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Protecting Your Home Against Natural Disasters There are some areas of the United States in which the wind blows fiercely. When purchasing a home it is important to understand whether or not wind damage is something that occurs often in the area that you are looking to purchase a home in. Wind damage can be devastating and if you purchase a home in the area where wind damage frequently occurs, it is important to understand how you can prevent wind damage from wreaking havoc on your home. There are ways you can defend your home against the wind.

Looking to the Roof First, you should understand how important it will be to have your roof inspected on a consistent basis. You do not need to hire someone to come out to your home and look at your roof if you feel comfortable getting up on the roof and having a look around. All of the shingles on your home should be put securely in place and you want to make sure that they are staying attached. During wind storms, shingles may start to blow off of the roof and when this happens your home and your roof may be exposed to more precarious situations. While you are working on getting your home ready for a wind storm, you should also look throughout the inside of your roof. Get into your attic and make sure that the sheaths are nailed into the roof properly and if they are not, you will want to have this fixed very quickly. If you have a roof that has a low angle, you should make sure that you have the roof strapped onto your home. You want to make sure that the straps that you are using are designed for this purpose, to ensure that they will be strong enough to keep you roof on your house. When the wind is blowing hard, it can actually lift your roof of your home. When your roof is lifted off of your home it will not only be dangerous for anyone that is inside of the home but you also do not know where your roof is going to land or the destruction it will cause.

Now to the Downstairs After your roof is prepared for the wind, you should also make sure that your doors and windows are equipped to make it through the wind. The windows and the doors are

often the most vulnerable areas in the home and it is important that they are fortified correctly. Using 2x4s may be the best way to fortify your windows and doors on short notice. Nailing the 2x4s to your home to protect your doors and windows will allow you to avoid any type of damage that can be caused by the wind striking these vulnerable areas. Having this material on hand to ensure that you are able to put the defenses up quickly, should you need to, is crucial. Protecting your home from storm damage is a great way to ensure that you are going to be safe while in your home.

Protecting Your Home Against Natural Disasters  

It is impossible to say what nature is going to do day in an day out. If you have fear or have thought a natural disaster could occur where...

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