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Making Meals with Staple Foods Staple foods are items that can be used cohesively with many other different fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, and overall ingredients to create meals. These are usually things that can be added to a number of different things and are very versatile. Having these items on hand can make meal times much simpler, because no matter which things you have on hand you can find a way to create something delicious to feed your family! Staple foods are different in various countries, but in the United States these include grains and potatoes; sometimes this can also include white rice.

Starting with Carbohydrates These types of products are usually carbohydrates that are supplemented with nutrients and proteins. Thankfully, these substances also usually last for a long period of time, because they can be dried and stored. As long as they are kept free from contamination and liquid, you can keep them in storage containers in your pantry or cellar for a while before you will need to throw them away. Staples have been around almost as long as civilization; it is the way that many centuries of tribes have eating and filled their bellies. These carbohydrates can come in the form of many different products, like breads, puddings, and soups. Then, fruits and vegetables, as well as meats and cheeses, can be added for more nutritional value and to add savory flavorings to the different dishes and meals. Most individuals and families set their meals up in this manner without even realizing it; usually it is begun with some kind of bread or carbohydrate heavy side dish; then, some find of meat or fish and vegetables are added to give a little bit of flavor and improve the healthiness of the meal. Eating balanced meals is extremely important to you and your family members.

Crafting a Complete Meal When you have a lack of certain vitamins and minerals in the foods that you eat, it can be hard for the body to perform the necessary processes that it needs to. Certain elements are needed to maintain functioning of the bodily systems and, without healthy levels of these, the body may have to work harder for these processes to go forth.

During grocery shopping trips, it is probably best for you to focus on these types of items and at least have a healthy level of them available in your supply. When you are purchasing pastas and grains, it may be best to choose the whole grain variety, instead of those that are white flour based. These usually have less fat and preservatives than the other types, and they will offer fiber and heart health increasing benefits. Make sure that you have a good variety available according to the types of things that your family enjoys eating. If one member prefers pasta, then purchase some whole wheat spaghetti for them to snack on with meaty marinara sauce or some parmesan cheese. Those that love potatoes may wish for you to have this starch on hand so that they can mash them or baked them for filling benefits. Breads are great for sandwiches and many breakfast dishes; you could use them with peanut butter and jelly, for toast, or with eggs. Breads will not be able to last as long as some of the other staple foods, simply because the grains used for it has been added to yeast that has the potential to mold and go bad. You can definitely make bread last longer, however, by placing half of the loaf in the freezer or in a vacuum seal bag that prevents oxygen from entering and making it stale or moldy. All of these different products are so vital to have on hand. If you ever run out of staples, make sure to stock up right away. In case of an emergency, they will be the best and most filling things to have in your meal arsenal; they will also sustain you and your family for longer. Those that cannot eat wheat or some types of starches can still find gluten-free versions of these items and use them from day to day; the best way to do so is to integrate these options into regular meals or find recipes that are strictly created for those with wheat allergies. Staple items will probably always be a vital part of dishes and food in every culture; find your favorite recipes for these items and make a dinner your family will enjoy!

Making meals with staple foods  
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