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Volume 21 Issue 1 Winter 2013

Table of Contents Forest by Elizabeth Velasquez-Carabello……………4 Endless Sky by Cecily Asbell……………………….5 Where is God? by Elizabeth Velasquez-Carabello....…6 Seasons by Blake Hildreth ……………………….....7 I Want to Break the Mold by Shannon Ament ……...9 Rock Bottom by Concetta Ginevra …………….….11 Zoning by Ryan Craft ……………………………13 Artwork by Rachel Carroll……………………….…4 Photography by Hannah Niki Taylor ………………5 Photography by Shelby Schaafsra ………………….. 6 Photography by Kaylie Tomas …………………… 8 Artwork by Ben Lake ……………………… …….10 Artwork by Nicole Hennessey …………………….12 Photography by Kalie Tomas …………..…………14 Cover photo by Anna Gleich, Class of 2016 2

The Kaleidoscope Staff • Shannon Ament, Class of 2016 • Cecily Asbell, Class of 2017 • Alex Cox, Class of 2015 • Ryan Craft, Class of 2016 • Concetta Ginevra, Class of 2016 • Blake Hildreth, Class of 2016 • Elizabeth Velasquez-Carabello, Class of 2015 Advisor: Mrs. Mary Byrnes

© 2013 by The Kaleidoscope Staff of Melbourne Central Catholic High School. All rights reserved. This publication is the work of current Central Catholic students and in no way represents the views of the school, its teachers, or its affiliates. 3

Forest Water streams down below, Moonlight shines as she flows. Grass is still in the night, Bugs in the distance fight. Shadows cast from left and right, Trees stand tall all through the night. The wind then slowly blows, It's just makes everything cold.

Elizabeth Velasquez-Carabello Class of 2015

Artwork by Rachel Carroll Class of 2014 4

Artwork by Hannah Niki Taylor Class of 2016

Endless Sky When I looked up at The changing sky I remember that It cannot lie

What once was bright Fades into grey The ties that bind Begin to fray

The seasons change Nothing we can do We’ll always miss That endless blue

But I won’t forget Until I die How blue it was In our shared sky

Cecily Asbell Class of 2017 5

Artwork by Shelby Schaafsma Class of 2016

Where Is God? The silence cries in the night Children wake only in fright. The broken hearts tucked in bed, Loved ones watching overhead. Where is God? Is He near? Can he stop their cries at night? Can he soothe the children’s fright? Can he heal the broken hearts? Where is God? He’s in our hearts!

Elizabeth Velasquez-Carabello Class of 2015 6

Seasons Seasons are changing, fall leaves are here. Soon all around will be Christmas cheer. Families gather from all around, The laughing and joking is a wondrous sound. Carols are sung to our Lord Jesus, Who dies on the cross from our sins to save us. The reason for the season is the true celebration, For Jesus Christ is the Savior of our nation.

Blake Hildreth

Class of 2016


Photo by Kaylie Tomas Class of 2015


I Want to Break the Mold I don’t want to fill the mold Or check the box. I don’t want to be told what to do. Where to go. Who to be. I want to break my mold. Live my life. Not be told what I must do. Not always think of society, But think of myself, What makes me happy. I want to take the chance, Break the box, Reform the mold, Be who I want to be. I think I might have done this already, But I may never be sure.

Shannon Ament Class of 2016 9

Artwork by Ben Lake Class of 2015


Rock Bottom I always wondered what rock bottom was And what it felt like to be there. Now I know. I know that rock bottom is an unmade bed Because you know you’ll be too tired to pull back the covers Even at 6:34 pm. It’s unfinished books That lie waiting on your nightstand That your soul just can’t bear to pick up again. It’s spending more time staring at your food Than actually eating it And coming to terms with the rumbling in your belly later. It’s the bags under your eyes And waking up at 3 am With a tear-stained cheek pressed against the cold bathroom floor. It’s finding favor with the rain And discomfort in the sunlight. It’s the feeling in your chest When you see your friends laughing Or children playing Or couples dancing And you no longer have the strength to smile.

Concetta Ginevra Class of 2016


Artwork by Nicole Hennessy Class of 2016


Photo by Kaylie Tomas Class of 2015

Zoning I sit quietly on the cold desk while people continue to converse after the teacher has demanded silence. I find a place outside the window and stare. The voices turn into murmurs and the murmurs turn into echoes and the echoes grow more distant by the second. I gaze off and focus on a tiny branch on a large tree. It is strange how I can no longer hear the voices of others when they are right in front of me, yet I become suddenly bombarded by the noises and vibrations inside my head. The voices in my head speak every thought and every remedy so quickly that my mind cannot wrap around itself. My own voices 13

approach me closer and closer. My head hits me with a tsunami of thoughts as if it has never taught me to listen to them. I have one thought that crosses my mind and I focus on it. I hold onto it. I think of that thought and go deeper into my mind. As I progressively go deeper into thought, I feel parts of my body tingle and grow weak because all of my focus is on that thought and I command the blood to leave my body parts and go to my head. My body becomes paralyzed as I focus on a thought inside of a thought inside of a large pool of thoughts. I compare it to focusing on a drop of water while being submerged in the deepest trenches of the ocean. So I start to struggle. My body is still becoming weaker and I feel my body drown in a sleepy sensation. I try to help myself not drown, yet the current is picking up and my shoulders are below water. I hear my name in the distance as if someone is here to save me and bring me ashore. It comes closer and closer, then I hear a hit on a surface in front of me and the water in front of me turns into a desk. And the scenery of the rough waters turns back into a stagnant pool of noisy peers and a rather frustrated teacher. Another loud hit on my desk brings me back to the classroom finally. I turn to the voice of my name and the distant chatter grows closer and closer. She asks me if I’m okay. I look at her, take a deep breath because I felt like I was just saved from drowning, and say, “Yeah, just zoning out again.”

Ryan Craft

Class of 2016


Winter 2013 Kaleidoscope  

A publication by students at Melbourne Central Catholic High School, Melbourne, Fla.

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