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Tying the Knot in Vegas Getting married in Las Vegas can be the traditional, well planned and slow to develop and routinely romantic wedding that most people experience when they say their vows and espouse themselves to another person. But tying the knot in Las Vegas can also be a spontaneous, irrational, and crazily fun and exciting spur of the moment decision.

Avoid Holidays With these two dynamics both being a possibility for a wedding in Vegas, the details of planning and executing a wedding ceremony in Las Vegas has a wide range of details and possibilities that the happy (or intoxicated) couple will have to deal with. Some said details can be planned for and others will need to be improvised for, but all can be helped along with a basic understanding of the unique logistics of Vegas and a few tips to keep in mind while tying the knot in Vegas. The first tip that brides and grooms planning on getting married in Las Vegas should be aware of is to do their best to avoid scheduling their happy day on a holiday. It may seem that a holiday would be the best option for a wedding date because it allows for more friends and family members to come to the wedding. However, because Las Vegas is America’s Playground, the hotels, streets and chapels of Vegas are extra busy on common holidays. Valentine’s Day is an especially busy day for the wedding chapels of Vegas, so even if the couple acts on impulse on this romantic holiday, they may soon change their mind after seeing the massive waiting lines extending from Vegas chapels. Another factor to consider, whether for a planned or spontaneous Vegas wedding, is the local weather. Las Vegas has gorgeous sunny weather most days of the year, but this can also mean that the summer months, which are popular for weddings, can be downright hot and uncomfortable at times.

Beat the Heat A bride and groom should consider the weather in Vegas on the day they get married and determine if the heat is enough to postpone the nuptials or if they wish to solider on and get hitched in the heat anyway. Continuing with wedding plans even on a hot day may not be a terrible idea, however, because Vegas is supremely efficient at moving couples through its many wedding chapels. A speedy wedding in a Vegas wedding chapel can be an ideal situation for those who are looking to beat the heat while getting married. But the famous speed of a Vegas wedding chapel can create in itself an issue if the couples are not prepared.

The couple should not expect to spend much time in the wedding chapel. Because of the many couples who are also booked for weddings in the same day, many wedding chapels in Las Vegas only allot for one half hour per couple I the chapel. By having these factors in mind before taking the plunge into a blissful union, those couples who chose to get married in Vegas can be better prepared, even on a whim, for their Vegas nuptials.

Tying the Knot in Vegas  

There are many thing to consider while planning a wedding. Here are some you may not have previously considered.