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Content is always at the center of connected community gravity. Especially in this media overloaded environment, the concept of content curation has enjoyed its limelight, pinpointing what will stand out and legitimately earned its way into people’s streams.

C O N T E N T CU R A T I O N SOCIAL CENTER STAGE Blogoshere has evolved to a new level – the ifestream where social media entries (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube) entries mixed together with blog posts to create completed experience of a blog personality. Simply saying, blogging and content sharing has fully merged. Blogs with broad reach - whether media blogs, corporate blogs , influential tech or celebrity blogs – have successfully created a culture in which blogging is accepted as an integral part of the media landscape.

ON-THE-GO DOMINANCE On-the go devices will become ubiquitous platforms and redefine the new community experience where consumers get access to content feeds at real-time real-location. We start to see many sharing platforms and apps that deliver message in a more meaningfully exciting ways.

Consumption is always a social matter. With the advent of social shopping like group buy and Facebook commerce, consumers are leveraging their social circle to help they shop and share their haul while at the same time turning to these non-traditional influencers before shaping their purchase decision.


GLOBE TROTTING EXPERIENCE What flock consumers to blog is that they want to be a part of personal experience. The niche and the passionate blogs like travel diary blogs, food loving and personal improvement blogs, are getting hot, allowing readers to learn and absorb worldwide culture exchange and passion spread without actually leaving the screen.

AUTHENTIC INSPIRATION Consumer are getting fed up looking at perfectly styled models in magazines. Real people is the new cool for fashionistas in-the-know. Street style blogs turn out to be the great source of edgy inspiration, giving readers a window into real life fashion and allowing them to absorb how trends are being adapted by ordinary people.

ICONIC LIVING Consumers love story-telling and this is particulary true when it comes the time they look for motivation. The blogosphere has given them new relationship with unknown circle they can feel related with. The sharing of experiences and spreading of words have established powerful influence on community readers at a level typical websites can only dream off.

News site in a community platform has already grown the impact over traditional news media. It has made possible the up-to-minute news update, analytical point of views, leads and product placement and helped consumers to easily navigate, read, save and share. And most importantly, the focus on quality in real blogging has made it more professional and journalistic.

THE NEW JOURNALISM LOCATION + EXPERIENCE, THE NEW MEDIA DARLING As location-based-service is still carrying itself as a new media darling, new opportunities will be unleashed to target the exact demographic right where they are and give them ever most personalized experiences as if they have defined their own.

COMMUNITY INSPIRED PRODUCTS & SERVICES As consumers are seeking to make sense of their evolving community relationships and always-on connectedness, brands are redefining the value and meaning in response to the needs of connected community. We expect to see more collaboration and crowdsource in all facets of new product developments, communication and so too services.

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