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Why do Wedding Bands Go on the Left Ring Finger? For centuries, men and women have worn rings on their left hand, third finger down to signify their relationship status. They are either married or spoken for, so you best not try to intrude on their relationship. Many wonder where the tradition started though. Why a ring at all? Why on the third finger? Why not the right hand? The ring is traditionally a symbol of eternal love. The ring has no end and neither does the love of those wearing the rings. The tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the left hand goes as follows, before medical science fully figured out the anatomy of the body, it was commonly understood that the third finger on the left hand contained an artery. The artery is important because it represents a major pathway from the heart. Since they couldn’t put a ring around the heart itself, a finger with a major artery would do. That artery was affectionately called vena amori in Latin, meaning the vein of love. Put a ring around that artery and it firmed up the marriage forever. The left hand was chosen because it was just slightly closer to the heart than the right.

Other Traditions The culture of the ring has expanded around the world. Various cultures have accepted, rejected, or adapted the classical tradition of wedding rings. Some choose to wear the ring on the index or middle fingers. Others decide to keep it on the ring finger, only on the right hand. Sometimes the ring moves along fingers depending upon the couple’s progression through the ceremony or engagement. In still other cultures, men don’t get a wedding ring to match. Just as any time honored tradition, the truth of this tradition can only be speculated from stories passed down. In America, the tradition seems to have changed slightly over the years. Instead of just purchasing a wedding band for the ceremony, men purchase engagement rings that will compliment a wedding band in the future.

The Engagement Ring The engagement ring is usually fancier than the wedding band itself. Normally set with at least a solitary rock in a prong (diamond usually), fashion has grown to include several smaller diamonds along the band. They can include anything from 2 mid-sized rocks placed on either side of the main stone to several smaller stones extending along the edges. Purely evolved for beauty and fashion, these extra stones merely represent beauty and deep pockets. Many young couples are unwilling to spend that much on an engagement ring and stick with the single stone instead. That is the engagement ring, and it is incomplete on its own. The wedding band is usually an addition to complete the engagement. It is usually sautered on once the wedding is complete. That portion sticks with the groom until the big day. He then adds this to the existing engagement ring during the ring ceremony to complete the gift and complete the wedding. Chapel of the Flowers helps couples make Las Vegas weddings something to be remembered. The tradition of exchanging ring is just as alive in Las Vegas weddings as it is across the world. Photo Credit: theswedish , lifan, kiamedia

Why do wedding bands go on the left ring finger  

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