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Reorganizing the Fridge Even the most pristine and organized kitchen can have a logistical nightmare lurking behind the doors of the home’s refrigerator. Families and homemakers looking to reclaim the lost space of the refrigerator can do so by employing a few of the following tips.

Efficient Organization Firstly it is important to remember that an organized refrigerator is a space efficient refrigerator. Having an established and enforced organization to the refrigerator can allow for more room, as well as easier access to the food stuffs you are looking for. One of the best ways for a refrigerator to gain a little order is to consider purchasing additional plastic tubs for storage within the fridge. This idea will come in handy for several reasons. By putting additional storage units in the fridge, a family can make up for the overstuffed existing drawers that never seem to have enough space. The creation of additional drawers in the fridge by adding square tubs will also give rise to the effective use of organizing food stuffs by category. Typically a fridge will house a couple drawers labeled meat or cheese or vegetables, and so these items will usually get grouped together. This is a good procedure and should be extended to include all other forms of food stuffs. Each tub that is purchased and employed for use in the refrigerator should be designated for a specific food type. By bundling the dairy with the dairy and the protein with the protein, a family will be able to find the ingredients they are in need of without the frustration of extended scouring. When purchasing these space-saving and organizational tubs it is important to remember to buy square or rectangular based tubs. The inside of almost all refrigerators are rectangular or square in shape. Because of this commonality in fridge design, placing round or circular tubs in the fridge waste massive amounts of space due to their ill-fitting shape. Take advantage of the design of the refrigerator by going along with it in buy only buying square shaped tubs.

Organizing the Fridge The same space save principle applies when buy Tupperware for storing leftovers. These bins should be square or rectangle in shape to make the most use out of the space available.

Square Tupperware can also be easily stacked, making use of the vertical space of a refrigerator. Organizationally, leftovers should be placed at the front and eye level within the fridge so that the persons in the house will remember to eat them before they go to waste. Foodsaver bags are likewise a good organizational tool to use as they will shrink-wrap the leftovers, making the needed storage space even smaller. Foodsaver bags are also beneficial as they will increase the shelf life of the leftover or excess food. The doors of a refrigerator will likewise need to be organized. Consider only storing a few beverages at a time on the doors as to preserve space for condiments and other smaller items of frequent use. By using these techniques of organization and storage a family can turn a cluttered and disorganized refrigerator into a purposeful and useful food storage space.

Reorganizing the Fridge  
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