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Preventing a House Fire from Occurring Raleigh fire damage is something that you may be able to avoid in your home. Preventing a home fire from occurring can be a lot easier than you would think if you are willing to take specific precautions to avoid the most common causes of house fires in Raleigh.

The Place Where Most House Fires Start As many would guess, the kitchen is the area of the home where the most house fires are started. Throughout the time that someone is cooking there may be many high temperatures and even flammable materials that are being used. While food is being cooked it should always be supervised. Some people think that they will be find walking away from their food for a few minutes or even leaving their home to run a quick errand after they have thrown something in the oven. Whether you are using the oven or the stove top, you should be sure that there is always an adult watching what is cooking. If an adult sees that a flame has started, he or she can hopefully put the fire out quickly while it is still small and easy to contain.

Putting a Small Fire Out Putting out a small fire can be done easily if you know how you can starve the fire of oxygen. A fire will need oxygen to continue burning and if you have a large stock pot or even a small put that you can cover the fire with, you may be able to cut the oxygen supply to the fire. When you put a pot or a pan over a flame, you have to understand how important it is to keep the pot or the pan on the flame until the flame has been extinguished completely. Touch the pot or the pan and make sure that it is cool to the touch before you remove it from the flame. If you remove it early, you may find that the flame is still burning and it can start back up again as soon as it gets the oxygen that it needs. Let the pot of the pan cool completely before you remove it, just to be safe. If an adult is not in the kitchen when a small flame is started, the flame may easily start to spread throughout the kitchen and then throughout your home. Once the flame gets too large to easily put out, you will want to evacuate your home and call the authorities.

Other Wise Tips By keeping an adult in the kitchen throughout the entire time that you are cooking, you can minimize the chances that a flame will actually get out of control. Having a fire extinguisher stored in your kitchen to ensure that you are able to put out the fire is very important. You want to make sure that the fire extinguisher that you purchase is an all-purpose extinguisher. This way, you can be sure that it is going to be effective in putting out any type of fire that is started in your kitchen or throughout the rest of your home. If you are looking for a company to help with your Raleigh fire damage, give us a call today. Photo Credit: ongushi via photopin cc Photo Credit: Tal Bright via photopin cc

Preventing a House Fire from Occurring