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Housing starts reach


House-building activity has reached its highest level for nine years, government figures show.

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The latest house building data from the Department for Communities & Local Government shows that 153,370 new homes were started in 2016, a 5% increase on the previous year, while more than 140,500 homes were completed during the year. Islington and Manchester saw the greatest increase in house-building starts, up 296% and 323% respectively. And the Council of Mortgage Lenders reports that there were 338,900 loans taken out in 2016 by first-time buyers, an 8% increase on 2015. Housing and planning minister Gavin Barwell said: “We’ve got the country building again with the highest number of housing starts for 9 years. However, we know there’s more to be done to build more homes in the places that people want to live. Our housing white paper sets out an ambitious set of proposals to deliver more land, speed up build-out, diversify the housing market, and support people who need help now.”

Hike in insurance tax will hit home owners, says FMB and ABI

UK’s leading total wet room solutions provider

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Premier Shower Deck


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Accepts 350kg of loading Market leading SMC

Unique high grade SMC formulation

Computer aided cellular structure design Suitable for timber/joist installation

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The latest hike to Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) will undermine good builders who play by the rules and encourage the rise of cowboy builders, the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) has warned ahead of the Chancellor’s Spring Budget. Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB, said: “The doubling of IPT over the past two years has troubling implications for construction SMEs and home owners alike. This stealth tax, which is set to rise for the third time in 18 months, effectively provides an additional competitive advantage to unscrupulous and uninsured builders. By driving up the costs of insurance, it punishes those businesses that play by the rules and make sure that they are always covered. This is increasing the danger that home owners could be tempted to opt for uninsured builders who are able to offer a more competitive quote. This stealth tax may also discourage clients taking out a warranty on building work, which is never advisable practice on a significant building project and could lead to plenty of heartache for consumers further down the line. It’s vital that we get a commitment from the Government that this third rise of IPT will be the last for this Parliament.” James Dalton, Director of General Insurance Policy at the Association of British Insurers, said: “IPT is a tax on businesses, especially SMEs that often operate on very tight margins and that do the right thing by purchasing insurance to help manage their risks. At a time of continued economic uncertainty, with many firms facing increasing costs, the last thing they need is a further hike in IPT. Unlike VAT, no element of IPT can be reclaimed by businesses meaning they will have to absorb these extra costs – this could cost jobs, drive up prices or companies may decide to reduce their insurance cover, putting them at risk if something goes wrong. Enough is enough, give firms a break and freeze IPT.”

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February 2017 NEWS

School repairs bill escalates What is a bona fide




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School repairs is set to double over the next five years, according to a National Audit Office report. According to the NAO, the expected deterioration in the condition of the school estate represents "a significant risk to long-term value for money" for the government. The Department for Education’s property data survey estimates it would cost a further £6.7bn for repair work to return all school buildings to satisfactory or better condition, and a further £7.1bn to bring parts of school buildings from satisfactory to good condition. The most common major defects are problems with electrics and external walls, says the NAO report, Capital funding for schools The DfE cannot yet assess reliably how the condition of the school estate is changing over time, but it estimates that the cost of dealing with major defects in the estate will double between 2015-16 and 2020-21, even with current levels of funding, as many buildings near the end of their useful lives. Much of the school estate is over 40 years old, with 60% built before 1976. Building new schools also seems to be getting more expensive. The government plans to open 500 new free schools between May 2015 and

September 2020 but the biggest risk to delivering these schools is the availability of suitable sites, the NAO report says. A lack of suitable land means that the Department for Education sometimes enters into complex commercial agreements and pays large sums to secure sites in the right places. The NAO found that while the average cost of the 175 sites bought by the DfE is £4.9m, 24 sites have cost more than £10m, including four that have cost more than £30m. To help secure free school sites quickly and at the best price the DfE is setting up a property company. NAO head Sir Amyas Morse said: ““Having enough school places in safe, high-quality buildings in the right areas is a crucial part of the education system. The Department has responded positively to start to meet the challenges it faces in relation to the quality and capacity of the school estate. Significant challenges remain, however, as the population continues to grow and the condition of the ageing estate deteriorates. To deliver value for money, the Department must make the best use of the capital funding it has available - by continuing to increase the use of data to inform its funding decisions and by creating places where it can demonstrate that they will have the greatest impact.”

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Offsite hub for house-builders The National House-Building Council has launched a website for house-builders to keep track of developments in modern methods of construction (MMC), otherwise known as offsite construction or prefabrication. The MMC Hub lists building systems that NHBC has accepted as meeting the NHBC Standards. It also has an application facility for manufacturers to submit their systems and sub-assemblies for an assessment to determine whether they satisfy the requirements of NHBC Technical Standards, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. NHBC standards manager Paul

Fire & Acoustic Cavity Stops

Cribbens said: “For decades NHBC has supported the industry in engaging with and deploying innovative forms of construction. Because our approach to acceptance of MMC/off-site construction is rigorous it provides confidence to all involved that if a home benefits from an NHBC warranty then the system has been thoroughly assessed. “We hope that the new hub will act as the leading resource for manufacturers wanting to apply for a review, with details of the building systems currently accepted together with the very latest research.” For further details see


In the insurance world we distinguish between different types of workers whether they be directly employed, self employed or agency workers. I appreciate that other professions will define different groups in other manners, such as your accountant is concerned whether or not you need to retain a sum of money from your worker’s payments to cover income tax. When you arrange your insurance it is important to understand the difference between a labour only sub-contractor, and a bona fide sub-contractor. The reason for this is that you need to arrange public liability insurance for a labour only sub contractor, and have a legal obligation to arrange employer's liability insurance. However, if you appoint a bona fide sub-contractor to do work for you, there is no need to arrange any insurance at all, although we recommend that you consider “contingency” public liability insurance. This type of insurance will “step in” in certain circumstances where the bona-fide sub-contractor’s insurance fails. A bona-fide sub-contractor, in a few words, is a complete business on it’s own. Although the definition will vary between insurers, a common requirement is that they carry their own insurance and supply their own tools and materials. It is usual that they are also contracting to other businesses. If they exclusively work for you the insurers may question if they are a truly independent business. I have seen insurer’s definitions (to us) cover one and half pages to define bona-fide, and yet have never seen anything written in a policy wording to guide our client! However, to balance this, I have only ever had one dispute with an insurer regarding whether a sub-contractor was bona-fide or not. The advantage of any contractors being “bonafide” is that if they cause any loss or damage to the public or their property, then their insurance will pick up the bill. This obviously saves you time and money! And, of course, you do not have any cost of insurance. Your insurance policy will almost certainly require that they carry at least as much cover as you do, and we strongly recommend that you retain written evidence of this, such as a copy of their public liability certificate. As an example, if you carry £5,000,000 of public liability insurance, then they also need to have a £5,000,000 limit of cover, although they can carry more if they want. Please also be aware that even if cover is held at the beginning of a contract, that it could be cancelled at a later date, so we recommend that you do spot checks with their insurers that cover is continuously maintained. As always, this is a complex subject and it is always best to speak to experienced insurance advisers if you have any questions or want to know more. Ray Colenutt DipCII, the writer of this article, has over 35 years of arranging insurance in the construction industry and is the managing director of Versatile Insurance Professionals Ltd.

The Type SAF is a cavity stop. SAF stands for sloping + acoustic + fire (60 mins) Compare and be convinced the Type SAF is no ordinary stop. • Its parallelogram shape makes joining lengths so simple

02 Part B3

Barriers must restrict smoke and flames

Part C

• It always discharges penetrating water forward

Yeovil Somerset England UK

• Importantly the lapping format ensures continuity of integrity

Tel 01935 474769

Direct moisture towards outside where downward flow interrupted I enquiry 500

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Purplex is at the cutting g edge of lead generation, marketing tech hnology and brand development. We help companies in the construction, building products and glazzing industry dominate their markets. With offices in London, Bristol and a super new HQ, Purplex now has 10,000 sq ft facilities and d we’re expanding to 100 brilliantly talentted marketing experts.

Lets make 2017 your best year ever – call Purplex on 01934 808 13 32. LONDON OFFICE - T: 020 3137 9319 | BRISTOL OFFICE - T: 01934 808 132 E: /Purplexmarketing



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NEW SX Instant Paintable Caulk – Apply. Paint. Done Siroflex has developed a unique innovative sealant which is instantly over paintable. This high quality flexible acrylic sealant will save you time, money and effort. It is easy to apply, dries quickly and can be painted over immediately with water based and synthetic paints. It adheres perfectly without the use of a primer to most surfaces, has low odour, does not discolour paint and is not corrosive towards metals. It can be


For more information about this unique solution call us on 01226 771600 or email

used for the sealing and filling of gaps and cracks where movement can occur D such as those between plasterwork and Scan to watch our window frames, door frames, skirting demonstration video. boards, windowsills and architraves. You will obtain the best possible end result with SX Instant Paintable Caulk. I enquiry 100

STO puts on a strong performance for major theatre refurbishment project

An acoustic treatment solution from Sto has been used on a major theatre refurbishment project. A StoSilent panel

seamless acoustic ceiling system was used to dramatically improve the acoustics in the foyer of York Theatre Royal, and to enhance the acoustic environment in the adjoining theatre spaces. “The main foyer is a mid-20th Century addition to the building,” comments Byron Harrison of Acoustic and Theatre Consultancy Charcoalblue, which designed the new acoustic solution. “It’s a busy multistorey space, primarily of stone and glasswork. As it is a listed building, there was not an opportunity to integrate new sound absorbing finishes.” However, modifications to the Theatre

Royal and colonnade provided expanded foyer space near the main theatre entrance. We knew that this area needed to be wellcontrolled acoustically to deal with the buildup of sound, as well as sound transferring from the larger adjacent acoustic volume. We were looking for an acoustic solution that would allow us to create a sweeping, seamless ceiling finish that reflected some of the large areas of plasterwork which existed in the foyer and also expressed the form of the seating above.” I enquiry 101

Norbord best-selling flooring solutions designed for today’s busy builder For many years, the preferred material for decking suspended timber floors has been chipboard – and that shows no sign of changing. Norbord’s CaberBoard flooring range is the UK’s best-selling chipboard flooring product, its handy dimensions allowing ease of handling and its robust tongue-andgroove edging ensuring a secure and even surface. Today things are moving on. As the housing market continues to grow strongly, tradesmen are obliged to look for methods of completing projects

faster and more efficiently. Consequently, more of them are looking beyond the standard CaberFloor P5 panel and choosing Norbord’s advanced CaberDek and CaberShieldPlus systems. Both CaberDek and CaberShieldPlus use the same P5 moisture-resistant particleboard but also feature further added benefits meaning the floor can be laid even before the roof is installed. I enquiry 102

Copper Loft joins the Aqua-Step waterproof laminate flooring range Copper Loft is a brand new design addition to the Aqua-Step waterproof laminate flooring range, available from International Decorative Surfaces. Offering a mix of warm brown tones and copper highlights in a random stone effect, Copper Loft is a versatile design for domestic and commercial applications including bathrooms, ensuites, WC’s, washrooms and spas. It is part of the Ceramics by Aqua Step range which offers five designs in a tile size of 592mm x 297mm x 5.3mm thickness with R10 slip resistance to meet commercial requirements. The product can be used with electric or water-fed underfloor heating and is backed by a 25 year domestic wear warranty and 7 years on commercial applications. The comprehensive Aqua-Step flooring range offers 14 plank designs, 3 half plank, 11 mini tiles and 5 ceramic tiles, all assuring easy installation with the patented Uniclic system, low maintenance and a high performance waterproof floor finish. I enquiry 103

Play “Level-Up” today and win a bag of LX360 Fibre Leveller Want to win a bag of Dunlop’s new LX360 Fibre Leveller for levelling uneven floors? Well now you can with “Level Up” – the new online game at ! The aim of the game is to make Dunlopman run further than 500m by jumping from rooftop to rooftop and dodging the obstacles. At the end of the month, those on the leaderboard will be entered into a random draw with the chance of winning a bag of LX-360 Fibre Leveller*. Dunlop LX-360 Fibre Leveller is part of a new game-changing range of floor levelling compounds recently launched to provide

tradesmen and women with easy with a straightforward choice of levellers for any installation. Fibre-reinforced for increased strength and added flexibility, LX-360 is an all-around leveller and can be laid from 3mm up to 60mm bed depth. Thanks to its innovative formulation, it can be used over timber floors and underfloor heating, creating the perfect flat and level surface for tiles or soft coverings. I enquiry 104

STO provides dramatic opening act for refubished theatre Visitors arriving at a recently refurbished London theatre are now greeted by the venue’s dramatic new appearance, which has been created by the use of StoDeco Profile panels from Sto. Tara Theatre in Earlsfield has undergone an extensive programme of extension and refurbishment, and given a striking new appearance which centres on a large Banyan tree motif that has been designed to wrap around different elevations of the building. The project architects, Aedas Arts Team, were looking to create an eyecatching appearance for the building which reflected the multi-cultural nature of the events now being held there. “In India, the Banyan tree often represents a focal point of a community where people gather, and so it was a very appropriate motif to use on the building,” explains Julian Middleton of Aedas Arts Team.


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Apply. Paint. Done. A

SX Instant S I t t P Paintable Caulk Unique acrylic sealant developed too be over painted instantly • Instantly paintable • No discolouration of paint • Minimal risk of cracking • Remains flexible • Easy to apply • Based on UCA Technology

For more information call us on 01226 771600 or email

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Siroflex Limited Dodworth Business Park | Dodworth | Barnsley | South Yorkshire | S75 3SP T +44 (0)1226 771600 | F +44 (0)1226 771601

Quality Perfformance Products

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RINNAI Builds Business with O’Neil’s

Rinnai, manufacturer of the Energysaver energy efficient range of gas fired wall heaters, recently pulled out all the stops in collaboration with Ayr-based installer O’Neil Gas Services to keep the congregation warm at St Mary’s Church in Saltcoats, Ayrshire. O’Neil Gas Services with mission statement: ‘Big enough to cope. Small enough to care’ – is a family-run company founded by John O’Neil and now presided over by his son Brian O’Neil. It has 22 employees, 15 of them fully qualified Gas Safe registered engineers. The company offers domestic and commercial services covering the whole of Ayrshire, East Kilbride and South Glasgow and has four separate divisions – installation, service and repair, care and retail. O’Neil’s also operates a fireplace and bathroom showroom, designing and planning bathrooms from start to finish. The O’Neil client list is impressive and includes NHS Scotland, North Ayrshire Council, Cunninghame Housing Association, SRUC Auchincruive Estate, Klin Holdings as well as various hotels, surgeries, churches and commercial businesses all over Ayrshire. More recently the company won the Irvine Housing gas maintenance contract for five years. The company has built a reputation for quality, reliability and value ensuring that its 14,000 domestic and


commercial customers return time and again for their gas and plumbing needs. They have retained thousands of customers, year after year, confirming the quality of their customer service. O’Neil’s install Rinnai heaters for its commercial customers in a range of applications. “We choose Rinnai heaters because they are reliable, and easy to work on, as well as being efficient. O’Neil’s use only the best as call backs can be expensive and so installing the Rinnai heating range within commercial installations is an obvious choice, and makes for happy customers,” says O’Neil’s installation manager Ross McWhirter. “We have used Rinnai heaters in many churches – for example St Mary’s – because of their efficiency and ease of installation. “We have installed Rinnai continuous flow water heaters in Adeli Foods for the same reasons. We choose Rinnai products in such installations simply because no other product could provide the result we and more importantly our customers expect and want. This along with the excellent customer service provided by Rinnai, mean that their heaters and water heaters are always our choice.” McWhirter first made the decision to go with Rinnai’s 1004T gas fired wall space heater for the St Mary’s

Church, Saltcoats project and it is a decision he is pleased he made. “We used six Rinnai 1004T units siting them in the best location for effectiveness and for the convenience of the customer. The biggest part of the job was lifting the floors and running gas and electricity supplies to the units. “Everyone I have spoken too at the Church since we completed the installation has said that it has never been as warm as it is now. The Church should also see a big difference in gas usage as the Rinnai units are more economical to run than the previous system. “This was the first time we have used the Rinnai heaters and I was very impressed with the outcome of the job. They are very quiet while running and get the Church up to temperature very quickly,” says Ross. O’Neil’s has the stamp of approval from Gas Safe to provide all gas services and has recently been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001, a certified management system for organisations proving its ability to provide services that meets customer’s needs. In addition, O’Neil’s has CHAS accreditation for its Health and Safety policies and PAS 2030. I enquiry 504

For more information on the RINNAI product range visit

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The photograph shows the Snickers 6902 Work Trousers in the 8604 colour option. The safety shoes shown are recommended by Snickers Workwear - the Bushido Glove from Solid Gear,


TECHNOLOGY REVOLUTION Snickers’ new FLEXIWork Trousers are just what the name suggests. These super-light work trousers with a hightech body-mapping design, combine the latest ventilating stretch fabric with Cordura to take working comfort, durability and freedom of movement to a whole new level. With Snickers’ patented KneeGuard System and all the technical features and functionality of other Next Generation working clothes, you can be sure they’ll keep you looking good wherever you are on site. Check out independent reviews of our products at, search for ‘Snickers’ and then make your choices at

For more information, advice and to locate your nearest Snickers stockist, please call the Snickers Helpline on 01484 854788 Snickers Workwear Limited Unit N3 Gate 4 | Meltham Mills Industrial Estate | Meltham | Holmfirth | HD9 4DS Tel: 01484 854488 | Fax: 01484 854733 Email: Web:

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New ‘Thermal Breaks’ CPD certified training module introduced by ACE Fabreeka UK

Mapei’s Mapethene EQ waterproofing system Mapei’s Mapethene EQ is a self-adhesive bituminous membrane for waterproofing and damp-proofing applications. Made by a high technology calendering process during which a special polymer modified bitumen layer is bonded to a carrier film of high density polyethylene (HDPE), Mapethene EQ provides a continuous waterproofing layer of uniform thickness to the outer surface of below ground or partially below ground concrete and masonry structures. Mapethene EQ may also be used as an effective damp-proof membrane beneath un-bonded screeds. Ed Pilkington,

ACE Fabreeka UK, the developer of Fabreeka TIM material, has introduced a new CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certified training course titled ‘Introduction to Thermal Breaks’. Fabreeka TIM is a trusted thermal break solution specified by building and construction professionals everywhere. A thermal break is a material of low thermal conductivity which can be applied to conserve fuel and power in a building. The launch of this new course is seen as a fundamental part of the company’s customer support programme in maximising the potential of engineered building and construction materials to advance the energy performance of buildings and structures.The aim of this introductory module is to give trainees the basic knowledge required to identify opportunities Waterproofing Product Manager at Mapei commented, “Mapethene EQ is an important addition to Mapei’s portfolio of waterproofing solutions, and is ideal for use in shallow basements and structures that are partially buried due to a sloping site. Mapethene EQ has been specifically formulated to provide low temperature flexibility and adhesion, it is ideal for the UK climatic conditions ” Mapethene EQ is defined as a TYPE A barrier within BS 8102: 2009 and is produced in accordance with EN 13969:2004. Mapethene EQ will develop an excellent bond with most mineral substrates when used in combination with Mapethene Primer. The Mapethene primer is solvent free and does not adversely affect the health of installer or the end user.


for the application of thermal breaks and structural thermal breaks. The learning content is hosted free of charge online which means that it can be accessed ‘on the go’ including from a mobile phone. The training is certified by the CPD certification service which means that the credits are accepted by professional bodies such as the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), Institute of Structural Engineers (IStructE), Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) in meeting the CPD requirements for professional registration, typically to be a chartered engineer. I enquiry 106

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CP Electronics Marmox Thermoblock separates Surrey House from its super basement makes light work of The technical challenges of tackling linear heat loss at the interface of a very large, traditionally built house from its fully subterranean precast concrete “Super Basement” have been addressed through the inclusion of Thermoblock units, manufactured and supplied by Marmox (UK) Limited. The exclusive individual property being built by Searchfield Homes in Windlesham, Surrey, offers its purchasers a stunning 17,000 square feet of usable space, including a 5,500 square foot basement that has space for a swimming pool, cinema, snooker room and gymnasium. However, despite utilising a proprietary precast concrete, sectional system with integral waterproofing and insulation measures, the

design and build contractor’s architectural consultants still had to specify an effective means of controlling heat loss at the ground floor perimeter. The detail would not only be required to satisfy Part L of the Building Regulations in order to avoid the use of punishing default factors in the U-value calculations, but also be able to carry the weight of the outer elevation. The answer came in the form of 267 Marmox Thermoblocks – measuring 100 mm wide by 65 mm high and 600 mm in length - and each one of which incorporates small cylindrical columns of high strength concrete within their low lambda value insulation. The units also feature a horizontal overlap to make installation simpler, with the joints being bonded together using Marmox Multibond adhesive, which is supplied in standard cartridges. The Site Agent on the project for Searchfield Homes explained: “This is a very large property built across three floors, including a precast concrete basement system. I enquiry 109


Structural Concrete Alliance announces 2017 CPD events

The Structural Concrete Alliance has announced the dates and locations for its free to attend Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminars and Demonstration Days during 2017. Designed to provide delegates with an introduction to Structural Asset Protection and Repair, the half-day CPD seminars offer an introduction to corrosion as well as techniques for repair, protection and

strengthening. This year’s CPD events have been fully revised and will feature new presentations, offering an introduction to each of the key protection and repair techniques. Each event will cover causes of corrosion; electrochemical systems; concrete repairs and coatings; carbon fibre strengthening and sprayed concrete; as well as inspection and testing techniques. Recent case studies will be offered to demonstrate the application of each technique. Following the success of its first Practical Demonstration Day, held in September 2016, the Alliance is planning two such events during 2017. These free CPD events

energy efficiency

Lighting the way : Originally built in the first half of the 16th Century, the Old Low Light is a grade two listed building, the oldest of its kind on the North Shields fish quay. For centuries, the Old Low light was a major part of the North Shields fishing community, where its lighthouse helped guide generations of mariners to safety across the turbulent waters of the Tyne. Having fallen into disrepair, a group of local enthusiasts set about bringing the building back to life and with the support of North Tyneside Council, and funds from the Townscape Heritage Initiative and the Coastal Community Fund (CCF), the building was run from 9-3pm and offer delegates an opportunity to witness interactive demonstrations of key repair, protection, strengthening and sprayed concrete techniques. Following an initial welcome and introduction, the delegates are divided into groups to visit five separate demonstration stations. Each station will feature live displays highlighting the key preparation, skills and techniques involved in: concrete repairs; carbon fibre strengthening; concrete testing; sprayed concrete; and cathodic protection and monitoring systems. I enquiry 111

Lucideon to Host ‘Alternative Uses for Bricks in structural Work’ Webinar Lucideon, the international materials development and commercialization organization, is hosting a webinar, ‘Alternative Uses for Bricks in Structural Work: Moving Beyond Thin Brick’ on 16 March 2017, 10am (EST)/3pm (GMT). Hosted by Dr Geoff Edgell, director and principal construction consultant at Lucideon, the webinar will focus on the need for the diversification of brick applications to ensure the sustainability of the brick manufacturing industry. Geoff Edgell said: “The brick manufacturing industry is of great importance to construction as a whole, but the use of bricks has become fairly standard and limited. In the US at present, the focus is on supplying thin brick to act as a veneer to buildings. In order to ensure the sustainability of the brick manufacturing industry, brick applications need to be diversified and broadened.” I enquiry 108

completely renovated before re-opening its doors in March 2015. This project saw a complete re-vamp of the interior with a café, shop and top floor venue for hire to the public. Overall, the changes gave the building giving a comfortable and attractive finish, further adding to its appeal. A ray of light : n particular, the specification of MW3SA microwave presence detectors helped control lighting levels, as lighting is only in use when the room is occupied. This helps reduce any unnecessary energy consumption in the form of lights being left on when the room is vacant. The MWS3A offers a unique presence detection capability by using an adjustable head. By changing the angle of the head, different detection patterns can be achieved to suit the application. Its design features an innovative locking mechanism, allowing the MW3SA to be fixed in position to ensure optimal detection patterns depending on the application. Featuring a plug-in connection design, the MW3SA makes installers’ lives easier by simplifying the installation process and reducing overall installation time. I enquiry 110

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L200 SERIES 5 SHOWING THE WO W RLD HOW IT’S DONE The Mitsubishi M L200 Series 5 Titan is now more affordablle than ever. From £199 per month+VA AT T1 on n Contract Hire and with o outstanding 4WD ability,, it really does show the world how it’s done. Wee call this Intelligent Motion n.

Take on the world | Visit to find out more

I enquiry 506

1. L200 Series 5 Titan rental shown is for a manual transmission. The Contract Hire Finance Plan shown is applicable to business users only and is subject ect to status via Mitsubishi Contract Motoring (part of the oofficial Mitsubishi Motors distribution in the UK), Watermoor, r, Cirencester, Glos. GL7 1LF. The rental is based on an initial tial rental payment equal to 6 months’ renttals plus VAT at 20%, followed by 35 monthly rentals in arreaars, based on an annual mileage of 10,000 miles and are non-maintained. n-maintained. Excess mileage charges of between 5p and 26p 6p per mile will be applied. The offer rental is valid between 29th December 2016 and 29th March 2017 and is subject to change without notice. Other terms and mileages m are available upon request. Available at participatinng dealers in the UK (excludes Channel Islands & I.O.M) subject ect to availability, whilst stocks last. Offer cannot be used inn conjunction with any other offer. The air conditioning system m contains fluorinated greenhouse gases. Chemical name: HFC-134a. FC-134a. Pre-chased weight: 0.52kg. Global-warming potential ratio: 1430. Converted CO2 weight: 0.774t.

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View our publication online at February 2017 COPPER IN ARCHITECTURE AWARDS EDITORIAL

European Copper in Architecture Awards Launched Entries are invited for the 2017 European Copper in Architecture Awards 18 – a celebration of contemporary architecture with copper and its alloys and an opportunity for architects to showcase their designs. The final deadline for receipt of entries is 30th April 2017 and full details are available at These biennial awards continue to grow in stature, with over 50 entries representing 17 countries in 2015. They gather together exemplary and innovative uses of copper in the finest contemporary European architecture and bring them to an international audience through a promotional programme.


Choice Winner will be announced later in 2017. The Awards 18 Entry Form and details can be downloaded from where videos, information and images from previous Awards can also be viewed.

Eligible entries must incorporate cladding, roofing or other prominent architectural elements of copper or copper alloys. Any scale or type of project can be entered, from major landmark buildings to modest installations. A panel of architects – including some of the most influential designers in Europe – will judge all the entries on their architectural qualities, based on images submitted with entries. Judges are generally selected from previous award winners, bringing an entrant’s viewpoint to their role. Shortlisted projects will be announced this summer, followed by the opportunity for anyone to vote via for the Public Choice Award. The Overall Winner, Commended projects and Public

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E-mail: Web:

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REFURBISHMENT & NEW BUILD February 2017 View our publication online at www.


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PRECAST BUILDING SOLUTIONS FP McCann is the UK’s largest supplier and manufacturer of precast concrete solutions. Our 12 modern manufacturing facilities give us an unrivalled ability to serve the construction industry throughout the UK and Ireland.

LINTELS 01335 361269 / 028 6772 1286 STAIRS/LANDINGS/FLOORING 01335 361269 SALES@FPMCCANN.CO.UK | FPMCCANN.CO.UK I enquiry 508


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Brought on board by Morgan Sindall Construction and Infrastructure Ltd, Bison will manufacture and deliver 84,000m2 of its 150mm deep Hollowcore units which will be utilised in the creation of Deck 7 at the Port of Southampton, the largest multideck car storage area on the site. The appointment follows the recent announcement that end client Associated British Ports (ABP) is investing £50m in its vehicle handling facilities at the location, with Deck 7 being one of two new multistorey structures which, together, will be able to store more than 7,500 vehicles for export. The order is Bison’s third for the project, with the company having also provided its units for Deck 5 and a subsequent larger extension. Prior to this, both Morgan Sindall and ABP visited Bison’s Swadlincote manufacturing facility in Derbyshire to assess its production process and quality control measures, as Paul Finch, Contracts Manager at Morgan Sindall explains:


New Order Sees Bison Complete Hat-Trick of Appointments at Port of Southampton The UK’s leading precast concrete manufacturer, Bison Manufacturing, has received the third in a trio of appointments to provide its units for use in the construction of a new car storage area at the UK’s busiest vehicle handling port.

confident in Bison’s abilities, and have already worked with them in the construction of other car decks on site.” Mike Nelson, Sales & Commercial Manager at Bison Manufacturing added: “Bison is continuously investing in developing its production facilities to provide our clients with the best products. We were able to demonstrate to Morgan Sindall and ABP that we could not only meet their production requirements in terms of quantity and delivery within the required timeframes, but that we were able to consistently manufacture high quality units thanks to our stringent quality control procedures. “For projects such as this it’s important to control differential camber between adjacent units. The stringent quality control measures we have in place ensure the Clients requirements are achieved.” The units are scheduled for delivery beginning in January 2017, with final handover to the client expected at the end of November 2017.

“As the UK’s busiest vehicle handling port it’s vital that Southampton continues to meet growing demand and supports the British automotive industry. In order to ensure that the project goes to schedule we wanted to be certain that Bison could provide the required level of both quality and capacity in order to deliver the best possible units for the task in line with our installation programme. Having visited the Swadlincote facility we’re more than

I enquiry 510

For more information on Bison’s product and service offering, please visit

IKO shortlisted for British Parking Award for M&S refurb

longevity and a surface that was easy and quick to lay. IKO Permapark is a specially formulated mastic asphalt waterproofing and surfacing system for elevated vehicle decks, pedestrian walkways and access ramps. It uses advanced polymer technology for long-term durability, increased fatigue resistance, improved temperature stability and ease of installation. “The British Parking Awards recognise the leading examples of car park design, build and management across the country - we are delighted to be nominated,” comments Marcus Lee, Sales Director of IKO’s Hot Melt and Mastic Asphalt Specification Division.

IKO PLC has been shortlisted for the British Parking Awards for refurbishing the deck of a 4,000m2 multi-storey car park for Marks and Spencer on Imperial Road, Matlock. Nominated in the Best Car Park Refurbishment category, the installation took just five weeks, with an average of 800m2 IKO Permapark mastic asphalt laid per week.

Over 90 tonnes of the existing asphalt in the car park was stripped and recycled at the IKO factory in Grangemill. The IKO Permapark mastic asphalt was delivered direct from the factory in computercontrolled 18-tonne hot charge tankers. This was then transported to site in 1-tonne Self-Propelled Asphalt Mixers (‘SPAMs’ or ‘luggers’) and laid by hand by Rio Asphalt’s trained installers. This process delivers a better quality, easier-to-lay asphalt as the mix is more consistent. It also reduces time, cuts costs, and benefits the environment as there’s no secondary heating and melting needed on site. The M&S Foodhall has replaced a previous store and the building required a complete makeover at the same time as the refurbishment of the car park, which also serves high street shoppers. The car park can now provide parking for 180 vehicles.

12 CJL of Belfast was appointed as the main contractor to refurbish the car park deck to the rear of the store, with Rio Asphalt as the sub-contractor laying IKO Permapark. The specification prioritised a high-quality finish,

For more information on IKO Permapark visit I enquiry 511

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Estimating Software re Easyy, Accurate, Save 80% of time spent pricing icing

;&3'92Z;just 9!='@3<ধ1'WWW Estimating Software has proven to pay for itself DIWHUWKHÄ&#x2020;UVWTXRWH,WKDVSURYHQWRKHOSwin more work. ey y..H HHSV\RXLQIRUPHGVR\RXknow y your our ,WNHHSV\RXUEXVLQHVVRUJDQLVHG(VWLPDWLQJ6RIWZDUHsaves mone SURÄ&#x2020;W%XWGRQèWMXVWWDNHRXUZRUGIRULWUHDGZKDWRXUFXVWRPHUVKDYHWRVD\ www wUU'!9@68-$'683U$31a;'9ŕŁ&#x2026;132-! !ÂĄ9

â&#x20AC;&#x153;One of the best purrchases chasess my business has mad de ovver er the last 30 yyears! ears! And the supp port is absolutely outstanding standingg if needed. I cannot rrecomm ecommend e Easy Price Prroo highly enough. A rreal eal business asset! T Thank han nk yyou ou to all at Easy Price Prro. o.â&#x20AC;?

Estimating Serrvice Best value service offering more reports


<82ÂŁ!29 ;3'638;9 -2Â&#x2030;Â&#x2039;,89Rr



Email yourr plans to: -2(3|683('99-32!£'9ধ1!;'9W$3W<0(38!(8''7<3;!ধ32R

 03333 321518



r;!2&!8&;<82!83<2&-9Â&#x152;fÂ?&!@9T>-;, <6+8!&'36ধ329!=!-ÂŁ!#ÂŁ'3(Â&#x2039;ÂĽ,89TÂ&#x2030;Â&#x2039;,89!2&Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2030;,89

I enquiry 512

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%5$1'1(: +,*+7$&. ($6<7($5 7,*+781:,1'

:$7(55(6,67$17 /2:7(03(5$785(5(6,67$17 &21)250$%/(



sŝƐŝƚƵƐŽŶǁǁǁ͘ĂĚǀĂŶĐĞƚĂƉĞƐ͘ĐŽŵƚŽƌĞĐĞŝǀĞĂ&Z^DW>ŽĨƚŚĞŶĞǁdϭϯϮ I enquiry 515

Plumber? Builder? Plasterer? Multitrader? Want to add tiling or decorating to your skillset? Dunlop – specialist manufacturer of tiling, flooring and decorating products for the trade – is calling on tradespeople to sign up to its new training courses.

I enquiry 514

Add another string to your bow with Dunlop training courses

experience - the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and installation practices to enhance their skills. “All training takes place at our state-of-theart Innovation and Technology Centre with its practical training bays, demonstration auditorium and conference rooms providing the perfect training facility for all of our courses.” Modules include: • Day 1 - Introduction to Tiling • Day 2 - Floor and Wall Preparation prior to tiling • Day 3 - Wall Tiling • Day 4 - Floor Tiling • Day 5 - Repairing Walls, Ceilings and Woodwork prior to Decorating And takes place from 6-10 March and 26-30 June 2017. Dunlop operates a flexible approach to training, with tradespeople having the ability to book individual days or group days together as they please throughout the year.


Held at the company’s state-of-the-art Innovation and Technology Centre in Stokeon-Trent, the training courses provide tradespeople with up-to-date knowledge on the latest products and installation techniques. Led by Dave Rowley, Dunlop Training Manager, and members of the company’s technical team, one to five-day practical courses are available to tradesmen and women this March and June. Training

On completion of the course, delegates will receive a certificate of attendance, literature, merchandise and product worth more than the cost of the course.

techniques include presentations, workshops, demonstrations and hands-on practical training within individual working bays with mock-up windows, pipework and toilets for example, designed to reflect real life installations. Throughout the course, delegates will mix and use professional

adhesives, grouts, fillers and smoothers onto realistic backgrounds. Dave commented: “Training is a key priority at Dunlop, and we believe it is important to give tradespeople - whether they are new to the trade, at college, or have many years’

For more information on course dates, costs and to book a place, visit, call 01782 591100 or email I enquiry 513

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Designed for possibilities. Made for people.


Specialist solutions for smart commercial kitchens. Pendulum test



product guarantee

product guarantee









01462 707600


I enquiry 516

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Do more with easy fill chalk reels

IRWIN® Tools, a manufacturer of chalk reels which have been designed with the end-user in mind for more than 50 years, offers advancements to its STRAIT-LINE® Chalk & Reel line increasing speed, durability and ease-ofuse for tradesmen. The innovations include larger chalk reel openings for increased speed and visibility, best-in-class line strength for fewer breaks, and enhanced usability and ergonomics. The Easy Fill & Lock Top innovation is a large, 90° locking top available on the MACH6™ Chalk Reel and provides a wide opening for convenience when filling the reel and locks securely to prevent spills. The wide opening gives added visibility into the reels, reducing user frustration and downtime by providing faster line priming while minimising overfilling – a primary cause of reel jams. The improved internal access allows users to access the spool to work out line tangles or retrieve broken lines without taking the reel apart. The MACH6™ also has an open access back panel for quick line changes and cleaning and features a hi-tensile line that is 2.5 times stronger than traditional lines for fewer breaks, a robust steel handle and large center clutch for increased urability and torque, as well as


a wide prong hook to provide secure anchoring. The aluminium bodied MACH6™ has a 6:1 gear ratio, making it 6X faster than traditional chalk reels and is aided by a heavy-duty metal drive gear. “Our new STRAIT-LINE® range combines the speed, durability and accuracy our users expect from our Chalk & Reel line,” said Lisa Hunter, Sr. Brand Marketing Manager at IRWIN. “For more than 50 years, IRWIN® STRAIT-LINE® has been the trusted brand in marking tools, and this next generation continues this heritage with innovations that let professionals be more productive on the job.” The new STRAIT-LINE range also includes two additional reel designs to provide more jobsite options. The Speedline™ PRO, which also has the Easy Fill & Lock Top, features a lightweight ABS housing with a metal faceplate that protects a 3:1 gear ratio,

working effectively wherever you are on site – and whatever trade you’re in. You’ll find quality, innovation, hi-tech fabrics and top class functionality in every garment – Trousers, Jackets, Topwear, Safety shoes and Accessories - the sign of a brand that knows what it takes to get a job done properly. I enquiry 112

The NEW range of fixings and power tool accessories from FFX.


What do our customers think? They’re the best judge! TCT Circular Saw Blade: First impression: Beautifully smooth, razor sharp, Japanese steel, this blade oozes quality. It was 100% straight. Some blades look curved, not this one. Quality: The Tungsten Carbide Tip is as good as I’ve seen. The kerf is only 1.6mm against a blade width of 1mm. Cutting 18mm ply to line the floor of a roof void was so simple, cut after cut. This blade will last. It hardly looks used and I must have cut hundreds of metres of ply. R Fuggle, Fuggle Construction Ltd. VR-E410 Resin: Bought this product as the technical guy at FFX claimed it was good. I had no problems and was well impressed. The extrusion was quite easy and my guys said they could pump the resin out easily with the hand guns. Nozzles didn’t jam, well made air pump, cure times were as claimed. The technical spec looks excellent. I’m going to try out the fast cure version next as they sell their resins at pretty good prices and delivery is quick. Roberts, Operations Director, Genco Construction Services I enquiry 113

To celebrate IRWIN’s innovative range of products that allow tradesmen to do more on the job, the tools manufacturer is giving end-users the chance to win some DO MORE prizes when they purchase any IRWIN® product. Up until June 30th and from participating stockists, end-users can be in with a chance of winning IRWIN Impact Double-Ended Bits or a DO MORE experience including hot air ballooning, sailing, rock climbing and much more. I enquiry 517

For more information on the promotion visit,

Snickers’ ‘Next Generation’ Product and Price Catalogue This 68 page brochure is now available FREE to the tradesmen and women who need the very best in hi-tech working clothes. It’s got full details of the newest additions to the ALLROUND, FLEXIWork, LITEWork and RUFFWork clothing ranges and plenty of advice on how to choose the working clothes that are right for your kind of work. There’s also loads of information on all the other garments and accessories you can get for

making it 3X faster than traditional chalk reels when winding. The Classic, made of durable aluminium and including a 70% wider chalk fill opening than the previous model is available with either a 15m (50’) or 30m (100’) abrasion-resistant polyester line that delivers up to six strikes per pull.

DART - A promise of quality & value DART Tool Group may be a relatively ‘new kid on the block’ compared to other leading brand suppliers of power tool accessories to the wholesale market, but, the company is certainly on the path to bigger and greater things – with an unrivalled product range to match. The key message is that DART offers equal, or superior quality to leading brand products, but consistently at a more affordable price and so can complement and extend a trade counter offering – this can surely only add to incremental sales! What’s more, DART has an unrivalled position in the market providing a portfolio of products under one brand, including the DART Condor range, the highly respected DART Red Ten professional diamond blades, the DART Nailmaster brand and the DART Handmax range of gloves – providing customers with a single source supplier for all their needs. ART is a brand born in Germany and holds the ISO 9001 accreditation, priding themselves on providing defect free products on time and within budget. One thing is for sure, at the heart of DART is service, which naturally comes from staying independent and agile enough to respond quickly to customer queries and requirements. I enquiry 114

New 160L Cement Mixer from Draper Tools delivers exceptional performance Brand new from Draper Tools is a cement mixer that’s built to exceptionally high standards, offering ultimate reliability for the trade. The large 160L drum capacity on the Draper Tools cement mixer is especially convenient. Unlike many smaller cement mixers, where the user has to split the bag, the 160L drum capacity of this mixer means it can accommodate one whole 25kg bag of cement to five of sand. This new mixer’s tough well engineered construction combined with its highly reliable IP45 rated motor provides exceptional performance. What’s more, it comes supplied with a robust stand for ease of use. The Draper Tools 160L Cement Mixer is well suited for trade use by builders and construction workers and more.

I enquiry 115

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When you demand

Quality Tools, Trusted Service & Expert Advice...


D&M Tools has been family owned and managed since 1978. During that time we have earned a reputation with our customers as a trusted partner, whether you are a trade professional or a DIY enthusiast.

LOW TRADE PRICES! Whether you’re buying online, by phone or visiting us in-store,

OVER 10,000 LINES IN STOCK! We hold massive stocks, meaning that most items are available for D&M Tools provides you with the widest range of quality hand, power tools and woodworking machinery all at the keenest prices.

OVER £99


SHOP ON-LINE 24HRS A DAY Visit our easy-to-use website to see our latest offers and deals.

despatch the day you order it. Our website shows up-to-date stock availability, so you can order with confidence.

Browse and buy with confidence 24hrs a day from the biggest brands in the business, all at prices you’ll find hard to beat. DM-TOOLS.CO.UK







020 8892 3813 • SALES@DM-TOOLS.CO.UK I enquiry 518





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Important news for fleets available for free in new online e-book

Simpson Acquires Gunnebo Fastening Systems AB Simpson Strong-Tie is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Gunnebo Fastening Systems AB, bringing a complete line of CE-marked structural fasteners and unique fastener dimensioning software for timber applications into its already comprehensive construction products line-up.In addition to premium quality nails, screws, collated fasteners, mechanical and chemical anchors and connectors, Gunnebo also brings additional high-level technical support, logistics support as well as a broad selection of merchandising solutions for retailers. The acquisition provides opportunity for both companies to build on mutual strengths. Simpson Strong-Tie CEO Karen Colonias explains: “Both companies share the same passion for high-quality, innovative products and have consistently focused on providing exceptional customer service.” I enquiry 116

Managing a fleet can mean missing out on time to read important news and some fleet news simply isn’t covered in mainstream media. That’s why fleet managers are welcoming Fleet Matters: the regular, free online e-book containing timely advice on key issues that might affect their business. The Fleet Matters series of e-books from Fuel Card Services sifts through the constant torrent of news to find the most important topics for fleets. It then summarises the key issues, providing clear advice on any necessary action that should be taken. The latest edition of Fleet Matters covers specific recent news concerning possible changes to truck driver hours, penalties for using a mobile behind the wheel, the pros and cons of leasing, a look at rising fuel costs, and how to get your fleet ready for winter. Fleet Matters gives invaluable guidance for every size and type of fleet, including owner-drivers with single vehicles. Web:

I enquiry 117


Brand New Range of Cobalt Holesaws 2017 Clear-Cut performance. Abracs Abrasives are re-launching their range of premium quality Holesaws. The addition of 8% cobalt to the metal alloy Increases product strength, durability and performance, making this new range really tough on materials, as well as tough to beat. Suitable for use on a wide range of applications and outperforming any standard construction Holesaws. Manufactured with high speed variable pitch teeth for fast and clean cutting. Abracs Cobalt Hole Saw come individually packaged & contain full information on correct speeds, applications, fitting instructions and safety guidelines. The extensive range comprises of Holesaws from 14-152mm, Holesaw kits designed for plumbers and electrician applications as well

as a full range of accessories. Get in touch with the Abracs team for more details and to find a stockist near you.

I enquiry 118

Let’s go to work

Be the master of your craft in ultimate comfort with the new Scruffs Worker Hoodie, designed to work as hard as you do Made with your working day in mind, this hooded pullover boasts robust, cotton-rich brushed back fleece to deliver essential warmth and durability. It also features a high neck ‘wind cheat’ collar to protect against the elements, and secure zipped pockets to keep your valuables safe while you work. Setting the standard since 2003, Scruffs designs workwear and safety footwear for a new generation of trade professionals. Engineered with technical expertise to deliver outstanding comfort, durability and functionality, Scruffs workwear is made to work as hard as they do. I enquiry 119

The new Bomag BVP 10/30 BOMAG’s newest product is also its smallest and lightest. The new BVP 10/30 single-direction vibrating plate, which is now available from all BOMAG compaction centres and from BOMAG on-line, was officially launched at last week’s Executive Hire Show in Coventry.


It was a challenge for its designers to meet the tough brief set by management. Weighing in at just 47kg, the lowest in its class, the new 300mm wide (12 inch) BVP 10/30 also has the lowest hand/arm vibration level (HAV), below 2.5m/s2, of any comparable plate making it the perfect solution for end users undertaking small jobs in house building, civils, landscaping and the utilities. A new powerful exciter system operating at 100Hz, with an amplitude of 1.34mm produces 10Kn of centrifugal force, matching any other plate in the same class. Designed for the rigours of the building and landscaping industries the new plate is

tough despite its light weight with a cast steel, highly wear resistant, base plate. Powered by a reliable and economic 2.1kW Honda petrol engine the BVP 10/30 is protected against damage with an automatic ‘low oil-level’ shutdown device. The new plate was designed with a maintenance free exciter system, producing 10kN of vibration force, to keep running costs down. User ergonomics are excellent. The light, well balanced machine has a single lifting point, integral lifting handles for a 2-man lift, and a fully protected V-belt drive. In the UK, the BVP 10/30 is sold with BOMAG’s 3-2-1 warranty for further peace of mind. BOMAG on-line can be found I enquiry 519

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Qualitty products with a reliable serv vice, at a prrice that is conssistently more competit c than o other leading brands; offering you value and choice e in the markett, that is unrivalled to none.

DART Tâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s product range includ des: Ho olesaws Twist w drills Circular saw blades b Ma agnetic bit holder h rs Im mpact driver bits Diamond blad des an nd cores Na ails and gas PP PE gloves VISIT CALL EMAIL L

www.dart dartttoolgroup p com +44 (0)15 592 652900 0 sales@darttoolgroup

Fiind out more


I enquiry 520

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Makita extends increasingly popular 10.8v CXT power tool range The Makita 10.8v CXT tool range is growing in popularity, driven by the very compact size and low weight advantages combined with outstanding performance and durability. For example, the new Makita TD111D impact driver with Brushless motor delivers an outstanding 135Nm of tightening torque yet weighs just 1.1kgs with an overall length of only 135mm from chuck to back of body. With performance like this the 10.8v CXT range is proving attractive to all property installation professionals. More new products in the CXT range include a stapler, an additional vacuum cleaner and two battery heated cold-weather coats. The new Makita TD111D impact driver with Brushless motor and CXT slide battery will deliver up to 3,900 impacts per minute in

high-mode with capacity to drive home an M14 bolt. This compact 1.1kg machine features the latest A-mode impact operation, which drives the fixture slowly to begin with until the thread tightening reacts when the full power is switched on to drive the fastening home. This mode eliminates screw cam-out and cross threading which causes the fixing to fail. In addition, the TD111D has the variable speed trigger, electric brake, soft grip handle and LED job light. The TD111D is available with charger and two 2.0Ah batteries in a Makpac connector case, or as a body only machine for those operators with sufficient 10.8v batteries.

lights shine low level light down the fibre optic which is refracted by the engraved logos on the flexible optic strip. The unit is USB rechargeable, comes with a Micro USB cable and can be charged whilst fitted to the helmet. JSP’s Research and Department team commented that the VisiliteTM has

been developed in reaction to certain customers who wanted to draw attention to their Construction workers to keep them visible on site and when they are travelling back and forth to their working area.

I enquiry 120

JSP launch VisiliteTM Fibre Optic Illumination system for Evolution® Helmets JSP Ltd has launched a unique new lighting system for their Industrial Safety helmets called the VisiliteTM. This fibre optic lighting system has been developed as a method of increasing worker visibility without dazzling colleagues in close proximity. The VisiliteTM has tough ABS casings making it highly durable to withstand knocks and scrapes. It is easy to fit to the JSP Evo range of Helmets –clips slide onto the front sides and rear of the helmet to keep it in place allowing fibre optic light to shine all around the helmet. The VisiliteTM offers three lighting modes – static, fast flash or slow flash to suit the user’s needs and is visible up to 50M. LED

I enquiry 121



“I use Bahco’s range of Tools & Handsaws daily! As a professional tradesman, I have to use tools that I can really trust. To do a quality job I need quality tools; that’s why I choose Bahco.” ROBERT GODDARD




731 731

SNA Europe (UK), Moorhead Way, Bramley, Rotherman, South Yorkshire S66 1YY



I enquiry 521

Buckler Boots – S5 Safety Buckbootz When you have worn Safety Buckbootz you’ll never buy an ordinary rubber, PVC or polyurethane safety wellington boot again......Ever! Neoprene offers a high degree of heat, oil and chemical resistance, full flexibility over a wide temperature range, remarkable toughness and outstanding stretch, cold insulation and weight saving. When bonded to natural rubber it creates a waterproof safety boot which is the ultimate in comfort, performance and durability. BBZ6000 S5 HRO CI SRC Safety Neoprene/Rubber Waterproof Boots are EN certified for Buckler Boots to full S5 HRO SRC and now Cold Insulation (CI) standards. I enquiry 124

Most popular equipment from leading survey instrument manufacturers A1 Equipment supply a wide range of levelling and measuring instruments and tools for the surveying, construction and engineering industries. Our products list includes some of the most popular equipment from the world's leading survey instrument manufacturers. We specialise in the supply of the Leica DISTO Laser Distance measurers and PROTIMETER moisture meters to surveyors, and laser and optical levels to the construction industry. Our range of FLIR thermal imaging cameras are helping to ensure that buildings are constructed to meet the highest thermal insulation requirements. Spectra Precision are one of the longest established manufacturers of laser levels in the world, and the latest range of high quality heavy duty site laser levels provide unbeatable accuracy and ruggedness. I enquiry 122

EC Hopkins specialist in construction equipment, tools & power packs Exclusive Dealers for ICS Diamond Chainsaws, Stanley Hydraulic Tools & agents for Husqvarna Construction Products. EC Hopkins are the UK Master ICS distributors for ICS Diamond Chainsaw products. These saws are ideal for concrete and masonry cutting for doorways, windows and extension openings. The diamond chainsaw can also be used for cutting natural stone and rock. The main benefit of the saws is the ability to cut square corners with no overcuts and also the ability to cut up to 400mm deep with the 695 saw or 630mm with the hydraulic 890F4 saw. EC Hopkins are also Gold standard stockists of the Husqvarna construction products. Husqvarna offer a full range of tools, from petrol and electric disc cutters to core drills plus floor saws and masonry saws. The range also include dust suppression equipment to go with the tools to help improve your working environment. EC Hopkins have excellent technical knowledge and can advise you on the best kit for your needs.

I enquiry 123

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I enquiry 522


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GENERATORS Quality machines great for trade and leisure use





ENGINE MODELS IN STOCK UP TO 650kVA output available

Provides essential home, garage and roadside assistance BEST Integral SELLER work light 910 includes air compressor Long life battery


START BOOST 400A 400A 700A 1000A@12V 500A@24V


900 910 4000 12/24



• For cutting applications such as stone, concrete & paving stones • 100mm maximum cutting depth • Includes Diamond Blade


EX.VAT 199.75

• 2 light modes, • Inc. 12V DC socket





DEVIL 7003 MODEL VOLTAGE HEAT EXC.VAT OUTPUT KW DEVIL 6003 230V 1.5-3 £49.98 DEVIL 7003 230V 3 £59.98 DEVIL 6005 400V 2.5-5 £74.99 DEVIL 7005 400V 5 £84.99 DEVIL 6009 400V 4.5-9 £119.00 DEVIL 7009 400V 9 £139.98 DEVIL 6015 400V 5-10-15 £179.00 DEVIL 7015 400V 15 £199.98 DEVIL 6025 400V 22 £289.00 DEVIL 7025 400V 22 £319.00 DEVIL 7030 400V 30 £359.00



DEVIL 6003



PEAK 54EX.VAT AMPS EXC.VAT 900A £54.99 900A £64.99 1500A £119.98 2000A@12V £139.98 1000A@24V

• 1500W motor • 0-60° mitre gauge • Cutting depth: Steel 3mm, Wood 85mm at 90° or 58mm at 45°


INC.VAT £59.98 £71.98 £89.99 £101.99 £142.80 £167.98 £214.80 £239.98 £346.80 £382.80 £430.80


Ideal for fast efficient heating Extra-long run fuel tanks – up to 53 litres Variable heat output MODEL MAX OUTPUT with XR60 14.7kW thermostat XR80 20.5kW control XR110 29.3kW XR160 46.9kW XR210 61.5kW



Swage fitting makes erecting and ONLY dismantling quicker £ .00 Galvanised 199EXC.VAT corrosion resistance MODEL EXC.VAT 3'11" x 3'11" Steel Work tower - £199.00 4 adjustable legs £54.99 4 Castor Wheels £59.98




*Handles solids up to 30mm diameter † Sewage cutter pump MODEL MAX FLOW MAX EXC. LPM HEAD VAT CSE400A 115 8.0m £32.99 PSV1A* 140 5.8m £49.98 CSV2A (110V) 200 8.0m £129.00 HSEC651A (110V) 290 9.5m £199.00 DWP210A (110V) NEW 600 10.8m £289.00 NEW 430 HSEC1400A† 13.0m £319.00



CCM110 # 110V £179.98 EX.VAT available MODEL ENGINE MOTOR EX. VAT Clarke CCM110 0.7HP, 230V £179.98 Clarke CCM50 1/6HP, 230V £179.98 Clarke CCM125C 1/3HP, 230V £199.98 Belle Mini mix 140 1/2HP, 230V £319.00 Belle Mini 150# 240V £339.00 Belle Mini 150 2.5HP Honda £599.00

Quality machines 135TE from Britain’s leading supplier See online FROM ONLY for included £ .98 accessories 189EX.VAT MODEL MIN-MAX AMPS PRO90 24-90 110E 30-100 135TE Turbo 30-130 151TE Turbo 30-150 165TEM Turbo 30-155 175TECM Turbo 30-170 205TE Turbo 30-185

Little Devil II Little Devil SSII* Devil 700 Devil 900 Devil 860SS*# Devil 1600 Devil 2100

EXC.VAT £189.98 £229.98 £249.98 GAS, £279.98 TIPS, £339.00 SHROUDS £449.00 & WIRE £489.00 IN STOCK




• Portable compressors ideal onsite • Air storage in protective steel frame (No Cert. Req.) #Honda engine MODEL DISPL MAX WORKING RECEIVER CFM MOTOR PRESSURE CAP EXC.VAT Champ 3 NEW 7 2HP 8 Bar 4 ltr £139.98 Champ (110V) 7.6 2HP 10 Bar 2.4 ltr £219.98 CFP9HND# 9 5HP 7 Bar 2.65 ltr £549.00

.98 129EXC.VAT £ .98 FOOTERINC.VAT 155

EX.VAT 159.98


PLATE DIMS MODEL WxLmm MOTOR Evolution Hulk Electro 320x400 1.05HP Evolution Hulk Petrol 320x400 2.4HP BELLE MINIPAC 300 300x470 2.5HP


EX.VAT 139.98

• Fast accurate cutting of ferrous metals • Cuts material up to 100mm thick • Tough steel guard & base • Adjusts 0-45º for angled cutting

ADJUSTABLE STEEL PROPS • Designed for vertical or raking support applications


PROP LENGTH CONCENTRIC LOAD EX SIZE (M) 1°-30° OUT OF PLUMB VAT 0 closed 1.041 3.57 tonnes SWL £24.99 0 open 1.829 3.57 tonnes SWL 3.57 tonnes SWL £31.99 1 closed 1.753 1 open 3.124 1.73 tonnes SWL 2 closed 1.981 3.57 tonnes SWL £36.99 2 open 3.352 1.53 tonnes SWL

• For fast, accurate cross, bevel & mitre cutting in most hard & soft woods • 1800W motor • Laser guide • 78mm max. depth of cut

• Heavy duty for tough pro use • Nail length 50-90mm • 80 magazine capacity FROM ONLY .98 £


18V CORDLESS DRILLS • 10mm chuck • 2 Speed • 2 Lithium-Ion batteries


POWER SOCKETS WEIGHT EX RATING OUTLETS (KG) VAT GENERAL DUTY 750VA 1 9 £49.98 CTR750/1 CTR1500/2 1500VA 2 12 £64.99 CTR2250/2 2250VA 2 17 £66.99 CTR3300/2 3300VA 2 19 £64.99 HEAVY DUTY 3300VA 2 17 £59.98 CTR3000 CTR4000/2 4000VA 2 20 £119.98 CTR6300/3 6300VA 2/1 40 £219.98

OPEN MON-FRI 8.30-6.00, SAT 8.30-5.30, SUN 10.00-4.00

MIDDLESBROUGH Mandale Triangle, Thornaby NORWICH 282a Heigham St. NR2 4LZ NOTTINGHAM 211 Lower Parliament St. PETERBOROUGH 417 Lincoln Rd. Millfield PLYMOUTH 58-64 Embankment Rd. PL4 9HY POOLE 137-139 Bournemouth Rd. Parkstone PORTSMOUTH 277-283 Copnor Rd. Copnor PRESTON 53 Blackpool Rd. PR2 6BU SHEFFIELD 453 London Rd. Heeley. S2 4HJ SIDCUP 13 Blackfen Parade, Blackfen Rd SOUTHAMPTON 516-518 Portswood Rd. SOUTHEND 1139-1141 London Rd. Leigh on Sea STOKE-ON-TRENT 382-396 Waterloo Rd. Hanley SUNDERLAND 13-15 Ryhope Rd. Grangetown SWANSEA 7 Samlet Rd. Llansamlet. SA7 9AG SWINDON 21 Victoria Rd. SN1 3AW TWICKENHAM 83-85 Heath Rd.TW1 4AW WARRINGTON Unit 3, Hawley’s Trade Pk. WIGAN 2 Harrison Street, WN5 9AU WOLVERHAMPTON Parkfield Rd. Bilston WORCESTER 48a Upper Tything. WR1 1JZ

01642 677881 01603 766402 0115 956 1811 01733 311770 01752 254050 01202 717913 023 9265 4777 01772 703263 0114 258 0831 0208 3042069 023 8055 7788 01702 483 742 01782 287321 0191 510 8773 01792 792969 01793 491717 020 8892 9117 01925 630 937 01942 323 785 01902 494186 01905 723451




CON1500RDV MODEL POWER (W) CON400RHD 400 CRD620 620 CON1200RD NEW 1200 CON720RHD 720 CON1500RDV NEW 1500

CAP (MM) 10-30 13-30 13-40 13-40 13-40

EXC.VAT £43.99 £56.99 £65.99 £79.98 £89.98

SITE BOXES • Tough Steel Construction • Fully Lockable FROM ONLY .00 99EXC.VAT



CSB100 DIMS (LxWxH) 810x485x360mm 1067x508x595mm 1220x615x682mm





CON18LI MODEL BATTERYS NOW EXC.VAT CON18Ni 2 Ni-Cd £69.98 £89.98 CON18Li 2 Li-Ion




EX.VAT 119.98



EXC. VAT £99.00 £179.00 £219.00




VISIT YOUR LOCAL SUPERSTORE EXETER 16 Trusham Rd. EX2 8QG 01392 256 744 GATESHEAD 50 Lobley Hill Rd. NE8 4YJ 0191 493 2520 GLASGOW 280 Gt Western Rd. G4 9EJ 0141 332 9231 GLOUCESTER 221A Barton St. GL1 4HY 01452 417 948 GRIMSBY ELLIS WAY, DN32 9BD 01472 354435 HULL 8-10 Holderness Rd. HU9 1EG 01482 223161 ILFORD 746-748 Eastern Ave. IG2 7HU 0208 518 4286 IPSWICH Unit 1 Ipswich Trade Centre, Commercial Road 01473 221253 LEEDS 227-229 Kirkstall Rd. LS4 2AS 0113 231 0400 LEICESTER 69 Melton Rd. LE4 6PN 0116 261 0688 LINCOLN Unit 5. The Pelham Centre. LN5 8HG 01522 543 036 LIVERPOOL 80-88 London Rd. L3 5NF 0151 709 4484 LONDON CATFORD 289/291 Southend Lane SE6 3RS 0208 695 5684 LONDON 6 Kendal Parade, Edmonton N18 020 8803 0861 LONDON 503-507 Lea Bridge Rd. Leyton, E10 020 8558 8284 LONDON 100 The Highway, Docklands 020 7488 2129 LUTON Unit 1, 326 Dunstable Rd, Luton LU4 8JS 01582 728 063 MAIDSTONE 57 Upper Stone St. ME15 6HE 01622 769 572 MANCHESTER ALTRINCHAM 71 Manchester Rd. Altrincham 0161 9412 666 MANCHESTER CENTRAL 209 Bury New Road M8 8DU 0161 241 1851 MANCHESTER OPENSHAW Unit 5, Tower Mill, Ashton Old Rd 0161 223 8376 MANSFIELD 169 Chesterfield Rd. South 01623 622160



ONLY EX.VAT 139.98



EX VAT £159.98 £279.00 £539.00



• Plunge depth up to 60mm • Variable speed •Inc. 15pc bit set

Powerful heavy duty professional drill ideal for trade use








3kW instant, clean odour free heat.






#Dual Volt 110V/230V *stainless steel MAX EXC. OUTPUT KW VAT 10 £64.99 10.3 £84.99 15 £94.99 £139.98 24.9 31 £149.98 36.6 £169.98 49.8 £259.00


EX.VAT 139.98 NEW


• Mix plaster, paint, mortar, artex, cement ONLY etc. • Variable speed £82.99 EX.VAT control • 1100W motor Massive torque 31.5Nm 110V/230V

BARNSLEY Pontefract Rd, Barnsley, S71 1EZ 01226 732297 B’HAM GREAT BARR 4 Birmingham Rd. 0121 358 7977 B’HAM HAY MILLS 1152 Coventry Rd, Hay Mills 0121 7713433 BOLTON 1 Thynne St. BL3 6BD 01204 365799 BRADFORD 105-107 Manningham Lane. BD1 3BN 01274 390962 BRIGHTON 123 Lewes Rd, BN2 3QB 01273 915999 BRISTOL 1-3 Church Rd, Lawrence Hill. BS5 9JJ 0117 935 1060 BURTON UPON TRENT 12a Lichfield St. DE14 3QZ 01283 564 708 CAMBRIDGE 181-183 Histon Road, Cambridge. CB4 3HL 01223 322675 CARDIFF 44-46 City Rd. CF24 3DN 029 2046 5424 CARLISLE 85 London Rd. CA1 2LG 01228 591666 CHELTENHAM 84 Fairview Road. GL52 2EH 01242 514 402 CHESTER 43-45 St. James Street. CH1 3EY 01244 311258 COLCHESTER 4 North Station Rd. CO1 1RE 01206 762831 COVENTRY Bishop St. CV1 1HT 024 7622 4227 CROYDON 423-427 Brighton Rd, Sth Croydon 020 8763 0640 DARLINGTON 214 Northgate. DL1 1RB 01325 380 841 DEAL (KENT) 182-186 High St. CT14 6BQ 01304 373 434 DERBY Derwent St. DE1 2ED 01332 290 931 DONCASTER Wheatley Hall Road 01302 245 999 DUNDEE 24-26 Trades Lane. DD1 3ET 01382 225 140 EDINBURGH 163-171 Piersfield Terrace 0131 659 5919







Large capacity rugged steel mixers perfect for contractor use on site





XR80 EXC.VAT £189.00 £239.00 £289.00 £349.00 £399.00







Offering low cost, efficient heating



110 VOLT




EX.VAT 189.00


Built-in fluorescent work light

IN-STORE PHONE 0844 880 88012651265 ONLINE






HP EXC.VAT 6.5 £179.98 6.5 £199.98 7 £239.98 7 £249.98 7 £299.00 8 £379.00 11 £529.00 13 £569.00 13 £599.00


MODEL Tiger1800 Tiger2600 Tiger3000 PLS195 PLS265

Honda & Diesel engine models in stock PRESSURE ENGINE EXC. BAR/PSI HP VAT 110/1595 2.6 £219.00 170/2465 4 £279.00 200/2900 6.5 £349.00 186/2698 6.5 £429.00 260/3770 13 £649.00


ONLINE MAIL ORDER 0115 956 5555




Calls to the catalogue request number above (0844 880 1265) cost 7p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge For security reasons, calls may be monitored. All prices correct at time of going to press. We reserve the right to change products and prices at any time. All offers subject to availability, E&OE.

I enquiry 523

MODEL KVA PG2500 2.2 FG2500 2.4 PG3800 3 FG3005 2.8 PG3800DV 3 FG3050 3 FG4050ES 4.5 PG6500DVES 5.5 FG5100ES 5.5

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TOOLS, SITE EQUIPMENT & SAFETY February 2017 View our publication online at www.


7KH0D[7UXFN i &$55,(68372.* /%6&8)7


Leica DISTO D2 (BT) High Accuracy Laser Distance Measurer Measure on site with the handy Leica D2 (BT) and produce plans on your smartphone or tablet with the free DISTO sketch app.

i i i i i


+21'$*;9&200(5&,$/(1*,1( 3((5/(6675$160,66,21 &/,0%6$26/23()8//</2$'(' :+((/'5,9( ($6<),7$&&(6625,(6$9$,/$%/(

Range: 100m Accuracy: 1.5mm

Offer Price ÂŁ139.00 +VAT Free UK delivery from the UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading laser measuring specialist

To order now call: 01302 310099 Order online: www.a1- A1 Equipment - Authorised Leica Geosystems Dealer

Tel: 01566 777140 I enquiry 524

I enquiry 527



Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x2030;ĆľĆ&#x161;Ć? x ^Ć&#x2039;ĆľÄ&#x201A;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;ĆľĆ&#x161;Ć? x EĹ˝KÇ&#x20AC;Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x152;Ä?ĆľĆ&#x161;Ć? x


Buckler Boots BBZ6000 S5 HRO CI SRC Safet y Neoprene/Rubber Wate t rproof Boots. â&#x20AC;˘ Steel toecap â&#x20AC;˘ Steel midsole â&#x20AC;˘ Antistatic â&#x20AC;˘ Aeroospenser breathable lining system â&#x20AC;˘ Buckbootz K3 rubber outsole is cer tified to EN SRC maximum slip resistance standard and Heat (300ÂşC /60 secs) and Oil resistance â&#x20AC;˘ Cold Insulation Cer tified (CI) to -17°C (Âą2°C)

Ç&#x2020;Ć&#x161;Ä&#x17E;ĹśĆ?Ĺ?ŽŜĆ? ŽŽĆ&#x152;Ç Ä&#x201A;Ç&#x2021;Ć? x tĹ?ĹśÄ&#x161;Ĺ˝Ç Ć? x WĹ˝Ä?ĹŹÄ&#x17E;Ć&#x161;Ć? x x

Ç&#x20AC;Ä&#x201A;Ĺ?ĹŻÄ&#x201A;Ä?ĹŻÄ&#x17E;Ä&#x201A;Ć? Ď´ĎŹĹ˝Ć&#x152;ϾϹÄ?Ä?WÄ&#x17E;Ć&#x161;Ć&#x152;Žů

Ď­Ď­ĎŹÇ&#x20AC;ĹŻÄ&#x17E;Ä?Ć&#x161;Ć&#x152;Ĺ?Ä? ĎŽĎ°ĎŹÇ&#x20AC;ĹŻÄ&#x17E;Ä?Ć&#x161;Ć&#x152;Ĺ?Ä?

â&#x20AC;˘ Available in Black, Olive/Green or Blue/ Orange


Too find your nearest Builders Merchant stockist call 01382 8 82 82 00 or em mail

23 0121 506 6095

I enquiry 525

I enquiry 526

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View our publication online at February 2017


MACHINES FROM JUST General, new residential and remodelling contractors will appreciate the simple set up and Aaccurate layout for basements concrete slab and decks.

Foldable and Free Standing g Panel Saws

T: 0191 691 3044 E: hello@sagetechmachinery I enquiry 529

I enquiry 528

Top three hole saw hacks The challenges tradespeople face and how to overcome them Materials in our homes and commercial buildings are advancing rapidly. While this is great news for designers and engineers, it poses challenges for tradespeople responsible for fitting new projects and refurbishing existing buildings. Here John Cove, marketing manager at power tool accessories and hand tool specialist, Starrett, looks at the top three hole saw hacks that can make these jobs a breeze. Whether you're a plumber, an electrician or a carpenter you will be familiar with the challenges involved in cutting and fitting various materials. Surfaces made of metal, timber, engineered wood, plastic, glass, porcelain and masonry, among others, can all require different approaches to create a clean hole. However, making some simple changes choosing the right tool for the job can increase productivity and improve finished results. Here are our top three hole saw hacks to help you do just that.


1. Cutting porcelain tiles Advancements in production techniques have made porcelain tiles more popular than ever. Although ceramic tiles are made from a soft mineral clay substrate topped with a glaze, porcelain tiles are fired at higher temperatures and pressures. This liquefies the mineral into solid glass, so the tile itself is much harder and denser, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications. However,

Composite and engineered wood, including medium-density fibreboard (MDF), might provide a versatile, lightweight and strong building material for a variety of applications from cabinets, desks and flooring, however, cutting it can produce unpleasant fumes. To overcome this and speed up the cut, some contractors will drill numerous pilot holes around the circumference of the hole and then use a hole saw to finish the job. However, this method is time consuming and doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t result in a perfect, clean cut.

this makes it very difficult to cut using a simple tile cutter, and porcelain tiles are also more prone to chipping during the cutting process. When a job requires cutting holes to fit tile around cables and pipes, or fittings need to be attached to a tiled surface, always use a hole saw with a diamond-grit coated tip. The diamond coating will easily cut through porcelain, glass, ceramics, brick and stone without chipping or breaking. 2. Cutting thick steel Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nothing more frustrating than when a tool breaks unexpectedly. Cutting steel is a perfect example of something that can

cause this. Although regular hole saws will do the job, cutting thicker steel can cause the tool to become hot, quickly increasing wear on the cutting surface and significantly reducing product life. When cutting thicker steel, consider using a carbide tipped hole saw designed specifically for deep cutting of steel up to 25mm thick. This operates at a higher speed for a faster cut, preventing the saw from getting hot and wearing down. By taking such precautions contractors can increase the lifespan of their power tool accessories and deliver a higher return on investment. 3. Cut out unpleasant fumes

When drilling MDF, engineered and composite woods that contain adhesives, as well as plastics and plasterboard, consider using a tungsten carbide tipped multipurpose hole saw. This will deliver cutting speeds that are up to five times faster than a typical bimetal hole saw and the rapid cut will build up less residual heat, giving less time for the adhesive to reach melting temperature. Get the job done There is no reason for advances in materials to get in the way of tradespeople achieving perfection. With a little ingenuity and the help of a few specialised tools, people of all trades can stay ahead of the curve and get the job done without hassle. I enquiry 530

25A.qxp_Layout 1 28/02/2017 09:03 Page 1

I enquiry 531


View our publication online at February 2017


Get Creative with


Freefoam, a leading manufacturer of a wide range of innovative products for the building industry in UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe, announce the launch of a brand new colour roofline visualiser – an online tool to help choose the colour of fascia, soffit and guttering that is right for any new build or refurbishment project. A clear image of a roofline installation enables users to simply select from a colour swatch and get an instant representation of each colour on every element - fascia, soffit and guttering. With a wide range of eight solid colours and a stunning choice of eight woodgrain finishes Freefoam now give you the ability to bring colour to life before your eyes.

of specifiers and housebuilders. This, coupled with our manufacturing capability to produce colour with very short lead times, makes colour roofline a straight forward realistic option”

Freefoam is the colour specialist. Recognising the growing importance of colour for architects, specifiers, and house developers Freefoam seized the opportunity 15 years ago and generated its patented ColormaxTM technology. A careful selection of pigments for the colour skin are simultaneously co-extruded with the white foam core to produce a hard wearing long lasting finish. The Freefoam colour range includes 10mm & 18mm fascia boards and a range of soffit boards in a choice of styles, along with all the necessary colour matched accessories, trims and fixings.

Whilst colour has become an integral part of many development projects clients can still be conservative in their choice. It’s not always easy to visualise how a finished product will look. This tool offers the ability to experiment with any number of different colour options allowing you and your client to really push the boundaries and make an informed decision without any of the risk.

For further information on Freefoam products visit our website at

Colin St John, Freefoam Commercial Director, explained “Our view is that colour is here to stay. As specialist colour roofline manufacturers we want to make choosing colour fascia, soffit and guttering easy and risk free. With the launch of this online visualiser we have put colour choice at the fingertips

I enquiry 532

Regeneration scheme protects tranquility for Elderly in the City single ply membrane but the VCL and insulation from Protan, which further facilitates project efficiency.”


Marwood Tower has been redeveloped by Liverpool Mutual Homes in partnership with principal contractor Willmott Dixon Housing, and John McCall Architects. The existing tower block was refurbished, and a single storey extension built, to provide 81 apartments for the over 55s, complete with courtyard garden, bowling green and outdoor gym.

The £9.5m development- in Gt Homer St- one of the city’s main arterial routesforms part of the £150m Project Jennifer regeneration scheme. A key element of the build is the roof, executed by Churchmore. The advanced roofing technology specialist stripped the existing asphalt roof, and replaced it with a new vapour control layer, insulation, and mechanically fixed 350m2 Protan SE1.2mm standard overlap dark grey single ply to the concrete slap.Willmott Dixon project surveyor Dave Dobson observed, “Protan membrane gives us the

product we wanted with the quality guarantee we required. Also, it offers a lightweight and efficient construction technique, which lent itself well to the constraints of operating on the roof of a 15 storey tower. The flexibility of Protan’s membrane also allowed for the weathering details to tie in nicely with the cladding.” Churchmore managing director Andy Monk added, “We chose Protan because it is a good product, easy to use, and we get excellent service: we can source not just the

Protan SE, available in 1.2mm, 1.6mm and 1.8mm, is developed to cope with even the most extreme weather conditions without detriment: it is certified to ≤ -30°. Hot-air welded at joints and mechanically fixed to the roof, the membrane achieves durability in excess of 30 years, with air leakage controlled/minimised in line with latest Building Regulations. Protan SE membrane is also certified to deliver, and potentially surpass, the energy efficiency requirements laid down in Approved Document L, and, under the Green Guide, achieve a A+ rating. The single ply membrane is just part of Protan’s comprehensive, quality offering, which includes green and protected roofing solutions. Established some 75 years ago, and still privately-owned, Protan is one of the top 3 membrane manufacturers in Europe. A full support service, from NBS specification and in-house CAD design through to technical advice is provided from Protan UK’s Warrington office.

Web: I enquiry 533

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Remarkably advanced Hi-therm, the single most cost efficient solution for lowering carbon emissions within SAP.


Available from:

New Psi value calculator available on: I enquiry 534

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I enquiry 535

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View our publication online at

February 2017


Xtralite Matlock Exterior

XTRALITE Council Team see the light thanks to Xtralite An historic building in the town of Matlock in Derbyshire has enjoyed a roof refurbishment which has enabled its staff to see the light – quite literally.

County Hall in Matlock, built in 1853, forms part of the offices for Derbyshire County Council and its roof was in dire need of refurbishment to aid heat retention, light penetration, minimise reflection and return the building to a watertight state. The Grade II listed building required a sympathetic roof restoration and Xtralite was commissioned to provide a series of rooflights including a bespoke 18 metre glazed rooflight system that was subject to strict planning requirements to ensure the heritage of the building was preserved. Rooflights were chosen due to the thermal values offered, the lack of light reflection experienced in the office space below negating the needs for blinds, and the ability to mirror exactly what had been originally installed.


The bespoke rooflight required conservation approval between design and installation and a series of additional rooflights from the Lumira range were incorporated into the scheme to ensure a sympathetic restoration of the building was carried out whilst taking into account the

need for light weight rooflights due to the existing structure of the building. Lumira is a range of products which offers a structural glazing package for bespoke installations. Architects are given the freedom to design schemes that encompass a wide spectrum of technical requirements and the range is ideally suited to conservation projects. Designers can choose from a range of interchangeable profiles which create an unlimited shapes and sizes of rooflight structures. All designs incorporate such features as ‘Cascade’ internal water management system, Custom engineered connections, Bespoke closures, Customdesigned flashings and a 20 year warranty – all of which supported the conservation of this important building within the fabric of Matlock town.

Xtralite Matlock Interior

Further information can be found by visiting or by calling 01670 354157. I enquiry 536

Xtralite Matlock Exterior

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ROOFING, CLADDING & INSULATION February 2017 View our publication online at www.


I enquiry 539




Building Regs Health & Safety


Warmagripâ&#x201E;¢ (DDA)

Handrail Standards & Adjustarail

Roof Edge Protection

Tube Clamps

Top quality

Keenly priced

From stock



C a l l o n 0 12 9 6 4 8 12 2 0 o r l e a r n m o r e a t o s m o u k . c o m









I enquiry 537






For a competitive quote or for more information; BRUNDLE


Email: Web:

Tel: 01708 25 35 45 Fax: 01708 25 35 50

I enquiry 538


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View our publication online at February 2017

New FastStack chimney innovation enhances prefabricated chimney range The prefabricated, brick-effect FastStack chimney from Ibstock, the UK’s largest brickmaker, helps builders to significantly reduce the time spent on installation. The new brick-effect chimneys are an enhancement to Ibstock’s popular and varied FastStack range of prefabricated options. Manufactured using the latest in Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) technology, the new brick-effect FastStack chimney is a lightweight option weighing 25kg on average, so it can be installed without the aid of specialist lifting equipment.


FAKRO Lead the Way in PVC Roof Window Innovation Do you need a window that provides greater ventilation for your home? The FAKRO PVC windows are the answer to maintaining a constant airflow in bathrooms and kitchens, so that you can breathe easy. Read on to discover more about how PVC windows from FAKRO can improve the air quality in your home or next building project. At FAKRO we believe that when you fit a roof window, you’re designing your home. One of the most important aspects of home design is room to breathe and the continual supply of fresh air. Bathrooms and kitchens regularly become humid, resulting in damp and humidity that lingers through the home. To fight condensation FAKRO have innovated PVC windows by introducing condensation channels at the bottom and a V35 air ventilator in the head of the frame for improved air circulation. With FAKRO, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll benefit from high quality ventilation that makes your home more comfortable. The FAKRO V35 vent is

ROCKWOOL reaches new heights in Manchester’s skyline

positioned on the top part of the window frame. When fully opened, this inlet supplies fresh air up to 41m3/h at a pressure difference of 10Pa depending upon the window width. The V35 air inlet can in part discharge air when normal gravitational ventilation isn’t working properly. It’s excellent venting efficiency guarantees that a greater amount of stale and humid air is removed from the room. What’s more, FAKRO has a range of designs to suit your home, with the choice of either white polyurethane-coated pine, PVC in white, golden oak or pine finishes. You can also opt for our unique 2for1 preSelect option, allowing you to transition between top hung or centre pivot opening, all with the flick of a switch. I enquiry 126

Derbigum, the UK’s highest-performance bituminous roofing membrane with a 40-year BBA durability statement, now also includes zero falls Furthermore, the new brick-effect FastStack chimney from Ibstock-Kevington, can also be built to match virtually any brick type blending seamlessly with existing brickwork, ensuring aesthetics are not compromised. The single unit, brick-effect FastStack also includes an innovative rain bar system and effective flashing solution in conjunction with a simple lead apron at the front and rear of the chimney. The necessary aprons can be included and bonded in to position on the chimney ready for installation during construction. In addtion, the unit is incredibly weatherproof, due to the rain bar and manufacturing techniques used in the production of the FastStack. I enquiry 125

Center Parcs chooses IKO Polymeric to roof premium apartments


A new, premium apartment building at Center Parcs, Elveden Forest, has been roofed with materials from the only UKbased single ply manufacturer, IKO Polymeric. Roofing contractor UK Waterproofing used ArmourPlan P single ply membrane, IKO enertherm PIR insulation board and SpectraVap (as the Vapour Control Layer) to waterproof the 2,000m2 roof. Aimed at couples rather than families, each one-bed flat in Breckland Apartments features a private balcony and includes a daily maid service. The property has 48 apartments and sits within 400 acres of beautiful Suffolk countryside, and aesthetics and quality were important considerations in its design and build. UK Weatherproofing Solutions had used Armourplan SM (mechanically-fixed) and SG (fleece-backed) roofing membranes previously and the performance and ease of installation were key factors in using IKO

Alumasc’s Derbigum waterproofing membrane is the only high-performance bituminous roofing membrane with a 40year durability statement that also includes zero falls from the BBA (British Board of Agrément). Whilst other competitors’ may have durability statements that are typically for 20 or 25 years, Alumasc’s Derbigum stands out for its proven reliability with a 40-year BBA durability statement - giving specifiers and end-users added confidence Polymeric products again. The polyesterreinforced PVC membrane Armourplan P was chosen for this project as it is completely UV stable throughout, making it more durable and longer-lasting. The extended guarantee offered was another benefit. Designed by CPMG Architects, the apartments were built by B&K Building Services using techniques to suit the environmentally sensitive location to minimise the impact of construction on both the surroundings and the guests at the holiday park.

I enquiry 129

as to the product’s in-service longevity. This BBA now also includes for use as fully-bonded or partially bonded waterproofing on flat, pitched or zeropitched roofs with limited access, and is the only bituminous membrane on the market with proven 40-year durability and approval for zero falls installations. With a proven track record of success, Alumasc’s Derbigum systems have held a BBA certificate since 1980 and offer a variety of environmentally-beneficial, sustainable characteristics including: membranes with high levels of recycled content; innovative CO2 neutralising membranes; energy efficient ‘cool’ roofs; and vegetal, nonbituminous solutions. I enquiry 127

ROCKWOOL insulation has been specified and installed on a landmark project in the centre of Manchester, providing two new tower blocks with a façade system that ticks all the boxes: fire prevention, thermal insulation and an aesthetically pleasing external appearance. The Cambridge Street development includes two and three bedroom apartments, built to alleviate Manchester’s growing population. Originally a vacant brownfield site, the project will provide 282 residential flats in a highly accessible location within Manchester’s City Centre.

Although the location is one of the development’s biggest selling points, it presented a challenge for the construction teams. As well as abiding to the local surroundings, the contractor required an insulation solution that complied with all building regulations, including a U-value of 0.18 W/m²K, and would withstand external elements to ensure a quick and undisruptive installation phase. The materials also had to conform or exceed the regulation for limited combustibility defined in section B4 of Approved Document B External Fire Spread. Due to ROCKWOOL RAINSCREEN DUO SLAB® being approved by the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) as an acceptable solution for projects above 18 meters, Manchester-based building contractor, Renaker Build specified 13,000m2 of 125mm RAINSCREEN DUO SLAB®.

I enquiry 128

Velux® Springs fresh rewards on installers VELUX® is offering its customers across the UK and Ireland a raft of rewards, redeemable at a range of top brand partners each time they buy VELUX white polyurethane roof windows this March and April. For every white polyurethane roof window bought during the period installers can claim £35 of rewards, redeemable at retailers including M&S, Argos, Pizza Express, Thomas Cook, Ticketmaster and Currys PC World. Installers have until 12 May to claim their rewards from VELUX, but can only do so by registering to the scheme online at Originally developed for bathrooms, the VELUX white polyurethane roof window has evolved into a vast range of products ideal for contemporary white interiors and ceilings. They comprise a solid core of thermally modified timber encased in moulded polyurethane with a bright white finish. Typically, installers and customers choose this finish for more humid rooms like kitchens and bathrooms as the windows have no visible joints, ensuring a clean and

moisture resistant finish. Almost the entire VELUX range is available in white polyurethane, from manual, centre-pivot and top-hung standard roof windows to combination solutions, and remote controlled VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows. I enquiry 130

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FLEXENERGY EDITORIAL February 2017 View our publication online at www.


Flexenergy looks forward to Ecobuild 2017

The thermal efficiency and eco advantages of polybutene preinsulated pipe in district heating schemes will be highlighted by Flexenergy at Ecobuild (Excel, London, March 7-9). Flexenery is one of the UK’s leading pipe and valve specialists for DHS and is an experienced product partner for consulting engineers, energy managers and contractors involved in the design and specification of heating and hot and chilled

water distribution systems.The company, exhibiting in the UKDEA Town Square, is the sole distributor in the UK and Ireland of Flexalen pre-insulated pipe technology, manufactured by Thermaflex. The low carbon pipe delivers significant heat loss benefits and energy efficiency gains to district heating schemes and sustainable energy projects, such as biomass CHP, geothermal and heat recovery networks. Flexenergy has also developed a unique pre-insulated valve system - V-Flex- that is introducing new levels of control to district and community heating schemes, enabling zones to be easily isolated for maintenance and network extension. Sales Director, Sandy Fairley said: “Together with our colleagues from Thermaflex, we are very much looking

forward to talking to network designers and specifiers about the products we now have available. We will be able to outline the thermal efficiency and whole-life cost

advantages of using pre-insulated polybutene pipe technology in DHS projects, as well as the benefits of the new V-Flex valve system. Thermaflex will also be able to provide visitors with a technical insight into DHS network design using pipe technology that has recently achieved ‘Cradle to Cradle’ eco certification.” For more information, visit Flexenergy at Ecobuild on stand E144 or go to I enquiry 540


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RINNAI SOLO A Specifer’s and installer’s Flexible Friend When the product was first introduced Solo was adopted as a single installation product for light commercial operations such as small hotels and schools. However, Rinnai is now seeing greater penetration as installers are beginning to use them in multiples on larger projects - one installer has utilised three units for a major school academy installation. It seems the market is identifying other areas for the Solo, beyond the target market of new build and refurbishment housing projects, where it is proving its worth in larger three/four-bed dwellings where one can expect to find a family bathroom, ensuite and a downstairs cloakroom/shower. The Rinnai Solo is a versatile product - it is renewables ready so the business/building owner or householder can very easily extend the system to make fuel savings by adding solar thermal later. The 24kW-59.5kW Infinity Solo range is renewables compatible and supplied pre-fitted with a coil, meaning that the primary energy source can be renewable gains such as solar thermal, and the complementary Rinnai water heater will only apply the precise amount of gas to boost the difference in temperature.

Infinity Solo condensing low NOX water heater is the first Rinnai product for the UK that combines the advanced technology of wall mounted continuous flow water heaters with a stainless-steel storage cylinder in one compact footprint.

Because the Solo cylinder is stainless steel it greatly reduces the weight compared to glass lined models, which makes transportation and installation much easier. As well as the difference in weight, the cylinders available also boast extremely low heat loss figures (as low as 1.41kW/h day), which means the customer pays less to maintain the heat within the tank and the system when fitted to a renewable heat source maximises renewable gains. Rinnai’s new Solo range incorporates 35kW and 54kW appliances, ensuring that even sites with a smaller gas meter can utilise its advanced technologies. The larger Infinity Solo model will also act as a high-efficiency alternative to other forms of gas fired storage appliances. I enquiry 541


For more information on the RINNAI product range visit

HEATING, PLUMBING & VENTILATION February 2017 View our publication online at www.

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I enquiry 542

I enquiry 543

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Andrews Launches its Largest ‘for-hire’ Ventilation Fan

It’s time for stylish new air conditioning units using R32

Industrial hire specialist Andrews Sykes has launched a new high capacity ventilation fan that will maintain its excellent extraction rates of 38,000m3/h on 24in pipes and runs of 40m. It makes the new FV1800 ventilation fan ideal for short to long-term hire for organisations particularly involved in construction and tunnelling projects, often eliminating the need to hire a number of smaller units, thus simplifying installation as well as being more financially sound. The new FV1800 has double the capacity of any other model in the Andrews Sykes hire fleet, achieving an air flow of 38,000m3/h. It features a highly efficient three-phase, close-couple motor which uses only 11.6 kW/h when operating, producing a low line pressure of just 0.025bar (2500 Pascal) and is equipped with IP55 electrics that make the unit equally at home for indoor, damp and outdoor installation.

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new line-up of wall-mounted air conditioning units with a sophisticated, streamlined design and a comprehensive range of features to make stylish, energy efficient air conditioning available for countless small businesses. The M Series MSZ-LN range is the first product in the company’s UK line up to utilise R32 refrigerant – which has a low global warming potential (GWP). Mitsubishi Electric will also launch further R32 air conditioning solutions throughout the coming year. “This is a major product evolution which will show the market exactly how air conditioning using R32 can perform,” explains Donald Daw, commercial director for the company. “Our engineers have put their heart and soul into developing a superb range of indoor units that offers better

Inta launches ActivFlo range of water conditioners British heating and plumbing product manufacturer Inta has introduced its ActivFlo range of domestic and commercial water conditioners to the market. With 60% of the UK being affected by hard water, there is a significant market for reliable and effective water conditioners. ActivFlo and ActivFlo Pro provide an efficient solution to hard water issues and limescale buildup without requiring the addition of a

The FV1800 ventilation fan is ideally suited to aid the removal of dangerous fumes, dust particles or provide clean air for large applications across many market sectors including Construction, Tunnelling, Demolition, Water Authorities, Utilities, Industrial, Marine, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Petrochemical I enquiry 131

chemical limescale inhibitor, the removal of any waste product, or regular maintenance. ActivFlo extends the service life and improves efficiency of heating equipment, as well as preventing costly equipment failure.

The addition of an ActivFlo to an existing water system will also reduce existing limescale. Using a unique alloy that changes the chemical structure of limescale-forming calcium carbonate in water, ActivFlo converts calcite, a form of calcium carbonate that causes hard water, into aragonite. These aragonite crystals do not build up or form deposits and remain suspended in the water, flowing harmlessly through the system and eventually out to the drain. I enquiry 133

Albion Attributes Secret of Success to its People With the end of the financial year approaching Albion Valves (UK) Ltd, a leading UK valve supplier to the building services and industrial markets, has reported phenomenal business growth over the last ten years, with the company having more than tripled their turnover during this period and the workforce at it's base in Barnsley

growing by over 100%. Albion attributes the secret of success to having a loyal and highly skilled team of people supporting the business and its distributors. During the coming year, one third of Albion staff will have been with the company for ten years or more, with the original core founding team clocking-up over 20 years each in the business. From a commercial perspective, it is Albion's empathy with customers and their responsiveness to ever-changing industry needs that has helped them build a reputation as a preferred supplier. Whilst the team's expertise and product knowledge - particularly keeping abreast of new product development has helped the business grow and expand into new areas. The company has also been quick to reinvest in the business. During 2016 Albion invested significantly into expanding its premises in Barnsley, enabling them to increase stock densities and improve stock availability to customers. A new in-house test facility for testing and setting safety valves was also added as was a staff canteen and increased office space to accommodate Albion's growing team. I enquiry 134

Stokvis heat interface units meeting high demand



Stokvis Energy Systems continues to receive keen interest from across the residential sector for its H-series heat interface units. Available in single plate and dual plate versions to suit different options within a dwelling, the heat interface units have been developed by Stokvis specifically to meet the rising demand for communal or ‘district’ heating systems. This centralised approach to the provision of heating and hot water is ideal for social and private apartment buildings, student accommodation or sheltered housing schemes. Not only are

capital costs reduced, but they avoid the need for an annual gas safety inspection to be carried out within individual properties. Sales and Marketing Director of Stokvis Energy Systems, Paul Sands, comments: “District heating failed to make the impact here in the 20th century the way it caught on in Europe – generally due to poor design and installation work – but it really does make good economic and environmental sense. Councils and housing associations no longer have to get tenants to agree to admit gas engineers for safety checks, while our H-series interface units provide controllable heating and hot water along with monitoring for billing purposes.” I enquiry 135

efficiencies and more features.” In March 2014, the European Parliament passed the 2014 EU F-Gas Regulation legislation with the key objective of reducing F-Gas emissions by 79% between 2015 and 2030. The overall intention is to cut the availability of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) with a high GWP. The F-Gas Regulations will have a major impact on the air conditioning sector and any option for the next generation of refrigerant gas must be able to meet the demands of this stringent legislation in reducing the environmental impact of HFCs. I enquiry 132

OMNIE underfloor heating features in offices-to-flats conversion

The conversion of a former office property into half a dozen high specification apartments in the sought after Tooting district of South-West London has featured the specification of a low profile underfloor heating system from the range of OMNIE, as part of a space-saving building services strategy. The development in Althorp Road, SW17 Has been focused on a three storey commercial unit which the contractors have successfully reconfigured to form six similar sized flats that are expected to command purchase prices in the £750 K price bracket (Zoopla values a two bed flat at £797 K on the same road). While OMNIE’s design department provide detailed layout drawings for the project, along with other comprehensive technical guidance, all of the installation work has been carried out by Locksbury Services Limited from Biggin Hill in Kent. Locksbury Services’ operatives installed the 35 mm deep FoilBOARD panels across the building’s existing sub-floors: the lightweight boards, manufactured from extruded polystyrene, which has a very high compressive strength perfect for floating floors, were easily cut to fit the bay windows and the rest of the rooms’ layouts. Then 400 metres or more of the 16 mm diameter heating pipes were pressed into the unique OMNIE multi-directional channel designs, which simplified the onsite installation eliminating the need of assemble loop and straight panels, prior to being connected back to the OMNIE manifolds, which distribute the flow from the home’s boiler. While the slightly more complex Flat 3 required a six-port manifold, the rest of the dwellings feature five-port versions supplying primary water at 550 C to the different zones.

I enquiry 136

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HEATING, PLUMBING & VENTILATION February 2017 View our publication online at www.


cylinders to the boilers, add a sink, and the caterers all had instant hot water. All went well with no complaints from the caterers who had as much hot water as they desired. Which, let’s face it, is exactly what was required.” The Rinnai units will never run out of temperature safe hot water all the time they are connected to a water supply. The burner lights automatically when the hot water tap is opened, and extinguishes when the tap is closed. Ignition is electronic so there is no pilot light. When the hot water tap is off, no gas is used. As far as John is concerned for his kind of work he needs a product that is reliable, quick to set up and gets going with no worries. “Which is why we use Rinnai. You could say, they do what it says on the tin.”


For more information on the RINNAI product range visit I enquiry 546

Rinnai, manufacturer of the energy efficient range of Infinity continuous flow water heaters, recently stepped in to ensure a recent BBC Countryfile event in the grounds of historic Blenheim Palace had a plentiful supply of hot water for its catering outlets.

“I have used Rinnai hot water heating units for some time,” he says, “and believe they are the only ones suitable for this kind of work. They are a tried and tested solution. I first came across Rinnai units at an equestrian event around 10 years ago where they were being used for the mobile shower units. The customers loved them. Having seen the units in action I decided to purchase Rinnai for my own business.” He explains that he has a fleet of hot water units that he can roll out whenever needed. “I have six Rinnai units running on LPG gas which are configured on to a T-stand, linked to the cold water supply and then linked to a sink in the washup area. It is an ideal arrangement for a temporary potwash area.” At Blenheim Palace he was able to site individual wash up areas around the show area by linking them to a temporary system of pipework several kilometres long. “We simply had to build the network, link pipework and gas

Managing director for Prestek Services in Derbyshire, John Webster, no stranger to providing water for Blenheim Palace outdoor events, was called in to supply the means to provide hot water to the various catering operations dotted around the grounds. Originally a kitchen and bathroom fitter, John has built a business providing water for events since first supplying a festival in 2001 and feels he has found his niche. “By its nature the events market is a small community so most of my work comes though word of mouth from relationships that have sometimes been 20 years building.” He believes the backbone to that trust is in providing reliable systems that work.


23 Great Looking Styles

BurnWood or Coal

Big Stocks of Flue Pipes & Accessories in-store

Selling Top Quality Stoves for over 20 years

Fit Now Ready For Winter! BUCKINGHAM £238.80


WENTWORTH £358.80 REGAL III £479.98

All Stoves conform to EN13240



BARREL II £262.80


25659 MAIL ORDER: 0115 956 5555 I enquiry 547

I enquiry 548

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%COPROĂ&#x2013;3ILICATEĂ&#x2013;3YSTEM 4HEĂ&#x2013;DURABLE Ă&#x2013;BREATHABLEĂ&#x2013;ALTERNATIVEĂ&#x2013;TOĂ&#x2013; CONVENTIONALĂ&#x2013;MASONRYĂ&#x2013;PAINTSĂ&#x2013;ANDĂ&#x2013;LIMEWASH oĂ&#x2013;Ă&#x2013;(ARDĂ&#x2013;WEARING Ă&#x2013;LONGĂ&#x2013;LASTING oĂ&#x2013;Ă&#x2013;7ATERĂ&#x2013;ANDĂ&#x2013;WEATHERĂ&#x2013;RESISTANTĂ&#x2013; oĂ&#x2013;Ă&#x2013;Ă&#x2013;%ASYĂ&#x2013;TOĂ&#x2013;USEĂ&#x2013;ONĂ&#x2013;ALLĂ&#x2013;MINERALĂ&#x2013;SUBSTRATES oĂ&#x2013;Ă&#x2013;Ă&#x2013;7ATERĂ&#x2013;BASED Ă&#x2013;ENVIRONMENTALLYĂ&#x2013;FRIENDLY HDUWKERUQSDLQWV (DUWKERUQSDLQWV HDUWKERUQSDLQW

Ă&#x2013;SHADES Ă&#x2013;EASYĂ&#x2013; TOĂ&#x2013;CHOOSEĂ&#x2013;WITHĂ&#x2013; OURĂ&#x2013;TESTERĂ&#x2013;POTS



I enquiry 550

P           SX Mighty Strength Grip & Grab Adhesive

Unique to Siroflex Ltd, SX Mighty Strength Grip & Grab Adhesive is an incredible instant grab adhesive based on MS polymer technology. It has initial bond strength which is double that of most other grab adhesives. It bonds heavy objects to vertical surfaces immediately without slippage or support making it an excellent alternative fixing adhesive that replaces nails, screws and other mechanical fixings. It is also solvent free, cures

January 2016 .

quickly and is water, frost and heat resistant. The product will even bond to damp or wet surfaces making it suitable for external as well as internal applications. It has excellent adhesion to most building substrates including wood, natural stone, mirrors, concrete, metal, mortar, bricks, gypsum and glass. We are currently offering a unique POS display stand FREE of charge with an initial stock order. It features a video photo frame and 2 videos.

Paint Away â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Ultimate Paint Stripper! Stripping paint and varnish from surfaces can be a difficult and laborious task, requiring time, patience and a lot of elbow grease. Everbuild â&#x20AC;&#x201C; A Sika Company now have the answer to this age old problem with the arrival of Paint AwayÂŽ - the ultimate paint and Mvarnish stripper. The new triple strength, non-drip formula of Paint Away can remove up to 3 layers of paint or varnish from


New products to professional range

Transform a house to a Chateau with Esco Flooring from Osmo Osmo UK, the eco-friendly wood and finishes expert, presents ESCO Chateau, a sleek and contemporary style of oak flooring. Prefinished with Osmo PolyxÂŽ-Oil, Chateau elegantly embraces the woodâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s artistic knots and grains, complementing a wide range of current decorative trends and interiors.

Scan to watch our demonstration video.


Contact us on 01226 771600 or email for further details


I enquiry 137

masonry, wood, metals and most common building substrates in just one easy and fast application. Simply brush the gel on to the painted area, leave for 20 minutes and watch as the paint begins to blister and crack, before scraping the area to fully remove. Available in 750ml tins with 10% extra free, Paint Away can be used with most paints and varnishes on both vertical and horizontal applications. I enquiry 139

ESCOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Chateau flooring range is a smooth oak design that effortlessly showcases the woodâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s classic natural beauty in a stylish and contemporary manner.

As standard, Chateau is available in eight different colours, including black, tobacco, stone grey and natural. The surface is machine-oiled with Osmo PolyxÂŽ-Oil to c protect and enhance the appearance of the wood. As a premium wood finish, Osmo guarantees to keep wooden surfaces in top condition. It is a high quality, water-repellent and tread-resistant wood finish based on natural ingredients. I enquiry 140

Toupret the trade filler company have launched several new products to comp--lement their range of professional fillers range . The latest being EXTREM WOOD a unique repair 2 pack filler that incorporates leading edge technology in the manufacturing process .EXTREM WOOD is very flexible and is very resistant to cracking and has very good water resistance. Another new product is a ready to use joint filler DECORATORS SKIMCOAT FILLER its very easy to sand and requires no PVA. Another benefit is it can be used over paintwork . I enquiry 138

SLIP RESISTANT FLOORS Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t slip up with the HSE With an increasing amount of legislation and information from the HSE regarding slippery floors and staircases, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s important to select the right floor coating system. Slip resistance is a function of the grip between two surfaces; for example, the shoe and the floor itself. Whilst it is not always possible to control what people wear on their feet, we can address the issue of the floor. This article is designed to provide some general information on using different types of anti slip floor paints. The scope of Available in 350ml this article does not cover alternative flooring techniques, such as screeds or composites. w

I enquiry 141

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HUMII-BLOCK DAMPROOF FILLER FOR WET MASONRY STOPS DAMPNESS KEEPS THE SUBSTRATE WATER VAPOUR PERMEABLE • Levels damp and wet raw surfaces • Ide Ideal for cellars and basements • Moisturee vapour vap permeable • Brush or trowel application appli

APID DRYING FILLER E ULTIMATE FILLLER Exceptional adherence nce Excellent shaping qualities No need to spot prime me Will not flash or grinn Can be painted in 3 HRS


TOUPREELITH® F MASONRY REPAIR FILLER EASY TO SHAPE • Fill and repair without form mwork • Adheres on damp masonry • Will not flash or grin • No stabilising solution or PVA required** • Grey

TOUP PRELEX EXTERIOR FAST DRYING G LIGHTWEIGHT FILLER LIGHTWEIGHT • Light grey in colour • One coat fill • Rich in resin • Will not flash or grin • No stabilising solution or PVA required

MULTIPURPOSEE FILLER FILL, JOINT AND FACE FILLLER UK’S FINEST JOINT FILLER R • Adheres to painted surfacees • Exceellent coverage rate • Will not flash or grin • Taping and jointing plasteerboards • Greaat value • Easyy to sand

TOUPRET UK: 25 Nortth Row, London W1K 6DJ Phone: (+44) 020 36 691 6747 Sales & Customer Service Phone: (+44) 020 36 691 6750 Accounts Fax: (+44) 020 36 691 6751 Email: toupretuk@to I enquiry 551 Please visit our website : WWW.TOUPRET.CO.UK K

ALL SUBSTRATES T REPAIR FILLER ROCK HARD • Exceptional adherence to all substratees • Will not flash or grin • White in colour • Paint in 24 HRSS • No stabilising solution or PVA requiredd* • White

FINE SU URFACE FILLER A FINE ACER Y TO USE eres on paint nt work ances paintt finish eed to spot prime eed to sandd ptional smooth ooth finish

FIBACRYL® BLE FILLER R CRACKS LASTING BILITY es with the ssubstrate not crack eres to paintt work eed to spot prime not flash or grin

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local to the project and were able to arrange for delivery to site just two days later.

Decorating Centre tops league for customer service

“People don’t realise that we can do far more than just sell paint to them. Customer service is really important to us and we pulled out all the stops to make sure Jimmy was well looked after and all his needs met.

A RECENTLY opened Crown Decorating Centre has scored a winning goal by going the extra mile to help a former professional footballer. The team at New Cross Crown Decorating Centre, led by Mitch Singleton, earned high praise and thanks from Millwall FC’s Jimmy Carter when he turned to them for advice on a major decorating project. The store, which opened its doors to the Lewisham area community last year, started to build a business relationship with their local League One club and got to know the former Millwall, Liverpool and Arsenal winger who’s now a member of the Club’s commercial team. When Jimmy explained he had a renovation project which he needed help with, the New Cross experts were delighted to step up to the mark. “Jimmy said he was renovating a house in the exclusive Queen’s Crescent at Gleneagles in Scotland and asked if we could help work out what he needed in terms of paint quantities and the best products for the job.

Pictured is former professional footballer Jimmy Carter with New Cross Crown Decorating Centre manager Mitch Singleton.

“He sent me the plans and we worked out that he’d need a pallet of 600 litres of Crown Trade Matt Emulsion as well as quantities of paint for newly plastered walls. Then, because the project was in Scotland, we contacted a CDC

“He was so pleased with the level of service that he took to Twitter and recommended us to the 70,000-strong Millwall FC footballing fraternity, which is great for our profile. “Jimmy is very supportive of the store, so we’re proud that he put his trust in us and we were able to meet and exceed his expectations.” Jimmy added: “I have nothing but praise for Crown Decorating Centre in Surrey Canal Rd for how they assisted with my paint requirement for my house up in Scotland. “We already had an excellent working relationship with the store and with Mitch Singleton coming in as new manager this relationship really has gone from strength to strength. “Mitch identified expertly what I needed up in Scotland, both with type of finish and also quantities of paint required. Thereafter, the logistical side of things was supremely taken care of.” There are more than 135 Crown Decorating Centres across the UK. Visit to find your nearest store. I enquiry 552

Dulux Trade To Unveil Sustainability ‘Halo’ at Ecobuild Tuesday 7th – Thursday 9th March Stand C161


With sustainability at the forefront of building and construction, professionals are continually looking for ways to ensure they reduce build costs while improving quality and sustainability.

In times of uncertainty, austerity often means budget cuts, so it has never been more important for decision makers to use innovative sustainable solutions and new technologies to break through the challenges. Dulux Trade is set to exhibit a wide range of sustainability products, innovative services and useful tools at this year’s Ecobuild 2017, the leading exhibition and conference for construction, design and energy in the built environment. Introducing Halo, a new specifier tool designed to help building professionals easily meet their everyday sustainability needs, Dulux Trade will unveil its commitment to helping the industry move to a brighter, more sustainable future. Join Dulux Trade on the stand to find out more about Halo, view live demonstrations of sustainability products courtesy of Dulux Academy (11am daily) and, of course, meet Herbert, the famous Dulux Dog. Dulux Trade representatives will be on hand to discuss current initiatives including time-saving apps which can help you choose the right colour, finish and product in a few clicks, as well as hot topics, from extending maintenance cycles to sustainable specification and cutting waste costs. Don’t miss out on demonstrations of the durable Dulux Trade Diamond range which has unique stain repellent technology that actively repels stains making cleaning easier. This technology gives professionals a wide range of Matt and Eggshell finishes that are scrubbable, scuff and stain resistant. The Diamond

range has been shown to extend maintenance cycles, helping lower costs and reduce the environmental impact of the decorating process. Follow @DuluxTrade on Twitter for live updates from the Ecobuild stand. I enquiry 553

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PAINTS, COATS, SEALANTS & ADHESIVES February 2017 View our publication online at www.



I enquiry 554

I enquiry 555


STICKY SITUATION Mammoth Tapes is the market leader for supplying every tape a tradesman will ever need. Our extensive range is developed for quality and ease of use and includes tapes for building, electrical, plumbing, flooring, masking, safety and much, much more. With Mammoth Tapes - youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll never come unstuck again!


A SIKA COMPANY Everbuild Building Products Ltd - A Sika company Site 41, Knowsthorpe Way, Cross Green Industrial Estate, Leeds LS9 0SW Tel: 0113 240 3456 Fax: 0113 240 0024 Website:

I enquiry 556

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It’s just a Wall …Isn’t it?

The trend to use composite panel walls in modern warehouse construction offers real advantages to stakeholders, even in firewall applications. But Adrian Smith, Chief Technical Officer of ISD Solutions, a specialist in warehouse and firewall construction, warns poor awareness of product and installation standards, combined with stringent Health & Safety requirements, risk the safety of site personnel and projects.

From cold stores to distribution centres, the use of composite panel construction across the warehouse sector is growing rapidly, fast replacing traditional masonry and concrete. It’s lightweight and tremendously durable, with significantly improved thermal properties. What’s more, build times are reduced, construction costs are lower and maintenance is easier. Compared to concrete, the carbon footprint is lower too. With structural properties that are quite different from traditional materials, especially with roofing and ceiling, fully qualified installation staff that have been thoroughly trained, plus H&S guidelines to follow for Trades are crucial. However, one aspect that the warehouse owner must give due attention to, is fire safety. Limiting fire and smoke damage is a crucial aspect of any design, partly to protect contents and infrastructure but, above all, to meet legal responsibilities to employees - responsibilities that are clearly set out in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Fire compartmentation, the subdivision of a building into areas of manageable risk, with adequate means of escape, as well as fire separation for adjoining buildings or offices, is therefore a vital consideration. Modern steel-faced composite panels, with non-combustible mineral fibre cores, offer excellent fire resistance and are used successfully for internal walls or whole buildings, offering fire resistance from 60 to 240 minutes where needed. ISD for example, has been successfully installing composite firewall systems to protect buildings and contents for nearly 20 years.


However, evidence suggests that some developers are unwittingly using materials that do not have LPS108 accreditation, so are below quality. More worryingly, we believe that most warehouses, perhaps up to 90%, have firewalls and compartmentation that may fail, given a real incident. This is not surprising given the downward pressure on construction contracts and the drive to cut costs. So what should you do? The good news is that the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) part of BRE, formerly the Building Research Establishment, already provides certification for passive fire resistant construction products including composite panels. This should make it straightforward for architects, engineers

and other specifiers to select products that conform to relevant LPCB Loss Prevention Standards (LPS) and which will perform, as required, in a warehouse environment. Improved awareness will help, but if you are a developer or stakeholder ultimately you are responsible and you should always check that appropriate products have been specified for your project. But this is only half the story. Correct installation and maintenance is equally important and surprisingly this requirement is very poorly appreciated right across the construction sector. In some cases this will severely undermine expected firewall performance. Sealants between panels, how they are fixed, even the overall design, are all critical. Correct installation and practice together with the right training for all is a priority, especially when you have ISO 18001 accreditation. The Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) ensures passive fire protection products are installed correctly, exists, but is little known. So, by selecting an LPS 1500 approved company, you can be sure that installers are appropriately trained and have the necessary expertise to design and install products that deliver your project’s fire protection requirements. What’s more, the installing company must provide an LPCB Certificate of Conformity, confirming that materials used meet approved standards and that installation is in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Better awareness across the industry will clearly improve outcomes, and safety with peace of mind must take precedence over marginal cost considerations.

Specifying LPCB approved companies and products for warehouse firewall applications provides a range of stakeholder benefits: • Demonstrates due-diligence and mitigates against potential negligence claims • Reduces the risk of product failure • Provides assurance to building control, fire authorities and insurers that fire safety has been given appropriate consideration • Reduces damage caused to property and insurance losses should a fire occur • Avoids costly mistakes I enquiry 557

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Everything Aluminium Bi-folding doors / Sliding doors / Entrance doors / Slimline windows / Roof lanterns / Commercial glazing

Tel: 01706 260700 email: I enquiry 558

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NEW PREMIUM OAK FACTORY GLAZED First incline lift on London FIRE DOORS FROM PREMDOR Underground Comprising of eighteen Premium Oak design models, this internal door collection, a combination of traditional, contemporary and shaker styles, will satisfy the aspirations of designers, builders and homeowners alike.

All are assessed to BS 476: Part 22 (when installed with the correct seals and ironmongery), incorporate hardwood lips on all four edges and are constructed with a fire resistant core.

Consistent with PREMDOR’S principles of sustainable forest stewardship, all doors carry PEFC chain of custody and incorporate real American White Oak veneers. All solid core doors are available with FIRESHIELD FD30 options and all doors are available for rapid delivery, ex stock. In addition to, and complementing this industry leading range are three new factory glazed FD30 door styles, with factory fitted 7mm, clear, laminated safety and fire rated glass.

MILANO is sure to impress with striking V grooved panels and enjoys screen printed glass to present a contemporary effect. Destined to become a trade favourite, 2 LIGHT clear glazed doors embody raised and fielded panels in American White Oak veneer creating depth of definition for an elegant look. Last, but by no means least, CROFT ¾ LIGHT features screen printed factory fitted glazing, providing a modern twist to this versatile grooved door. All FD30 factory glazed door options benefit from maximum light penetration and enhanced visibility.

For a copy of our latest brochure, please call 0844 209 0008 or visit our website

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protected by Avire light curtains Light curtains from lift safety and communication specialist Avire are safeguarding the first incline lift ever installed on the London Underground (LU) network. The former escalator at Greenford Tube station, on the Central line, has been replaced with an incline lift equipped with Memco Panachrome door detectors. The detectors flash red and green to give passengers a visual indication of when it is safe to enter and leave the lift. “We use the Panachrome for two reasons,” explained Jon Spragg, lift discipline engineer at LU. “You’ve got the visual display as the lift doors open and close, which is great for meeting the Equality Act and keeping customers safe. But it’s also a very good deterrent at keeping people out of the

GEZE UK maintains its support for Architectural Awards GEZE UK is holding the door wide open for talented architects to take their place in the spotlight by sponsoring an award at the BD Architect of the Year Awards for the second year running. The Office Architect of the Year category is open to all architects working on the design of offices – be they new developments or refurbishments. Entries must include one project built in the last three years and another either built or unbuilt. One project may be international. Judges will be looking for evidence of all-round design excellence and fitness for purpose over a body of work. The winner will be announced at a gala ceremony, to take place at the London ExCel Platinum Suite, on Wednesday 8 March. The prestigious event will mark the 13th edition of the awards and will be held during the Ecobuild Conference (7-9 March). I enquiry 143

Steel Window Fittings joins respected trade organisation


Telford-based Steel Window Fittings Ltd has joined the Steel Window Association (SWA), the organisation that supports its member companies with a wide-ranging service relating to product development, market research and promotion. The decision by Steel Window Fittings I enquiry 559

path of the doors, reducing faults and ensuring efficiency of the lift flight times and passenger service. I enquiry 142

Stertil fast-action doors ensure temperature and humidity control for iceSheffield Stertil Door Products has recently supplied a pair of FlexiEdge fast-action doors to help control temperatures and humidity within the iceSheffield complex in the city’s Lower Don Valley. Construction of the iceSheffield arena was completed at a cost of £15 million and consists of two Olympic-size ice rinks. The complex, which is well used by local schools, also provides skating and ice hockey lessons, leisure skate sessions and curling to visitors of all ages and abilities. iceSheffield also offers a perfect space for large scale conferences and events ranging from intimate meetings to exhibitions attracting up to 1500 people.

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(swf) to join the UK recognised trade organisation can in part be attributed to the fact that, by meeting the SWA’s vigorous standards, the company will be better able to assure new customers that its window accessories and business practices conform to the highest criteria. Indeed, swf has been successfully manufacturing handles, stays, hinges, bolts and openers, as well as safety locks/restrictors and concealed multipoint hardware for metal framed doors and windows, to the commercial and domestic sectors, since 2010; both in the UK and globally. The company supplies to window manufacturers, restoration specialists and the public as well as private sectors, with solutions for traditional and heritage applications, as well as advanced modern systems – such as those for triple glazing and for creating warm edge thermal breaks. I enquiry 145

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IT’S A GREA AT T FEELING WHEN YOU’VE DONE A GREA AT T JOB, THA AT’S S BEEN HASSLE FREE, the result is SPO OT ON and your y customer is happy!


COMPLETE WITH FULL TIMBER LINING KIT FOR A PERFECT FINISH That’s what you get with Eclisse. Pocket doors the way they should be …easy to install and great to use.




FD 30


ONLINE 15% DISCOUNTT CODE BN17 - Tel 0845 481 1977

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Innovation is often spoken about but very rarely delivered Comar 10 offers a new departure; a Passivhaus Certified “B” product with U-values as low as 0.66 coupled with processes that cut manufacturing costs by up to 70%. Comar 10 Windows are available as inward opening, tilt & turn and fixed lights and are internally glazed and beaded. The main features of Comar 10: U-values as low as 0.66 W/m2K Cut manufacturing costs by 70% Certified by Passivhaus Institute for cool temperature areas Future-proof & energy saving High thermal insulation with ground breaking technology 90mm deep outer frames Minimal care & maintenance 100% recyclable

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Sally Godber, director says: “We have found the air-tightness from a Rationel timber window product is very reliable, an essential marker for Passivhaus Standard. And where care has been taken in the window installation, the energy efficiency of the Rationel window can be better than more expensive products with thermal insulation in the frames and much thicker frames.“ Because of their elegant slim profiles, Rationel windows have more glass and less frame than many of their competitors, giving greater solar gains, and daylight for the same size windows. Sally’s energy consultancy firm WARM advises clients on how to achieve the most energy efficient buildings in the UK today. And she regularly practices what she preaches, with a new office and a new fourbedroomed home in a Conservation Area in Plymouth. “All the hard work and attention to energy efficiency went in to the design of the building fabric itself”, says Sally of her own new home. “The choice of Rationel’s windows was crucial to us achieving our energy efficiency goals.”


“The house is a really simple and robust design using methods which are known to work. And so my home looks more like a traditional house – it doesn’t have a heat source pump or large expanses of glass. We focussed on making it very simple to build,” she continues. “It’s a timber frame structure, with an insulated slab for the floor. We’ve used

For further information about Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems, please visit call 020 8685 9685 or email

Slim Frames help Rationel windows achieve Passivhaus Standard at a lower cost WARM – Passivhaus energy consultants confirm energy efficiency in Rationel’s slim framed Danish timber window products. And comment that these windows can achieve Passivhaus Standards with slimmer frames, without thermal insulation in the frames, and at a lower cost.

boarding on the inside and outside, created a void which was stuffed with insulation, rendered the outside walls, and with weather protection in the slate cladding the upper storey we followed the local vernacular building style.” “We used predominantly Rationel top hung windows to give the opening sizes we needed in a single pane. Because we haven’t got lots of mullions it means again we have less frame and more glass (so more light and solar gains). This also has the advantage that with the restrictor on it still gives a significant opening in comparison to tilting windows.” Sally used Rationel Aura timber windows with triple glazing, top guided, side-guided and entrance doors also from Rationel. Good solid quality workmanship has characterised Rationel’s windows and doors since the first products were shipped in 1954. Rationel was founded in Denmark and has sales offices in the UK and Ireland. The firm manufactures energy saving timber and alu clad timber windows and composite doors. Rationel is part of the Dovista Group, which consists of ten leading door and window companies in Europe. Dovista AS is owned by VKR Holding and employs 13,500 people in more than 40 countries.

A typical Rationel window

W e b :

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DOORS & WINDOWS INC FIRE PROTECTION February 2017 View our publication online at www.


• High Quality Aluminium bi-folding door in house manufacturing 24 year experience • £399+vat Glazed Supply Only • White, Grey and Black Colour in stock • 5 working day turnaround • Fitting Services available • Nationwide delivery available

JSP Aluminium Ltd

Unit 29, Popin Business Centre, South Way, Wembley, Middx, HA9 0HF Tel: 020 8902 1122 • Fax: 020 8900 2829 Emai: Website:

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Tried andTested Fire Protection The Premium Oak collection from PREMDOR now benefits from three additional factory glazed fire door styles to enhance this highly regarded range. MILANO is sure to impress with striking V-grooved panels, factory fitted 7mm laminated safety and fire rated glass, screen printed to achieve a contemporary effect. Destined to become a trade favourite, 2 LIGHT clear glazed doors have raised and fielded real oak veneered panels and are supplied with hardwood lips on all edges, as are all latest range additions. Last, but by no means least, CROFT ¾ LIGHT features screen printed factory fitted glazing providing an added value modern twist to this popular grooved panel door.

• High Quality Folding Sliding Doors

• British, German & Belgium Designed • A Fantastic Variety of Finishes & Colours



• Virtually Maintenance Free • State-of-the-Art Security Features • Full Fitting Available • Free Survey & Design Advice




Unit 26/3 Silicon Business Centre 26 Wadsworth Road Tel: 0208 997 2448 Perivale, Greenford Middlesex UB6 7JZ Fax: 0208 997 0611

email: I enquiry 565

All PREMDOR Premium Oak factory glazed fire doors are available in metric and imperial sizes from stock and assessed by Exova Warringtonfire as a complete glazed unit to BS476: Part 22 providing confidence in performance with the benefit of stunning good looks.

For a copy of our latest brochure please call 0844 209 0008 or download from our website.

Birthwaite Business Park, Huddersfield Rd, Darton, Barnsley, S75 5JS




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Make an Entrance with the New Technic-AL RD1 Entrance Doors from AluFoldDirect The perfect front door is one of the biggest decisions to make on a self-build project. It’s where first impressions are made, visitors are welcomed and security is most vital.For self-builders looking to create an impressive entrance to their project, the stunning new Technic-AL RD1 Entrance Door range is a striking new solution from AluFoldDirect. “From listening to our customers, we knew that a beautiful, top-

Vicaima presented with UK Government award At a ceremony which took place recently at the official residence of the UK’s ambassador to Portugal, The Department for International Trade (DIT) distinguished a

quality entrance door was in demand on the market,” explains Craig Miller, Managing Director at AluFoldDirect. “We also learned that a lot of this demand was coming from people who were embarking on self-build projects and wanted to create a grand entrance to their home.” small group of companies in recognition of their investment in the UK. Among these select organisations were internal door and specialist joinery manufacture Vicaima. The award was presented to Vicaima President Mr Arlindo Leite by Michael Charlton, Director for International Trade at the DIT. The Vicaima Group UK subsidiary is Vicaima Limited based in Swindon, Wiltshire where for the last 20 years they have been leaders in innovative door solutions for the UK market. Widely specified by architects and interior designers, their products are supplied to housebuilders and developers for both the new homes and commercial markets. Recently the group purchased the

Crittall Fabrications to provide specialist glazing solutions Crittall Holdings Group, parent company of Crittall Windows, has announced the launch of a new fabrications division that will create and supply an impressive range of specialist steel and stainless steel glazing systems, screens and doorsets for both external and internal use. This will provide architects and designers with bespoke, factory finished solutions to meet the most exacting client requirements. Crittall Fabrications will typically be dealing with customers in the UK and abroad on a supply only basis, direct to trade, but a

includes a pallet racking warehouse, several cold rooms and a packing area. In each of full design and installation service can be provided via Crittall Windows, or one of the company’s registered partners. From its Witham, Essex, factory the company supplies its extensive customer base with specialist steel products such as steel entrance doors, steel glazed screens, internal steel partitions, steel screen dividers and doors and associated pressed metal for a wide range of commercial and residential applications. Crittall bespoke glazed steel windows and doors are extensively specified in both the UK and the US, as well as mainland Europe, for corporate refurbishments, the education sector, residential developments and retail fit-outs. Excellent examples of the type of project which the new fabrications division

Quick and easy to install cantilever canopies 48

The introduction of Technic-AL RD1 Entrance Doors to the AluFoldDirect product range follows the trend for topquality aluminium bi-folding and sliding doors being installed on self-build projects. The new entrance door range matches the design and quality values of AluFoldDirect’s aluminium bi-folding and sliding doors and slimline windows. This gives the opportunity for selfbuilders, their architects and their builders to shop for all of their aluminium glazing requirements with AluFoldDirect.

Perfect for turning outdoor spaces into sheltered and usable places the versatile Canofix cantilever canopy system is the ideal fit for both commercial and domestic projects. They have a multitude of uses from a simple doorway canopy or stairwell cover to passageway awnings and bin or bike shelters. The canopy comprises of lightweight yet durable polycarbonate brackets, aluminium fixing pipes and 2mm polycarbonate glazing sheet. Choose from black or grey brackets and clear or bronze glazing sheet.

whole of the 7 acre site in Swindon where they plan to expand and develop their market position and of course provide valuable employment to the local community. The DIT Business Awards celebrate bilateral strategic trade and investment relations between Portugal and the United Kingdom and recognise the importance this has for the UK economy. In the financial year 2015-2016 the DIT accompanied 20 UK investment projects by Portuguese companies, which in total represented 69.3 million Euros and 459 jobs. I enquiry 147

I enquiry 148

will handle are the Ham Yard Hotel in London’s Soho and Addison Crescent high end residential development,also in the capital. I enquiry 149

Canopy projections are set according to the bracket length at either 650mm, 1000mm, 1270mm or 1500mm with widths up to an impressive 30m. Canopies can be fashioned to accommodate internal and external corners. Each canopy is supplied as a complete kit of parts and is easily installed using the fixing guide provided. There is no need to silicone or weld. Delivery is usually within 4 working days and is free of charge to the UK mainland. I enquiry 150

ALPRO launch their new range of concealed and rim mounted exit devices

I enquiry 146

these locations, the units, which are among the most reliable early warning systems, were all installed with filter boxes and dirt trap boxes. Of the ten Securiton devices supplied, seven were ASD 535-1 and three were 535-2 models. The cold rooms which range in temperature from minus 4° to minus 22° Centigrade are fitted with heated sampling points to prevent the build-up of ice affecting the system. If a sampling pipe is affected by low ambient temperatures to the point where accumulating ice crystals might impact adversely upon its performance, the heating automatically comes on to immediately eliminate the problem.

Securiton ASD units from Patol are keeping Gressingham Foods safe in Diss Gressingham Foods in beautiful East Anglia is now protected from fire by aspirating smoke detectors from Patol. Patol was appointed official UK distributor for Securiton aspirating smoke detection equipment in 2015 and ten units supplied by electrical wholesaler Rexel WF Senate were recently fitted at the Gressingham Foods facility in Diss by local engineering company, E Rand & Sons Ltd, who recently celebrated their centenary. The new facility at Diss


Innovation and quality at competitive prices The Alpro Hardware Division of IEC Limited has announced the release of the new Alpro range of CE tested exit devices in both concealed vertical rod and rim mounted models. Panic hardware is a vital and important product in the design and installation of exit doors. Designed to allow the safe and speedy exit of personnel down an escape route in the event of a major emergency. It has been designed to enable the simplest touch of the touch bar or crash bar to operatethe door and thereby allow people to escape. New European standards now govern the manufacture and installation of this equipment. as these devices are “Life safety” devices and it is therefore crucial, they are produced in line with the requisite standards and quality requirements. Surface, concealed, rim and latch models are available, but care should be taken when selecting the correct panic hardware, depending on the application required. If you are unsure of the requirement, please contact us for further advice. Alpro Architectural Hardware’s new range comprises a concealed vertical rod model, designed for use with narrow stile commercial aluminium doors. The concealed rod model adding to the security of the door. The crossbar is designed with simplicity in mind, yet will provide years of smooth, reliable operation. The rim version is fitted with the same field sizeable crossbar, enabling adjustments to be made to suit the overall width of door installation. Extension rods are available for taller doors. These units are the perfect solution to the ever growing need for safety. Both units have been comprehensively tested to the relevant CE test requirements and test information is available upon request. I enquiry 151

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DOORS & WINDOWS INC FIRE PROTECTION February 2017 View our publication online at www. Blue, Fir Green and Light Ivory, ensuring everyone can now find exactly the right coloured door to match the aesthetic and architectural features of their property. But it is not just the range of colours that sets Garador’s steel up & over, side hinged and garage side doors ahead. The paint quality and production techniques developed at Garador’s UK factory, including the latest in unique powder coating and electrostatic processes, ensures a deep vibrant colour that endures.

Exciting new colours on Garador Steel Garage Doors

EXCEPTIONAL PAINT FINISH Garador Managing Director Simon Hipgrave comments: “We have invested heavily in our paint production technology and this has


given us an exceptional paint finish, as well as the ability to offer a assortment of colour options at reasonable prices. This is something we believe will be of real benefit to our customers and we have therefore decided to offer the Rosewood solid, Golden Oak solid and Pastel Green colours as standard on our steel garage door range.” Unlike many older garage doors, Garador’s modern range of steel garage doors are manufactured with panels which are completely free of rivets - this provides one of the smoothest and most attractive appearances available in garage doors. The new colour options are available on all the doors in the Garador steel up & over range including Windsor and Beaumont. I enquiry 567

Find out more by calling 01935 443704 or visit

Garador is setting an exciting new trend with the introduction of three fresh, new colours for its steel garage doors. A new solid Rosewood and solid Golden Oak paint finish joins an attractive new Pastel Green paint finish, now offered as standard colour options on Garador’s top selling steel garage door range; which includes steel up & over doors, side hinged doors and garage side doors. These new mint and brown colour tones work well on an external home door and

are befitting to properties that feature natural timber products or are surrounded by a variety of plants and greenery. The new colours have been carefully developed to provide an even wider choice for builders, homeowners and specifiers. The solid Rosewood, solid Golden Oak and Pastel Green join other recent colour introductions from Garador, including Pigeon


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View our publication online at February 2017

One universal saddle for all DN150 lateral jobs The new multi-purpose Unisaddle FA150U has now been launched by Flexseal to offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ lateral connection (for thick wall pipe). The Unisaddle will fit all sizes of clay or concrete main sewer or surface water pipes from DN300, including thin-walled pipe down to just 27.5mm thick. It will accept branch connections from any DN150 pipe, regardless of pipe material, with the simple addition of a Flexseal Multibush. “The new product is the most universal of its kind and we believe it can add real value to contractors who need to make an unexpected lateral connection or those who just want to simplify the way they make lateral connections,” explained Mark Chatterton, manager of Flexseal’s R&D team, who developed the product. The product’s adaptability comes courtesy of a set of rubber shims, supplied on the product. The user simply needs to remove the correct number to achieve a secure fit onto the main pipe. Equally, the Multibush assures the perfect fit on the lateral pipe, offering 4 different permutations.

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First Resiblock Sealing Awards sees Top Contractors Rewarded This past month (January) saw Resiblock hold its first ever Registered Contractors Sealing Awards. After receiving over 250 submissions, our Managing Director Paul Lamparter and Contractors Manager Jennifer Bowling were finally able to select winners from the following three

Expanded RWM Show returns September 2017 Leading exhibition for Energy, Water Recycling and Waste communities champions networking and collaboration with new integrated event for One Planet Living Bringing together decision-makers and innovators from the Energy, Water, Recycling and Waste communities, the RWM exhibition will take place from 12 to 14 September, 2017, at the NEC Birmingham. Run in partnership with the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM), the event will feature dedicated Energy, Water and Waste zones, interconnected discovery trails, and seminar theatre sessions – all with a fresh look and feel thanks to


categories: Best Driveway- The Best Driveway award went to Andrew Lee of AL Driveway and Patio Cleaning, who produced this remarkable piece of work, despite having only been a Registered Contractor for three months. Best Patio- The Best Patio award went to Lionel Coulson of Sealing Technique with this Concrete Block Patio. Lionel is one of our most long-standing

contractors, and showed his experience when producing this fine piece of work. Best Natural Stone- The Best Natural Stone award went to Ashley Mackintosh of A.E.Mackintosh. Ashley’s use of our Resiblock Indian Sandstone Sealer Invisible, really helped show of the ‘Natural’ look of this Sandstone Patio, and this is what helped him win this year’s award. All our winners received £100 of Resiblock Vouchers as well as a £100 Amazon gift voucher. We look forward to seeing these, and all our other, Resiblock Registered Contractors continue to produce fantastic work in 2017.

RWM’s new branding. “Combining the four events is not only a huge step for the exhibition, but also a reflection of the way the sectors are beginning to overlap and merge,” said Nicola Meadows, RWM event director, Ascential. “While each industry will have a dedicated presence at RWM, this closer collaboration brings together more facilities managers, environmental managers and sustainability managers from these sectors, who may not normally have time to go to separate shows, but can benefit from the overlapping opportunities for networking and new partnerships that RWM offers. “Our One Planet Living mission is about the better management and supply of the world’s resources. We understand that Energy and Water supply, and Waste management, are as distinct and important

as ever to our visitors and exhibitors. Our expanded approach also aims to grow our presence in each separate sector, as well as highlighting the synergies and business opportunities that come with sharing knowledge. RMW 2017 will showcase new features designed to create networking opportunities between the Energy, Water and Waste supply chains.

Kee Systems keeps rail safety on track


Dallflex in colour finishes fronts ‘family of drainage’ at ISH Dallmer will, once again, be one of the ‘must visit’ stands with the latest additions to its widely acclaimed new DallFlex system. Already found in many of the world’s most stylish showers and wet rooms, Dallmer’s latest developments will be demonstrated by their hugely knowledgeable technical staff on Stand C.06 in Hall 4.0, The team will

I enquiry 154

Group, to deliver the design and construction of the East West Railway route. Completed in December 2016, the project saw the refurbishment and installation of the new railway line to increase local connectivity and improve journey times into London. Working in collaboration with Carillion Buckingham JV, Kee Systems supplied 8,000 metres of Kee Klamp® fittings and 10,000 units of BoxBolt®. These systems were installed to prevent pedestrian and vehicles from straying into off limit areas and to provide safe access to maintenance teams on either side of the railway line.

Kee Klamp® guardrail fittings and BoxBolt® fixing solutions have been installed along a new railway line to provide safety for pedestrians, drivers and maintenance teams accessing electrical boxes along the train track. This installation, which saw Kee Systems provide the safety products, forms part of an £89 million project to improve commuter times into London from Bicester and Oxford. Network Rail unveiled a joint scheme with leading integrated support services company, Carillion Plc, and Stowe-based multi-disciplinary contracting firm, Buckingham

TfL re-awards asset maintenance contracts to Lanes Group

I enquiry 153

I enquiry 155

Transport for London has re-awarded contracts to Lanes Group to maintain structure and drainage assets associated with the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly underground lines. The awards, made under Lot 3 of TfL's asset maintenance procurement process, means Lanes Group has retained all contracts currently held. Under TfL's new procurement regime, designed to streamline its maintenance supply chain, it also means Lanes Group can now bid for more work across all transport infrastructure. Matthew Todd, Commercial Director of Lanes Rail Division, said: "This is the best possible outcome for us, so is very positive. It reflects the strong case we were able make in our bid, based on our work for Transport for London over recent years. It also reflects very well on the dedication and hard work of our maintenance teams who deliver safe, high-quality service in what are some of the most challenging transport asset

maintenance environments you can find. This gives our teams work for the next five years, with an option for TfL to extend the contract for another three. We also hope it will result in us significantly increasing the volume of work we do for TfL over the duration of the contract." The contracts will be managed by Tube Lines, a subsidiary of TfL, which is responsible for the maintenance of the ‘JNP' lines. Lot 3 is split into three options. Lanes Rail will now share the work available in Option 1, civils and structures maintenance, and Option 2, drainage maintenance, with three other contractors on a framework. Option 3, reactive civils and structures maintenance, has been re-awarded to Lanes Group as a sole supplier. All options are due to start operating from April 2017. I enquiry 156

include John Purser, the founder and General Manager of Dallmer Ltd, the firm’s UK branch, a ‘veteran’ of nearly 20 ISH shows, and his successor-in-waiting, Wayne Hailstone. Dallmer DallFlex drainage concept simplifies the installation process: Favourite in many market sectors, and especially hotels, the versatile DallFlex drainage systems are based on the single DallFlex drain body, supplied as standard with acoustic decoupling. This robust ‘gully’

‘first fix’. John Purser further explained “a real step forward this year is a DallFlex shower underlay, to incorporate the drain body. This component, integrated with the rest of the DallFlex family will significantly shorten installation times – something I know our installer customers and our clients always need. And DallFlex is so easy to keep clean, another major consideration in a hotel or a household.” can be positioned against the wall or anywhere else in the showering area as a

I enquiry 157

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Gravel Grids

EXTERNAL WORKS & DRAINAGE February 2017 View our publication online at www.


A broken ½” tap can consume £70 of water per day Our SPED Standpipe prevents damage Permanent, tamperproof, frost resistant Hose Union Tap with Fluid Category 3 protection

ASLON Gravel Grids are a versatile and easy to lay option for gravel roads and parking areas. The unique interlocking design means that they can be laid to provide additional strength and gravel retention. ASLON Gravel Grids are fully tested for strength. Available in Black, White & Green

> Free standing – no wall required > Bottom entry > Suitable for mounting in soft ground > Padlock provides security

Model SPED

Tel: 01442 823 123 Email:

Castle Composites Ltd

Call: 01555 870003 The Water Regulations Solution Specialist

I enquiry 571

I enquiry 572

impressed with the ease and speed of installing the channels as all the units used easily complied with manual lifting regulations.


Platform drainage at Historic York Railway Station The original York Railway Station was built within the City Walls, adjacent to where the current station now stands. Opened in 1839 by the North Midland Railway, the structure only served trains to and from the south and the northern coalfields. However by 1873, as more passenger and goods lines were built into York, a larger station, from which trains could gain access from all directions, was needed. Opening in 1877, the new York Station took three years to rebuild. Designed by the North Eastern Railway’s architect Thomas

Prosser, the curved 800ft-long train-shed roof, supported by iron columns, arched 42ft above the platforms. The station was immediately hailed as one of the great buildings in Victorian era. At the time, it was the largest railway station in the world with four massive arches and thirteen platforms. Today, the structure still impresses. Serving the busy East Coast mainline route, primarily between Glasgow Aberdeen, Edinburgh and London it is also a vital cross-route link between Glasgow, Manchester and Liverpool. The station currently copes with around 800 trains and thousands of passengers each week. With so many passengers using the station, the extended platforms, which project out from the original arched structure, are as busy as ever.

The platform surfaces have been designed to gently slope inward away from the track so any surface water naturally drains towards their centre. Effective drainage of these roofed and un-roofed “outer” areas was a major safety consideration. Hauraton RECYFIX® STANDARD 100 channels were chosen for the slightly curving platforms – see photographs. The 271 metres of channelling installed were made from the company’s tough recycled Polyethylene-Polypropylene (PE-PP), all fitted with Class C 250 ductile iron “heel-safe” gratings finished in a Black anti-oxidisation coating. As each one metre unit only weighs just over 6kg, including the grating, contractor C. Spencer Limited was


I enquiry 570

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View our publication online at February 2017

AKW offers onestop shop wet room kit experience AKW – the UK’s leading manufacturer of accessible bathroom and mobility support solutions for older people, the disabled and people with reduced mobility – has proven itself to be the go-to company for robust, leak-proof, reliable wet room solutions. Expanding its already extensive range still further, AKW has used the latest design techniques and exceptionally high grade materials to further enhance its popular TuffForm wet room formers. AKW’s ultrastrong TuffForm wet room formers now support up to 60 stone in weight, which means they can accommodate a user with a wheelchair and two carers. TuffForm formers create a level access solution for wet rooms and their single piece construction offers remarkable strength. The trimmable, 100% recyclable formers include a lifetime guarantee. They are suitable for wooden and solid floors with unlimited weight bearing on the latter. Flat edges ensure a good seal between

Dallmer creates luxury in Westminster Seymour Place, in the heart of Westminster, is a vibrant area between Marble Arch and the Edgware Road, which has, like much of London, seen properties undergoing refurbishment and redevelopment over recent years with one newly built apartment complex featuring luxury en-suite shower rooms incorporating Dallmer drains. ARJ Construction Ltd. was the main “Fit out” contractor, for the dozen dwelling development continuing its chosen path of the past two decades, delivering

Fibo panels showcase in Plumbstore

Plumbstore, Scotland’s largest independent plumbing and heating merchant, has welcomed the opportunity to sell Fibo’s bathroom and wet room panels through its nine branches. Selling Fibo’s precision-engineered panels for 18 months, Plumbstore recognises the benefits of the innovative wall panels. “Fibo’s high performance plywood panels offer us a new sales opportunity - it means we can provide customers with a unique product and a real alternative to tiles,” explains Plumbstore Business

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The new Calla sink from Carron Phoenix offers the durability of granite at entry-level prices

The easy-to-install Calla is available now in three popular colours of Polar White, Champagne and Jet Black and fits a standard 600mm cabinet. The spacious 362 x 442 x 210mm bowl size, deep drainer grooves and

The new Calla 150 inset sink from Carron Phoenix offers the durability and easy maintenance of granite at an entry-level price point. Its curvaceous bowl design distinguishes it from other Carron Phoenix granite sinks and combined with its simple lines, offers across-the-board appeal for a wide range of kitchen styles.

Franke’s new sink is brimming with Style


Bushboard’s Nuance bathroom panels luxe-up any bathroom design With the realism of their high print definition and surface textures, the 12 True Scale designs in Bushboard’s Nuance laminate panelling range can luxe up any bathroom. Compared to natural stone or granite, the elegant


high-end residential developments. For the flats in Westminster, ARJ installed a range of different sized shower channels manufactured by Dallmer, a company which has, as its CEO Johannes Dallmer said, evolved “from a master craftsman business to an architectural brand.” Indeed, Dallmer has created a completely new category of drain fittings that combine superb design and functionality, the CeraLine W Duo shower channels being no exception. The shower rooms have been fitted out in marble and white masonry for the fashionable, ultramodern appearance that is favoured for many contemporary interiors. Certainly, a conventional drain outlet would not have complimented this look, nor probably coped with the high water volumes flowing from deluge heads. However, the sleek linear drainage channel incorporated within the CeraLine W Duo range, finished in stainless steel, coordinates perfectly with the minimalist design. I enquiry 159

Development Manager, David Hogg. “It’s a premium product with the look and feel of tiles, particularly the top-end Marcato panel, which features routed grooves to replicate grouting and really appeals to the domestic market. Fibo wall panels stand out because they are so well made. The feedback from customers has been excellent.”

laminate panels offer the advantages of easy care and maintenance as well as fast, simple installation. Nuance is the only range on the market without extrusions, allowing the creation of large expanses of decorative surface to elevate the design aesthetics. Backed by a 15-year guarantee, Nuance is also unique in being inherently 100% water impervious, so the panels will not swell or degrade over time. The panels can be fitted from floor to

Wet rooms look incredibly stylish and help to add a "wow" factor to any kind of project. They are becoming increasingly popular due to being a lifelong investment and adding value onto properties. N&C are the UK’s leading total wet room solution providers with excellent experience and knowledge within the industry. Being the one stop shop, we provide you with the perfect solution for wet room installations with our SMC best in class shower decks, Premier Shower Deck (for tiling and vinyl installations) and Aquafloor (for vinyl installations only). Premier Shower Decks accept over 75 stone weight, due to their extreme strength and durability. Features of this product include, waste offset to avoid joist, 13 popular sizes and available trimming by up to 60mm to fit your exact size requirements if necessary. Premier Shower Deck is ready to tile or vinyl directly onto to create a luxurious wet room. Aqua Floor accepts over 55 stone/ 350kg loading, making it the high strength floor former that it is.

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optional wire basket enhance the functionality of the sink space for a multitude of prepping, cleaning and washing up tasks. The sink is scratch resistant, temperature resistant to 280°C and won’t stain. As with all Carron Phoenix granite sinks, it features Sanitized® anti-bacterial protection, proven to reduce bacteria and microbe growth by 99%. The Calla 150 has an RRP inc VAT of just £329 and a single bowl model is also available at £307, offering two granite sinks that will appeal to budget-conscious customers. Both come with a lifetime guarantee. I enquiry 162

Franke’s new Style SYG 611 granite, single bowl inset sink combines sophisticated design with quality and high performance. The gentle curves and raised edges of the Style combine to produce an almost ‘floating’ effect on the worksurface and its new Alabaster White colour is translucent in appearance, further elevating the aesthetics. The premium-quality Fragranite material is tough, durable and germ, scratch, impact, stain and heat resistant, backed by

Do you have the best shower deck in your bathroom?

a 50-year guarantee. It features Sanitized® anti-bacterial protection which is proven to reduce bacteria and microbe growth by 99%. The Style is available now and combines its ultra-modern looks with a generous bowl size of 480 x 425 x 200mm. As an inset model, it is easy-to-install and fits a standard 600mm cabinet. I enquiry 163

ceiling to create wetrooms and level access showering, as well as for conventional shower enclosures and around baths. They can be installed without the need for wet trades, reducing the turn-around time that tiling involves. They are very easy to clean and maintain with a simple wipe down because unlike tiles, there are no grout lines to scrub at to remove dirt build up. I enquiry 164

All-in-one shower solution fits the bill for The Log Pod A great year of contract awards for Saniflo in 2016 culminated in a further deal for the company’s Kinedo range of shower cubicles in December. Off the back of contract success with a number of mediumsized housebuilders, the integrated Kinedo has now been specified by successful manufacturer of quality wooden and camping pods, The Log Pod Ltd. A huge increase in business for the company’s unique sustained seasoned spruce timber pods is behind the decision to select the Kineprime Glass, an all- in- one cubicle package that not only looks stunning but is easy to install and creates a leak- free shower without any tiles or grout. Edgar Wallace, is the company’s Sales Director, he says: “The Staycation trend is predicted to increase in the UK over the next few years. We have already benefited from the rise in popularity of luxury camping, glamping and short leisure breaks. This has increased demand for our pods to the extent that we are moving to larger premises in early 2017.

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BENCHMARX EDITORIAL February 2017 View our publication online at www.

BENCHMARX expands to 180 branches Following a successful 2016, Benchmarx, the trade only supplier of high quality kitchens is continuing its impressive expansion plans as it heads towards its next milestone branch opening. Having grown from just one branch in Croydon in 2006, the company will now be celebrating the opening of its 180th branch. The company puts its success down to its ongoing aim of ‘saving the trade time and money’, all supported by an ethos of delivering outstanding customer service, a streamlined ordering process and the right product mix available at the best price. Terry Brown, Commercial Director at

Benchmarx Kitchens and Joinery, looks at what continues to make the business a success as we head into 2017:

with a network of 85 branches under our belts, we wanted to provide our customers with an even better service than ever before.

“We are delighted to reach this 180th milestone, which sees us reinforce our place as both a local and national company.

“This saw us take a step back to review how and where improvements could be made, and this process remains ongoing to ensure we continue to change in line with our customers’ needs.

“Since Benchmarx was first established in 2006, we have been extremely proud of the quality of our kitchens and the professional, reliable service we offer to the trade. This in turn has seen us establish a loyal customer base and repeat business. In a recent survey, we were delighted to hear qualities such as ‘reliable’, ‘professional’, ‘competitive’, ‘efficient’ and ‘helpful’ all repeatedly reinforced by our trade customers. “Despite growing at a fast rate over the past decade, we have made a point of never being complacent. Indeed, at the start of 2012 and

“Streamlining our delivery service and guaranteeing that our best-selling kitchen ranges would be available within 48 hours, backed up with the ability to supply anything missing within 24 hours, are just some of the approaches put in place to go that extra mile. “On top of this, by maintaining high stock levels of our most favoured product ranges and keeping a watchful check on what is selling well means our kitchen fitters are able to get their hands on the products in


demand, exactly when they need it. In this business, it certainly pays to be prepared so we constantly monitor interior trends too, to ensure that all of our products hit the mark and give installers the tools to meet their customers’ demands head on across a variety of price options. This is all without having to waste time or money searching the marketplace. “Due to the costs involved, buying a kitchen remains a big decision for homeowners. So the fact that installers have the opportunity to bring their customers into a showroom so they can view the different ranges and options up close is certainly a major part of our success. “It is this unique proposition that not only makes us to stand out from our competitors, but it also delivers a quick and efficient process for the installer as both they and the homeowner can discuss the different kitchen options after seeing them first-hand. It also means our dedicated team of showroom advisors and designers are on hand to answer questions and provide additional support when needed.” I enquiry 573

To find out more about the Benchmarx kitchen ranges, or to locate your nearest branch, visit:


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View our publication online at

February 2017

BMBI shortlisted for national CIM Awards

Greenworks launches Quantity Take Off Service, Build Aviator Greenworks has launched its own quantity take off service, Build Aviator, to provide you with a quick, accurate and reliable estimate of the materials, labour and plant equipment required to complete a project. Build Aviator directly links to products and prices available from Greenworks sister brand Jewson, ensuring that product requirements and

availability go hand in hand. The bill of quantities that is generated is set out by stage of works, material orders and product types, allowing you to successfully complete your build, based upon your design and construction drawings and specification. The service allows housebuilders and developers to link costs to a fully compliant build specification through the

Greenworks SAP software. This enables you to give more accurate details of costs, whilst spending less time pricing, and can directly link to the SAP assessment, also available from Greenworks. I enquiry 166

Wernick Lead the Charge for Sustainability

First Minister visits Kenfig factory as it strives to become most eco-friendly in sector. First Minister Carwyn Jones has visited Wernick Buildings Kenfig factory as it unveils three electric car charging points, which will be powered by electricity generated onsite. The power points will complement the company’s investment into hybrid company cars, and allow employees who drive electric vehicles to charge-

up while in work. Wernick Buildings have been producing modular buildings in South Wales since 1989. They recently moved from their old factory in Neath to a new, purpose built factory in Kenfig Industrial Estate, which was opened last June by the First Minister. Sustainability is at the forefront of Wernick’s manufacturing process; the site is certified to ISO14001 for Environmental Standards and is home to a range of energy saving initiatives. The factory and office buildings are covered in a combined 281 solar panels, generating 70kWh at full capacity which is used to

reduce the sites energy consumption. The manufacturing process is also very sustainable, the controlled conditions used to build modular units means almost no waste goes to landfill. Everything is filtered for recycling, and what can’t be recycled is shredded and distributed to a local “energy from waste” plant. The installation of the charge points will be considered a trial run for a possible rollout to Wernick depots across the country as part of the ongoing effort to make the Wernick Group more sustainable. I enquiry 167

Dunlop launches MultiSkill Champion Competition 2017 Dunlop – the pioneering manufacturer of tiling, decorating and flooring products for the trade – is once again on the look-out for the best multi-skill construction student in the UK following the success of its inaugural competition last year. The Dunlop Multi-Skill Champion Competition is the only one of its kind in the UK to recognise students across the UK taking the City & Guilds Construction Skills (6219) qualification. The competition culminates in the Grand Final in June with students being tested on their tiling and decorating skills. As an added element this year, finalists will also be tested on their carpentry and joinery skills – a core element of the qualification. Judges at the Grand Final this year include multi-award winning carpenter Nicola Butcher, aka “The Female Chippy”, Wayne de Wet, professional decorator, renowned industry expert and former Dulux Select Decorator of the Year Grand Winner and Dave Rowley, lead judge for the national SkillBuild finals for wall and


floor tiling and Training Manager at Dunlop. Back in June 2016, 14 year-old Kenneth Sylvester from Doncaster College took home the title of Dunlop Multi-Skill Champion 2016 and more than £1000 worth of tools and products after triumphing in the Grand Final at the manufacturer’s Innovation and Technology Centre in Stoke-on-Trent. Debi Boulton, Sales and Marketing Manager, said: “Last year’s competition was a phenomenal success with eighteen students aged from 14 to 40 from colleges across the UK taking part in our Grand Final. “Kenneth was a deserved winner and proved that whatever your age, if you work hard enough you can achieve anything you want.” I enquiry 168

The Builders Merchant Building Index, a brand of the BMF, using gold standard data from GfK, a leading international data and insights company, has been shortlisted for ‘Best Use of Data and Insight’ at the prestigious, national Chartered Institute of Marketing’s (CIM) ‘Marketing Excellence Awards’. The CIM Awards identify and celebrate outstanding marketing by organisations, individuals and teams nationally. They recognise and reward high standards of quality and integrity in the field of marketing, celebrating the finest minds within the profession, and showcasing the successes of B2C and B2B marketing campaigns. The judges include Google, LinkedIn, IBM and similar high profile organisations. Awareness and understanding of BMBI has grown rapidly since its launch by MRA Marketing in 2015. The BMBI is a reliable and up-to-date measure of UK Repair Maintenance & Improvement (RMI) activity.


experts from Sussex-based ROC Solutions, who also installed the brand-new system at Sexy Fish, as well as the existing fire panels in The Club at The Ivy. Dean O’Brien, Director at ROC Solutions, commented: “The Ivy project was not only high-profile, but also logistically challenging, working around the quick refit schedule and interfacing with the neighbouring The Ivy Club, which remained open. In comparison, installation of the new system at Sexy Fish was not quite so

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New Year, new CO2 milestone reached thanks to customers CO2. It’s the hottest topic about climate change facing us today. By partnering with the Cool Earth initiative, Fuel Card Services has proven its determination to help do something about it. And thanks to support from thousands of its customers, a major CO2. milestone was reached this New Year. One million tonnes of CO2 has now been stored safely in trees – rather than simply offset – thanks to Fuel Card Services’ most recent donation to Cool Earth’s deforestation projects in the Peru. That’s equivalent to a fleet of 5,700 cars driving to the moon and back. To appreciate this achievement, let’s remind ourselves about the importance of CO2. Think of it as Earth’s thermostat: CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is the most important gas for controlling the temperature of our planet. It’s one of the “greenhouse gases” (along with methane and halocarbons) that absorbs energy such as heat emitted by the Earth and reflects it back trapping heat inside, like a greenhouse. Without these greenhouse gases, Earth would be a chilly -18 °C. With too many of them, Earth would be like Venus where the atmosphere traps the temperature at a sizzling 400 °C. For several decades, humans have been generating more carbon dioxide than Earth’s oceans can absorb, or its land plants breath in. Carbon offsetting schemes help, but they simply match one carbon “footprint” to an equivalent reduction in

World Famous Restaurants Enjoy Advanced Protection Two of London’s most exclusive restaurants, including the world-renowned Ivy, are now protected by industry-leading fire panels from Advanced. Both The Ivy and Sexy Fish in Berkeley Square, which are both owned by Caprice Holdings, have been fitted with MxPro 4 fire panels from Advanced. The Ivy has recently been subject to a full refurbishment, overseen by the Martin Brudnizki Design Studio. The work included a comprehensive overhaul of the building’s fire system by

An integral part of the Index is a panel of leading industry Experts who speak exclusively for their markets. Each Expert adds perspective and context to the data, and helps to make sense of trends for users of the BMBI. These include: Encon Insulation, Timbmet, Knauf Insulation, Keylite Roof Windows, Hanson Cement, Keystone Lintels, Crystal Direct, IKO PLC, Alumasc Water Management Solutions, Ibstock Brick and Heatrae Sadia. BMF Managing Director John Newcomb comments: “We’re delighted to be a finalist at the CIM Marketing Excellence Awards. Sitting alongside well-known brands such as the BBC, Tesco and Salesforce is acknowledgement of the success of the BMBI and the momentum it’s building. The BMBI would not exist without the combined efforts of the BMF, MRA and regular insights from GfK.”

emissions elsewhere in the world – which, in most cases, would have happened anyway. Cool Earth does things differently. Its community-led deforestation project helps preserve trees that not only soak up CO2 but store it safely away. Just one acre of trees can lock-in over 260 tonnes of CO2. Fuel Card Services collaborated with Cool Earth to launch their CO2Count service, which provides accurate reporting of vehicles’ greenhouse gas emissions for all customers. For every CO2Count Certificate issued, Fuel Card Services makes a donation to Cool Earth’s community-led deforestation projects in Peru. Matthew Owen, Cool Earth's Director said, "We've been lucky enough to partner with Fuel Card Services for the past three years. Thanks to them, there are a million fewer tonnes of climate-warming CO2 in the atmosphere.”

I enquiry 170

complex, but still just as vital. “For both projects, Advanced panels were the obvious choice, offering the right mix of features, reliability and adaptability to safeguard customers, staff and the fabric of the restaurants. Careful planning was needed to ensure that the fire system components did not encroach on the luxurious finishes in each establishment, while the Sexy Fish system needed to be integrated with the existing network in Berkeley Square House, one of London’s most desirable addresses.” I enquiry 169

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100 VIPs gather for opening of new Purplex HQ More than 100 VIPs – including members of parliament, leading business people and clients, recently attended the official opening of the new HQ for Purplex, the leading full-service marketing agency for the construction industry. Located in Weston-Super-Mare, the new 5,000 squarefoot offices are part of a £1M investment programme by parent company The Ascot Group, and join their existing offices near Bristol and in Central London. Andrew Scott, Managing Director of Purplex made a formal speech discussing the history of the company and its plans moving forward, growing from 60 to 100 staff by the end of the year. This was then followed by a few words from John Penrose MP and the cutting of the ribbon. “Our new HQ allows for significant growth not just in what we can offer but in

Essential duct tape for every single project Advance Tapes, a leading UK based manufacturer of adhesive tapes, has recently introduced a new All Purpose High Tack Duct Tape into their range of products aimed squarely at the construction industry. AT132 offers high performance, durability and resistance against extreme temperatures. While most tapes deteriorate rapidly outside, this must-have duct tape will adhere perfectly at low or high temperatures to a wide variety of surfaces and materials. AT132 particularly benefits those working at heights as it has tight unwind for controlled handling, however it remains easy to tear and will conform to

View our publication online at

Altro makes its resin systems easier to choose

Hurst Fires up with composite fire door solution

our team, providing space to invest in more talented people to strengthen every area of our full-service marketing team,” comments Andrew. Founded in 2004, Purplex was created to provide businesses in the construction sector a port of call for marketing consultancy and expert PR, branding and digital marketing. Clients range from small home improvement firms to global building product manufacturers.

Latest figures from the Home Office reveal that the number of fire-related fatalities in England during 2015/16 had grown by 15% to 303. The number of fire incidents attended by the Fire and rescue services also rose by 5% to a total of 162,000 incidents. This growing number of fires has prompted Hurst Plastics to bolster its composite fire door offer and help customers to take advantage of increasing demand for composite fire doors in both commercial and retail markets.

Altro has made it easier to choose your next resin system, simplifying how products are named and described so you can concentrate on creating spaces that really work for the people that use them. The new Altro resin systems brochure features information about the restructured product ranges, the variants in each range and the shades they’re available in. It also has guidance on application areas and lets you know what each variant was previously known as. Altro resin systems are used in some of the most demanding built environments possible, where consistent performance is paramount to the success of the spaces they occupy. Altro works in partnership with its customers and these changes make it easier for them to find the right resin solutions to make their design possibilities a reality.

the composi p site ƤVIHSSV collec ction *YPP]GIVXMƤIHWX]PMWLERHWIGYVI

I enquiry 172

awkward surfaces. All of which makes it a highly versatile and an essential bit of kit for a customer tackling any general building applications. Ideal for indoor and outdoor projects, AT132 can be used across various applications where a high tack, abrasion resistant and easy tear cloth tape is required.

I enquiry 173


Howard Wilson, Hurst Plastics’ Composite Manager, explains: “It is worrying that the number of fire incidents and deaths from fire has risen. Most fatalities from fire occur in the home or in social and affordable housing schemes, so it’s vital to ensure that appropriate passive fire protection systems are in place there to help to prevent the spread of fire. Fire doors are an important element. “At Hurst, we’ve seen a marked rise in demand for composite fire doors and they now account for a large percentage of our business. We were however aware that some customers were nervous about composite fire doors because they were put off by complicated price guides, poor marketing and technical support, long lead times and unreliable deliveries. “

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New Rehau district heating workshops announced for 2017

Ashtead Technology, TSI and the Health & Safety Laboratory (HSL) recently collaborated to deliver a workshop focusing on the environmental and safety hazards presented by dust and other particulate matter.

REHAU has announced a series of new District Heating workshops to be held around the UK and Ireland in 2017 building on the success of its events held last year. The first event will take place at the Building Centre in London on Thursday 23 March, with further workshops to be held in Birmingham, Edinburgh and Dublin later in the year. The events are free to attend and are suitable for consultants, contractors, local authorities, developers and housing associations. Attendees will hear presentations from a line-up of industry experts on topics including Design and Performance, Funding and Legal, and CIBSE compliance. Delegates will then have the opportunity for a more in-depth view on each topic at late-morning breakout sessions.

Alan Hasson and Josh Thomas from Ashtead Technology provided an overview of the justification for dust monitoring in the workplace, and Nicholas Baxter from HSL described the requirements for Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE), including an explanation of the terms ‘adequate’ and ‘suitable’ with respect to RPE. He also highlighted the importance of the CE mark, correct storage of RPE, and Fit Testing. This was followed by a practical demonstration of FFRED (HSL's Face-Fit Respirator Demonstrator) which provided delegates with clear visualisation of the problems caused by badly fitted masks. I enquiry 174


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Workshop focuses on dust protection and monitoring

FEBRUARY February 2017 2010


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