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He Hacked the Time Square Jumbo Tron! Back in March of last year, the press was buzzing about a man who apparently jacked the Jumbo Tron at Time Square in New York, using nothing but his iPhone. We knew that iPhones were powerful before. They were notorious for being able to open and close your garage door, set your security system and guide you through an internal destination to anywhere you wanted to go in the world. What we didn’t realize is that they could potentially hack into any system anywhere.

Hacking your Electronics Whether this man really hacked into the video feed or not, it is an intriguing concept to imagine. New York is a city dominated with electricity. It runs every device we own, including our brains—in much smaller quantities of course. With such a small quantity available, we can put our own faces into the most obstructive places in the world. All you need is access to the internet these days. With the move to cyber-space, access to nearly every computer or system has become readily available to hackers. If your system is not secure and they slip in a virus, it doesn’t matter if you’re computer has been turned off. They can activate your computer at any time and start accessing your computer’s system and memory.

Screen Sharing One of the more modern ways they can do this is by forcing your computer to share screens with them. The technology to do this was created with the purpose to help people see or fix each other’s computers without having to make a trip to your home. It has proven useful for tech support, families and online tutorial makers. The power to share a screen is an amazing tool that can be abused all too easily. Who’s to say that this guy didn’t hack into the main frame that controls the Jumbo Tron using that technology? He could easily have uploaded a video to YouTube and played it directly to the thousands of people gathered for the day. This is just one possibility though. With the unlimited programming possibilities of the iPhone, someone could easily create an app to do this for him.

System Security It would have to be complex. It would have to be well thought out, but the day could easily come that people could say, “Oh you want to create a Trojan virus? There’s an app for that.” It’s literally the same as creating a program on your computer. It’s scary, but possible. If all else fails, unlimited data allows this man to access any website at anytime, anywhere. Most “secure” systems still have online access to people offsite. All the hacker would have to do is figure out the username and password. It doesn’t take much to do what you want after that. Once they broke through that they could potentially influence any part of a system. It’s amazing how powerful just a small burst of electricity can affect so many in New York. The jury is still out as to whether or not this stunt was real or fake. But the possibility of it happening is more real than ever. Safeguard the things you hold sacred to keep similar things from happening to you.

He Hacked the Time Square Jumbo Tron  

Heard of hacking a computer? Well what about taking control of a Jumbo Tron in New York well that's what this guy did check it out.

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