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Monday, January 21, 2013 Issue 5, Volume 13

The Bay Window · Since 1926

Father of Mine by Elle Lingnau CONTRIBUTING WRITER They may have hope for you, but I have none. Each lie that I believed, I should have learned from. I have no sympathy, no faith, no love and no hatred. Memories faded into the past, time was merely wasted. You say I made a fool of you, yet you made one of yourself. You say I did this to you, yet you chose your own hell. Don’t ask for my forgiveness, when you wish not to be forgiven. They may trust you, they may

listen, but we were your children. We lived behind closed doors, behind their turned faces. We were the ones alone with you on a nightly basis. They say a child’s love is forever, but mine is ancient. I’ve given you plenty of chances, each one you wasted. I may not hold these scars against you, but I surely don’t forget. If I weren’t to remember, I’d still be burning inside like your cigarettes. I would not have learned from your mistakes, and they would have been sure to repeat. I’m content with the life I lived, I appreciate that you never made it easy.

You taught me lessons no one could imagine, lesson’s they couldn’t fathom, So I can’t bring myself to hate you for what happened.

Sunny Rain by Faith M Troyer The bay window Shine, rays of love strike my heart and it manages to beat again. For so long I sheltered my love from rain but the rain ruined it, for angry rust got the best of me. But you popped out of nowhere giving me hope and runny rain, taking my pain and restoring it with sunny rays of love.


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The Bay Window is a studentrun newspaper at Muskegon Community College, written, edited and produced by students.

The Bay Window – Room 208 Muskegon Community College 221 South Quarterline Road Muskegon, MI 49442 231–777–0542

Staff Writers:   Chad Carlson   Elle Lingnau   Chad Carlson   Faith Troyer   Eric Rothoff   Alec Batchelder   Robert Mackie   Photography:   Ashley Shira Design/Layout:   James Carey   Ashley Shira   Erica Douglas   Miranda Norton Advisors   Nancy Slater & Jennie Naffie

The Bay Window provides information about state, local, and school related issues and highlights the various aspects of being a student at Muskegon Community College. As a student run paper, ideas written in editorials and columns are the views of the writers and not necessarily of the student body, staff or administration. Information in ads are the responsibility of the advertisers. For more information on us and to see prior issues of the Bay Window newspaper, visit


Interested in participating? You can also stop by the Bay Window office, Room 1131, on Wednesdays at 12:00pm to attend a staff meeting. There we discuss story ideas and volunteer for assignments. Guest are welcome to sit, observe, and offer their input. Participation in the Bay Window newspaper can count as workstudy, work-assistance, internship, credit hours, or extra credit depending on your financial aid eligibility or instructor.



Monday, January 21, 2013 Issue 5, Volume 13

The Bay Window · Since 1926

A Look at Kurt Troutman by Robert Mackie The Bay window   Kurt Troutman owns a cell-phone; it was given to him as a Christmas present, but it has only left the house twice. He still writes 10 to 15 letters a month to family member and friends, only to receive e-mails in return. “I would have done better in a different time,” he says.  Troutman’s road to teaching was by no means a straight one; as a young man he had absolutely no interest in being a teacher. Kurt Troutman Coutesy of “Until the age of 38 I had not taught a day in my life,” Troutman said. It’s no surprise. Troutman has lived a life many young people today dream of. He has worked as a park ranger in Yellowstone, he has traveled across the country, hitchhiking, he has been a United Nations Aid Worker, he has been arrested, he has been a lieutenant in the United States Navy, and now he is a political science and history teacher at Muskegon Community College.   Troutman is one of the few remaining links to a time that once was. A time when life was simple. A time when one could hitchhike across the country for a summer with nothing more than 60-70 dollars and the thirst for adventure. “In the 70’s the easiest way to travel was hitchhiking and one summer I hitched from Michigan to Seattle, Washington, down to Los Angeles, back up to Yellowstone, and then I came back to Michigan

“In the 70’s, the easiest way to travel was hitchhiking and one summer I hitched from Michigan to Seattle, Washington, down to Los Angeles, back up to Yellowstone and then I came back to Michigan via Texas.”

via Texas. It was about a 10,000 mile trip.” Troutman said.  Troutman went on this trip one summer while he was a student at Saginaw Valley State University. During March of 1980, Michigan raised the age which one could consume alcohol from 18 to 21. Troutman was 19 at this time, and therefore had already been drinking legally for a year. “So we were having the big party, the last, legal party. Well the police came into our room at 12:01, so we were technically illegal by one minute, and so we were brought in. They arrested 30 of us or something like that.” Troutman said. Most were forced to sit in jail until the following Tuesday, when they were to appear in front of a judge. The group was forced to pay a fine of one, single dollar split evenly between all thirty people.   Troutman’s brief encounter with the law did not impede his academic progress as he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in political science from Saginaw Valley State in 1981.   Following his graduation he decided he was going to join the United States Peace Corps. “Most people who are going into the Peace Corps are early 20’s, I graduated at 21 and decided I’d go next year. Then I decided I’d go the next year.

I waited about 11 of those next years and joined the Peace Corps in my early 30’s.” He was brought into the Peace Corps by a teacher in high school who was a volunteer and had come back; the lure of being a volunteer had always attracted him, and after experiencing life for a decade after graduating he decided “It had better be now.”   Joining the United States Peace Corps eventually led Troutman to international work where he became a United Nations Aid Worker. This opportunity allowed him to be assigned to work in South Africa as an election monitor in the historic 1994 election. This was the first time in which black people were allowed to vote in South Africa which led to Nelson Mandela being appointed to office. Troutman and his readiness to “make it happen” allowed him to not only trek across America, but across the world.   After years of working as a United Nations Aid Worker he went to the University of Colorado in order to complete his Master’s degree in political science, and it was at this college where Troutman was first introduced to teaching. Three years after presiding over South Africa’s historic election a professor asked

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Features The Bay Window · Since 1926

Monday, January 21, 2013 Issue 5, Volume 13

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The Art of Photography

him to give a guest lecture on his experiences with the United Nations; which went well so his professor asked him to come back and give a discussion on another topic to which “It sort of led me into teaching that way. . .If you said Kurt, Crystal Ball, you’re going to be teaching, eh, no. I mean I wasn’t against it but that wasn’t the plan.”   Troutman knows when to demand participation from the class, and he knows when to let his natural charisma carry the discussion.   Kurt Troutman is a teacher who demands excellence. A teacher who draws students into his lectures. A teacher who wants every one of his students to succeed. “I think college is a time where you have to make your experiences. You’re trying out all of the things you like and don’t like. I’m not saying go hitchhike around the country for four months, but metaphorically that’s what I’m saying.”   Kurt Troutman builds an educational foundation for his students to walk on. Troutman knows the demographic he teaches, mostly young men and women who only have a passing interest in history or politics. Ask him yourself; send him an e-mail, maybe you’ll receive a letter in return.

Interview with Melissa Scarborough by Faith M Troyer The bay window

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  With every shutter click of the camera, artistic expression jumps from the lens and becomes a reality. Photography is an art all its own and adopted by so many as both a hobby and a passion. For one individual expelled, photography is a way of life. Last weekend I sat down with Melissa Scarborough, a Muskegon resident and amateur photographer who also works at the Bistro at MCC. I asked her a few questions about her beloved pastime and she was happy to oblige. Q: When did you begin your interest in photography?   When I was very young but it was when I was a teenager I started to really nurture my talent. Everyone said I was good and my mom told me I should be a professional photographer. Q; How do you feel when you take pictures?   I feel differently when I’m taking different photos. Such as with nature I feel very spiritual but people I feel very joyful and happy and love to make them smile. Q: What is your favorite photo you’ve ever taken?   I have a lot of them but my favorite is a candid shot of a friend of mine and this little boy. They’re holding hands and it’s so close up and beautiful. I took the photo while I was doing missionary work in Mexico.


Melissa is a budding artist and perfects her craft every day. She’s always looking for new ways to build and perfect her passion and hopes one day to make photography her career. Melissa has a Facebook page for her photography that is open to the public called “Simply Beautiful” and she invites everyone to come and visit. Melissa loves to encourage other artists and photographers to never give up on their dream and keep striving for the stars. WILD WACKY WEDneSDAY   Would you like to do something fun or wacky? Do you or a friend have a talent that they want to share with other MCC students? Assuming it can be done safely inside (no bungee jumping, or knife throwing allowed) please contact Ann McManus at Student Life about possibly performing on Wacky Wednesdays.   We are still scheduling February’s Wacky Wednesdays. For Global Awareness there will be a Photo booth on Feb 13th for students who dress in traditional eastern costumes. Join the fun every Wednesday at MCC!

SAVE AT THE BISTRO   In February, MCC student designed, American made, recyclable, and refillable mugs for use at the Bookside Bistro for pop or coffee will be available. Student Government wants to cut down the use of disposable cups, save the environment and save your pocketbook. These mugs will sell for $10, and include two coupons for a free coffee and two coupons for a free pop. Afterwards, you can refill the mugs with coffee for $1.25 or pop for $1.00 until December 2014.


Entertainment The Bay Window · Since 1926

Winter is Back on USA Network ALEC


  USA Network is back with all new episodes of your favorite shows. Suits and White Collar are back to finish their second & fourth seasons and who knows what is going to happen?   After taking a break half way through season 2 of the hit series Suits, the show will return on January 17th with six all new episodes! In the return episode Blind-Sided, Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Mike (Patrick J. Adams) take on a criminal suit that hits close to home for Mike, who struggles to separate his personal feelings from the facts of the case.   Suits is one of the best Lawyer shows on television right now. The plotlines are changing, there’s always something new and the characters just make the show! Mike & Harvey work together as a team while hiding the fact that Mike never finished law school (which the law firm only hires

from). Now with Mike’s job on the line they will do anything to keep it a secret.   Another popular show on USA Network is White Collar which will return with six new episodes on January 22nd. In the return episode Family Business, Peter (Tim DeKay) and Neal (Matt Bomer) attempt to find the truth behind Neal’s father’s (guest star Treat Williams) crime. In doing so, Neal must go undercover into the world of counterfeit whiskey to take down a high level member of the Irish mob.   Not having been a fan of the show since the beginning, the show has actually grown on me a lot. It has a lot of great plot twists and leaves me on the edge of my seat. A show about a white collar criminal helping out the FBI to catch other white collar criminals is not just a contradictory statement, it works really well. It’s interesting to see if Neal is willing to give up being a white collar criminal or if he’s just faking to get away.   You can catch up on both shows on and catch the return of “Suits” and “White Collar” this January on USA.

Courtesy of USA Network Suits stars Gabriel Macht, and Patrick J. Adams as two lawyers who, between the two of them, only have one degree. The show airs Thursday nights at 10pm on USA.

Monday, January 21, 2013 Issue 5, Volume 13

SPORTS The Bay Window · Since 1926

World Record-Breaking MCC “Short Circuit” Needs You


Monday, January 21, 2013 Issue 5, Volume 13

What is your favorite local band?

by Eric Rothoff The bay window   On Oct 1st, 2011, MCC students broke the world record for the 48 Volt Dragster. This brought MCC to the attention of a number of donors. One company donated a new electric motor for MCC’s “Short Circuit”. This year, students in AT-297-HP and the MCC Motorsport Club will be working on upgrading the “Short Circuit” and exhibiting it at local festivals, and auto shows.   This means you do not have to be a mechanic to be a part of the MCC “Short Circuit” team. The MCC Motorsports Club needs designers, promoters and organizers to join the team for 2013 as well. If you love racing, alternative energy, or simply want to be a part of a World Record holding team, take AT-297-HP or join the MCC Motorsport Club. Contact Allen Thomas (Allen. if you are interested.

MCC Wrestlers Improve to 6-0 with Three Impressive Home Wins

“The Smiths”


“Yard Sale Underwear ”

Ryan Glover

“It’s a Secret ”

by Eric Rothoff The bay window   January 12th, 2013, the 16th nationally ranked Jayhawk wrestlers were finally back in action after a month layoff from competition. Muskegon welcomed Alma College, Grand Valley State University and Olivet College Saturday at Bartels-Rode Gymnasium. They won each dual meet in dominating fashion defeating Alma 27-9, Grand Valley 36-6 and Olivet 30-3. “I am always a little concerned, because we have come out flat a few times in this meet due to the long layoff,” remarked Coach Brunger. “That surely wasn’t the case today. We wrestled with intensity all day and really took it to our opponents. It was a true team effort today. For that, I am very proud of the performance.” 133lb – Andrew Nold (Dexter, MI/Chelsea) 2-0 141lb – Steven Ruppert (Reed City, MI/Reed City) 2-1 149lb – Nick Starzec (Mason, MI/Mason) 2-0 149lb – Nolan Solomon (Troy, MI/Sterling Heights) 1-0 149lb – Chase Singleton (Caledonia, MI/Caledonia) 1-0 165lb – Dillon Francisco (Comstock Park, MI/Comstock Park) 3-0 174lb – Trevor Curtice (Delton, MI/Delton Kellogg) 2-0 184lb – Zach Johnston (Orleans, MI/Belding) 3-0 197lb – Tom Bolday (Emmett, MI/Capac) 3-0 285lb – Brett Martin (White Cloud, MI/Hesperia) 2-0 285lb – Jeffrey Tautolo (Clinton Twp, MI/L’Anse Cruse) 3-0 285lb – Shawn Chamberlain (Dexter, MI/Dexter) 1-0

Gina Henderson

“Stellar Kart”

Michael Shulmier

“King Crabapple”

James Aull

Entertainment The Bay Window · Since 1926

Art Exhibit

by Faith M Troyer The bay window   Coming this month to MCC is an art unlike any other. From January, 14th, 2013 through February, 22nd, 2013 artist Ina Kaur is showcasing her variety of relief printing, lithography, print making media and intaglio. Her intention for this gallery is to better explore the issues of cultural identity

through abstraction and patterning. Ina lives in Tampa, Florida and teaches at the University of Florida but is a native of New Delhi India. This art gallery is directly linked to the MCC Global Festival with this year’s focus on Asia.   Ina graduated with her masters of Fine arts in Studio Arts from Purdue University, Indiana, but not receiving her Bachelor’s degree of fine art from Panjab University of Chandigarah,

Monday, January 21, 2013 Issue 5, Volume 13


India. Ina’s art pieces have been show cased through many national and international exhibitions including a solo exhibition at Mehrangrah Museum Trust Gallery in Jodhpur, Rajasthan in 2011.   “Our identities are defined and influenced by our history, and the culture of our immediate surroundings. We stand at a cross road where nationalities and localities interact.” ~ Ina Kaur

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Call 877-268-4636 today!

CMU, an AA/EO institution, strongly and actively strives to increase diversity within its community (see 35321g 11/12

What is your favorite local band?

“Yard Sale Underwear” Robert Deems

“Pop Evil” Saria Gilbert

“King Crabapple” Charles Kortman

The Bay Window, Jan 21, 2013  

MCC The Bay WIndow, Jan 21, 2013

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