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Library Guide email: Tel: (Hartford): 01606 720646 Tel:(Winsford): 01606 720652 Logging on for the first time When you sit at a machine you will see this:

The Username is your student ID number printed on your student card Your password is your postcode (all lowercase and no spaces) Click ‘Login’

Student ID Card Always carry your student ID card. You will need it: TO BORROW items from the Library NO CARD - NO LOAN! TO USE a computer TO PHOTOCOPY you’ll need your ID card to put photocopying credits on at the Hartford campus library counter. Please talk to the Librarian about photocopying facilities at Winsford campus.

Saving your work Logging Off Always make sure you Log Off the PC completely at the end of the session

You are allocated an area of the student network when you are enrolled. Please ensure you save your work to this area. Never rely on saving only to a memory stick!

Using Moodle Once logged in to the library PCs you can launch your internet browser The home page is pre-set to the college Moodle pages which you can then either use the quick links to get to Google, email, the main website, initial assessment etc. or log in using your network log in and password as overleaf. When logged in you can see all your course information and also get on to the learner services information, Careers Advice section and the Library pages where there are many links to help you with your course work.

Access from Home You can access many features from home: (click on the library central logo to access library info) (library catalogue) (this link enables you to book library PCs from anywhere) (student email) (further storage) (this link takes you to the library blog to keep up to date)

Using your student email Student email is accessible from Moodle.

The link is You will be taken to Office 365 and your email address will be: Your student And the password is the same as your network login which is preset to your postcode, lowercase, no spaces: cw81lj


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