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Securing the Home Home invasions, home burglary, and theft are all crimes that continue to plague the nation, and those who think they are safe simply because they live in the sleepy college town of Provo Utah need to think again. Provo, just like any other small city in the United States, has multiple home burglaries a year and those homeowners who choose to do nothing for their home’s security put themselves and their property at great risks.

Securing Your Home Can Get You Discounts on Insurance This is not to say that every home in Provo, Utah should be encased in an electric fence and razor wire, or even that a home security system is needed in every house, but the fact that each home is a potential mark for thieves does mean that each homeowner should be taking the proper precautions that will limit their home’s likelihood of being targeted. And, on top of making the home more secure from potential theft, those homeowners who take the necessary steps to fully secure their home from burglary can also become eligible for discounts on their homeowner’s insurance policies in Provo, Utah. So, when all things are considered, there is little to no drawbacks for those homeowners who take the time to secure their home while these same homeowners stand to gain much from their efforts. Possible discounts to homeowner’s insurance rates and a secure home being the two major benefits. But how can a homeowner in Provo further secure their home from prowling burglars? Well, there are several ways to do so and nearly all cost next to nothing.

Invest in a Home Security System One of the first and best ways to secure the home is to invest in a home security system, but these can be expensive so those who do not wish to make this purchase or who cannot afford to do so can begin to look at other options. Such simple things as posting a security company’s placard in the yard, even if not actually installed, can provide enough deterrence to keep most thieves away. Other precautions and simple tricks for securing a home can be used by homeowners. One of the major deterrents to a would-be thief is if the home is occupied or has the appearance of good maintenance.

Other Tips to Keep Burglars Away Because most home robberies are performed due to opportunity, or when the burglar believes that there is little risk in being caught, those homes that take the time to keep a well groomed and occupied appearance can immediately lower their chance of being victimized. It is important to note, however, that while being well-kept is important to thwarting off burglars, a homeowner should likewise be careful to not give the impression of wealth or valuable possessions as

these will serve to attract rather than deter thieves. Other tips to keep burglars away include limiting the places around the home where thieves can hide or discreetly enter the home. Such things as bushes and vegetation around the home can serve to shield a thief’s movements and may therefore prompt a strike. Well lit and open areas around the home are best for discouraging thieves who are looking for an easy home to target.

Securing the Home  

Breaking and entering, burglaries, and robberies are all crimes that plague our country at an increasing rate. Here are some tips to keep bu...

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