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Stan Lee

The Ultimate Superhero by Sandy Carpenter

A lot of people only view heroes as characters like Captain America, and Thor or any other characters from Marvel. But when I think of heroes, I think of the creator of them, Stan Lee. He may not be super fast or have super strength or even have the best looks, but he was someone who shaped our views of heroes to this day. He may be gone now, but he deserves praise and should be considered a hero. Stan Lee’s real name was Stanley Martin Lieber, and he was born on December 28, 1922. Can you imagine that? How old he was and how great he still was at creating comics and movies for Marvel? Stan Lee got into comics right after he graduated high school, which shows his dedication. While he was writing comic books for the company Timely, he called himself Stan Lee, and this is how he got the nickname that eventually became his legal name. Eventually, Stan Lee became the producer and director of the company and started making and producing everything himself. He didn’t have people telling him to change things, or fix this or that; he could leave it the way he first created it. After Stan Lee got into the comics, and was getting better with every comic, he started to get well known for certain comics. SpiderMan, The Avengers, X-Men, and The Fantastic Four were the main four comics everyone knew him for. He really started to get famous for his comics and the movies that he started to come out with. He truly impacted our view of heroes with his comics and movies. And I know he truly impacted a lot of people when he passed away. His life was precious;

he still had so much to do for a 95-year-old. I still think his time shouldn’t have ended this quickly. The whole reason I think so many people liked Stan Lee was because the heroes he made had superhuman powers mixed with human insecurities and emotions. Stan Lee has done a lot for us actually by giving us superheroes to look up and creating them to be more human than not. In reality, Stan Lee is the superhero of Marvel Comics. He created the superheroes that so many different people look up to. He really was the hero of this art for quite some time. Stan Lee didn’t just write these comics, he created the images too, which helped us get a good visual of the heroes he created. Stan Lee is someone we should all look up to. He had such an open and great mind; by making us wonder what was gonna happen in the next comic or next movie, he had us hooked. Stan Lee is a star for the 21st Century. He created Marvel pretty much by himself, and as his life continued, he had a friend help him with the movies. Stan Lee was the number one person for creating such good comics, let alone so many. He always seemed to have these comics in his head before he made them, which makes him very intelligent. Stan Lee was truly extraordinary, and he helped shape our view of heroes. He helped define a hero for the little kids, he gave little kids costume ideas, but most importantly, he helped us to see that heroes can be human just like us.



Single or Attached? Which is better? by Kelcie Vette

Prom season is upon us. Being a single pringle, it raises a question: is having a best friend or friends better than having a boyfriend? I mean yeah, sure with a boyfriend you have someone to take you to dances, and you can slow dance so you won’t have to sit those out. You also have someone to take you out on dates, but see relationships like that can be gone in an instant. It just doesn’t seem worth it to me yet. I feel that having a strong support system from your friends is all that you really need in life. Girls, you know that sometimes you have things that you can’t tell your boyfriend that you can tell your friends because they be able to relate more than your boyfriend is able to. You also don’t have to impress anyone if you don’t have a boyfriend so you can just be yourself. I



feel like that is the most important thing in life is to be yourself. You also have a lot more responsibilities when you are in a relationship. You can’t really be as independent as you would be if you were in a friendship. You also don’t have pressure with your friend to start the conversation--it just kinda flows. You also don’t have to do anything special for Valentine’s Day or for their Birthday when you aren’t in a relationship. And prom with friends can be so much fun (and a lot less pressure). When you enter a relationship, you don’t always get alone time because they might want to hang out and then you kinda have to hang out with them. In conclusion, I think that friendships are better than relationships. I don’t think that relationships are bad--just that friendships are better.




What do you Enjoy Most About School? “Working with the kids” -Mrs. Janes (Teacher)

“How supportive everyone is and the variety of activities”

“The community - everyone helps everyone.”

“My friends.”

“How if you’re having a hard time, all of the teachers are willing to help.”

- Amalia Almanza (Freshman)

- Jason Michel-Moreno (Junior)

-Brandon Tucker (Sophomore)

-Breanna Seybold (Senior)



The Experience and Trials of th By Adrienne LaBay Everyone has their own problems; it’s a fact of life. Some problems, however, are just unnecessary; their only purpose being to harm others over things they can’t control, like who they fall in love with. “People shouldn’t be judged based on how they love people and who they love; it’s just rude and insensitive. People can’t control who they fall in love with and who they’re attracted too; it’s just hard-wired into their brain,” junior Aria Bernand freely states. A good sentiment, but not one shared by all people. After speaking with several members of the LGBT+ population of our school, several things came to light. “...if I was a trans person, and I was out, it’d be awful. People are a lot less accepting of trans people than gay people, and it really, really sucks,” a senior who has chosen to remain anonymous reports. While skeptical at first, it is true that most of those interviewed who identified as trans reported more bullying than those who didn’t. “All you have to do is respect them


as a person, but instead you hide behind your outdated world views and use religion as a reason to hurt and demean people. Like, come on, *Janet, it’s 2019-get it together!” this senior went on to say. Homosexual or trans, all have experienced some form of bullying over the years, “Be ki including, but not limited to, Don’t judge being told they based on are going to ‘Hell’, outright they can’t c hostility, and other unpleasantries most refused to go into when asked. On top of this and the normal stress school places upon students, several reported that they feared for their lives should they ever come out to their family. “Most of my family is extremely transphobic and homophobic, especially my extended family. I don’t think it will ever be safe for me to come out to them until I’m living by myself and, to be honest, have some kind of firearm,” another who has


he LGBT+ Population at MHS

chosen to remain anonymous states. It’s clear that the fear and danger is very real to them, all over who they love. Love, a topic which comes with its own unique complications as well. “It is a lot harder to have a crush on the same sex because you don’t know if they are straight ind. or not. It is a little e people awkward to walk up to some girl and say, things ‘Hey, I think you’re change.” super attractive.’ You have a chance of them either being like, ‘Oh thank you, you are too. Can I get your number?’ or ‘Aw thanks, you’re such a good friend’, or that small chance of ‘Ew, get away from me’,” senior Bailey Brown laments. It’s not easy having a crush under normal circumstances, but it can be downright painful when they might reject your very existence. We’re high schoolers. Our lives are full of ups and downs, heartbreak and laughter, fear and excitement; everyone is going through their fair

share of problems...but you don’t need to add to the problems of others, just because your religion is against it or you don’t ‘get it’. “Sexuality shouldn’t be something people are afraid of just because they don’t understand it. If close-minded people were to open their minds half as much as they open their mouths, this world would be a better place,” junior Jason Michel-Moreno says. As annoying as you might find it, it’s not your right to hurt those who don’t believe or behave as you do. That’s called bullying. It should be fully treated as such. “There’s a lot more LGBT+ students in the school than you think, and someone you’re really close to might be LGBT+. Be kind. Don’t judge people based on things they can’t change. Imagine how it would feel if your friends started bashing on people like you, and you indirectly, as you’re sitting right there,” the anonymous Senior finishes.

*Not a real person



MHS Girls Basketball Senior Spotlight By Austin Kreutzer

MHS Girls Basketball posted a record of 10-11 this season. With only two seniors on the roster, here’s a good chance to get to know them better. Senior Mackenzie Smith said the aspects of her game that come easiest for her is “posting up on offense and reading the defense to get the ball to my teammates to score.” The most difficult aspects for Smith are, “shooting out of my comfort zone or away from the block, and keeping my fouls in check so I do not foul out.” When asked what she does to prepare for individual opponents aside from practicing with her team, Smith said, “[I] watch film on the opponent and look for their habits and flaws.” Basketball, as with any sport or activity, can teach lessons that carry over to other areas of life. For Smith, “[Basketball] has taught me a lot about teamwork and being able to trust and rely on my team to succeed.” What Smith most likes about the sport is that “it is a fast-paced sport, and there are a lot of different aspects of the game


that you can not be good at in one area and expect to win”. According to, Smith’s rebound average per game is 8.7 and 10.5 points scored per game. Fellow senior Jayceea Hanson said the aspect of the game that comes easiest to her is “defense...because I’m tall.” When asked what the hardest aspect of the game was, she replied, “running down the court, and shooting is the hardest for me”. The only way she prepares for a game different from practice is that she like to listen to classical music beforehand. When asked what has basketball taught her that carries over to real life, Hanson said, “getting along with all sorts of people.” Hanson concluded her interview by explaining her favorite thing about basketball. “My team,” she replied, “because they are fun to be around”. According to, Hanson’s rebound average is 6 with 4.4 points scored per game and 1.3 blocks per game.


Elite Eight Seniors Play Final Game Together By Jada Berry The McCook Bison Boys Basketball season came to an end when they were defeated by Lexington during the second round of districts. One thing that hurt them this season was the boys that were out for injuries. Another thing that will hurt them for their upcoming season is all the senior boys that are leaving. They have eight senior boys leaving this year. This group of seniors was special. They had all grown up playing basketball together since travel ball. A group of boys that know each other is a great advantage to a team. They know everything that one player needs in their greatest times and in their lowest times. They know how each other play and what they can and cannot do. The boys ended up with a 9-12 record. Even though their season didn’t go as planned, they still had some great memories. According to DJ Gross, “my favorite memory was beating [previously undefeated] Broken Bow.” It is important that even though the boys had a tough season, they still have a great time. Knowing that this group of boys will never play a high school basketball game together

again it must be heartbreaking to some of the boys. According to Seth Dugger, “we all grew up alongside each other as teammates since any of us could remember. It’s stunning now knowing that we won’t ever play together for McCook. It’s sad it was our last game, but we have the memories of a lifetime. Time truly does fly by.” One of the things that really hurt the team this year was injuries. Senior Morgan Fawver was out because of a back injury for most of the season. Junior Cameryn Berry was out after having surgery to fix a broken toe sustained in football this fall. Senior Seth Dugger rolled his ankle in the first round of districts against Holdrege and was unable to play in his final high school game. Obviously with these boys being out, it affected their season. Even though their season didn’t go a planned they had some great highlights. With these senior boys sharing the long-standing basketball history, they will always be able to look back and remember all the great memories.

The eight seniors thank their parents for the years of support.




A Sport of Strength, Determination and Disipline By Sandy Carpenter Wrestlers have it a lot tougher than most could imagine. They do a lot more than is seen at meets. They have to do so much to prepare and get ready to do these meets and get ready for state. Just imagine all the things they do to stay in shape, to keep the muscle on their bodies, to keep on top of that weight they have to maintain. They have so much to do in such a short time, wrestling seems to just go so fast this time of the year. Read on and see what wrestlers do and what motivates them to keep going. For practices, they don’t just wrestler each other, they have to stretch and do warm ups beforehand. Senior Colin Giron and Junior Austin Kreutzer say that for practice, “we have to jog, circle our arms, skip, do karaoke, lunges, a stance motion, a bully drill, push ups, planks and pull ups.” They do about the same thing each practice unless they have a meet on that day or the next. When they were asked how long their practices were, they stated, “approximately 2 hours long.” which is actually a lot thinking about when they have to practice. They either do it after school, which is 8 hours long, or before school even starts. In the summer there are practices for wrestling but not a lot of wrestlers go before football season. But there is one camp that they all go to over the summer. Additionally, there are many more opportunities to wrestle if you want to go after football practice or other things they do. Now to the diets. What do wrestlers have to avoid eating? What do they have to do to stay in their weight class? Can they drink pop? Colin was funny with his response and said “just don’t eat.” But Austin stated, “It really just depends on what you weigh and what weight group you are gonna wrestler in.” Just what exactly do they do to keep that weight constant? Does this affect their health? When asked about health they said, “it depends on how much you have to lose. That’s what can affect you is losing weight more than gaining weight. But all it really does is cause dehydration.” And about the pop, they said, “you can drink it, but the coach says not to.” So they have it pretty tough they have to watch


their weight daily and make sure they are not even a pound over. Many other questions come to mind when thinking about wrestling. Do they have to shave their head, have they been injured, how many wrestlers are there, how many make it to state, do they get an option for uniforms and what motivated them to even wrestle in the first place? So many questions, so let’s get to the answers. Giron and Kreutzer said they don’t have to shave their head, but they can’t have facial hair unless it is a mustache. If you have hair that goes past your eyes, you have to wear a man cap. When asked if they got injured, or if wrestlers get injured a lot, they both said “it depends on if you or your opponent makes a wrong move.” Colin stated for his injury that he only got a concussion, which they call the c-word because if you say concussion, I guess you get one. Austin said he has only had a high ankle sprain. So depending on the wrestlers is how they get injured. There was 19 wrestlers this year all together, and 8 of them made it to state, but only sophomore Alec Langan placed in State, earning 5th place at 182 lbs. When asked why they did this sport and what motivated them, they had some good responses. Colin stated “I just wanted to do it and try it out,” while Austin stated, “I did it because I was too uncoordinated in the other sports.” Their motivations were the greatest though. Austin said “the seniors ahead of my class have motivated me. That and me always wanting to be as good as them.” Colin answered with “I always wanted to make it to State, that’s what kept me going.” And he succeeded, making it to State his senior year! Through their responses, you can come to an understanding on how tough it can really be on wrestlers and why they have to do what they do. Wrestlers have to do what other sports have to do as well, warm ups, stretches, practices. They keep up with their sport and maybe do more by trying to maintain weight. They show some true strength and what a person is capable of if they put their mind to it.


MHS Swim

Season Plagued by Injury By Carmen Cabria-Sanchez

The MHS swimmers are hard workers. Swimming is known as one of the hardest sports for more than enough reasons, but that is not everything. It is a winter sport, which is the longest season. This year, the swim team is much bigger than the past ones. The boys team also looks much stronger, with some broken relay records. The girls team is also quite strong, with seven girls going to state, which is a good number. In addition to the girl swimmers, junior Erik Graff and four male divers made it to state. Junior Erik Graff is swimming an individual race (100 breaststroke). One boys relay was really close to going to state with a tie for the 33rd place with a school from Omaha. One of the best things about swim team that most of the swimmers agree on, is the relationship between swimmers, and between swimmers and coaches, which makes it easier go to practice because as previously stated, swimming is a hard sport, which includes hard practices. Also McCook swimmers agree that they have lots of fun during the meets which is evident at the home meets by how they cheer on their teammates, showing the good relationship they have. Important to the sport also are all the injuries that swimming can cause. MHS had some major injuries this season with freshmen Karragan Shaw and Alexis

Tucker out with shoulder injuries and senior Carmen Cubria with a concussion. Mollie Tate had several issues this season, as well as some other minor injuries. The coaches take really good care of the swimmers and their injuries. Another thing that most of the swimmers don’t really enjoy, and some of them even say that it sometimes affects to their performance, is the time they have to wake up for going to some meets. They have had to wake up at 3:00 a.m. to head to Lincoln, and before 5:30 a.m. to go to many of their other meets. Ths is not easy, but they make it worth it with their good performances and all the joys they give us when they qualify to state or win a medal, which is the case in most of the meets thanks to their dedication and hard work. Last, but not least, the seniors swimmers all are ending their competitive swimming careers (except Mollie Tate, who has a scholarship for UNK). The seniors have done a great job leading the team this season, and they are sure the juniors will do as good job as they did next year, sophomores in two, and so on.



MHS Diving

Q&A with Reiners and Parlier By Trinity Dack

Spencer Reiners Q: What’s it like being your last year on the team? A: Honestly, my last year on the team was probably my favorite. I competed the best I ever had, made some new friends and bonded with the old ones. Q: What’s the hardest thing you had to learn on the team? A: The hardest thing I’ve had to learn on the team in general would have to be acquiring the persistence to get out of the water and back up on the board after every bad dive, especially in competition.

Shayann Parlier Q: How was it trying swim/dive for something new? A: For me, it was fun trying Swim and Dive. Q: What’s the hardest thing you had to learn when you first joined the team? A: The hardest thing was trying to get my body used to the hard swimming and learning new dives.



Love Yourself is the Answer A Review of BTS’s Newest Album By Kelcie Vette Last year one of my favorite groups BTS released a new album called Love Yourself: Answer, and it did not disappoint! They gave new songs along with remixes of some of their popular songs and some extended versions as well. So, you might be sitting here wondering, “Who the heck is BTS? I’ve never heard of them.” If that is the case, don’t feel bad. They are a K-Pop group. K-Pop is Korean pop music and for being foreign, BTS is surprisingly big in the U.S.A. All right, enough about them, now onto the album. Let’s start with the title Love Yourself: Answer. BTS is pretty big on self love and learning how to love yourself, so this just reminds their fanbase that loving themselves is the answer to true happiness. Now for the music. As I mentioned, they put some remixes on this album. They caught me by surprise when I first heard them because the sound is completely different. The “DNA” remix is a rock version, which was cool because it was a live performance. Those weren’t the only repeats on the album; they also had the version of ¨Mic Drop¨ that was on the radio here. It was similar to the original, just had more English, and the version we got on the album was mostly Korean and had a dance break added. The extended versions were “Singularity” and “Serendipity”. They

also had just your normal repeats which were ¨Outtro:Her¨ and ¨DNA¨, but just because you’ve heard them before doesn’t mean you won’t be jamming out to them in the car or just sitting in your room. Of course, they included new songs on the album also, which are really good. I love how each song has a different style which held my attention and kept me invested in the album the entire time. The song that really sticks out to me the most is the last song, the title track, ¨Love yourself: Answer¨. The song just makes me feel good; it talks about how you should love yourself. I just love that message! I had some medical issues come up this past year and that was the song that really resonated with me especially the line ¨you showed me that I have reasons I should love myself.” I just love that line because it demonstrates that we are all invaluable and that you, of course, should love yourself--they really want to drive that message home, huh? R.M. (the leader of the group) talks about how his goal is to truly love himself before he dies, which is morbid, I will admit, but it makes sense to me also. I mean, who would want to leave this earth not liking who they were? Overall, I give this album five light bombs out of five.



MHS Band Insight from an Insider By Joseph Rothmeyer Sean Griffin plays trumpet and is very involved in the MHS Band program. He participates in most of the events and is very invested in the future of the band. His passion for the program was obvious throughout the interview. Sean’s dedication to band is also reflected in how long he practices. Each day, Sean practices for at least two hours and maybe more depending on his mood. When asked about his feelings about band and whether he would recommend that others join, Sean said, “I enjoy band a lot as it gives me a way to hone my skills with my instrument; however, band is not for everyone. Many will be turned off by the initial difficulty of learning their instrument, but once they get the hang of it, they will enjoy band greatly.” Sean had some suggestions for expanding the band’s activities. in the future. “I think we should perform


more often,” he said, “and that we should try to get more people included as that would allow us to become larger and better. I personally believe that we should start encouraging people into band as it would improve their musical skills and make them feel better.” In order to recruit more members, Sean said, “I would advertise the idea of friendship and companionship in band as we are all one big group of friends. It can also help people who have social troubles expand outwards.”


Stuff the Bus Flood Relief Effort By Adrienne LaBay

Last week our school participated in the flood relief program Stuff the Bus. The objective of this program was for our school to donate as many supplies as possible to aide the small towns around Columbus that have found themselves flooded due to the recent rains. It was started up by Casha O’Byrne who, after seeing the damage the floods had dealt on the news, felt it was only right for her to try to do something. She approached her boss Chris Wagner of McCook’s own WagnerChevy, and one thing led to another... A total of eight schools participated in the program, including Hitchcock County, Maywood, Southwest, Cambridge, St. Patrick’s Catholic School, Hayes Center,

Wauneta-Palisade, and of course, our own beloved high school. Thanks to your, and these other schools, efforts, a total of nine school buses carried in relief items. Relief items whose total weight adds up to 60,000 pounds. That’s not all though. For every school bus brought in, Wagner’s donated $200 to the Cattleman Disaster Relief Fund, and Quality Urgent Care was quick to match that number. In total, they were responsible for donating $3,600. An additional $890 was also donated from various do-gooders, making the total $4,490. All of this arrived at its destination on March 25.



Art in Progress Artwork by Candace Coleman (Junior)

Photo Essay By Adrienne LaBay


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The Stampede - Winter 2019 Issue