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4 Ways to Keep Carpets Clean Make It a House Rule to Take Off Shoes First, make it a house rule to take off your shoes as visitors come into the house. Most of the dust and dirt you’re trying to remove with regular cleaning comes from the bottom of shoes and sandals. A “no-shoes in the house” policy will help you keep the carpet clean by not giving the dirt a chance to enter your home. You can enforce the rule kindly without ever having to say a word to a guest. Post a sign asking people to kindly remove their shoes at about eye level by the front door. Place one pair of shoes on the ground where you would prefer guests to place their shoes to show an example of where you want them. The sign will tell visitors what you expect and the shoes will help them find a place for their shoes. You can also ask them with a warm smile to remove their shoes as they come in without offense.

Clean Stains and Spots Right Away Second, clean stains and spots immediately. There are a number of different cleaning agents for a variety of stains. Whether you’re dealing with grape juice or red wine, there are a number of home remedies that work for every case. The important thing to do is clean it up immediately. Stains come out more easily the faster they are taken care of. So don’t delay when something spills. Quickly and quietly do your best to remove the stain before it dries in the fibers of your beloved carpet. Carpet cleaning in Sammamish is done best when it’s done immediately.

Clean Your Carpet Weekly Third, make Sammamish carpet cleaning a weekly chore. Take time every weekend to sweep or vacuum the floor. The common walkways will especially need your attention as they will gather the most dirt throughout the week. Be sure to make your rounds at least once a week to keep them looking and feeling fresh.

Deep Clean Once a Year Fourth, do a deep clean with professionals once every year or so. This means you hire a professional of carpet cleaning in Sammamish to clean it with water and soap. The chemicals and equipment will help pick up the black dirt that still manages to find its way onto your floors. An annual cleaning should help keep those carpets looking good. Consider investing in your own carpet cleaner if you decide you want to clean them more often than once a year. Cleaning your carpet yourself will often force your family off of the carpet for a day or more, so it can be a bit of a hassle. If your home sustains a high amount of traffic every month or you suffer from bad allergies, cleaning the carpet more often will be necessary. Purchasing your own cleaner and using it will be cheaper that professional carpet cleaning in Sammamish in the long run. Take care of your carpet, as it is cheaper to maintain than to replace. Your home will look nicer, feel nicer, and maintain it’s lovely appearance for longer when you take the precautions to upkeep your carpet.

4 Ways to Keep Carpets Clean  

Have you ever tried the “no-shoes in the house” policy. Read this article to find out 4 ways to keep your carpets clean.