 3,000 employees, the 15-storey Co-op 1 Angel Square is a striking three-sided building, with a fully glazed double skin façade curved horizontally and BREEAM scoring vertically around shortlisted it. The curving walls buildings in eight award interrupt are ed by a diagonal series categories. Many of of those stepped terraces, supporting 1 rising towards Angel Square the back of the building actually work in the building, and forming and the roof. South facing, the comments accompan the votes can be summed ying their terraces make the most of the up in the available sunlight. phrase, “A great building to work in”.

…everyone does!

in many high has been installed The Buzon system ide as is recognised worldw profile buildings, and and we are l suppor t systems, the leader in externa 80% recycled with planet, the the greenest on ble. recycla 100% and materials,

s include: Buzon system feature s d to exceed 1000Kg o • Each pedestal certifie or from 0 to 10 /o • Precise slope correct h pylene for max strengt • High density polypro lock system • Inverter with safety • 100% recyclable

T enquiry 801. www.mclin

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s The Buzon System s of screwjack

® system ® and DPH the BC Buzon UK supplies res. pedestals used for d areas and water featu external terraces, decke 11mm to 1030mm high. from The systems range

…Very clever Buzon UK Ltd

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Road, Business Park, Station Unit 6, Teddington 0874 T: +44 (0) 20 8614

Teddington TW11 9BQ

A McDermott Publicati


August 2014 £4.50

ArborClad’s specialist range of high quality cladding, available exclusively through Howarth Timber and Building Supplies’ national network, is now supported by a comprehensive new brochure. The specialist range has been expanded for 2014 and comprises the

2 Shades of Grey Simply fill out the grid with the enquiry numbers you are interested in, cut out this box and post to : Ecobuilding News, FREEPOST BM 680, Kings Norton, Birmingham











Name: Position:

highest quality, sustainable timber cladding products for any application; from domestic and commercial to refurbishment. The 2014 ArborClad brochure provides information of the range of traditional and thermally treated cladding products, alongside installation guidelines, technical details and inspirational case studies.

Totalling 32 pages the document is available in hard copy and also as a downloadable PDF file from the Howarth Timber Group website.

BAT HQ London

Commenting on the opening of the bidding process, business and energy minister Hancock said: "UnlockiMatthew ng shale gas in Britain has the potential to provide us with greater energy security, jobs and growth. We must act carefully , minimising risks, to explore how much of our large resource can be recovered to give the UK a new home-grown source of energy. As one of the cleanest fossil fuels, shale gas can be a key part of the UK’s answer to climate change and a a much greener future. bridge to


Arborclad launches new brochure for those who ‘dare to be different’

Osmo UK is continuing to expand its offering of internal wood finishes with the introduction of two new colours, Granite Grey and Silk Grey, to its Wood Wax Finish Transparent range. Neutral colours


Leading the ArborClad range are the Thermally Treated products, which benefit from outstanding stability and durability qualities. The treatment means the timber is less prone to absorb or lose moisture, helping to restrict the potential for swelling, shrinkage or distortion.

are proving to be a popular choice this year when it comes to wood finishes. While some are after a bright splash of colour, others are requesting a subtle shade. Granite Grey and Silk Grey extend the range to seventeen different colours, ensuring that there is an option for everyone.

Suitable for use on interior flooring, timber cladding and panelling, ceiling profiles, skirting, doors, joinery, furniture and children's toys, the product is a great allrounder. Osmo Wood Wax Finish Transparent is a satin-matt wood finish which combines all the advantages of oils and waxes, making it resistant to water and dirt and safe for humans, plants and animals.

Address: Postcode: Tel No: Website: Email: By providing your details, you are consenting for McDermott Publishing Ltd to keep you up-to-date with news and offers via email. If you wish to opt out of this service, please tick the box provided.


Timber door canopies designed by George Woods

Our door canopy range comes in many designs to suit the style of your property and improve the appearance of your house – from flat roof canopies to ‘a’ frame door canopies and mono pitch.

Our canopies are suitable for front doors, porches and windows and are made from high quality timber by our highly skilled craftsmen. All door canopies are quick and easy to fix.





Tel: 01363 884218

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August 2014

progresses, the visitor numbers to the websites increase. Aside from the product-led, the company has developed to promote Norbord’s involvement in a series of environmental issues such as imported plywood and illegally felled timber and to establishing the company’s position in the UK’s wood panel market. The site continues to be constantly updated with resources such as news articles, reports and videos.

Norbord strengthens biomass debate stance with a revamp of the two informative consumerfacing websites

As one of the world leaders in engineered wood panel production, Norbord knows a lot about timber and has been known as one of the most vociferous voices in the UK’s biomass debate. As the debate


With less than two months to go, some of the most well regarded construction


TIMBER STRUCTURES Laminated Timber beams (glulam) - the natural alternative to steel & concrete is a site which highlights the promotion of the hierarchy of wood in the UK and aims to establish the thinking in UK legislation. An owl provides a wise and informed voice for the issues and, because it is independent, can be more challenging and more direct.

Send us your architectural drawings or sketches and we will provide you with a detailed quotation and design appraisal. Moelven supply straight and curved glulam beams and structures together with associated materials to suit all types of structures.

Tel: 023 80616857 Web:

❚ enquiry 108

From our premises at Barton Farm we can supply standard and cut to size glulam beams and can manufacture bespoke metalwork fittings to suite your requirements.

Join the Buyers & Specifiers Forum - the easy and efficient way to do business

After a highly successful event in 2013, now in its fourth year, the Buyers & Specifiers Forum will return in 2014, bringing a highly effective way for buyers and specifiers to meet with new and existing suppliers and keep up-to-date with all the latest timber industry innovations. This exclusive gathering is by invitation only and is, taking place at Timber Expo on 07 & 08 October 2014 at the NEC, Birmingham.


Moelven Laminated Timber Structures

Unit 1 Barton Farm Industrial Estate, Chickenhall Lane, EASTLEIGH, Hampshire SO50 6RP Tel: 023 8061 6857 Fax: 023 8061 1984 Web: Email:

companies, housing developers, architects, engineers and specifiers have signed up to take part in the Timber Buyers & Specifiers Forum.

❚ enquiry 112.


"The material contained herein is owned by and are copyright © Koskisen Oy. All rights reserved."

Part of the James Latham Group, Advanced Technical Panels (ATP), the UK’s leading specialist FSC Certified Birch plywood distributor, is now offering a range of coloured plywood panels. Named Décor Eco, the range is available directly from stock in six eye-catching and vibrant colours. Each panel is made from tough Finnish Birch Plywood that has been coated on both sides with a translucent, tinted lacquer to produce a hardwearing, crack resistant and durable material. The surface of Décor Eco has also been overlaid with a protective transparent melamine film, giving it a smooth and superior finish, making it an ideal option for the joinery and furniture making sectors.

As well as joinery and furniture making, this innovative, pre-finished decorative birch plywood can be used for a wide range of interior applications including: shopfitting, POS, displays, exhibition stands, interior wall panels, shelving, kitchens and bespoke interior design. David Briggs, Director of ATP commented, “Décor Eco is a fantastic and versatile product and we, and indeed our customers, can already see all kinds of applications for it. The reaction so far has been extremely positive,

particularly from those in the furniture making and shopfitting sectors.”

Décor Eco, which carries PEFC certification, also conforms to all relevant EN Standards for plywood and is a structural quality panel meeting CE2+ to EN 13986: 2004. It is available directly from stock in 12mm and 18mm thicknesses. For samples and further information on Décor Eco or to learn more about ATP’s full product range call: 0113 387 0850 or visit;

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Comar: Designed for Performance, Backed by Delivery Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems; with their approved fabricator PAGE Group Peterborough Ltd completed a prestigious new build waterside residential development, Q Apartments, at Tanners Wharf, Bishop Stortford. Sales of the units which include 2 & 3 bedroom apartments and luxury penthouses exceeded all expectations, appealing to first time buyers, investors and airline personnel working at nearby Stansted Airport. The redevelopment of the area has been welcomed by the local residents as it now replaces a derelict site of unfinished buildings. Comar 5P.i open-out and tilt & turn windows, with Comar 7P.i rebated doors were selected for the apartments with Comar 7P.i

AFT Commercial Doors for the main entrances. For safety, the Comar 7P.i AFT Commercial Doors were fitted with AntiFinger Trap stiles which were hung directly from the Comar 6 curtain walling. Polyamide Insulated (P.i) window and door systems provide exceptional thermal performance in a market where energy efficient designs and meeting the demands of the latest building regulations are paramount. Comar 7 door sets are a natural choice for any busy environment and are available in swing, pivot, sliding, auto-sliding and sliding folding. For the sleek modern façade,

Imagine - another industry first for The VEKA UK Group

The VEKA UK Group’s NEW Imagine BiFold Door has become the first PVC-U BiFolding Door in the UK to attain a British Standards Kitemark. Mark Barsby, Head of Technical at The VEKA UK Group explains: “A lot of preparation went into launching the Imagine Bi-Fold Door at The FIT Show and we wanted to ensure that we ticked all the

Comar 6 stick build/step cut curtain walling was specified. Comar 6 curtain walling is a versatile thermally efficient system designed to integrate panels and glass of different widths into the façade with special profiles to include opening vents and doors. Comar 6 offers a slim 50mm sight line with a multitude of transoms and mullions to cater for all deflection loads and grid centres. The design of Comar 6 makes it ideal for complex facetted curtain walls as well as sheer glazed facades. All Comar approved fabricators are required to have the technical expertise to attend pre-site meetings and provide detailing. PAGE Group Peterborough liaised closely with the specifiers to provide design advice and detailing which ensured the project ran smoothly and met site deadlines. ❚ enquiry 113

accreditation boxes in time for the show. We were therefore extremely proud to be presented with our BSI Kitemark Certificate by Lorraine Balch, our BSI Scheme Manager on the first day of the show. “With its BSI Kitemark certificate, the Imagine Bi-Fold gives manufacturers, installers and consumers alike the peace of mind that performance and security need not be a compromise on Bi-Fold Doors. In order to meet the exacting industry standards and achieve a BSI Kitemark,

August 2014

Slim Tormax door profile delivers low heat transfer

Subtle and inconspicuous, the new LR32THERM automatic sliding door profile from TORMAX is not only one of the slimmest frames on the market but also benefits from having an extremely low thermal transmission co-efficient (Ud value). With a visual width of just 35mm, the aluminium profile delivers the right aesthetics to create a contemporary entrance whilst significantly contributing towards reduced internal heating costs. Ideally suited to use in external locations, the LR32THERM profile combines with TORMAX advanced iMotion sliding door drives to create sustainable yet reliable, low maintenance entrance solutions. With 60-year reputation for delivering quality entrance solutions worldwide, the TORMAX product design team

Imagine has successfully been tested to BS 6375-1, Weather Performance and BS 63752, operation and strength characteristics, along with Notified Body Test reports showing thermal performance for CE Marking. To complete the story, the Imagine Bi-Fold Door has achieved PAS 24, Enhanced Security. Through achieving third-party certification by notified body BSI and gaining a BSI Kitemark, the Imagine Bi-fold has also been awarded the Secured By Design accolade.”

developed the LR32THERM at the headquarters in Switzerland in response to market demands. Filling a niche, this visually lightweight profile meets both the sustainable demands of the architect, as well as the aesthetic expectations. The outstanding thermal insulation properties of the LR32THERM profile have been certified by the famous Bern University of Applied Sciences. It not only meets the standards required by ENEV2009 but also the safety standard DIN18650 and the new European equivalent EN16005. ❚ enquiry 114

❚ enquiry 115

Synseal goes on evolving with triple-ready SynerJy The issue of triple glazing is on everyone’s lips and Synseal is leading the way in ensuring that its fabricators and installers are fully equipped to stay ahead of consumer demand. Most recently, the forward thinking system supplier has added a 36mm glazing option to its innovative SynerJy system to accommodate triple IGUs and that is only the latest in the constant evolution of the most comprehensive and versatile range of systems available. Just a few months earlier, the company responded to the growing consumer demand for

energy efficiency when it became one of the first suppliers to achieve the recently introduced BFRC A+ and Certass A* ratings, not just for SynerJy but all of its window systems including Legend, Shield and Evolve VS designs, enabling customers to keep pace with consumer demand by displaying the sought-after labels. Synseal has also gained BBA approval for the use of Plastic Thermal Reinforcements in its foiled profiles in place of steel, enabling even lower U-Values to be achieved.

Mark Schlotel, Synseal’s Head of Marketing said: “To us, it is not enough to have the broadest range of systems on the market. The demands of the industry and the consumer are constantly changing and we have always made sure our customers are

equipped to stay ahead of those changes. Whether it is triple glazing, energy efficiency or whatever is waiting round the next corner.” SynerJy is the youngest of Synseal’s stable of three window systems and has won acclaim from day one for its elegant ovolo curves and easy-glazing j-bead, breaking the mould of all fully sculptured systems before it. Designed for both the new-build and replacement markets, it is not only stylish in looks and strong on performance but also easy and trouble-free to fabricate as its users will testify. “SynerJy is absolutely perfect,” said Martin Randall of Crystal Direct, one of the system’s foremost fabricators. “It couldn’t be easier to fabricate; our customers say it’s easy to install

and, most importantly, their customers love it too”.

“We’ve been fabricating Synseal since way back and we’ve used SynerJy from day one. For us, there is nothing on the market to compare with it.” Alongside SynerJy are the original and ever-popular Shield, a

chamfered system with clean-cut lines, reflecting a traditional PVCU window style, and the versatile Legend system, originally introduced to give installers greater access to the much sought after commercial market but since then also becoming a firm favourite in domestic retrofit. ❚ enquiry 116

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August 2014

ALL QUIET AT ST. JOSEPH’S CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL In 1851, Frederick Faber (a hymn writer and theologian who converted from Anglicanism to the Catholic priesthood), founded a religious charity to “educate and help local poor children” providing an Infant School, Boys and Girls Day Schools and Night Schools “for those boys and girls who, being employed in selling fruit, sweeping crossings and similar occupations, cannot attend school in the daytime” (Source: Catholic Directory 1856). Located within London’s Seven Dials Conservation Area, part of the original extensive building complex eventually become St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. Several of the other original buildings now provide residential accommodation and the building located to the south side of St. Joseph’s, which overlooks classrooms and the school’s playground, is scheduled for demolition to make way for additional, much needed social and private flats. The excessive noise generated from building works cannot be adequately contained by traditional sash windows and without some additional insulation there would be a damaging effect on classroom concentration. The World Health Organisation’s guideline for reasonable noise levels in classrooms is 35-40dB and consultant EC Harris, acting for the London Borough of Camden, recommended the installation of acoustic secondary glazing.

Selectaglaze, the UK’s leading designer of secondary glazing systems, was approached to develop designs that would provide the necessary noise reductions but also allow full access to the external sash windows, some with high level hopper lights, both for ventilation and maintenance. The Company has a wide range of laboratory tested products that will reduce noise levels by 40-45dB and has considerable experience of working within period buildings.

The solution was a slim balanced vertical sliding unit to match the sash windows and a high level horizontal sliding unit for the hopper lights. Ring pulls were applied to the upper sliding panels to allow them to be operated by the

same pole that opens the hoppers and so ensure access to high level ventilation. Toughened safety glass was recommended throughout to reduce risk to pupils and staff.

Selectaglaze treated a total of 37 windows across all four floors of the school, providing a total of 69 frames, each of which was purpose made with high performance seals that not only improve the acoustic insulation but also help reduce the passage of dust and dirt, which is a feature of all building sites. The bespoke frames were fully fabricated off-site allowing rapid installation during a holiday period, thus minimising disruption for the school.

Camden Council also has a stated target of 40% carbon emissions reduction within schools by 2020. Many buildings use nearly half their energy supplies for heating, which is both expensive and wasteful. Secondary glazing traps an insulating layer of air between the windows and

efficient seals will exclude draughts over the whole frame. It can, therefore, be an important retrofit solution to improving building energy performance either in combination with traditional single glazed windows or more recent double glazing, which then achieves a triple glazed combination.

Founded in 1966, Royal Warrant holder Selectaglaze has considerable experience of working within Listed and sensitive buildings. Products are fully tested and assessed for performance and twice yearly quality audits are conducted through the company’s ISO 9001 accreditation with LPCB. An extensive range of literature and guidance notes covering acoustics, thermal performance and added security is offered together with a technical advisory service and a RIBA approved CPD Seminar. For further information, please contact the Marketing Department on 01727 837271; e-mail: or visit the company’s comprehensive website at:

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August 2014

   from   units the Alternative provision     polycarbonate City College, Norwich   Trade  Range.   Several   of  Coxdome academy adopts   these   rooflights   featured     uses Roofshield from either          Axia  trickle ventilation or Vent Coxdome enlightenment      A Proctor Group  extract ventilation units. Then teaching and circulation areas to     school benefitted   the from the      of triple   Jet  Cox installation skin    Vaults   up to 10 metres  in Barrel     length; admitting  ample  natural           daylight to encourage a feeling of  well-being as well as cutting down on electricity usage.


        In total there   were   seven   Barrel  Vaults   installed, all 860 mm wide. The first of these was 6565 mm

 long, while   therewere four    at 8210

One of the first Alternative Provision Academies to be opened anywhere in the country, set up to offer youngsters with a variety of issues fresh education opportunities not available to them through mainstream schools, has undertaken substantial refurbishment work featuring the installation of rooflights and barrel vaults from Jet Cox.

The project at the Links AP Academy in St Albans, Hertfordshire, which was successfully completed earlier this year by York based T.A. Roofing, involved the removal of leaking and thermally inefficient existing glass rooflights from toilet blocks: replacing them with triple skin

mm long, with the final pair reaching 9850 mm in length. The 23 Trade Range Rooflights, meanwhile, included 15 which were 700 mm square, with a further eight measuring 700 x 1500 mm.

The Jet Cox Barrel Vault, from their recently expanded bespoke range, is a self-supporting structure, which can span up to seven metres and is custom made using polyester powder coated, aluminium components, while the glazing options range from fourwall, multiwall polycarbonate to quadruple skin solid polycarbonate. They are supplied as a kit of parts for ready assembly on site, while the relatively low loads imposed ensure existing roof structures do not require strengthening. ❚ enquiry 119


in Norwich. The benefits provided by the high performance Roofshield membrane were    contractor,   obvious to the roofing       R.B. Watts.

Roofshield is an air and vapour     permeable,   highly water  resistant           roofing underlay, and has been     to the  same   specification  for  made    nearly     and has  20 years,     met the evolving constantly demands of the roofing industry    to be the  first choice of most         roofing contractors.          of The very low vapour resistance            Roofshield was recently used in 0.065MNs/g, combined with high         the refurbishment of City College air permeability, reduces the

Norbord helps schoolchildren build their own house 



potential for interstitial condensation as far as possible, and does not require the use of a vapour control layer. This provides a robust and dependable solution that can be specified with confidence. ❚ enquiry 120

house provides      a focus  for a variety of  studies,    ranging   from science    through art & design to business studies and, of course,   construction.      

Most school ‘make-and-do’ projects are conceived on a modest scale and often end up on display in the main foyer. But at Burlington Danes Academy in White City, north London, there is a more ambitious project. They are building a house.

The SchoolHouse project is billed as a “practical, vocational project enabling pupils to build a sustainable, highly insulated timber house”. Designed by Roderick James Architects, the

Norbord’s contribution is around £1,000 worth of its SterlingOSB oriented strand board. Made at the firm’s Inverness factory from home-grown wood fibre, SterlingOSB is renowned for its strength, durability and low environmental impact.

The OSB supplied to Burlington Danes is 9mm sheathing, used to line the timber frame panels which make up the building structure. SterlingOSB is the UK’s leading brand of OSB and forms a component part of most timber frame systems. It is one of the most environmentally-sustainable

building products available in the UK, as well as one of the most versatile. The Inverness factory which produces SterlingOSB gets most of its wood from local forests in the form of thinnings – a byproduct of sustainable forest management. ❚ enquiry 121

❚ enquiry 122 .

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August 2014

Crown Trade Tackles University Challenge At Robert Gordon University

CROWN Trade products have won top marks with a major university challenge completed in time for the start of a new term. The first phase of a massive £97 million new redevelopment project at Robert Gordon University’s Garthdee Campus in Aberdeen was finished last year.


A modern new library along with laboratories, teaching rooms and a refectory have been in full use ever since. The University has centralised its Academic Function to Garthdee, moving many of its departments around Aberdeen into a four-wing building - featuring a nine-floor tower on the West wing, while the North has six floors and the East and South wings have five.

The Crown Trade products selected throughout the build where chosen with a focus on achieving an easy maintenance finish that can stand the test of time.

Martin Jarvie, of BDP, was the architect for the new build scheme. He said: “The Garthdee project was a major challenge, but I think the University and everyone involved was pleased with the result. The buildings span 22,000 square metres, with four wings wrapping around a four-storey atrium. The University chose Crown Trade Clean Extreme Matt in white for the walls with Crown Trade Eggshell for furnishings and skirting boards. Feature walls in the atrium were painted in pastel shades and it’s all worked out well.”

More information on Crown Paints can be found at the new website for specifiers

Miller Construction completed the building work, with painting contractors the Bell Group tackling the large-scale project using products supplied by Crown Trade, Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt and Eggshell, predominantly in a cool white shade. Pastel tones were specified for feature walls and stripes around the site.

Roger McGarry, Aberdeen branch manager for the Bell Group, said: “The new campus at Garthdee is huge, so it was a massive job for us – I’d say one of the biggest the company has ever undertaken. It’s looking really good and we’re impressed with the result. It’s nice to be able to have done such a big job so well and help create a fresh, clean environment for the students to enjoy.”


Crown Paints’ Regional Specification Sales Manager Dave Burkett, said: “Crown Trade Clean Extreme is the perfect sustainable fit for a university as it offers the durability and longevity that allows repetitive cleaning with the added benefit of excellent stain resistance. That makes it ideal for ‘high traffic’ areas and also extends maintenance cycles by returning to ‘as new’ condition after cleaning – reducing the need for costly redecoration. We are delighted with the finished job and I’m sure the university will be looking good for years to come.”

Developed to make the selection of products and services more effective and easier than ever – the site pulls together a raft of online tools and detailed information in a clear and concise format, to underpin a more selective, sustainable and speedier specification process.

The website also links to Crown Paints’ popular PaintSpec Finder®, which delivers instant and technically-detailed specification plans for exterior and interior projects, through a user-friendly format. This allows users to filter through a great deal of technical information to pinpoint exactly what products - from the specification brands of Crown Trade, Sadolin and Sandtex Trade - they need for their chosen projects.

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Reading like a BAFTA award winners list, former students of the Glasgow School of Art including Robbie Coltrane and Peter Capaldi are unanimous in their praise for the new and much-anticipated Reid Building.


Always destined to sit in the shadow of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s main building across the road, there has been an inevitable backlash against New York based architect Steven Holl’s uber-modern design.

Perhaps in isolation a more balanced critique would be possible, and is certainly justified, for the £50 million glass structure is a complex construction offering varied and thoughtful interior spaces designed to complement Mackintosh’s building and optimise the view of it. With a focus on the properties and behaviour of light within the building, the glass panels define its look and feel, but

consideration has also been given to the durability of the building and the comfort of the students inside it. Behind the glass façade, Powerlon UV Colour façade membrane from Industrial Textiles and Plastics (ITP) was used to protect the building. Powerlon UV Colour is a range of poly-acrylic breathable membranes engineered to provide long term protection to the building envelope.

Designed for exposed installations behind wooden, glass or steel mesh facades, Powerlon UV is exceptionally UV resistant with superior durability compared to conventional breather membranes.

Marc van der Voort, Managing Director at ITP said: “Our Powerlon UV Colour membrane is available in a range of colours, and the granite shade used on the Reid Building complements the glass well. The membrane provides excellent protection against rain, humidity and wind which increases the lifetime and effectiveness of the insulation”. Looking slightly angular and uncomfortable opposite its highly acclaimed counterpart the new Glasgow School of Art building might continue to cause controversy, but is meanwhile being enjoyed by hundreds of students and probably a few stars of the future.


Tel: 01347 825200 E-mail: Web:

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August 2014

Refurbishing a roof in a conservation area can throw up many challenges. The installation of some modern roof coverings can seriously detract from the character and integrity of an area of historical interest, and strict rules are enforced to make sure it is in keeping with its surroundings.

Parsons Green School project is situated in the centre of Edinburgh and overlooks historic Queen’s park, owned by the Crown Estates. Safeguarding the character of this area was therefore imperative.

The challenge was to replace an existing pitched copper roof on a 1960’s classroom block with something to replicate the appearance and patina of the old roof whilst upgrading the



ROOFING SOLUTION for School conservation project

IKO insulation element of the building. There was also a health and safety requirement for no hot works to be carried out on the roof because the installation programme was scheduled to take place during term time.


In order to create an aged copper colour match, IKO’s Polimar UV Copper Green cold applied liquid coating was specified.

The roof’s thermal value was upgraded using 120mm thick high performance insulation board to achieve a U-Value of 0.12. A selfbonding IKO Polimar preparation membrane was then applied followed by IKO Polimar EC coldapplied embedment coat that

forms the base layer of the Polimar EC/UV system. The IKO Polimar UV Copper Green topcoat was then applied to form a seamless durable waterproof barrier as well as ultra violet stability. To imitate the copper standing seam of the old copper roof, IKO’s Armourplan single ply standing seams were bedded and with IKO Polimar UV at equal distances across the roof. The warm roof build up provides a modern, cost efficient, durable alternate to copper sheeting with improved thermal performance and comes with a 20-year single point guarantee. ❚ enquiry 125

For further information go to


Sureclad® ceramic granite cladding supplied in an unusual eyecatching ‘metallised’ finish by ventilated façade specialist Shackerley has helped to make North Durham Academy stand out as an impressive new civic landmark in the former colliery town of Stanley.

The brief for architects at the Leeds offices of Atkins was to deliver a new £30 million campus with state-of-the-art facilities and a public presence that would inspire the next generation of students and raise the aspirations of the local community.

Senior Architect Mark Hargreaves commented: “We were drawn to ceramic granite by the vast array of attractive façade finishes and styles that Shackerley had to offer, and by its exceptionally hardwearing, low maintenance characteristics.”

The selected copper-like façade panel has been used extensively to clad key elevations of the building and, most prominently, to frame the main entrance facing the Public Plaza, thereby creating an attractive and welcoming focal point.

Shackerley's Sureclad® Access ventilated façade system also offered other benefits enabling the architects to employ highly effective external thermal and acoustic insulation, hidden from view in the facade cavity, achieving a practical, energy efficient and sound absorbing outer envelope.

In total Shackerley supplied over 1300 specially cut ceramic granite panels for the project, fabricating the ventilated façade system off-site in its Lancashire production facility under ISO9001 certified conditions. It was installed by Chemplas Ltd, for Carillion, the main contractor.

Mark Hargreaves commented: “The strong ceramic granite exteriors have contributed to the academy’s inspirational and uplifting character. The façades have given the new building a professional and confident appearance which,

thanks to their reflective ‘metallic’ finish, is constantly changing in response to prevailing weather conditions”

North Durham Academy Principal David Thornton added: “This new academy was always intended to be a new landmark for Stanley. The ceramic granite cladding with its metallic finish gives the building a ‘substantial’ modern and clean look and reflects an appropriate industrial theme. “I didn’t really understand the extent to which architecture and building materials could influence mood, behaviours and well-being, but this building has turned a sceptical Yorkshireman into an enthusiastic supporter for the power of architecture to truly transform lives.” For further information please call Shackerley 0800 7830391 or click on

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Mapei provides surface build-up at state-of-theart Leisure Centre

A high performance ‘single buildup’ Mapei surface system has been installed at West Bromwich’s new state-of-the-art Leisure Centre. Designed and built by Places for People Leisure, in partnership with Pellikaan Construction Ltd and Roberts Limbrick Architects, the new centre for Sandwell Council includes a 25m pool, learner pool, sports hall fitness suite, dance studios, adventure play area and café. The pool and floor

The best of both worlds with Granorte

Bringing the sound, thermal and comfort benefits of cork to commercial interiors looking to take advantage of one of nature’s wonder materials, VinylcorkPRO

installations were carried out by Buckingham Pools, CJM Tiling Ltd and Phoenix Flooring. Throughout the extensive project, Mapei systems were specified from the substrate to the finishing materials, in order to provide a warrantable system build-up, with Mapei’s Technical Department assisting throughout. The total application included 800 m2 of concrete floor substrate and 2,200 m2 of tile backer board and rendered walls; Mapei products spanned from screed, render and waterproofing, to various tiles adhesives, grout and silicone sealants. is the revolutionary new LVT from Granorte.

Interior designers are switching on to the low maintenance benefits and appearance retention of LVT flooring and now with the addition of the positive attributes of cork, Granorte is making the floor an even more tempting choice. Available in 10 incredibly realistic wood looks, from the grey of Cool and limewashed Artisan through to the natural tone of Cottage and Cornfield, VinylcorkPRO is rated Class 33, making it suitable for a huge range of commercial environments. “LVT has found increased adoption in commercial environments, as designers look for longer lasting easier to look after alternatives to natural surfaces,” says Paulo Rocha,

Throughout the pool area, Mapei systems were utilised alongside vitrified ceramics, with porcelain and ceramic tiles installed throughout the remaining ground and first floor areas. ❚ enquiry 128 Granorte. “However, there are some natural materials that it simply isn’t possible to replicate and so we are bringing the positive benefits of cork to the practicality of LVT.”

With a built-in cork underlay to aid underfoot comfort and an agglomerated cork sound insulation layer, VinylcorkPRO’s 0.5mm wear layer is Microceramic enhanced for easier maintenance and greater durability. Greenguard certified, Microban® protected and with the JointShield® edge sealing system to protect against exposure to water, VinylcorkPRO is suitable for retail, corporate, hospitality and leisure environments. ❚ enquiry 129

August 2014

Four is the magic number

The low maintenance, comfort and durability of commercial sheet vinyl makes it a natural choice for a huge range of environments, but with a common width of twometres, its use in large open plan spaces has been restricted by too many unsightly joints. However, with Itec Contract Floors’ fourmetre wide option, there is now a way to reduce the number of seams and minimise their appearance in large spaces.

Whether decorative sheet, acoustic or safety flooring, all Itec floors are available in super-wide fourmetre, meaning less ugly seams and a more realistic look for multidirectional and natural designs. Along with Invisiweld technology that makes the join between sheets virtually impossible to spot, this super-wide option brings improved aesthetics to commercial vinyl flooring. There are practical advantages too, as a reduction in the number of seams means minimising potential weak spots in the floor.

“We are currently the only vinyl manufacturer to provide our

portfolio in a four-metre wide option,” explains David Bigland, sales director, Itec Contract Floors. “Specifiers and designers can now confidently recommend the use of our vinyl floorcoverings in large open plan spaces knowing that they will look great and provide a durable floor finish while retaining sheet vinyl’s reputation for great value.”

Available from leading distributors across the UK, Itec Contract Floors can provide tailored solutions in a range of environments, whether healthcare, education, corporate or public spaces. With natural designs and surface textures that are incredibly realistic along with contemporary decors that explore the scope of vinyl flooring as a modern design material, Itec Contract Floors can meet the requirements of most design briefs. Along with Hyperguard+ to facilitate easier maintenance and better resistance to scuffs and stains, Itec Contract Floors are designed to withstand use in the busiest of commercial environments. ❚ enquiry 130

Composite Marmox soundboard proves ideal for conjoined Thameside Apartments A contractor specializing in underfloor heating systems has made extensive use of Marmox SoundBoards on a challenging project to join two Thameside apartments to create an 11-room property: overcoming significant difficulties in terms of differences in floor level, as well as providing a waterproof and acoustically attenuated subfloor.

higher side, while a further 140 square metres of the 12.5 mm completed the exercise.

Gala Climate solutions carried out the work at the Riverside Court building in the booming Nine Elms area of south London on behalf of AK Afghan, the main contractor. Despite having a modern, framed construction fitted out to a very high standard, there was a significant difference in height between the neighbouring flats due to the fact different types of floor tile had been selected by their

respective owners. Wanting to employ as few wet trades as possible within the occupied building, Gala opted instead to utilize two different thicknesses of Marmox SoundBoard across the existing surfaces in order to create a “level playing field” – over which the DEVI electric heating system could be laid. 54 square metres of the 8.0 mm thick SoundBoard were laid across the

With the new underfloor heating system installed across the revised room layouts and successfully commissioned, Gala completed its contract by installing a mix of ceramic tiling and high quality timber flooring. Both of these surfaces are, of course, associated with noise nuisance due to their hard nature; often magnifying the sound of footsteps. Thanks to the make-up of the Marmox SoundBoard, however, the occupants of the properties beneath or in adjoining rooms will be effectively insulated from any direct sound transmission.

This is because SoundBoard is not simply a tile backer, but incorporates a fully bonded sound attenuation layer, which acts to drastically reduce the vibrations which we then hear as noise. SoundBoard is

supplied in sheet sizes of 600 mm x 1250 mm, and in thicknesses of 8.0 or 12.5 mm weighing 1.8 and 1.95 kg respectively. They offer a minimum 17 dB sound reduction and can be specified as part of Robust Detail, Appendix D solution to impact sound transmission. They are readily cut or shaped with a knife to fit any room layout. In addition to their acoustic performance, SoundBoards provide thermal transmittance figures of 0.35 or 0.39 W/mK for the two different options. As is the experience of flooring specialists and general builders across the country, Gala Climate Solutions found that SoundBoard facilitated the installation of its underfloor heating system in potentially difficult circumstances.


❚ enquiry 127

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August 2014



Sarah Ludlam, Senior Designer at Forbo Flooring Systems comments: “Clean, light, elegant, practical but above all precise, the Tessera Contour concept concentrates on light and space and provides a neutral backdrop offering specifiers the ability to fluidly blend the carpet tile with other products or combination of materials to create individual areas, ideal as part of a multifunctional work space.” Practical and adaptable for zoning, Contour sits well with Fobo’s luxury Westbond fusion bonded carpet tiles, and also alongside Allura Flex luxury vinyl tiles, which offer a high quality, dimensionally stable, loose lay floor covering for areas requiring a resilient flooring solution.


Tessera Contour is a an attractive and practical new carpet tile collection from Forbo Flooring Systems available in a range of 10 contemporary muted colourways inspired by both urban and natural environments.

Responding to market demand for an evolution of the popular linear effect, Contour’s controlled geometric background is heavily influenced by the repeated shapes found in architecture and urban settings. However, the carpet tile structure is relieved and broken by a more sensitively striated cut pile overlay reflecting the diverse human and natural elements found within this modern landscape.

Moving away from strong colour palettes, Contour leads the way with a tonal progression of diffused muted shades ranging from very dark to very pale, the latter achieving high Light Reflectance Values. Whilst the floor covering’s linearity is softened by the introduction of texture, the subtle tone variation in the yarns gives each individual colourway additional nuances of different shades.

New Contour is also an environmental choice as it contains over 50% recycled content by weight. The installation and production waste can be recycled back into Tessera tiles through Forbo’s ‘Back to the Floor’ scheme – completely closing the loop, although installation waste can also be minimised to just 2% if Contour is installed non-directionally. Furthermore, Forbo is also an active member of Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK), which has a target to divert 25% of carpet waste from landfill by 2015 recovering valuable raw materials. Manufactured in the United Kingdom using precision tufting technology and an ultrasonic tile cutting process, tile waste is significantly reduced by 80% compared to traditional press cutting methods. For more information please telephone 0844 822 3928 or visit

Contour is the perfect complement to Allura Flex

Contour’s colour palette ranges from very light to very dark

❚ enquiry 131 .

Gloucester opens its Gateway to Mapei’s eco products at Britain’s greenest services A Mapei decorative floor system has been installed at Gloucester Services

A Mapei decorative floor system has been installed at Gloucester Services – a new environmentally-friendly service station on the edge of the Cotswolds. Located on the M5 Northbound, between junctions 11a and 12, ‘Britain’s greenest motorway services’ was delivered by AFL Architects. The main building is constructed from local stone and timber, and features an arched grass-covered roof set to receive BREEAM excellent rating. Three individual Mapei products were specified, alongside porcelain tiles and vinyl sheeting, throughout a 1,236m2 area. All floor works were carried out by Polished Concrete Designs for main contractor, Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd.

Gloucester Services, which opened in May, is a £40-million joint project between a local charity and Westmorland Limited. The charity, Gloucestershire Gateway Trust, will generate income from the service station, to support nearby target communities and charity partners in Gloucester and Stonehouse. The site includes extensive landscaping, along with electrical vehicle charging stations, a wildflower seeded roof and capacity to switch to bio-fuel pumps. A farm-shop will also feature at the site, stocked with local produce, in place of fast food outlets.

Within the main building, a screed incorporating Mapei’s fast drying hydraulic

binder, Topcem was laid over insulation and underfloor heating. Mapei’s two-component, solvent-free Primer SN was applied to provide a key for Mapei Ultratop - a decorative Anthracite-toned surface that gives the appearance of polished concrete. The petrol station was also completed using Mapei Ultratop Anthracite.

For more information on Mapei products and training days, please visit, email or tel. +44 (0)121 508 6970

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Shiny new affordable homes Balfour Beatty have installed Reflectashield TF 0.81, from A Proctor Group, on their new timber frame development in Winterfield & Stepsile Estate, West Malling, Kent. The Russett Homes development will provide affordable housing with 34 flats, 18 houses and 4 bungalows in the

area. Reflectashield TF 0.81 is the highest performing reflective membrane in its class and is specifically designed to enhance the thermal performance of timber and steel frame structures. It complies with the vapour resistance requirements set out

HEXATHERM Insulation Gets The Elephants Seal of Approval

Cellecta’s HEXATHERM XFLOOR is currently being installed at the new Elephant Sanctuary at Longleat Safari & Adventure Park in Wiltshire. The sanctuary will consist of a 994m2 heated accommodation area and a 2.4-acre outdoor space with a ‘Thirst Pockets Elephant Spa’ making it the perfect habitat for the elephants. The sanctuary will be a permanent home to Anne, Britain’s last circus elephant and Europe’s oldest elephant and 3 other elephants. HEXATHERM is ideal for this project; with its very high compressive strength it will withstand the weight of 4

UK’s top manufacturers and Producers of EPS Sign Code of Practice and Professional Commitment to Customers

The British Plastic Federation’s EPS members, supplying EPS to industries ranging from construction and civil engineering to packaging and insulation, have signed up to a commitment to product excellence, technical and professional standards and the highest levels of customer care. BPF says the move follows consultation with stakeholders

ScreedBoard® The Sound Choice for Student Accommodation

by BS 4016, TRADA and the NHBC. The existing legislation requires a breather membrane to have a vapour resistance not greater than 0.60 MNs/g. Reflectashield TF 0.81 has a vapour resistance of 0.44 MNs/g. ❚ enquiry 133

elephants stomping around with ease. In addition, HEXATHERM is suitable for areas in close proximity to water thanks to its high water resistant closed cell structure, ideal for when the elephants are enjoying their new spa. XFLOOR is a range of high compressive strength, extruded polystyrene, thermal floor insulation boards designed specifically for domestic, commercial and industrial flooring applications. Available in thickness’ from 20-160mm XFLOOR is ideal for a multitude of flooring applications, including basements, above ground bearing concrete floor slabs, and on suspended beam and block floors. ❚ enquiry 138

and associated industry bodies and will act as a reassurance of production and service standards at all times. As signatories to the new code of practice, members are assigned a unique member code and allowed to display the membership badge on all materials including technical and sales literature, vehicle liveries and web site information.

David Emes, Chairman of the BPF, EPS group said “Described by one national stakeholder as ‘definitely a proactive move forward’, I believe this is a significant step which commits our responsible members to maintain the highest standards from production quality to customer care. Whilst these companies operate in diverse customer sectors from construction and building insulation to product packaging, they have agreed a common set of principles of quality, service and trust which stands them apart. Effectively, this is a ‘contract of care’ in everything they do and any company requiring EPS or EPS products can feel comfortable in seeking advice and support from one of the members listed on our official web site ❚ enquiry 136

A mineral marvel from UNILIN, division Insulation

Using the natural insulating quality of mineral wool, Unispan MW sandwich roof panels from UNILIN, division insulation are a great way to provide a fast fitting thermally efficient roof on both flat and pitched constructions.

Meeting building requirements for sound, fire and large spans, Unispan MW panels are factory made to exacting tolerances, forming a structural part of the roof and ready to take most roof coverings. The natural insulating properties of the panels can be enhanced even further with the use of mineral rockwool making Unispan MW ideal for projects looking for ecological solutions that deliver modern levels of insulating performance and speed of construction. “Unispan MW structural roof panels use ecological products to provide insulation, but retain the installation and performance

Colourful acoustics in action

Noise in sports, swimming-pool and leisure centres can often result in unpleasant echoes because it is reflected off hard surfaces and the water and exaggerated by the natural exuberance of the participants. In the new Eura sports complex in Western Finland, architects Heino & Niirainen have solved this problem and created pleasant acoustics by the extensive use of Troldtekt ultrafine panels on the ceilings and the walls. The most dramatic is in the large swimming pool which not only has acoustic panels between the ceiling ribs but links a multicoloured wall of Troldekt panels on one side with a floor to ceiling glazed view on the other. The coloured acoustic panel theme is continued in the entrance hall which is dramatically coloured in

August 2014

advantages of the Unilin concept,” explains Richard Smith. “The panels provide contractors with a faster fix, specifiers with reliable performance and homeowners with better energy efficiency, making them a great proposition for both new build and refurbishment projects.” Available in lengths up to 8000mm for large roof spans, an insulation thickness of 215mm, including rafters, will achieve a Uvalue of 0.18W/m2K. Once installed the Unispan MW panels immediately provide a consistently airtight and weathertight roof structure.

❚ enquiry 134 red and in the dining area where blue dominates. In addition, the bowling alley has Troldtekt acoustic panel ceilings and more highly coloured acoustic walls. In some places the ceilings also house strip lighting which is recessed to create an unbroken ceiling surface.

Made from 100% natural wood fibres, Troldtekt panels are perfect for use in wet rooms and areas such as this due to their durability and ability to absorb and give off moisture. In addition, Troldtekt

ScreedBoard has recently been installed in two prestigious student accommodation developments in the UK. 9000m2 of the award winning floor board was installed in 312 apartments at Oxford University, to provide optimum living conditions for post-graduate students. Aberystwyth University was the second student development to receive the ScreedBoard sound proofing treatment and is ideal for the 1,000 students that will stay there from September this year. Optimum living and learning conditions for occupants are

delivered via the boards excellent noise reduction and underfloor heating properties. Highly regarded for its outstanding sound and under floor heating performance, ScreedBoard took home the winners trophy at the Housebuilder Product Awards 2014. Recognised in the “Best Internal/Interior Product” category ScreedBoard features a wealth of benefits to developers and property owners. As a dry screed, interlocking (no screws) floor board, installation times are considerably reduced, allowing developments to be completed more quickly and efficiently. ❚ enquiry 135

panels include high sound absorption, natural breathability, low cost life cycle performance and sustainability. Available in various sizes and in three grades from ultrafine to coarse, they can be left unpainted or can be painted in virtually any RAL colour. Their sustainability was recently recognised with certification at Silver level within the Cradle to Cradle concept.

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We know that energy efficienccy is key these days that’s why,, across the rangee, our produc d ts t deliv d li er so ome off the th best U-values l on o the market k t. Our quadruple-glazed FT T U8 Thermo window off ffers ers the UK K’s best U-value at 2 0.58 W/m W K and has now been n awarded Passive House certification. It’s the stand dard no other manufacturrer can match and just an nother reason why your specification of FFAKR AKRO roof wiindows will always be warmly received.

Find out what else makes FAKRO A roof windows Xtra Special by visiting:




• Highly hly energy efficient glazing ing units • Quad druple sealing system • Multi-poin ti-point locking system

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Crown Paints’ new website brings together the big picture for specifiers Crown Paints is bringing personal support to the desktop, tablet and mobile with a new website for specifiers, developed to make the selection of products and services more effective and easier than ever. Available at the new site pulls together a raft of online tools and detailed information in a clear and concise format, to underpin a more selective, sustainable and speedier specification process.

Access to Crown Paints’ industry-leading services, including site specific surveys, the colour team and Sustainable Smart Maintenance is now just a click away. This is backed up with the latest information in areas including relevant fire safety information and legislation, environmental details and case studies across various sectors – and products are listed in a dedicated resource area for quick and easy reference. The website also includes Crown Paints’ popular PaintSpec Finder®, which delivers instant and technically-detailed specification plans for exterior and interior projects, through a user-friendly format. This allows users to filter through a great deal of technical information to pinpoint exactly what products - from the specification brands of Crown Trade, Sadolin and Sandtex Trade - they need for their chosen projects. PaintSpec Finder® then pulls together the specifications into a report, with a personalised cover sheet showing the customer’s name, the project and the user’s own details, which is then

all ready for specifiers to hand to their client or add to their tender or reference documents.

Usman Akhtar, Specification Sector Support Manager at Crown Paints, said: “The launch of our new specification website marks a very exciting development. We have always been keen to make sure our specification customers can access the information they require and while this kind of information is widely available online, for the first time all the details will be brought together to allow easier and faster access. Specifiers can use the site to find information on all relevant products and services that Crown Paints offer, including our colour services, safety and fire legislation, sustainable smart maintenance and site-specific surveys. “There are sections on our sustainability credentials and offerings along with case studies showcasing the variety of projects we have worked on. This one-stop-shop approach will make it easier for specifiers to access information and services – allowing them to make informed decisions much more quickly.” Web: ❚ enquiry 140

August 2014

Sandtex Trade – Leading The Way In Colour

Specifiers looking to introduce inspiring colours for outdoor projects can turn to Sandtex Trade for a wide range of shades – and exceptional durability to ensure a long lasting finish. Sandtex Trade shades are now included in the Crown Trade Colour Collection fandeck - showing the sheer variety of colourful options available. The fandeck displays the full spectrum of shades available across the range of masonry and trim products, all placed in colour families. Sharon Smith, Sandtex Trade Brand Manager, said: “Colour used outdoors can

achieve a stunning impact and there are many shades available across our product range to create a superb finish. “We hope to inspire greater use of colour for masonry paint projects and promote the benefits of creative choices across commercial, industrial and domestic

Thermaset launches online shop for powder coatings Thermaset Limited, the largest supplier of powder coatings wholly manufactured in the UK, has launched what it believes is the UK’s first online powder coatings shop. Located at, the site enables customers to search Thermaset’s huge stock list of over 600 BS and RAL ranges and place orders directly with the company. The entire range is

projects.” As well as achieving a colourful finish, specifiers can be assured of Sandtex Trade’s time-proven and trusted formulas, which have been protecting buildings for more than 50 years. ❚ enquiry 141

manufactured by Thermaset at its headquarters in Tamworth, Staffordshire and powders are available in quantities from 1kg upwards. Thermaset Director, Gill McElhannan said: “This new online powder coatings shop will appeal to existing and new customers. We believe it is a great step forward for the powder coatings industry. The new ordering service will bring even faster selection and delivery, than before.” The launch of follows hot on the heels of Thermaset’s new stock list which includes a significant expansion to its powder coating range for next day delivery. ❚ enquiry 142

Damp solutions now made easier for builders WATCH OUT FOR THE NEW DAMP SOLUTIONS STAND SHOWN IN THE PICTURE WHICH CARRIES A GREAT NEW RANGE OF DAMP SOLVING PRODUCTS The wykamol group have developed a unique range of damp solutions aimed at builders, the key to these products are the simple kit formats giving the builder everything he needs in a simple box to carry out the contract.

These kits include some unique products for treating damp inside or outside of a building , ranging from damproofing kits to solve rising damp problems , through to

cavity drain membranes for dry lining walls in below and above ground situations (basements etc).

Dryseal our new waterproofing cream for external masonry is also on the stand , which is a high strength product to stop penetrating damp but with many benefits of thermal performance and flood remediation among many. We even have included a waterproofing epoxy paint for

concrete floors , which can form a new damp proof membrane in a fast and convenient way. Technoseal damp proofing paint is also included on the stand a multi purpose paint for all damp walls , this can be used on timber and all

areas affected by dampness. There are also guides which explain all the solutions that are on the stand pick up your copy today from all good builders merchants and ask for the no more damp brand. For a full list of merchants have a look on our website or contact the wykamol group direct on 0845 400 6666 ❚ enquiry 143

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August 2014

Sunscreen for your wood



Give it first class treatment with WEDGE GALVANIZING

UV Protection Factor 12

Maintains the natural colour of the wood and limits the greying process

We offer you:  Quality approved to BS EN ISO 1461

> Prolongs wood lifetime > Algae and fungal decay protection > Transparent 425 Oak finish and 428 Cedar finish now available

 Supplier approval in Rail/Utilities/Gas & Oil

Call or visit the web for stockists.

 Galvanize steel from 1.5mm to 29m long  Unrivalled Customer Service  14 plants across the UK  Collection & Delivery Service

For an information pack Email: Tel: 01902 600704

+44 (0)1296 481 220

ISO 9001 FM 00382

❚ enquiry 144 .

Head Office: Stafford Street Willenhall West Midlands WV13 1RZ

❚ enquiry 145.

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Painted exterior masonry not only impacts on the look of a building but also its sustainability. A durable, breathable paint can significantly reduce the maintenance lifecycle of walls.

Earthborn has developed its own, advanced silicate masonry paint which it believes is probably the most durable, environmentally friendly paint available for exterior masonry.

The Ecopro Silicate Masonry System is ideal for all mineral based surfaces such as stone, brick, concrete, plaster and render. It offers a high performance alternative to lime wash and conventional masonry paints. Its stated lifespan is up to 15 years but, judging by historic examples of silicate masonry paint, Earthborn expects many applications to last much longer.

Colin Jones, Earthborn Technical Sales Advisor says: “We know of buildings painted with silicate paint more than 80 years ago, which are still in excellent condition.”

The system comprises a water based primer and topcoat that chemically bonds to the underlying mineral substrate. This creates a hard wearing, water and

weather resistant barrier which allows the masonry to breathe. For this reason, it is especially suitable for renovations or for use on lime render.

New lease of life for listed cemetery lodge

Ecopro Silicate Masonry System was specified for the listed West Lodge at Paddington Cemetery, London. The lodge was in a very poor state, but new owner Peter Dow could see its potential as a spacious, four bedroom detached home on the verge of a peaceful green space near the busy Kilburn High Road.

Peter was attracted by the lodge’s Victorian, semi gothic styling and set about a sympathetic programme of restoration.

August 2014

He said: “The lodge is built mainly of stone and had always been painted, but over the years the walls have been poorly repaired using conventional cement and paint. It also had a 1970s red brick extension which looked out of place and we wanted to blend that into the original building as much as possible. “We used a hot pressure steam wash to remove all the old paint, removed all the cement repairs and added in new sections of stone as necessary. It is important that masonry walls are allowed to breathe, rather than locking in damp using conventional materials, so we specified putty based lime mortar and Earthborn’s Ecopro Silicate Masonry System.”

The system is water based and VOC free, so it has strong environmental credentials. In appearance, it gives a classic matt finish that will not yellow over time. It even helps prevent algae growth. Peter added: “Ecopro Silicate Masonry Paint and Primer have a lot of body, so they provide excellent covering power. We just needed one coat of primer and two coats of paint to give complete cover across both the stone and brick. We chose the Portland Stone shade of paint and it works really well in unifying the extension with the main lodge building.” Ecopro is Earthborn’s trade paint range. Its Silicate Masonry Paint is available in a standard range of 12 popular shades; further options are available from Earthborn stockists such as Celtic Sustainables of Cardigan, which supplied the paint for West Lodge.

For further information visit:

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www.e ❚ enquiry 147 .

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August 2014


GABIONS THE BRIGHT NEW FACE IN ARCHITECTURAL CLADDING Maccaferri Gabions have found a new aesthetic role in the world of architecture and landscape, where they are helping to create exciting construction features in a wide range of structural and decorative applications. Gabions have been a familiar sight in the British landscape for well over 100 years. These simple stone filled, wire-baskets perform brilliantly year-in year-out doing their usual job as a functional, efficient means of retaining earth embankments, protecting vulnerable river banks and in other run-of-the-mill ground-works projects. More recently, Gabions have found a new aesthetic role in the world of architecture and landscape, creating exciting construction features in a wide range of applications. Here, ECOBuilding News takes a look at the use of Gabions as a cladding medium, where there unique form, texture and structural qualities provide a distinctive new dimension to the urban environment. For those unfamiliar with the system, Gabions originated in Italy and were invented by the parent company of Oxford based geotechnical specialists Maccaferri. In colloquial Italian, Maccaferri literally translates as “worker of iron” and directly relates the company to its wire-working heritage. Maccaferri has held the original patent since the 1890s and is the World’s biggest producer. Today's Maccaferri Gabion is a rectangular wire mesh box, nominally 2.0mx1.0mx1.0m, made from double twisted hexagonal mesh of steel wire and filled with stone. Gabions are traditionally used in construction projects to provide low-cost, easy to construct retaining walls. Their substantial physical mass and flexible composition means that gabion walls can

accommodate severe differential settlement. More recently, architects and landscape designers have come to recognise the visual qualities of stone filled Gabions and have added them to their aesthetic palette. As a consequence, the use of Gabions as decorative cladding and landscape screening has taken off with a number of high profile projects making excellent use of the medium. In cladding applications, Gabion baskets have much reduced bed width and are typically 300-450mm thick rather than the more usual 1.0m. and are formed from welded wire mesh rather than the more usual, double-twist wire.

London Olympics Park

At the 2012 Olympics Park in London,

Gabions were used to spectacular effect in both cladding and structural applications. In particular, the Central Park Bridge at the heart of the site. This was originally conceived as two permanent bridges linked by a narrow diagonal span over Carpenters Lock on the River Lee. During the Olympics, a central, temporary infill structure between the bridges accommodated the huge crowds. In the post-Olympics legacy park, the infill was removed to create two bowls on either side of the lock, thereby linking the upper park concourse with the lower level of towpaths and waterways. Designed by Architects Heneghan Peng, the structure incorporated finger- like arrays of welded wire Gabions to the terraced wing walls as well as Gabion cladding to the

bridge piers that support the mirror finish bridge soffits. The mirrored soffits create multi-facetted reflections of the surrounding landscape which change as the visitor walks beneath and around the structures. The Gabion walls were built by Maccaferri Construction, the Company’s specialist installation subsidiary, using recycled concrete waste as the cage in-fill material. The Gabion walls incorporate 4.0m long tails of Paralink geosynthetic reinforcement grid, also from Maccaferri. These were placed underneath the baskets and wrapped over the face and back underneath the next row, to form a reinforced soil structure of immense strength. In other areas of the Park, Gabions were

Maccaferri welded wire Gabions form finger- like arrays to the terraced wing walls as well as cladding to the piers that support the mirror finish soffits under the main pedestrian bridge at the London Olympics Park


Maccaferri Gabion cladding was used to form the

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August 2014



London Olympics Park 2012 used in the construction of several other structures; some artistic and spectacular, some solidly functional, but all clearly displaying the outstanding versatility of the system.

Staffordshire Energy Recovery Plant.

Over 2,500 sqm of 300mm thick Gabion cladding was used to form the external walls of Staffordshire County Council’s recently commissioned Energy Recovery Facility [ERF] at Four Oaks, near Wolverhampton. The Gabions, which were used around the entire building, were

hand-filled with 1000 tonnes of locally sourced limestone to give the structure a softer visual aspect in contrast to the sheet metal cladding above it. The ERF plant, which was built by CNIM Clugston and operated by Veolia Environmental Services, is designed to process 300,000 tonnes of residual household waste a year and produce 23MW of electricity, sufficient to power 32,000 homes in the area. By diverting waste from landfill, Staffordshire CC aims to save approximately £250m over the life of the ERF contract.

Tel: 01865 770555 Web: ❚ enquiry 148 .

Gabions create a stunning lin k between the green riverside landscape and the hi-tech glass facade of the Od eon cinema at St Stephens Pla ce Trowbridge.

St Stephens’s Trowbridge

Again, built by Maccaferri Construction for ground-works contractor GWorks the Gabions contain over 130 tonnes of hand placed sandstone and create a stunning link between the green riverside landscape and the hi-tech glass facade of the cinema building and adjacent hotel.

At the St Stephens Place Leisure Park in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, a £90m programme of regeneration has lead to the construction of a vibrant new development, which includes an Odeon Cinema complex, an 80 bed hotel and a network of retail and restaurant outlets Gabions have clearly won a place in the hearts close to the centre of the County Town. of twenty-first century design professionals Built for Developers Legal & General on a and, despite more than 100 years of familiarity derelict factory site next to the River Biss, the with the system, it is encouraging to see new development’s south facing facades, flanking and original uses being found for this simple, both sides of an impressive stepped terrace functional, ecologically sound and visually appealing product. incorporate 260 sqm of Gabion cladding. o form the external walls of Staffordshire County Council’s recently commissioned Energy Recovery Facility, Wolverhampton

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The NEW Sanicubic XL

Saniflo has unveiled its largest lifting station yet and incorporated pioneering technology for the swift and efficient discharge of large volumes of black waste water. The Sanicubic XL has a large 120litre tank capacity and can take waste water from multiple appliances at any one time in situations where traditional drainage doesn’t allow, is too difficult to access or too expensive to install. Based on the proven Sanicubic range installed in domestic, commercial, retail and industrial premises throughout the UK, the XL is the first pump in the Saniflo range to use Vortex technology whereby the waste is broken down as it passes through the pump chamber rather than by cutter blades. The waste then passes through discharge pipework of either 80mm or 100mm width and can be pumped along a distance of 100m and up 10m. The vortex principle of this product helps to eliminate the danger of clogging. The Sanicubic XL also has two easy access hatches in the top of the unit to assist with maintenance and

Specflue to launch ECO Cookers to the UK Market

Specflue is launching a smarter, more eco-friendly addition to the family of range cookers this autumn. Manufactured by J.Corradi through MCZ, one of the first companies in Europe to introduce pellet technology, the NEOS pellet cookers will be distributed solely by Specflue in the UK. Competitively priced and, as biomass pellets are the fuel source,

servicing. The unit can handle a huge 40m³ of waste per hour via 2 x 2kW pumps which allows Saniflo to compete for applications including full rows of toilet cubicles, urinals, showers, basins. It can equally handle waste from kitchen appliances including dishwashers, washing machines and sinks proving just what a versatile

solution the XL is. The unit is incredibly easy to install; it stands on the floor and is ideal for placing on lower level floors to service whole buildings. It is IP68 rated and features two heavy weight,integrated non-return valves for simple and easy maintenance. With four inlets of 40/50/100/100mm and one of 40/50mm the unit has been designed for multiple connections and it also, usefully, offers volt free contact for connection to a Building Management System. For the ultimate safety the Sanicubic XL boasts two audio visual hard wired alarms with an externally mounted control box.

The secondary alarm has a 5m cable so that it can be remotely placed to suit the needs of the user. The robust and durable unit has been designed to last and is manufactured using the highest quality materials. Prior to launch the unit underwent extensive testing in harsh and demandingconditions both in the factory test cells and with customers out on the ground.

energy efficient, they can be installed in any home as long as there is the necessary space for the flue. They are also controllable and can be turned on and off as required. Initially, two models will be available; the Neos 90P with a pellet oven only and the Neos 155PGE, a combined model with pellet and electric ovens; eliminating the need for another cooker in the kitchen to use during the summer. ❚ enquiry 151

August 2014

Dallmer floor drains prove their fitness at easyGym

Dallmer has supplied its stylish CeraLine shower channels for a chain of popular private fitness clubs stretching from the capital to the Midlands. The easyGym operates 10 venues created by the group, which had previously spread its wings from airline flights to budget hotels. The Mall in Wood Green is one of the latest venues to be refurbished.

Dallmer was able to supply the CeraLine W2000 units so that they could be finished on site. Work was completed on schedule, in time for the June opening, with the design of the rugged, stainless steel and polypropylene drainage channels helping to speed both the plumbing connections and the

laying of the floor tiling. The two metre long sections of channel feature sanded flanges to ensure a secure bond with the under-tile waterproofing layer; while the height adjustable legs facilitate millimetre accurate levelling. As in this instance the CeraLine is normally aligned with the wall of the shower area to remove water

Methven extends Waipori Satinjet® range

Methven, the global designer and manufacturer of premium showers and tapware, has extended its range of Waipori Satinjet® shower handsets in the UK and Europe. The updated Waipori range, which uses the innovative Satinjet technology to deliver a luxurious showering experience at lower flow rates, saving both water and energy, now includes a stunning white on chrome handset.

Characterised by tapering lines, a subtly rounded faceplate and distinctive arcs, the new handset will be available from September via national and independent merchants and showrooms. The Waipori handset is 120mm wide, providing excellent

effectively from the surrounding floor surface. In fact with water filling to a depth of 20 mm around the CeraLine W2000, the hydraulic design of the Dallmer channel offers a flow rate of 1.4 litres per second compared to just 0.8 for standard channels. ❚ enquiry 149

coverage yet still maintaining a concentrated spray and is suitable for all pressures above 0.35 bar. Methven’s patented Satinjet technology makes every drop count with specially aligned jets that collide to create thousands of droplets per second and is optimised at only nine litres per minute, which makes considerable savings on water and energy use.

Barbara Osborne, product manager at Methven UK, said: “The new handset in our Waipori range underlines our commitment to producing high-end, beautifully designed products that offer a luxurious showering experience. The new white colour option, matched with a soft square design, will form a stunning centrepiece of any contemporary bathroom.”

Luxury London apartments get the Roca bathroom treatment

❚ enquiry 150

Group, the 80 Sesame Apartments boast views over the river Thames and combine innovative design with luxurious fittings. The project also meets the Code for Sustainable Homes by incorporating a green roof, low energy rated appliances, high levels of insulation and water saving.

Each bathroom features Roca sanitaryware and accessories; including wall-hung Cala basins, with under-basin units, Gap baths, Next shower heads and accompanying shower trays, enclosures and/or bath screens plus taps, flush plates and accessories. The stylish yet simple look fits with the overall minimalist scheme of neutral contemporary floor to ceiling porcelain tiles and chrome fittings throughout. Wall hung units and the clean lines of Roca's Next shower head, tray and enclosure add to the contemporary feel of Sesame's stylish bathrooms.

Water saving is a key element to meeting the Code for Sustainable Homes, which is why Roca's Thesis taps were chosen. Thesis taps feature an ‘Eco Disc' cartridge that provides resistance at 50% of the water flow, encouraging end users to think before they turn the tap onto full. The cartridge also has a temperature limiter, set when installing the tap, to eliminate the risk of scalding

A range of Roca's products, including basins, baths, water saving taps and showers, have been used to furnish bathrooms at the Sesame Apartments, an exciting new Thornsnett development in the heart of Battersea. Designed by the Tollgard Design

"Roca's products fitted in with the overall aesthetic of the apartments," said Ron Sparkes, from Thornsnett. "The quality and variety available is perfect for a scheme like this - we had a lot of apartments to furnish and the end customer will be expecting nothing but the best." For further product information please contact: Tel: 01530 830080 Website:

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August 2014

LINKE LINE wetrooms





A cost-effective, time-saving channel drain for large scale projects

Purus outlet/gulleys 500mm


■ Made in England. ■ Purus NOOD gulley 36–72 lit/min. ■ Rigid, heavy 1.5mm stainless (700mm unit weighs 2.5kg.) ■ Timber joist or concrete. ■ Next day delivery singles or quantity.















72 Litre 1300mm

92 Litre 01629 815500


A winning combination of top quality and amazing affordability













72 Litre





52mm 36 Litre

❚ enquiry 154 .


Twyford Bathrooms invests in major new showroom at the Alsager HQ for its Twyford and Keramag Design brands.

Twyford Bathrooms has invested £150k in a brand new showroom at its Alsager plant, near Stoke on Trent which is now open.

The investment is part of parent company Sanitec’s strategic plans to raise the profile of the Twyford brand and coincides with the upcoming summer launch of major new ceramic and shower enclosure ranges. It also showcases the five design collections in the luxury brand Keramag Design, including the recently launched Xeno² collection and luxury freestanding Mattis bath. The bespoke designed showroom replaces the existing one and extends to a larger overall floorspace of 300 sq m. The layout of the showroom is designed to showcase the extensive Twyford collection, enabling visitors to have a logical and visual appreciation of all product ranges from entry level to top end, through a series of room sets. The perimeter of the showroom is dedicated to all Twyford product ranges, demonstrating the company’s flexibility to

cater for a wide range of bathroom styles and price points. Sections are also devoted to the company’s commercial offer and highlight Twyford’s pioneering approach to Rimfree® toilets and water-saving Flushwise™ technology. The central spine of the showroom is dedicated to the five luxury sanitaryware collections in Keramag Design, allowing visitors to experience the design ethos of each collection. The small London showroom on Chelsea Harbour was closed at the end of April and this will now be the dedicated showroom for Keramag Design, offering the space to show the full depth and breadth of the collection. The showroom

is open to trade customers, designers, specifiers, buyers and consumers Monday – Friday between 9am – 4pm. Visits are by appointment which can be made by emailing reception@twyfordbathroo

Says Sabine Tawfik, trade marketing manager at Twyford Bathrooms: “This investment signals a new era for the Twyford brand. We have a long heritage in the bathroom market but we have a new story to tell and our state of the art showroom is intended to communicate to our customers how very relevant we are to the modern bathroom in the retail, contract and commercial sectors. ❚ enquiry 155


Kaldewei: “Any grout joint is one too many”

The Asklepios Group, one of the largest companies in the German healthcare sector, and its members of the Green Hospital Program are focused on developing approaches to a “green” hospital.

As part of the research project “Greening the Patient Room – The Patient Room of the Future”, Asklepios Engineer Michael Scherer, who campaigns for sustainability in hospital construction, explains the advantages of floor-level shower surfaces made of Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5 mm for hospital environments.

“Any grout joint is one too many” says Scherer, following bad experiences with tiled shower areas. “Our approach therefore is to invest from the start in a quality solution without grout joints that will in the end last for much longer.” As a member of the program, Kaldewei is currently fitting a model room at the Asklepios private clinic St. Wolfgang in Bad Griesbach with the seamless enamelled shower surface Xetis with integrated wall outlet and Kaldewei Secure Plus finish, a virtually invisible full-surface anti-slip

finish, ideal for use in hospitals. The surface of Xetis made of durable Kaldewei 3.5mm steel enamel is hygienic, easy to clean and protects against damage due to moisture penetration – a major advantage over other materials, especially tiled shower areas. “The 30-year material guarantee for Kaldewei steel enamel was an additional bonus” says Scherer. For stockist information contact Kaldewei. Tel. 0800 840 9770

❚ enquiry 156 .

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River Cottage goes for sustainable biomass heating

River Cottage has rebuilt its damaged buildings after a devastating fire in early 2012, choosing a Windhager biomass wood pellet boiler as the form of sustainable heating. The famous property near Axminster in Devon is well known for its promotion of environmentally friendly living, endorsed by celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

West Dorset based installers, A P Chant, were chosen to install a Windhager BioWIN Excel 60 kW pellet boiler, which will provide heating for the main farmhouse and the newly renovated barn via circulation pumping.

endorsed its ethos of sustainable living by choosing a biomass heating system. With many buildings and relatively open spaces to heat, an efficient and reliable system was vital to ensure the smooth running of the site’s busy schedule while keeping costs and carbon output as low as possible.

Having had less than desirable previous experience of a poorly optimised biomass system, River Cottage HQ had strict criteria to be filled by the successful applicant. Windhager’s excellent reputation for high quality engineering and fully automated systems combined with A P Chant’s extensive experience in biomass installations resulted in them being awarded the contract.

The fire gutted the 17th Century barn that housed the River Cottage cookery school and provided event space. Since being rebuilt River Cottage has further

Timoleon and alphainnotec link-up right for RHI

The UK’s carbon reduction targets and the recent extension of the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) to include domestic properties have underlined the benefits of heat pumps, and are also both embraced by the announcement of a new collaboration between Timóleon and one of Europe’s best known ground and air source specialists.

The manufacturer of the Hydronik range of underfloor systems has become the sole UK distributor for Alpha-InnoTec: referred to as “Die Warmpumpen-Spezialisten” - or the “The Heat-pump Specialist.” Importantly, underfloor heating loops are accepted as enabling heat pumps to deliver their

❚ enquiry 157

Energy efficient

Air Design brings fresh air and warmth to Selsey Energy efficiency Energy efficiency goes beyond Seaside Complex Air Design has supplied two large heat recovery units (HRU) to Bunn Leisure’s holiday park in Selsey, West Sussex. The manufacturer based in Nertherton in the West Midlands supplied the HRUs to the holiday park for installation within the main entertainment area at the Waterfront Complex on the West Sands park.


Air Design is part of the £90million Elta Group, which provides ventilation equipment around the world. The company strives to understand all customers’ individual requirements by combining ventilation know how with a real focus on adaptation and flexibility. The bespoke and the standard air handling solutions that the company manufactures both utilise component parts of the latest technology. Units are constructed from a modular anodised aluminium framework for strength with mineral wool infill, whilst double skinned panels enhance the rigidity of the structure to protect the components inside. They can be mounted inside or out and come

product performance with an innovative approach from leading natural ventilation supplier Gilberts of Blackpool.

with a choice of options that includes plate-to-plate recuperators, cooling coils, mixing box sections, humidifiers, dampers, filters, control panels, silencers and others.

The units installed in the Waterfront Complex in Selsey provide fresh air to the stage, dance floor, bar and seating areas, whilst saving energy by warming the fresh incoming air. They do this by transferring heat from the outgoing, stale air. This has been warmed by the heating systems inside the building and is used to warm the incoming air by means of a heat exchanger. The incoming and outgoing air supplies are kept apart when passing through the heat exchanger so there is no danger of cross contamination of any sort.

Cost-effective, beautiful heating for every room of the house

Stylish, good looking and highly efficient space heating that consumes half the energy required to run conventional radiators is available from Infrarad Limited.

The Contract range is a collection of five lightweight composite radiators designed wall-or ceiling-mounting at least 100mm off of the floor. Three hard-wired models are available in output ratings of 500W, 800W

❚ enquiry 158

August 2014

optimum performance due to lower return flow temperatures, which also allow users to receive the best returns in terms of RHI payments. This latest launch means that Timóleon is able to deliver a full selection of renewable technologies under what the company terms its Total Indoor Environment package. The philosophy being to integrate the best available technologies in “Every building is different, so every natural ventilation solution is different,” elaborates Gilberts managing director Jonathan Haslam. “As a result, inevitably there are questions and queries to be addressed from initial design stage through to supply on site and afterwards once complete. Time and effort spent trying to get answers can add a significant, too often unaccounted for, cost to the job. We believe in excellence of service, where clients talk to PEOPLE not machines, and GET the answers. It’s about being efficient and achieving value in all aspects.”

Architect turns to IBD for renewables in Barn Conversion

RIBA member Steve Gregory, Director at the Turnkey Design Partnership in Cirencester, has completed the conversion of an 18th century barn. Indeed, so “green” is the property that he expects it to still fall within the demands of the Building Regulations for energy efficiency in 50 years' time! The service and support he received from IBD

Waxman Energy launches new Trina Solar 270w ‘Honey Module’

Waxman Energy has recently introduced the new ‘Honey Module’, by brand partner Trina Solar, to their expanding product range. As a Tier 1 manufacturer, Trina Solar is a trusted

Distribution, with their experience in the design and delivery of fully integrated heating and ventilation renewables solutions, was key to the success of the project. After consultations and site visits, IBD designed a system that

brand within the industry and strives to produce top quality Solar PV that benefits the end user through various unique features - the ‘Honey Module’ maintains this ethos. The ‘Honey Module’ is a monocrystalline 270w black frame solar PV panel consisting of 60 cells. It works well under low light and on applications with

a fully complimentary manner. The Alpha-InnoTec heat pumps will therefore be promoted and installed alongside solar thermal systems – including collectors and storage cylinders – whole house ventilation systems and heat recovery systems; making Timóleon a one-stop shop for heating and hot water excellence. ❚ enquiry 163 The ethos compliments the energy efficiency inherent in Gilberts’ Mistrale brand of natural ventilation solutions, which feature patented design features to deliver optimum energy efficiency.

The system provides the opportunity for window, low level floor, under floor or even over ceiling installation, up to Class A weather rated, and attaining a U Value as low as 0.96 Watts/m2/K, with air leakage as low as 5m3 per hour per sq/m. ❚ enquiry 162 included a Daikin split system air source heat pump, Envirotube underfloor heating using screeds for both the first and ground floors, Daikin thermal solar panels and Polypipe radial heat recovery for each room of the barn. “The fact that IBD designs systems using leading brands was also very important to me as I wanted to use proven products that would withstand the test of time,” says Steve.

❚ enquiry 161

limited space, meaning that it is ideal for domestic installations. It has a longstanding linear power warranty of 25 years, as well as a 10 year product warranty, helping guarantee the end user to see performance of no less than 80% in the module’s 25 year life span. ❚ enquiry 160

and 1kW. They are available in plain gloss white and plain gloss black, with matching frames, and are designed for a surface temperature of below 90 deg C.

Infrarad’s products all use radiant heat; the energy is emitted in the form of infrared rays which heat only the solid objects they land on including the occupants of the room which then raises the room temperature. This means that, whereas a traditional method of calculating a standard room’s requirement for heat is based on 50W m3, with infrared radiators only 25W

m3 is required. Because the Infrarad units generate radiant heat rather than convection, they are more efficient and do not create a stuffiness inside the room. If a room needs 2KW of standard gas and electric convector radiators, then with infrared, it will only need a 1KW radiant model.

The capital cost of Infrarad‘s radiators is generally lower than traditional radiators and boilers, and the cost of installation is considerably less.

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August 2014

£200 cash back from Johnson & Starley

Johnson & Starley are running a £200 cash back scheme for householders who purchase and have a new QuanTec HR28C gas condensing boiler/Aquair heating interface unit package installed. The same incentive is also available to householders for any new WarmCair condensing Warm Air Heater installed during the same period. This scheme offers the opportunity for installers to encourage their customers to take advantage of the cash back offer and the

JS launches Essensse Air Curtain

JS Air Curtains is launching Essensse, an attractive and economic air curtain suitable for a range of environments from small shops and restaurants to office buildings and banks. Air curtains seal an entrance with an invisible barrier of air, preventing cold air entering in the winter and air conditioning escaping in the summer


latest Green Deal incentive, giving some householders a saving of up to £1700. The Quantec HR28C gas condensing boiler/Aquair Heating Interface Unit combination qualifies for 2 measures in latest Green Deal incentive announcement. It is ideal for both new installations, extensions, and for retrofitting when householders wish to replace an existing warm air heating system. The high efficiency WarmCair condensing Warm Air heater range is also suitable both for new installations and for those

while the door is open. A comfortable temperature can then be maintained within the room and a building’s energy costs reduced. Essensse can deliver up to 2,900m³ of air, enabling it to seal doorways up to 2.5m high when mounted above an entrance. Easy to install, the compact unit is finished in white RAL 9010 as standard with other colours available on


householders wishing to upgrade an existing warm air heating system with the latest technology and again is included in the latest Green Deal Incentive. ❚ enquiry 164

request. Essensse can incorporate water or electric heating elements and is available as an ambient unheated model. Latest hotwire heating technology can provide up to 19.1kW/h with low pressure hot water units providing 18.6kW/h. The air curtain is controlled via a wall-mounted controller with multiple units able to be operated from the same control system. A radio frequency (RF) option is also available.

❚ enquiry 165

charnwood Offering the widest range of clean-burning, British made inset and freestanding stoves. Woodburning and multi-fuel appliances; from pure roomheaters to full central heating boilers. Also suppliers of ANKI pumice chimney systems. 01983 537780 • CHARNWOOD.COM

❚ enquiry 166 . 1


r ou OK it O e is L it V W bs E e N W

Cleaar view Stoves offers the comp plete solu ution for for homeb builders & reenovators Clear view Stoves are the largest dedicated manufacturer of clean bur urning wood stoves. W Wee have been designing, manufacturin ng and distributing from ou ur site in the heart of Shropshire since 1987. Our installaation and product knowledge ge is unequalled in the industr y and we have thousands of accessories and flue components ts in stock, so whether you are building a new house or ren novating an old one we can provide the kind of expert advvice that results in a trouble free installation.

Thh e Woodbu rnn i n g Stt o ve pe rffee ctt ed

or smokeless zones. t First to have a multi fuel stove certified ffor t Over 70% efficient (most open fires are only 10%). t Taake control of your fuel supplyy,, don’t rely on gas and oil. or long periods unattended. t Easy to lighht and burns ffor me. t A carbon nneutral way to heat your home. n air supply, t Can be directly connected to an external so complyying with recent building regulations.

STOCKIS O TS THROUGHOUT T THE UK Brochure Line: ne: 01588 650 123 www.cclear ❚ enquiry 167 .

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August 2014

A World First for Schiedel and Already Award Winning The SCHIEDEL ABSOLUT XPert – 1st Passivhaus certified Chimney System

The UK’s largest manufacturer of Chimney Systems, Schiedel Chimney Systems Ltd, has just launched the ABSOLUT XPert Chimney System with an Integrated Insulated Combustion Air Shaft.

The XPert Chimney System, is a state of the art system and it has just scooped the ‘2014 Fluing and Ventilation Product of the Year’ from the Hearth & Home Trade Show where it was officially launched earlier this month.

Designed for the new generation of air-tight homes, Schiedel Absolut XPert is the first Passivhaus certified chimney system in the world. Air tightness is built into the system. Suitable for use on all fuel types, with its GW3 rated ceramic profiled liner, Absolut XPert offers condensate resistance even after a soot fire. Modern heating technologies place enormous demands on a chimney system. On the one hand, low flue gas temperatures from energy efficient appliances including

Gas, Oil and Pellets lead to condensate forming within the chimney. On the other hand, Chimneys used on solid fuel applications must also be capable of withstanding a chimney fire. Commenting on this innovative new product David Wright Marketing Manager for Schiedel UK said: “As a company, Schiedel Chimney Systems is continually looking at the needs of the market. The Absolut XPert, extends the stove market range by providing houses with the comfort and aesthetics of a stove, where there is no need for heating, but there is a need for a system to heat water. Understandably we are absolutely delighted to have already received the industry’s highest accolade at our launch event.”“When designing the Absolut XPert, we had to ensure it was able to satisfy both the needs of modern heating technology and the latest energy efficiency building techniques. The Government wants all new-build homes to be zero-carbon from 2016, so this is a market that is set to expand rapidly.”

Schiedel Absolut XPert represents a comprehensive solution to the 4 main challenges raised by modern heating technology combined with the latest energy efficient building techniques.

1. Challenge 1 - Condensation forming on the chimney block. If external temperatures are very cold, then moisture from the surrounding air can turn to condensation on the surface of the block, leading to damp spots, mould and a possible risk to health ensues. The Absolut XPert system employs a core of foam concrete as insulation in the blocks that form the shaft, ensuring that block surface temperatures remain above the critical dew point.

2. Challenge 2 - Heat transmission to the outside of the building via the chimney block. The top and bottom of the chimney are the two most sensitive areas, when it comes to heat transmission between the warm interior of the house and the cold exterior. The Absolut XPert system has specifically designed thermal insulation blocks to prevent this heat transmission.

3. Challenge 3 - The supply of air to the appliance in an air tight house. The modern house is efficiently sealed against drafts, which means that combustion air has to be brought directly to the appliance. The Absolut XPert system has an integrated insulated air shaft which supplies the appliance with the right amount of air it needs for combustion, drawn directly from above the roof, minimising problems due to prevailing winds. 4. Challenge 4 – How to cope with the extremes of temperature – resistance to condensate even after a chimney fire. The Absolut XPert profiled liner has been tested and approved with a GW3 designation meaning that it is soot fire resistant, condensate resistant even after a chimney fire and is corrosion resistant on gas, oil and solid fuel applications.


Mitsubishi Electric has launched a dedicated Ecodan selection tool to coincide with the Government’s announcement that heat pumps are now included in the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

The Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) has recently announced the inclusion of non-domestic air to water heat pumps and ground to water heat pumps in the RHI scheme, with respective

tariff levels of 2.5p/kWh and 7.2p/kWh equivalent (Tiered tariff with 8.7p/kWh for the first 15% of energy delivered and 2.6p/kWh for any remaining).

“We welcome the inclusion of heat pumps in the non-domestic scheme as we know that they provide one of the most straightforward way for businesses to lower both their heating bills and their carbon footprints,” commented John Kellett, General Manager of the company’s Heating Division. All systems installed from the 4thDecember are now eligible to claim the tariffs from spring 2014. The non-domestic tariffs are also paid on the total energy delivered, not the renewable energy delivered, as long as the installation achieves a minimum seasonal efficiency level of 2.5.

The new Ecodan selection tool allows anyone to examine the viability of heat pumps for their building and shows both running cost comparisons against other technologies and payback periods, which take the RHI payments into account.

“We have built this tool to allow anyone to access the relevant information for their project, whether they are a homeowner, a

consultant, a contractor or an individual business,” added Kellett. There is a mass of information concerning RHI and we wanted to ensure that people considering their options can cut through all this so that they can access all of the information needed to allow them to find the best solution for their own individual situation.” The Ecodan Selection Tool allows anyone with an interest in heat pumps to get an insight into what this technology could deliver to any building, whether it is a single domestic dwelling or a large commercial project. Details are available at the following address: danselectiontool/Pages/default.aspx .

“The heat pump market in the UK is now firmly established and RHI is going to help accelerate growth as more people realise how controllable, reliable and flexible the technology is,” ended Kellett.


Mitsubishi Electric is the market leader in heat pumps with the Ecodan range available in individual domestic units from 4kW right up to commercial systems that will deliver 688kW of heating. The system is already installed in thousands of homes across the UK and is being specified for more commercial projects, such as schools and student accommodation. The installation of 41 units into a multi-purpose development in Kingston upon Thames recently also clearly demonstrated that heat pumps can offer a viable solution to district heating schemes. ❚ enquiry 169 .

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Re Con mote tr Pellolled App et lian ces

Is w wood maaking g you u workk h harder? Let peellet make your life easier Specflue e’s new range of comfort rt air pellet stoves are an n ideal envir i onm mentally t ll friendly f i dl alter lt nattive t ti to t wood d bur b ning i app pliances. li With an average energy effficiency ficiency of 91%, compared to 80% for wood sttoves, the comfort air range nge is not only energy effficient but also cos st effective. Controlled d remotely and programmed d to come on automatically ass and when required; our comfort air pellet stovess are perfect for people with b busy lives. Requiring g very little involvement, fuel replenishment is typically req quired once a day, as opposed to every couple of hours with a wood burning stove. s The perfect co ombination of convenience and a ease-of-use. Recomme ended by retailers throughou ut the country, our products c come complete e with excellent after-sales se ervicing and support giving yo ou and your customerrs’ complete confidence.

Renewaable Energy Solutionss | Flue & Chimney Products | Wood Burning ning Stoves | Trainin ng

08 45 337 1 658 // www w .specflue m Specfl Specflue flue Ltd 8 Curzon Road Chilton n Industrial Estate Sudbury Suffolk f CO10 2XW Fax: 0845 13 07 555 Email: ❚ enquiry 170.

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August 2014

POLYPIPE’S POLYSTORM-R GETS BBA STAMP OF APPROVAL Polypipe, the UK’s leading manufacturer of sustainable drainage and water management products has received approval from the British Board of Agrément (BBA) for its Polystorm-R geocellular system, one of its most innovative and environmentally-friendly water management solutions. Polystorm-R is designed for use in trafficked and loaded applications such as car parks and access roads, thanks to its compressive strength of up to 61 tonnes/m², and has a proven design life of up to 60 years. The geocellular system is manufactured from more than 90% of carefully researched and selected recycled material.

Commenting on the approval, Emma Nicholls, Marketing Manager at Polypipe, said: “We are thrilled to be awarded BBA Approval for Polystorm-R, a product which provides excellent performance as well as great environmental benefits. “We pride ourselves on the high standards of raw material that we use here at Polypipe so

that our products meet and exceed quality standards, giving our customers the performance levels they expect from the market leader. This latest third party certification is an example of how we go to great lengths to help our customers meet current legislation and environmental targets with ease.” Polystorm-R is part of the wider Polystorm range of water storage cells. The light weight nature of Polystorm modular cells brings many benefits to projects including ease of handling, speed of installation and low transportation costs. Due to the modular construction of the Polystorm range, attenuation and soakaway solutions can be designed and installed to overcome almost any site constraint.

For more information please visit or call the technical team on +44 (0)1509 615100

❚ enquiry 180

POLYPIPE GIVES A HELPING HAND TO WILDLIFE Polypipe, the UK’s leading manufacturer of plastic drainage and water management solutions, has donated some of its innovative surface water drainage products to salvage the water levels of a reconstructed pond so that local wildlife can thrive. The pond, which is sited next to the Unicorn’s Head pub in Langar, Nottinghamshire, is now filled with rainwater captured from the pub’s roof, and channelled to the pond using Ridgidrain Polypipe’s most efficient surface water drainage system.

Polypipe supplied 48 metres of its 100mm diameter Ridgidrain pipe - along with bends, junctions and a reducer - to the Langar Village Pond Trust to enable it to create a sustainable supply of water to the pond which was restored 2012. Following an extremely dry year in 2013, the Pond Trust found that water levels reduced to as little as a third and that filling the pond from the mains (hard water) was not beneficial to the wildlife as they live better

in soft natural water such as rainwater. The Langar village pond, which dates back to the 17th century, was abandoned after World War II and, after years of existing as waste land, was filled-in and used as a car park. After the discovery of some old photographs, the Village Pond Trust was formed to reconstruct the pond to its current 25x15m size and 2.5m depth. Nigel Wood, Chairman of The Langar Village Pond Trust, said: “I would like to thank Polypipe on behalf of the Trust for donating the materials which has allowed us to complete our project to ensure a clean supply of water is maintained. The pond is now a place where the wildlife can thrive, thus enhancing the conservation area of the village. We’re a small community-based

organisation with limited finances and without Polypipe’s support, it is unlikely that we could have achieved such a successful project.”

Polypipe’s Marketing Manager, Emma Nicholls, said: “We were delighted to be involved in something so worthwhile which has not only benefitted the local wildlife but provided a great environment for local people to visit for years to come. “Our Ridgidrain product was the perfect solution to help solve the pond’s water level problem. By capturing rainwater from the pub roof which is then diverted to the pond provides soft rainwater, wildlife can flourish and the local community can enjoy a lovely nature reserve right on their doorstep.”

Ridgidrain’s optimised pipe profile maximises strength and minimises weight to save precious resource and reduce CO2 consumption in the production, transportation and onsite handling processes.

The range is available in sizes from 100mm to 600mm in diameter, with a full range of fittings, and can be used in all civils and infrastructure projects wherever traditional Ridgidrain systems are specified, or rigid materials such as concrete and clay. For more information on Polypipe and its range of solutions, visit

❚ enquiry 181 .

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August 2014

Hazeley School. Photo: Chris Hodson

PAVING THE SUSTAINABLE WAY A new report from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) highlights the need for wider use of permeable paving and sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) now to help fight flooding and pollution.

Designers take the lead SuDS and permeable paving have now become local planning issues. Increasingly, sustainable drainage and paving requirements will be found in local policies and plans, master-plans, design codes and, particularly, Supplementary Planning Documents. This is also a clarion call for architects, masterplanners and other designers to take the lead in developing multifunctional SuDS as an integral part of place shaping. However, several recent schemes demonstrate missed opportunities – particularly for a wider use of permeable paving as a source control. Now is the time for designers to gain a closer understanding of techniques such as concrete block permeable paving, in line with the convergence of SuDS and other planning guidance at all levels. With good design as a priority, engineering then becomes a supporting function, not an end in itself.

Concrete block permeable paving is uniquely placed to meet a wide range of sustainable drainage and urban design requirements. The growing choice of concrete block permeable paving products available from Interpave manufacturers - with numerous shapes, styles, finishes and colours - allows real design freedom. They can also be used in conjunction with conventional precast concrete paving products, sharing the same impressive performance including slip and skid resistance, durability and strength. At the same time, permeable paving can provide completely level, well-drained, firm and slipresistance ‘accessible’ surfaces without the need for cross-falls, channels, gulleys or other interruptions. Rainwater ‘ponding’ is eliminated, reducing the risk of ice forming on the surface and preventing splashing from standing water. Innovative design opportunities But its real strength is an ability to remove water-borne pollution offering the important – and often missed - opportunity of a gradual supply of treated water that can be

Abode, Cambridge. Photo: Simon Bunn

exploited for innovative landscape design, harvesting and ecology by imaginative designers. For example, at the pioneering Hazeley School, Milton Keynes, concrete block permeable paved car parks feed treated water to ponds for wildlife - notably indigenous great crested newts. In play areas, it collects and filters rainfall runoff from adjacent hard games surfaces and roofs for toilet flushing. Concrete block permeable paving also helps to define the character of the new Abode housing scheme in Cambridge - Winner of the Housing Design Awards 2014. Interpave has launched a new edition of a discussion document – SuDS and Permeable Paving Today, intended for all those involved with the development process. The document is freely available via: /commercial, where news of latest developments, further guidance documents and various case studies can also be found.


The Old Rectory, Main Street, Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8DG Tel: 0116 232 5170 Fax: 0116 232 5197 E-mail: Website:

Abode, Cambridge. Photo: Simon Bunn

Although the 2010 Flood and Water Management Act will make SuDS mandatory for any construction work that affects the ability of land to absorb rainwater, these measures cannot be applied without the long-awaited National Standards and related Guidance. With no sign of action before the next election, the recently published CCC Adaptation SubCommittee Progress Report calls on government to implement the Act without further delay.

It also points out that The National Planning Policy Framework already encourages the use of SuDS but

most local planning authorities are still failing to follow national planning policy on sustainable drainage. And it demonstrates that planning regulations from 2008 for paving in gardens and around non-domestic premises are not being enforced by planners either. Here, permitted development rights were removed for new or replacement hard surfaces, such as drives and car parks, unless permeable paving or similar solutions are used. Clearly, local planning authorities must now prioritise sustainable drainage as a key element in development control.

Abode, Cambridge. Photo: Simon Bunn

❚ enquiry 183 .

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August 2014



Royal Parks Receive First Class Treatment from Ultracrete Ultracrete’s Permanent Pothole Repair Cold Lay Asphalt Concrete and SCJ Seal and Tack Coat Spray are being used to maintain the Royal Parks in London.

Ultracrete’s Area Sales Manager for the South East, David Youell, met with the parks’ contractor Taylor Woodrow, and recommended Ultracrete’s HAPAS approved Permanent Pothole Repair to help maintain the sites.

Permanent Pothole Repair up to 6mm fine grade is now Taylor Woodrow’s material of choice for ongoing maintenance work to repair the defects in the paths and roads within the parks. It is being used in conjunction with Ultracrete’s HAPAS approved SCJ which helps to increase the bond of the Permanent Pothole Repair to the substrate, as well as preventing water ingress and the freeze/thaw effect. This helps to prolong the life of the repair and reduce ongoing maintenance costs. Permanent Pothole Repair is ideal for use in low risk roads, paths, car parks and driveways and has a high skid resistance value of >88 for improved road safety. It has excellent workability enabling it to be

used straight from the tub even in cold and wet conditions. It is instantly trafficable, so minimal disruption to visitors as the site can be opened immediately after installation. Packaged in resealable 25kg tubs, with an ergonomically friendly handle, it is easy to carry and ideal for sites with limited access – perfect for this project, providing the contractor with a quick and effective method for repairing the defects.

HAPAS approved products have been rigorously testing through the BBA (British Board of Agrément) to ensure they are ‘fit for purpose’. Any product that has such approval can boast assurance of confidence and long-term proven durability.

Ultracrete’s cold lay asphalt concrete is also available as a first time permanent solution in 6mm grade for footways and cycle tracks and 10mm grade for use in type 3 and 4 roads. To find out more or to place an order contact Ultracrete on 01827 871871 or email ❚ enquiry 184

❚ enquiry 185. Millboard. Inspired by nature. Designed for living. ·

Luxury wood free decking


Anti slip to BS79.76


Low maintenance


Manufactured in the UK

Tel: 02476 439 943 Web: ❚ enquiry 186 .

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August 2014

Leading UK consultants move into refurbished HQ designed by Broadway Malyan views of the River and adjacent landscaped gardens. It has also enhanced the building’s sustainability credentials, raising its energy performance rating from G to B and earning it a BREEAM excellent rating – while 146 sq m of photo-voltaic panels on the roof have the capability of generating 14.5 kW of power – contributing a 25 per cent reduction in electrical power consumption. Broadway Malyan Director David Anderson said: “The refurbishment is truly transformational, the result of a close partnership between our expert design team and long-standing friends and colleagues at PBA and is set to play a key role in the consultancy’s growth plans.” International development and infrastructure consultancy Peter Brett Associates LLP (PBA) has moved into its newly-refurbished HQ in Reading, UK – designed by global architecture, urbanism and design practice Broadway Malyan.

Having partnered with PBA on multiple projects in the UK and overseas, Broadway Malyan has now delivered the major refurbishment of PBA’s 25,000 sq ft Caversham Bridge House – home to 250 of its 600 staff. Broadway Malyan’s Reading-based team delivered a wide range of architecture and interior design services on the project, resulting in a flexible, motivational and sustainable contemporary workplace for PBAs HQ team.

The design features a new ‘front of house’ space for hosting events and makes a stronger connection between the building and nearby River Thames – while also making more of the

PBA’s Managing partner Paul Reilly said: “We want to create a great place to work that also showcases our talents. So we are providing top quality accommodation which is highly sustainable. The work is all part of our ambitious growth strategy for the five years from 2013 to 2018 that will see the practice almost double in size.” Distinguished by its global reach with 16 studios across world centres, unrivalled diversity with 500+ design experts and distinctive client focus with over 75% income from repeat business, Broadway Malyan creates world-class and fully-integrated cities, places and buildings to unlock lasting value and deliver a ‘return on design’.

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August 2014



BROADWAY MALYAN Broadway Malyan creates world-class and fully-integrated cities, places and buildings to unlock lasting value and deliver a ‘return on design ❚ enquiry 130 .

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New, economical, high performance micro-piles for foundation stabilisation

New from structural repair specialist, HELIFIX, is the versatile and technically well proven Dixie micro-pile. Helifix has obtained exclusive UK rights to this high performance system which is backed by International Code Council (ICC) certification and conforms to AC358, the International Standard for helical foundation underpinning systems. Helifix Dixie micro-piles provide a fully engineered and costeffective solution to the problem

Taylor Wimpey choose GAP

UK housebuilder Taylor Wimpey has chosen GAP as a supplier of PVC-U Building Products. The deal will see GAP’s extensive distribution network supply Taylor Wimpey sites throughout England, Scotland and Wales with a wide range of Homeline PVC-U building products including fascias, soffits and ancillaries. Nick Dyke, Divisional Supply Chain Manager from Taylor Wimpey, described the supply

of foundation settlement without the major disruption and cost of methods that require extensive excavations. Simple, but extremely effective, Helifix Dixie piles are turned into the ground down to the load bearing strata, the bracket is then fitted and the pile is jacked up beneath the foundations to support the building’s weight and prevent further settlement. Excavations are minimal, installation normally only requires lightweight hand-held equipment, noise levels are low and the occupants experience very little disruption. Where Dixie micro-piles are combined with the Helibeam masonry stabilisation system, Helifix provides a complete structural repair solution that maximises pile spacing to economically restore full structural integrity. Furthermore, all repairs, both above and below ground, are fully concealed to ensure a sympathetic, non-disruptive and reliable solution. ❚ enquiry 188

agreement as a big step forward for both companies. “Having toured GAP’s manufacturing and distribution facilities we were extremely impressed by what we saw. GAP is a company that invests in its products, its service and people, and we are looking forward to working with them over the coming years. In particular, their BBA approved recycled fascia and soffit range called Core will help Taylor Wimpey towards our own environmental goals”.

Simon Brayshaw, GAP’s Chief Executive commented on the deal. “Signing a supply agreement for PVC-U fascias and soffits with one of the UK’s largest house builders is a significant achievement for GAP. We feel by having a customer focussed approach and a strong environmental friendly product offering, we can offer customers large and small an advantage in the market.” ❚ enquiry 190

Everything for tiling – properly guaranteed

Tilers nationwide can now source everything they need from a single supplier, all covered by a 25 year guarantee, thanks to BAL. The market leader in professional tile adhesives and grouts fully guarantees everything bearing its name, including BAL Rapid-Mat, its remarkable new uncoupling solution. This has taken the market by storm, being the UK’s first and only uncoupling mat fully guaranteed for 25 years by the supplier.

BAL Head of Marketing, Alex Underwood, said, “We understand how important a proper guarantee is to professionals and their customers. Everything we supply comes with a formal 25 year guarantee, so that fixers can have complete confidence in their first-choice tile adhesives, grouts, uncoupling solutions, levellers, primers and

The new SockFix system comprises a stainless steel threaded bar and heavy duty plastic grout feed tube housed in a durable fabric mesh sleeve. Once inserted into a core-drilled clearance hole, the sock is

August 2014

preparation products, sealants, admixtures and more. BAL has always believed that if a company really has faith in what it supplies, it will back it with a written guarantee.”

that may be subject to lateral movement stresses. It is perfect with underfloor heating, timber substrates and other challenging backgrounds. It reduces project time by being faster to install, as demonstrated on video at It also delivers major cost benefits by using over 20% less adhesive than cavity-based uncoupling mats.

BAL Rapid-Mat is designed for problematic floors, such as those

❚ enquiry 189

harmful solvents, VOCs or hazardous waste. And as they are applied in a factory environment rather than on site there is no risk of overspray, leakage or air pollution."

cladding alongside these installations with a high quality powder providing a performance guarantee of 25 years which the client specifically requested. Powdertech also coated numerous soffit panels and end panels for canopies around the restaurant and refreshments area.

Dave Stott, winner of last year’s TTA Tiler of the Year award, said, “Fixers do not want vague assurances from suppliers. We expect a clear, written guarantee so that we know where we stand with products. BAL is the only manufacturer to offer a straightforward 25 year promise, which it puts on its web site for everyone to see. Apart from the guarantee, which is even printed on the mat, BAL Rapid-Mat is so much better in every way than anything else. It is thinner, lighter and needs a lot less adhesive. Once you have tried BAL RapidMat, you do not want to use anything else.”

Powder coating at York's new shopping centre presents no threat to newts

Powdertech (Corby) Ltd has recently completed work on York's new £90 million shopping centre on the outskirts of the city. The shopping centre boasts new stores including John Lewis, Next and Marks and Spencer's and a range of eating facilities. The site was a year under construction, following a four month delay whilst a growing population of great crested newts were individually caught and re-located to a specially created £300,000 wetland habitat nearby.

"We were delighted to find that the environmental credentials of powder coating were particularly relevant to this prestigious job," said Powdertech (Corby) Sales Director, Richard Besant. Environmental responsibility is paramount and the developers took the re-housing of the newts very seriously. With a protected wetland habitat nearby it was satisfying to know that there was no risk of harmful chemicals entering the water system. Powder coatings contain no

pumped full of SockFix Grout and expands to fill the hole and any voids in the substrate. A shut off valve simplifies installation and prevents excessive grout use. The specially formulated thixotropic cementitious grout cures in a composite action with the threaded bar and the host material to form a strong mechanicalchemical bond, ensuring the system becomes an integral part of the structure.

Helifix SockFix, the new grouted sock anchor for stabilising damaged masonry

HELIFIX, specialists in repairing and reinforcing failed masonry, has introduced SockFix, a grouted sock anchor for stabilising damaged masonry in a variety of heavy duty, high load applications. It provides an economical, rapidly installed and efficient means of restoring structural integrity, particularly in situations where high levels of performance are required in bending. Like all Helifix repair products, it is a non-disruptive, fully concealed system that retains the building’s original appearance.

SockFix can be used for stabilising rubble-filled walls, stitching cracked solid and multi-leaf walls, securing external walls to internal hollow concrete floor slabs and securing unstable parapet walls and arches.

❚ enquiry 191

This is a smart and eye-catching new development with 'vertical gardens' on the exterior of the Marks & Spencer's store. Powdertech coated the rain screen

Plasterboard and the feel good factor

The Gypsum Products Development Association (GPDA) is highlighting the role of gypsumbased plasters and plasterboard in the trend towards building for ‘wellbeing’ in interiors. According to the GPDA, which represents Britain and Ireland’s gypsum product manufacturers, plasterboard and plaster scores highly on many key design factors identified by Evidence Based Design (EBD), from good sound

❚ enquiry 210

and thermal insulation to improved air quality and aesthetics, all of which can add value to the physical environment and promote human wellbeing.

Scientific research related to human behaviour in a built environment indicates that design factors such as colour, acoustics, lighting and furnishings have a calculable impact on building occupants. EBD is used by architects and interior designers to make design decisions based on this research and associated evidence. Creating a ‘feel good’ environment can have a positive impact on building users, whilst in a business environment it can lead to reduced stress, increased job satisfaction and productivity. ❚ enquiry 192

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August 2014



Specify the Right Screed to Solve Substrate Stress

The screed layer of a floor is integral to making sure that this aspect of the building looks and performs as intended, which means that installing the right screed for the location is as essential as installing the right floor finish.

For more information visit

Developers need to look at several key considerations about the chosen screed and the application method before verifying if the specified solution will meet the long-term needs of the site.

One of the first steps will be to analyse the quality of the underlying concrete slabs to ascertain what level of substrate preparation or repair will be required. For example in the case of bonded screeds the substrate will need to undergo preparation, typically by shot blasting or scrabbling, to provide a suitable surface for the screed to adhere to. Once in place the screed will need to be able to not only support the finish that is applied on top, but also the everyday, on-going activity of the site. Inadequate screed layers will inevitably fail when subjected to heavy or intensive workloads, spoiling the seamless, attractive surface above it. Flowcrete UK has built up an extensive amount of experience supplying screed solutions to some of the largest commercial and industrial sites in the country, meaning that it is well placed to advise on the optimum application for a new-build or refurbishment project.

The resin flooring specialist’s comprehensive selection of floor screeds includes a number of heavy-duty, selfsmoothing and environmentally friendly surface underlayments. For sites that want to get the most out of the screed layer, Flowcrete UK can provide its awardwinning Isocrete K-Screed solution, which contains a plasticising and accelerating admixture to enhance the system’s performance. The K-Screed solution exhibits high strength, excellent moisture control and rapid installation times to provide construction projects with a reliable screed layer that also allows for earlier follow-on work to speed up construction schedules.

General Hospital combined K-Screed with Flowcrete UK’s Isowarm system to provide an efficient, targeted and spacesaving underfloor heating solution.

Knowing the specific qualities and properties of each component within the floor is vital to ensuring that all the different sections work together. Flowcrete UK has developed the Floorzone, which minimises the risk of screed failures by giving clients the ability to source every floor layer from a single supplier.

Many high-profile, large-scale projects around the world, including the Dubai International Airport and Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands, have utilised the K-Screed system to ensure that the final floor finish is effectively supported and bonded to the substrate.

K-Screed is often specified thanks to its ability to incorporate additional elements into the floor that provide extra benefits to a location. Recently both the Wester Hailes Page 1 Centre in Edinburgh and the Ryhope Healthy Living

❚ enquiry 193

CARO SUPPORT Immediate drainage between and under slabs - prevents build up of standing water Protection of waterproofing membrane from UV degredation, temperature extremes and direct contact damage Simple installation - reduces time and labour All services, drainage, conduits under slabs leaving unobstructed paved area Simple separation of supports for edge and corner details Above average base area for greater weight distribution Available since 1985

NEWCARO PEDESTAL All the benefits of the Caro Support plus Supports Decking and Paving from 3cm to 100cm Patented and Novel method of securing Decking Joists Full and infinite adjustment of supporting height 215mm base diameter to spread loading Ability to easily compensate for drainage falls (slopes) Shims and Levellers are available for base and head Available since 1978

Tel: 01763 244446 Email:

Fax: 01763 244111


Carosystems Limited, Edge Barn, 11 Market Hill, ROYSTON, Herts SG8 9JN ❚ enquiry 194 .

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New sustainable building products put ‘quality back into commodity’

and recycled; giving a useful ‘second life’ as a new product. Performance is on a par with current prime PVC, while providing significant cost-advantages.

PVCr is a new range of sustainable PVC building products made from 100% recycled content launched by PVC Recycling Ltd, an independent plastics recycler turned manufacturer.

“As a versatile and very recyclable material, PVC can be recycled many times due to its very high quality formulation values from the past equalling prime PVC of today. As the industry manipulates the existing formulations to sustain the downward spiral of PVC product prices, PVC Recycling introduced the PVCr brand after recognising that it was inevitable that the recycler becomes the manufacturer,” Ian continues.

Following a recent £750,000 investment in extrusion equipment, at the company’s site in Stalybridge, Manchester, more than 600,000 commodity building products (eaves protectors and heavy-duty soffits) have been successfully produced using the company’s high quality PVC recyclate. Other products are under development. The project was part-funded by The North West Fund for Energy & Environmental, managed by 350 Investment Partners, which is provided by the European Regional Development Fund and the European Investment Bank. The recyclate is derived from end-of-life PVC frames otherwise destined for landfill

“As both a recycler and a manufacturer of new plastic building products, we are using recycled window grade PVC in new goods. We’re putting the quality back into commodity with stronger, heavier, sustainable and more cost-effective products that today’s buyers are seeking,” explains Ian Murray, Managing Director of PVC Recycling Ltd, part of the nationwide network of Recovinyl recyclers.

“For example, by using material from postconsumer PVC diverted from landfill in our soffit boards, we have created a stronger and heavier product that can be recycled again at end of life. It makes great economic and environmental sense, thus closing the recycling loop,” he adds.

Products made from 100% recycled PVC perform exactly the same as those made from virgin material. The carbon footprint of recycling end-of-life PVC products is 94% less than producing the prime equivalent. ❚ enquiry 195

New Sales & Specification Manager for Jet Cox

Jet Cox has appointed Lee Jodka as Sales and Specification Manager to assist Architects, Developers and Design Consultants within the South London regions and Southern England with the design and specification of the extensive range of Coxdome roof lights. Martin Revie the General Manager of Jet Cox believes that Lee’s appointment to the expanding Coxdome sales force will assist with its continued expansion into key sectors.

❚ enquiry 196

Timoleon’s factory open day draws heating professionals to Exeter

Timóleon threw open the doors to its South-West based production facility and show-room during the first week of July, drawing industry professionals including plumbers, M&E consultants, architects and other specifiers from as far afield as Bournemouth and Southampton. In total more than 100 people took the time to visit Timóleon’s extensive premises located on the Apple Lane Industrial Estate in Exeter, not far from the M5 service station: giving the company convenient links to the Midlands, Wales and the M4 corridor.

August 2014

Vortice celebrates its 60th Anniversary

2014 sees the 60th anniversary of Vortice Elettrosociali, Europe’s leading ventilation systems manufacturer with a UK office in Burton on Trent. In the aftermath of war, Attilio Pagani,an ingenious entrepreneur, identified the need for good ventilation in Italy’s homes. In 1954, in a warehouse in Viale Montenero, Milan, Pagani founded a company and a brand that, in just a few years, became renowned for its role in improving the quality of air and life in Italian houses through the supply of extractor fans.

The latest generation of products was designed to contribute to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency: today’s ranges of energy efficient MEVs and HRUs all share this target.

Since its inception, Vortice has always attributed great importance to aesthetics, maintaining constant collaborations with famous architects and designers such as De Matteis, Zanuso, Trabucco and Vecchi, winning numerous design awards over the years. The Vortice “Ariante” (1975) fan is shown at the MoMa, New York as an icon of Italian Design. ❚ enquiry 198

Armacell-Premium: Recognises customer loyalty with rewards scheme

Flexible technical insulation manufacturer Armacell has announced the launch of an exclusive rewards scheme open to thermal insulation contractors. The scheme, which is believed to be an insulation industry first, was launched on the 1st May and is open to companies in the UK and Ireland. Rewards can be earned on purchases of the Armaflex and Arma-Chek range of materials and in order to begin collecting contractors should visit the website to register.

Points are collected by entering ibonus codes which are printed on cartons of all eligible Armacell products (AF/Armaflex Class O, HT/Armaflex, NH/Armaflex, Armaflex Ultima, Armaflex Tuffcoat, ArmaChek R, Arma-Chek D, Arma-Chek Silver and Armaflex Protect) and can be exchanged for a range of Armacell Premium

Visitors were able to tour the training facilities and watch some of Timóleon’s highly efficient Hydronik range of underfloor heating systems - including the market leading ToronFloor system – being manufactured. Also on show were a variety of ancillary products from the widely specified UFH collection and examples of the Alpha-innoTec range of air and ground source heat pumps, for which Timóleon was recently appointed sole GB Distributor. These can offer Coefficients of Performance well above 4 and qualify for the Renewable Heat Inventive. As well as hot and cold drinks being available throughout the day. Managing Director Darren Trivett commented: “It was gratifying that visitors, including customers and consultants, took the time out from their schedule to come from places like Bristol, Bournemouth, Southampton and London. Our staff were busy all day showing them round the training and production facilities as well as demonstrating the new Alpha heat pumps. ❚ enquiry 197

The group’s first industrial site of 6,000 square metres opened in 1962 in Peschiera Borromeo, on the outskirts of Milan. Due to its successful growth, the company was forced to move to larger premises in Zoate di Tribiano (MI). These buildings still house the company headquarters today. European expansion began in 1974, when Attilio Pagani opened a branch in Paris, soon followed in 1977, by a second unit in the UK. Today, the Vortice Group has three sales offices in France, England and Costa Rica, one production and trade company in China and one representative office in Russia.

Ancon extends its award-winning TeploTie range to accommodate surface fixing

Masonry fixings specialist, ANCON, is continuing to lead the market in low thermal conductivity wall ties, with an innovative extension to its awardwinning TeploTie range that sees it now suitable for surface fixing to an in-situ masonry leaf or structural frame. Like the original TeploTie cavity wall tie, launched by Ancon in 2009, the new Teplo-L-Tie comprises a pultruded basalt fibre body set in a resin matrix. This material, with its thermal conductivity of just 0.7W/mK, minimises heat loss across an insulated wall

gifts from categories including electronics, travel, leisure, garden and household items. The codes can be entered either on the website or via the Armacell Premium app (available from the itunes and Google Play stores). An additional 500 points are available to eligible companies who register during June to coincide with the start of the World Cup. Additional points are also awarded for any contractors who attend Armacell training courses. ❚ enquiry 199

cavity which is an essential consideration in low energy construction. Unique to the new Ancon Teplo-L-Tie, however, is an ‘L’ shaped stainless steel upstand, mechanically and chemically bonded to one end, which allows it to be securely tied to steel, timber, concrete or masonry using a range of standard fixings. Available to suit cavity widths up to 300mm, it is ideal for today’s superinsulated building envelopes. To aid those performing U-value calculations, this new composite wall tie has been thermally modelled by an Industry expert, allowing Ancon to provide accurate Chi values for each product

length. The exceptional thermal efficiency of the TeploTie range, however, is such that it is unlikely ever to be taken into account in these calculations as a thermal bridge, minimising insulation depth and wall footprint.

The launch of the new Teplo-L-Tie coincides with further developments in the standard TeploTie range which is now available for an even greater range of cavity widths up to 450mm. ❚ enquiry 200

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August 2014

Integral LED Spotlight wins Which? ‘Best Buy’

A British LED brand that has set its reputation on quality - has earned top spot in the UK’s largest survey of spotlights. An Integral LED GU10 spotlight has beaten all competitors in a Which? survey, after being subjected to the most comprehensive test regime of its kind.

A range of LED spotlights were surveyed for reliability and performance across criteria that measured durability and efficiency over many months. The aim of the

trial was also to validate manufacturer claims on beam angle, intensity, light quality, light output, and power consumption. Results from seventeen LED spotlights from leading manufactures saw Integral LED’s GU10 (5.3W, 50W equivalent) rise to the top of the chart – with the most accurate on pack product specification and with five stars for both efficiency and durability. The Which? team commented: “…our Best Buy recommendation meet the claims on their packaging, won’t cost the

earth to run, and should last for many years. But as well as this, they will maintain their light output, which not all spots do – so you won’t notice after two years that one of the spots in your ceiling is emitting a subtly different colour to the others..”

❚ enquiry 201

Nature’s wonder surface material The rising popularity of cork is not only testament to its incredible flexibility as a surface and product material, but also thanks to its excellent environmental properties.

Granorte is at the forefront of modern cork products, offering a range of flooring, ceiling, wall coverings, sheet and other interior products, designed to bring style and performance to interiors while utilising the benefits of a natural rapidly renewable and sustainable resource. With

each cork tree living for 250 years and capable of being harvested throughout its lifetime without damage, cork is finding appeal for those seeking materials that are truly better for the environment. What’s more, Granorte produces its products from the waste created by the bottle stopper industry, making the resource not only natural but recycled too. Cork has ideal properties for use as a surfacing material offering sound absorption, wear resistance, thermal insulation and comfort. Exceptionally lightweight, elastic, impermeable and fire retardant, designers are finding ways of using cork in fresh and novel applications within interior projects. Cork’s unique natural aesthetic is also finding favour among a generation looking for new textures and visuals, introducing a fresh take on the perception of traditional interior surfaces. ❚ enquiry 202


Trend helps the Royal Marines’ Norton Manor Camp win the war against energy waste Home to 40 Commando Royal Marines, Norton Manor Camp provides state-ofthe-art living and working facilities for armed forces personnel and their families. As part of the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) strategic objective of lowering energy usage and carbon emissions across its estate, it recently installed a new Building Energy Management System (BEMS) from Trend Control Systems.

SKA success adds new technical expertise to Komfort team

Komfort has become one of the first manufacturers with a certified SKA Rating Offices Assessor among its staff after Product Designer, Giuseppa Fiorenza passed the qualification exam. The SKA Rating scheme is run by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and enables assessors to judge the environmental performance of products and nondomestic spaces based on more than 100 good practice measures relating to issues such as CO2 emissions, staff wellbeing and the efficient use of water, energy and materials. Technical Documentation Developer, Dan Stewart is also on his way to qualification having completed the SKA Foundation course. ❚ enquiry 203

Dome firm crowned Green Champions

Hampshire based Solardome Industries has won a top environmental award from The Green Organisation at its Green Apple Awards, which took place on Monday. The Southampton firm was crowned Green Champion 2014 in the Built Environment Construction Category for

an eco-home project involving its new SOLARDOME PRO system. Solardome beat off competition from more than 500 other companies to be presented with one of two champion awards at a glittering ceremony at London’s futuristic venue, known as The Crystal. Judges were drawn from the Environment Agency, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and the Chartered Institution for Wastes Management, as well as other independent bodies. The panel heard how the PRO system was developed for an ecohome in Norway where a 15 meter glass and aluminium dome was projected over a sustainably built COB house made from wood and straw. ❚ enquiry 204


Norton Manor Camp is a Royal Marines military base located in the picturesque Somerset village of Norton Fitzwarren, just two miles south west of Taunton. For over 30 years it has served as the home of 40 Commando Royal Marines, a battalion sized formation of the British Royal Marines and subordinate unit within 3 Commando Brigade’s amphibious warfare capability.

Debut Services was formed in response to the MOD’s Prime Contracting initiative and is a joint venture between real estate solutions provider, Lend Lease, and Babcock International Group, one of the UK’s largest providers of property management services. It works across all MOD sites and the company’s Deputy Group Estate Delivery Manager Somerset Group, Keith Bright, explains, ‘We are committed to addressing the unique challenges posed by the MOD’s diverse property portfolio by promoting and developing new and better ways of managing its estate. Debut acts as a single point of responsibility to deliver the capital works programme and the estate facilities maintenance.’ Having identified Norton Manor Camp as a location that could see significant benefits from a Building Energy

Management System (BEMS) upgrade, capital funding was approved by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) for Debut to deliver a new Trend BEMS. Bright contacted Martyn Robbins, business development manager at Trend. Robbins comments, ‘After visiting the site and getting a better understanding of the challenges that Keith was trying to address, I was confident that the flexibility and robust features of our BEMS would offer a perfect solution.’

After working closely with Robbins on a design and specification that would meet all budgetary and operational objectives, it was clear that a new BEMS network would not be required. Robbins’ design experience with similar projects was proposed as a way forward for innovative use of the existing site network that would ensure less disruption to site operations and provide a much faster network speed with facility for future expansion. Bright submitted a proposal to the DIO. He states, ‘After looking at all the possibilities with Martyn it was clear to me that only a Trend BEMS would facilitate the type of energy monitoring and management performance we required. Once funding was agreed for the project the next step was to appoint a Trend specialist integrator to carry out the work.’ Along with a number of other Trend Partners (integration companies), Clevedon based ATS Controls was invited to tender for the project. After assessing its abilities as one of the country’s leading BEMS design, installation and maintenance specialists, with vast amounts of experience in a variety of applications, ATS Controls was awarded the contract.

The company’s Project Manager, Rob Nevay, takes up the story and says, ‘We have worked almost exclusively with Trend for over two years and last year we were proud to become one of a select group of Trend Technology Centres (TTC). To gain and maintain this status we must demonstrate that we satisfy rigorous qualification criteria and undergo regular formal audits to ensure our activities continue to meet Trend’s required standards.’ Email:

W d m m a w c H r i t c c c a c c T e a O v a d e o

I T u t s b T d t c b a m

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Walk all over us... Athletes Village, Stratford

Excel Arena Main entrance

BAT HQ London

…everyone does! The Buzon system has been installed in many high profile buildings, and is recognised worldwide as the leader in external support systems, and we are the greenest on the planet, with 80% recycled materials, and 100% recyclable.

Buzon system features include: • Each pedestal certified to exceed 1000Kgs • Precise slope corrector from 0 to 10 o/o • High density polypropylene for max strength • Inverter with safety lock system • 100% recyclable ❚ enquiry 801.

The Buzon Systems Buzon UK supplies the BC ® and DPH ® systems of screwjack pedestals used for external terraces, decked areas and water features. The systems range from 11mm to 1030mm high. …Very clever Buzon UK Ltd

Unit 6, Teddington Business Park, Station Road, Teddington TW11 9BQ T: +44 (0) 20 8614 0874

Eco aug online