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Getting Familiar with Mold When attempting to remove mold in your home, you should understand the mold problem. Without knowledge about what allows mold to grow and what mold needs to survive, you may not be able to effectively get rid of all of the mold that has started to grow in your home.

How Mold Grows First, mold is not very finicky and can thrive if it only has three basic things. Mold needs nutrients and there are many organic materials that provide the mold with the nutrients that it will need to continue to thrive. In nature, mold is able to take nutrients from decomposing or dying materials. Unfortunately, when mold starts growing in your home you may find that it is getting all of its nutrients from the wood in your walls, the sheetrock or any other organic material that is within your home. Mold also needs a suitable place to grow. It needs to be able to flourish and sustain itself on the materials that are present. When dust settles in your home, the dust can be a great sustaining factor for mold. Although it may seem impossible, mold is able to sustain itself from the dust that settles throughout your home. The last thing that mold needs to survive is moisture. Mold will thrive in an environment in which it is able to receive moisture and soak up the moisture. This is why mold is more common in the homes that are located in humid areas. When there is already a high concentration of moisture in your air, mold will have a higher rate of success and growth within your home. The moisture that the mold needs to survive can come from any source of water. Whether it is the humidity in the air or a recent flood, mold can start growing as soon as these three factors line up and a mold spore is introduced to the environment.

Getting Rid of Mold Spores Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to ensure that there are no mold spores in your home. There will always be mold spores and pieces of mold cells floating throughout your home and because of this it is important to focus your efforts on taking away what the mold needs to survive. When mold starts to grow and multiply in your home, it may cause damage to your home and it may also be detrimental to the health of those that spend time inside of your home. The mold will send off microscopic cells, called spores, into the air within your home. Those that are allergic to those spores may breathe in the spores and have a bad reaction. The respiratory problems that can be a result of breathing in spores can be severe. As soon as you find mold in your home, a mold removal program should be put into place. Develop a strategy or call a professional to ensure your mold removal process is effective and will take place as quickly as possible. Once your mold removal is successful, you will be able to breathe easier in your home. Always stay on the lookout for mold, because you do not know when it will return and you will need to institute your mold removal program one more time. Photo Credit: L*Ali, Mattbatt0

Getting Familiar With Mold  
Getting Familiar With Mold  

When attempting to remove mold in your home, you should understand the mold problem. Without knowledge about what allows mold to grow and wh...