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October 2010

Living Well Cancer Free When: Thursday, 10/14, 6:00 pm Where: Kuttner Room Fee: Free and open to all On behalf of the New York Junior League, the Women's Cancer Prevention Committee will give their Women's Cancer Prevention Workshop that will provide you with important information about cancer prevention, detection and overall wellness. Learn about common risk factors and tests to find cancer early - remember, early detection is key! Women’s Wellness Celebration When: All day Wednesday 10/27 Where: Throughout building Fee: Free and open to all October is Women’s Health Month. Celebrate with the McBurney YMCA all day long on Wednesday, October 27. We will be offering fitness classes, wellness workshops ranging from nutrition to finance, as well as healthy snacks and massages. It’s all free and it’s all open to the community. Please refer to fliers at the YMCA for a full schedule of the day’s activities. Yoga and Beyond Check out the Yoga and Beyond Weekend, October 15 - 17 at our Greenkill Retreat in Huguenot NY. For more information contact Barbara Parker at 212 912-2317.

ING MARATHON FEATURE In this year's ING NYC Marathon on 11/7/10, we have four runners who volunteered to attempt the 26.2 miles course on behalf of the McBurney YMCA. They also have each pledged to raise $2,500 for the Strong Kids Campaign. We wish them well on their journey to the finish line. Interested in supporting our runners? Please contact Joanne Pang at who is organizing marathon day cheering sections and celebratory drinks. Interested in making a donation on behalf of the runners? Contact Justine Carroll at 212.912.2311 or Beatrice "Bea" Kozlowski Bea is a registered nurse with a speciality clinic called Anticoagulation Management Services with Alberta Health Services. She is an avid runner who has run several half marathons. She previously trained for a marathon but found to have Osgood Schlatter's and had knee surgery. This running purest likes to listen to the sound of her feet on the pavement, through puddles, through leaves, and crunching snow. She'll be making the trek from Calgary with her supportive husband and parents to complete her liftime goal of completing a marathon before turning age 30. Darlene "D" Newman D consults entrepreneurs by writing business plans, being an interim product manager or taking on a COO role to help build and launch products/companies. She started running in August 2009 as a form of release and as her New Year's resolution decided to complete the NYC Marathon. She hopes she'll run the entire course. D grew up in a large and loving family. Her mother made sure that D never participated in an event without family support. D would like to make sure that the Y can continue to provide kids with a place where they are welcomed everyday by people they can consider family. Patricia "Patsy" Brunson Patsy currently works for Wolf Designs. She ran the LA Marathon in 1990. She was motivated by her friend, Liz, to run this marathon with a group of friends and this fundraising opportunity for McBurney. Patsy is currently serving her second year as Board Chair of the McBurney Board of Managers. She was inspired by her Uncle Jose Porras, who went to the YMCA in El Paso everyday well into his 80s. Her uncle paid for the YMCA memberships of her six brothers. They learned to swim, attended summer camps, and were taught good fitness habits. Most importantly, they were kept out of trouble. She sees the YMCA serving the community here in the same manner and would like to continue the tradition her uncle set. George Forbes George is the Executive Director of the Lucille Lortel Foundation and the Lucille 0SVXIP8LIEXVI*SYRHEXMSREW[IPPEWEßFSEVHQIQFIVSJXLI+VIIR[MGL:MPPEKI'LIPWIE 'LEQFIVSJ'SQQIVGIß8LVSYKLXLI'LEQFIV+ISVKIFIGEQIE[EVISJ1G&YVRI] W 2='1EVEXLSRJYRHVEMWMRKIJJSVXWß,IVERLMWJMVWXQEVEXLSRMR(MWRI];SVPHMR .ERYEV]SJ´ß6YRRMRKXLI2='1EVEXLSRLEWEP[E]WFIIREHVIEQERHXLMW[MPPFI LMWJSYVXLQEVEXLSRMRXLIPEWXX[S]IEVWßß+ISVKILEWX[S]SYRKRMIGIW[LSEXXIRH day care at a YMCA in New Jersey. He is happy to fundraise to help other families enjoy that same excellent service provided by McBurney.

Oct. 2010 WHAT’S GOING ON? Don’t forget to visit us on the web for the most up-to-date information. You can also view our group fitness, pool and gym schedules, as well as our current program guide.

Yoga Plus Teen Yoga Plus is Back!

VISIT: McBurney YMCA is on Facebook! Become a fan, get tips & stay up to date on all of our upcoming events.

Looking for a yoga class specifically made for you? Join Teen Yoga Plus at McBurney YMCA. Teen Yoga Plus is a small yoga class tailored to serve teens ages 13 - 18.

Blood Pressure Screening Wed. Oct. 6 | 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Teen Yoga Plus is led by an experienced, licensed yoga instructor who ensures all teens succeed and have fun. The class runs Mondays 4:15 pm 5:45 pm. Come by McBurney to register today. Fee: $65 for members or $80 for non-members.

FREE monthly screening

Breast Feeding Support Group Wed. Oct. 6 | 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm La Leche League of Downtown Manhattan will be offering an evening meeting open to any woman interested in breastfeeding. The meeting will offer information and support for breast-feeding. Nursing mothers, pregnant women, family members, care-givers, and health care professionals are encouraged to attend. No need to be a member or to register - just drop on by. Babies and children are warmly welcomed as well! For more information contact Johana Teran at 212-9122316 or

City Seniors Social Club Trip Wed. Oct. 20 | 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm A monthly meeting for senior members to meet friends, old and new. Staff will be on hand to answer questions. See page two of newsletter for more info on trip.

Living Well Cancer Free Thurs. Oct. 14 | 6:00 pm See page one of newsletter for more info.

Women’s Wellness Celebration Wed. Oct. 27 | All Day See page one of newsletter for more info.

Celebrate Oktoberfest with the City Senior Social Club DATE: TIME: PLACE: FEE:

Wednesday, October 20 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm Meet in Gardner Room Free to all Seniors, must RSVP in advance

Join us on Tour of Chelsea Brewing Company with a professional brewer. The Chelsea Brewing Company's brewery is Manhattan's largest microbrewery. Chelsea Brewing Company bottles 100,000 cases for off-site consumption annually. The 12,000 square foot off-site storage and distribution facility enables Chelsea Brewing to distribute beer throughout the Chelsea complex and the tri-state area. Come with us to see how the beer is made, and to taste some samples. Pre-registration is required. We will walk to the brewery together from the YMCA.

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