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Tips for Decorating for the Holidays Have you ever grown tired of your same old holiday decorations that you put up year in and year out? You are not alone; there are thousands of households across the nation that wish to spice up their holiday decorations but simply can never get started. To help these people, perhaps yourself included, with generating a few new ideas for their holiday decorations, the following is a simple short list of some holiday tips and tricks concerning decorations that can help to change things up this year. When specific ideas are mentioned you can use these ideas directly or simply use them as a way to come up with a few of your own, but either way the tips concerning how to decorate can help to provide sufficient changes in the way you decorate the home for this year’s holiday season.

Theme One of the first tips to decorating for the holidays is to ensure that there is a consistent theme to the decorations beyond the general umbrella of the holidays. Choosing a theme and sticking to it will help to coordinate a more attractive ambiance for your holiday dĂŠcor while at the same time allowing for easiness in other areas such as making shopping for decorations (as you will know exactly what type of decorations you are looking for) and will help to change up the style of your holiday decorations with ease. Some examples of themes that can be used by people when they are decorating their homes for the holidays include the rustic holiday theme, the vintage theme, or the modern theme. Or you can come up with your own subject for holiday decorations like decorating with holiday-themed decorations that include your favorite sports team or something similar.

Color Scheme For those who may have a hard time choosing or coming up with a specific theme for their holiday decorations can instead simply choose to coordinate their decorations according to two or three colors. Red and green are the traditional holiday colors for many people, but seasonal decorations can be found in almost any color scheme, so pick two or three that you feel would go well with the personality of the home and stick to those.

DIY If purchasing completely new decorations for your updated holiday decorating does not appeal to you, then perhaps simply adding a few DIY decorations will be sufficient enough to give your home the new

spin on the holidays that you are looking for. Do-it-yourself decoration ideas can be found all over the internet and can be a fun family activity for the holidays as well.

Don’t Forget Smell Along with the decorations that appeal to the eyes, do not forget to decorate the home for the nose. It may sound odd, but ensuring that the home smells like the holidays, perhaps with the use of a Scentsy Warmer, will ensure that the entire home is ready for the holidays. Some of the preferred scents that complement the holiday season include cinnamon, peppermint, and pine. But that does not mean that you have to stick to one of these three; explore the scent world for yourself and you will be surprised what kind of home-warming scents you can find to bring your new holiday decorations to life. Photo Credit: Caruba, Nicole Vaughan

Tips for Decorating for the Holidays  

Have you ever grown tired of your same old holiday decorations that you put up year in and year out? You are not alone; there are thousands...

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