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The Madras Chamber

175 years...... Marching Forward

The Madras Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Our Mission Our Mission is to proactively influence public policy and practice on issues which impact economy, trade, commerce and industry as also social processes such as education and health, infrastructure and environment. Reliability, timeliness, innovation and work ethic of a high order is our oer to support and serve our Members. First Line Beach Madras 1915

Our Values and Beliefs

We  will function with sincerity, dedication and commitment  will provide best quality service to our members  will empower employees to fulfill our objectives  will maintain a working atmosphere conducive to building trust and developing team work

 will be alive to competition and constantly upgrade our services to be a leader  will act as a responsible law abiding Chamber and will make eective contribution to the society

 will jointly work with Members for improving continuously the work life.

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The Beginnings

John Alves Arbuthnot First Chairman of the MCCI (1836-37)

“…… Watch over and protect the interests of trade; receive and collect information on all matters of mercantile interest bearing upon the removal of grievances and promotion of the common good; .. receive references on matters of custom or usage in doubt or dispute, decide on the same and record the decisions made for further reference; and to form by that and other code of practices whereby the transaction of business by all companies engaged in it are simplified and facilitated”.

Phrased in this laboured style were the objectives of the Madras Chamber of Commerce founded on September 29, 1836. Eighteen founding members with John Alves Arbuthnot as the Chairman made up the first Committee of the Chamber. This was just a week after the Bombay Chamber of Commerce was born.

Landing at Madras by the Masula Boats - Circa 1800

The History From that day in September 1836, our history has been closely linked to the social, economic and political life and times of the State. Our evolution and growth can be seen in distinct phases: The first six decades until 1900 were the period of substantial achievements in facilitating infrastructure. The next fifty years saw initially, political reforms and our reactions to these. This was followed by a time of transition in the political scene from a colonial administration to the constitutional set up of free India. The period also witnessed the formation of the Federal Organisation, the Associated Chambers of Commerce comprising the Bengal, Bombay, Madras and other Chambers. Our approach and strategy also changed in accordance with the new political ambience. 1950-1986 was the period of industrial growth and commercial expansion for Madras. Significantly, we changed our name to The Madras Chamber of Commerce & Industry in 1966 – reflecting the new challenges and demands being made on us and the enlarged role we saw for ourselves. Since 1986, and more particularly after 1991, in the liberalized environment, we have strived to forcefully and unsparingly articulate the collective interests of enterprise. Today we endeavour to proactively influence public policy and practice on issues which impact economy, trade, commerce and industry. We see our role as also representing social processes such as education, health, infrastructure and environment.

Esplanade Road Madras 1910

The Objectives MCCI is guided by the following objectives: To help formulate policy decisions for creating a healthy environment for the growth of trade and industry in Tamilnadu To assist trade and industry in becoming competitive in national and international markets To provide a forum to its members for interaction with Government, international agencies and intellectuals on issues of interest to industry

Our Organisational Structure General Committee The aairs of the Chamber are managed by a General Committee comprising President, Vice-President and eight other elected members. The term of the Committee and oďŹƒce bearers is one year. The General Committee also comprises co-opted members from academic and other institutions. The Committee meets at regular intervals. The Committee through the President and Vice-President, interacts closely with the Governments, both at the State and Centre, Financial institutions, the Planning Commission, RBI and other bodies on all matters of interest to industry and trade. The Chamber makes well reasoned out oral as well as written representations based on inputs received from member companies. Both at the State and Central level, the views and suggestions of the Chamber are well received and considered.

Mount Road 1896

Expert Committees The General Committee is ably assisted by several Expert Committees which are constituted each year at the Annual General Meeting. They consist of senior managers dealing with respective subjects in their companies. Through the Expert Committees, the Chamber has access to collective expertise and knowledge on various subjects. Presently the Chamber has Expert Committees on: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Company Law/Corporate Matters Direct Taxes Energy Environment, Pollution Prevention and Control Financial Sector HRD& CSR Indirect Taxes Industrial Development/Infrastructure IT & ITES Logistics VAT Media & Entertainment Marketing Services

These Committees meet at periodic intervals and deliberate upon various current issues in their related areas and submit their recommendations for suitable redressals.

Secretariat This is headed by the Secretary General who is the Chief Executive. He is ably assisted by Executives and other staff. The Secretariat functions under the guidance of the General Committee.

Our Services Service is regarded as the raison d’ etre and the criterion of the usefulness of any Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber provides the following services to its members.

Liaison We liaise with and maintain a good rapport with different government departments, Institutions, Diplomatic Missions in Chennai and other major cities in India and abroad through regular correspondence and periodical exchange of visits.

Information Dissemination The Chamber is a centralized source of commercial and industrial information of direct relevance and immediate importance to members. It circulates on an ongoing basis changes in legislation, rules, regulations and notifications relevant to industry as issued by the Government and other institutions from time to time. Through its monthly bulletin, it informs its membership about the activities of the Committees as well as the programmes organized. The Bulletin also consists of trade enquiries received during the month, trade fairs and exhibitions being held all over the world, a monthly review of the Indian economy and such other information of interest to members. The Chamber also commissions studies on subjects of importance and which affect the trade and industry, as and when required. The Chamber publishes a Directory of members once in two years which is widely distributed.

Learning efforts We organize seminars, workshops, conferences, training programmes, open house discussions etc. with eminent personalities from different spheres and senior officials from Government and other organisations. The objective is to continually update our members on the latest developments and thoughts in the fields of trade and commerce. We also hold interactive meetings with trade missions.

Arbitration We offer professional assistance for arbitration of commercial disputes between Member companies and other companies. These are regulated by the rules of arbitration of Indian Council of Arbitration of which we are a member.

Library The Chamber has a well stocked library containing books, periodicals and publications on subjects of interest to commerce and industry. Trade directories from India and other countries are also available. Access to the library is free.

Other efforts Issues Certificate of Origin to members and non-members for goods exported from India Issues letters of introduction to Diplomatic Missions for issue of visas to representatives of member companies planning to go abroad on business promotion Recommends annually to member companies Commercial Holidays and Charter Party Holidays to be observed Recommends Schedule of Agency fees for the benefit of vessel owners and charterers Through its website provides information on the Chamber’s activities, representations, Press Releases, etc.

Membership Profile We welcome any firm or company engaged or interested in commerce or industry as a member. We have the following categories of membership:  Corporate (Any firm, company, professional/partnership firms, banks, etc.) They shall be eligible to elect members who shall represent them on the General Committee.  Affiliated (Any Chambers of Commerce, trade or industrial associations with similar objects as that of the Chamber)  Honorary (for distinguished citizens and senior Government Officials) Subscription is computed on the basis of paid up capital in respect of Corporate Members. Affiliated members pay a nominal fee. An entrance fee is payable at the time of admission. The current membership profile consists of large, medium and small manufacturing and allied industries in the Southern Region. Also included are banks, professional and legal firms, management consulting firms, chartered accountants firms, service industries, etc.

Important Annual Events  Annual General Meeting  Chamber Day  National Tax Conference

Industry Business Partnership  We advise our members on diverse subjects such as industrial growth, monetary and fiscal policy, economic statistics, taxation and corporate laws, etc.  We are represented on the following Committees and present our views on behalf of our members to the relevant authorities

™ State Level Advisory Board of MSME ™ Regional Advisory Committee for Organised and Small Scale Sector, Central Excise Commissionerate ™ Regional Advisory Committee for Service Tax – Service Tax Commissionerate ™ Cargo Facilitation Committee of AAI ™ Customs Advisory Committee ™ Divisional and Zonal Railway Users Consultative Committee ™ Investor Grievances Redressal Committee & Defaults Committee of Madras Stock Exchange

Innate Strengths We are „ The oldest Chamber (Business Support Organisation) in South India „ Promoter Chamber of the Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (Assocham), New Delhi „ Member of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), New Delhi „ Member of the Consultative Committee of City Chambers of Commerce, Chennai „ Member of the Indian Council of Arbitration, New Delhi

Future And what of our tomorrows? We are conscious that no institution – even one as venerable as the Chamber – can rest on its laurels. The challenges of the future are many and diverse. We believe the future is for those organizations that can chart outstanding roles for themselves – for those who can be proactive, imaginative and visionary. Only then can we become truly an informal but powerful influence as the “parliament of commerce” and enable trade and industry to cope with the demands of the global market place. It is towards this goal that we aspire, ever conscious that “our position is in the present and our life is in the future”.

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Recent Past Presidents

A. Sivasailam

M.K. Kumar

N. Sankar

M.V. Murugappan

V. Chidambaram

N. Venkataramani

N. Srinivasan

L. Lakshman

Mallika Srinivasan

B. Natraj

G.K. Raman

Murali Venkatraman

Hari Eswaran

N. Srinivasan

L. Sabaretnam

N. Ramachandran

K.V. Shetty

V. Balaraman

A. Sankarakrishnan

Arun Bewoor

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