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C112-96 ARCH HITECTS’ AND EN NGINEE ERS’ SPE ECIFICAT TIONS The two-w way full range lo oudspeaker sysstem shall inco orporate one (11) McCauley 77100-8, 4" (10 02 mm) voice coil, 12" (303 mm) m diameter LF L transducer, and one (1), 1.4" (36 mm) exxit, 3" (76 mm)) diaphragm co ompression driiver HF transdu ucer. The LF driver shall be mounted m in an optimally o venteed enclosure tuned for maxim mum low frequency response with w vent area of such size th hat distortion iss minimized att the rated continuous powerr. The high frequency transducer shaall be mounted d to a true constant directivitty acoustic horrn with a nominal horizontal p of 90°. The vertical co overage patterrn of the horn sshall be 60° an nd shall also provide true con nstant coverage pattern directivity.. The HF horn shall s feature a square mountting flange, alloowing the horn n to be rotated d by 90°. The system m frequency response shall vaary no more th han ±3 dB from m 50 Hz to 18 kkHz measured o on axis. The low frequency transducer shaall produce a Sound S Pressure e Level (SPL) off 99 dBSPL at a distance of 1 meter with an n p input off 2.83 Vrms, an nd shall be capaable of produccing a maximum m peak outputt of 131 dBSPL on electrical power axis at 1 meter. m The high frequency transducer shall produce p a SPL of 107 dBSPL o on axis at 1 meeter with an electrical power p input off 2.83 Vrms, an nd shall be capaable of produccing a peak outtput of 135 dBSSPL on axis at 1 meter. The low fre equency transd ducer shall han ndle 350W of amplifier a poweer (per AES ref Standard AES2 2-2012) and sh hall have a nom minal impedance of 8.0 Ohms. The high frequency transdducer shall handle 75W of am mplifier power (per AES ref Staandard AES2-20 012) and shall have a nominaal impedance oof 8.0 Ohms. The loudsp peaker enclosu ure shall have a maximum we eight of 71 lbs. (32.3 kg) and sshall measure 15.08" (383 mm) wide at fro ont, 6.66" (169 mm) in width at rear, 27.5" (699 mm) in h eight, and 16.006"(408 mm) in depth. The enclosure sides shall tape er at 15° from a maximum frontal width, naarrowing to thhe rear. The strructure of the m, 13-ply void--free birch harddwood plywoo od, and shall haave a weather and enclosure shall be constrructed of 18mm wear resisttant ProCoat(tm) polyurea hyybrid finish. The input connection c shaall be, one (1) 4-Position, 4 20A A rated, Pheonnix PC_4-4-ST-77.62, which acccepts single bare wires up to o 10AWG or du ual 12AWG wirres with a ferule. Pins (1+, 1--) shall be wireed to the LF traansducer, whilee pins (2+, 2-) shaall be wired to the HF transdu ucer. When co onfigured with a passive netw work, pins (1+,, 1-) shall be in parallel witth (2+, 2-). A total of fourteen f 3/8"-18 UNC thread ded mounting//suspension pooints (four on ttop, four on bo ottom, two perr side and two re ear) shall be provided. Six add ditional mountting points shaall be provided on the top, bo ottom, and eacch side configured d to accept an Omnimount™ O Series 120 bracket or other tthird party harrdware. Componen nts in the frontt of the enclosu ure are to be protected p by a curved grill maade from perfo orated steel that is coated witth heat cured epoxy e powder, and lined with h acoustically ttransparent foaam. The 2-way full range loud dspeaker shall be the McCauley Sound moddel C112-96.

C112 96 ae specification