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September 2016

Kinedo by Saniflo. Cubicles for every bathroom.

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PAINTS & COATINGS Remmers The Scandinavian log cabins and lodges at the picturesque Felmoor Park in Northumberland have been given a striking new finish thanks to Remmers wood coatings. Remmers HK Stain was selected to


HEATING & PLUMBING Four Ideal Commercial Evomax 100 boilers with frame and header kits have been installed as part of an extensive retrofit at the Lymington Health & Leisure centre in Lymington, Hampshire. Publisher Lawrence McDermott Sales Manager David Steade Production Manager Wendy Harris Please send PR to: Editorial Co-Ordinator Circulation Manager Jackie Quarterman For magazine information, advertising rates or to subscribe please visit our website at : www.McDermott McDermott Publishing Limited The Builder, McDermott Chambers, 2 The Green, Kings Norton, Birmingham B38 8SD Enquiries Tel: 0121 451 3037 . Fax: 0121 459 2179 Subscriptions & Delivery The Builder is available to non-qualifying UK readers for an annual subscription of £23.50 including postage ($49 US for all other countries). Single copies UK £4.00 overseas $5 US.A financial contribution has been made towards the cost of certain articles appearing in this publication.All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by means without the express prior written consent of the publisher. The contents of The Builder are subject to reproduction information storage and retrieval systems.© 2016 MBR Publications Ltd

Installation made simple with Gazco’s Slimline Monaco

If you’re looking for a stylish and hasslefree gas fire, look no further. The Slimline Monaco from Gazco’s latest collection has been designed with a modern look and innovative features, which makes for an easy fit within most households. The Slimline Monaco is perfect for homes that don’t have a chimney or for those looking not to spend time and effort trying to get building work scheduled in. This is a fire specifically designed with the fuel box contained within the

Alarming number of buildings breaking fire safety regulations New research has revealed that commercial buildings are more likely to be breaking fire door safety regulations and putting people at risk.

concrete surround, which means it can be easily installed against a wall. This eliminates any additional building work needed to create space in the cavity wall for a standard inset fire making for a much simpler way of having a heating appliance your home. With it’s modular design it is a versatile fire that can be customised to suit your taste and style and can be kept it the in the textured concrete grey finish, or painted with water based paints to suit the look and feel of the rest of the house. It can be installed with a range of different configurations, including having a recessed storage plinth where you can store cut logs to give a woodburning fire feel. The survey of 860 trade professionals, conducted ahead of Fire Door Safety Week (26-2 October 2016), revealed that over the past few years 93% of tradespeople have spotted a fire door being propped open illegally with a door stop when they have been working on a commercial or public building. Commercial buildings containing small or medium sized businesses are the worst offenders with 72% likely to prop doors open illegally, followed by commercial buildings housing large businesses (64%) and public buildings (42%). Tradespeople are also more likely to witness this offence in older, traditional buildings (56%) than in new builds (15%).

If you think this elegant fire could light up your front room, and you want to ensure an easy installation search for Studio Slimline on Gazco’s Slimline Monaco will be available later this autumn. ENQUIRY-Card 164

The study, which was carried out by IronmongeryDirect, a leading supplier of ironmongery products, also found that 74% of tradespeople have come across a fire door that was blocked or obstructed and 58% have spotted accessibility issues with fire doors in commercial or public buildings. When respondents were asked to reveal the most common faults they found when checking or maintaining fire doors, 73% said the biggest problem was that many did not have intumescent seals, which are vital for the fire door’s performance. ENQUIRY-Card 165

Preparing buildings for winter Chris Budd, Head of UK Sales at Watco, the UK’s leading manufacturer of industrial strength flooring products, gives tips and advice on jobs to be done now. 1 – Waterproofing Winter weather in the UK usually means rain, rain and more rain! So it is really important that buildings are prepared and damp proofed as soon as possible, both inside and out. Damp can be an expensive and dangerous problem - it can affect plaster, rendering and cause timber decay, and excess moisture may well cause damage to office equipment, furniture and paperwork. In many industries where hygiene is imperative, it is particularly important that mould or mildew is not able to develop. Applying a flexible waterproof coating bridges gaps and cracks in walls and allows the substrate to breathe. A damp proof paint, or anti mould paint helps resist mould growth, and is particularly useful in basements or any area with a damp problem. 2 – Prevent Slips and Trips Slips, trips and falls at work are a serious issue, HSE reported that they account for over a third of employee injuries, and make up more than half of all reported major/specified injuries. With wet weather, leaves, and icy conditions becoming a hazard outdoors anti-slip flooring is a necessity. Anti-slip coatings, indestructible GRP products and Anti Slip Tapes can help prevent these accidents. For hazardous areas heavy duty anti slip epoxy resin floor paint is designed to provide excellent slip resistance and minimise the risk of accidents. Matting is also a great way to prevent slips, and can be used as a temporary or permanent measure, especially for use on roofs. Asphalt and tarmac is an increased risk in winter because ice tends to be invisible on the dark surface. One preventative measure is adding Anti Slip Traffic Paint . GRP(glass-reinforced plastic) is an excellent winter safety product, available in many different styles, i.e. sheets, treads, and step covers, and

is great for external and internal applications. It can be installed at any temperature! 3 - General Roof Cleaning and Maintenance Guidelines Damaged, tired, and worn out roofs can cause a lot of problems. Roof leaks can be incredibly costly in the long term if not repaired, causing a range of problems including mould, damp, and plaster damage. Regular checks should be made to keep track of the state of the roof and in particular: • Beware of debris. Tree limbs, built-up leaves, and twigs can cause serious problems for a roof. They can block drains, resulting in ponding water on the roof resulting in leaks and costly repairs. Keep nearby trees trimmed as shade can boost the growth of moss and algae, which bring their own set of concerns, such as erosion of asphalt roofing materials. • Test your drains and gutters at regular intervals. Any missed debris can be washed down drains causing a clog. Pour water down the drain and make sure it flushes out properly. • Watch out for blisters on your roof surface. These are signs that it might be time to replace a roof sealant. • When it is time for a new roof coating, do a thorough cleaning first. A Roof Cleaner is an excellent option to apply before power washing a roof. They can lift dirt and grease from the roof’s surface, thereby removing contaminants that can cause discolouring or reduce the adhesive properties of the coating. After power washing, simply rinse with clean water. • Check all seals and edges, and use an industrial caulk gun to touch up any places where the caulking might be coming loose. • For a long lasting solution a fibre reinforced rubber and bitumen roof coating will prolong the life of a roof by weathering the elements as well as bridging cracks.  Fix a leaking roof using repair mortar, which can be trowellable, flexible and waterproof, ideal when working on flat roofs, slate roofs and even gutter repair. ENQUIRY-Card 166

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04 Product & Company News . View our publication online at . September 2016 .

Better Protection of Cavity Wall Window & Door Openings Incorporating a level of protection that works regardless of the site exposure categorisation makes sense. Conventional roll DPC is commonly used to provide protection against wet ingress over window and door openings in cavity walls. The downside is roll DPC cut on site can end up being inconsistent in shape, inconsistent in length and there can be difficulty addressing all the NHBC / LABC recommendations. A solution is to use a preformed Cavitray. When horizontal preformed Type C Cavitrays are used with lintels, one eliminates the variances that occur with roll DPC cut and shaped on site. Preformed Type C Cavitrays are readyshaped to harmonize with the window head construction / lintel choice, so the build detail is always correct and always consistent. Type C Cavitrays are also selfsupporting which means they hold to profile and do not require building into the inner skin. Both skins remain independent of each other Importantly, Type C Cavitrays have extended ends that project each side of

the wall opening by 300mm. These extended ends serve two purposes: Firstly they provide adequate shelter of whatever reveal closing method is deployed and secondly the 300mm projection ensures a brick perp joint beyond the opening is always located to accommodate the stopend in the optimum position. So when lintels have only 150mm bearings (such as those within the 900 to 1600mm length range), the 300mm extension ensures the stopend can still be naturally accommodated in the optimum position. (Despite the first available perp occurring 75mm beyond the lintel end in 50% of instances, when standard 225mm bricks are used). Finally, preformed Type C Cavitrays can be supplied with a drip lip moulded to the tray front in a position to coincide with the top of the window or door frame. Thus the recommendation within NHBC 6.1D6b to provide a lip at this point is fulfilled automatically. Cavitray scheduling is straightforward –

Cavity Trays of Yeovil

Cavity Trays of Yeovil does it for you and delivers trays packaged per plot. Thus stock and cost is controlled. Importantly, the house builder benefits a consistent build detail – every time. ENQUIRY-Card 500

We’ve got all the pieces!

You make the next move! New Handrail & Flooring catalogue out now

Offering the largest range of handrail components in the UK

Request a copy today



Email: Web:

Tel: 01708 25 35 45 Fax: 01708 25 35 50 ENQUIRY-Card 502

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PVC-U skirtin ng and architr raves. THE MODERN, MODERN HASSLE S -FREE FREE SOLUTION. UTION Up to 50% faster to install than traditional timber.

Hard wearing, durable and keeps its pristine finish year in and year out.

Skirting now available in a new 150mm height and great looking chamfered shape.





r e c yc













No sanding, painting or maintenance.






Give wood the welly. Choose Roomline from Eurocell. To find out more, please call 0800 988 3044 or visit

® roomline o ENQUIRY-Card 503

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06 Product & Company News . View our publication online at . September 2016 .

Custom fasteners from Blue Diamond

More is More from Simpson Strong-Tie The 2016/17 edition of Simpson Strong-Tie’s flagship catalogue is here. Alongside the UK’s largest range of connectors for timber and masonry construction, sit over a dozen new products and several range extensions, including: · Post Bases I-Joist hangers · Angle Brackets · Structural screws ·Masonry Ties. The catalogue is also brimming with installation advice, performance characteristics and safe working loads. Sales Director, Jon Head explains: “It’s been a busy year for Simpson StrongTie, with all new ranges for Light Gauge Steel and CLT construction, as well as our significantly expanded nails and screws ranges. We’ve really pushed the boat out to increase our core range though, which, coupled with our rapid made-to-order service, we really can say that if we don’t have it – you don’t need it”.

Blue Diamond Technologies, the Hampshire-based engineering firm specialising in the design and manufacture of bespoke mechanical parts, is building on its experience supplying fasteners for the automotive aftermarket to provide customers with bespoke industrial fasteners for any market sector. With more than 40 years’ experience, Blue Diamond already provides a single UK source offering global procurement of special parts and is now widening this service to supply custom fasteners with complex or unusual geometries in low batch quantities – typically 500 upwards. Custom fasteners are manufactured using hot and cold forging techniques at a fraction of the cost normally incurred to machine them from scratch. This includes fasteners with eccentric heads, unusual head forms or recesses, captive washers, and with features such as threadlocking compounds and nylon inserts. ENQUIRY-Card 100 ENQUIRY-Card 101



Efficient protection and drainage for basements and flat roofs is offered by the high density polyethylene Terraxx range from Delta Membrane Systems, which is featured in a brochure from the company. The brochure shows how the two-ply sheet is a highly efficient protection and drainage system, and offers an ‘allround’ solution for horizontal and vertical applications on compressionresistant substrates. With its fused-on polypropylene geotextile and integrated self-sealing edge, the product offers the functions of a protection, filtration and seepage layer making it particularly suitable for herbaceous roofs – intensively planted roofs which, being thickly covered with soil, do not need an extra water reservoir, but do need high drainage capacity.

Plug that gap with TP652 Compriband Trio Plus TP652 Compriband Trio Plus sealing tape, from Tremco, is designed to meet the onerous demands of even the Passive House standard in new-build constructions, as well as outperforming other products in refurbishment projects. Comprising an open cell, precompressed impregnated soft polyurethane foam, TP652 is ideal for the perimeter sealing of window and doors against wind and driving rain. At the same time, the tape provides thermal insulation for the entire depth of the installation and ensures an airtight barrier is formed. TP652 is also suitable for sealing panel joints, including those in offsite construction systems. As the name indicates, TP652 Compriband Trio Plus replaces three sealing products with just one. Before the window is installed, the tape is easily fixed to the frame with its integrated self-adhesive peel off strip. ENQUIRY-Card 102 ENQUIRY-Card 103

Terraxx takes the pressure

Email: Tel: 0203 174 2502

Glass staircase from our designer range WALL PANEL







NMC – Copley Unit 1 East Bridge Road Brompton on Swale Richmond DL10 7HS Email: ENQUIRY-Card 504

Spiral staircase from our popular range

Mini staircase from our spacesaver range ENQUIRY-Card 505

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Estimating Software Easy, Accurate, Save 80% of time spent pricing

9ধ1!ধ2+3Ä&#x2018;>!8''2');9 !='ÂĽÂ&#x2021;ÂŚ3(ধ1'96'2;68-$-2+>380 23>>,!;1!;'8-!ÂŁ9!8'2''&'&!2&>,'2 3809$,'&<ÂŁ'9!2&6!@1'2;9$,'&<ÂŁ'9 <;31!ধ$8'638;9-2$ÂŁ<&-2+(<ÂŁÂŁ>8-ħ'27<3;!ধ32;3+-=';,'#'9;-168'99-323(@3<8#<9-2'99

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* ';!(8''ÂŁ!6;36>-;,3<8139;636<ÂŁ!86!$0!+'T;,'£ধ1!;'<-ÂŁ&'8Z9<2&ÂŁ'#@7<3ধ2+fT3ø'8'?6-8'9Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2030;cÂ&#x2021;ÂĽcÂ&#x2030;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2C6;¤

03333 321502

Estimating Service Best value service offering more reports

!2;;,'9!1'+8'!;8'638;9#<;23;9<8' !#3<;-2='9ধ2+-2'9ধ1!ধ2+93Ä&#x2018;>!8'/<9;@';S 9'3<89'8=-$'T68-$-2+'?;'29-329(831Â&#x201E;Â?Â&#x160;R ENQUIRY-Card 506

03333 321518

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08 Product & Company News . View our publication online at . September 2016 .

DfT sustainability committee misses opportunity

Instarmac Products at the Touch of a Button

The Environmental Audit Committeeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new report on, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Sustainability in the Department for Transport,â&#x20AC;? is seriously flawed, according to Fuel Card Services. Steve Clarke, group marketing manager, said: â&#x20AC;&#x153;The select committee made some good long-term suggestions, but has missed an opportunity. It could have recommended action that would bring immediate benefits for fleet sustainability. In particular, it could have urged the introduction of measures compelling commercial road users to monitor and record fleet emissions.â&#x20AC;? The committee offered conclusions and recommendations in the areas of government policy and policy making, governance and operations. Steve Clarke said: â&#x20AC;&#x153;The focus on ultra-low emission vehicles ignores the reality of current technology, cost and infrastructure. Government should promote ULEVs, but recognising that widespread adoption remains a longterm prospectâ&#x20AC;?.

Instarmac are proud to announce the launch of their new product planner App. The App has been developed using the latest mobile app development technology and has been designed with their customers' needs in mind. Have you ever been stuck on site with no internet connection and need to find out how quickly your tile adhesive will set? When your pothole repair can be trafficked? Which smoothing underlayment you should use? The new Instarmac Product Planner App completely solves this problem! Each of Instarmac's 6 brands UltraCrete, UltraScape, UltraTile, UltraFloor, Wondertex and Granfix have dedicated product pages allowing the user to find information easily and quickly. What's more, each product has its own enhanced product calculator and technical and safety datasheets which can be accessed and downloaded without the need for an internet connection. ENQUIRY-Card 104 ENQUIRY-Card 105

Pipe Doctor offers fast cure for no-dig repairs New Pipe Doctor Rapid, the latest product in the Pipe Doctor no-dig patch repair range from Source One Environmental (S1E), is now available. The new product features a special fast-curing resin, for speedier repairs and therefore increased efficiency on site. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The new kit is ideal for repairs within 15 metres of the manhole,â&#x20AC;? explained Glenn Cartledge, S1Eâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Managing Director. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The working time and curing time of the resin is significantly lower than with other Pipe Doctor kits, so the contractor must be sure that he can get the repair in place in time. As long as thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the case, the benefits of being able to complete the repair so swiftly and move on are clear.â&#x20AC;? The company has stated that the working time of the rapid resin is 6-7 minutes at an ambient temperature of 20°. ENQUIRY-Card 106

Look closer at smarter control of fuel costs Taking a closer look at fuel cards should reveal that they have much more to offer fleet managers than savings on diesel and petrol. The whole point of finding the right fuel card, however, is to save money and time. No other way of buying fuel offers the advantages of fuel cards. With commercial rate fuel cards, you always know in advance exactly how much your fuel will cost, regardless of where a driver fills up, and the price is typically up to 4p per litre less than the national average pump price. Your fixed price applies at thousands of filling stations nationwide, from city centres to rural back roads. It even applies to motorway service stations, where the saving is up to 10p per litre. You refuel now and pay later, with the interval between refuelling and being invoiced meaning anywhere up to two weeks of interest-free credit. You only pay for the fuel, with no transaction charges or other hidden extras. On top of the cost savings, you save hours of administration time, with paperwork being eliminated. ENQUIRY-Card 107


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Meer End are design specialists in bespoke joinery commissions and approach every project as a unique opportunity to create something tailored to the individual customers needs, taste and budget. We keep alive a long tradition of English craftsmanship, priding themselves on delivering top quality products for a fair and honest price. Contact us today for our new free colour brochure.

Tel 01676 534226 or 01676 533679 Fax 01676 532224 Email ENQUIRY-Card 507

Tel: 01566 777140 ENQUIRY-Card 508

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10 Tools, Site Equipment & Workwear . View our publication online at . September 2016 .

Water, Water everywhere but 100% dry & comfortable feet with BASE safety boots No matter how wet conditions may get underfoot, feet stay dry as a bone with Be-Dry and Be-Powerful, the latest safety work boots from BASE featuring the latest technology to make them 100% waterproof and ultra-comfortable.

Thanks to OutDry technology® the footwear features an outer waterproof and light-weight breathable barrier that keeps feet dry, cool and comfortable. For the Be-Powerful range a patented TPU Skin outer sole, combined with an Air Tech mid sole ensure the boots stay comfortable all day long, even in the toughest conditions. Tradesmen can choose between three new safety boots in the BASE range, available in the UK exclusively through Hyde – BeDry Mid, Be-Dry Top and Be-Powerful – each of which not only keep feet dry in wet conditions, but also feature a wealth of other benefits to increase comfort levels even further. Be-Dry Mid is suitable for everyday use in wet conditions and temperatures as low as -17°C, while Be-Dry Top includes PrimaLoft® technology, making the boot even more comfortable when worn in very low temperatures. As with all BASE footwear, safety and comfort always come first, with the new range featuring LifePlus, a technology developed to improve grip and outer sole resistance, even in the wettest of conditions. Providing stability underfoot when working on constructions site where there is a constant presence of water, the double-density sole is thin, flexible and ultra-light, while superior shock absorption makes light work of rough and uneven surfaces too. SlimCap technology throughout the range means the footwear is up to 35 per cent lighter than standard steel toe-capped safety work boots. The metal free toe-cap is just 6.5mm thick and equipped with a pre-shaped protective shape so that toes aren’t left feeling the pinch. Meanwhile the patented SmellStop system prevents bad odours and acts as an anti-bacterial treatment, so the comfort continues long after the hard work of the day is over. For more details on this 100% waterproof safety footwear by BASE, call Hyde on 0121 704 2324 or visit ENQUIRY-Card 510

Ejecting the core problem for hole saw operators ~ Starrett launches Core Ejector tool ~

Following extensive product testing at its Scottish Borders manufacturing facility, tool and hole saw specialist Starrett, has launched its new Core Ejector tool. The two-part instrument addresses a common problem for contractors by removing the cut away disc of material that would usually remain inside the hole saw after it has completed the cut. Hole saw operators will be familiar with the problem of extracting the material that often becomes jammed inside the hole saw after cutting. The classic, method of removing the trapped material with a drift or screwdriver may be effective, but there is an obvious health and safety risk to the operator. One slip can spell disaster as the teeth of the hole saw are extremely sharp, and the elevated temperature of the saw if it has been recently used poses another threat of injury. Starrett’s Core Ejector is designed to alleviate this risk and improve health and safety for the operator. The spring-based Core Ejector, which can easily be installed onto a hole saw by twisting the spring over the pilot drill, comprises a precision tapered spring and an aluminium pressure plate. As the saw cuts into the material, the pressure plate compresses the spring and when the saw breaks through to complete a cut, the spring will act on the

pressure and push the core out of the saw before it becomes trapped. “The Core Ejector tool has been designed with ease of use in mind,” explained John Cove, marketing manager at Starrett. “The low cost tool is available in a range of sizes for flexibility and it functions effectively on ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metal, sheet glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and composite materials, as well as ceramics and tiles when fitted to diamond hole saws. “It is currently available in six sizes and covers a range of hole saw diameters. The range begins with the small KA8-1 core ejector for saws between 20 and 24mm in diameter and increases to the largest KA8-6 saws, which reach between 133 and 210mm in diameter.” Starrett has been serving the industrial, professional and consumer tooling industries for more than 130 years, offering a huge range of products to help contractors complete jobs effectively and efficiently. The company also offers an extensive range catering to more industrial sectors. For more information about the Core Ejector, or other tools in the Starrett product range, please visit the website ENQUIRY-Card 511

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The AllSaw is the perfect tool for your trade.



Saves you time and money

See it in action:

Very low dust output Cut faster with a clear view Easy single brick removal No kick back or overrun 120mm depth of cut Addex Group Unit C, Longmead Business Centre Blenheim Road, Epsom, Surrey KT19 9QQ T 0845 0500 595

W ENQUIRY-Card 512

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12 Tools, Site Equipment & Workwear . View our publication online at . September 2016 .

FEIN DUSTS OFF POWERFUL NEW EXTRACTOR RANGE Power tool expert FEIN has added two new premium class models, including M Class, to its range of dust extractors.

Solid Gear Athletic Safety Trainers from Hultafors

FEIN’s family of extractors is expanding with the addition of two new premium class, wet and dry extractors. Both are powerful and for the first time are equipped with automatic filter cleaning. The Dustex 35 MX AC is an M Class approved extractor (WEL > 0.1 mg/m 3) whilst the FEIN Dustex 35 LX AC is rated for L-classification extraction (WEL > 1.0 mg/m 3). Both machines come with a large number of special equipment features and extensive accessories making the tools suitable for multiple professional tasks on site or in the workshop. Safety extractors for tradespeople are split into dust classes: L (Low), M (Medium) and H (High) depending on the risks associated with the dusts involved. Some wood dusts (such as beech and ash) and mineral dusts containing quartz fall under the M class. Since recognizing substances can be difficult, a safety extractor is advised on most sites. The launch is also the first time FEIN has equipped its extractors with a fully automatic filter cleaning system. The innovative new AutoClean technology reverses the airflow every 15 seconds, blowing away any fine dust that may have settled in the filter back into the secondary deposable bag. Fitting the extractors with AutoClean allows for a consistently high suction force, meaning even large volumes of hazardous dust can be removed. Both dust extractors will work across wet and dry applications, reliably absorbing fine dusts and liquids. This Auto clean system also extends the filter’s life considerably, meaning the machine can work continuously and uninterrupted for much longer because of less frequent filter changes. This approach is far more effective than the traditional

Trend launch Instagram Page

Ultimate safety and performance – recommended by Snickers Workwear Part of the Hulafors Group UK, Solid Gear delivers top quality safety footwear for professional craftsmen. With modern, sporty looks, it’s Athletic range of Safety Trainers brings together superb functionality and top class safety in a range of styles, designs and colours to create versatile safety shoes that are well suited to a variety of work tasks. Superlight high performance EVA midsoles combine with anti-slip rubber outsoles and lightweight, breathable uppers to ensure optimal comfort and functionality. What’s more, all the shoes in the athletic safety range are made using a composite plate with aluminium toecaps to ensure maximum protection on site.

Trend Machinery & Cutting Tools Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of their official Instagram page. Head of Marketing; Luke Hulley comments “We have seen our Facebook pages rise significantly over the last 18 months and we are always looking at other ways to engage with our customers. Trend’s new Instagram page will share photos and videos and we look forward to engaging with our valued customers over it” BBC Young Carpenter of the year Tibby Singh will also be sharing tips via the Trend Instagram page. Tibby adds “I was delighted to support Trend’s Instagram page, I look forward to sharing my work and any handy tips I can share to help fellow woodworkers” To follow the page, please visit and follow the @trendrouting page.

All-day comfort, come rain or shine Your feet are an essential tool for your trade. There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad preparation, so investing in quality technical footwear is the smart decision. Scruffs has engineered an intelligent new range of footwear with GORETEX® fabric that keeps hard working feet dry, cool, and fully protected so that you can focus on the job at hand. The new Graft GTX, Grind GTX and Grip GTX are expertly designed with GORETEX® fabric, so you can be sure that you’re protected by the best quality materials available. Tested under strict laboratory conditions the range is fully waterproof and breathable, keeping you completely dry from the outside AND inside, come rain or shine. Each boot is S3 rated with a steel toe and composite midsole. ENQUIRY-Card 108 ENQUIRY-Card 109 ENQUIRY-Card 110

closed filter bag system and makes the extractors more cost-effective. As well as being economical the premium class extractors guarantee above-average suction power with a 1380W turbine, a volumetric flow of 4,320 litres a minute and a 254-millibar vacuum. Furthermore, FEIN has designed the new extractors so that its toolboxes and those from other manufacturers can be easily fitted onto the box holder. This special new design will allow users to move around site freely without complication. Toolboxes can also be secured with tension belts and the extractor’s 7.5m rubber cable and 4m hose provide users with a large working radius. FEIN has also fitted the Dustex extractor with high-quality wheels that can be turned 360 degrees and locked securely on sloped surfaces. Additionally, with an extensive range of accessories supplied, the tool can be tailored to user’s needs. Included with each device are two suction pipes, an elbow, a floor nozzle, a crevice nozzle, two tool collars and an intake brush. Furthermore, models with M classification are fitted with an electrostatically discharging suction hose as standard. All accessories are compatible with the compact class and the hose and other accessories can be secured with an elastic band. Available at specialist retailers, the Dustex 35MXAC has an SSP of £539.95 excluding VAT and the L classification Dustex 35LXAC dust at £429.95 excluding VAT. To find your nearest dealer or to find out more information about FEIN, please visit ENQUIRY-Card 513

Abracs Goes To “Great Lengths” For Kickstart The Tools To End Poverty Abracs are swimming the english channel to fund raise for Kickstart. The challenge: 21miles shortest distance, a water temperature of around 15 degrees & wave height of up to 2m. We aim to Fund raise £5,000 for KICKSTART through both Abracs Super 6




fundraising methods. Abracs will also support KICKSTART by gifting Abracs Abrasive products to be used in Kickstarts maintenance and development workshops. Follow our story at ENQUIRY-Card 111

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14 Tools, Site Equipment & Workwear . View our publication online at . September 2016 .

Tight and Secure Flooring

Draper Tools has just introduced 5m Flooring Tie Down Straps to its range. These brand new strap clamps are ideal for joining laminate and hardwood flooring without damaging the boards.

with Draper Tools Tie Down Straps

Smart flooring, whether it’s laminated or wooden, is all about precision, accuracy and a professional finish. It requires smooth straight lines, even distances and no gaps or breaks. That’s why the new Draper Tools Tie Down Straps are an absolute essential for anyone installing flooring. Designed to ensure tight and secure flooring with no gaps, they’ll really help to make light work of laying flooring. Durable and easy-to-use, the Draper Tools Flooring Tie Down Straps are perfect for the professional’s toolbox and also well-suited to keen or experienced home improvement enthusiasts. As part of the Draper Tools range you can be sure that the 5M Flooring Tie Down Straps are manufactured with quality in mind and come with the Draper Tools guarantee. They are just part of the impressive range of flooring tools and essentials from Draper Tools, which includes flooring scrapers and trowels, plus a wide variety of hand and power tools to help ensure a smart, professional finish on any job. Find out more at ENQUIRY-Card 515

Hultafors NEW Range of Craftsman’s Knives

Snickers RUFFWork – Heavy Duty Working Clothes

Precision, quality and long-lasting sharpness are the hallmarks of these superb new products. Hultafors Tools has extended its range of Knives for professional craftsmen and women. With a selection of Heavy Duty Knives, Safety Knives, Chisel Knives and Utility Knives already available from Hultafors in the UK, there’s also specially designed and developed products for Electricians, Plumbers and Painters. The new Knives include those for general-purpose outdoor use as well as ones for precision tasks. They’re all are ergonomically designed and made from the highest quality Japanese steel, which is honed and sharpened for durability and effectiveness. The Handles are made from a frictiongrip Santoprene and Sheaths are made from extra durable polypropylene plastic with special fasteners so they can easily be carried on Snickers working clothes.

Duraflow Powered Air Respirator with real-time airflow control

Reinforced, comfortable and tough for hardwearing comfort. Part of the Next Generation Workwear range, Snickers’ RUFFWork working clothes are modern, heavy-duty garments that combine an amazing fit with reinforced features throughout. Packed with loads of functionality, the trousers are specially designed for those professional craftsmen who really rely on their gear in demanding on-site working conditions. The special ‘Dobby Pro’ fabric used in these garments provides a unique combination of comfort and durability. What’s more, the ‘Cordura 1000’ reinforcements are up to 3 times more durable than regular Cordura and, with a special DWR coating to repel oil and moisture, these trousers will stay looking good for longer.

Respiratory expert Scott Safety introduces Duraflow, a lightweight and ergonomically designed Powered Air Respirator (PAR) with sophisticated real-time air flow control technology. The new solution gives complete wearer assurance of respiratory protection to focus on the job rather than the protective equipment itself, in a multitude of hazardous situations and industries. Mark Andrews, Global Product Line Manager Powered Air, Halfmask & Airline at Scott Safety said: “Our design intent for Duraflow was to bring to the market a reliable, durable powered air product at an affordable price for those currently using respirators with filters fitted directly to the mask (negative pressure mode).” Duraflow’s automatic monitoring features ensure the airflow rate is maintained at precisely the correct level to afford protection for the user. ENQUIRY-Card 112 ENQUIRY-Card 113 ENQUIRY-Card 114

The wait is over all new Abracs launched a brand new in August to showcase their extensive range of abrasive consumable products and top quality service to the online market. The all new is primarily product focussed but also showcases and solidifys the professional young fun personality of Abracs as a company. From the staff images that change from “serious business” to “party time” when clicked, to the news section detailing all of the adventurous fundraising challenges that happen behind the scenes. Find out more about Abracs products and services at - the cutting edge of abrasives is at your fingertips. ENQUIRY-Card 115

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16 Paints, Coatings, Sealants, Fillers & Adhesives . View our publication online at .

NEW SX Instant Paintable Caulk

Apply. Paint. Done Siroflex has developed a unique innovative sealant which is instantly over paintable. This high quality flexible acrylic sealant will save you time, money and effort. It is easy to apply, dries quickly and can be painted over immediately with water based and synthetic paints. It adheres perfectly without the use of a primer to most surfaces, has low odour, does not discolour paint and is not corrosive towards metals. It can be used for the sealing and filling of gaps and cracks where movementD can occur such as those between plasterwork and window frames, door frames, skirting boards, windowsills and architraves. You will obtain the best possible end result with SX Instant Paintable Caulk.

Call us

Learn mo ore

01296 481220

Contact us on 01226 771600 or email for further details

Siroflex Limited Dodworth Business Park | Dodworth Barnsley | South Yorkshire | S75 3SP T +44 (0)1226 771600 F +44 (0)1226 771601 Scan to watch our demonstration video. ENQUIRY-Card 517





Meet the newest addition to the Everbuild adhesives range – a truly universal construction adhesive with amazing high grab strength thanks to the fibre reinforced technology. Fix In 5 is a fast setting, 5 minute adhesive with a final bond strength that has to be seen to be believed.


O N E C OAT O N LY H S P L U S: Hi g h q ua l it y c ol o u r a n d wood p rote c ti on








A SIKA COMPANY Everbuild Building Products Ltd. - A Sika Company Site 41, Knowsthorpe Way, Cross Green Industrial Estate, Leeds LS9 0SW Telephone: 0113 240 3456 Fax: 0113 240 0024 e-mail: website: ENQUIRY-Card 519

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Apply. Paint. Done. A

SX Instant S I t t P Paintable Caulk Unique acrylic sealant developed too be over painted instantly • Instantly paintable • No discolouration of paint • Minimal risk of cracking • Remains flexible • Easy to apply • Based on UCA Technology

For more information call us on 01226 771600 or email ENQUIRY-Card 520

Siroflex Limited Dodworth Business Park | Dodworth | Barnsley | South Yorkshire | S75 3SP T +44 (0)1226 771600 | F +44 (0)1226 771601

Quality Perfformance Products

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18 Paints, Coatings, Sealants, Fillers & Adhesives . View our publication online at .

Dunlop Interior Filler The heavy-weight of the filler world, this fast-drying gypsum-based interior filler for smoothing, plastering and filling large surface damage, holes or cracks. Part of the Dunlop Pro Décor range of wall fillers and smoothers, Interior Filler is brilliant white and easy to use. Ready in no time at all, it can be built up to 30mm thick and is tension free. Once applied, the filler creates a smooth finish and will not crack. The surface can be smoothed with a damp sponge and then re trowelled if necessary once hardening commences eliminating the need for sanding. Even at very thin bed depths the product creates a hard, crack free and sound surface which is not affected by wallpaper adhesives, water or solvent based paints. Available in 2kg and 5kg, Dunlop Interior Filler is paintable in 5 hours. ENQUIRY-Card 116

Chalk paint maker & waxer launched by Polyvine

Thompson’s launches newest range building chemicals

Felmoor Park receives Premium Protection from Remmers

With flat matt finishes predicted to be a leading style trend, chalk paint is a great sales option both short term and for the coming season. Until now, offering the velvety smooth, chalky finish could mean limitations in terms of colour matching as even the best ranges have a limit to the colours available, but with the latest Polyvine chalk paint maker launch, the whole market has changed for the better. The new and unique chalk paint maker product from specialist paint and varnish manufacturer, Polyvine can be mixed with any colour of standard matt emulsion to produce a one off chalk paint in any choice of colour. Easy for the consumer to produce at home – or for in store preparation - all the retailer has to do is supply a good colour range of standard matt emulsion alongside the new Polyvine chalk paint

It’s been an exciting few months for the Thompson’s brand. Known for its famous waterproofing range, with the launch of a new range of Building Chemicals products, plus a redesigned website has moved the brand into several exciting new categories. With more than 40 new products, the Building Chemicals range caters to six key areas including; roofing, admixtures, flooring, cement and mortar repair, cleaners, and putties and adhesives. The team at Thompson’s have invested heavily into speaking to end users and merchants to ensure the range is inclusive and makes an impact in store. As Marc Olding, Thompsons Marketing Manager explains: “We felt that it was important to work closely together with merchants and end users in order to gain a genuine understanding of what they needed and what they felt was missing from the market.

The Scandinavian log cabins and lodges at the picturesque Felmoor Park in Northumberland have been given a striking new finish thanks to Remmers wood coatings. Remmers HK Stain was selected to provide not only effective weather protection but protection against blue stain, rot and insects. HK Stain is a “2 in 1” product which eliminates the need for an additional wood preservative primer and is perfect for both soft and hardwoods. The product penetrates deeply into the wood whilst leaving it fully breathable and as it doesn’t flake or peel. Available in a wide range of traditional colours or the alternative HK Stain ‘Grey Protect’ range of natural grey shades, for a more modern look. ENQUIRY-Card 117 ENQUIRY-Card 118 ENQUIRY-Card 119

Give your garden the 5 star treatment

Organowood@: The new name in sustainable wood protection

Breathe life back into a tired looking garden with new Everbuild 5 Star Sprayable Shed and Fence Mate from Everbuild – A Sika Company, a premium quality wood treatment designed to be spray applied for a fast and easy application. The superior wax and silicone enriched formula of 5 Star Sprayable Shed and Fence Mate gives an advanced double action water repellence for excellent long lasting colour and a weatherproof finish to all wooden garden structures. It is also perfect to use on sheds, pergolas and all other rough sawn timber structures. Available in five popular colours, in 5ltr jerry cans for easy pouring, this product can be applied using a standard pressurised garden sprayer enabling full fence panels to be easily covered in minutes.

With a strong reputation in the Nordic countries, OrganoWood is the latest name to hit the wood treatment market in the UK. OrganoWood offers architects, professionals and end users the next generation of environmentally friendly wood protection. The complete system offers flame, rot and fungal protection, as well as extreme water and dirt repellence for any exterior wood surface. A tried and tested ecological alternative to pressure treated finishes, the OrganoWood solution is both aesthetically pleasing and sustainable, and is suitable for domestic and commercial use. The OrganoWood wood protection system consists of OrganoWood® 01. Protection which offers rot and flame protection, OrganoWood® 02. Repellent to provide a dirt and water repellent surface and OrganoWood® 03.

ENQUIRY-Card 167 ENQUIRY-Card 168

Mapei range of Eco Adhesives A commitment to sustainability in development and product manufacturing originates from the very foundations of the Mapei organisation. Technological advancements have been made in Mapei’s line of eco products, including the development of eco adhesives for resilient flooring. Mapei’s eco range adhesives are suitable for all resilient flooring scenarios, such as in areas where under floor heating is used or where temperature fluctuations occur. High performance characteristics and low emissions of VOC make them ideal for areas of heavy foot traffic such as schools, hospitals and sports floors. One popular eco adhesive is Ultrabond Eco 4 LVT. The fibre-reinforced luxury vinyl tile adhesive has EC1 Plus accreditation, which makes it ideal for use in heavy traffic areas such as schools, hospitals, airports and shopping centres. ENQUIRY-Card 169

When it’s cold outside Webermineral TF Render wont stop winter working The new webermineral TF, a throughcoloured, thin coat, decorative render finish, designed for use with multi-coat render systems, is not only rain resistant but can be applied at temperatures as low as 1°C. This cementitious, even textured render has rapid drying benefits that can prevent wash-off in 1 hour making it ideal for winter working and achieves a durable, resilient and weather resistant finish for all year round protection. “As we approach autumn and winter, applicators and developers will no longer be hindered by bad weather,” says Tracey Dempster, head of marketing, Saint-Gobain Weber. “webermineral TF has been especially designed for application in temperatures between 1°C and 20°C making it versatile and convenient, overcoming expensive site delays.” ENQUIRY-Card 170

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Anti Condensation Paint Our textured paint designed to reduce condensation ENQUIRY-Card 523

New style Anti-condensation Ad a4 with P&D logo.indd 1

22/09/2016 15:16:12

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20 Paints, Coatings, Sealants, Fillers & Adhesives . View our publication online at .

HydrolocTM technology makes decorating easier with Dunlop Pro Décor Ever wondered what makes Dunlop Pro Décor fillers and smoothers stand out from the crowd? Dunlop Pro Décor, unlike other brands, utilises ground-breaking HydrolocTM technology to help decorators achieve a superior finish in a faster time than ever before. Unique because the mix water is used as part of a chemical reaction that dries the filler, HydrolocTM is unlike other products that dry via water evaporation. This means the filler dries evenly throughout, regardless of thickness, within at least 24 hours. In fact some products, such as Dunlop Rapid Repair Mortar with HydrolocTM and Rapid Rescue Repair Filler with HydrolocTM are dry, hard and paintable/drillable in only 90 minutes!

Because the reaction occurs throughout the filler, its thickness plays no pivotal role in the waiting time. The drying process is not dependent on environmental factors either, such as temperature or humidity, making drying times more consistent.   Debi Boulton, Sales and Marketing Manager at Dunlop, said: “Dunlop’s mission has always been to provide painters and decorators, builders and general tradespeople with industry-leading, problem-solving products. “HydrolocTM technology, found in our Pro Décor range of fillers and smoothers, is a better alternative to other, cheaper products because there is no shrinkage from mass loss caused by water evaporation. This saves the user time and money as no re-filling is required.” HydrolocTM features in half of Dunlop’s Pro Décor range including Deep Filling Compound, High Bond Renovation Filler, Fibre Reinforced Smoothing & Filling Compound, Rapid Repair Mortar and Rapid Rescue Repair Filler.

For more information and for a full list of stockists visit or call 01782 591160. Follow Dunlop on Twitter @DunlopProDecor. ENQUIRY-Card 524

5 STAR ★★★★★ PERFORMANCE 5 Star Sprayable Shed and Fence Mate is a premium quality, easy to use shed and fence treatment specifically designed to be applied using a standard pressurized garden sprayer. This superior quality wax and silicone enriched formula with an advanced double action water repellency gives excellent long term colour and weatherproof finishes to all wooden garden structures.

A SIKA COMPANY Everbuild Building Products Ltd. - A Sika Company Site 41, Knowsthorpe Way, Cross Green Industrial Estate, Leeds LS9 0SW Telephone: 0113 240 3456 Fax: 0113 240 0024 e-mail: website: ENQUIRY-Card 525 Everbuild Shed And Fence - Builder (135x104) September.indd 1

14/09/2016 10:26 ENQUIRY-Card 526

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Same product


FLASHBAND has h a brand new loo ok. Yo ou’ll still get the same high perform mance - but now it’s s under the Bostik brand! By becoming Bostik Flashband itt joins ourr comprehensive range of qua ality lit waterproofin fing products. d t For roo o fing fi repairs and maintenance, they’re in a league of their irr own.



Bostik Limited, Common Road d, Stafford, ST 16 3EH. Tel: e 01785 272625. Websitte: ENQUIRY-Card 527

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22 Paints, Coatings, Sealants, Fillers & Adhesives . View our publication online at . Get a fast with Fix in 5

Fight back against vandalism with ASBO Vandalism and graffiti is a growing concern within the UK, costing over £1 billion a year to remove. To combat the trend, Everbuild – A Sika Company have launched a new ASBO range, providing both the prevention and cure to the problem. Within the range is ASBO Anti-Graffiti Coating, a semi-gloss, clear coating designed to protect against costly damage caused by spray paints, marker pens and fly posting. Once applied, the coating prevents paint from bonding, causing it to crack allowing for easy removal using just water and detergent, eliminating the need for any harsh chemicals, whilst posters will fall off on their own after a few days. The coating can be brush or roller applied to concrete, brick, render, masonry and previously painted surfaces.

Fix In 5 is the latest addition to Everbuild – A Sika Company’s adhesive range, bringing a truly universal construction adhesive with an ultra-strong final bond strength which has to be seen to be believed. Curing in just 5 minutes, Fix In 5 combines an advanced PU formula with fibre reinforced technology giving gap filling properties allowing it to be used on the most demanding of jobs, bonding virtually all materials including timber, metals, natural stone, concrete, plastics and much more. Chemical and weather resistant, Fix In 5 is available in grey in 310ml cartridges, offers sound deadening properties and is suitable for interior and exterior use. For more information on Fix In 5 or any other product in the Everbuild or Sika ranges, contact your local sales representative, call the sales office on 0113 240 2424 or visit ENQUIRY-Card 120

New prestige Oval Angle Synthetic Brush from Hamilton

New IKO liquids protect roofs, floors paving & patios

Hamilton, the leading professional decorating sundries company, has added the new Oval Angle Synthetic brush to its popular Prestige range. Suitable for use with both solvent and water-based paints, the Prestige Oval Angle Synthetic brush is a blend of synthetic filaments which give a superior finish and are excellent for cutting in. Compatible for use a vapour box, the synthetic filaments aid easy cleaning whilst the oval shape increases paint pick up for great paint coverage over larger areas. Available in two sizes – 25 mm and 35 mm – the Prestige Oval Angle Synthetic brush comes with a wooden handle. For more information on Hamilton’s range of brushes, rollers and decorating tools, visit or call 01953 453201.

Market-leading waterproofing and roofing manufacturer IKO PLC has launched five new liquid products for waterproofing and protecting roofs, floors, paving and patios. The full range of IKOpro liquids are supported with a new brochure with clear, easy-to-read instructions and images for each product which can be downloaded at IKOpro-brochure. The new products include IKOpro Roof Protector, IKOpro Paving & Patio Protector, IKOpro Roofcyrl and IKOpro Solvent Free Waterproofer: • IKOpro Roof Protector is a solvent-free, grey waterproof coating for flat and pitched roofs and masonry including all bituminous membranes, fibre-cement, bricks, tiles, galvanised surfaces and more. It can be applied as a single coat and cures in 46 hours, so the job can finished in a day. ENQUIRY-Card 122 ENQUIRY-Card 123 ENQUIRY-Card 121








NXT Silicone Roof Coatings can be applied to virtually any surface including felt/bitumen, steel, concrete, fibreglass, wood, asbestos, fibre cement, epdm, lead and many more. Ideal for roof & gutter repair and refurbishment. Some of the most common uses are for flat roof repair, garage roof repair and industrial gutter coating please contact us if you need any advice.

Tel: 01505 863 863 ENQUIRY-Card 528









0 12 9 6 3 2 3 7 7 0 w w ENQUIRY-Card 529

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TOUPRET UK T 2 North Row - London W1K 6DJ 25 P Phone: +44 (0)203 691 6747 F Fax: +44 (0)20 3691 6751 E Email:

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FREE *Dispensing gun for RAP /Quick / RAP -4H

Dispensing Gun worth over £40

Mix the Quantity of Desowood RAP – 4H required.

Introductory Pack cost: £138.06 including VAT and carriage Introductory Pack content: 1 set Desowood SAP-4H (two bottles), 3 sets Desowood RAP-4H (2 tubes x 3), One Dispensing Gun.

This offer is for new customers only and is limited to one free dispensing gun per customer / company. The offer may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

To purchase the Introductory Pack please call us or send us your details by e-mail.

TEL: 01767 682446 ENQUIRY-Card 531 E: Web-site:


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MULTI TAsking Meet the Multi-Tasking new generation grab adhesive that has been created by the Professionals for the Professionals.

Supplied in stylish 350ml plastic cartridges SikaBondÂŽ-141 MULTI STICK is the first hybrid polymer grab adhesive that has been especially created with the Trade User in mind. While being solvent free, this product still boasts incredible initial grab and high bonding strength (anti-slip), and is suitable for both interior and exterior applications as it is completely waterproof and weatherproof. This superior adhesive has the ability to bond virtually anything to everything, porous and non-porous in both wet and dry conditions, and even underwater or in the rain â&#x20AC;&#x201C; great for the British weather.




With almost limitless applications and many benefits, no tradesman should be without a tube of this next generation, multi-talented adhesive.



Everbuild Building Products Ltd - A Sika Company Site 41, Knowsthorpe Way, Cross Green Industrial Estate, Leeds LS9 0SW. Tel: 0113 240 3456 Fax: 0113 240 0024 email: website: EN QUIRY-Card 53 3

Multi Stick One App Full Page Builder (300x230) August indd 1

07/07/2016 09:38

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26 Cladding & & Insulation Insulation . . View 70 Roofing, Roofing, Cladding Viewour ourpublication publicationonline onlineat . .September September2016 2015. .

Smarter EWI specification Summit new from Summit. Extra wide capping board

Kee Klamp® expands its range of Tubular fittings

Trade roofline specialist Summit has introduced four more colours into its range of 405mm wide, double ended capping boards. The 405mm wide board, known as a “double ended cover board”, is 9mm thick. With the introduction of the new colours, Cream, White, Anthracite Grey and Irish Oak, it is now available in the full range of eight Summit colourways, all in a range of widths from 150mm to 405mm. The 405mm board is specifically designed for deeper roofline applications, typically for the gable side of the box end, where a smooth, onepiece unit can be formed without the unsightly joints usually required when two boards are fitted together. Because of its superior durability and maintenance-free characteristics, Cellular PVC is widely used as a capping board for timber fascia boards that are still sound.

Kee Safety, a leading global supplier of safety railing systems, has expanded its Kee Klamp® range with the introduction of 12 new types of tubular fittings. Designed for installation on steeper gradients, the new slope fittings offer builders and specifiers an aesthetically pleasing option. The latest addition to the Kee Klamp® portfolio is an extension to the current range of slope fittings. The new components have been designed to enhance the building of guardrail along staircases and ramps, particularly when the slope is greater than 30 degrees. The new range introduces single fittings to cater for situations where currently a combination of fittings is required. Not only does this improve the aesthetics of the finished guardrail but it also allows for a quicker and easier installation. ENQUIRY-Card 128 ENQUIRY-Card 129

POLYURETHANE POLYURETHANE SPRAYED SPRAYED FOAM FOAM INSULATION INSULATION forforDomestic, Domestic,Industrial, Industrial,Commercial, Commercial, Agricultural Agricultural&&Marine Marinepurposes. purposes. Solves most roof problems Solves most roof problems Suitable Suitableforfornew newbuild build& &older olderconstructions constructionsincluding includingrenovations renovationsand andbarn barnconversions, conversions,hard hardtototreat treat buildings buildings& &cavities cavitiesand andagricultural agriculturalchange workshops.Bonds Bondstotomost mostsurfaces. surfaces. Exceptional Exceptionalalternative alternativetotodrydrylining liningnon-cavity non-cavitywalls. walls.Creates Createsa acontinuous continuousmembrane membranethroughout. throughout.

Refurbishent funding schemes, such as ECO, make external wall insulation (EWI) - which prevents energy loss in homes without cavity walls - an attractive choice for homeowners and contractors alike. In most cases contractors are buying complete, prescribed EWI systems direct from manufacturers. This is great for the manufacturer; they cut out the middle man, It’s estimated that usually a merchant or insulation distributor, and there are around have controlled distribution over their product. However, this offers little choice and even less 7.8 million solid flexibility for the aforementioned contractors walled homes in and specifiers. Supplying through partnerships Live welding demos & discounts at Heraklith roof board the UK. With with distributors is the first step towards driving IKO Polymeric Build Show stand respecified for restoration choice, value morewelding importantly qualitythe in efficiency project to Live and energy hot-air will show A detailed refurbishment this industry. Currently the choice is very limited remarkable qualities of IKO conserve architecturally significant the andan at the sales desk, with Climatherm from Bostik Polymeric’s Spectraplan TPE residential property is making use of a being onemembrane of the few on systems associated standdistributed B4/1005 in at this the special composite cost woodwool board way. ThisBuild makes thethis product much from savings the rangebecoming supplied by Marmox Show October. Themore BBA accessiblecertified to certified contractors and removes Limited to ensure not just the integrity single ply combines the best more important purported barriers of entry of the work, but also the building’s one longof the performance characteristics of into PVC this and market for tradesmen. Bostik continues to add recognised by term and performance. EPDM membranes - and can be welded more distribution and works with them The house in Wimbledon was originally between partners 200-600˚C! local government, to expandIKO the specification of Climatherm while designed and built by acclaimed Polymeric Managing Director, maintaining BoardCarlyle, of Agrément authorities, architect, Richard Rogers to serve as his Anthony gives (BBA) furtherapproval details: at every stage. parents’ home and takes inspiration “Spectraplan is identical in look and feel housing By working closely with able a growing of from some of the Modern Movement to PVC but being to weld list at low and associations EWI systemmeans component providers, buildings of the early 20th century.approvedtemperatures detailing is much its distribution partners ensure BBA Completed in the public, late sixties, Bostik the and the general easier. At high temperatures, it can be Certification is maintained and controlled property features extensive glazed machine-welded at 6/7 linear metres a and clear a there’s throughout the supply chain. unique can supply elevations and a flat roof of minimal minute. Repairs (if This required) be offers efficiency in every demand depth,pressing where the designer of chain such route made without a patch and, thesense; weld iconictostructures Lloyds insurance efficient becomes supply through reduced times, upgradeasthe as strong as the lead membrane. offices in the City of London, chose to stocking and local installation, and efficient local Visitors can test it on stand to see!” energy employ Heraklith woodwool “Roof energy use via improvedalso insulation Spectraplan has and veryreduced good Board” to help regulate humidity levels heat lossenvironmental in existing housing stock. performance of characteristics. within the occupied space. For further information, visit www.bostikproperties. ENQUIRY-Card ENQUIRY-Card 131 600

ENQUIRY-Card 130

Sprayed & Injected Insulation MPI are specialist approved applicators of sprayed & injected urethane foam systems, with over 20 years of experience. With their unique properties :-

• low k factor • closed cell • high strength • excellent adhesion • a system for virtually every application From cavity wall, under-roof, over-roof, to side walls, floors & soffits.

MPI can offer U value calculations to BS5750 & help in designing a tailor made specification. 22 Invaluable Emissions Invaluablefor forRoof RoofInsulation: Insulation: Save SaveEnergy Energy&&Co Co Emissions

• Stops • Stopscondensation condensation • Can • Canprevent preventslipping slipping • Can • Canliterally literallyremove removethetheneed needforfor& &cost costofofnew newroof roof • Eliminates • Eliminatesfrozen frozenplumbing plumbing • Prevents • Preventsentry entryofofoccasional occasionalwind windblown blownrain/snow rain/snow • Insulates & reduces fuel bills • Insulates & reduces fuel bills Tel:Tel:01405 01405812682 812682• •Fax: Fax:01405 01405817201 817201• •Freephone: Freephone:0800 0800581 581247 247 • Building• • • BuildingSociety Societyapproved approved email: Office: Crow Tree Farm, Crow Tree Bank, Thorne Levels, Doncaster DN8 5FT5FT Office: Crow Tree Farm, Crow Tree Bank, Thorne Levels, Doncaster DN8 • •Frost FrostProtection Protection ENQUIRY-Card 534 ENQUIRY-Card 605

Class 1 & Class O fire rated systems are available together with a range of protective coatings, including vapour barriers, breather membranes, weathercoatings & chemically resistant PolyUrea high performance coatings.

MPI Ltd., Church Street, Westhoughton, BOLTON, BL5 3QW T: 01942 811839 F: 01942 812310 ENQUIRY-Card 535 ENQUIRY-Card 606

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You can rely on JJI-Joists to succeed– whatever the challenge, because JJI-Joists are jam packed with features to make your life easier, and the job quicker. We are the most popular I-Joist in the UK and the I-joist most specified by architects and engineers. So, whether designing or building, choose JJI-Joists with confidence. You’ll find there’s so much more to them than meets the eye.


EMAIL: jji-joists @ EN QUIRY-Card 53 6

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28 Roofing, Cladding & Insulation . View our publication online at . September 2016 . lindab magestic | the king of galvanised gutters

The King of Galvanised Gutters

• New improved galvanised steel • Ultimate corrosion resistance in aggressive environments • Lowest price Lindab rainwater system • Extremely environmentally friendly • Up to 100 years life expectancy • Ages beautifully • 10 year warranty



LindabMagestic™ The elite magnesium galvanised steel rainwater system Tel: 0121 585 2780 ENQUIRY-Card 538

The Clement Conservation Rooflight Crafted by experts in steel fenestration and building restoration. The Clement Conservation Rooflight is a replica of a Victorian original. Designed to lie flush with the roofline and in keeping with the character of your property, it is the only conservation rooflight that is available from stock in two profiles – for slate or clay tiles - to ensure the best finish.

VXSHUEFRQVHUYDWLRQURR°LJKWV Clement House, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1HR 01428 643393 ENQUIRY-Card 539

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30 Roofing, Cladding & Insulation . View our publication online at . September 2016 .

Raising the Roof As we all know, the performance of even high quality building products can be let d practice. Here we take a look at Roofline Systems and get the low-down from one good and what’s bad in this important area of construction.

Fascia Joint with pins and silicone

Neat Box End with minimal joints, no pins or silicone

Dave Osborne has been Technical Services Manager at Swish Building Products – the people that make PVC cladding, fascia and soffit boards, rainwater systems and all the sundry fixtures and fittings for more years than he cares to remember.

polo shirt with his business logo across his chest and back stepped into view. He looked a bit sheepish, as he had every reason to. I was good and ready for a showdown, but he took the wind out of my sails by holding out his hand, apologising sincerely for putting me and everyone else to a lot of trouble and asking if I could help him sort it out.

When it comes to roofline installations, both domestic and commercial, good and bad, he’s seen it all. From his long experience, Dave sets out some pointers to ensure best use of materials and a good installation every time and tells us about some of his installation hates!

So the story goes that he’d previously done some work with a mate, thought he’d got a handle on it, stuck fliers through some doors, fluked this job on his first day out and bitten off more than he could chew. I told him what to do, he listened, and now I’m happy to say he’s earning good money and is a great fitter.

A couple of years ago I was asked to visit the beautiful home of a retired couple to sort out a dispute with their installer. As I approached the house and looked up, I got that sinking feeling. Sure enough, here was the roofline from hell, pushing all my pet hate buttons. There was silicone everywhere, nail heads littered the joints and corners, the fascia had started to bow, there was no evidence of ventilation; and I was going to have to sort it out for the nice lady waving at me from the doorstep.

So over the years I’ve seen a lot of time and money thrown down the drain, not just by shoddy installers but also by well-meaning and sincere guys who haven’t quite understood the problems involved in the job they’re working on.

Now I bet, just as I was, you’re thinking the worst about the idiot who stuck that lot up. He’d probably high-tailed it with the nice lady’s money ready to fleece some other poor punter, just like the dodgy tradesmen you see in “Cowboy Builders” on TV. So imagine my surprise when a young lad in a smart

PVC is a great material. It cuts like timber, using the same tools and it accepts nails and screws in the same way with just as much security. It also knocks timber for six with regard to maintenance requirement – because basically there is none – and so its expected lifespan is far greater than timber, and its lifetime cost is much lower. Once you understand a couple of important things about PVC the rest starts to slot into place. The facts are that PVC profiles are more compliant (more bendy) than timber, and they have slightly greater linear co-

efficient of expansion (they expand and contract a bit more). In an article like this I can’t give you all the little details you may need but you won’t go far wrong if you remember this: Roofline Get your substrate straight, level and true to ensure the PVC boards you’re fixing on to it will all line up. Use string lines that are nice and taught to guide you in fixing hangers to the rafters to pick up your fascia and soffit. Nail or screw down your boards with two fixings at each fixing centre; maximum 600mm centres for white and 400mm for colours and foils. This will make sure any expansion is contained in local sections and so kept to a minimum, Allow the recommended expansion gaps between the ends of boards, 8mm between two 5m boards, so that they don’t push against each other in hot weather. Use a deeper board for box end fabrication as this minimises the number of joints you have to make and looks cleaner. Finally, in the case of a roofline installation, observe the Building Regs. requirements for ventilation of the roof void. This last one has little to do with expansion or contraction of the roofline boards, I throw it in because it’s the only Regs requirement for roofline and it’s quite often ignored.

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. September 2016 . View our publication online at .

Roofing, Cladding & Insulation 31

fline with Swish let down dramatically by poor installation m one of the UK’s leading experts in what’s

Fascia Joint with pins and silicone

Cladding • White boards fix every 600mm max. • Colour and foil boards fix every 400mm max. • Make sure you allow heat to escape from behind cladding boards, with a continuous, vertical ventilation gap behind the profile. The gap is created by the battens on which the board is mounted. • For white cladding - the ventilation gap behind the boards must be 25mm min. • For coloured or foiled cladding - the ventilation gap must be 50mm min. • Where the board terminates at a corner or at the edge of a cladding area ensure the board end is fixed. This is really important with cladding because of the larger exposed surface area involved. And now I’m going to throw in my two pet hates; 1) silicone being sprayed around like crazy-foam 2) pins or super glue used to externally secure joints and corners. Silicone looks great on the day of installation but soon picks up dirt and rapidly exposes shoddy workmanship. I know of some installers who refuse to use it, which is very laudable but a bit extreme in my opinion. However, if you set out to do the job without silicone you’ll find that it’s a sharper, cleaner installation and what silicone you do use will be minimal. Pinning or gluing joints is poor practice because you’re positively fixing a cover across an expansion gap. Two

Take care with rafter hanger alignment

things happen as a result: firstly, the trim can be split by the movement of the board ends and secondly, pins warp the surface of the trim, look ugly and highlight the location of a unit that is designed to blend into the boards. Fascia joints should be only be pinned or glued into the butt end of one board (i.e. secretly fixed) with the other side free floating to take up the expansion gap. Alternatively face fix your joints and corners with good quality silicone sealant, as once cured the silicone provides an elastic seal. I may be preaching to the converted here but I wouldn’t mention all the above if they didn’t cause installers, their customers and ultimately yours truly significant distress on a regular basis. So if you’re uncertain about any part of an installation, whether you’re sticking 5m of fascia on an extension or doing a full makeover of a five bed detached, the word is – pick up the ‘phone and ask; it may save you a lot of time and money. Dave Osborne is Technical Services Manager for Swish Building Products.

Positively fix joints to one fascia end only

Swish Building Products: 01827 317 200 ENQUIRY-Card 537

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32 Roofing, Cladding & Insulation . View our publication online at . September 2016 .

WE’VE GOT T YOUR R ROO OFS COVERED D T: + 44 (0) 1422 3155 300 | F: + 44 (0) 1422 315 310 | | UNIITT G16 RIVER BANK WAYY,, LOWFIELLDS BUSINESS PARK , ELLLAND, HX5 9DN ENQUIRY-Card 541






Specialist aluminium fabricators of doors & windowss, shop fronts, conservatories o & roofs

Adding choice & value to your roofs OLYYMPUS

Fixed, Manual or Eleectric Oppeningg


tClear or Activ Blue glass g tOver 45 diffeerent Roooflight combinations in stock o tCustom sizes and colours available






N G E!

www.alum ENQUIRY-Card 542

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Heating, Plumbing & Ventilation Supplement 33

01928 531870 ENQUIRY-Card 543

Rinnai... for all your heating & hot water needs

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34 Heating, Plumbing & Ventilation “SPECIAL FEATURE” . . September 2016 .

Hitachi showcases new heat pump product line-up at HVAC2016 Hitachi’s expanded Yutaki air source heat pump product range is one of the widest on the market and is being showcased at HVAC 2016 (part of UK Construction Week) at the NEC from 18th-20th October on stand H4/601. "As a relatively new player in the UK air source heat pumps market, we're excited to be involved in the HVAC 2016 show which brings together thousands of industry professionals in one central venue. We'll be showcasing our full Yutaki range of products and the long-term benefits of heat pumps to an audience who we believe will be key in getting renewable energy sources out into the wider market," commented Andy Hooper, UK

Heating Manager, Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning Solutions. Some of the best seasonal performance figures Completely redesigned to meet the needs of specifiers, installers and homeowners - and utilising common components, common outdoor units and simplified design to benefit both end users and installers - the extended Yutaki product line-up includes a total of 70 new models which are more compact for small installation spaces and are lighter weight for easier handling. The introduction of common components and controllers, streamlines product training requirements, reduces the need for carrying multiple spares, and lowers installation and maintenance time. Performances have also been improved, with higher COPs, better seasonal efficiencies and higher capacities. All Yutaki models also be supplied with a new Cooling Kit accessory to enable both heating and cooling modes. Four new models The Yutaki range comprises four models,

Evomax 150 packs power into a small package

Altecnic aims to end expansion vessels guesswork

When a high output wall hung condensing boiler is needed for a commercial installation, look no further than Evomax 150 from Ideal Commercial Boilers. Offering a condensing output of 158kW, Evomax 150 is amongst the most powerful wall hung boilers available today. It succeeds in combining this power with an impressive seasonal efficiency of 96.7% and a low NOx measurement of just 38.1 mg/kWh, offering installers and specifiers a boiler that delivers on a number of fronts, including already being compliant with Ecodesign (ErP) 2018. If more power is required, up to 4 Evomax 150s can be installed in a cascade (632kW condensing). Larger bespoke cascade systems are available upon request. For added peace of mind, and proof of its reliability, Evomax 150 comes with a five year warranty as standard*.

A significant proportion of installers are risking compromising the performance and reliability of central heating systems by relying on guesswork when choosing an essential component. A recent survey by leading plumbing products company Altecnic found that nearly two-thirds of installers made no thorough calculations before installing an expansion vessel. As a result, they may be compromising the efficiency and reliability of the system they are installing. Chris Brass, Technical Manager at Altecnic, explained: "Most installers recognise the importance of an expansion vessel to prevent damage when water in a heating system expands, but we were surprised at how many did not pay enough attention to sizing. ENQUIRY-Card 132 ENQUIRY-Card 133

Yutaki-S split, high temperature YutakiS80, Monobloc Yutaki-M and the new all-in-one Yutaki-SCombi. Hitachi’s innovative Yutaki-SCombi integrated solution has been designed specifically for the UK market. The indoor unit has a built-in 200 or 260L stainless steel hot water cylinder, as well as the main hydraulic components such as the pump, filter and back up heater, plus a newly-designed controller. The indoor unit is pre-plumbed and pre-wired, making the installation simpler with less internal space needed.

Legionella Protection and a five-year warranty as standard. Single menu for all Yutaki models A new multi-function wired remote control is common to all Yutaki models – meaning a single menu for all Yutaki products with a dedicated installer view, wizard start up configuration and a more intuitive menu for quick and simple commissioning. The alarm history is also logged to assist engineers with troubleshooting. All Hitachi’s Yutaki air source heat pumps are MCS approved, eligible for the domestic and non-domestic RHI and have domestic hot water (DHW) Legionella Protection and a five-year warranty as standard.

Single menu for all Yutaki models A new multi-function wired remote control is common to all Yutaki models – meaning a single menu for all Yutaki products with a dedicated installer view, wizard start up configuration and a more intuitive menu for quick and simple commissioning. The alarm history is also logged to assist engineers with troubleshooting. All Hitachi’s Yutaki air source heat pumps are MCS approved, eligible for the domestic and non-domestic RHI and have domestic hot water (DHW)

New heating controls from ESi ESi is one of the fastest growing designers and manufacturers of heating controls in the UK. It has developed a range of energy saving, innovative heating controls for residential and light commercial applications. Most homes in the UK still tend to have a single heating zone – and the only control in the rooms is by thermostatic radiator valves. When a new centralheating system is installed, it's possible to fit a full zone control that has different pipe loops and separate thermostats for two or more areas. This can offer significant energy savings. ESi offers a range of zone valves which are a direct replacement for existing valves if they fail. These are very quiet in operation and now come with an industry leading five-year warranty. They are easy fit components, with a simple clip on/off detachable actuator head with an option of a ‘plug and play’ cable. ENQUIRY-Card 134

ENQUIRY-Card 544

Ideal Commercial Boilers work out at Lymington Health & Safety Four Ideal Commercial Evomax 100 boilers with frame and header kits have been installed as part of an extensive retrofit at the Lymington Health & Leisure centre in Lymington, Hampshire. The new Evomax boilers, which were specified by loyal customer New Forest District Council, were installed in the boiler room to supplement two older, standard efficiency boilers which were deemed to be inefficient and did not modulate, meaning output was all or nothing when fired. New Forest District Council have implemented a programme of refurbishments across numerous council sites involving Evomax and other Ideal Commercial boilers. The council has found the combination of ease of installation and high efficiency readings to be very impressive, along with an attractive appearance. ENQUIRY-Card 135

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Floor Finish: Tiles, carpet, wood etc.

Concrete Coated split woven membrane with 50mm square grid

Expanded Polystyrene

Email: Visit: Tel: 0191 2500818 Follow us on facebook and twitter

Ask about our waste Recycling scheme ENQUIRY-Card 545


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36 Heating, Plumbing & Ventilation “SPECIAL FEATURE” . . September 2016 .

RINNAI ONLINE & IN TOUCH WITH CUSTOMERS Chris Goggin, Associate Director of continuous flow water heater manufacturer Rinnai, explains how important the company’s digitalisation strategy is to its customers.

We are living in a fast changing world – one that is increasingly being driven by fingertip operation on a computer, Smartphone, tablet – or even watch nowadays. ‘Digitalisation’ is the new buzzword but don’t think this is a fad – it is here to stay.

There are two factors that will affect global

business – the first is digitalisation – which is the integration of digital technologies into every part of everyday life. Any business that does not embrace the opportunities of digitalisation and chooses to remain in a state of inertia will definitely be left behind.

You only have to look at the rise and rise of shopping on line with information available on multiple devices. This brings me to the second challenge, which is globalisation. As just about everything is now available digitally, companies like Rinnai, in my opinion, aren’t just compared to their direct competitors any more, they are compared to everyone. Rinnai is now making all its contact points, information and support fully digitalised and accessible on any device on the go. We are also tailoring this information so that it is personalised to target customers geographically initially and then becoming more sophisticated as we go ahead. But just why would Rinnai’s increased level of digitalisation be important to our customers?

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. September 2016 . .

It is important to the market as it demonstrates several aspects very clearly. First, we are making it easier for customers to access all data easily without unnecessary complications. Second, it gives them the platform to engage with us any time of day and anywhere. Our aim is to integrate Rinnai into every day life for the customer, installer, consultants and even end user so they have a mindset of ‘think water heater, think Rinnai’. By personalising the information to them, it then becomes more and more relevant to their unique needs. The intelligent application of digitalisation is already proving to be a powerful tool, directly beneficial to the industry as potential and existing customers now have a wide array of access to information and product that can only improve their businesses and their customers’ businesses. It is to everybody’s advantage that we

Heating, Plumbing & Ventilation “SPECIAL FEATURE” 37

encourage them to engage digitally. For specifiers and consultants who need reliable products and information, engaging with a fully digitalised Rinnai and the integrated BIM shelf and associated sales support as a core competency can deliver this without question. And for end users, too, there is accessibility leading to peace of mind. In simple terms, Rinnai UK’s strategy towards digitalisation is to ensure the customer is central to our thinking and giving them complete control and accessibility over content is key. We are all competing in the new slightly scary globalised world so offering peace of mind in this manner is extremely important. Twitter, and other social media platforms, are also a key area for engagement. Social media enables Rinnai to engage with emergent groups (people who go on line to talk about stuff they have in common, usually to criticise it!) while

enhancing and protecting our reputation. We also have a bit of fun, too. Let’s face it our industry can be far too stuffy and to its own detriment. Remember, people buy from people and companies they like and we believe it is important to link quality, innovation and customer delight to our brand. We know our strategy is working because we are seeing more and more hits on the Rinnai website. Hits have increased 100% since launch and Rinnai is more and more becoming instantly recognised as a quality brand. For more information on the RINNAI product range visit ENQUIRY-Card 546

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38 Heating, Plumbing & Ventilation “SPECIAL FEATURE” Foilboard Batten

. . September 2016 .



Underfloor Heating by Darren Trivett, Omnie’s Managing Director The commonest forms of underfloor heating (UFH) all involve circulating water through highperformance plastic pipe, which has been set within the structure of the floor. This water can be heated efficiently by a conventional gas or oil boiler or by solar thermal panels, or it can be heated (or cooled) very efficiently using a heat pump. (If you circulate cold water through an underfloor heating system during the summer, you can create a comfort-cooling system). A heat pump can use electricity 3 to 4 times more efficiently than electric underfloor heating, and electric underfloor heating can never provide cooling. UFH has become the preferred form of heating throughout the residential sector - from top-end through self-build to local authority and housing associations. It is also now commonly specified for schools and medical facilities, for offices, factories, boats and even zoos. There are three ways in which heat can be transferred into a room – conduction, convection and radiation. UFH mostly uses radiation and this is the most natural and comfortable form of heating – think of sun-bathing. We like radiant energy. UFH is safe because there are no hot surfaces, it is unobtrusive, more hygienic and more energy-efficient. Radiators, by comparison, mostly use convection to heat a room. They heat the air, which becomes buoyant. This rises to the ceiling and travels across the ceiling to the far side of the room. As it cools, the heated air drops and then returns across the floor to the radiators to be re-heated. This convection cycle, as we call it, inevitably puts the hottest air in the room at ceiling level and the floor is always the coldest part of the room. With UFH, the temperature in the room is very even and the floor is the warmest part. With UFH, the floor surface is made about as warm as the palm of your hand (25-27OC). The right form of UFH can achieve this surface temperature using water which is much cooler than even over-sized radiators require and, if your heating system can be effective

while using cooler water, then not only is this more energy-efficient but it also opens up the prospect of being able to obtain this lower temperature water from renewable energy sources. UFH has the potential to wean a building off its dependency on continued availability/affordability of fossil-fuels. Most UFH suppliers ought to be able to supply an effective form of UFH when it is set within a screeded or concrete floor. It is just a case of installing the correct amount of plastic heating pipe over the top of the insulation before the screed or concrete is laid and then making sure the screed/concrete fully wraps around the pipe. If you pin the pipe directly to the top of the insulation, it can be damaged when the screed is transported across the top in barrows and the pipe can often be kicked loose when liquid screeds are laid over the top. Fixing clip-plates across the top of the insulation and then plugging the pipe into these protects the pipe and holds it securely in place while the screed or concrete is laid. With pipe-in-screed UFH, the primary issues for a floor layer are these: Screeds and concrete contain a lot of water when first installed and it is essential that the screed is completely dry before the floor finish is laid, otherwise this water will collect on the underside of the floor finish as condensation and lift off vinyl or soak into the underside of a timber finish or carpets. The official advice is that the UFH should NOT be used to accelerate drying and the general guidance with sand/cement screeds is to allow drying to occur naturally at the rate of 1day/mm of screed/concrete thickness up to 50mm and 2days/mm for any thickness greater than 50mm. This means you should allow 100days for a 75mm thick screed to dry naturally, and it might take longer than this during the winter. If you try to use the UFH to speed up the drying process, this has to be done very, very carefully. If done too quickly, this could stop the screed/concrete curing correctly or cause it to shrink, curl or crack. Although screed/concrete is a relatively good thermal conductor, and this can help this form of UFH to be

Toron Suspended

effective while using low water temperatures, which is good, floor structures formed from this material inevitably have high thermal mass which means a lot of thermal energy is needed to change the floor surface temperature (and consequently the heating power) and enable the UFH to respond to changes in heating demand and this is not so good. Many buildings in this country are nowadays constructed with timber floors. There are some flooring companies and even some underfloor heating suppliers who say that underfloor heating should not be used in a timber floor because timber is a poor thermal conductor. This is because they have either not used the correct form of underfloor heating in the past or simply because don’t have it in their product portfolio. The truth is that the correct form of underfloor heating can be very effective and the best way of looking after a timber floor throughout its lifetime, if you do it right. Recent changes to SAP have had the effect of giving a building a better energy rating if it has UFH in a timber floor than if it has UFH in screed/concrete. The improvement in SAP is sufficient that, if a house has timber UFH which is powered using a groundsource heat pump, a house which would otherwise be rated Level C could instead have the potential to be rated Level B. The most important reason for this is because timber floor constructions have lower thermal mass than screed/concrete and this enables timber UFH to change heating power output more quickly and with a smaller injection of thermal energy. However it is important to make sure you choose the right underfloor heating system for timber floors. Not all systems work in the same way some require very high water temperatures to be effective. So it is important to ask the supplier for independent heat output test data to make sure it will provide enough heat especially when using a heat pump.

ENQUIRY-Card 547

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On pump and fittings

On Manifold**

WUNDA A Premium Pump pset with Grundffos EuP rea ady pump


£69 .00





Underfloor Heating Pump Control Pack

4 Port Maniffold Set, Chrome


£165 .83

+ vat



WUNDA Premium Stainless Steel 4 Port Maniffold

+ vat



£96.83 *

+ vat

+ vat



Ever ything you need under one roof - since 2006 • Industry leading guarantees • Technical support & advice 6 days a week • Systems ffor or new build or existing properties • Underfloor or Rapid Response Overfloor

• Cut out the middlemen and save money • Kits, shopping lists or bespoke (free plans with bespoke systems) • Tracked deliveries with time slots • Monthly trade credit accounts (STS)

*Source - Screwfix website September 2016 **Full details online ENQUIRY-Card 548

ORDER B Y 6P M FOR NEX T D AY DELIVER Y 0800 083 2677 Or 01291 634 149 (50 lines)


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40 Heating, Plumbing & Ventilation “SPECIAL FEATURE”

. . September 2016 .

Everything you need to know about UFH Warm water underfloor heating (UFH) is simple to install in a wide range of properties, from new build extensions to kitchen renovations. As a builder, you can fit all of the heating tube and mount the manifold quite easily, leaving a plumber to make the final connections back to the boiler. New to UFH and have a few questions? Nu-Heat, an established supplier of UFH, is here to help. Can I install UFH in an existing property? Yes. You can install warm water UFH in a wide range of projects, from new-builds to renovations, ground and first floors, and even single rooms. Our experienced team have been developing UFH systems for every type of scenario for over 20 years. How do I know if the UFH is suitable for the property? UFH is suitable for most properties, it’s just a case of choosing the right system – this is something we can help you with through your Technical Account Manager. As a general rule, all new properties should be suitable for UFH, as they will be well insulated. Older properties can also benefit from UFH too, thanks to Nu-Heat’s LoPro™ systems that offer high heat outputs without the need to dig up the existing floor.


My customer is renovating. Am I going to have to dig up the floors to install UFH? No, there’s no need to dig up the floors. Nu-Heat’s award-winning LoPro™ solutions for renovation projects are laid directly on top of an existing floor and both are also low profile – with as little as 15mm height build-up! Do I need an UFH system design? Why? This depends on the project. For a single room, such as a new extension, you can work with a OneZone™ kit that can be bought from Nu-Heat’s online shop. For larger projects where the heating system needs to be zoned, or in more complicated scenarios, a design is always recommended. By having a design drawn up, you and your customer can be completely confident that it will effectively heat the property. Is UFH easy to install? Yes, UFH is simple to install, particularly when you are working with a fully designed system as you will have detailed drawings to follow. There are just a few key

components to get familiar with and Nu-Heat provides you with illustrated installation and set-up instructions to make the whole process straightforward. We also offer a dedicated Technical Support Team to help with any questions you may have when on-site. Do I need to attend a training course? No, there is no requirement to sit a training course to install UFH. However, many suppliers – including NuHeat – do offer training courses to give you a handson look at the systems on offer and their benefits. This can be worthwhile if you are new to UFH and would like to see how each system is installed. Work with Nu-Heat If you have any more questions about installing UFH, or have a project in mind, one of Nu-Heat’s experts would be happy to help.

Call 01404 540650


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14:49 ENQUIRY-Card 550

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42 Heating, Plumbing & Ventilation “SPECIAL FEATURE”

. . September 2016 .

Installing underfloor heating need not leave you floored Andy Coy, Product Manager at Polypipe Underfloor Heating, dispels some of the more commonly held mistaken beliefs, allowing installers to sell UFH as a viable home heating solution. Technology surrounding water based underfloor heating has advanced significantly in recent years, while some of the misconceptions have not changed. With a little understanding, it isn’t difficult for plumbing and heating engineers to dispel any doubts their domestic customers may have and bag some great business opportunities in the process. As a starting point, many homeowners believe that underfloor systems heat up the floor and leave the rest of the room cold, which is not the case. Unlike traditional radiators, that need to reach temperatures of 80 degrees celsius to heat a room, underfloor heating runs at a much lower temperature, from as low as 40 degrees celsius. With warm water circulating through a network of pipes, the system ensures that a gentle, even heat is distributed throughout the space. The nature of hot air movement ensures that heat from a UFH system rises from the ground up, providing a comfortable and consistent temperature unlike radiators which project heat via a convection current, resulting in hot and cold patches within a room. The lower running temperature of water based underfloor heating also offers many cost and environmental benefits over radiators, an important consideration for the energy conscious homeowner. Operating at between 30 and 40 degrees celsius lower than an equivalent radiator system,

UFH systems require less power from the system’s boiler, and therefore have lower operating costs. With energy experts increasingly recommending underfloor heating over traditional heating options, there has never been a better time to start recommending and installing water based underfloor heating. Many people also believe that installing underfloor heating means having to dig up a property’s floor, but this is incorrect. In a new build property, a screeded floor system can be installed at the build stage whilst the floor is being constructed. In renovations, overlay systems (just 18mm in the case of Polypipe’s offering) fit over existing floors, removing the need for messy and expensive floor excavations. Perhaps the greatest benefit to homeowners is that underfloor heating offers total design freedom within the home. Radiators often act as obstacles to be overcome when planning the interior design of a home, and take up valuable space that could be put to much better use. With associations like Polypipe’s Registered Installer Network, training and support is available for all those looking to branch out and install underfloor heating, so there’s no excuse for commercially savvy installers not to get on board and add underfloor heating to their offering. ENQUIRY-Card 551

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| GAS |

| M U LT I - F U E L | E L E C T R I C ENQUIRY-Card 552

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44 Heating, Plumbing & Ventilation “SPECIAL FEATURE” .

Vanguard aluminium radiators now with ceramic core

Decorating made easier

– a leak-proof electric heating solution Electrorad - one of the UK’s leading suppliers of electric heating systems has upgraded its popular oil-filled Vanguard range with new aluminium models. These incorporate a micacoated ceramic plate to help deliver improved heat retention and to provide a totally leak-proof electric heating solution. Whilst the mica coating acts as an efficient electrical insulator and thermal conductor, the thermostats have also been upgraded from relay to triac to ensure even greater accuracy of the room temperature control. Triac also guarantees a completely silent operation with no clicking sounds when switching on or off. All models remain 100% energy efficient and offer controllable warmth with nine pre-set programmes and user settable options to suit a variety of lifestyles and preferences.

Reaching that awkward space behind the radiator to decorate has long been a time consuming issue for professional trades people looking to do a perfect job. However, now there’s a solution. The Rotarad radiator valve kit enables easy access to the space behind the radiator, for decorating and for cleaning with no need to turn off the water or get the plumber in to remove the radiator. Rotarad gives quick and easy access to the space behind the radiator The Rotarad radiator valve kit is an easy retrofit for existing radiators and an obvious benefit when having new radiators installed. It enables the radiator to be lowered away from the wall to a 45 or 90 degree angle for easy and safe access with no need to disconnect the radiator from the central heating system. A clever little valve allows the radiator to move while maintaining water flow to the system and a simple finger release catch with a weight holding wire restraint enables decorator. ENQUIRY-Card 136 ENQUIRY-Card 137 . September 2016 .

Charnwood ARC England’s oldest wood burning stove manufacturer Charnwood have launched their latest model the ‘Arc’. Drawing inspiration from the west coast of the Isle of Wight (where they are designed and made) the Arc’s pared down simplicity echoes the undulating fields and open space. Designed to simplify the process of burning wood and smokeless fuels the 5kW stove achieves exceptional efficiencies with very low emissions. The Arc also features a rotating grate system that can be adjusted to best suit your fuel of choice and also doubles up as an extremely effective de-ashing device – ensuring less mess. Engineered from cast iron, plate steel and ceramic glass the Arc comes in a choice of 8 colours. Available from September 2016 Arc with Low Stand RRP £1495 Arc with Store Stand RRP £1595 Demista Quarter Page Ad 2015/16 ENQUIRY-Card 138



A division of Aztec (Europe) Ltd

Queensway Industrial Estate Glenrothes, Fife KY7 5QF ENQUIRY-Card 553

Pegler Yorkshire Completes Static Valve Offering To ensure heating and ventilation systems work to their optimum efficiency valves are a key element. Pegler Yorkshire with its foundations held in the development and manufacturing of valves, is increasing its Static Valve offering which incorporates ultra low and medium flow static products to compliment all flow variables. “Standard practice of installed HVAC systems is to ensure minimal loss of hydraulic flow. Therefore, regulating flow and keeping pressure loss to a minimum is essential in the optimum efficiency of a system,” said Sindar Singh, Climate Control Market Manager for Pegler Yorkshire. “With the expansion of our 1260 static balancing valve range we are confident that all flow requirements and system optimisation, which includes the conservation of energy, are covered within the Ballorex portfolio.” 14/8/15 12:35 Page 1

ENQUIRY-Card 139

Simple to install Internationally Approved 10 Year Warranty

TEL: +44 (0)1932 866600 • FAX: +44 (0)1932 866688 • E. ENQUIRY-Card 554

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. September 2016 . .

Heating, Plumbing & Ventilation “SPECIAL FEATURE” 45

MAKING LIFE EASY REHAU underfloor heating solutions

REHAU offer a number of underfloor heating floor systems, REHAU EASY PANEL, RAUFIX and TACKER, ideal for residential and commerical installations. These systems are complimented with the new REHAU NEA and NEA SMART/R heating controls and our PE-Xa pipes use our renowned REHAU EVERLOC TM jointing system. To find out more visit or email: *

% !


+#(' ENQUIRY-Card 555



Die Cast Aluminium Radiators

w.aelheati n ww

m • Drawin co g g.

mat compat b for

Original FARAL Aluminium Radiators, always appreciated, often imitated since 1966 The choice of many Architects and local authorities for over 50 years, Faral radiators provide the highest heat output achievable from one of the most energy efficient low water content aluminium radiators available today.

Autoca with d le

Longo 80

White TA8W15 thermostatic valve set

Tropical 95

Detailed drawings of AEL radiators and valves in a CAD drawing format that is also compatible with AUTOCAD is available on digital disc or via e-mail: Tel: 01928 579068 ENQUIRY-Card 556

©AEL copyright all photographs & CAD drawings

Flat Front Sill Line ENQUIRY-Card 557

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46 Heating, Plumbing & Ventilation “SPECIAL FEATURE” . . September 2016 .

VITA SERIES RADIATORS MAKING AN IMPACT Stelrad has a desire to provide a comprehensive selection of quality radiators, from entry level to premium radiators, for everyone. Stelrad launched a new concept in buying radiators across the UK and Ireland – with the arrival of the Vita Series – a series of six selected radiator ranges under the Stelrad Vita branding that includes an entry level Stelrad Vita

Value range, right through to the beautifully designed Vita Ultra product with colour options. The Vita Series was designed to revolutionise the radiator market – and its done a pretty decent job of doing that.

Full details of the Vita Series can be found on, you can call for brochures and information on 0844 543 6200 or email . You can follow Stelrad on Twitter @Stelrad or on Facebook at ENQUIRY-Card 558 ENQUIRY-Card 559

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NEW touchscreen central control • Control every room independently • No wiring needed • Radio Frequency signals • Built in smart metering-save energy • Built in WiFi gateway • App control - Android & iOS

‘Talks’ to the built in radio receivers In Digi-Line radiators

CLEVERTOUCH Control your heating from anywhere in the world ENQUIRY-Card 560

Tel:0113 2746799

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48 Heating, Plumbing & Ventilation â&#x20AC;&#x153;SPECIAL FEATUREâ&#x20AC;? . . September 2016 .

Zehnderâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s World Class ComfoAir Q Heat Recovery Unit Achieves Passivhaus Outstanding 96% heat recovery efficiency from next generation MVHR Zehnder Group UK is proud to announce that its new ComfoAir Q range of MVHR units â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the most efficient heat recovery system on the market - has been awarded Passivhaus certification. This new generation of heat recovery units offers outstanding energy and noise performance as well as smart technology that helps improve the installation process and accuracy on-site. Why Choose MVHR? Modern homes conform to stringent, energy-efficiency regulations and the choice of heating and ventilation system is crucial to achieving these standards and maintaining a comfortable, energy efficient and healthy indoor environment. When a fabric first, energy efficient approach is taken to new build, MVHR (mechanical heat recovery and ventilation) really is the only choice - a whole house system that works to maintain and deliver fresh air 365 days a year. Key Benefits of Zehnder ComfoAir Q Range â&#x20AC;˘ World Class Performance: The range provides up to 96% heat recovery efficiency, making it the most energy-efficient unit on the market.

â&#x20AC;˘ Simple to Install: Connections can be changed from right to left, ensuring that everything fits even when the installation situation is modified. â&#x20AC;˘ Convenient to commission: A simple, integrated commissioning wizard and app assists with setting up the system exactly as required. The commissioning process concludes with an automatic system test and confirmation, allowing the new unit to be put into operation easily, quickly and safely. â&#x20AC;˘ Improved Indoor Air Quality: Completely sealed and maximised, the high-quality filters ensure healthy, dust-free air and protect against excessive humidity. â&#x20AC;˘ Smart homeowner control: A convenient app gives customers the right operating solution whatever their needs. â&#x20AC;˘ Maintenance: Systems can be monitored easily via remoted access on the Zehnder web portal. In addition, the units have easy access for cleaning. â&#x20AC;˘ Three sizes available: 350, 450 and 600 mÂł/h.


â&#x20AC;˘ Elimination of nuisance noise: Zehnder ComfoAir Q units are almost silent during operation and are currently the quietest units on the market. ENQUIRY-Card 561



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The Posi--Joist open web floor system makes a difficult jjob simple.

The Outsstanding Joist S System

With Possi-Joist you can install all your ventilation and heat recovery systems with ease and deliver the right amount of ventilatio on to the right rooms in the right location.

The ad dvantages are simple: • Open web design pr ovides easy access for the design and innstallation of services • Improvved quality of service fitting, eliminating costly r emed dial work • Greate er clear spans for design flexibility • Clear p profit from savings in labourr,, time, materials and ca all-backs • For thee largest network of licensed manufacturers throug ghout the UK and Ir eland visit: www i k .uk/Manufactur it k/M f t ers/P /Posi-J i Joists/P i t /Posi-J i Joist-Manufactur i tM f t ers//

CPD No ow available for Posi-Joist

Contact MiiT Tek ek today or visit for full deta ails and an on-line prresentation esentation.

MiT Tek Hous House, se, Grazebrook Industrial Park Peartree Lane, ne, Dudleyy,, DY2 0XW W,, UK Telephone: 01384 451400 ENQUIRY-Card 564

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50 Heating, Plumbing & Ventilation “SPECIAL FEATURE” .

NEW: CRX1 Wireless Controller for Consort’s RX Heaters Consort Claudgen’s new CRX1 wireless controller features a large easy-to-read backlit LCD display and offers up to six temperature settings a day, seven days a week. It has four different operating modes and features a 15-minutes Boost with temperature control to provide the maximum comfort quickly. The CRX1 wireless controller works with all Consort RX heaters and can operate different products at the same time, allowing total heating systems to be effectively controlled; for example, in an apartment, plinth heaters and panel heaters could use the same controller. This modern design controller is supplied with a security wall bracket and a table top stand which is perfect for placing it anywhere in a room. For more details on Consort’s RX Wireless System and CRX1 controller or to request copies of the latest catalogue, email:, tel: 01646 692172 or fax: 01646 695195.

New Purevision Classic Stove Range from Charlton & Jenrick Following the successful launch of the Purevision™ multi-fuel stove range in 2014 Charlton and Jenrick our very pleased to announce the launch of their new Classic range of stoves. The Classic Purevision™ Multi-fuel stoves have all the features of the current range making them ultraefficient and designed to easily pass the strict Eco Design 2022 regulations that will ensure all stoves sold are clean, efficient and environmentally friendly. The Classic version offers a more traditional look to the current modern looking Purevision™. There are two models available the CPV5 & CPV5W both with 5kW nominal inputs so usually there’s no need for added ventilation in your room. The Classic stoves are heavy duty with a huge glass fire window for optimal viewing of the flames. ENQUIRY-Card 140 ENQUIRY-Card 141 . September 2016 .

New AC EZ Touch controller launched by LG

Pendock produces bespoke collars for Berkeley’s vista apartment development

LG has launched a new controller for its commercial air conditioning and heating products. The new AC EZ Touch offers Smart management with a 5” colour LCD touch screen for small sites and provides Group and individual control. It can be scheduled weekly or yearly and has a total or partial individual controller lock. There’s a power consumption monitor with Pdi, an ‘emergency stop’ and total ‘on/off’ control. You can set two set points cooling and heating - on each indoor unit with an ‘Auto Change Over’ setting – for heat recovery only. Users can control each space efficiently through an IP network, but access via Smartphones is not available with this unit. As with other LG controllers, statistics of operational status – time and power consumption – are provided to help make intelligent system operation decisions.

Renowned British manufacturer, Pendock has been based in Telford since 1987 and has developed a wide range of encasement solutions such as Pipe Boxing, Column Casings, Radiator Guards and specialist Perimeter Casings for heating. Not surprisingly in its time, Pendock has provided casement solutions for applications ranging from schools to hospitals, from train stations to hotels. But its most recent contract has focused on a high-end property development, where Pendock was tasked with helping to achieve the architect’s highest – or lowest – aesthetic ambitions. In fact, some 69 GRP Circular Skirting Collars – plus spares - have been specially produced for Berkeley Homes’ high profile new project at Chelsea Bridge overlooking Battersea Park, known as the Vista Project. ENQUIRY-Card 142 ENQUIRY-Card 143



Great Looking Cast Iron & Steel Stoves

BurnWood or Coal Big Stocks of Flue Pipes & Accessories in-store


Selling Top Quality Stoves for over 20 years



Fit Now Ready For Winter!




WAS £298.80


All Stoves conform to EN13240






REGAL II £442.80




25562 MAIL ORDER: 0115 956 5555 ENQUIRY-Card 565 ENQUIRY-Card 566

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INFINITY 780FL GAS FIRE in Edgemond Suite with black glass liners

British design and engineering at their best

A range of trad ditional and contemporary fires, fireplaces and stoves, s designed in Great G Britain - exclusively from Charlton & Jen nrick.

CREA ATE A WARM AM MBIENCE IN YOUR HOME WITH A AN EXCLUSIVE QUALITY PRODUCT FROM CHARL LTON TON AND JJENRICK. ENRICK ENRICK. If you require furthe er information, please contact us we would be happy py to help. You can contact us on n 0845 519 5991, email marketing@charltonandje or our website ENQUIRY-Card 567

Charlton & Jenrick brands:

C&J 3602 C&J 3602 - The 3 The Bui Builder der Advert Adverrt indd A indd 1

0 /03/2016 03 03/03/2016 /03/2016 016 10:59

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52 Floors, Walls & Ceilings . View our publication online at . September 2016 .

Bona ensures slip resistance in busy food service area The Bona technical team wrote the specification to meet the performance criteria required by required the Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa, Leeds and the treatment was carried out by John Garner, a Bona certified contractor. The Bona finishes were supplied by Taylored Flooring of Cheadle, Cheshire.

Bona Intense primer delivers a subtle grain enriching effect on medium to dark species and was chosen to replicate the look of the original floor. Slip resistance, especially when the surface is wet, was an important requirement as the floor is installed in the hotel’s busy conference café where food and drink is served throughout the day. Bona Traffic HD Anti Slip was therefore the obvious choice of finish with its combination of high durability and low level slip potential. The slip resistance of this new formulation lacquer surpasses the HSE’s low level slip classification of 36+ when tested using the Pendulum (CoF) test. Prior to the primer and lacquer treatment, John Garner used high performance Bona Ceramic adhesives to sand the prefinished surface back to bare wood then finished the sanding process using Bona Zirconium mix anti-static abrasives. Floors finished with all versions of Bona Traffic HD can be put back into full use after just 12 hours – making these lacquers the perfect choice for commercial areas where avoiding downtime is a key requirement. Gordon Jackson, General Manager at the hotel said, “Our conference café is an incredibly busy area where guests from our 21 meeting rooms congregate to enjoy our fabulous all-day offering. It’s important that it looks fresh and inviting throughout the day and we’re delighted with the lift that this treatment has given the area.” ENQUIRY-Card 568

Prre ecast Ho ollowcore e Flooring ooring :VTLVMV\YRL`/VSSV^JVYLÅVVYPUN ILULÄ[ZPUJS\KL! ࠮An array of available cut widths, YLK\JPUNULLKMVYPUZP[\PUÄSS ࠮Ho Hollowcor ll e units it can be b left l ft with ith OPNOX\HSP[`L_WVZLKZVɉ[ ࠮Cast-in lifting pins available, ailable, if req quired, to reduce need eed for barring

MWTJJHUUJV\RÅ ÅVVYPUN 0133 35 361269 |

Bullhu urst Lane Weston Underwood od Derbyshire DE6 4PH ENQUIRY-Card 569

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. September 2016 . View our publication online at .

Floors, Walls & Ceilings 53



,-* +

"'%& %" & "! !% & $ "( $ $ "$! %"'! #$"# $& %

! ! $

.+, %



! $ +


+ $ % &"' )& *

# $ & $ "'%& % ! ! ! %"'! &$ !% %% "! %"$ % ! & ! $" &

"'# ! &


'$ !& #

+'+'&" #


*# !% "! " !& "'%& %&$' &'$

+'+'&" "$"& ,*"(




+'** "+ &+ % % , *" $ ,! , ' + &', '%(* ++ -& * &'*% $ '% +," +" & $' "&

$$-$ * ('$.% *

+'+'&" "$"& * # ,





& $

"'! " $


%& $ " $

Osmo’s Liquid Wax

w p


in refurbishment tested acoustic

ISO 14001 Environmental

- !&--0# 1&# /'%&1 ./-"2!1 $-/ 5-2/ ./-(#!1 ! ** -/

** -2/


&#/+ *


#!&,'! *

#.1 -,

&#/+ * ',02* 1'-, ./-"2!10 3'0'1 444 1&#/+ * #!-,-+'!0 !- 2) ENQUIRY-Card 570



Isorubber resilient layers

A combination of the Isosonic Screed Plank; high density, fibre reinforced gypsum T&G planks and an Isorubber resilient layer material. The high mass of the ISP combined with the durable resilience of Isorubber provides for the excellent long term airborne and impact sound insulation properties.

Main Benefits; · · · · ·

Dry Screed finish, eliminates the pumping and drying out. Reduced floor thickness. High acoustic insulation performance. Ideal for under floor heating; low thermal resistance. Available as a floating floor or as a single structural deck.

Isoedge 6/75

Under Floor Heating Pack The floating floor version is supplied in a kit form which includes the ISP, the Isorubber HP3 and Isoedge 6/75 elements as well as the under floor heating insulation where requried.

Isosonic Screed Plank (ISP) Isorubber HP3

Isosonic Screed Plank Variants

Enhanced Ceiling De-coupling The Isosonic Ceiling Cleats provide a further enhancement of the acoustic isolation performance.

ISP18 and ISP20 18 & 20mm thick planks for use as floating floors over a structural deck in combination with Isorubber HP3 underlay. ISPS18 and ISPS25 18 & 25mm thick structurally spanning planks, for use laid directly to the joist with a 5mm Isorubber Hi Load acoustic separating strip below or with 3mm Isorubber Contract overlay.

For further information please contact us. Under Floor Heating Pack

The floating floor version is supplied in a 544256 Sales Department: 01582 Technical Department: 01582 544255 email: ENQUIRY-Card 571

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54 Floors, Walls & Ceilings . View our publication online at . September 2016 .

IDS extends its flooring portfolio with Malmo™ luxury vinyl flooring IDS has extended its flooring portfolio with a brand new range of luxury vinyl flooring, Malmo™, offering a stylish, high performance flooring option that’s suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and any room in the home. Malmo™ offers ten woodgrain designs including classic oak and on-trend greys, in a matt finish that’s high performance and easy maintenance. The competitively priced range offers all ten designs in 2.5mm design options with a 0.55mm wear layer achieving a heavy commercial classification of 33. Five of the designs are also available in a 2mm option with a 0.3mm wear layer. Malmo™ is hardwearing and durable with the embossed surface offering the realistic look of wood. It is resistant to indentations, will not chip or crack and is easy to install. ENQUIRY-Card 144

CaberBoard launches particleboard campaign

Bostik cures Hope Health Centre’s flooring requirements

Norbord’s high-performance Caber Board flooring range. Norbord is stepping up its particleboard promotional effort with a new campaign to publicise its highperformance CaberBoard flooring range. Magazine adverts, point-of-sale displays, leaflets, mailers, a new website page and viral advertisements combine to spread the word about Norbord’s market-leading flooring panels. Featuring the, now-familiar, family of dogs that have been appearing regularly in Norbord publicity, the campaign is aimed at housebuilders and the merchant trade with a focus on the three core products of CaberFloor P5, CaberDek and CaberShieldPlus. CaberFloor P5 is the UK’s leading brand of moisture resistant particleboard flooring and is widely used in both newbuild and refurbishment projects.

A range of subfloor preparation and adhesive products from Bostik have been chosen by OSS Commercial Flooring Ltd for the development of a new health centre, which serves the communities of Hope and Caergwrle in Flintshire, North-West Wales. Castlemead Group was taken on as the main contractor for the centre’s twostory development, who then subcontracted the 1300 square metres of flooring required. Following a technical survey by Bostik, OSS Commercial Flooring selected the company’s Screedmaster One Coat Membrane to protect the new floor coverings from subfloor moisture. Bostik’s Screedmaster Universal Primer was then applied to the surface membrane, before the Screedmaster Flow and Ultimate smoothing compounds were floated out to a 3mm thickness in various areas of the development. ENQUIRY-Card 145 ENQUIRY-Card 146

14 Great New Colours from Yeoman Shield To celebrate their 50th anniversary Yeoman Shield have added 14 brilliant shades to our colour palette, giving you even greater choice! Reflecting changes in modern design, the extra on-trend colours ensure your décor up-to-date. Now there are 48 colours to choose from, so whether its’ education, healthcare, industry, leisure or retail, we have a comprehensive spectrum of colours to match your needs. Ranging from soft neutrals through to vivid brights, all our colours are offered in our standard finishes which are Stippled, FalmouthEx and HessianEx and can be selected for any of our protection products. Request your new colour card now and prepare to be amazed. ENQUIRY-Card 147



www RESDEV L LTD, TD, Pumaflor or House, Ainleys Industrial Estate Elland, Westt Y Yorkshir orkshir k hire, HX5 9JP 9J JP T Tel: el: l 01422 379131 Fax: 01422 370943 Email: ENQUIRY-Card 572 ENQUIRY-Card 573

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The key to secure tiling The maximum tiling weight is limited only by the capacity of the tile adhesive and the wall structure the board is fixed to. When fixed with a continuous bed of adhesive, the adhesive itself will crumble before the bond between the board and the tiling breaks, therefore the loading capacity typically far exceeds 100kg/m2. In excess of 100kg/m2 on walls Multiboard, the key to successful tiling Passes all load testing stronger than any other board

EN 13164

Bath panel kits

Easy fixing Marmox (UK) Ltd, Caxton House, 101-103 Hopewell Drive, Chatham, Kent ME5 7NP ENQUIRY- Card 574

T: 01634 835290

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. View our publication online at www.McDermottP

56 Doors & Windows . View our publication online at . September 2016 .

Garador’s Retractable Plus for today’s bigger cars In the last few years most cars have continued to get bigger while the sizes of many garages have tended to remain the same. The result - frustrated homeowners who can’t park their car inside their garage, without the threat of damage or the daily nuisance of having to turn in the wing mirrors to get through the garage door. Step up Garador! Britain’s top garage door manufacturer offers a choice of lifting gear for Up & Over doors, including Canopy, Retractable and Retractable Plus. Its Retractable Plus lifting gear has specially designed lifting arms which allow for wider cars to use the full width of the garage door opening. Retractable lifting gear is a top choice for Garador’s Up & Over garage doors, as it provides extra drive-through width for modern cars (which are often wider) and is perfectly suited for electric automaton, giving homeowners the added convenience of being able to drive into their garage without having to get out of the car to open their garage door.

Garador’s Managing Director Simon Hipgrave says: “We are seeing a big surge in sales of Up and Over doors with Retractable Plus lifting gear, mainly because it provides the extra width needed to get larger saloon and estate cars into smaller garages.’ No cables are used in the lifting process. Instead, they work by the door panels being raised by steel arms and a spring cassette mounted at either side of the door panel to provide a smooth, controlled lift. Retractable Plus lifting gear is especially useful on standard width garage doors under 7'6" feet (2286mm) where that extra space can make all the difference, although it may not help the large 4 x 4s and vans, when the wing mirrors are usually higher up. Garador’s Retractable Plus are straightforward to install and are, along with normal retractable lifting gear, the easiest type of Up & Over door to automate. For a small extra investment, choosing a Garador Retractable Plus garage door will ensure the build is set up well for the modern cars of today – and tomorrow. Find out more about this and all Garador's garage doors by calling 01935 443710 or visit ENQUIRY-Card 575







All Windows & Doors CE Marked




Zero Seal Systems Ltd Units 43 - 45 Ladford Covert, Seighford, Stafford, ST18 9QG, United Kingdom Tel : +44 (0)1785 282910 E-mail :


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. September 2016 . View our publication online at .

Doors & Windows 57 Premium Oak Range

Rehau fully revsersible windows specified for 10 storey block

Allegion launches new AXA range for UK Market

Specialist commercial installer Campbell Mason has been awarded the contract to install more than 2000 REHAU TOTAL70R flush fitting fully reversible windows in five 11 storey blocks of flats in Stoke on Trent. The blocks in Bucknall New Road, owned by Stoke City Council, are being completely upgraded to make them more thermally efficient with new windows and external wall insulation and even new roofs. REHAU’s Commercial Sales Manager Steve Tonkiss worked directly with project surveyors Faithful and Gould to get REHAU windows written into the specification based on the flush fitting aesthetics and thermal performance of the REHAU TOTAL70R system. In turn, Campbell Mason won a competitive tender issued by the main contractors Kier to carry out the installation programme.

AXA, part of the Allegion family of brands has launched its brand new range of door hardware products. AXA is a specialist manufacturer of door and window fittings for residential applications, offering effective solutions and high quality products. The new release of products includes: AXA Oyster ® 10, AXA Remote 2.0™, AXA Door Guard, AXAflex Combi-stays and Telescopic stays and are available to the UK market. The AXA Oyster ® is a unique product to the market and combines a window fastener and stay in one. This means that only one product is needed for the window, instead of the usual three. The product can be safely used for ventilation in two positions and has a built-in damper that absorbs any gusts of wind. ENQUIRY-Card 148 ENQUIRY-Card 149

110 VEKA casements from Sovereign

Aluminium Sash Windows Alumatherm Windows Ltd

Lancashire-based Sovereign Group Ltd. has completed a significant project of window fabrication and installation for a sustainable home development, using industry-leading PVC-U systems from The VEKA UK Group. Sovereign's client, Hastoe Housing Association owns and manages over 7,000 properties across more than 70 local authorities, and has won numerous awards for the environmental credentials, craftsmanship, and sustainability of its homes. Mike Ferguson, Marketing Manager for Sovereign Group explains: “This particular development is situated in Brede, a village not far from the coastal town of Hastings in East Sussex. We worked alongside local contractor, Westridge Construction whose vast and varied portfolio already features considerable experience of community housing projects.

With the slimmest and most authentic sash window in the UK, a choice of astragal bars available, our 36mm slim meeting rail and a choice of 43mm or 90mm deep bottom rail, we’re getting you closer to the authentic look preferred by customers and local planners alike. Clever profile design and bonded glass to the sash gives incredible strength. More glass area, less frame, retractable parting bead (UK first) and 45° Puttyline external sash finish all gets you close to the original wooden box sash window look. Our aluminium sash windows are perfect for modern new builds, commercial projects, schools, care homes and social housing to name a few. The Alumatherm design is a culmination of over 55 years experience in aluminium sash windows and continuous research and development. ALUMATHERM... AS AUTHENTIC AS IT GETS ENQUIRY-Card 150 ENQUIRY-Card 151

Uncompromising Build quality Premdor’s stunning selection of luxury internal and external doors are flawlessly presented in real American White Oak veneer for internal doors and Oak and Meranti veneers for external doors. All incorporate the latest design trends and with eighteen distinctive design styles for the internal collection and sixteen external designs, this comprehensive range will suit every practical requirement. The hallmark of the Premium Oak range is the robust uncompromising build quality tested in real life environments and showcasing the latest glazed designs. Both stile and rail and slab options are available, including 457mm and 533mm sizes, as are fully finished internal door styles and a selection of Part L compliant door options. As to be expected of Premdor, PEFC certification on internal ranges and FSC® certification on external, comes as standard.

For a copy our latest range guide please call 0844 209 0008

Birthwaite Business Park, Huddersfield Rd, Darton, Barnsley, S75 5JS Email:

16-37-346 ENQUIRY-Card 578 11:49

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58 Doors & Windows . View our publication online at . September 2016 .

Unlocked: Hörmann reveals the biggest door trend of 2016 First impressions count when it comes to entrance doors. In recent years, the front door has undoubtedly transitioned from being a functional necessity to a style statement and now one product, in particular, is dominating the domestic market. Composite doors are the number 1 choice for homeowners in the UK, with around half a million being installed here each year, and that’s why leading door manufacturer, Hörmann, has added a brand new composite door to its range. The ThermoComp comes in a wide variety of styles to suit a range of properties – be it a Victorian terrace, farmhouse or a modern development. Homeowners can choose from five standard colour options, two woodstain finishes, and eleven optional Heritage colours. Hörmann also offers a colour matching service to ensure that the entrance truly blends in with its surroundings – be it windows, garage

doors or any other exterior features. Security remains a top priority and each ThermoComp door comes equipped with a multi-point locking as standard. The hinge side is secured with three security bolts to boost anti-leverage and the 8mm-thick laminated safety glass also helps to prevent break-ins. For homeowners who are looking for added insulation, the Hörmann entrance door collection also features the ThermoPro and ThermoPlus doors, made from top quality steel to protect against the extremes of British weather. These doors allow home owners to save energy in the long term and protect the environment. Hörmann UK Marketing Manager, David O’Mara, says: “Hörmann has always been renowned for quality and security but our new ThermoComp door also offers a vast array of style options. Customers can choose from assortment of finishes, accessories and glazing, meaning that doors can be tailored to meet different budgets.”

So whether homeowners are looking for a bold or understated look, the ThermoComp, ThermoPro and ThermoPlus doors create a secure, elegant entrance that can be tailored to suit any property. To find out where your nearest Hörmann dealership is, or for more information on Hörmann products, visit or call the team on 01530 513000. ENQUIRY-Card 579

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quarter page ad_Layout 1 30/08/2013 09:13 Page 1 . September 2016 . View our publication online at . . View our publication online at . January 2016 .


Doors & Windows 59 Doors & Windows 43

HiH gh qualit ality y, SasshhWindo Windows i qualit s

• High Quality Folding Sliding Doors

• British, German & Belgium Designed All Windows &

• Virtually Maintenance Free • State-of-the-Art Security Features

• Full Fitting Available of CE Marked • Free Survey & Design Doors • A Fantastic Variety Finishes & Colours Advice






Unit 26/3 Silicon Business Centre 26 Wadsworth Road Tel: 0208 997 2448 Perivale, Greenford Middlesex UB6 7JZ Fax: 0208 997 0611

email: ENQUIRY-Card 554 ENQUIRY-Card 580


Ideal for Schools, Heritage and Conservation Areas Ideal for Schools, Heri age Poand wder coated finish Conserv ation Areas with upto a 30 year Powantee der coated finish w th guar upto a 30 year guarant e Exclusive concealed Exclusiveco concealed balance ver balance cover

36mm ultra ultra Slim-line meeting rail rail The first with original ‘Putty Line’ styling The first with origin l Optional decorative ‘Putty Line’ styling horn - Patented Optional decorative orn* Traditional Parting Bead Parting ad aditional (R etractable) - PBatented (Retractable)* Choice of 43mm or Choice of 43mm or traditional 90mm deep trbottom aditional r90mm ail deep bottom rail Document L compliant Document L complia t Fire exit window Fir exit window av ilable aevailable Sealed units 30db r ting Sealed units 30db 6-4) (4-16-4) rating 24mm

910 Full gloss white RAL RAL Full gloss white or9910 any Std or Ral any Std Ral

Easy-T Easy-T iltilt featur cclean ean eatur e e withfull full sash with sash remo val val

Call 347 47 Call0011778 7 8 347 11 47

Fore more information informati n

Meer End are design specialists in bespoke joinery commissions and approach every project as a unique opportunity to create something tailored to the individual customers needs, taste and budget. We keep alive a long tradition of English craftsmanship, priding themselves on delivering top quality products for a fair and honest price. Contact us today for our new free colour brochure.

Tel 01676 534226 or 01676 533679 Fax 01676 532224 Email ENQUIRY-Card 581 ENQUIRY-Card 555

www www.clearvie wgr w .clearvie wgr oupoup EE:: ssal ales@clea es@clea ewgr ooup wgr rvirevi up.c F: 0 1 778 34 1363 F: 01778 341363 PAR ART T OF THE CLEAR CLEARVIEW VIEW GROUP T OF THE CLEAR IEW GROUP

aluu al @AlumathermUK @Alu athermUK

Original Easy syTilt Manufac r ce Sin ce9 1959 Original Ea-Til it Sa Sassh Manu tutu rerre Sin 19 2285 18940916 1115 ENQUIRY-Card ENQUIRY-Card 556 582

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60 Doors & Windows . View our publication online at . September 2016 .

Show the elements the door with the Masterdor Craftsman Drawing on years of experience in joinery and traditional craftsmanship, whilst incorporating the latest in innovative technologies and materials, the Masterdor Craftsman range enables customers to sell at the premium end of the market and is further proof that the Synseal Group is very serious about its door offering. Andy Jones, Sales and Marketing Director of the Synseal Group explains: “We are delighted to bring the Masterdor Craftsman to our customers and confident that this unique product is second to none in terms of performance and appearance. These handmade, precision engineered timber doors offer true innovation and outstanding durability. Put simply, they are a better class of door. As beautiful as a traditional timber door can be, wood in its purest form is not the best material for this application. We have “designed out” all of the inherent problems usually experienced with wood, and what we are left with is a class leader in strength, security and stability. The Craftsmen presents a highly attractive consumer retailing proposition and are solid, secure and PAS 24 compliant.” The Masterdor Craftsman offers a range of 22 styles, of which 13 are traditional and nine are contemporary designs, with a choice of 28 elegant glazing styles with energy efficient glass. There are two slab options - 44mm and 54 mm – available with both double and triple rebates, as well as a thermal core option. The whole range is available in a choice of 21 stunning colours, finished in an ultra-smooth, grain-free painted finish. Homeowners can also select from three complementary hardware ranges that include handles, knockers, letterboxes, hinges and locks. A handcrafted heritage range is perfect for more traditional door styles whereas contemporary stainless steel options add the finishing touch to sleeker, modern door designs.

Yet another innovative, market leading product range to come from the Synseal Group - boasting two decades of research, development and product evolution - is the precision engineered timber Masterdor Craftsman.

Andy concludes: “At Synseal, we pride ourselves on being ‘Champions of Choice’ and the Craftsman is testament to that fact. Every time you open or close a Masterdor Craftsman there is a reassuring feeling of quality and an audible ‘clunk’ that underlines the solid and secure nature of this outstanding timber door range. Customers and homeowners love it! The Synseal Group is committed to researching and developing the must have products for today’s market and we believe there to be nothing out there right now that is comparable to the Craftsman.” For more information on the Masterdor Craftsman or to talk to someone about our Showroom Support offering, please contact the Synseal Group visit on 01623 443200 or visit our website, ENQUIRY-Card 583

Energy efficient Scandinavian timber windows from NorDan Leading UK developer Crest Nicholson chose energy efficient Scandinavian timber windows from NorDan for its development at Bath Riverside Victoria Bridge Road. From studios to penthouse apartments, the development has transformed Bath’s western riverfront into a modern residential quarter. NorDan’s 1.2NTech inward opening tilt and turn windows and inward/outward pairs of doors have an additional aluminium cladding finish to extend their life in use. The aluminium protects the timber and is easy to replace if damaged. NorDan has been making

timber windows in Norway for over 90 years, with a programme of continuous development seeing the firm innovate on the design of its products year after year. Sustainability and energy efficiency as well as safety and security are key features designed into every window and door product. Crest Nicholson is firmly established as one of the UK’s leading developers with a passion for creating vibrant and sustainable communities. No surprise then, that NorDan’s aluminium clad timber windows were chosen for their sustainable credentials. With a Standard u value of 1.2w/m2K NorDan’s windows and doorsets keep heating bills to a

minimum whilst letting in the maximum natural daylight. Says Scott Black, managing director Crest Nicholson Regeneration: "We have a strong working relationship with the Nor Dan team in the UK, and they deliver a first class product which meets all our criteria, which includes a strong sustainability element. Their attention to detail is excellent.” Crest Nicholson Regeneration has achieved many awards for its developments which have NorDan timber windows supplied as part of the building envelope. NorDan was founded in Moi Norway in 1926. It is a family business. Today the

third generation of the Rasmussen family run the business. The firm manufactures timber windows and composite doors across 8 factories in Europe making it one of the biggest in Europe. There is considerable annual spend on Research and Development with continuous improvement not only a focus for the production process for also for the design of the product and the sourcing of its raw materials. It is a highly respected business. NorDan has 6 project offices across the UK to be close to the customer. ENQUIRY-Card 584

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DON’T JUST TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT Pocket doors are increasing in popularity in the UK but there are still quite a few people, builders included, who are not that familiar with pocket doors, and others who don’t realise how versatile they are. We thought we would set the record straight and debunk a few myths about pocket doors.

• Maybe you wish to divide two rooms or to close off an open plan space? Our double or telescopic sliding pocket door systems provide the perfect solution. • En-suites become roomier and lighter with a glass pocket door. • Perhaps you want to add a wow factor to your interior? The Eclisse stunning curved pocket door systems will make a design statement in any home building project.

Myth One: “Surely they are they hard to assemble and install” No, the assembly of the Eclisse frame for the single pocket door, for example, can be done very quickly as it is just a case of clicking together the metal sections and inserting only 6 screws. Installation is straightforward. Eclisse systems come with comprehensive instructions and there are also videos online to help. Myth Two: “Pocket doors can only be used with a stud wall” No, Eclisse pocket doors systems can be used with studwork and brick walls. If you have a brick wall, you can build out the wall with studwork and plasterboard to create the cavity or pocket for the door, and you will only be adding 100mm to your finished wall thickness.

Eclisse Pocket Door Systems – designed with the installer in mind Eclisse pocket door systems have been thoughtfully designed to make assembly and installation a straightforward job.

Pocket Doors more versatile than you think If you think pocket doors only have a limited amount of uses e.g. as a toilet or utility door, think again…

Myth Three: “You cannot lock a pocket door” Not true. Eclisse sell a range of locks for pocket doors including bathroom locks and key locks.

• You can combine an Eclisse single pocket door system or a double pocket door system with a door from our stunning glass door range. This will make the most of the natural light in your home and add an interesting interior design feature.

Case Study @bcsbuilders on Twitter

Architect: pH+

BCS Builders

Project: New build, Modernist house in Tunbridge Wells

Products ordered: 5 x Syntesis (Architrave Free) Pocket Doors Frames for 826mm x 2040mm door and 1x Syntesis Pocket Door Frame for 1026mm x 2040mm door. Plus Satin Chrome flush pulls and Satin Chrome Bathroom locks.

BCS Builders is a family run business based in Kent and work throughout the South East and surrounding areas, with over 40 years experience in both private and public commissions.

Date : 2016

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Don’t just listen to us, listen to these guys We are very proud that we regularly receive fabulous feedback from our customers. Here are just a few builders who, without prompting, took it upon themselves to give us some great feedback on social media recently, so we contacted them for a bit more information about the projects they used our systems for.

CASE STUDY: Black Oak Builders Black Oak Builders are a London based design and build company specialising in house extensions, loft conversions, full house refurbishments, as well as bathroom and kitchen design and renovation. @blackoakbuilder on Twitter

Project: Messina Avenue Bathrooms and central heating refurbishment Date: July 2016 Architect: Nicky Kirk from NKA (www.nicholaskirk Unlike other pocket door brands, we don’t expect you to spend time cutting the steels to size to suit your door. Because we offer a range of sizes that are made to fit standard UK door sizes, you just pick the kit that fits your standard door size. We also don’t expect you to have to align the track and the pocket when you install our system. Instead the track and pocket assembles together as one complete unit ready to install. Even the door guide has been designed to fit perfectly, dead centre in a matter of seconds.

Small or large project – size is no issue You may want just one pocket door system for a client, or maybe five, like the recent order we supplied for the new Potton Passivhaus show house in St Neots, or perhaps you need 100+, like the order we supplied to the high-spec Holland Green development, i.e. the Grade II-listed former Commonwealth Institute in Holland Park. It doesn’t matter to us, providing great customer service is important to us whatever the size of order, and the Eclisse quality and ease of installation comes as standard.

Case Study Griffinworks Ltd Griffin Works Construction Ltd is a carpentry, building, interiors and project management business. @griffin_works on Twitter Project: Installation of en-suite Date:

March 2016

Product installed: Single pocket door system We ask Daniel from Griffin Works what he thought of our products after using them on a recent job. “I’ve used Eclisse before and seen them in a passive house I worked on recently. I like that the mechanism is smooth and not noisy or clunky like other brands”. Daniel also liked the fact we have installation videos on our website where you can see the frame being assembled and installed into studwork.

Product purchased: Single 726 x 2040 Pocket Door Frame with a frameless glass door and round flush pull. We asked Dom from Black Oak Builders who recently undertook a project and used our product what he thought “Delivered a great product on a short notice. Absolutely excellent service and high quality pocket doors. Highly recommended!” What was your experience of buying from Eclisse? “Eclisse has been a pleasure to work with. Communication has been smooth and pricing clear”. Tel: 0845 481 197 ENQUIRY-Card 586

Photography by Chris Snook

We asked Greg, owner of BCS Builders, what he thought of the Eclisse products. “Eclisse pocket doors worked perfectly with the clean lines and modernist aesthetic of our Tunbridge Wells project. The quality was superb, the installation simple and effortless and the final look and usability of the product was second to none”.

What was your experience of buying from Eclisse? “Very importantly to us, customer service also matched the quality of the system”. And would you use Eclisse products again? “Without a doubt, Eclisse pocket doors will be our favoured choice going forward”.

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64 Doors & Windows . View our publication online at .

September 2016 .

VISIONARY STYLING FROM PREMDOR Inspired by the latest interior design influences and fashion colour trends, Premdor has launched Portfolio, a range of luxury veneer internal doors created around four distinctive themes, Natural, Exotic, Contemporary and Classic. All ranges utilise Premdor’s Veneer Match technology which engineers real veneers into a consistent grain and colour yet still allows for natural variation within each door. All Portfolio door designs may be enhanced by adding glazed models, the ideal solution when more light is required in a room, corridor or entrance. A large selection of contemporary glazing styles exist with both commercial and domestic options available, as are glazed FD30 and FD60 Fire doors complete with wired, clear or obscure glass styles available to specify. Non-fire doors with clear glass are toughened to BS EN 12600. A testament to the attention to detail within the Portfolio range are the co-ordinating foil wrapped glazing beads which are coloured to closely match the face veneer. To see more of the exciting Portfolio collection, request a catalogue by ringing 0844 209 0008 or visit ENQUIRY-Card 587

Centurion opens the door to new URFIC range Leading supplier of Hardware, Ironmongery and Tools, Centurion Europe, has launched a range of superior quality door handles under the URFIC brand. Manufactured in Portugal using cutting edge technology, the URFIC range includes a choice of traditional, contemporary and commercial designs, all benefitting from sea salt testing, spring cycle testing and a 25 year guarantee. The comprehensive range comprises lever latches, lever locks, bathroom sets, lever rose handles and escutcheons in a variety of styles and finishes. With much of the range fire rated to FD30 or FD60 the URFIC range is ideal for new door installations, or DIY upgrades. Peter Stone, Sales and Marketing Director, said, ‘We are very excited to be able to offer the new URFIC branded range.” ENQUIRY-Card 152

SWA members see ‘Belgium doors’ making a comeback As in the fashion world, architecture tends to be cyclical; UK designers have revisited everything over the years from Tudor beams to vertical tile hanging. Steel windows, for their part, have remained an enduring element in both domestic and commercial buildings due to their slim sight-lines combined with rugged performance and they too are subject to trends in styles and application. Most recently members of the Steel Window Association have reported a resurgence in the popularity of steel framed entrance screens and partitions: normally featuring a pair of double doors flanked by fixed lights, and referred to as Belgium Doors. These are most commonly installed as the outer door to a porch area, offering excellent weather protection while admitting the maximum amount of natural light. ENQUIRY-Card 153

Spectus steps up its window range Spectus has capped one of its most dynamic years ever with the launch of its latest Specification Guide, with information on two completely new PVC-U systems, a vastly extended stock foil range and updates on specification, legislation and other features of the Spectus product range. The biggest additions in this 8th Issue Guide are Spectus’s all-new Flush Casement and Flush Tilt & Turn systems, both already winning the acclaim of architects and specifiers. The Flush Tilt & Turn system is Spectus’s challenge to aluminium for architects and specifiers looking for a highspecification but cost-effective alternative in the urban medium/highrise environment. The result of significant investment, the Flush Tilt & Turn system, with its unique sixchamber sash and five-chamber outer frame.

Optima results for Epwin Customer Following their recent switch to the Profile 22 Optima system, Epwin Group customer BBH Ltd have reported great interest to the new system and one of their busiest year’s yet. Director Graham Norman explains: “We have been with Epwin and Profile 22 for many years now, and looked forward to fabricating the new Optima range. As we all know, technology doesn’t stand still and the industry continues to evolve and drive forward with the latest advances. And with that in mind, the Optima range certainly didn’t disappoint. “So far it has been really well received, by both customers that have had Optima installed and also by potential customers that have seen our samples. The new design of the sculptured frame is a lot more modern and the 70mm depth lends a more sleek, strong and slim line look. As always, exceptional performance in energy efficiency and weather protection means the range is even more appealing to homeowners. ENQUIRY-Card 154 ENQUIRY-Card 155

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. View our publication online at . September 2016

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As part of the launch of our new high speed fitting system, Jigtech is holding ‘THE JIGTECH CHALLENGE’, a competition that challenges tradesmen to see who can fit the quickest handle, using the Jigtech system. The challenge that launched in June at Toolfair Harrogate will be touring the country at key distributors with the Grand Final being hosted to crown the ‘King of Jigtech’ and the winner of the custom bike worth £7,500. Full details of the challenge and its locations will appear on over the next few weeks. Make sure you get down to one of the events near you for your chance to be crowned the ‘King of Jigtech’ and claim the Honda CBR 650F for your own.

More info on Jigtech, how it works and what it does The Jig itself acts as a guide for the holesaws creating a fail-safe method of producing perfect latch and handle boreholes. The auto-centering feature of the Jig means there’s no need to measure and mark out the position of the handle and latch hole as the Jig does it for you and with the pre-marked spade bit depth gauge, it’s impossible to go wrong when drilling the keep. The Jig has a backset adjuster to allow both 45mm or 57mm boreholes to accommodate a variety of latch and door handles. The Jigtech is supplied in a professional trade kit, which is sure to be a staple on building sites across the country imminently and contains all the tools needed to fit Jigtech handles and latches in a fraction of the original time. The ‘Pro’ kit contains the Jig, both a 25mm and 44mm holesaw and arbor set, a 32mm spade bit a unique keep locator and latch tapper tools – everything you need to fit the perfect door handle everytime. The Jigtech has been developed with a innovative full range of door furniture,

tubular latches & accessories that work perfectly in sync to save you time on the job.

For more information and to see the full range of handles, latches and accessories visit

The handle range has been specially designed without wood screws, they simply push together using Dale Hardware’s innovative ‘push-fit sleeves’ and locate in one smooth action making fitting even more straightforward.

Watch the latest video on installing a door handle and latch system in less than 5 minutes with the Jigtech at

ENQUIRY-Card 588

1. Clamp Jig to door

2. Drill through side of door

Wedge the door open securely. Measure the latch height position and set the backset adjuster. Clamp the jig to the door.

Using the 44mm arbor and holesaw, drill through the face of the door from the guide side until the bit exits the timber on the opposite side. Switch sides and use the exit point as the guide to continue drilling. Remove the core. Using the 22mm or 25mm hole saw and arbor, drill the latch hole in the edge of the door. Remove the core and any debris.

3. Keep installation

4. Insert latch

5. Attach handles

Place the keep locator* in the latch bore. Close the door in the frame. Using a screw driver, push the keep locator* into the frame to create a centre mark for the keep to be drilled. Fit the keep with a 32mm spade bit.

Place the plastic spacer in the latch bore hole. Ensure the latch bolt is aligned in the vertical position. Push the latch in by hand. Use the latch tapper* to locate the latch flush with the door edge.

Push the fixing lugs of the door furniture through the spacer. Locate and secure the remaining half set with the machine screws provided. Tighten grub screws and adjust latch handing.

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ynergy S

The choice of the Construction Industry Professional Synergy Wastewater Treatment Products are an independent, privately owned manufacturer of wastewater treatment products. They are also distributors for other major companies within the industry. Pumping Stations Standard and bespoke systems are offered to pump both foul and surface water. Pump stations are used to raise the level of the discharge to the invert of a local gravity mains or private system.

Single pump systems are generally available from stock, to serve the smaller domestic project. Larger capacity duplex systems manufactured to meet site-specific criteria are also readily available on short lead times. Building Regulations require that the pump chamber should have sufficient storage volume to contain a 24 hour inflow. In the case of domestic systems, a figure of 150 litres per person per day is used to determine the chamber capacity. Bypass Separators Bypass Separator NSB3 & Extension Turret held in stock for immediate despatch Nationally. Bypass Separator are used in hard

standing areas where there is a light risk of hydrocarbon contamination to the surface water run off, i.e. Car Parks, Roadways, Industrial Estates, Goods Yards etc. These units are designed to treat the influent up to the design nominal size of the Separator. A standard set of sixteen models are available, ranging from the NSB3, which drains an area of 1,667 M2, to the NSB 100, which can drain an area of 55,556 M2. Larger models up to NSB 1000 are also available to order.

pumped discharge, again sized to the permitted outflow criteria. Above Ground Storage Tanks

Low Profile Septic Tank

Through our network of trading partners, we are able to supply both vertical and cylindrical tanks for installation above ground. These can be manufactured with chemical resin rich liners, in a variety of different capacities. Please contact us with your requirements. Sewage Treatment Plants Synergy Wastewater Treatment Products supply Package Sewage Treatment Plants in one piece tanks from 6 Pe (person) through to 175 Pe. A range of some 21 different models.Over and above 175 Pe, we supply modular two tank systems serving from 190 Pe through to 400 Pe.

Storm Water Attenuation Tanks Storm Water Attenuation Tanks a substantial range of one piece vessels, from 1,000L to 275,000L, are offered. These tanks can be supplied with baffles, access ladders, multiple access shafts etc. if required. Alternatively, the FCD can be fitted into a separate chamber, or supplied loose to be installed into an existing outlet manhole chamber by others. The attenuation tank can be manufactured with an integral Flow Control Device (FCD) sized to the specific outflow requirement. Where levels prevent the use of a gravity fed (FCD) the Attenuation tank can be supplied with a

Matrix Sewage Treatment Plant

Spherical Septic Tank

The aerobic biological treatment process used in all of the systems offered is â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Submerged Aerated Filterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; (SAF) sometimes referred to as biological aerated filters. Synergy NS10 Full Rentention Separator

The SAF process is a well proven method used widely across the world by municipal authorities for the treatment of domestic waste. The benefits are principally, simplicity of operation, small footprint, and the resulting economic advantage.

Synergy Robusta 4600 Litre Tank

Tricel P12 UK Gravity Sewage-Treatment Plant

I enquiry 555 ENQUIRY-Card 589

Synergy Wastewater Treatment Products is an independent family owned British manufacturing business.

Tel: 01278 671927 Web:

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Drainage/ External Works & Landscapes 67

Hauraton drainage channels used at Maritime Transport Headquarters in Felixstowe The Maritime Transport Limited new £5 million headquarters in Felixstowe has received the accolade of “Winner-Design (Non residential)” at the Suffolk Coastal Quality of Place awards held in October 2015. Designed by Architects, Wincer Kievenaar, the Maritime Headquarters office provides an impressive gateway to Felixstowe Port. The Headquarters extensive car park, set with composite grey blocks is drained by 98 metres of Hauraton RECYFIX® PLUS 150 channels fitted with Class C250, HEELSAFE ductile iron gratings. A further 47 metres of RECYFIX® PLUS 100 channels were also installed in other locations on site. The RECYFIX® PLUS channel unit is made of tough, virtually unbreakable recycled polypropylene (PP) formulated to be very resistant to daily temperature fluctuations from frost conditions to strong sunlight, including the Ultra Violet (UV) spectrum. The channel unit also features galvanised steel top edges which house the ductile iron gratings. Complying with the requirements of EN 1433, the PP is given its UV resistance by adding just sufficient carbon black as a stabiliser so that the structural

strength of the material is unaffected and a consistent appearance is maintained. The PP is also naturally resistant to de-icing salt. Ken Burgess, Hauraton‘s Project Manager comments; “The main contractor, E.L. Construction Limited liked the product

for its ease of installation, each RECYFIX® PLUS 150 one metre unit, complete with its grating only weighs 12.8 kg, so its easy to position and robust enough to withstand building site conditions”. Technical information for all the RECYFIX® ranges, showing sizing and installation details, is available digitally – LANDSCAPING tab, as is a video “Why is RECYFIX® break-proof”. For case studies go to ENQUIRY-Card 591 ENQUIRY-Card 590

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68 Bathrooms & Kitchens . View our publication online at . September 2016 .

IDS offers an easy to fit, complete bathroom surfacing solution

IDS offers a complete solution for bathroom walls and floors with the waterproof wall panelling system, Showerwall, and the new luxury vinyl flooring range, Malmo™, boasting quick and easy installation and the design flexibility to suit any refurb or new build project. Showerwall panelling is an excellent alternative to tiles, as installation can be completed within a day for minimum disruption and the grout-free surface is easier to clean and maintain on an ongoing basis. Seven new décors were recently added to the standard Showerwall Design Selection including Urban Concrete, Silver Travertine, Black Glacial, Copper Quartz, Oxidised Copper, Volterra and Silver Bronx, a 3D snakeskin effect. With 40 décors overall to choose from, the Showerwall Design Selection spans a wide range of styles to suit any bathroom project. Showerwall also introduced the brand new Infinity Collection, offering 14 distinctive designs

with a departure into bold colours, metallics and graphic prints to create a modern, edgier look. There is also the option of totally bespoke digital print designs.

or crack and is easy to install. Malmo™ comes with a warranty of up to 25 years for residential applications and ten years for commercial applications.

Panels are 10.5mm thick and available in either square cut or tongue & groove panels 2440mm high. Tongue & groove comes in one width of 585mm, while the standard square cut panels offer the flexibility of 900, 1000 and 1200mm panel. Panels are fast and easy to install with new Sureseal, a four-point seal system.

The competitively priced range offers all ten designs in 2.5mm design options with a 0.55mm wear layer achieving a heavy commercial classification of 33. Five of the designs are also available in a 2mm option with a 0.3mm wear layer. Malmo™ and Showerwall are available for 24-48 hour delivery from all IDS branches nationwide. For more information, please contact IDS on t: 08457 298 298, e: or web:

For on-trend flooring that is easy to fit, the luxury Malmo™ stick down vinyl flooring range offers a water-resistant, stylish and high performance option that’s ideal for bathrooms. Malmo™ offers ten woodgrain designs including classic oak and on-trend greys, in a matt finish that’s high performance and easy maintenance. Malmo™ is hardwearing and durable with the embossed surface offering the realistic look of wood. It is resistant to indentations, will not chip ENQUIRY-Card 592


1 26/09/2016 12:45 Page 1

Premier Shower Deck

The strongest shower deck in the UK

Pre-cut standard and linear drainage options are available

| 0845 605 1345

I ENQUIRY-Card 593

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70 Bathrooms & Kitchens . View our publication online at . September 2016 .

Saniflo extends Kinedo Moonlight shower cubicle range Saniflo has further extended its range of prestigious Kinedo shower cubicles to include a quadrant version of its popular model, Moonlight. Previously only available as a corner unit, the extremely versatile design can be fitted with any shower, allowing for complete customisation and integration into any bathroom, whether traditional or contemporary. With its understated elegance and neutral styling, the Moonlight features a brushed aluminium effect panel that can be easily drilled for any fixings. Moonlight is perfect for those who want flexibility as well as great functionality. The sleek shower cubicle is easy to install and maintain, available in one size of 900mm x 900mm and comes with a smooth, sliding door.


3 5 ( )$ % 5 ,& $ 7 ( ' % %$7+5220


3 5 ( )$ % 5 ,& $ 7 ( ' 6 6+2:(5


,6 2            $ & & 5 ( ' , 7( ' 

The new Kinedo Moonlight Quadrant is ideal for new house builds and the replacement market. Offering excellent value for money, due to the fact that – as with all Saniflo shower cubicles – there is no need for costly, time

consuming and messy grouting and tiling, it is also a super choice for boutique hotels and guest houses. The minimal stress-free maintenance is also something that sets the Kinedo range apart from other showering options. Ann Boardman, Saniflo UK Customer Services & Marketing Manager, comments: “We launched the Kinedo Moonlight Quadrant in response to demand for other Kinedo quadrant models, such as Horizon. Moonlight has proven popular with house builders and refurbishment projects, so we wanted to offer those customers an even wider choice. Another great feature about the Moonlight Quadrant is that it can fit into fairly tight spaces, thanks to the sliding, rather than opening, door. We’re sure that our target market will love the new look Moonlight as much as they do the corner version.”

ENQUIRY-Card 594

Wetrooms made easy

32'6 & 8 % ,& / ( 6 l

7 2 7 $ / / < / / ( $ . 3 3 5 2 2 )






) 8 / / < 5 5 ( & < & / $ % / ( 6 6,03/(


7 2 , 1 6 7 $ / /


  < < ( $ 5 * *8$5$17((


0 $ ' ( ,, 1 < <25.6+,5(


With our featured Maxxus Wet Deck Kit (the strongest on the market), easy-to-use tanking kits or membranes, and a wide selection of drains, it’s easy to install a luxurious wetroom anywhere in the home. Add on our designer grids and extensive range of stylish accessories and it’s easy to find the right product for any environment. Ask for our latest Price List today!





S H  O  W  E  R  I N  G  S O  L UT I O N S ENQUIRY-Card 595

e 01629 815500 ENQUIRY-Card 596

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Two-way shower diverter

Easy entry shower tray

Overhead rain shower

All it takes to transform a bathroom is a little Kinemagic. The stunning Kinemagic shower cubicle fits perfectly into the same space as a bath. Its innovative design requires no silicone or re-tiling, meaning it can be installed in just a day.* With a low height shower tray and a cool-touch thermostatic valve for extra showering safety, the Kinemagic Designis not only stylish but practical too. For more information or to request a brochure visit

Follow us on







*It is possible to fit a Kinemagic in just one day with two people. However, this is subject to site situations and the competency of your installer.

Designed by the experts at

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B 72 Bathrooms & Kitchens . View our publication online at . September 2016 .


EXPLOSIVE PROMOTION FROM BENCHMARX The 19th September 2016 sees the trade-only supplier of high quality, pre-assembled kitchens, Benchmarx Kitchens & Joinery, launch this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Big Bang promotion period. With the ongoing aim to â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;save the trade time and moneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, this much-loved annual promotion runs until the 31st October and means that builders and tradesmen can benefit from a range of great deals across an array of appliances, accessories, flooring and ironmongery. Maintaining the high-quality youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d expect from Benchmarx, offers forming part of the Big Brand promotion include branded Neff multi-function ovens from ÂŁ374.99, Suffolk White moulded doors

from ÂŁ19.99 and beautiful pre-oiled solid oak work tops with 18 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 24mm narrow staves starting at just ÂŁ89.99, to name but a few. Although Benchmarx is a trade-only supplier, the company encourages builders and kitchen fitters to bring homeowners into their UK-wide branches to view the impressive range of on-trend kitchen designs first-hand to ensure that they find the right match for them. A dedicated team of design specialists

April 2016 .

are on hand at each branch to provide advice and support to help alleviate the stress that can come with a kitchen renovation project. Now with over 170 branches and 10 years of experience under its belt, this expert knowledge and assistance can be found at showrooms right across the country. New for September 2016 New for Autumn and giving customers even greater scope to achieve their dream look, Benchmarx has added its latest Warwick Shaker Ivory to the popular Warwick range. Ideal for modern and traditional properties alike, this new finish joins the Warwick Tongue and Groove Ivory, Soho Matt Dove Grey and Eton Light Grey options, which are all new for 2016. Ensuring fitters have everything they need to complete an outstanding kitchen project all from one location, September also sees a wide range of additions to the Benchmarx flooring and ironmongery collection. Stunning engineered oak wood floors from Elka and Kahrs are now available in host of shades. With the beauty of a real wood top layer but with greater stability than its solid wood counterpart, these engineered wood ranges are ideal for use where solid wood would not be suitable, for example in kitchens or conservatories. The locking system also makes it simple to fit, whilst the long planks ensure it is

6$/(  83 72

difficult to tell the difference from the solid versions. Customers can also enjoy guarantees of 25 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 30 years, depending on the range chosen. High-quality laminate flooring from the Kronospan and Quickstep Impressive ranges have also been added the Benchmarx offering. Both have been designed to give the effect of wood flooring and feature easy-to-install locking systems. A durable finish make both perfect for high-traffic areas. The Quick-step range also includes Luxury Vinyl Wood and Stone designs, giving customers even greater options to suit a multitude of budgets, tastes and flooring needs. A new brochure showing the complete flooring range can be picked up in branch or viewed online as needed. For more information about Benchmarx Kitchens and Joinery products, visit the website: ENQUIRY-Card 598








63 2 (& )) ,$ (5 /



73e.qxp_Layout 1 26/09/2016 12:49 Page 1

pietra solid surface worktops

Its all in the detail Deralam have now available large stocks of 25mm solid surface worktops ready for nationwide delivery. For samples and Display stands, please contact our national sales office Deralam Laminates Ltd, West Coast Park, Bradley Lane, Standish, Wigan WN6 0YR southern depot : Units 10 - 10a Woodside Park, Foster Av. Dunstable LU5 5TA National Sales Line: Tel: 01257 478540 Fax: 01257 478550 Email: ENQUIRY-Card 600

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74 Bathrooms & Kitchens . View our publication online at . September 2016 . Inta launches safe and stylish ‘Puro’ range of showers

Nicholls and Clarke launch a new tile range! Are you struggling to find a tile to use within your next project? You can be sure to find the perfect tile within our brand new ranges. At Nicholls and Clarke we are proud to announce the launch of our new and exclusive tile range. Our brand new Stylish collection captures the beauty of real Carrara Marble with its subtle, effective grey veining. Our Stylish range specifically focuses on the hidden colors within marble material, providing you with a one like no other tile. Nicholls and Clarke’s design team chose marble from some of the world’s finest quarries as their source of inspiration which have now created tiles that emulate marbles beauty to exquisite perfection. This modern range consists of a pure classic material regenerated into a contemporary collection with a large 300x900mm tile size. ENQUIRY-Card 156

Leading shower manufacturer, Inta, has announced Puro as the latest addition to its comprehensive showering collection. The Puro range boasts unique, contemporary styling while focussing on protection, performance and peaceof-mind. Including a host of safety and water-saving features, the Puro range is the ultimate combination of form and function. Featuring Inta’s proven anti-scald thermostatic technology, the Puro range includes a failsafe function to prevent scalding in the event of water supply failure on either the hot or cold feeds. In addition, Inta’s Safe Touch technology constantly circulates cold water under the surface of the valves to ensure the surface will never be hot to touch. All showers in the range are WRAS and TMV2 approved and feature water-saving Eco Air handsets, reducing flow rates by up to 60% while improving showering performance. ENQUIRY-Card 157

DELUXE SAFE TOUCH THERMOSTATIC TIC SHOWER With flexible slide rail kit. Deluxe multifunction push button handset. Fitted with solid, pure indulgence, metallic handles. Featuring our Safe Touch Touch T Technology echnology. The shower body will never get hot enough to scald. Deluxe smooth hose.


Airfield Industrial Estate, Hixon, Stafford, ST18 0PF T. 01889 272 180 F F.. 01889 272 181


Lecico Re-Brand Selco Stock Lecico’s new Visual Merchandisers, Max and Josh, have just finished a major repackaging project for their customer Selco Builders Warehouse. Following a re-design of their ceramic packaging, Lecico was keen to ensure that stock on the shelves of this successful builders warehouse was quickly updated instead of waiting for the usual stock turn timing. The project required the repackaging of all branch stock for their 40 depots. Tony Westwood, Sales Director for Lecico Bathrooms is delighted with the progress. “We are delighted with the quality of our new packaging. Full colour images and product details on the packaging makes it really easy for the installer to see what’s in each box. The Lecico sections of the Selco warehouse have never looked tidier.” Simon Humpage Marketing Manager from Selco said “Lecico has been an important supplier to Selco for a number years. ENQUIRY-Card 158

Thomas Dudley launches Kinetec® urinal flushing control Thomas Dudley Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of Kinetic® - an intelligent water-saving ‘all-in-one’ electronic urinal control, offering quick and easy installation. Kinetic® is stylish and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, suitable for any washroom environment and offers a choice to be installed onto pipework, wall or ceiling. The contemporary urinal flushing valve has been designed to save up to 80% of water in comparison with traditional petcock and automatic cistern installations. Dudley’s new, innovative product offers a quick and easy set-up solution with simple instructions; saving time and guaranteeing accurate water-savings without the constant requirement of refilling and emptying the cistern. ENQUIRY-Card 159

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GENERATORS Quality machines great for trade and leisure use


HP 6.5 7 8 11 13





QUIET RUNNING 69dBA at 7m (1/4 LOAD)









IG2000 s Produces pure sine wave & stable power, essential sProduces for computers & sensitive equipment s sGreat for boats, caravans, motorhomes, camping, etc. s sLow noise s MAX WEIGHT EXC. Fuel Efficient Eco MODEL OUTPUT KG VAT Throttle s12V IG950 NEW 800W 9.3 £159.98 battery charging IG1000 1000W 15 £229.98 facility sUp to 7 IG1200 NEW 1200W 12.4 £229.98 hours running time IG2000 NEW 2000W 19.4 £339.00 on 3/4 load IG2200** 2200W 26.6 £359.98


s For cutting applications such as stone, concrete & paving stones s100mm maximum cutting depth sIncludes Diamond Blade






s 2 light modes, s Inc. 12V DC socket







EX.VAT 159.98



Built-in fluorescent work light



EX.VAT 279.00





s Auto ON/OFF float switch








s Perfect for fast, accurate cross, bevel and mitre cutting *Handles s 1800W motor solids up to 30mm diameter † Sewage cutter pump s Laser MODEL MAX FLOW MAX EXC. guide ONLY £ LPM HEAD VAT CMS10S2 EX.VAT 129.98 CSE400A 115 8.0m £29.98 PSV3A 133 8.0m £34.99 POWER PSV1A* 140 5.8m £44.99 PVP11A 258 11.0m £69.98 s Mix plaster, paint,MIXERS CSV2A (110V) 200 8.0m £119.98 mortar, artex, cement HSEC650A 290 9.5m £184.99 etc. s Variable speed £ ONLY .99 HSEC651A (110V) (110V) 290 9.5m £189.98 control s 1100W motor 82EX.VAT NEW 600 DWP210A (110V) (110V) 10.8m £269.98 Massive torque 31.5Nm 110V/230V HSEC1400A† 13.0m £299.98 NEW 430 V

EX.VAT 109.98


01226 732297 0121 358 7977 0121 7713433 01204 365799 01274 390962 01273 915999 0117 935 1060 01283 564 708 01223 322675 029 2046 5424 01228 591666 01242 514 402 01244 311258 01206 762831 024 7622 4227 020 8763 0640 01325 380 841 01304 373 434 01332 290 931 01302 245 999 01382 225 140 0131 659 5919


Honda & Diesel engine models in stock PLS195 PRESSURE ENGINE EXC. GENERATOR SAVE £35 MODEL BAR/PSI HP VAT WHEN Tiger1800 110/1595 2.6 £199.00 BUYING Tiger2600 170/2465 4 £259.98 ENGINE AND Tiger3000 200/2900 6.5 £329.98 OUTPUT 260/3771 6.5 £399.00 WATER TOGETHER! PLS195 260/3770 13 £599.00 PLS265 PUMP ONLY ONLY BOULEVARD+ .98 £ .98 £ EX.VAT 109 HONEY 109EX.VAT RIGGER BOOT One engine powers three separate outputs, a ONLY generator, pressure washer and a water pump. s Nubuck uppers NEW £ s Top Quality EX.VAT s6.5HP, 4 stroke engine unit s175 bar (2500psi) 39.98 RANGE s Fabric Lining pressure washer output s2.4kW generator output AVAILABLE IN s Midsole s3" dirty water pump output SIZES 7-12 protection STEEL CEMENT MIXERS s Full length TOECAP footbed SAFETY RUBBER s Extra BOOT TYRES tough s Steel BOULEVARD 200J £ ONLY HONEY .99 toe-cap 36EX.VAT ANKLE BOOT


# 110V in stock



179EXC.VAT .98 215INC.VAT




EXC. VAT £159.98 £159.98 £179.98 £319.00 £339.00 £599.00




efficient heating Extra-long run fuel tanks – up to 53 litres Variable heat output with thermostat control

MODEL MAX OUTPUT EXC.VAT XR60 14.7kW £179.98 XR80 20.5kW £229.98 XR110 29.3kW £279.98 XR160 46.9kW £329.98 XR210 61.5kW £369.98

EXETER 16 Trusham Rd. EX2 8QG 01392 256 744 GATESHEAD 50 Lobley Hill Rd. NE8 4YJ 0191 493 2520 GLASGOW 280 Gt Western Rd. G4 9EJ 0141 332 9231 GLOUCESTER 221A Barton St. GL1 4HY 01452 417 948 GRIMSBY ELLIS WAY, DN32 9BD 01472 354435 HULL 8-10 Holderness Rd. HU9 1EG 01482 223161 ILFORD 746-748 Eastern Ave. IG2 7HU 0208 518 4286 IPSWICH Unit 1 Ipswich Trade Centre, Commercial Road 01473 221253 LEEDS 227-229 Kirkstall Rd. LS4 2AS 0113 231 0400 LEICESTER 69 Melton Rd. LE4 6PN 0116 261 0688 LINCOLN Unit 5. The Pelham Centre. LN5 8HG 01522 543 036 LIVERPOOL 80-88 London Rd. L3 5NF 0151 709 4484 LONDON CATFORD 289/291 Southend Lane SE6 3RS 0208 695 5684 LONDON 6 Kendal Parade, Edmonton N18 020 8803 0861 LONDON 503-507 Lea Bridge Rd. Leyton, E10 020 8558 8284 LONDON 100 The Highway, Docklands 020 7488 2129 LUTON Unit 1, 326 Dunstable Rd, Luton LU4 8JS 01582 728 063 MAIDSTONE 57 Upper Stone St. ME15 6HE 01622 769 572 MANCHESTER ALTRINCHAM 71 Manchester Rd. Altrincham 0161 9412 666 MANCHESTER CENTRAL 209 Bury New Road M8 8DU 0161 241 1851 MANCHESTER OPENSHAW Unit 5, Tower Mill, Ashton Old Rd 0161 223 8376 MANSFIELD 169 Chesterfi eld Rd. South 01623 622160



MODEL MIX CAP DRIVE CCM50 30L 230V CCM110 NEW 90L 230V CCM125C 90L 230V Belle Mini mix 140 90L 230V Belle Mini 150# 90L 240V Belle Mini 150 90L 2.5HP HONDA


Designed for vertical or s raking support applications FROM ONLY .99 £



PROP LENGTH CONCENTRIC LOAD EX SIZE (M) 1°-30° OUT OF PLUMB VAT 0 closed 1.041 3.57 tonnes SWL £24.99 0 open 1.829 3.57 tonnes SWL 3.57 tonnes SWL £31.99 1 closed 1.753 1 open 3.124 1.73 tonnes SWL 2 closed 1.981 3.57 tonnes SWL £36.99 2 open 3.352 1.53 tonnes SWL FROM ONLY .98 £




POWER SOCKETS WEIGHT EX RATING OUTLETS (KG) VAT GENERAL DUTY 750VA 1 9 £49.98 CTR750/1 CTR1500/2 1500VA 2 12 £64.99 CTR2250/2 2250VA 2 17 £66.99 CTR3300/2 3300VA 2 19 £64.99 HEAVY DUTY CTR3000 3300VA 2 17 £59.98 CTR4000/2 4000VA 2 20 £119.98 CTR6300/3 6300VA 2/1 40 £219.98


s Heavy duty for tough pro use s Nail length 50-90mm s 80 magazine capacity


EX.VAT 79.98

18V CORDLESS DRILLS s 10mm chuck s 2 Speed s 2 Lithium-Ion batteries


EX.VAT 59.98

CON18LI MODEL BATTERYS NOW EXC.VAT CON18Ni 2 Ni-Cd £59.98 CON18Li 2 Li-Ion £84.99


Powerful s heavy duty professional drill ideal for trade use



CON1500RDV + * was £66.99 exc.VAT MODEL MAX CAP CONCRETE EXC.VAT Clarke CON400RHD 10mm £39.98 Clarke CRD620 26mm £49.98 32mm £62.99 Clarke CRD1250* Clarke CON720RHD 26mm £74.99 Clarke CON1500RDV 36mm £79.98


s Tough Steel Construction sFully Lockable FROM ONLY £

.00 99EXC.VAT


MODEL DIMS (LxWxH) NOW EX VAT WAS EX VAT — CSB25 810x485x360mm £99.00 £189.00 CSB85 1067x508x595mm £179.00 £229.00 CSB100 1220x615x682mm £219.00





s Portable compressors ideal onsite s Air storage in protective steel frame (No Cert. Req.) * was £529.00 exc.VAT #Honda engine MODEL DISPL MAX WORKING RECEIVER CFM MOTOR PRESSURE CAP EXC.VAT Champ 3 NEW 7 2HP 8 Bar 4 ltr £139.98 Champ (110V) 7.6 2HP 10 Bar 2.4 ltr £209.98 CFP9HND*# 9 5HP 7 Bar 2.65 ltr £499.00


OPEN MON-FRI 8.30-6.00, SAT 8.30-5.30, SUN 10.00-4.00

MIDDLESBROUGH Mandale Triangle, Thornaby NORWICH 282a Heigham St. NR2 4LZ NOTTINGHAM 211 Lower Parliament St. PETERBOROUGH 417 Lincoln Rd. Millfield PLYMOUTH 58-64 Embankment Rd. PL4 9HY POOLE 137-139 Bournemouth Rd. Parkstone PORTSMOUTH 277-283 Copnor Rd. Copnor PRESTON 53 Blackpool Rd. PR2 6BU SHEFFIELD 453 London Rd. Heeley. S2 4HJ SIDCUP 13 Blackfen Parade, Blackfen Rd SOUTHAMPTON 516-518 Portswood Rd. SOUTHEND 1139-1141 London Rd. Leigh on Sea STOKE-ON-TRENT 382-396 Waterloo Rd. Hanley SUNDERLAND 13-15 Ryhope Rd. Grangetown SWANSEA 7 Samlet Rd. Llansamlet. SA7 9AG SWINDON 21 Victoria Rd. SN1 3AW TWICKENHAM 83-85 Heath Rd.TW1 4AW WARRINGTON Unit 3, Hawley’s Trade Pk. WIGAN 2 Harrison Street, WN5 9AU WOLVERHAMPTON Parkfield Rd. Bilston WORCESTER 48a Upper Tything. WR1 1JZ

01642 677881 01603 766402 0115 956 1811 01733 311770 01752 254050 01202 717913 023 9265 4777 01772 703263 0114 258 0831 0208 3042069 023 8055 7788 01702 483 742 01782 287321 0191 510 8773 01792 792969 01793 491717 020 8892 9117 01925 630 937 01942 323 785 01902 494186 01905 723451


ONLINE MAIL ORDER 0115 956 5555


Calls to the catalogue request number above (0844 880 1265) cost 7p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge For security reasons, calls may be monitored. All prices correct at time of going to press. We reserve the right to change products and prices at any time. All offers subject to availability, E&OE.

MM1 The Builder 300x230.indd 1

EX.VAT 109.98


EX.VAT 199.00



s Plunge depth up to 60mm s Variable speed s Inc. 15pc bit set ONLY




BARNSLEY Pontefract Rd, Barnsley, S71 1EZ B’HAM GREAT BARR 4 Birmingham Rd. B’HAM HAY MILLS 1152 Coventry Rd, Hay Mills BOLTON 1 Thynne St. BL3 6BD BRADFORD 105-107 Manningham Lane. BD1 3BN BRIGHTON 123 Lewes Rd, BN2 3QB BRISTOL 1-3 Church Rd, Lawrence Hill. BS5 9JJ BURTON UPON TRENT 12a Lichfield St. DE14 3QZ CAMBRIDGE 181-183 Histon Road, Cambridge. CB4 3HL CARDIFF 44-46 City Rd. CF24 3DN CARLISLE 85 London Rd. CA1 2LG CHELTENHAM 84 Fairview Road. GL52 2EH CHESTER 43-45 St. James Street. CH1 3EY COLCHESTER 4 North Station Rd. CO1 1RE COVENTRY Bishop St. CV1 1HT CROYDON 423-427 Brighton Rd, Sth Croydon DARLINGTON 214 Northgate. DL1 1RB DEAL (KENT) 182-186 High St. CT14 6BQ DERBY Derwent St. DE1 2ED DONCASTER Wheatley Hall Road DUNDEE 24-26 Trades Lane. DD1 3ET EDINBURGH 163-171 Piersfield Terrace

EXC.VAT £179.98 £214.99 £239.98 GAS, TIPS, £269.98 £339.00 SHROUDS £399.00 & WIRE £429.00 IN STOCK

ONLY EX.VAT 189.00

EX.VAT 119.98

s Fast accurate cutting of ferrous metals, brick, stone etc s Cuts material up to 115mm thick s Adjusts 0-45º for angled cutting

MODEL MIN-MAX AMPS PRO90 24-90 110E 30-100 135TE Turbo 30-130 151TE Turbo 30-150 165TEM Turbo 30-155 175TECM Turbo 30-170 205TE Turbo 30-185





PEAK 52EX.VAT AMPS EXC.VAT 900A £52.99 900A £59.98 1500A £114.99 2000A@12V £129.98 1000A@24V

START BOOST 400A 400A 700A 1000A@12V 500A@24V

900 910 4000 12/24





PLATE DIMS Swage fitting MODEL WxLmm MOTOR EX VAT makes erecting and Evolution Hulk 320x400 2.4HP £279.00 ONLY dismantling quicker BELLE MINIPAC 300 300x470 2.5HP £539.00 £ .00 Galvanised 199 EXC.VAT FROM ONLY corrosion resistance £ MODEL EXC.VAT EX.VAT 159.98 ABRASIVE 3'11" x 3'11" Steel Work tower - £199.00 4 adjustable legs £54.99 CUT OFF SAW ONLY 4 Castor Wheels £59.98


Quality machines from Britain’s 135TE leading supplier See online for included FROM ONLY accessories £ .98

Provides essential home, garage and roadside assistance Integral work light 910 includes air compressor Long life battery

s Includes TCT blade s Dust extraction s Extra large 37" table CTS10D





IN-STORE PHONE 0844 880 1265 ONLINE ENQUIRY-Card 802

EXC.VAT £189.98 £239.98 FG3005 £ FROM ONLY .98 189EXC.VAT £369.00 £479.00 UP TO 650kVA output available £569.00 *Inverters produce pure sine wave & stable power, essential for computers and sensitive equipment ENGINE MODELS IN STOCK




*110V in stock MODEL KVA FG2500 2.4 FG3005 2.8 FG3050* 3 FG4050ES* 4.5 FG5100ES* 5.5

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Good product, great communication and the best speed of service that I have experienced. Joe Reilly





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