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March 2012

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Prom is a fun event, but along with the fun come many dilemas.

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Feature Student Amber Hilker

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The Lady Bison earn a trip to state basketball!


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Read Across America MHS high school students participate in nationwide read aloud Tricia Mitnik


Read Across America is a national day that celebrates reading on Dr.Suess’ birthday, March 2nd. The point of the day is to encourage children and young adults to read everyday of the year. In order to encourage these inividuals: teenagers, teachers, actors, althletes, and political figures pick books to read to a class of children to show them a fun twist on reading. This day is regularly celebrated by Central and The Elementary in McCook every year; each year high school students that participate in Student Council, sports and other organizations visit these schools and read to the children. By doing this the high school students attempt to show the younger children how much fun it is to read and excite them about learning. Along with the reading throughout the day the students that attend the Elementary School and Central do many fun activities to go along with the Dr.Suess theme. The day is filled with fun activities, learning and teaching children just how fun and important reading should be to them.

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March Stampede 2012

3 Opinion One Life, One Story

Frozen with Fear

Prom 2012


Maybe it will be my fairy tale

and things that go bump in the night

Lacy Carfield

Opinion Editor

Prom... The night every girl dreams about and the night everyone has a date. This year is my one and only prom, so I figured I should try to make the best of it... Senior year hasn’t really been fun, I had to work so hard to graduate. February came and went, and I knew that prom was on March 31. I knew that I wouldn’t have any one ask me to prom. So I started asking former guy friends if they would like to come with me to prom. Every guy I asked had flaws and the flaws were huge and yes we all have them, some more than others and he had big flaws. Finally, I asked someone who I knew probably wouldn’t turn me down. I was right. He said that he would go with me depending on if he could get a tux rented in time. He texted me the next day to tell me that he had found a tux and that he would have it two days before prom. I was so excited I immediately posted the news on facebook, I couldn’t believe that i had a date... Me, the girl who hasn’t had a high school relationship. As prom draws nearer I get more excited, but I also have my doubts. I’m scared that my date is going to leave me thinking that he’s going to be there then never show up for prom. I try to think positive about this stuff but normally I’m left wondering. I’m scared to get used to the fact that a guy wants to go to prom with me. As a little girl of course I thought I would have a date, but I always thought that they would ask me. The fact is that for me its hard to trust people because obviously I haven’t dated much. I had him come meet my mom so I knew he was actually planning on going. Maybe my life is finally turning around maybe there is actually people who like me. Maybe, just maybe this will turn into something other than a prom date. My life might just turn out to be like I want it. Maybe its going to turn into my own little fairy tale.

Austin Hedke

Advertising Manager

I laid in a dark room waiting to fall asleep like most normal nights, when suddenly the silence was broken by a larger crack noise. I sat up immediately to try to find the source of the sound that had startled me, or at least I had tried. My bones had become heavy; my mind was in a full panic as I tried to lift the tremendous imaginary weight of my right arm. As soon as it had begun it was over, and I regained mobility again. I wasn’t sure what had happened and just shrugged it off. It continued to happen on and off and when the episodes did occur, I would also begin to hallucinate. I was hearing, seeing, and feeling things that weren’t really there. One of the most notable was the day my cat had gone missing. That night as I tried to sleep I suddenly felt it on the shins of my legs, what felt like a cat rubbing itself on my legs. I struggled to wake myself up. Eventually I did, but as soon as I had just calmed down, what felt like cat paws began to walk alongside the back of my legs, and my body was frozen again. The imaginary cat in my head continue to walk up until it settled at the small of my back. As someone who has always be skeptical of the supernatural, I began to see my stance on the matter slip. Had I really contacted the ghost of my cat, or was it all in my head? The visions and paralysis seemed to subside when I found a thread in a forum I frequent asking, “Does anyone else go through this?” and then it linked me to a wikipedia page titled sleep paralysis. I found the page describing everything I had gone through. I guess the cause of sleep paralysis is when a person remains aware while the body shuts down for REM sleep, and it is called hypnagogic or predormital sleep paralysis. When it occurs upon awakening, the person becomes aware before the REM cycle is complete, and it is called hypnagogic or postdormital. The paralysis can last from several seconds to several minutes. In addition, the paralysis may be accompanied by terrifying hallucinations and an acute sense of danger. Sleep paralysis is particularly frightening to the individual because of the vividness of such hallucinations. The hallucinatory element to sleep paralysis makes it even more likely that someone will interpret the experience as a dream, since completely fanciful or dream-like objects may appear in the room alongside one’s normal vision. Some scientists believe it explains alien abductions and ghostly encounters. From my own experiences, it tends to happen only when I’m under stress. I’ve been able to cope with my sleep paralysis pretty well by understanding what’s going on. The advice I’d give to anyone finding this happening to them is to hold still and wait for it to be over.

Stampede 2012 March

4 Opinion


The Baby Walrus A story for Racheal Winder

Once upon a time there was a purple baby walrus. He lived his life in the ocean with the rest of his family. He had a dad, a mom, a sister, and a brother. He was the baby of the family and because of this he inherited the name Phil. He loved his life, but soon he would have start going to preschool with all the other sea creatures his age. The day came and he went unwillingly to preschool. He got so angry that he decided to leave the preschool at recess and never, ever come back. Recess came and he saw his chance to escape when the teacher turned her back to him. As soon as he got the courage to leave, he shot out of the fence. With all his built up childhood rage he swam as fast as he could without even knowing where he was going. He swam and swam for hours on end with no sense of direction. It soon got dark and he met a sea horse that wanted to take him home. He yelled and screamed and just kept on swimming. He got farther than ever before and soon Phil was scared for his life. It was dark, it was creepy, and there was something lurking in the corner by a cave. He wanted sleep, but he knew that if he stopped for just one minute he would be eaten by something bigger than him. As much as Phil wanted to keep on swimming, it was absolutely impossible. Sleep got the best of him and he stopped behind a rock and slept. After being well rested, he started to open his eyes. There! In front of him! An Orca Whale! Without waiting for his brain to even wake up he got up, swam away, and attempted to lose his track. Eventually he got away from the whale and he thought he was safe and sound. He kept on swimming hoping to find his way back to his family. All of a sudden there was something keeping him from swimming. A net! It pulled him up and he saw them. Pirates. They wanted to kill him and eat his insides! He played dead till he got on board. As soon as one of the pirates came close, he broke out his well-known ninja skills and kicked him in the knee. He continued breaking legs and destroying the pirates pride till all of them were either lying on the deck broken, or floating in the ocean. He jumped off the side and started swimming. Luckily for him, the boat took him back to his family and he lived happily ever after … Until he had to start kindergarten. Disclaimer: Because this is a very fictional story, don’t use this to get any useful information on walruses. For one walruses can only stay underwater for like 10 minutes. So, don’t use this for any useful information. Thank you and have a good day.

March Stampede 2012

What would be the coolest ride to prom?

Amelia Cooper Reporter

“a lamborghini” - Dakota Blancas (Freshman)

“my dad’s 2010 Chevy Camaro.” - James Mitnik (Sophomore)

“a tractor” - Nicole Helm (Junior)

“an Apache helicopter” - Robert Morgan (Senior)

“a horse and buggy.” - Mrs. Wolford (Senior English teacher)

5 Features

Feature Student

Five facts about fellow student Amber Hilker Q: What is your favorite subject in school? A: Band

Q: What is your favorite color? A: Blue

Q: What do you want to do when you graduate? A: Either major in marine biology or music.

Q: What is your favorite hobby during the summer? A: Hanging out with friends.

Q: What is you favorite candy? Drink? A: Gummy Worms and Root Beer

Stampede 2012 March

8 Sports

Spring sports have started up this year! Boys and Girls Track, Girls Tennis, and Boys Golf Karie Funk


Boys and girls varsity track has had two invites, the UNK Indoor and North Platte High School. “Track is going swell! Girls are working hard. Times and distances are improving,” stated head girls coach Steve Clapp. Boys and girls JV track have a meet March 30th where they compete at the Leroy Hoehner invite. Girls tennis started off March 19, where the team played Lexington and Hershey. The team also went on to play Hershey and North Platte on the 22nd of March. The team also defeated Hastings with a 7-2 win on the 27th of March. Boys golf began with a meet against North Platte High School on the 23rd. Golf coach Rick Haney had this to say at the beginning of the season: “A lot of promise and a lot of hope for this year’s season!”

Left: Junior Kyle Stewart makes a pole vault attempt at the Broken Bow Invite. Bison Yearbook Photo

Right: Junior Sara Larington returns a serve on the home courts when North Platte High School and Holdrege High School came to town March 22

Bison Yearbook Photo

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9 Sports

Bison Girls Basketball Earns a Trip to State and do it in convincing fashion Drew Bredvick

Website Editor

With the end of the girls state basketball tournament came an end to a successful season for this year’s B-6 district champions, the McCook Lady Bison. Overcoming many struggles, the girls persevered and stuck it out to make it to state for the first time in 17 years. Through hard work and believing in themselves when no one else seemed to, the girls took the district championship from the Alliance Bulldogs and headed on to the state tournament. But it took more than one game to make it this far. To start off the district tournament in Grant, Nebraska, the Bison beat the number five seed, Scottsbluff and then moved on to beat Sidney, the number one seed, which is a great accomplishment in itself. To top it off the girls beat Alliance and moved on to the state tournament to play the number one team in the state, Seward. Although some saw this as a problem,

many looked at it as a great opportunity. Seward had an undefeated season so far but that didn’t discourage Megan Ruppert. “The thing I will always remember about high school basketball will be making it to state and playing against the number one team in the state. I’ll never forget the game that confirmed we were district champions and going to state,” Ruppert says. Although the girls lost to Seward at the state tournament, they still played with all their strength, making a great run in the second half, actually out scoring Seward and keeping the tempo in their favor for the remainder of the game. Basketball is just a game, but even games can teach us something. Ruppert has been playing basketball since she was about seven years old and because of it “got to spend time with a bunch of great girls and made new friends.”

Stampede Photo The Lady Bison celebrate their district win over 1st seed Sidney. But aside from that Ruppert learned that you can’t do everything by yourself, you always need your team. This team unity became more evident through the season as the girls started to figure things out. Four years ago the girls basketball team had a record of 0 wins and 25 losses and this year they made it to state.

“Basketball can teach you a lot of things, but it taught me to never give up on a dream. We didn’t have a win my freshman year, but this year we made it all the way to state!” Ruppert explains. This year’s basketball season has been a memorable one for the girls on the team, the coaches, and the fans in stands.

Boys Basketball Comes to an End

post a winning record for the 2011-2012 season Drew Bredvick

Website Editor

The boys also had a memorable season this year with many accomplishments piling up through the season. With a winning record (16-10), the Bison boys’ basketball team gave head Coach Tim Garcia a final season to remember. One of the major highlights of the boys’ season was beating Scottsbluff, the state champions, on their home court by a score of 56 to 40. “My favorite game from this year would

definitely be beating Scottsbluff. We beat the state champs at their house and proved we could be a force to be reckoned with,” said junior Austin Cherry. The Bison boys also beat North Platte at their house with a score of 58 to 52. It appears that the boys had good luck on the road; in fact, the team had an impressive record of 7-1 at away games. The boys also went two for three in the Goodland tournament playing very

well beating Wray and Goodland with crushing scores. “One of my favorite parts of high school basketball is Goodland. That tournament is always fun and you can really see it bring our team together.” says Cherry. “You spend a lot of time together. TStang29, backerduke23, and posttoasties10 know I can absolutely take over a game in MW3 if I need to.” Basketball as a sport might teach you more than a game of Call of Duty

though. “Ever since I was six I’ve been playing basketball, and it has taught me leadership while at the same time teaching me how to accept my role as a teammate,” Cherry said. “I’ve been working on improving on my shot form which is why Duke, Kentucky, and North Carolina (just to name a few) are all looking at me. “But I will always remember my teammates, coaches, and the student section,” Cherry adds.

311 Norris McCook, NE 308-345-2936

El Puerto Stampede 2012 March

10 Entertainment

March Stampede 2012

11 Entertainment

MONTHLY OUTRAGE Joseph Kony Everybody on the internet this month was talking about this guy. The youtube video that started the whole thing’s viewcount skyrocketed and has racked up 83 million views in under a month. Now we see everyone posting Kony 2012 on their Facebook, on youtube, and anywhere else you can think of. Getting people to care about something that’s not the new iphone is pretty amazing; young people all over the world are trying to stop the bad guy, Joseph Kony. Soon, however, the creators’ shady background started to show. It was shown that only 31% of the money sent to the group Invisible Children actually goes to help people in Uganda. The rest pays for salaries, airline expenses, and video production. Even the country of Uganda said that the video portrayed the wrong image of Uganda. Many said that the country isn’t a dangerous place because Kony or the LRA hasn’t attacked anyone in six years. Not only that but many of the Ugandan people don’t even believe that Kony is still alive. What’s even weirder is the guy who made the Kony 2012 video, if you haven’t heard, was found naked running around the streets of Santiago. And get this…it was from “stress and dehydration”. I don’t remember the last time being a little stressed out and forgetting to drink some water has made me do that, but hey I’ll give the guy the benefit of the doubt. There are a lot of rumors going around about the Invisible Children group, and it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not, but at least it got people excited about helping others, and that’s what it should all be about.




Top Ten Prom Dates 10. Justin Long 9. Scotty McCeery 8. Justin Bieber 7. Sean Backer or Ryan Reynolds 6. Ashton Kutcher 5. Jake Schlager’s dad 4. Taylor Lautner

Prom was great!

Some people didn’t have a date.

The weather has been fantastic!

Possibly no more snow days..

Summer fever is here!

Kid’s arent going to want to work on homework

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Stampede 2012 March

12 Photo Essay

Spring Break 2012

The CYO Juniors pose for a picture at a shrine in Pine Bluffs on their way to Snowy Range during their ski trip.

Brenleigh Daum sprawls out on the mountain at El Dora on her ski trip with the Methodist youth group.

Tricia Mitnik


March Stampede 2012

Senior Jenna Smith and her boyfriend Zach Rokusek take a break during a trip to El Dora with their friends and families.

March Stampede  

March Stampede for McCook High School