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Communicating More Effectively with a Caption Phone A caption phone is a great piece of technology which allow for better communication between individuals. This is especially useful for those who have a hearing disability. People who have to live with a hearing disability are often frustrated when communicating over usual phone lines. Since phones obviously utilize our sense of hearing on order to work effectively, having a person who has a diminished sense of hearing is not going to work as well. Therefore, those who have hearing disabilities often report frustration with perceived volume, as well as being able to understand what is being said with clarity. Looking at it simply, those who have disabilities often use their sight in order to compensate for being weak in one area.

The Need for Captioned Phones They read lips, look for body language cues, and utilize hand gestures in order to fully apprise themselves of what is going on. With a phone conversation, this ability is essentially stripped from everyone participating. Caption phones seek to bridge the communication gap which exists between people on each end of the line. Such bridging is made possible through the use of voice recognition technology and the ability to display text on a mounted screen in real time. When a person speaks into a captioned phone, their voice is picked up by voice recognition technology. The voice that is picked up is then transcribed and sent to the other person on the line. The voice transcription shows up as text displayed on a screen in real time for the person on the other line, who can then speak into their phone in order to respond. This technology grants clarity of conversation quickly and efficiently.

Human Relationships – Based on Communication Since human relationships are based on communication and being able to understand each other, it is essential to provide clarity whenever possible. By providing this simple service, individuals using the technology will be able to speak with each other and quickly understand each other. This technology has been in development for some time. Attempts have been made in the past to pair voice recognition technology with phones, but it faltered. Attempts of the past were restricted by the imperfections with voice recognition technology. In the past, it would fail to pick up softer works that were spoken, required precise diction, and had problems picking up accents and inflections.

Technology has progressed considerably in the last few years to the point where such an option was viable and workable. The advances mad with screens have also helped greatly. Getting to see spoken words displayed on a screen quickly and accurately was needed in order for such a project to succeed. When it all comes down to it, technological advances have made this equipment possible as well as making it workable and viable for the individuals. Looking at it pragmatically, it is easy to see why one of these units is a worthwhile investment. Being able to communicate with friends and loved is essential to maintaining human relationships, and no one should ever be cut off from speaking with those that are most important.

Caption Call_Communicating More Effectively with a Caption Phone  
Caption Call_Communicating More Effectively with a Caption Phone