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Manager 2nd round



1.Before start. 2.General Information. 3.Process Timeline 4.Contact MC BEAT! 5.Application Guideline 6.Profile 7.General Questionnaire 8.Specific Questionnaire 9.JDs 10. Applicant Check List

Before Start Dear applicant, I am really proud of you to take this amazing challenge, being Conference Manager is a huge responsibility inside the organization. AIESEC in Colombia definitely can be better in so many aspects, to achieve that I want that put all your heart in this application with your humbleness, discipline, passion and coherence that Colombia deserves. Conference Manager Applicant, fostering a sustainable mindset is one of the biggest challenges at this moment, because right now we need to evolve a start to think “How can I make the conferences sustainable in all levels?� not only nationally, also regional and locals. This mindset is your main objective.

Finally, don’t forget that everything is about SHIELDING OUR CORE as AIESEC in Colombia and these roles are the most important to achieve that together!

Daniel Ruiz MCVP CFO 18.19

General Information


work location

National Conference Manager


Salary Duration

Conference Manager

1’500.000 COP August 1, 2018 - July 31, 2019

Must deliver Starway

Process Timeline

Applications Launch

Application Deadline






of may

of may 11:59PM

of may

of may


Contact MC Beat!

Please do not hesitate to contact the current MC team. They will provide you material/information if needed. The O2Os will depending on their availability.

Elizabeth Jaraba


Daniel Rincón


Catalina Escobar


Sebastian Otálora


Juliana Garcia


Alejandro Martinez

MC PD Director


Linda De Oro

MC PD Director

Sara Villada

MC PD for Universities

Catalina Ojeda

MC PD Director

Sylvia Avila


Andrea Arevalo

MC OD Director

Daniel Ruiz

MC OD Director

Natalia Valderrama

MC OD Director

Laura Osorio

MC OD Director

Jesus Perez Mora

MCVP Growth Hacker for ICX

Sneider Alfonso

MC IGV Director

Rafael Olivo

MC DX For Enablers

Dana Gradinaru

MC IGE/GT Director

Jefferson Castro

MCVP Growth Hacker for OGX

Cristian Duque

MC OGV Director

Fernanda Vergara

MC DX For Youth

Sara Castrillón

MC OGE/GT Director

Sergio Jaramillo

Director Nacional Área Jurídica

Sonia Forero


Diego Montoya

Director Recursos Humanos

Paola Latino

Comm Manager

Miguel Hernandez

Conference Manager

Laura Florez

Finance Manager

Application Guideline About the Package 1. 1. 2.

You may add a cover page to your Questionnaires, I won’t count in the allowed amount of pages. Video length: Max. 3:00 mins, please attach the YouTube link in the application General & Specific Questionnaires should be all answered by the candidates in no more than 10 pages.

Requirement You must send a .zip file to before May 23th at 23:59 (GMT-5, Colombian time). Any late applications won’t be accepted, for any reason.

Application Guideline

The file must include the following criteria Your CV Include your most important information (Outside AIESEC, don’t put anything about your AIESEC XP). Please detail your academic experience and the main positions you have performed in your professional experience (2 pages maximum)

General & Specific Questionnaire + Profile Must be answered by all candidates in maximum 10 pages. You are free to decide the amount of pages of general & specific questionnaire + profile, at the end the total of must be maximum 10 pages.


-1 endorsement from a person you led (signed). -1 endorsement from a person that led you (signed). -1 endorsement from your Home LC (signed by current LCP).

Video Record a max. 3 minutes video in which you introduce yourself, your AIESEC experience briefly, from your role that are you applying how will you ensure steering a sustainable growth

Profile CONTACT INFORMATION Please specify your cellphone, mails, social media users.

AIESEC EXPERIENCE 1. List the main leadership positions you held in your AIESEC XP. 2. List the national and international conferences you have attended (Year-Meeting-LocationRole) 3. Detail the 5 main achievements in your AIESEC XP.

General Questionnaire

WHAT DRIVES YOU 1. Why have you decided to apply?

ABOUT YOURSELF 2. What are your top 3 personal values? How will the influence your term? What will your unique contribution because of who your are?

ABOUT YOUR AMBITION 3. Describe what will success look like in your role on july 31st, 2019?

Analysis & Proposal 1. Every proposal begins with the Deep analysis of the current state, Please make a SWOT of the current state of Conferences Management in AIESEC in Colombia & set your Drivers for the term 18.19.


Conference Manager

2. How you ensure all delegates pay equally Fee + flight tickets? (Present your TCS proposal as you want) Â 3. Develop three strategies that you would tend in synergy with the National PD team, to achieve the sustainability of the National, Regional and Local Conferences.

Management 4. Present a proposal of an education plan to the local committees about Local Conferences Management (Zonalito). Don’t forget: Timeline, specifics topics, KPIs, strategic touch points. 5. How will be your team (structure) & synergy between them in order to have sustainable conferences ? Taking into account the current OC Structure and current CST.

Conference Manager ROLE DESCRIPTION Conference Manager will be responsible for following up on the logistics of each of the National Conferences, creating MC - OC synergy, training the Organizing Committees (National and / or LOCAL OCs), seeking sponsorships (in cash or kind), ensuring the sustainability of each event and present, clearly and timely reports (financial or general) to the Assembly of AIESEC in Colombia. Also is in charge of manage CST in order to bring support and education to the regional and local conferences to ensure its sustainability.

Reports to


Requirements EB Experience

OC Experience Skills in handling Excel Basic knowledge of finance Team management experience


August 2017 - July 2018

Type of contract

Full time

Responsibilities OC management ✓ Creation and selection process of OCP & OC. ✓ # of meetings with OC Team. ✓ # of meetings with OCP. ✓ Ensure human capacity and talent to develop the Conference. ✓ Training and coaching for OC's of Local and / or Regional events. Pre conference Selection, negotiation and signing of an agreement with venue of the event. Budget review and approval. Create and review the registration form for the Conferences. / Registration timeline Price and payment timeline / Tracking invoice of LCs. Agreement signed with OCP. HR Allocation / Contingency plan Logistics for working days and transport of the MC. Logistics to develop CT Pre-Meetings. Management of the chair (arrival, pre-meetings, host, synergy with AM) Synergy with Agenda Manager. Review of agreements with allies or sponsors. Report presentation to the General Assembly.

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

During conference Chair management. OC Management. Coordinate logistics with the OC. Synergy with Agenda Manager.

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Post conference Close XP with CT. Closure of XP with OC. Financial closing with MCVP CFO, OCP, OCVP FNZ. Close with allies or sponsors. Presentation of a final report before the Assembly of AIESEC in Colombia.

Applicant Checklist

Keep in mind that we will only receive complete applications with the correct number of pages and all the questions answered. One single document missing and your application will be rejected. *Your CV *General & Specific Questionnaire + Profile *Endorsements *Video (Please attach the video link on the application) *Click the send button! *10 pages in total (Profile, general and specific questionnaire) *You can add a cover if you want Send your applications to: MCVP CFO 1819: **Application Deadline: May 23th, 2018 23:59 (GMT-5)

Go all in


Manager 2nd round


App CM FM 1819 2nd round  
App CM FM 1819 2nd round