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Improving Your Life with a Raised Garden Bed Growing your own plants in a raised garden bed can be a wonderful asset to your life. Whether you do it as a stress reliever, a supplement to your groceries, or a beautiful addition to your home, it will benefit your life in one way or another.

Yesterday and Today They are not that difficult to upkeep. Long ago, that was a different story. People planted, raised and harvested gardens the size of several square acres. A raised garden bed allows you to grow like the famers of old, only on a smaller, more manageable scale. Yours can have any amount of whatever you want— as opposed to growing only what you need to get through the winter. Whatever you decide on, the work you put into your garden will reap amazing benefits for you and those around you. Sometimes what you need to be happy is just a little hard work. I’m not talking about hitting the keyboard in a comfy chair for 40 hours a week. It’s not that white collar work isn’t hard. It’s just that it’s not very challenging to your physical strength. There is a place for blue collar work in everyone’s lives. Our bodies were meant to work, not just to sit. Consequently, we can find ourselves restless and stressed when left inside all day. Let out the day to day stress and annoyances by spending a few good hours sweating in the garden.

The Fresh Air It can be an enormous benefit to your health. Escaping the confines of a desk and air conditioned building will free you up like you haven’t known since you started your job. You need the sun and the fresh air to calm your mind. Hard work has the added bonus of soothing you in every way. An angry or frustrated disposition cannot be sustained for very long when exhausting the

body and mind in the pursuit of a greater goal: sustaining the lives of other living things. A lot of stress can be relieved when working outside. Whereas glowering in another small room with nothing but the loud TV to keep you company is sure to sour a bad mood even more. Take care of yourself and others by spending time outside.

Grow Your Own The things you grow in your raised garden beds can be incredibly useful to you and your family. Growing your own vegetables, or your own spices, or your own fruit can help you save a few dollars on your grocery bill every week. Providing your own food is always cheaper than buying it. It always tastes better too. There is nothing like a juicy strawberry on a hot day, or a hot apple pie made out of your own apples. Gardens often include combination of beautiful flowers that work together to give a very pleasant appearance to your yard. Flowers and fruit come in all shapes and sizes. Highlight the best part of your yard by combining fruits, vegetables and flowers of your favorite colors and shapes. You’ll find yourself wanting to spend more time outdoors if you do it right. Neighbors and Home Owners Associations all appreciate a nicely taken care of yard just as much as you will.

Photo Credit: Pbkwee, Davidfntau

Improving Your Life with a Raised Garden Bed