McCann Truth About Advertising

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The research 1000 online survey with the U.S. consumers 478 online survey with U.S.industry employees 11 interviews with industry representatives Man on the street interviews on Madison Avenue

Chapters Sad Man In The Mirror America On Advertising Pride And Persecution

How the world sees us

We asked the industry... which image best depicts where you work?

Where we think we work

And...where do yourfriends friends think you work? And...where do your think you work?

How we think our friends see us

How we see ourselves

Perhaps most worryingly, we think the best is behind us 70% of the industry believes that the best of advertising is behind us 9%




1950’s 1960’s 1970’s 1980’s








Yet to come

No wonder we think we have a talent issue 57% of industry folk believe we have a problem attracting and keeping talent

“We need to learn from other industries that are on the forefront of embracing diversity, employee incentives, engagement, training, career development� Industry Survey

America On Advertising

We asked the man on the street... What three words would you use to describe someone working in advertising?

Advertising is seen as an integral part of culture 84% of consumers see advertising as a part of everyday life 82% see themselves as a consumer 57% of consumers say advertising gives them something to talk about


People understand advertising is more than TV 78% 70%


69% 61%


58% 50%



40% 20% 0% A store window display

A celebrity A Billboard 100 A branded Brand A product board on featured in sponsorship of recommending song written Pinterest a movie a sports event/ a product on for an ad Twitter concert

A Facebook sponsored story

Which of the below would you consider an ad? (Consumer Data)

A flash mob organized by a brand

They know it makes their lives better 87% 80%




75% 65%

60% 40% 20% 10% 0% Helps me keep Helps me know informed about what the latest trends are the latest offers

Entertains me Helps me to make and makes better decisions me laugh about product and services

Pays for stuff I get for free (music,email, Facebook, etc.)

Saves me money

To what extent do you agree that advertising provides you with the following benefits? (Consumer Data)

The good news: they don’t hate us 71% of consumers feel positive about advertising as a profession 67% of consumers feel positive about the advertising they see around them And 4/10 consumers love advertising

Before We Get Carried Away

In the context of other professions we don’t fare so well 12

11 10 9 8 7 6 4


3 2





re nt





t ho

e ph

e t ar t en t tf w er lis m a o n p e n / s lo ur ag ulta o n eb eve s J a W d M Con



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to oc




e rn

g in e s i rt tiv ve ecu d A Ex




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a nt


l Sa

r Pe



ic lit


In your fantasy world, rank the below professions in order of those you’d most and least like to do. Consumer Data

We asked people...who is most likely to work in advertising?

The industry thought

Even though people think we are creative...

They also think we’re overly corporate

Would you choose an Ad Exec to... 1% trust with deepest secret

Equal last with politician



go into business with

help solve a problem

Highest Rated




have sex with

give a makeover

have a debate with

The real issue we face as a profession... In many ways we don’t even register

Pride & Persecution

Insularity is our Achilles heel

The talent war is being fought elsewhere 79% of industry employees think that we’re good at selling our Client’s business but not our own

“I think the industry is too self-focused right now. We have the brains and the money to do great things, but we spend more time trying to win awards” Industry Survey

We’re all a little bit guilty of this

43% say their parents don’t understand what they do A core theme in industry responses is a call for honesty and transparency

Why are we talking about unicorns when we create jobs? Advertising fuels 15% of the U.S. job market

Source: IHS Global Insight

And if we ask consumers does advertising make the world better or worse?

72% of consumers say better

And if we pull the right levers we can turbo charge advocacy 87% of consumers believe that if people understood the real value advertising brings to the economy it would change people’s perceptions for the better

No pressure but... 69% believe we have the power to change the world

Brand ideas that move people can move culture 87% of consumers think brands should stand up for what they believe in 73% prefer brands that have a strong identity and clear role in the world 68% agree the brands they buy say something about them

We need to get over our persecution complex

And take pride in what we do

1. There’s a disconnection between how the world see us and how we see ourselves 2. In the context of other professions, we don’t register 3. The talent war is being fought elsewhere 4. We’re an insular industry and we hide behind a veil of impenetrable language 5. When we get it right we can change the world

The Brief Problem: We’re too insular: this has a knock on effect on how we view ourselves, how others view us and our ability to attract new talent Target Audience: We currently operate in a B2B model (i.e. trying to attract Clients and impress each other), we need to incorporate a B2C model in order to attract new talent What do we want people to think: Advertising is the number one place to be creative, creating 15% of the nations jobs Tone: Honest, inclusive and proud

The Competition Mandatories: Must be an idea that can live in any channel All submissions must be in a 5 minute video format Timings: All entries must be submitted by May 15th 2013 Winner will be announced at Cannes