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January 2017

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Shayne Coleman headed to State Swim


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Welcoming the New President Editorial Viewpoint of The Stampede

January 20, 2017 is a day that will go down in history. The 45th president of the United States will be sworn into office. As everyone is well aware the next president is Donald J Trump. Planning the inauguration ceremony is no small feat--months of planning have gone into this one day. President Elect Trump will be sworn into office on the West Lawn of the US Capitol. According to, “tickets to the ceremony are free to the public. However, they are in high demand and must be applied for through your local representative or senator’s office.” No ticket? No problem. Most news stations will be broadcasting the ceremony. During the ceremony, President Elect Trump will take an oath where he swears to “faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” After taking the oath of office, it’s typical for the new President to make an inaugural speech. According to, “Every President since Washington has delivered an inaugural address.” So as a nation we can surely expect Trump to give a

speech. After the ceremony the day is filled with celebrations. There are processions for the new President, an inaugural luncheon, an inaugural parade, and to finish the evening inaugural balls. “President Barack Obama attended ten official balls for his first inaugural in 2009,” according to inaugural. Seeing as Trump loves attention and press, it wouldn’t be any surprise if he attended more balls than Obama. However, there is no way of knowing until January 20. No matter how this year’s inauguration goes, it will certainly be one for the books.



Your New SPEAK What’s Years Resolution?


“I want to try to take more time to be creative - like sit down and do more art.” - Erica Hoyt (Freshman)

“To pray a little more with God because I have been slipping a little, and I wanted to improve it because he’s my best friend.” - Gabe Sehnert (Sophomore)



“Get better about staying on task and getting things done.” - Ethan Casper (Junior)

“Be more organized even though I’m probably not gonna do that.” -Lindi Johnson (Senior)

“I guess my New Years resolution is to procrastinate less.” - Mr. Graff (Teacher)



Upcoming Event

What to look forward By Emmalee Hall

2016 is over and it’s a new year. Many people say 2016 was the worst year ever, there may have been some over exaggeration. That is beside the point though. It is time to move on and focus on the year ahead of us. For people who are interested in business and technology there are a lot of predictions for 2017. According to businessinsider. com Amazon will continue to rise in the stock market. Microsoft and Google (the second and third under Amazon) will continue to be rivals. No one should be shocked by the probability of even more artificial intelligence, such as more smart assistants similar to Siri and Cortana. As high school students we are getting prepared for the real


world. The first step is finding what interests you and what you want to do to contribute to the world. Predictions for the highest paying jobs in 2017 at the bottom of this list a pharmacist have an annual salary of $119,270. With a annual salary of $258,100 an anesthesiologist is the top paying job. Other jobs to consider are sales manager, lawyer, surgeon, or a financial manager. Those who are fascinated with philosophy, there is a 16th century philosopher who is believed to have predicted many events. tells about Michel de Nostredame. He is believed to have predicted the events of 9/11, Hitler’s rein, and Donald Trump’s victory. For 2017 he predicted “hot wars”, a year of

ts of

d to in


redefinition for Latin America, bigger use of solar power, and space travel. Time to move forward and leave 2016 behind. Try and be


hopeful in the new year also aim to have a make it a better year. 2017 is a new year and hopefully better than the last.

President Donald Trump 45th President of the U.S.

Michel De Nostredame



Injured Sophomore Comeback Camry Hurdle By Connor Sandall

Sophomore Camry Hurdle unfortunately got tackled and landed directly on his shoulder in a football game against North Platte, an injury that would put him out of commision for a long while. Although Camry will be back on January 18, he will still have to train hard to be back to 100% again. When asked how he felt about not being able to participate, he replied, “It was a little depressing at first, but then I learned to deal with it, and now I’m almost back”. Camry has waited for a while

to get back onto the team, but he will get back into it very soon. “In some ways,” Camry says, “I feel like I’m part of the team because I get to go with them, but you don’t really feel like a part of the team until you start being an active competitor again”. Hopefully, Camry will be back to 100% soon, and we will see him dominate the mats after the 18th.

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MHS Swim Team


Shayne Coleman Swims Toward State By Holli Ecker

S h a y n e Coleman is a name that won’t soon be forgotten in the world of swim. Shayne’s swim career first began when she started swimming c o mp e t i t i v e l y Shayne Coleman swims her leg of a relay at Scottsbluff. at age eight. Now “Having my mom as an assistant coach... flash forward to her junior year of high she can make me mad sometimes which school. Shayne has already achieved a motivates me to swim faster,” admits qualifying state time and even helped Shayne. break a school swim record in the 200 free Besides coaches pushing Shayne to relay, and the season isn’t over yet. do her best, a little friendly sister-sister “It feels like a big accomplishment competition helps her as well. Little sister, to qualify because State for swim is Candace Coleman has joined swim team considered All State,” beams Shayne. All this year as a freshman and pushes Shayne State means that all schools will compete to keep improving. against each other regardless of class size. Like most athletes, Shayne has a few Coach Lori Jumps was anything but superstitions before a meet. If the swim short of good things to say about this cap breaks, that’s not a good sign for her. promising swimmer. When asked about She needs to wear the same goggles, and Shayne’s work ethic, Jumps said, “Shayne before stepping onto the block, she has works incredibly hard at practices. She a particular routine for shaking out her helps to push others to do better. muscles. “I’m appreciative that Shayne always Now that Shayne has qualified for State, does things without questions, she listens, Jumps hopes that she will make it to the and always does what she can to better second day of State into the medal round. herself,” explains Jumps. It seems Shayne has dedicated her life to Having Jumps as the head coach and her swim--with dedication comes success. We mom, Sharlyn Coleman, as the assistant are rooting for you, Shayne! coach, Shayne says they’ve both been big motivators in her success.



Can you Spot the 8 Differences?



Color Day


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McCook Stampede - 2016/2017 - Issue 4 - January  
McCook Stampede - 2016/2017 - Issue 4 - January