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Ironing Stains out of Your Carpet It’s a typical weekday. The kids just got back from school and the house is beginning to fill up with the usual hustle of afternoon activities.

A Common Carpet-staining Disaster You get the kids to work on their homework and begin preparing your five-year-old son’s afternoon snack. You have just finished pouring the 100% all natural cranberry juice into a cup and handed it to your son when you spy your three year old coloring on the wall in the living room. As you go to take care of the wall, you hand the cup quickly to your son without really paying attention. He doesn’t quite get a hold of the cup before you let go of it in your haste. Neither you nor he has complete control over the cup as it tumbles in slow motion toward the floor. Your heart catches in your throat as you watch the juice fly everywhere. It’s covering his t-shirt and all over your beige carpet. Cranberry juice doesn’t come out without a fight. Instead, it sits there, gloating at you from the safety of the carpet’s fibers. For many mothers, this is a horror worthy of late night story telling around a campfire.

How to Fix the Problem And yet similar situations are extremely common. Most households have to deal with the same or similar disasters at some point in their lives. Can you expect that yours will be the exception? Do you really hope to not have to deal with carpet cleaning in Sammamish? Most people won’t. One of the best things you can do is be ready to clean it up when it comes. Many are currently struggling with this problem and have turned to blogs and Google to fix their problem. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to get out stains like these, some of which are more effective than others. The classic example is putting some kind of carpet stain remover on the fibers and scrubbing it with a towel. Classic doesn’t mean effective. A lot of people have had problems with this method and have sought alternative ideas for effective Sammamish carpet cleaning. A trendy new method involves using an iron.

People who have tried it swear that it is an effective way to remove stains. The process is simple. Heat up your iron to a low or medium low temperature near the stain. Be careful to not let anyone approach the iron as it could easily burn them, even at low temperatures. Pull out the carpet cleaner you were going to use and spray it liberally onto the surface of the stain. If you don’t want to use a store brand you can substitute the substance with a couple of options. Fill a spray bottle with a solution that is made up of ¼ of white vinegar and ¾ of water. Shake well to mix it around.

More Solutions Another option is to fill the spray bottle with 1 part ammonia and 1 part hot water. Mix well and then spray liberally. Then set a clean white towel on top of the stain and iron away for about two minutes. When the time is over, check the stain. The stain should transfer to the cloth. The transfer method is the new carpet cleaning method of Sammamish. It may take a few passes to remove all of it, but it will make a difference. This is an effective new way to do home carpet cleaning in Sammamish. Photo Credit: wowitsstephen via photopin cc Photo Credit: purplemattfish via photopin cc

Ironing Stains out of Your Carpet  
Ironing Stains out of Your Carpet  

Carpet stains are a very common disaster and can be a pain to cleanup. Here are some great tips on how to cleans stains off your carpet.