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Searching for Books Online MCC Library Central

Getting Started Series

Can I search for books online? Yes! Go to the Library catalogue page: which is available from any Internet enabled pc anywhere in the world and click

You will see the simple search box. Use this for general, broad searches.

If you want to narrow down your search results, you can use the Guided Search facility, by selecting that option from the menu bar. This search will enable you to narrow down your results by specifying words in title, author etc. If you wish to perform more complex searches, specifying certain fields or media types, choose the Advanced Search option. This will allow you to search in specific fields, author, ISBN, subjects for example. You can select from the drop down list.

You can also specify to limit your search to a particular medium – DVD’s or eBooks for example. You can add further rows to the search by clicking the + icon, and again, limit the search to whatever field or medium you wish. If you have any problems, remember you can contact the Library either by:

Phone: 01606 7200646 or Email:

Any queries please contact: 01606 720646 01606 720652


How to search for resources in the library using Heritage