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In Skyline the objectives of the event are:

Is what we see in the horizon, it is our final goal as entity the final step to create a true legacy

▪ Last Touchpoint as national team with all the EBs of Colombia ▪ Strategies and Preparation to create and deliver Fruit Peak ▪ Performing in all our executive boards at local level ▪ Recognition Night

Launch Application January 13

OCP Election


Deadline Application January 20

Interviews January 21 - 23

OCP Announcement January 25

To apply to OCP Skyline 2020 and have a valid application, you are expected to send one PDF file (just one) with the name: “yourname_OCP_Skyline2020” to, and before January 20th at 11:59 PM (GMT-5). Any late applications, even by 1 minute, and even for technical reasons/ laptop failure/ website problems won’t be accepted.

Application Package

Check List - Minimum font size 10. It should be all answered by the candidates in no more than 10 pages and in English. - CV: Include your most important information, personal, academic and AIESEC experience. - First page: your Profile and Executive Summary (Include name, LC, mail, phone number, social media links) - Endorsements: - Your LCP 19.20 - Someone who you led - External *The applicant must live in Bogotá




OCP will be responsible for choosing and tracking the OC team. She/He has to ensure a great conference for the OC, Delegates and Conference Team. Also, the OCP has to deliver a sustainable Conference and work with ER to ensure sponsors for the event.




Accountable to: Conference Manager

Background: • OC Member experience • VP experience • TL experience


Create the OC structure, with the help of the Conference Manager Create an OC management and report system, and share it with the Conference Manager Be accountable for the OC team work and have weekly meetings with the Conference Manager Create and share a weekly report with updates and next steps for the Conference Team Visit the venue at least two weeks before the conference. If it’s necessary to make other visits, the OCP has to assist (the OCP has to cover the travel ensures). Have weekly meetings with the OCVP ́s. The OCP and the ER team have to share with the CM and BD any propose for sponsors to approve it before sending it.


Ensure the quality of the conference. Attend pre and post meetings with the CT and ensure the OC attendance


Present the final report and the finance execution report to the MC and Assembly. Transition for next OCP.

Post -

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Propose two strategies to ensure the attendance of all EB’s ER is the biggest source of incomes to make a sustainable event possible, what would be the ER goal you will set? Explain your strategies to achieve it. Mention potential partners you would love to see participating in the event. Make the planning of your management as OCP, from January 25th to April 25th. Make two proposals of hotels/ďŹ ncas for the following scenarios: Low cost (Crossway 2019 format - cost per person no more than 250,000) High cost (Format of all conferences - Cost per person not exceeding 350,000) Make a risk plan for the two scenarios mentioned, Low Cost and High Cost

OCP Questionnaire

Contact information

Tefy Navarro Conference Manager +57 304 3533384

Profile for MC Colombia

OCP Skyline 2019 [Application Booklet]  

OCP Skyline 2019 [Application Booklet]