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Furnace Maintenance Your furnace works hard to heat your home all winter, but in the summer it sometimes goes unnoticed. Rightly so, but we are here to suggest your furnace might need some maintenance to keep running the way it has been. Make sure your home is all set this winter with the basic furnace maintenance. Keeping an eye on your furnace regularly will allow it to run optimally. Being aware of warning signs and potential problems can save you a bundle when it comes times for furnace repair in Salt Lake City. Nothing is worse than those unwanted or unexpected costs associated with repairs, being on top of things will help you plan for any upcoming maintenance needed.

Call In Professionals If you have neglected the furnace, there may be a few situations that lay outside of your control. Being able to identify the problems your furnace is having and eliminate those is essential, here are some things to look for. But be warned, if you find any of these problems it is time to call the professionals: 1. Short Cycling – if you notice your heater is turning on more often, but for shorter periods of time, this is called short cycling. Typically the short periods last no longer than 3 minutes, this happens when the thermostat is out of adjustment. There is also a possibility that your heat exchanger has overheated- preventing the heater to run normally due to a damage prevention method in place. This is going to require a pro to diagnose and fix. 2. Irregular Flame – most people don’t even realize there is a flame running inside the furnace at all times. The row of flames inside should be constant and short in height. If you notice the flames are not even, if they lean in any direction, or are uncommonly tall call in a pro. While there are many possibilities for this it is likely a sign of dirty burners or a cracked heat exchanger. Best to call in the pros. 3. Weird Noises – if you notice a rumbling or an uncommon popping noise, and you own a forced-air heater, then you should be considered. For homes with hot water or steam heating systems – this is normal for you. If you have questions you can always call out a pro just to inspect the unit. 4. Chronic Illness at Home – experiencing any kind of long-term flu/cold symptoms could be a sign of leaking gas. If you experience frequent headaches, you could have a cracked heat exchanger. Ensure that you have a carbon monoxide alarm installed just to be safe – but also call out a pro. Even if the alarm remains silent, there could be a possible risk of gas poisoning.

General Care Your furnace takes good care of you all year round, warming the house. There are a few basics that you can take before you are going to depend on the heater. They say that prevention is critical, so take care to perform these checks and cleanings at least once a year:  Remove the combustion chamber door to switch the unit to OFF.  Inspect the flames, as we stated before these should be short, constant, and flames standing tall.  Vacuum the burners (remember the unit should be off). Vacuum the back of the burners to the front. Remove all dust particles and dirt that has accumulated – be wary of black soot as this is an indication of a cracked heat exchanger and will need to be looked at.  Remove and Clean the Blower. Taking out the blower unit and vacuuming all sides of this will allow better air flow to help it run better, longer.  Change your furnace filter, more often than you think. It is suggested that you change the filter every 3 months, while many people neglect this most basic step of maintenance.  Clean other sensors and igniters inside the unit. Making sure to wipe off any grime or build up from the sensors will keep things running at the right temperature without any problems. Making sure that there is not damage to the pieces will help you ensure a safe winter. Photo Credit: Wikipedia, Rob Ireton

Furnace Maintenance  

Your furnace works hard to heat your home all winter, but in the summer it sometimes goes unnoticed. Rightly so, but we are here to suggest...

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