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Abortion By Myia Canty

What is an Abortion?

6 Weeks

10 Weeks

20 Weeks

12 Weeks

Why is it relevant?

Current Law

Why is life the better choice?

Why should someone have the right to terminate a pregnancy?

2% Of women have abortions each year

We have bigger issues to worry about before we get rid of abortion

Special Interest Groups ●

Planned Parenthood ○

NARAL Pro-Choice America ○

National Organization for Women ○

Emily’s List ○

Planned Parenthood Maine Action Fund (Local Support) ○

Representative to Contact ● Chellie Pingree ○

2 Portland Fish Pier, Suite 304 Portland, ME 04101 Phone (207) 774-5019 Toll Free 1-888-862-6500 Fax (207) 871-0720

Call to Action

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Abortion public policy  
Abortion public policy