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August 2017







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August 2017


The appearance of natural slate. ;OLILULÃ&#x201E;[ZVMPU[LYSVJRPUNJSH`











The UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading garage door manufacturer Garador has added five fresh new designs to its hugely popular FrontGuard front entrance door range.


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Forbo Flooring Systems has refreshed Tessera Arran, one of the most luxurious ranges in its carpet tile portfolio, with an a array of new natural colourways, inspired by the timeless palette of the Scottish isleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s varied landscape.




In a specification that literally broke the mould, Aggregate Industriesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Building Products division has supplied 2700m2 of bespoke roof tiling to a large-scale residential property in The Cotswolds.

34-35 B&K STRUCTURES Why Timber is Trending for Stylish City Living

EXTERNAL WORKS & DRAINAGE 38 TREX DECKING Trex Company, the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s No 1 decking brand, offers a simple and easy way to build with green materials whilst not compromising on look and feel.



Bespoke Garage Doors

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Exceptional performance SWA member supplies Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems, with their approved screens and doors for hotel fabricator CB Solutions worked on building the new Deans

The phased refurbishment of both private rooms and the elegant public spaces of a Manchester hotel has been successfully completed with a member of the Steel Window Association, The Cotswold Casements Company, playing a pivotal role in the supply and installation of screens and doors. Steel framed windows and screens are ideally suited to the creation and refurbishment of spaces like winter gardens, as the slim sight-lines enhance the feeling of openness and maximise daylight transmission. Steel frames also offer excellent strength in terms of spanning capability and resistance to forced entry.

Trust Academy at Ardwick in Manchester. Designed by Atkins this was Manchester’s fastest ever built school, constructed and built within 38 weeks, 50% faster than traditional construction methods. The Comar 5P.i window system was specified as it features trademarked Polyamide Insulated (P.i) that provides exceptional thermal performance in a market where energy efficient designs and meeting the demands of the latest building regulations are paramount. All configurations, such as casement, top swing reversible, pivot, tilt and turn and sliding can be manufactured. These windows offer outstanding weather performance and reduce heat loss through the trademark P.i thermal break ensuring low Uvalues so energy bills are minimised. COMAR


Wise-Up to Smart Buildings GEZE UK’s smart-thinking, innovation and latest system solutions will be showcased at the Smart Buildings Show (8


-9 November 2017), at the Barbican, London. The only company to offer both door and window automation, GEZE UK will demonstrate how its products can transform buildings into ‘Smart Buildings’, more economical for owners and more functional for occupiers over the building lifecycle. Kaz Spiewakowski, GEZE UK managing director said: “This, the UK’s first dedicated smart buildings event, will provide the ideal platform for us to demonstrate our expertise in intelligent building networking. Uniquely able to provide both door and window automation, we will reveal how our responsive and multifunctional systems can optimise building performance, whilst providing cost-effective and comfortable working environments.” GEZE UK

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Fire Doors - getting the basics right

Jason Davidson,Technical Sales Director of Crittall Fendor, reviews fire door performance and specification criteria Q - What is fire integrity when related to a door? A - It is the ability for the door, screen etc to stop the actual physical elements of a fire getting from one compartment to another (one side of the closed door to the other side). Q - What is integrity and insulation? A - Where as an integrity only stops the physical fire passing through the door or screen etc, it doesn’t stop radiant heat passing. The non fire side of an integrity only fire door and surroundings gets extremely hot and in itself can cause serious issues. However, adding an insulation element to the requirements

stops the radiant heat passing through (for a given length of time), which allows people to escape passed it.

60 minutes insulation) or EI60. 120/120 or EI120 would signify a 120 minute integrity and insulated requirement.

Q - Where would an integrity and insulated door or screen be used? A - Where it is protecting an escape route out of a building i.e. protecting an escape stair area. Obviously if there is a fire behind the door or screen and people need to escape passed it, the insulation value stops the radiant heat burning people as they escape passed it.

Q - What if I need only reduced insulation (radiant heat) that is less that 30 minutes i.e. 90/15 (90 minutes integrity and 15 minutes insulation) or EW90? A - This is possible as some glazing is available to cover this.

Q - What are the timescales used when measuring fire performance? A - Generally the performance is measured in 30 minute segments i.e. 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes. Q - If I want a 30 minute integrity only fire screen how would I specify this? A – You can either describe it is 30/0 fire resistance (30 minutes integrity (first figure) and 0 minutes insulation (second figure)) or E30. The same formats can be used for 60 minutes integrity only or 90 minutes etc. Q - If I wanted a 60 minutes fire screen or door with integrity and insulation, how would I specify this? A - Either 60/60 (60 minutes integrity and

Q - Which is the highest performing framing material to use? A - Although frames can be made of aluminium and timber etc, steel is the highest performing due to its stability under high temperatures, but also its ability to clamp the glazing in place. Q - Can fire glazing be used externally? A - Yes, it can be used within double glazed units. Q - Can fire glass be used in a silicone butt jointed situation? A - Yes, the fire glazing technology has moved on rapidly and silicone butt jointed screens are widely used. Q - Are there doors available to match the silicone butt jointed systems available? A - Yes, these are becoming more and more popular and provide a stunning finish.

Q - Is the integrity and insulated fire glass thicker than integrity only glass? A - Yes, whereas most integrity only glass in monolithic so can be relatively thin, integrity and insulated glass is laminated with intumescent interlayer’s which makes it thicker. The higher the insulation value, the thicker the glass needs to be. Q - What are intumescent seals? A - Intumescent is a substance/material that swells and expands with subjected to heat. Intumescent materials are used within seals on fire doors etc so that in a fire the intumescent gets hot, swells up and fills any gaps that appear, which in turn stops fire and smoke spread. Q - Can any ironmongery be used on fire doors? A - No. It is very important that ironmongery is seriously considered when using fire doors. Ironmongery used must have been physically tested or have been successfully assessed to be suitable for doors. It is important that the door shuts properly and securely, so that fire cannot spread through gaps. With some types of doors, latches are needed (in some cases double latched), rebated double doors need to use selectors to ensure they close in the correct sequence. Always take advice from the door manufacturer and ensure that they have fire test evidence. Enquiry No.200

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Innovation Delivered Comar 10 offers a new departure; a Passivhaus Certified “B” product with U-values as low as 0.66 coupled with processes that cut manufacturing costs by up to 70%. The Comar 10 window range includes: Inward opening, tilt & turn and fixed lights and are internally beaded and glazed. • U-values as low as 0.66 W/m2K • Cut manufacturing costs by 70% • Certified by Passivhaus Institute for cool temperature areas • Future-proof & energy saving • High thermal insulation with ground breaking technology • 90mm deep outer frames • Minimal care & maintenance

0 www .

For further information about Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems, please visit call 020 8685 9685 or email

10 A


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Get the latest in Front Doors from GARADOR www .

The UK’s leading garage door manufacturer Garador has added five fresh new designs to its hugely popular FrontGuard front entrance door range. The exciting new doors include the FGS410, FGS430 and FGS 450, three elegant classical styles to add appeal and charm to both traditional and modern properties; and the FGS515 and FGS 600, offering the ultimate in modern design and looks. The doors all come of course with Garador’s exceptional engineering and functionality. Plus they have been designed to provide outstanding thermal insulation, with U-Values down to 0.87 W/m²k on some door models. This, together with thermal breaks built into the door panel and frame and sturdy rubber seals on all four sides of the door panel, ensures the best possible protection for a home even during the worst winter weather. Security is integral in each door, incorporating Garador’s unique five-point security locking system. The glazing on the doors is shatterproof, with an outside pane laminated with security glass and the inside pane constructed with safety glass to maximise safety and protection. The new front doors also come with three way adjustable hinges; enabling the person fitting the door to make minor adjustments to ensure the door opens and closes perfectly. With the addition of the FGS410, FGS430, FGS450, FGS515 and FGS600, Garador now manufactures 18 different designs of front doors in a huge range of colours and finishes, to complement its already extensive range of up & over, sectional and roller garage doors.

To find out more about Garador’s front entrance doors, visit or call 01935 443 700

Great savings on BarrierFold Systems

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Barrier Components Ltd., are offering a special deal on the two door and two+two leaf kits on the BarrierFold door system till the end of September. BarrierFold is a component system designed to hold the customers’ choice of external door and is ideal to open up the space at the back of a home onto a garden or decking area. The components are made from stainless steel with a brush stainless finish or there’s an option for a polished gold PVD finish. The 35mm track is 25 micron anodized aluminum and its channel features a PVC insert for the tough durable nylon wheels to provide a smooth sliding operation. With a maximum leaf weight of 90kg, width of 1000mm and height of 3300mm it gives the installer lots of door choice. For full specification and video footage of the system and how it works view Barrier Components e-commerce web site at Barrier Components have been specifying quality architectural hardware for 30 years and offer a number of systems available for sliding and pivoting door installations. They offer BarrierStack, BarrierSlide, BarrierFold, VistaSlide and VistaFold systems as well as a huge range of hinges and pivots and industrial standard door systems. For further information or assistance please contact the Barrier Components Technical Team on 01708 891515 or Enquiry No. 203

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TPG are celebrating 50 years

TPG – The Parkside Group Lim opportunity to thank all their fabricator clients as they c welcome in their Golden anni privately owned British co Limited shares it’s r highlights its ambi

In 1967, London, a joinery business was founded with a start-up loan of a mere £300. This small enterprise has now grown into The Parkside Group Limited which includes the market leading brands of Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems, Axim Architectural Hardware and Alu-Timber. Hardwired within the DNA of a business that has survived and thrived for over 50 years is customer service. To put this longevity in perspective, when The Parkside Group Limited was founded, NASA had not yet taken a giant leap for mankind and landed on the moon. Since 1967 The Parkside Group Limited has worked through great recessions, 3-day weeks and the Black Monday crash, whilst always maintaining its unique customer service ethos; working with customers to supply innovative solutions that make their businesses profitable. The Parkside Group Limited actively seeks to supply solutions and market leading delivery, that provides the market with cost efficiencies which stand the test of time. Examples of this are operating a 100% in-stock philosophy and twice weekly delivery

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THE PARKSIDE GROUP LIMITED 07 quality. This is backed up with a new website which outlines the Group’s TPG: 2025 strategy, highlighting the processes that have, and always will be, critical to the businesses success. In 2017, TPG:2025 has never been more important, as it aligns with the Government’s “Construction: 2025” objectives. By publishing our TPG: 2025 strategy, TPG will continue to be the partner of choice for the design and delivery of innovative building envelope solutions to the construction industry. TPG is proud to be a highly responsive, service orientated, independent business that is known to help, support and value its employees, customers, suppliers and business partners.  TPG’s goal is to be a company that is a dynamic leader, respected for its professionalism, customer focus and entrepreneurial spirit now and in the future.

oup Limited would like to take this their architectural, contractor and they celebrate their 50th year and n anniversary. As an independent, itish company, The Parkside Group es it’s remarkable history and here ambitious strategy for the future.

The cornerstone of TPG: 2025 is its Innovation Strategy. TPG’s Innovation Strategy introduced the Stage Gate process into New Product Development to take advantage of technological advances in terms of materials, performance and production methodologies. A cross function team works together to research and deliver new products to program, to provide partners with a future proof supplier that develops products that will meet the market’s requirements both now and in the future. The competitive advantage of the innovation strategy provides “fast to market” new products that exceed the offer of the competition at a cost-efficient price. Examples of this are the launch of Comar 6EFT Curtain Walling suite, a system with glazing sizes up to 54mm and high-span additional mullions and transoms, that have the highest Ixx and Iyy values in the industry. This offers wider spans with smaller box sizes, providing value engineered solutions for designers and contractors alike.

In 2017 TPG launches Comar 6EFT Unitised, which features a unique 3 seal arrangement that offers outstanding weather performance coupled with options to accommodate high building movements. Furthermore, our Comar 10 Window has also been launched, winning an award for innovation. Comar 10 is a Passivhaus B Certified product with U-values as low as 0.66 coupled with processes that cut manufacturing costs by 70%. Marking the 50th anniversary with such innovative products, TPG, with its market leading brands, will continue to supply innovative solutions that make customers’ businesses profitable now and in the future. Enquiry No.204

service, so fabricators can utilise all the cost savings of a JIT policy and for our specification clients creating bespoke aluminium profiles & systems that provide fast-track, robust solutions. In 1987 Axim Architectural Hardware joined the group and the famous TC-8800 Transom Closer stormed the door hardware market, and still today Axim is the number 1 branded architectural door closer for reliability and performance. To celebrate the Golden Anniversary, The Parkside Group Limited has a new brand identity to take them through the next 50 years of ambitious plans. The Parkside Group Limited, now TPG, uses the heritage of the diamond logo, branding aluminium with “TPG” to reassure its partners of the TPG mark of

Tel:020 8685 9685

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Baltic Flour Mills, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. Architect: Gelder and Kitchen

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When clear glazing is not clear cut

Clear glazing has been most commonly specified in rooflight solutions over the years and has, in the main, fulfilled the requirements of installers and end users. However, as technological advancements have been made and awareness has increased as to the impact buildings have on the wellbeing of its users, leading rooflight manufacturer Xtralite is challenging the specification in applications such as workplaces and educational establishments where lighting can influence, positively and negatively, behaviours and wellbeing of building users such as concentration and vision. “The demands on a modern day classroom or workplace have increased considerably as appreciation of building design continues to evolve,” said Jim Lowther sales director Xtralite. “Installing clear glazing above work stations , desks or any other areas can create massive contrasts between light and dark , resulting in glare from the work surface. Diffused glazing will distribute better quality light across the room resulting in a more comfortable, and consequently productive, environment.”

The benefits of natural light on wellbeing is far reaching and as such it is important that natural light opportunities are maximised in educational and work places establishments. It has been proven to boost serotonin levels (the happy hormone) and also aid concentration enhancing productivity. The National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers (NARM) supports the need for natural daylight in buildings and this is reinforced by an American study which found that workers who received natural daylight enjoyed increased performance levels at work and also slept on average an extra 46 minutes

per night compared with workers who were not exposed to any natural light at all. With this in mind natural lighting and glazing specifications within building design should be given prime consideration to ensure rooflights are installed that negate any potential ‘hot spots’ and diffuse light across the room setting. It is of course possible to specify the full range of glazing mediums and provide consistant light across the work space. Xtralite can provide Glass Polycarbonate and Lumira Technology installed in either their structural glazing systems or modular rooflights. Safety also remains of paramount importance as Xtralite’s policy of only using a laminated inner pane of glass , which can be tinted or coloured if required, reduces the risk of glass falling into the building should the outer pane shatter, from impact or heat stress. Jim concluded; “We actively encourage this type of specification so that building users across commercial and domestic settings reap the benefits of natural light without compromise.” Enquiry No.206

Enquiry No.207

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10 100% DESIGN

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20-23 September 2017

Olympia London

The UK’s largest trade event for architects and designers returns this September

First staged in 1995, the show is the cornerstone event of the London Design Festival, with over 27,000 visitors to the show across 4 days in September; taking place in one of London’s most inspiring venues, Olympia London. Visiting the award-winning show is a unique audience of architects, designers, specifiers, retailers and developers, as well as multinational companies looking to source directly for their latest projects. As the outstanding meeting place for business and design, 100% Design features an unrivalled talks programme; Talks with 100% Design, bespoke installations, and a showcase of carefully curated world-leading brands.

Knightsbridge Furniture Presents Bebop and Alfie at 100% Design this Autumn 100% Design (20-23 Sept 2017) is the largest and longest-running design trade event for architect and design professionals in the UK. This September, Knightsbridge will be showcasing its spectacular Bebop Collaborative Range, a modular seating and table system with

coordinating swivel tub chairs and coffee tables, and Alfie at stand number DL9 at 100% Design. Knightsbridge has been designing and manufacturing quality British contract furniture from its site in Yorkshire for almost 80 years. Knightsbridge take

enormous pride in facilitating the entire production and delivery of its products. Bebop is a range of modular seating and booths designed to give the greatest flexibility when selecting furniture to meet any exacting need. Bebop was designed by international award-winning furniture designer David Fox whose timeless minimalist designs have been winning praise for more than a decade. His product designs have won 17 awards including Red Dot, Good Design Award and the FX product designer of the year. The Bebop booth and study bays are designed to allow for occasional meetings giving both privacy and comfort, whilst the simple curves of sectional seating designed to display comfort. High and low back seating can be mixed and matched allowing clients to create collaborative work environments. Clients are also able to choose their own fabric covering due to the wide range of fabrics and

leathers available. Alfie is a striking lounge chair that features angular lined complemented with a masculine finish making it the perfect standalone feature for a meeting room or breakout space. Alfie was designed in collaboration with Sean Dare, one of the UK’s most exciting furniture designers, and is inspired by the 1960’s cult film of the same name. Knightsbridge, with workplace needs in mind, designed its Alfie chair to help encourage social interaction between colleagues and heighten productivity and the wellbeing of employees by crafting the piece to feel remarkably reminiscent of the home environment.

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100% DESIGN 11

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Fastest, cleanest way to construct a green roof

Sedum pre-grown in a modular tray

TECTUS® the completely concealed hinge system m

Just click together for an instant, seamless green roof

Designed and made in the UK

M-Tray® from Wallbarn 0208 916 2222

Enquiry No.209



2017 TECTUS® g high load values up to 300 kg  







 g three-dimensional adjustability

g opening angle 180°


g maintenance-free slide bearing technology

g wide variety of finishes


20-23rd September Stand D228

t: +44 121 522 2848 e:

Use our reader reply service card using the enquiry number below or alternatively call 0121 451 3037 Enquiry No.211


Visit us at

Olympia London

SUBSCRIBE NOW TO OBTAIN YOUR MONTHLY FREE COPY Follow us @mcdermottone or find us on

C Email: s Enquiry No.210

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12 100% DESIGN Surface Styling offers a world of design inspiration For designers and specifiers, the unique Surface Styling design resource can take the headache out of sourcing the multiple surfaces that are required for interior projects. The team is on hand to help, providing expert advice and supplying the right materials and cost engineering benefits drawing on an unparalleled portfolio of prestigious brands. Products on display on the visually striking and tactile 100% Design stand D302 include a new and exclusive worksurface range made from

View our publication online at

the specialist nanotechnology surface Fenix NTM®, plus the latest additions to Avonite®, Hanex® and Hanex® Stratum solid surface, Showerwall bathroom panelling, the Swiss Krono One World collection of decorative panels and Malmo™ luxury vinyl flooring. The Surface Styling specification platform offers a world of design inspiration from over 40 leading surface material brands, supported by a 24-48 hour sampling service. IDS Enquiry No.403

Imperial Bricks shows new brick slip range at 100% Design From 20-23 September at the Olympia London, Imperial Bricks will showcase its newly expanded range of handmade, wirecut and pressed bricks in imperial and metric sizing at 100% Design. Imperial’s brick slips or ‘brick tiles’ will also be on display, which can be used to create a decorative internal feature or clad a building externally. Brick slips are suitable for both domestic or commercial projects, removing the need for bricklayers and saving time. The slips can be used in

Neil Stevenson to join ‘Handmade Britain’ panel discussion at 100% Design 2017 23 September, as part of London Design Festival. Entitled “Handmade in Britain”, the panel discussion scheduled to take place at 12:15pm, will focus on British craftsmanship. The discussion will feature panellists such as Justyna Medon from Addicted to Patterns, the printmaker and surface decoration specialist, who will join Neil Stevenson for the talk. Each speaker will share their individual experiences and creative influences, and discuss the importance of British makers, designers and craftspeople to the design industry, as well as to the economy. 100% Design returns for its 23rd edition this year, welcoming hundreds of designers and exhibitors to learn, explore and showcase the very best in design detail and craftsmanship. As the largest design trade event for industry professionals in the UK, 100% Design features bespoke installations, a showcase of world-leading brands and an unrivalled talks programme.

Bespoke furniture designer, Neil Stevenson of NEJ Stevenson, will be joining a lively panel discussion as part of the industry-renowned Talks programme at 100% Design on Friday 22 September. Neil is one of several design experts speaking at this year’s event, taking place at Olympia London from 20-

The theme for this year’s event is ‘Elements’, which will explore the fundamentals of the design process, taking into account the origin, component parts, materials used and the processes of development that lead to a finished design product. A full programme of expert talks will take place again this year, with a second programme focussed on professional development in The Forum in Design and Build,

both traditional and contemporary architecture for a stunning, high-end finish. Visitors to Stand D434 can visualise the brick slips as they would appear in interior or exterior design projects, with salvaged materials also available from Imperial at the show. Complementary products for interiors, as well as landscaping and architectural salvage are also available. In addition, Imperial and Limetec’s Heritage range of hydraulic lime mortar, and Bebbington brick weathering tints offer a complete solution. IMPERIAL BRICKS Enquiry No.404

delivering practical advice to designers. Neil Stevenson, Founder and Managing Director of NEJ Stevenson comments: “I’m thrilled to be joining 100% Design this year for what looks set to be a fantastic discussion. I look forward to sharing my insights and experiences with the other panellists and I hope the audience will find it an inspiring session.” NEJ Stevenson specialises in custom made furniture and architectural joinery. As cabinetmaker to The Queen and Royal Warrant holder, the company has developed a reputation for crafting some of the finest contemporary and heritage furniture available. From individual pieces to entire room interiors, NEJ Stevenson’s furniture can be found within luxurious private residences, historic buildings, places of worship and high-end retail spaces. 100% Design runs from 20-23 September. All talks are free to attend and registration for tickets is now open at

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1 S - 2 00 ee % us 3 O rd ly S D at m e e St pia pte si an , L m gn b d D4 ond er 2 10 on 01 7


The ‘Ultimet’ Energy Saving Blind 3 Window Blinds in 1 Insulation improved – reducing heating costs Heat gain from the sun reduced – lowering cooling costs Lighting costs down – controlled levels of natural light

All in One Blind The Ultimetal fabric with the high levels of solar reflectance and low levels of emissivity afforded by its metallised coating provide industry leading levels of shading performance. The 50+ years’ experience of weaving glass-fibre based shading fabrics producing the highest levels of performance from the thinnest of materials. The Ultimetal fabric is less than one quarter of a millimetre thick, permitting a blind of over 3.0 metres in height to be stored in a cassette of less than 55mm square. Powder coated to match the window frames, the blinds become almost invisible.

Reflex-Rol supplying demonstrably scientific shading solutions. Contact us today 01989 750704

Light transmission levels for the fabric in single figures can remove glare, improving workspaces and comfort zones alike. Solar reflectance (Rs) of over 70% can reduce heat gain through the glass by 25%, 40% to over 50% dependant on glass properties. The blinds also improve the insulation of the window by 15%, 20%, 30% or more, reducing temperature loss.

light in c Day on tr

ta main ined

% 50

He at

, View to the ou led l o

e id ts

ced by redu up in a t g


mproved b ni y1 io t 5 a

0% -5

In su l

Enquiry No.212 • • 01989-750704 • Ryeford Hall, Ryeford, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire HR9 7PU

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14 HEATING, PLUMBING & VENTILATION Stokvis HIUs slim down for London specification

View our publication online at

Stovax Stockton 5W The Stovax Stockton 5W is a traditional-styled stove that lends itself to both contemporary and classical interiors. With a wide front and narrow depth, the Stockton 5W gives the impression of a large format stove while maintaining a 5kW output to heat most standard room sizes. Available to be selected as either a single or double door model, this stove offers an impressive view of the flames and can also be fitted with a multi-fuel kit to allow you to burn smokeless fuels.

Devon development shows benefits of Omnie Underfloor Heating The ability of Stokvis Energy Systems to meet the needs of its clients where custom built, high specification solutions are required for centralised and other heating systems, has been clearly demonstrated on a high specification residential refit in the capital. GPJ Consulting, located at Camborne in Cornwall, called on the services of Stokvis Energy Systems to supply a total of 32 bespoke heat interface units, to replace existing models serving separate apartments within the UNISON Building on London’s Euston Road. Stokvis Energy System's H-Series heat interface units can be used on any type of communal or district heating system, which are becoming increasingly popular for tenanted properties as they avoid the need for multiple gas supplies, individual or shared flues and the challenge of carrying out annual gas safety inspections. STOKVIS Enquiry No.406

A high quality residential development, being undertaken in one of Devon’s most sought after locations, is making extensive use of underfloor heating systems from the well proven and very versatile OMNIE range. The four properties at Clearwater Court in Clyst St. Mary – two of them conversions of a former industrial building and two newbuilds - are nearing completion by Vision Developments (SW) Ltd., creating spacious and energy efficient homes with character. Within the converted paintworks, the modernised masonry construction offers both high standards of insulation and thermal mass while the space heating is being provided by high performance gas boilers distributed by two OMNIE solutions. The boiler in each property is connected via two of OMNIE’s Axios manifolds located at ground floor and first floor level. Across the kitchen and other downstairs rooms,

OMNIE’s Staple system has been installed over insulation before being covered by a screed. Then in the bedrooms and bathrooms, the specification switches to the LowBoard 15 panels installed over the particleboard flooring, with insulation between the timber joists. The Managing Director for Vision Developments (SW) Ltd., Richard Parker, commented: “This is a high profile project for us as a regional development company, where we are offering prospective purchasers a very high standard of specification for a sale value of £345K. As well as a high quality finishes and good space standards, we wanted to ensure the properties are comfortable to live in and economic to heat. We have used the OMNIE systems on other projects in the past and know they are both easy to install and reliable, while we are also assured of good technical support where required. Each system is designed specifically for the build from square one: so everyone is covered for their specifications, right through to the tiling on top.” OMNIE provided Vision Developments and the installer, Exeter based Radiate Heating and Plumbing, with detailed layout drawings showing the different pipe runs and manifold positions in relation to the room layouts. The design support included heat loss calculations and flow settings for the commissioning of the underfloor heating. TIMOLEON Enquiry No.213

Enquiry No.214

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For All ‘Think Dirty’, Urges New Sentinel Campaign

It’s not every day that heating and plumbing engineers are encouraged to ‘think dirty’ on the job, but that’s exactly what best practice water treatment specialist Sentinel is doing with the launch of one of its biggest (in this case, size does matter) campaigns yet. Supported by boiler manufacturers, merchants and industry bodies, Sentinel’s tongue-in-cheek ‘Think Dirty’ campaign aims to raise awareness around the issue of dirty circulating water, and help installers to deliver best practice cleaning as quickly and easily as possible through the selection of suitable cleaning chemicals. Poor water quality is a common problem; research conducted by Sentinel and two leading boiler manufacturers in over 50,000 UK homes found that 35% of heating systems under five years old and more than 50% of systems over five years old suffer from dirty circulating water, while 87% of systems tested have insufficient inhibitor protection. Moreover, the consequences of dirty water are often dire, and can include pin-hole corrosion and component failure (which can occur within months of commissioning), radiator cold spots, excessive energy consumption, low heat output and loss of boiler warranty – all of which can result in call-backs, complaints and loss of business for installers. Sentinel’s solution? Achieve an effective, best practice clean by thinking dirty; consider the age of the heating system, the type of dirt in it, and the extent of fouling, and then use the appropriate cleaning chemical for that system. Martyn Bridges, Director of Marketing and Technical Support at Worcester, Bosch Group, echoes Sentinel’s advice: "Correct cleaning, flushing and on-going inhibitor protection is becoming increasingly important for the lifetime protection of heating systems, and that's why Worcester Bosch, Group runs dedicated water treatment courses. Sentinel's 'Think Dirty' campaign is a fun way to continue the conversation on the importance of best practice water treatment, so like the campaign suggests, think about the type of dirt in the system, choose an appropriate cleaner for the job, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for a best practice clean."

House builders and developers reputations rely on building quality homes that exceed expectations. Whilst maintaining a long term quality reputation. Exceptional design, engineering and overall quality make the Terrier perfect for all your new build developments.

The Only Choice

01928 704330 • Ergonomic design • Chrome accent ring for décor style appeal • Enclosed and efficient design • Terrier performance compliance to Building Regulations and proven energy saving • Dynamic colour visual settings • Smooth operation – intuitive settings • 33% Hysteresis reduction

For more detailed information: FREE PHONE 0800 156 0010 email:

Enquiry No.215

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| GAS |

| M U LT I - F U E L | E L E C T R I C

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PA ACK AC K A PUNCH C with h our QuanTe ec boilers!

Choose a Qua u nTec boiller & save a massive

£100 Johnson & Starley QuanTec boilers are the best of British. We design them with reliability, per formance, efficiency and long term value for money in mind.


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18 REFURBISHMENT & NEW BUILD County Council completes paving with Resiblock

New Stocretec solutions save time and money on concrete repairs StoCretec has launched three innovative new products into the UK market. StoCrete SM, StoCrete SM P and StoCrete RM F offer quick, proven

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and reliable solutions which save both time and money for a wide range of concrete repairs. “When it comes to repairing small areas of damage to concrete surfaces, traditional repair solutions have involved the application of a number of different products which each need time to set before the next one is

Following the completion of paving reparation works and installation of new paving at Bedford Square in Tavistock, Devon County Council have purchased Resiblock ‘22’ A/F (Architects Finish) to seal, stabilise and protect the paved areas at this historic site. Bedford square is a hive of activity on a daily basis, and therefore the failing of paving, and possible trip hazards, was something that Devon County Council were looking to prevent. Devon County Council placed their trust in Resiblock due to the historical successes of sites.. Resiblock ‘22’ A/F was recommended due to its sand stabilisation and stain resistance qualities, as well as its striking appearance on the Marshalls Appleton Yorkstone Slabs that have been used on site. RESIBLOCK

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Eurobrick’s P-Clad used in modular housing development Eurobrick is the UK’s leading brick slip systems specialist and its PClad system has been installed on this residential development in Liverpool. Belle Vale, a £3.5m development of 33 eco homes for Liverpool Mutual Homes, adopted modern methods of construction techniques to build

added,” comments Greg Astill, StoCretec’s UK Market and Product Manager. “In contrast, StoCrete SM, SM P and RM F are ‘system in a bag’ solutions. These StoCrete products cover the steps of corrosion protection, bonding coat, repair mortar and fairing coat in a single product, making them ready to receive a final coating just 4 hours after application. They provide a quick, practical and thoroughly reliable solution that saves both time and money.” StoCrete SM is a 3-in-1 repair mortar which is simply applied, sponged down and is then typically ready to receive a top coat in just 4 hours. StoCrete SM P adds the benefit of corrosion protection, which saves even more time by eliminating the need for this to be carried out as a separate operation. Both products are rated Class R2 to EN 1504-3, and are available in 25kg sacks, or handy 10kg pails. Typically, once a sack has been opened the entire contents have to be used or discarded. The pail option greatly reduces wastage when performing occasional repairs, as small amounts of material can be used and the pail resealed. STO

modular houses for the project. The houses were constructed off-site in a factory before being transported to site in sections. P-Clad was also installed off-site, which offers benefits in terms of quality control and speed of project delivery. The development has a contemporary mixed finish and Eurobrick supplied

circa 1600m² of P-Clad along with Autumn Leaves brick slips and Smooth Red slips for the plinth detail, both are brick colours from Eurobrick’s Britannia Range. The ground floor of the houses was finished entirely with P-Clad with a brick slip panel detail to the first floors. The brickwork was pointed using Europoint standard grey pointing mortar. Richard Haines, technical director at Eurobrick said: “A well-designed system offers a level of product consistency that is essential to the offsite construction industry and vital for mass produced buildings. “We were delighted to contribute towards this attractive development.” For further information about Eurobrick and its products, please visit Enquiry No.219

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Quality Acoustic Seals for Doors & Windows Sealmaster DropSeal An automatic DropSeal which fills the gap between the door bottom and the floor or threshold plate. Suitable for new and retrofit projects the Sealmaster DropSeal provides smoke containment and acoustic sealing. Tested to BS EN 1634-1 2014 BS EN 1363-1 2012 & BS476 Part 22. Durability tested to more than 1,000,000 cycles. Can be used in conjunction with Sealmaster Delta and Double Fin Acoustic Seals. Available in a wide range of sizes.

Sealmaster Double Fin Acoustic Seal Providing excellent acoustic sealing, the Sealmaster Double Fin Acoustic Seal is durable and easy to install. Maintenance free and suitable for both new and retrofit projects the Sealmaster Double Fin Acoustic Seal is BS EN Fire Tested and Acoustically rated to 40db. Designed and manufactured in the UK, and available in Black, Brown and White.

Sealmaster Delta Acoustic Smoke Seal Quality and easy to install acoustic door seal with excellent acoustic sealing. Designed and manufactured in the UK the Sealmaster Delta Acoustic Smoke Seal is BS EN Fire Tested and Acoustically rated to 40db, and suitable for both new and retrofit specifications. The durable Delta comes with self-adhesive tape for standard single or double-lead doorsets. Available in Black, Brown, White and Transparent.

• Next Day Delivery • Ex Stock • Discounts on Volume Orders • Wide Range of Award-Winning Intumescent Fire & Smoke, Weather & Acoustic Seals for Doors, Windows & other Apertures • Free Technical Advice, Site Visits and Fire Safety Assessments

Sealmaster Brewery Road, Cambridge, CB22 3HG 01223 832851

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Metsä Wood: Dome of Visions made from sustainable wood Aarhus in Denmark is the European Capital of Culture in 2017 and for this occasion, a huge transparent dome of glue-laminated timber will serve as the Aarhus municipal pavilion for building culture. The dome-shaped wooden building, Dome of Visions, is made from Metsä Wood’s sustainable Kerto® LVL beams. It will throughout 2017 give inspiration for new ways of building and living. At the same time, the building will function as a modern community hall, which will make room for conferences and debates on the sustainable cities and buildings of the future.

Dome as possible has been built with wood. For example, this applies to the spectacular grid construction that forms the dome and where Kerto® LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) proved to be the optimal building material.

The dome is an improved version of two previous dome experiments. The first was placed in both Aarhus and Copenhagen and the second in Stockholm. In this third version, the dome has grown to be 10.5 meters tall and with a cross section of 24 meters, which forms a room of 450 square meters. It is about 100 m2 larger than versions 1 and 2.

Kerto LVL ensures slim and elegant grid construction: A new system of curved wooden beams, composed of 21 mm strips of Kerto LVL, made it possible to minimize the amount of steel while achieving both a sleek and elegant grid construction. Using curved wooden beams, the brackets for the dome's focal points were cut as stars in a fivemillimeter steel plate.

Sustainable building material from solar powered factory: The architect Kristoffer Tejlgaard focuses on sustainability and to him the natural choice of building material is wood. For that reason as much of the

"Wood as a building material has obvious advantages giving sustainability for the building industry. In principle, wood is a material that comes from a solar-powered factory", says Kristoffer Tejlgaard referring to the ability of trees to extract CO2 from the atmosphere and store it as carbon in their trunks, solely by means of solar energy.

A successful Carbon-bearing wooden building experiment: The total construction is made of approximately 100 cubic meters of wood, and according to the architect, this stores 80 tons of CO2. "This will save the atmosphere from 100 tons of CO2 compared to a similar building in concrete that would emit about 20 tons of CO2," says Kristoffer Tejlgaard. The finished dome is the result of a successful experiment with Kerto LVL, giving Aarhus and the European Capital of Culture a unique place for events in a spectacular wooden building. A building that undoubtedly will provide inspiration for a future with more sustainable and climate-friendly timber construction. Enquiry No.221

"With the custom-made Kerto beams it was possible to avoid complicated and costly welded brackets used in earlier versions of Dome of Vision," says Kristoffer Tejlgaard.

w w w. m e t s a w o o d . c o m

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Marmox Showerlay 360 Drain enables most versatile floor level shower available

DallFlex shower channels award winning designs from Europe's acknowledged leaders

Marmox, has added a new drainage solution to its range of Showerlay floor level shower bases, which has been designed to simplify the installation of plumbing in both new-build and refurbishment applications and is compliant with all relevant standards. Joining the company’s extensive range of products, the new Showerlay360 Drain, as the superscript title suggests, is fully rotatable to enable use in horizontal as well as vertical outlet connections – or any angle in between – for total flexibility. Manufactured from an extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) core, the boards also provide very good thermal insulation and are completely impermeable to water for a totally leak-proof and troublefree installation. MARMOX (UK) LTD.

Tel: 01634 835290 Fax: 01634 835299 Email: Web:

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Dallmer Ltd. T 01787 248244 W Enquiry No.223

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The Optimum Offsite Solution By-lined Article by Steve Thompson, MD of EOS Facades Light steel framing is used in offsite construction for a wide range of building types and can be developed in the form of panelised or volumetric systems. Steve Thompson, MD of EOS Facades specialists in the design, manufacture and supply of a wide range of steel section solutions - shares his views on why offsite manufacture is vital to the construction sector. Following several years of relatively flat growth, contractors have long been anticipating an impending rise in material costs. The most recent increase in material prices has been referred to by the Associated

Builders and Contractors as, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;the calm before the storm'. This is further exacerbated by a rise in labour costs threatening what are already tight margins. The industry is able to counteract the rise in labour costs through innovations in construction technologies. Businesses that have not yet recognised the benefits of such innovations and have not adapted to the changing environments, could potentially be forced out of mainstream construction activities. Technical change is without doubt taking place but apparently at a slower pace than in other sectors of the economy. Offsite construction, where buildings are manufactured in factory controlled environments, for onsite installation - provides a viable alternative. Employment is factory based and therefore permanent and a more attractive proposition for securing and maintaining a skilled workforce. Wherever a factory is based, the local economy will thrive through the provision of long-term sustainable jobs and income. Offsite construction technologies reduce the reliance on traditional labour - mitigating the impact of skills shortages and increased wages. A study carried out by the Steel Construction Institute (SCI) on a fourstorey residential building estimates that the total amount of site labour can be reduced by as much as 75% simply through using offsite construction. This process is also significantly less weather dependent - avoiding possible setbacks to the build schedule. Fast installation reduces labour requirements and time on site, as well as reducing health & safety risks from working at height. The factory application of coatings and bending reduces

the risk of delays to follow-on trades and helps minimise the onsite construction programme, therefore making savings on labour costs. The combination of accelerated handover times combined with reducing repair and maintenance costs throughout the lifecycle of the building, are two major financial advantages to offsite construction which are particularly important for public sector health, education and social housing providers. Another financial benefit gained from offsite construction is the improvement of the cash-flow for contractors and developers. Through the use of offsite technologies, a building schedule can be reduced, delivering a faster return on their investment. Buildings can be onstream and operational or sold faster, crucial to retailers and commercial housing developers. New technologies allow lower capital requirements and deliver cost and programme assurances. Management of materials is a vital element in project planning and control. As materials now represent a

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growing expense, minimising procurement or purchase costs plays a significant part in the reduction of overall costs. Our approach to design and value engineering is inclusive working side-by-side with our clients and their designers to create a complete solution incorporating design with structural calculations. Including the supply chain in the design phase enables developers to expediently procure materials to avoid issues with lead-in periods. This allows time to substitute materials, if those originally specified are at a higher cost than anticipated or cannot be secured to meet the brief or programme. Steel offers architects' greater versatility than other building solutions, particularly in terms of cost. Productivity advances have been achieved throughout the steel supply-chain and such cost saving benefits can be shared with contractors.


The manufacture of steel in factory controlled conditions enhances build programmes, eradicates the risk of onsite variability, improves onsite health and safety - these combined benefits, provide more predictable outcomes. Contractors and developers that go down the route of procuring offsite manufactured steel solutions will reap these benefits. As an advanced high performance offsite solution, steel is not susceptible to shrinkage, warping, cracking, rot infestation or moisture absorption. Steel is a robust, rigid and dimensionally stable material that does not suffer from movement created by moisture related issues. In my opinion, light gauge steel is perfectly positioned to meet construction industry demands - it is future proof and future ready.

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24 FLOORS, WALLS & CEILINGS Instarmac launch new multi-surface primer

Instarmac, the home of British manufactured tile adhesive brands UltraTile and Granfix, have simplified and enhanced their primer range with the new, ProPrime IT. ProPrime IT is a moisture tolerant, water based acrylic primer, sealer and bonding aid, which is suitable for use on both porous and non-porous substrates. Its versatility is ideally suited to all-round tiling use and the product ensures an exceptional bond every time - even on the most challenging of substrates. Suitable for internal wall and floor applications, ProPrime IT reduces substrate porosity enhancing adhesion. INSTARMAC

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Shrewsbury retail refurbishment includes Hunter Douglas ceilings on its shopping list Leading architectural products manufacturer Hunter Douglas has provided modern new ceilings for a shopping centre in Shrewsbury, England, undergoing a major refurbishment programme. The Darwin Centre, in Raven Meadows, was partially refurbished in 2002, but with the opening of a new 30,600 sq ft Primark store, further work was undertaken to further update it. David Harris, general manager of Hunter Douglas, said it worked closely with the architects to find the best solution for a light and visually open ceiling. The team specified a plain white Tavola baffle ceiling – a relatively new product – for the main malls within the centre. Tavola Baffle ceilings are versatile, providing architects and specifiers with an adjustable and design-led system to make them the perfect bespoke solution for major developments. They have a deep section box section that is best suited for spaces that need to mask services in the void or specific lighting effects whilst still allowing airflow or services to operate within the void. The 600m2 ceiling comprises plain white steel Tavola baffles in RAL9010. Each baffle is 150mm deep by 60mm wide and is installed on a straight carrier, with the exception of three small areas, where they are installed on curved carriers to allow the baffles to be installed in a ‘barrel vaulted’ design. David said: “The Hunter Douglas Tavola baffle ceiling is ideal for a large space such as a retail development. It is an extremely robust solution, as well as stylish and aesthetically pleasing, while its easy accessibility to services means that it works extremely well in a busy retail environment.”

The system offers a wide choice of colours and finishes, providing designers and specifiers with a large degree of flexibility.” HUNTER DOUGLAS

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New natural colour palette for Tessera Arran carpet tile range Forbo Flooring Systems has refreshed Tessera Arran, one of the most luxurious ranges in its carpet tile portfolio, with an

a array of new natural colourways, inspired by the timeless palette of the Scottish isle’s varied landscape.

950gsm pile weight, Arran also provides superior warmth and underfoot comfort, making it a perfect choice for relaxed and welcoming commercial interiors. Arran’s new colour offer now features twelve natural, neutral and earthy toneon-tone colourways, all of which have been directly inspired by Arran’s diverse Tessera Arran is a complex multi-height landscape, reflecting its mountains, textured loop pile carpet tile featuring forests and moorlands, and its rivers, an alluringly tactile linear design with lochs and sandy beaches. irregular peaks and troughs. It delivers an ‘artisan’ appearance that belies the The new colour palette introduces eight state of the art tufting technology used new subtle and restrained neutrals in its manufacture. With its generous including the evocatively named golden sand, mountain mist, shallow water and driftwood, alongside four longstanding, top selling colours from the original collection. Tessera Arran carpet tiles are tufted using 100% solution dyed yarns for durability and colour fastness. They are manufactured using 100% green electricity, meet SKA ratings for offices, retail and higher education schemes and have 58% recycled content by weight. For more information please call 0844 822 3928, email or visit Enquiry No.226


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In many circumstances, movement joints are overlooked or left to the contractor; however, a lack of movement joints can be a contributing factor to many different types of failure. Furthermore, if movement joints are not included in the specification, liability for any resulting problems (even if the problem doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t directly relate to a lack of movement joints) could fall to the architect, as itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s their responsibility to specify the type of joint and location of them.

The Importance of Movement Joints

Fluctuations in temperature and moisture cause movement in the subfloor and result in cracks transferring to tile and stone coveringsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;or worse, cause a loss of bond between the covering and the substrate which

can result in overall damage to the surface covering. For this reason, industry standards state that all tile and stone installations should include the use of movement joints.

The question, however, is how do you provide the movement joints necessary to ensure a durable installation and what movement joints should you use? Movement joints have to go through screed to the covering, with consideration to intermediate surface joints and therefore need to be designed into the specification. Understanding the types of movement that can occurâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;namely drying shrinkage, differential movement, deflection movement, structural movement, moisture movement and thermal movementâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;will help when deciding which type of movement joint will best counteract the resulting

stresses. In floors, there are two basic types of movement joints: structural and non-structural. Both types will be subject to different movement patternsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;for example, whether movement will occur from the covering through to the floor slab or just in the covering assemblyâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and this will affect the type of joint needed to prevent damage. Pre-formed joints can accommodate roughly 15-20% of their movement zone. SchlĂźterÂŽ-DILEX movement joints offer complete protection and are available to specifiers in a wide selection of materials, colours, and movement capabilities. Find out more by hosting the CPD seminar â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Movement Joints and Uncoupling Membranes for Tile and Stone Coveringsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; at your architectural practice, email or call 01530 813396. For priority booking quote DABSMJU08. SchlĂźter-Systems Ltd has NBS Clauses and BIM Objects available on NBS Plus, National BIM Library and at Enquiry No.230

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A new solution is being brought to market to enable stylish options to support people as they begin to need additional care in daily life. Closomat can now offer a complete package to create a bathroom that can be easily and simply altered to accommodate assistive technology as the occupant requires. It can minimiseor eliminate- care support provision, optimising independence and dignity. The package can be accessed as a whole, or by individual components. The Closomat accessible bathroom focuses on the new look Vita range of wash & dry (bidet) toilets. A rail system can be added around the bathroom walls, onto which can be added, as required, a washbasin- static or heightadjustable, grab rails, support arms, changing bench and a shower seat. TOTAL HYGIENE LTD Enquiry No.414

Shower pumps to suit all shower scenarios

With a range of pumps designed specifically to discharge shower water from areas without traditional gravity drainage, such as basements or lofts, customers can still choose their perfect shower thanks to Saniflo. From low level to traditional height shower trays or completely flat wetroom floors, there is a solution that will suit most shower types. The Sanifloor dual action shower pump is designed specifically for areas where floor drainage is an issue and space underneath is very limited. This unique pump both sucks the waste water from the gully and pumps it away. The two part kit features a powerful shower waste pump and a choice of gully designs so that it can be used to achieve a totally flat floor surface with either a tiled or vinyl wet room floor, depending upon the base surface used and a further third choice of gully works with low level shower trays of just 2cm. SANIFLO Enquiry No.415

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Flexibility at the touch of a button Adjustable bathrooms and kitchens from Pressalit Care have been selected for a new assisted living development that is being driven by advanced technology. Blackwood’s acclaimed development at Glamis Road in Dundee features six apartments that have been specially adapted for disabled residents with advanced smart CleverCogs technology to assist in their everyday tasks. Blackwood turned to Pressalit Care knowing its reputation as a leader in accessible bathroom and kitchen design, to ensure that these important rooms in the home benefit from the most flexible, functional and ergonomically designed equipment. In the kitchen the CleverCogs technology means residents can readily raise or lower the height of Pressalit Care’s Indivo rise and fall kitchen work surfaces and wall mounted cupboards with a simple touch; the Indivo lifters also allow the wall cupboards to move forwards for easy access. In the bathroom, Pressalit Care’s Plus track system enables the basin and shower seat to be moved into the most

Washroom Washroom shows contrast is key

Leading commercial washroom designer and manufacturer, Washroom Washroom has worked closely with leading accessories manufacturers to deliver DDA compliant washrooms.

convenient position to meet an individual’s needs within seconds. The Glamis Road development is a culmination of a three-year programme by Blackwood, which included the introduction of a concept home which they showcased first in 2015. Designed to be beautiful, affordable, accessible and connected, the light and airy apartments are of modular design, with the bathroom at the heart of the layout. The fully adapted bathrooms include an adjustable Pressalit Care height The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) has been law in the UK for more than two decades in order to prevent discrimination against those less able. Being DDA compliant in terms of washroom design goes further than the need to provide disabled facilities with

adjustable basin that is fitted onto the Plus track to facilitate horizontal, as well as vertical movement. Designed with generous turning space so that wheelchair users can manoeuvre easily, and carers have sufficient space for working, the bathrooms are bright and modern, embracing the concept of a contemporary, versatile and functional bathroom. The anthracite shower seat adds versatility to the bathroom. PRESSALIT CARE Enquiry No.232

wide cubicles and outward opening doors.Considering ways to ensure washrooms are accessible to all users also includes washroom accessories such as cubicle locks, door handles and grabrails. In order to meet DDA regulations, there needs to be a good level of contrast with a minimum difference in Light Reflective Value (LRV) of at least 30 points between washroom accessories and the surface they’re fitted to in order to stand out. Washroom has installed DDA compliant accessories on several high specification commercial washrooms in recent months. On one project brass finish ironmongery was affixed to the high gloss black laminate cubicle fascia while another saw matt effect, stainless steel locks fitted to a white gloss finish laminate cubicle door. The bronze finish cubicle locks, hinges, pull handles and coat hooks the team installed on one of its most recent projects highlights just how DDA compliant accessories can be used as an effective and striking design feature. WASHROOM WASHROOM

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S TA I N L E S S S T E E L 7-2/7ˆ;36/8347ˆ'%&-2)87ˆ7,)0:-2+

Introducing the new premier range

go old solid surrface kitchen worktops

Choose from 8 new stunning colour options only available in 650mm widths 25mm Solid surface worktops - Large stocks available for immediate nationwide delivery

Deralam Laminates West Coast Park, Bradley Lane, Standish, Wigan WN6 0YR


the stainless steel specialists

w w w. g e c a n d e r s o n . c o. u k Enquiry No.234

South Depot:  Unit 10 - 10a Woodside Park, Foster Avenue, Dunstable LU5 5TA Tel: 01257 478540 Fax: 01257 478550

Email: Enquiry No.234

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Scalding versus Legionella – Balancing the risks. Until recently, thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) were widely installed to prevent scalding incidents. Health and Safety Executive’s guidelines HSG274 Part 2 state that: “The use and fitting of TMVs should be informed by a comparative risk assessment of scalding risk versus the risk of infection from legionella.” However, an alternative technology has emerged which offers a mechanical solution to pointof-use temperature control.

Under general health and safety law, duty holders must take appropriate precautions to control the risk of exposure to legionella. Offices, shopping centres, leisure centres and schools all face the same challenge: how to produce and deliver hot water at temperatures that eliminate legionella bacteria without scalding the user.

HSG274 Part 2 guidance suggest that: “Where a scalding risk is considered significant … then type 3 TMVs [TMV3] that are pre-set and failsafe should be provided.”

To failsafe, the hot water must shut off if the cold water fails and vice versa. The highest scalding risk is where users are fully immersed in either a shower or a bath. The scalding risk is also significant for infants, the elderly, those with sensory loss, the infirm or significantly mentally or physically disabled people. Here the guidelines recommend installing TMVs on sinks and hand washbasins. This means that accessible showers and washrooms must have a TMV3 certified mixer to provide full anti-scalding safety. In all other public areas there is an intermediate risk level. Although unfamiliar with the facilities, users without sensory or mobility issues can use washbasins or showers safely, especially if there are visual warnings about hot water. Where there is high visitor turnover, pressure-balancing mixers can provide an intermediate anti-scalding solution. The ceramic cartridge, sensitive to pressure changes, has an internal shuttle that continually adapts to the incoming hot and cold water supply pressures, ensuring a constant mixed water temperature at the outlet. If the cold water supply fails, the hot water is reduced to a trickle. This, coupled with a pre-set maximum temperature limiter, means a significantly reduced scalding risk. TMVs are not the only answer, pressure-balancing mixers also provide a reliable point-of-use solution. The key is determining the level of risk of exposure to legionella and also the risk of scalding. The duty holder can then decide which technology is appropriate to keep users safe.

Enquiry No.236

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Protect your place with products by Intastop Intastop, leaders in the manufacture of protection products for the healthcare and public building sector has launched its latest brochure showcasing just how the company can support the ‘Protection of Places’. For 25 years Intastop has been delivering products and solutions that can reduce maintenance costs, support safe environment policies and create comfortable and stylish interiors. Sarah Barsby, Marketing Director for Intastop commented: “Our new Protecting Places brochure features many products that facilities managers look for when wanting to reduce their annual maintenance costs. By installing protective products maintenance budgets can be greatly reduced, in some cases by up to 90%, but this does not mean the aesthetics have to be compromised!” Intastop’s antibacterial impact protection sheet provides the perfect solution for unsightly or damaged walls and doors and also assists infection control within hospitals, combating the spread of harmful bacteria such as C-difficile, MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria and E.coli. The wall protection sheet works by an added biocidally proactive ingredient, Hygienilac, which prevents bacteria and other microbes accessing nutrients and therefore disabling their growth. It has low water solubility and is completely UV stable which ensures its effectiveness for many years, it has passed BS 6250 tests for severe usage and its proactive ingredient has gained approvals from renowned bodies such the Environmental Protection Agency, Health and Safety Executive and the Food and Drug Administration. In addition, Intastop offers a range of featured protective products such as handrails, wall guards, corner and even bed head protectors. All are made from world-class Inpro IPC protection and offer a plethora of additional benefits including impact resistance, compliance with DDA, supports patients with limited vision and maintains a clean and hygienic environment. The Inpro IPC range is available in 34 colours and six woodland patterns and boasts complementing wall and door impact protection sheet. For those places wanting to be more on brand, Intastop has facilities to incorporate high quality picture graphics and logos onto any doors, wall or mural scheme to visually enhance the presentation of any health, retail, leisure, or front of house situation.

For further detailed information or to download a copy visit or visit us at Stand D30, Healthcare Estates Exhibition & Conference on 10-11th October.

Enquiry No.237

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Swedish Hospital “Takes a Chance” on Howe Green Howe Green Ltd supplied HSE75 Hinged Aluminium Floor Access Covers for the £1.5 billion New Karolinska Solna University Hospital (NKS) in Stockholm through Swedish distributor, Elkington AB.

The gas assisted hinged HSE75 hatches provide easy and safe access to the underground power stations and escape routes located underneath the hospital. They have been installed in various areas and infilled with both concrete and tiled flooring to provide a seamless, flush floor finish. The

Laidlaw ‘swing’ into action for healthcare

The need for doors in any healthcare environment to work smoothly, quietly and be reliable to facilitate the passage of patients’ visitors and trolleys can sometimes literally be matter of life and death. Having automatic doors, that open every time is taken as a ‘given’ by some healthcare trusts. It’s a fundamental element of any interior hospital infrastructure enabling them to operate efficiently on a daily basis.

or motor-powered door closer, a wind stop feature and is fully integrated with access control systems. The Orbis Operator provides a secure interlock feature, a digital selector (available as a package) and comes with a 120minute Exova Warrington fire test certification. The Orbis Operator is ideal for high traffic areas and is very easily maintained. It is also tested to a twohour fire test.

At Laidlaw, the UK’s largest independent supplier of ironmongery, doorsets, balustrades and security systems they know that supplying a quality durable and reliable opening system for doors is crucial to the delivery of good practice. The Orbis Swing Operator from Laidlaw is a fully automatic single or double door operator for swing doors. It provides a host of features that delivers the quality and reliability that UK healthcare environments demand.

There is now a large number of Laidlaw Orbis Swing Door Operators installed in UK healthcare units which are making a positive difference to the daily operation of these facilities. The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust Hospital’s A&E Department deals with around 75,000 patients per year with approximately 55,000 inpatients and 250,000 outpatient attendances each year. Laidlaw, in conjunction with Kier Construction, supplied and installed five sets of double doors with their Orbis Automatic Swing operating system. Similar healthcare projects were fulfilled at The Royal Free Hospital and

The Orbis Swing Operator comes with a slide or articulated arm, has a spring

View our publication online at

hinged access hatches are ideal where regular access to concealed services is required for maintenance purposes and in public places where health and safety is crucial. The HSE75 can be infilled with ceramic tiles, marble, terrazzo, concrete, resin, wood or parquet floors and is suitable for pedestrian and vehicle traffic up to a 5 tonne pneumatic tyre wheel load. Supplied as a single cover or a configuration of duct covers HSE75 is available in standard sizes from stock or can be precision made to order.

Options include a top and underside release latch, a double seal and fire rating up to 3 hours BS 476: Part 20: 1987.

Hillingdon Hospitals in London, together with Orbis units being supplied and installed at the Torbay Critical Care Unit in Devon and another

five double units and one single unit at Clacton Hospital in Essex. Time, they say is money. Contractors specify Orbis from Laidlaw due to its speed of installation, with the average time taking only 2-3 weeks from quotation to achieving a practical completion of the job. A recent auto door operator installation was completed in 2 weeks by Laidlaw at Torbay Hospital. Stuart Griffiths from Laidlaw stated, “we had to overcome challenges along the way, with two of the doors having head room issues so special plates had to be fitted above the doors so the auto operator could sit neatly above the door. It’s a testament to Laidlaw’s commitment to providing full support for every project.”

Howe Green access covers have been specified in numerous hospitals including Southmead in Bristol, Queen’s in Romford, Great Ormond Street and the Lennox Addington in Ontario, Canada. HOWE GREEN Enquiry No.238

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A broken ½” tap can consume £70 of water per day Our SPED Standpipe prevents damage

Odourless Roofing Solution Maintains Staff And Patient Comfort At St George's Hospital Large expanses of flat roofs characterise most modern hospital buildings. Regardless of the system used, the original build quality or the thoroughness of maintenance regimes, all roofs have a finite service life. Degradation of the waterproofing membrane over time, standing water due to poor drainage and failure of joints or seams can all contribute to water ingress. Ideally, capital works programmes to address potential roof issues should be planned in advance in line with the predicted service life or manufacturer guarantees associated with the existing roof system. In this way the roof can be renewed before water ingress becomes a problem or causes secondary issues, such as damp, water damage or electrical faults. St George’s Hospital in Southwest London has taken this planned approach to upgrading its roofs in a phased estates improvement programme. With a staff of more than 8,500, St George’s is the largest NHS hospital in South West London, serving a local population of 1.3 million and delivering specialist provision for large areas of Surry and Sussex too. The hospital has sites in both Tooting and Wandsworth and it’s at the Wandsworth site that a second roof refurbishment has just been completed using solvent-free Kemperol 2K-PUR; a cold-applied liquid waterproofing membrane that is odourless and requires no hot works, making it ideal for hospital roof installations. Following the success of that scheme a second

Permanent, tamperproof, frost resistant Hose Union Tap with Fluid Category 3 protection > Free standing – no wall required > Bottom entry > Suitable for mounting in soft ground > Padlock provides security

Model SPED

Tel: 01442 823 123 Email: The Water Regulations Solution Specialist Enquiry No.239

two-phase roof overlay project has been delivered, involving refurbishment of Jenner Wing’s Block D; a building that forms part of the University of London and combines patient areas on the lower floors, with research and laboratory facilities on the upper floors, along with a basement mortuary.

refurbishment but it was also essential that there were no nuisance odours from the programme of works that could cause disruption to patients, staff or visitors. It was for these reasons that the solvent-free cold-applied liquid waterproofing system was chosen, in line with the architect’s performance specification. The system is formulated using castor oil and both the primer and the resin are solvent-free and odourless, with installation in a single process without the need for any potentially hazardous or disruptive hot works.

Flexible Installation: Before each phase could begin, lifting equipment was used to raise the air handling plant on the roof, which was then supported on rubber feet. The loose chippings on the roof were then removed by a mechanical scabbler to prepare the surface for the overlay of the new membrane. However, in areas below the air handling plant where the The building features a significant machine could not be used, this process amount of air handling equipment on had to be carried out by hand. the roof to serve the ventilation services for the patient areas, the laboratories Around the perimeter of the roof there and the mortuary, all of which is is a railing that supports the basket business critical to each department. used for window cleaning and, inside Not only did this equipment need to this, the roof is covered with paving remain operational throughout the roof slabs, which had to be removed so that The total roof area of block D is more than 1700m2 so the project was divided into two phases, with 940m2 of coldapplied liquid membrane installed in phase one, followed by the 819m2 phase two installation. Both phases were installed as an overlay onto the existing asphalt roof.

the waterproofing membrane could be installed underneath. With the slabs removed and set aside for re-use where possible, the installation team cleaned the surface using jet washing equipment prior to application of the primer once the roof was dry. The solvent-free resin was then applied in a single wet-on-wet process. The resin was applied to the substrate and a flexible reinforcement fleece was then laid directly onto the wet resin, immediately followed by more resin on top. This ensures complete saturation of the reinforcement fleece. The resin then cured to form a seamless, elastomeric waterproof membrane that cannot delaminate, is UV stable, and bonds directly to the substrate. Service Life: Both phases of the roof overlay were completed without disruption to patient care or research activities, avoiding any strip out requirements, the nuisance odours associated with solvents and the health and safety considerations of hot works. The result is a durable, seamless roof with a BBA-accredited service life of 25 years.

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Polypipe Terrain has helped provide City of London office occupiers with a state of the art roof garden, improving the outlook for hundreds of employees.

Enquiry No.242

THE SKY IS THE LIMIT FOR POLYPIPE’S ROOF GARDENS The existing Seacoal House building owned by UK Power Networks had a sedum roof, however the surrounding taller structures meant that the original roof did not receive natural sunlight, and therefore all vegetation had died, leaving the roof looking unsightly. Polypipe Terrain worked with acclaimed landscape architects Gustafson Porter + Bowman to design, manufacture and install a hard landscaped roof for the building. It was crucial that the plans included a stormwater management solution and attenuation system, for which Polypipe’s Permavoid was specified. The result was a permeable surface with aluminium detailing, with Permavoid tanked in a membrane to manage and control stormwater run-off, which delivered the surroundings that office workers are enjoying today. At only 85mm in depth, Permavoid was the ideal solution for a rooftop application. In addition, the Permavoid cells boast a 95% void ratio and incorporate a unique jointing mechanism that forms an interlocking ‘tensile raft’. The void ratio of the Permavoid cells allowed the architect to reduce the number of rainwater outlets used in the roof. All drainage requirements had to be accurately modelled prior to on-site

installation, due to a section of the roof sitting above an electrical substation. The team at Polypipe was able to construct and configure the Permavoid cells to meet the required specification. With the modular system manufactured from plastic, it was light in weight and therefore easy to handle and install. Donncha O Shea, Partner at Gustafson Porter + Bowman, said, “By installing this new system retrospectively, we have been able to successfully develop a stormwater management system for an existing building. It shows how tall buildings within our city centres can adopt this technology.” Nicholas Wright, National Project Manager for Water Management Solutions at Polypipe Terrain, said, “We have designed, manufactured and installed many Permavoid systems in inner city areas, whether they be at ground, podium or roof level. When Gustafson Porter + Bowman approached us, we knew we could come up with a system that would work for them.”


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Aggregate Industries breaks the mould for unique Cotswold project

volume of Cotswold-Conservation product. AGGREGATE INDUSTRIES

In a specification that literally broke the mould, Aggregate Industries’ Building Products division has supplied 2700m2 of bespoke roof tiling to a large-scale residential property in The Cotswolds. To meet the client’s specific requirement for the project, Aggregate Industries created a completely bespoke product by combining the profile of the company’s existing Bradstone Cotswold tile range – which are highly detailed roof slates resembling indigenous Cotswold slates – with the colour of their Bradstone Conservation tile. The carefully planned manufacturing process involved working alongside existing production lines, where the Cotswold tile moulds were filled with Conservation colour mix, resulting in the required

Enquiry No.420

Wakaflex® lead-free flashing for ultimate performance Among the increasing number of lead-free flashings, Klober Wakaflex® has so far proved to be among the best performers. BBA-certified, it is ideal for all roofing abutment work, having similar malleability to lead but with the added benefit of being stretchable by up to 50% in length and 15% in width. With no need for specialist tools it can be used for detailing such as shaping around flue penetrations. Wakaflex has a high-strength, self-adhesive Butylon® backing which provides immediate weatherproofing and on laps the backing welds to the facing to create a virtually unbreakable bond. Wakaflex is not susceptible to thermal movement and can be laid in long lengths without fixing clips. KLOBER

Enquiry No.421

Dow Building Solutions launches new BIM objects for XENERGYTM, STYROFOAMTM, and PERIMATETM Dow Building Solutions has launched new BIM objects for its building insulation product ranges; XENERGYTM, STYROFOAMTM, and PERIMATETM. The new certified objects are available to download for free from the National BIM Library website in IFC and Revit formats for use, or using the NBS plugin for Autodesk© Revit© or ARCHICAD. BIM provides new methods of working and assists teams from different disciplines collaborating on a single project. The digital model provided by BIM houses the information required to design, construct, and maintain the building, allowing potential issues to be identified earlier, leading to cost savings and increased efficiency. New BIM objects are available for all dimensions of the following products; XENERGY™ SL XENERGY™ LG FLOORMATE™ 300-A FLOORMATE™ 500-A FLOORMATE™ 700-A PERIMATE™ DI-A XENERGY™ MK Dow has also overhauled the library of online technical and sales literature available from RIBA Product Selector for XENERGY™, FLOORMATE™, and PERIMATE™, to reflect recent changes to product lines.

Joan Ferrer, Technical Sales Manager Dow Building Solutions, said: “BIM is revolutionising the construction sector, and the UK is a global leader in BIM adoption. Dow’s new BIM objects will assist architects and specifiers working on large complex construction projects, facilitating co-operation and streamlining workflow. DOW BUILDING SOLUTIONS Enquiry No.243

Foam Insulation

Websters have developed a method of Polyurethane Sprayed Foam Insulation that is suitable for both old and new buildings. This continuous polyurethane foam membrane adheres to almost all surfaces and reduces heat loss by up to 80-90%. It is an exceptional alternative to dry lining as it provides a continuous membrane of unrivalled properties. Sprayed foam insulation is particularly popular as it not only reduces heat loss but can also help keep out wind and wind driven snow; prevent tiles slipping, stops condensation and can even obviate the need for a replacement roof. Also: Cavity Foam Injection, including “hard to treat homes” WEBSTERS INSULATION LTD E: Enquiry No.422

Superquilt multi-layer foil earns agreement approval The effectiveness of SuperQuilt, part of the YBS range, as a single layer insulation solution for use beneath pitched roof rafters, in either new-build or refurbishment situations has been underlined by the award of a coveted BBA Certificate. Agrement Certificate 17/5388 explains in detail how the already widely specified, multi-layer foil insulation can be used to retain energy within attic or habitable loft spaces: cutting fuel bills, improving comfort levels for building occupants and adding value. Importantly it can be employed to address detail areas such as the cheeks of dormers, dwarf walls, bonnet hips and other features. The Certification comes after prolonged evaluation by the British Board of Agrement and covers such considerations as related Building Regulation matters. YBS

Enquiry No.423

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Why Timber is Trending for Stylish City Living

Engineered timber is fast becoming the structural solution of choice across many sectors, with the UK seeing a rapid increase in the number of offsite manufactured hybrid timber buildings. It is only recently that structural solutions, such as cross laminated timber, have gained traction within the residential sector. Many housing developers are now taking advantage of its numerous benefits and areas such as the London Borough of Hackney, are supporting this rapid and sustainable form of construction. Wayne Yeomans, of B & K Structures, considers why timber is trending for stylish city living. Enquiry No.244 Images courtesy of Jack Hobhouse

For more information: Call: 01773 853 400

Email: sale

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Aiming High In densely populated cities, where space is limited and land comes at a premium, many housing developers are looking for structural solutions to rapidly maximise their return on investment. Tall timber is becoming part of our construction vernacular and extra storeys equate to a better return on investment. Cross laminated timber, as a robust yet lighter weight structural solution, is 80% lighter than Reinforced Concrete, which can have a significant positive impact on reducing the complexity and cost of the foundation design. In prime urban locations reducing the foundations saves costs on the ground and by increasing the height of the development, mitigates the issue of higher land prices. Adding Value For cities such as London, with complex underground infrastructures, there is an important financial equation - lighter equals taller. Where loading restrictions apply, the use of engineered timber as the core structural solution, can permit more storeys than when building in concrete and steel. Timber could play a massive role in tackling issues such as the current UK housing crisis by providing high volumes of quality, energy efficient homes at a rapid rate. With proven multistorey capability, cross laminated timber is a stable solution that has little shrinkage or movement post construction and can offer fire resistance of 120 minutes. Increasing a development upwards and downwards has become popular in big cities as builders seek to utilise all available space. Due to the lightweight nature of cross laminated timber, developers are now taking this a step further and installing extra storeys or penthouses on the top of existing buildings. Luxury penthouse apartments are popular in central London and are seen as a cost-effective measure because they offer more value per square metre, as panoramic

views of the capital command a premium. Penthouse additions can also uplift the value of the other apartments due to the enhanced mix within the scheme. Considerate Construction Building onsite can often lead to increased disruption from noise, litter and dust which can be an annoyance for those living close to the locality. This is a sizable problem in urban areas. Taking the main elements of the construction process offsite, can go some way to alleviating this issue. Increasing the speed of construction in a densely populated environment will also lessen the impact of construction, along with the reduction in noise and waste that can be achieved through the use of offsite technologies. Cross laminated timber has many design benefits, it lends itself to offsite construction, offering a rapid delivery programme and as the population in UK cities

steadily increases, engineered timber will provide a valuable housing option for city developers for the foreseeable future. Lasting Benefits But the benefits do not end at the construction phase. Whilst much has been published about the effect construction has on the environment, the positive impact that timber buildings can have on occupants has not been widely discussed. Perhaps this is due in part to the lack of research, however studies are now being conducted outside the UK and whilst more research is still needed, results so far indicate that structural timber creates pleasant surroundings in terms of humidity and acoustics, as well as contributing to reduced stress levels, among other benefits. The International WELL Building Institute in the USA claims that ‘wellness’ is the next trillion-dollar industry. This concept has yet to ‘catch on’ in the UK, however ‘the wellbeing of occupants’ is now a significant consideration at the early stages in the design and build process. The usage of timber in construction has been rising in many markets recently. As a renewable and sustainable material, it brings interesting opportunities for the construction industry. Add health and wellbeing into the equation and this is yet another even more compelling reason for the specification of engineered timber solutions. Optimised Offsite Solutions By selecting the most effective combination of systems and materials to meet the brief and performance specification, as the UK’s leading sustainable frame contractor - B & K Structures specialise in the design, manufacture and delivery of optimised offsite solutions.

V i s i t : w w w. b k s t r u c t u r e s . c o . u k

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The right surface drainage channels for the job at T2 Trafford Point

Situated near to the M60 and M62 motorways, T2 Trafford Point is a newly developed distribution facility on the edge of Trafford Park, Manchester. The 7712m² warehouse has upwards of 1440m² associated office space including an under-croft and reception area. The facility features cycle parking, a 91 space, 3500m² office car park/access road and a 7400m² service yard for manoeuvring, parking, loading and unloading Heavy Good Vehicles’ (HGVs). Surface drainage required at T2 Trafford Point office car park access road and service yard required the specification

of high capacity and very robust channel systems capable of withstanding the daily passage of cars as well as the massive twisting forces exerted by the tyres of manoeuvring HGVs. Hauraton RECYFIX® MONOTEC 200/450 channels were installed in the asphalt car park. With a nominal grating width of 200mm (Channel internal dimension) and an overall height of 450mm a channel provides a crosssection of 746.1cm2, so the 134 metres of channel installed in the car park has a total water capacity of just over 9996 litres and a loading category of up to Class D400. The MONOTEC one metre

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long channel component is of a sturdy monolithic design where the HEELSAFE grating and the tongue and groove linking system are integral to the tough, virtually unbreakable polypropylene (PP) moulding. In addition to the car park drainage, two sizes of RECYFIX® HICAP® channels were also installed in the concreted service yard; 78 metres of HICAP 150 and 120 metres of HICAP 300. Both PP moulded channel sizes were supplied with factory fitted 28mm wide slotted ductile iron gratings for Class F900 loading category. The 198 metres of channel installed in the service yard has a total water capacity of just over 24156 litres. With a maximum channel weight of 23,4kg per unit, both the RECYFIX® MONOTEC and HICAP channels were well within the weight limitation for manual lifting so made the contractors

Interpave features SUDS at FLOOD EXPO The trade association Interpave is exhibiting at Flood Expo in ExCeL, London on 27th and 28th September and hosting an important presentation by SuDS guru Bob Bray. Bob Bray’s presentation is on Thursday 28th October at 14.15 in Theatre 6 of Flood Expo. Visitors and journalists can also ‘meet the expert’ at Interpave’s Stand F2030 where he will be available for further discussion. Bob Bray will be presenting a series of case studies demonstrating how permeable paving delivers not only rainwater attenuation but also interception and other volume losses, enhanced by flow controls on developments. Amenity, biodiversity and safety benefits are ensured by a source of clean water from permeable

pavements flowing through a site and, together with green/blue roofs, they allow all hard surfaces on developments to act as multi-functional SuDS. The Flood Expo is the world’s largest exhibition and conference designed to showcase the latest innovations that further the way flooding is predicted, prevented, and managed. The show

job on site just that little bit easier. For a given area to be drained, these ranges of high capacity channels also mean fewer channel runs, less excavation work, reduced foundation concrete needed and substantially less after care; benefits appreciated by the groundwork contractor, PP O'Connor and site manager. All Hauraton surface water drainage systems’ comply with European Standards (hENs) and carries the CE mark”. For RECYFIX MONOTEC and RECYFIX HICAP product specifications go to . CIVILS section. For other case studies go to Enquiry No.245

features over 200 innovative environmental suppliers, 100 hours of CPD-accredited seminars, interactive debates, live demonstrations on the River Thames, one-to-one advice from industry experts, unparalleled networking opportunities and much more. Guests can also filter between areas dedicated to flood prediction, prevention, management, rescue and more, as well as the Marine & Coastal Civil Engineering Expo (M&CCE Expo) and the Contamination Expo Series next door. Entry tickets to Flood Expo are free and you can register online at: As the driving force behind concrete block permeable paving, Interpave will be promoting the latest developments with this essential sustainable drainage (SuDS) component, including new techniques and applications. Technical guidance, case studies and a video dramatically demonstrating the performance of concrete block permeable paving are available via

Enquiry No.246

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thhe world leader in timber preservation technology

looks different, because it is different new environmental benchmark ffor or timbe timber e preservatives er for high per formance timber Enquiry No.247


Call: +44 (0)1628 486644 Fax: +44 (0)1628 476757

Protim Solignum Limited, Fieldhouse Lane Marlow, Buckingghamshire SL7 1LS

*Registered Trademarks of Koppers Performance Chemicals Inc. Protim Solignum Limited is a Koppers company trades as Kopperss Performance Chemicals. Koppers is a registered Trademark of Koppers Delware, Inc. All products are produced by independently owned and operated wood processing facilities. All other trade demarks are trademarks of their respective owners. Registered England - Reg. 3037845

by Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers Of Wood Preservatives Protim Solignum Ltd Marlow, Buckinghamshire

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Go underground with KALSI

Kalsi Group is supporting its customers with easy access to its certified Aquaflow product range, comprising soil and waste products alongside its underground drainage and sewerage systems. Manufactured under Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2008, Aquaflow products are suitable for both new build and refurbishment.

TREX Decking Trex Company, the world’s No 1 decking brand, offers a simple and easy way to build with green materials whilst not compromising on look and feel. Comprised of more than 95 percent recycled materials, Trex composite decking provides the look and feel of real wood, without the environmental impact. Offering an elegant finish requiring minimal maintenance, Trex resists fading, scratching and mould

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growth so, unlike wooden decking, it won’t rot, warp, crack, split or splinter. Trex never needs sanding, oiling or staining – and spills and debris are easily washed away with soap and water. Trex decking is available locally through

Arbordeck with prices starting from £75m² including VAT (tax) and secret fixings. TREX COMPANY Enquiry No.425

UV lining first for Smart Motorway highway drainage “Contractors and builders want proven products that are readily available. Our Aquaflow range is stocked by an approved network of builder, roofing and plumber merchants and plastic specialists, across the UK and Ireland. Wherever you are, there will a Kalsi stockist near you,” said Graham Wilde, UK sales manager, Kalsi Group. The Aquaflow underground drainage system is designed for use in gravity drainage and sewerage applications up to a depth of 10 metres. With 110mm and 160mm pipe and fittings, inspection chambers, chamber covers and back inlet bottle gullies with square or circular tops, Kalsi manufactures the complete system at its plant in Birmingham. Kalsi Group offers its customers and specifiers peace of mind with the testing and assessment of its products, securing British Board of Agrément (BBA) certification and Kitemarks across its ranges. The Kalsi Aquaflow soil and waste system is manufactured to British Standards: BS EN 274-1:2002, BS 4514:1983, BS EN 1451:2000 and BS 5255:1989. To find out more about Kalsi Group, its products and stockists visit, or contact a member of the team on 0121 693 0373 / email Keep up to date with company news and views on Twitter (@KalsiPlastics), Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. KALSI Enquiry No.424


Lanes Group plc is implementing the first project to extensively line highway drainage pipes as part of a Smart Motorway initiative. The drainage specialist has been commissioned by the Carillion Kier Joint Venture, working for Highways England, to install ultra-violet (UV) liners during the M6 Junction 16-19 Smart Motorway scheme between

Crewe and Knutsford, in Cheshire. It is the first time that roadside drainage pipes will have been extensively lined, instead of being replaced, during a motorway upgrade project in the UK. The liners give the pipes the additional structural strength needed to meet the 50-year asset life span specified by Highways England. The Smart Motorway upgrade will tackle congestion and improve journey times by converting the hard shoulder to a permanent extra lane, and introducing variable speed limits to keep traffic moving at a steady speed, preventing tailbacks caused by sudden braking. In the first phase of the programme, Lanes is lining pipes with diameters of up to 600mm along the northbound carriageway of the M6 between Junction 18 and 19, a distance of 13 km. LANES GROUP PLC Enquiry No.426

Increased demand for renewable building product Demand for Plaswood is on the increase as specifiers, architects, landscape designers, construction companies and many more realise the benefits of the sustainable, ecofriendly substitute for non-renewable materials such as wood, concrete and steel. Plaswood is strong, durable, waterproof, maintenance free, versatile and 100% recyclable - it sounds almost too good to be true. Made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic, the product supports the circular economy and is not a wood composite like many other plastic wood products on the market. Plaswood’s roots date back to the 1980’s. Today it is manufactured by RPC bpi recycled

products, Europe’s largest recycler of waste plastic, at its dedicated factory in Dumfries, Scotland. The company boasts an annual recycling capacity in excess of 100,000 tonnes of waste, mainly from the agricultural sector’s waste farm bale plastic. Today Plaswood is a leading brand producing Plaswood lumber, construction materials and street furniture - providing structural and practical solutions and products for wetlands, waterways, parks, gardens, towns, city centres, leisure centres, schools and playgrounds. In fact, anywhere where environments are exposed to water and/or the elements. PLASWOOD Enquiry No.248

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FRON NTIER P PITTS Protecting Your World o



+44 (0)1293 4228 2800



PEDESTRIAN Enquiry No.249






CD 790R/80


Clark-Drain continues to invest in the production of its steel products CALL 01733 76 65317 EMAIL ST TATION ROAD A YAXLEY PETERBOROUGH PE7 3EQ UNITED KINGDOM

w www drain com Enquiry No.250

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Nittan launches ’Elite’ Partner & Distributor programme Nittan Europe, a UK manufacturer of conventional and addressable fire detection products sold globally, has launched the Nittan Elite Partner and Nittan Elite Distributor programme. The programmes have been developed to acknowledge and reward a select group of installation partners and product distributors that have shown commitment to promoting the Nittan brand and have undertaken product training to a high level in order to ensure the uppermost standards of customer service. The first companies to be awarded Elite status by Nittan are Fire Technology Ireland (FTI), Dublin, as an Elite Partner, plus EU Fire & Security, Rochdale, Acorn Fire & Security Blackburn and Detection Supplies, Fordingbridge in the Elite Distributor category. The latter were presented

with official wall plaques at FIREX 2017 by Nittan Europe Managing Director Mr Kadokura. “Nittan has built an enviable reputation for first class fire detection products, but it’s essential to back that up with quality support” states Lee James, General Manager - Product Marketing, Nittan Europe. “Our new Elite programme identifies those installers and distributors that demonstrate loyalty to Nittan and have taken the time to invest in the brand by undertaking rigorous training on the full product range. As a manufacturer our end user contact is minimal, these customer facing companies are often the first experience people will have of Nittan so their product knowledge and commitment to Nittan is exceptionally important and deserves to be recognised. The key benefit for Elite members is that we can direct new customer enquiries to them as we know they are a safe pair of hands!”

Nittan will further expand the Elite scheme by monitoring and promoting further installation partners and product distributors to Elite status once key milestones have been achieved. The launch of the Nittan Elite Partner and Elite Distributor programme is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to providing the best support possible for customers and comes close on the heels of the opening of a new Training Centre at Nittan’s Head Office in Old Woking, Surrey. The Nittan Group has

UVEX SAFETY (UK) LTD Partners with North American Safety Innovator HexArmor to Expand PPE Offerings in the UK Following the announcement in October 2016 that the uvex safety group had acquired a substantial interest in HexArmor enabling its reentry into the North American safety market, uvex and HexArmor are pleased to announce their partnership in the United Kingdom. UVEX SAFETY (UK) LTD will now stock, sell and market HexArmor safety products, adding high level cut, puncture, impact and abrasion resistant hand protection to its existing range. “We’re extremely excited to have the opportunity to offer industry-leading technology in cut, puncture and needlestick protection to our customers,” said John Gill, Managing Director of UVEX SAFETY (UK) LTD. “HexArmor has an excellent reputation in the North American PPE industry for leadership in innovative technology so being able to integrate and combine

been at the forefront of the international fire protection industry since 1954 and has sales, R&D and manufacturing bases in four countries, including the UK. The company continuously innovates and strives for exceptional quality products that meet the highest of standards. For more information, please contact Nittan on 01483 769 555 or by email at or go to

pushed the boundaries of needlestick protection, abrasion resistance and impact protection. “Having the opportunity to partner with uvex in the UK and expand our technology to this market is a huge step towards furthering our mission of sending all workers home safe, every day,” explained Steve VanErmen, President of HexArmor. “With uvex’s prestigious position in the UK safety industry, we’re excited to align our missions and resources together to offer a complete line of safety solutions for customers.” Effective August 1, 2017, UVEX SAFETY (UK) LTD will be stocking a comprehensive range of HexArmor products, ensuring their prompt availability.

their expertise within the diverse uvex PPE portfolio increases our capability to provide measurably different solutions which keep people safe at work.” HexArmor has been a safety leader in North America for over 15 years, with

its signature SuperFabric® brand material inside many of their industryleading products. SuperFabric is an unparalleled safety technology, offering the perfect balance of dexterity and high level cut protection. In addition to high cut resistance, HexArmor has

Terms of the partnership were not disclosed. For additional information contact John Gill, Managing Director of UVEX SAFETY (UK) LTD at or Jon Lime, Vice President of Global Sales at HexArmor at Enquiry No.252

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The best choice to protect against the spread of fire ProtectaÂŽ is a market leader of Passive Fire Protection products and offer an extensive range of penetration and linear gap seals. Supplying systems which meet the harshest requirements of todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s building and construction projects and providing protection for people and property.

01484 421036 l l f /ProtectaFire l l @ProtectaFire Developed & manufactured in the UK by POLYSEAM LTD.

Enquiry No.253

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42 FIRE PROTECTION, SAFETY & SECURITY Health & Safety Professional appointed at Group

A leading electrical and mechanical group is marking ongoing growth with the appointment of a highly-skilled health and safety professional. Orton Group, which specialises in electrical and mechanical design, installation and maintenance, has welcomed Stephen Ives as its Health & Safety Manager, who will drive forward the business in-line with ever-changing legislative requirements, and devise a strategic forward-thinking approach within the Group. Stephen is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and has over 30 years’ experience working in the construction, rail and engineering sectors. Andrew Lowe, Managing Director of Orton Group, explained: “We’re delighted to welcome Stephen to the team – he’s a proven health and safety professional with an impressive career to-date and with his expertise and industry knowledge specifically suited to Orton Group, we’re able to enhance our internal health and safety practices as well as the standard of service that we provide to our clients. “Health and safety has always been an integral aspect of what we offer our clients, and having Stephen on board will help us to strengthen our reputation as well as develop strategies which align with the objectives of the Group and those of our clients.” Undertaking regular inspections at client sites across the UK, encompassing the social housing, domestic new build, rail, and industrial and commercial sectors, Stephen will also work with the site management teams and senior management team to enhance the company health and safety management system and safety behaviours. ORTON GROUP

View our publication online at

Kidde Safety Europe announces new Managing Director Kidde Safety Europe has announced the retirement of Managing Director Andy Burnett. Previous UK Sales Director Freddie Collins succeeds him as Managing Director. Freddie Collins said: “Throughout his 13 years at the company, Andy Burnett has set a high benchmark in driving the company forward. All of us at Kidde thank him for his tireless commitment and wish him well for the future. I am committed to continuing his work in providing first class safety products and also the

highest quality service for specifiers, customers and trading partners.” Freddie Collins was appointed Managing Director on 3rd July 2017. He has been with Kidde for 10 years and UK Sales Director for the last 4 years. In that time, he has diversified and strengthened the customer base, forged a unified, strong and committed sales team, grown sales and developed partnerships with key trade customers. KIDDE SAFETY EUROPE Enquiry No.428

Kentec helps protect Joburg bank

The new fire safety system, supplied and installed by SFP Security & Fire (Pty) Ltd., in an L1 system configuration includes a new network of four Kentec Syncro AS analogue addressable fire control panels. The open protocol system has Apollo analogue Series 65 devices and call points installed. In areas such as Server/Data Rooms, MV and LV rooms, Generator and Diesel Tank rooms, existing extinguishant protection has been extended with the addition of five Sigma XT+ Extinguishing Control Panels to the existing network of fifteen Sigma XT Panels. The extinguishing control panels are being monitored by the four Kentec Syncro AS analogue addressable fire control panels through multiple three channel interface units, which form part of the addressable building detection loops. KENTEC

Revitalising Oaklands in St. Albans

second phase of the development. Consisting of 1-metre lengths of non-fibrous sponge faced with an intumescent strip, the barrier is also coated with a protective sleeve, making it fully resistant to condensation and moisture. Useable in both party floors and party walls, the product is incredibly easy to attach, using a high-tack self-adhesive tape affixed to the fixing side.

Situated on the former site of St. Albans’ Oaklands College, this multi-phase project was to both refurbish the existing residential properties and to deliver a new development of timber-framed studios, one and two bedroom flats. The project was conceived and is being directed by property development firm Nicholas King Homes, following designs by chartered architects MGM Associates. The first phase, the renovation of the existing blocks of apartments, was completed in 2010. The completion of the currently-underway second phase of this project, dubbed “Oaklands II”, will see the Oaklands site given a new lease of life. On-site application of Envirograf® Product 55 is being carried out by Cygnum Timber Frame, following consultations with our technical team, ensuring that the timber-framed buildings will not only meet, but exceed, Building Regulations. Envirograf® Product 55 FB/TS (free-air-flow cavity barrier) is being used in the construction of the new, timber-framed

Product 55 FB/TS has been tested to both BS EN 1363-1 1999 and BS476 Parts 20/22 (1987), achieving up to 142 minutes fire resistance and integrity. This is of particular importance as the product is designed to be used with timber party walls and floors, which are required to offer fire resistance from below matching that of the connected walls. It is of the utmost importance that the product is fitted correctly, and as such it can be easily cut to size to fit smaller gaps or corners. ENVIROGRAF Enquiry No.254

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Enquiry No.255

Enquiry No.256

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44 PAINTS, COATINGS, PRESERVATIVES & FINISHES The clear advantages of OSMO UV-Protection-oil Osmo UK, the eco-friendly wood and finishes specialist, has developed a quality finish to protect, maintain and restore exterior wood. Osmo UV-Protection-Oil has been specially designed to preserve the natural colour of the wood, leaving it looking in top condition throughout summer months. Protection of exterior wood is of the upmost importance as the colour can fade after harmful UV rays damage the lignin within the wood. Osmo UV-ProtectionOil is a clear, satin finish for exterior application onto vertical wooden structures only such as doors, cladding, fencing etc. Based on natural oil, it does not crack, flake, peel or blister. This natural protective finish has been produced to resist the greying effect on exterior wood due to exposure to the sun, maintaining the wood’s natural aesthetics.

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Consider colour outdoors with Sandtex Trade With thousands of shades available across the paint range, all backed by time-proven and trusted formulas, Sandtex Trade brings colour and protection outdoors for trim and masonry paint projects. The Sandtex Trade shades available are featured in the Crown Trade colour fan deck, which places them in colour families for easy reference, enabling specifiers to see the options at a glance. Further advice can also be gained by using the Crown MyRoomPainter® app which is designed to enable property professionals to offer instant schemes using a smartphone or tablet to show how any palette will look in situ. Available for free download, the Crown MyRoomPainter® app illustrates how an area decorated with Crown Paints’ products will look in any spectrum of shades, including exterior walls, wood and metal protected by Sandtex Trade. CROWN PAINTS

Mighton Partner Anker Stuy gives seating a great finish in Abbey Renovation Mighton Products partner Anker Stuy Verven (ASV) has been selected as supplier of the colour stains and lacquers for the new seating as part of a prestigious yearlong renovation of


Enquiry No.432

Enquiry No.433

Westminster Abbey that was finally completed in June of this year. As part of the interior maintenance works that took place at the iconic London landmark 2,200 wooden chairs, with the Westminster Abbey Arms embossed in to each of the backrests, were commissioned and have now become the new primary form of seating distributed throughout the building. The finish for these chairs carries a series of heavy demands and therefore required an exemplary quality lacquer capable of providing long lasting protection against candle wax, as well as tough resistance against scratches and abrasions. The 2-component ASV lacquer that was eventually specified complies with the EN 71-3 standard, certifying it free from heavy metals and even suitable for use on children's toys, as well as complying with both DIN 4102 B1 and DIN 68861 B1 standards, which demonstrates its chemical resistance. MIGHTON PRODUCTS Enquiry No.434

Three palettes have been developed for the Autumn/Winter 2017 season, Considered, Intrigue and Patterned Landscape, with each collection designed to give architects and designers inspiration to create personality in their projects. The Colour Influences are produced by an expert panel, assembled by Crown, who join forces to pinpoint the latest trends, using their knowledge and passion for colour to produce a stunning visual compilation.

Crown Paints brings new colour twist with Autumn / Winter 2017 trends Clean and contemporary lines, an atmosphere of mystery and drama and a natural, rural patchwork effect are the three dominant themes in Crown Paints’ latest, on-trend Colour Influences.

Crown Colour Specialist, Kathryn Lloyd, is a member of the Colour Influences panel and has worked to ensure the palettes work in both private and public colour. Frosted blues and faded hues spaces. of purple and pink are separated by hard lines and geometric shapes. Kathryn said: “The Colour Influences programme is Crown Paints’ way of “A clean and contemporary trend, celebrating its love of colour. It gives Considered can be interpreted onto a specification professionals useful insight single statement wall, or an entire room. into the shades which will shape professional interior and exterior “The second trend, Intrigue, invites us environments in Autumn and Winter, as to look to the evening, bringing with it well as Spring and Summer each year. an unpredictable atmosphere of For Autumn/Winter 2017, the first mystery and drama. This palette depicts palette, Considered, is a mature and colours at their deepest and most sophisticated collection of soft, muted absorbing, pairing midnight blues and tones that celebrate the fluidity of rich greens, with accents of yellow

punctuating big blocks of colour like moonlight on the water. “The final trend, Patterned Landscape, is inspired by an aerial view of the sweeping countryside, revealing patterns from above. Dewy greens and milky browns are stitched together with accents of white and copper metallic to add texture and bring the landscape to life.” To check out the colours, please go to rServices/ColourTrends Enquiry No.257

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! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

0800 7833 228 ! HRPROF is manufactured and approved to ISO 9001-2008!












! !

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

0 12 9 6 3 2 3 7 7 0

! Water based - does not leach! ! Allows wood to breathe naturally! ! Internal/external application! ! Colourless - Odourless! ! EN 13501 - 1! ! Non Toxic - No Solvents! ! BS 476 part 6 & BS 476 part 7! ! Euro-class B-s1-d0 and C-s1-d0! ! BM TRADA ISO 9001 Certificate! ! Meets the highest EU standards!

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

No HR Prof!

Classification Reports & Certificates; Pine, Spruce, Scots/Siberian Larch, West Red Cedar, Oak & More! !


0800 7833 228!

w w

Enquiry No.258

Enquiry No.259

Industrial wood coatings

Specialists in Coatings for Cladding Teknos paints are water based, low-VOC and trusted by some of the largest cladding manufacturers in the UK. Q

Up to 12 years maintenance free


Excellent performance on stable and modified timbers


Available in any natural or solid colour.

With HR Prof!

Our paints are available in a wide selection of single pack systems for application by spray, brush machine or vacuum coaters. Discover why you need to specify Teknos on your next project. Visit or contact 01608 683494 @TeknosIndustry |


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46 PAINTS, COATINGS, PRESERVATIVES & FINISHES Natural wood protection against dirt, water & damp OrganoWood®, the natural wood preservation specialist, offers OrganoWood® Repellent 02, the ultimate environmentally friendly and organic solution to protect wood from water, dirt and damp. OrganoWood ® 02 has been designed for use on a variety of wood types, including traditional pressure impregnated wood, larch or core pine. When used in conjunction with OrganoWood® Protection 01, the product creates a complete system for non-treated pine or fir. A water-based wood treatment, it includes no toxic heavy metals, solvents or biocides, making it an environmentally friendly option. Organic silicon polymers within the product bond to internal fibres as it dries, and due to the unique OrganoWood® technology, creates a natural barrier from water, dirt and damp. The product ensures the wood will remain its natural colour, and over time, will adopt a beautiful natural silver hue. ORGANOWOOD

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Clean up with Crown Trade Clean Extreme’s 100% More Stain Resistant Finish The power of Crown Trade Clean Extreme has seen the product gain a new style billing, focused on its stain removing powers. Crown Paints has repackaged its polished performer – one of the most popular products in the Crown Trade range among specifiers – to highlight its class-leading capabilities. New designs for the Crown Trade Clean Extreme suite of products highlight that the product is 100 per cent more stain resistant than standard matt vinyl emulsion paint - and can be scrubbed up to 10,000 times. Available in Scrubbable Matt and Durable Acrylic Eggshell Crown Trade Clean Extreme comes with an ISO 11998 Class 1 scrub rating and is geared up to cope with stringent cleaning regimes, ultimately reducing the need for costly redecoration by minimising wear and tear. This ensures the product retains its ‘as good as new’ finish for the long-term, extending maintenance cycles in heavy traffic areas. Independently tested for guaranteed results and delivering a time-proven finish in-situ, Crown Trade Clean Extreme is the ideal choice for busy areas including schools, universities and student accommodation, as well as nurseries, offices, hospitals, leisure facilities and housing association properties. Sharon Smith, Crown Paints Trade Communications Manager, said: “Crown Trade Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt and Durable Acrylic Eggshell both offer a finish that is 100% more stain resistant compared to conventional matt vinyl emulsion. “They have superior cleaning capabilities which do not compromise the integrity or finished appearance of the paint film. New and aged stains can be easily cleaned away, returning walls to an ‘as new’ condition and reducing the

Enquiry No.435

MAPEI EXHIBITING COATINGS AT 100% DESIGN 2017 20th – 23rd September at Olympia London

need for costly redecoration. A true flat matt coating, Crown Trade Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt retains its qualities even after repeated scrubbing, while the Durable Acrylic Eggshell leaves a subtle mid sheen finish.” CROWN PAINTS

Enquiry No.261

Mapei will be exhibiting on stand D112 at 100% Design taking place 20th – 23rd September at Olympia London. Mapei experts will be on hand to provide information about Mapei’s highly aesthetic products, as well as technical and specification advice for your project. Available in over 500 RAL and NCS colour options, the Mapei range of wall coatings features products for internal environments (Dursilite Plus), hard wearing and long-lasting products with anti-mould properties (Silancolor Plus System), low maintenance and hard wearing products (Colorite Performance + Quatzilite) and textured exterior render (Tonachino Plus) which can be used as part of an External Wall Insulation (EWI) Plus System. Mapei’s Silancolor Paint, Primer and Silancolour Paint were used to restore the 13th Century Benton Castle, in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. Now a private home, the Mapei products were installed as part of a refurbishment to help protect the external stone-built surface. With 80 years’ experience, Mapei is a leading organisation in the manufacture of chemical products for construction including sealants, adhesives and coatings. With continuous investment in R&D, strong environmental commitments alongside renowned technical assistance, and teams dedicated to specification and CPDs across 15 product lines, Mapei provides systems, solutions, technical and specification support from start to beyond project completion. • • 0121 508 6970

Enquiry No.262


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A sound investment – minimises life cost Sioo are leaders in wood protection using silicate technology. We provide a highly effective proven system to protect wood of all types. It gives long life and a beautiful natural surface with even colouration and is friendly to people and the environment. An example of a Sioo project is Ålleberg High School, a low energy building in Falköping, Sweden.





Made in Sweden

Sioo Wood Protection AB | Tel: +44(0)7788 542859 | E: |

Environmentally y friendly endly

Enquiry No.264

Wo ork king wit i h natture ea

vironm i me ien ndly

Enquiry No.263

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48 PRODUCT & BUSINESS NEWS SterlingOSB – a name that means business

When you buy a commodity product like cement or aggregate, the name on the packaging seldom matters. But that’s not the case with OSB, it seems. Recent research carried out on behalf of Norbord has found that a whopping 80% of both builders and builders’ merchants react positively to the SterlingOSB brand name. SterlingOSB is the UK’s leading brand of oriented strand board and the name and logo can be seen on building sites the length and breadth of the UK. With a reputation for quality, durability and availability, the name SterlingOSB carries weight with both buyers and stockists. The term “Sterling board” has even become a generic term for all OSB – a fact that, while flattering, has potential negative impact when applied to inferior products. NORBORD

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Protect your most important tools with Hand Armour Your hands are your most important tools so keep them protected with Hand Armour, a new multi-use barrier cream from Everbuild – A Sika Company. Providing protection against any wet or dry contaminants, it has been designed to help stop the skin from absorbing harmful substances as well as protecting against abrasion. The non-greasy, unscented formula is easily absorbed into the skin, and with only a small amount needed to provide unbeatable protection, a little tube goes a long way. Available in 100ml tubes, Hand Armour is packed into printed display boxes which are sure to attract attention when sat on the counter, bringing builders back for this product time and time again. For further information about Hand Armour or any other product within the Everbuild and Sika ranges visit EVERBUILD Enquiry No.441

Midland Lead ahead of the game with new ISO 14001 accreditation

Enquiry No.436

Enquiry No.440

Making More from Cork

Bostik signs sponsorship deal with the Isthmian Football League

Sustainable and fast-growing, cork is in renaissance and as a material it is incredibly versatile, capable of being turned into everything from fabric to wallcovering, flooring, furniture and even sinks and baths. It is this versatility that is being wholeheartedly embraced by Granorte, with an extraordinary collection of cork products. Whether fabric suitable for contract use in Tesseghuro, lights, seats, stools and coffee tables, sinks and baths from the NuSpa collection, or striking highlytextured wall panels; Granorte is pioneering innovation in cork. Harnessing waste material from the cork stopper industry by processing it into blocks of agglomerated cork that can be turned into all sorts of products, the Portuguese manufacturer has won awards for its innovative products. GRANORTE Enquiry No.437

The Isthmian Football League has been re-branded as The Bostik League in a new two-year deal. Bostik has a longstanding relationship with grassroots football. This includes its on-going sponsorship of The Northern Premier League and Southern Football League under its well-known EVOSTIK brand. Commenting on the deal, Dale Poulton, Commercial Director of Bostik UK said: “We’ve worked hard to get this deal in place. We have a proven relationship with this tier of football and believe it’s the ideal platform to generate awareness for our brands. By working closely with the league, we’re confident the new deal will help us achieve great things for the Bostik brand.” The League’s three divisions will be known as the Bostik Premier, the Bostik North, and the Bostik South, with the company’s branding being introduced into grounds, shirts, websites and other collateral. Nick Robinson, Chairman of the newly branded Bostik League concludes: “The Isthmian Football League, now in its 112th season, has 72 clubs that rely heavily on the financial support that sponsorship generates, and teaming up with a household name like Bostik is certainly welcome news for everyone involved.” BOSTIK Enquiry No.438

Midland Lead is one of the first in the lead industry to have been awarded the new ISO 14001 2015 Environmental Management accreditation by the British Standards Institution (BSI). With a high commitment to reducing environmental impact, the company received the updated ISO ahead of schedule in December 2016, having only been audited by the BSI the previous month. Initially accredited ISO 14001 in 2006, the internationally accepted standard outlines the most effective ways to put a successful environmental management system (EMS) in place. In a bid to support emissions reductions in the UK, Midland Lead’s recent improvements include investment in a new energy efficient crane for the company’s refining plant, truck upgrades, purchasing five Autogas (LPG)-operated forklifts, which reduce CO2 exhaust emissions, and replacing halogen light bulbs with LED light bulbs across the factory. MIDLAND LEAD

Saint Gobain Building Glass launches ‘Glass for Interiors’ Seminar The complexities, range and versatility of glass used inside buildings, is explained in a new ‘Glass for Interiors’ Royal Institute of British Architects accredited CPD, now available from Saint-Gobain Building Glass. To celebrate the launch of the CPD, Saint-Gobain Building Glass are hosting a CPD breakfast seminar. Free to attend, the CPD seminar contributes to professional learning hours and will cover the required topics under RIBA's core curriculum, including material on; British Standards and Regulations, manifestation, design features possible with glass and glass performance including; safety, privacy and acoustic characteristics. The event will take place on Wednesday 6th September at the Saint-Gobain Innovation Centre, Great Portland Street, London, W1W 7NY. Doors for the event will open at 08:30am for a 09:00am start, with the seminar expected to last approximately one hour with time for project based questions. SAINT-GOBAIN BUILDING GLASS Enquiry No.439

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Kalwall puts on a show ®

ethereal glow proving a beacon for visitors while mitigating any issues with light pollution to the surrounding residential and commercial buildings. Kalwall is frequently specified for this type of prestige project where high-end performance and quality need to be coupled with aesthetics, practicality and a long life-cycle. Not only does Kalwall provide a neat and cost effective solution but it also offers complete lineof-sight protection, maintaining privacy for building occupants while bathing the interior with diffused daylighting regardless of the weather. Importantly, Kalwall will eliminate shadows and glare and the stark

Kalwall® translucent cladding has been extensively used to clad the multimillion pound Exeter Road leisure development in Bournemouth, designed by architects Broadway Malyan. Almost 1,000 square metres of Kalwall have been used in this bold scheme

contrasts of light and shade. The system also enhances simplicity by doing away with the need for blinds, curtains or solar control. Even on cloudy days, the interior is flooded with natural daylight, which means less artificial lighting and, because Kalwall is highly insulating, energy costs are reduced. The standard Kalwall 70mm thick panel offers insulation up to 0.28W/m2K - equivalent to a cavity filled solid wall. Case studies and technical information are available from Structura UK Ltd on tel: 01233 501 504 or by visiting Enquiry No.265

which has transformed a former bus station into a 10 screen multiplex cinema, café, restaurant and retail complex. Recognised as a key material in this project, the translucent cladding encapsulates the building across all nine elevations and encloses the external fire escapes. At night the cladding creates a warm, inviting and

‘Specifying glazed partitioning’ CPD now available from OCULA Systems Partitioning experts and developers of the established Tenon and System 8000 products, Ocula Systems, are now offering RIBA approved CPD training on ‘Specifying Performance Fully Glazed Partitioning Systems.’

The training, designed to be just an hour in length, looks at the benefits of using glazed partitioning, where it’s best used, its performance and design capability and integration flexibility. It details the building standards that need to be considered when specifying partitions, offers an explanation on acoustic performance and sound attenuation and very importantly, fire testing and safety. The training finishes with a selection of case studies showcasing some of the latest glazed partitioning projects, offering inspirational ideas to attendees. The new CPD training course is carried out by experienced Project Consultants who will travel to deliver the course to specifying Practices throughout the UK. The training is listed at or can be requested via Ocula Systems HQ in Reading on 0118 935 8152 or Ocula Systems provide full Partitioning support from design through to installation. Their team includes a network of specification consultants, experienced glass installers, project managers, estimators and design technicians based in eight regional hubs across the UK. The Ocula product is also available through the SIG Interior branch network.

Check out full details at Enquiry No.266

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50 PRODUCT & BUSINESS NEWS Publisher: Lawrence McDermott Sales Director DABS Magazine: Maria Hodgetts

Editorial Co-Ordinator: Charlie Zeall

Production Manager: Carla Evans

The power of the Tectite Pro Tectite Pro, the highly versatile push-fit fitting by leading manufacturer of plumbing and heating solutions, Pegler Yorkshire, has been tested beyond its reported capabilities and passed with flying colours! The metal push-fit fitting has been put to the test in both a conventional and nonconventional way. Initially, independent testing facility the Advanced Structural Testing Centre (ASTC), based at the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), was sought due to its UKAS Accredited tensile testing capacity which allowed tests up to 1000 kN or Kilonewtons.Phil Spiers, Head of the ASTC, said: “The AMRC has a range of capabilities within its UKAS accredited test facility and this type of testing suits our in-house developed methods certification. PEGLER

As the UK’s most influential manufacturer of multi-layer insulation materials, YBS has strengthened its national sales team through the appointment of a new Midlands Area Sales Manager. Michael Swain previously filled the same role with European giant, SaintGobain for 15 years and has been tasked with increasing awareness of the company’s diverse product range amongst specifiers, as well as supporting new and existing merchant stockists. Michael will target the social housing sector, including local authorities and RSLs, together with building contractors and developers, reporting directly to, Sales Director Darren Myers. Michael is married with two daughters and enjoys football amongst other leisure activities. Speaking after his appointment to the role of Midlands Area Sales Manager, Michael commented: “I am looking forward to getting on the road for YBS – helping stockists as well as specifiers better understand the benefits of these very effective and compact insulation materials.”

MBR Publications McDermott Chambers, 2 The Green, Kings Norton, Birmingham B38 8SD Enquiries Tel: 0121 451 3037 Fax: 0121 433 3082 Web:

including postage ($49 U.S. for all other countries). Single copies UK £2.50 overseas $5 U.S. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by means without the express prior written consent of the publisher. The contents of DABS are subject to reproduction information storage and retrieval systems. © 2017 MBR Publications Ltd. Typeset by MBR Publications Ltd, McDermott Chambers, 2 The Green, Kings Norton, Birmingham B38 8SD. Printed in the


Enquiry No.443


Subscriptions & Delivery: DABS is for an annual subscription of £23.00

Enquiry No.442

Multi-layer manufacturer appoints new Midlands area Sales Manager

Circulation Manager: Jackie Quarterman

available to non-qualifying UK readers

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Your latest FREE guide to a more sustainable fleet

Time is running out for fleets to make vital changes to the sustainability of their fleet, before more legislation changes; and the planet gets dangerously warm. But just in time, The Green Journey is back again with its latest free eBook offering practical guidance for any organisation running a vehicle fleet. The Green Journey is the Fuel Card Services approach to helping fleet managers meet their sustainability commitments. The advice is based on years of working with fleets, combined with experience of meeting international environmental and quality standards. Fuel Card Services remains the automotive industry’s only organisation to become an official partner of Cool Earth, the leading environmental charity. THE FUEL CARD SERVICES

Gazco Skope Electric Requiring only a standard three-pin socket to function, the Gazco Skope brings style, versatility, and the ultimate in ease

A s t m Enquiry No.444 of installation. There are four inset and two multi-sided models available, presenting you with a wealth of options. For contemporary elegance, the multi-sided models can be selected with a chic Trento surround, removing the need for any extensive building work and easily mounted onto almost any wall. Producing a heat output of 1-2kW and featuring Gazco’s Chromalight® Immersive LED System, this is a fire that not only provides heat but also a visual spectacle. The Chromalight system uplights the fuel bed, allowing you to choose from a spectrum of 12 different colours to match any décor.

E c to a T t T c S W to

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Enquiry No.802

Glass Excellence Established in 1975 Firman Glass is one of the leading independent glass processors in the UK, manufacturing toughened glass, laminated glass and specialist sealed units. Based in Harold Wood Essex within 5 minutes of junction 28 of the M25 and half an hour from Central London we are ideally situated to service our ever growing and diverse customer base. Manufacturing all forms of processed toughened glass, with comprehensive stocks of clear float, low iron, satin, body tinted, mirrors, laminated glass, acoustic laminated and fire rated glass. With some of the most advanced capabilities in place Firman Glass is able to manufacture high quality products for all markets sectors including architectural, retail, leisure and domestic.

Products • • • • •

Toughened glass Processing CNC shaping Laminated glass Toughened and laminated constructions • EVA and Vanceva coloured interlays • Fabric and decorative interlays • Saflex DG41 structural interlay

• • • • • • • • •

Specialist insulating glass units Anti–slip glass Fire rated glass UV bonding FIRMALITE electric switchable glass Heated glass Decorative glass Sandblasting ColorfirmTM back painted glass

• • • • • • •

Staircases Treads and stringers Shower screens Shelving Glass doors Acoustic reduction Fire rated

Applications • • • • • • •

Structural glazing Glass floors Partitions Roof lights Balustrades Full height barriers Canopies

• • • • • •

Decoration Wall cladding Splashbacks Privacy Technical Support Nationwide Coverage

Further information is available from our sales and technical offices or visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email:

Enquiry No.803

Dabs aug issue  
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