Heavy Duty Steam Iron

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Heavy Duty Steam Iron We all love those wrinkle-free clothes that add a charm to our personality and give us an edge in creating a good impression. Well pressed clothes give you a sense of confidence and add smartness to your look. With the drastic change due to the work from home culture – meetings at home have now become a common trend considering the external force or a new way of working. McCoy introduces some of the great ironing hacks that will help you get that perfect work from home meeting look.

Here are some hacks that shall help you do your laundry and Best Steam Iron them better! 1) Lesser the load – less load you need to take! Make sure that you wash your clothes in small sizes of loads in your washing machine. This helps in less wrinkled clothes and eventually, you can have a better press of your clothes. 2) Dampen it up! If the clothes are slightly damp, the heat will penetrate the fabric much easier and the wrinkles will just melt away. Iron the clothes right after they leave the dryer (and before they’re fully dried) and keep a spray bottle with water handy in case you need to re-dampen stubborn creases. 3) Get a good board onboard. The quality of your press will enhance even further if you use the right quality of board. A McCoy Iron with the right ironing board and you will see wonders in your results. A good ironing board will help you iron your clothes in an ergonomic manner that will never make you hate that affordable Heavy Duty Steam Iron! Also – no matter whatever hacks you follow, the most important role is that of good quality, sturdy and a reliable iron just like the ones that McCoy offers. You can find a few here: https://mccoyindia.in/iron5/

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