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Understanding the Basics of the Deaf Community Although you may not have any close friends or loved ones who are deaf or hard of hearing, there are many people who have this disability. But those are deaf do not view being deaf as a disability. Those who are deaf or hard of hearing have their own culture and community with its own set of values and beliefs. As stated above, deaf people do not view their condition as a disability; they believe that they just experience the world differently than other people.

How the Deaf View Hearing Loss Deaf people do not see being deaf as something that needs to be fixed. This is why there is such an issue in the deaf community with hearing aids and cochlear implant. To a hearing person, it would seem obvious that if you can get a device surgically implanted in your head that will help you hear, then of course you’ll do it. It seems to hearing people that one would do whatever they could to hear. But deaf people feel defined by their deafness, and getting an implant can sometimes be viewed as dishonorable to them. It’s almost like they feel that those with implants are cheating on the deaf culture and that they’re not proud to be deaf. Sign language is central to the deaf community because it is the primary mode and method through which they communicate. In the United States, deaf people use American Sign Language to communicate, but in other countries, it is a different set of standardized signs. For example, deaf people in the England use British Sign Language, and so forth. Deaf people also strongly oppose discrimination against the deaf. They are very sensitive to possible discrimination and get defensive very quickly if they feel that they are being discriminated against. Sometimes hearing people really just do not understand the cultural norms and behaviors of deaf culture, but deaf people will still respond dramatically.

The Community is Close-Knit Deaf people are also very protective of each other. They tend to view their deaf culture as collectivist rather than individualist.

They value the group over each individual on their own. Deaf people also have rules of etiquette that they abide by, such as ways to get someone’s attention or how to walk through a conversation. These rules may seem weird or overly intrusive to those who are hearing, but to deaf people it is their culture. It is also considered polite in the deaf community to let people know when you’re arriving or leaving a gathering; it is considered rude to withhold that information. If you or someone you love is deaf or hard of hearing, you should consider in investing in one of Caption Call’s hearing loss phones. Our hearing loss phones help those who are deaf or hard of hearing be able to communicate via the telephone. Using one of Caption Call’s hearing loss phones can help you communicate with people you love who are deaf or hard of hearing. It is quite uncommon for a deaf child to have one or both parents be deaf. Deaf children are unique because of this because they find most of their cultural identity from people who are not their parents.

Understanding the Basics of the Deaf Community  
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