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Being prepared for Disasters in California California is a state that is home to millions and millions of people and has some of the most diverse scenery in the United Sates. It is generally known for its overall temperate pleasantness of weather and beauty of landscape. That being said, California is vulnerable to several disaster types which pose a serious threat to the infrastructure of the state and its inhabitants. Knowing fully about these events is going to give people the greatest amount of ability to prepare for them in the future.

Earthquake Disasters The first major thing that Californians need to prepare for is earthquakes. California happens to be situated exactly on top of the San Andreas Fault, which features a slip strike configuration. Put simply, the struggling faults that California is straddling at this point in time are underneath immense pressure, and are trying to scrape by each other. When these faults do go (and they will at some point in time), then a monstrous earthquake will strike California. Sometimes this fact slips out of the public eye for a while, but the fact of the matter is that this state is an earthquake zone. As it stands right now, California is hit hundreds of times a year by miniature earthquakes that most do not feel. The more serious ones occasionally do happen, causing some damage and destruction when they do. Having things like seventy two hours kits and food storage and store of batteries and flashlights and medical kits is the best way for people to be ready for these less powerful quakes.

Fire Damage Problems Another big issue that comes up with California a lot is the fires that tend to pop up in the state every year. Generally starting in the drier wooded areas, these wildfires consume many thousands of acres before they can be contained. These flames can and will again threaten homes and lives as they burn and spread. Evacuation orders may be issued for people, depending on where they are located. Should the order be given to evacuate, people will need to immediately follow instructions in order to safely get away from the fires that are happening. An evacuation order is not something to be ignored, and it means that there is a real risk to

people in the area. People should have important paperwork such as birth certificates, titles, deeds, and social security cards kept in a fireproof and waterproof box, which they then can grab on the way out. Being ready to go and having all of the things needed to establish identity and file insurance claims is the best way to respond to such situations. California is an area that has such diverse issues because it is a diverse place. As such, being ready for them and being ready to move gives people a needed edge. When it all comes down to it, knowing all about the possible disasters which might impact California leads to a more informed and aware public overall. As such, better emergency preparedness measures can be conducted, in order to get everyone who might experience these things through safely.

Being Prepared for Disasters in California  
Being Prepared for Disasters in California  

In this article we will discuss the possible disasters that may occur in California and how to prepare for them.