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Being Ready for a Disaster Situation Brief Description: Should a disaster situation arise, it is highly important that people be ready to deal with whatever may come. This article discusses why such readiness is critical, and how it can help to make the experience better. Disasters have the potential to strike any place at any time. There is no way to fully predict where one will happen and the extent of the storm damage which might be incurred, which makes them quite dangerous. There are also many different types of disasters which might be experienced. These will vary based on the area someone is located at and the weather and topography and geology factors present at the time.

Planning: A Key to Survival The most important thing for people is therefore being ready. It is also better to prepare than to have to react to a disaster situation which might be going on. Planning is going to make a huge difference in the way people will be able to weather the experience, as well as aiding them whenever something unexpected happens. Since there can be no guarantees about when something might occur, planning is going to give individuals the best chance of getting through safely. To begin with, every household should have seventy two hour kits ready for each person in the home. These kits are generally composed of enough food and water and supplies to get through for a few days. Such kits are the baseline of readiness, giving a family the needed edge if something should happen. Such supplies are vital because there can be no guarantee about getting more in an emergency setting. Indeed, it is very common for store stocks to be completely depleted once there seems to be an impending event, as individuals worry and immediately try to stock up. As such, simply planning on going to the store in response to a possible event may not be possible, so other alternatives are going to be needed.

Seventy Two Hours Kits

Seventy two hours kits should be the absolute minimum when it comes to readiness and preparation. Having a few days’ worth of supplies is going to be enough to get through a lot of situations, so these kits are essential. However, it is also prudent to have more in depth stores of supplies in case of an event which could do a lot of damage. One of the best ways to keep the family safe and counter the negative effects of such an experience is to have food storage. Food storage options differ from basic emergency kits due to the way they are set up and carried out. In most cases, having food storage involves using a dedicated space to keep anything from a couple of weeks of supplies all the way up to a couple of months. Such measures are ones which people hope not to use, but can be comforted about. Put simply, these stores are going to allow a family to eat and stay healthy and viable for a good amount of time while waiting for the situation to get better.

Extra Supplies You Might Not Have Thought Of Extra stores of supplies which aid in comfort and survival are also highly encouraged. People should have spare flashlights and batteries on hand to provide light, as well as having extra batteries and fuel if possible. Spare clothes are also highly recommended, as are hygiene items. Keeping everyone safe and comfortable is always the priority to be attended to. Above all else, preparations should involve taking into account how many people are in a household, and the best way to take care of them when the time comes to do so. Safety and security should always be the main concern, far trumping possessions and valuables. Planning ahead is going to allow individuals to get through most situations which might come up. By making an effort ahead of time, individuals should be able to get through in good conditions while they wait for the situation to normalize and for outside help to mobilize. Such efforts will be rewarded when the time comes to access all of these items. Those who are ready ahead of time should be in far superior condition than those who did not make the effort. For example, in Reno storm damage is a high risk, thus many there have invested heavily to ensure their preparations in case of a disaster. Should a disaster situation arise, it is highly important that people be ready to deal with whatever may come. By taking the time and making the effort to increase overall readiness, individuals should be able to weather the experience and get through it much better than they otherwise would.

Being Ready for a Disaster Situation  

A disaster could strike at any moment, especially in Reno! Thus, being prepared with the right stuff is important to protect yourself and yo...