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A Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for Financial Aid at Duke University For Domestic, Regular-Decision Students

Academic Year 2013-2014

In order to receive financial aid at Duke, you will need to complete a number of steps, outlined in the following guide. All components of the aid application process should be complete prior to March 1, 2013. Should you have questions or concerns regarding the aid application process, you may want to visit our website, or contact us at or (919) 684-6225.

Complete Your 2012 Taxes Before beginning the online applications for financial aid, we recommend completing your 2012 taxes. While it is possible to apply for aid without having completed your 2012 returns, your aid application cannot be processed without your finalized tax documentation. Those who complete the federal and institutional aid applications using estimated tax information will be permitted to submit the forms, but individuals will be required to provide updated information once IRS filings are complete. Since no aid award will be processed until official taxes can be obtained, we highly recommend completing this step first. In addition to recommending the early completion of your 2012 taxes, we also recommend filing your returns electronically. Electronic filers will be able to more quickly access the data necessary to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and as a result, applicants utilizing electronic filing methods may be able to obtain their financial aid awards sooner than those filing paper tax returns. Please Note: Families who file as “married filing separately� will not be able to utilize the data retrieval feature appropriately and must sum the total of wages, income, taxes paid, and other requested FAFSA information. Those selected for verification will need to submit IRS tax transcripts in order to support the information submitted on the aid application.

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Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Once your tax documents are filed, you will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at To complete the application successfully, you will need to do the following: A. Select the “Start Here� button as shown below:

B. Enter the requested student information:

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C. Choose the appropriate FAFSA year (the year the student will be attending Duke):

D. Create a password so that you can re-open your FAFSA at any time to view or make corrections:

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E. Once these initial steps are completed, you will be asked a series of questions. In addition to basic educational, demographic, and financial information, you will be asked where you would like the FAFSA results to be sent. Enter 002920 to have the FAFSA sent to Duke. F. When prompted for financial information, select the IRS Data Retrieval option as shown below to import your 2012 tax information: (NOTE: Families who file as “married filing separately� will not be able to utilize the data retrieval feature appropriately and must sum the total of wages, income, taxes paid, and other requested FAFSA information. Those selected for verification will need to submit IRS tax transcripts in order to support the information submitted on the aid application)

We strongly recommend you utilize the new IRS Data Retrieval feature when filing your FAFSA online. IRS Data Retrieval enables filers to automatically import the tax information into the FAFSA form, saving applicants time and also ensuring accurate completion of the form. Furthermore, applicants that are selected for verification by the Department of Education who have not utilized IRS Data Retrieval may be required to resubmit the FAFSA using this option.

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G. Once complete, both the student and the custodial parent must sign the FAFSA. To do so electronically, you will need to use a Federal PIN. If you have not yet applied for your PIN, you may do so by selecting “Apply for a PIN” on the FAFSA signature page. You will be directed to the PIN website where you will be permitted to select your PIN and use it immediately to complete the FAFSA application. H. Once your FAFSA is signed and successfully submitted, the Department of Education will forward the results to Duke automatcially (provided you used Duke’s school code: 002920). If additional information is needed from you or if there are issues with your FAFSA, you will be notified by either the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid or by the Department of Education. NOTE: Your FAFSA can be submitted to a maximum of ten schools using the online form. If you would like to submit your FAFSA to more than ten schools, you can call the Federal Student Aid information Center at 1-800-433-3243 and have the additional schools added to your list. You will need to have your FAFSA Data Release Number (DRN) from the Student Aid Report you received after completing your initial FAFSA.

Complete the CSS Profile All applicants interested in institutional financial aid will need to complete the Profile application online at the College Board’s website ( There is a fee associated with the completion of the Profile application, so you will need to be prepared to enter your payment information when submitting the application. The fee is $25 to have the form sent to Duke. If your family cannot afford the cost of filing the Profile application, the College Board provides a limited number of fee waivers to families with significant financial need. For more information regarding Profile fee waivers, applicants should visit the College Board’s website. To complete the Profile information correctly, you will want to have all your 2012 tax information available for reference throughout the application process. Additionally, the Profile will also require that you enter information regarding your investments, assets, and businesses (if applicable), so you will want to collect as much of your personal finance documentation as possible before beginning.

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Submit Copies of all Documentation to the College Board’s IDOC Service Once the Profile application is complete and submitted, you will be asked by the College Board to submit your 2012 tax returns and schedules, wage statements, business tax returns and schedules, and any other supporting documentation to their IDOC service. Based on the information submitted on the Profile, IDOC will request all documentation related to your 2012 filing. Your application cannot be processed and will be considered incomplete until IDOC has received all requested documents. Once the requested documents are received by IDOC, your Profile application will be sent to Duke for review. If you or your parent did not file a tax return in 2012, you will need to download the Non-Tax Filer Statement from the forms section of our webpage at Please Note: Only one package of documents may be submitted to the IDOC service, so please do not submit your package until all your documents have been compiled. If we request additional information based on the review of your aid application, please send these additional documents directly to the Duke Financial Aid Office. Do not send additional documents to IDOC after mailing your original package.

Submit the Noncustodial Profile (if applicable) If you indicated on your Profile application that your parents are divorced or separated, the College Board will notify you via email that Duke requires the Noncustodial Profile. This e-mail will provide details about the requirement and should be shared with your noncustodial parent. The e-mail will contain a link to the Noncustodial Profile website as well as login instructions for your noncustodial parent. Additionally, your noncustodial parent's 2012 tax return, wage statements, and accompanying schedules should be submitted directly to the Duke Financial Aid Office. When submitting the 2012 tax returns to our office, please label them as noncustodial tax returns and include the student’s name and date of birth.

Additional Notes Special Circumstances: Special Circumstances can be considered only once a student has been officially accepted to Duke. Once you have been accepted, if you have special circumstances or unusual expenses, or if there are any other details which will help us more completely understand your financial situation, we encourage you to let us know. In this is the case, you can find out if your circumstance can be considered and to begin the process of communicating with our office regarding your needs by visiting: special.html.

Profile Corrections: Since we verify all financial information with the financial documentation you provide to IDOC, you do not need to submit Profile corrections regarding financial information. If you need to correct other information, such as family size or number of children in college, you can email us this information and we'll correct it for you.

Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid 2127 Campus Drive Annex, Box 90397 Durham, North Carolina 27708-0397 Phone: 919-684-6225 Fax: 919-660-9811

Financial Aid Guide 13-14  

Financial Aid Guide 13-14

Financial Aid Guide 13-14  

Financial Aid Guide 13-14