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A newsletter for Y members and friends


CELEBRATING 90 YEARS! Happy Birthday to our treasured member, Father Joe Pasquenza! Father Joe has been a member of McBurney since 1948, that’s over 63 years! A few members got together to wish Father Joe a very happy birthday, and wrote him this song, to the tune of “Hey Jude”:

This month we kickoff our Strong Kids Campaign! Visit to learn more about our campaign, and support your community.

EXERCISE AND HAVE FUN! BRAND NEW! McBurney now offers Private Dance Lessons with professional instructors. Deepen your plié, improve your musicality, or even learn to tap! This is a great opportunity for the person who wants to add art to exercise and have fun. Single, 5, 10 or 20 session packages are available for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Purchase your sessions at the Member Services desk.

THANKS FOR THE FEEDBACK We are always looking to get valuable feedback from our members to let us know how we are doing. Thanks for taking the time to complete our surveys. For our swim lessons survey we received 75 responses.

Staff Responsiveness Staff Courtesy Instructor Knowledge Cleanliness Safety Expectations Met Overall Satisfaction

Excellent 64% 70% 69% 53% 68% 61% 66%

Very Good 26% 22% 22% 31% 23% 28% 25%

Good 8% 6% 7% 14% 7% 9% 7%

Need Improvement 2% 2% 2% 2% 2% 2% 2%

Hey Joe What do ya know We wonder, what makes you look so good Is it the booze, you keep in your locker? Hey Joe Our GI Joe On D Day, our hero routed the hun You were General Patton’s valuable aid Even though you weren’t as tall as your gun. As soon as you get to the Y The women swoon And gather around I’d like to be you You sit and you schmooze by the pool You joke and laugh Do you ever work out? We never see you. Da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, daaaa Hey Joe Our Father Joe Brother Steven may be your monicker But we know, you’ll always give us prayer At Christmas time or even on Hannukah.

IN THE LOOP | A newsletter for Y members and friends


SUMMER FUN FOR THE LITTLE ONES It is never too early to register for Summer Camp at McBurney YMCA! Registration is now open. Come in today to take advantage of our generous 10% Early Bird discount! Summer Camp runs from July 2 – August 24. Every ZHHNDOOFDPSHUVVZLPJRRQžHOGWULSVDQGSDUWLFLSDWH in myriad activities relating to our theme I NYC. To learn more and register - visit us during one of our Camp Open Houses: * Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 10am-12pm * Saturday, April 28th 2012 10am-12pm * Saturday, May 19th 2012 10am-12pm &DPSEURFKXUHDSSOLFDWLRQPHGLFDODQGžQDQFLDO assistance are available online at mcburney. For any general questions please contact Karen Corchado at 212-912-2315 or kcorchado@ We look forward to spending a great summer with your family!


Wednesday February 21 12:30 – 2:00pm Gardner Room Free and open to entire community

Beth Israel medical Center will be offering the following free services for Heart Health Month: ‡&KROHVWHURO6FUHHQLQJ ‡%ORRGSUHVVXUH ‡'RFWRUVZLOOEHRQKDQGIRUFRXQVHOLQJDQGTXHVWLRQV

Wednesday February 29 6:00pm Kuttner Room Free and open to entire community

Come relax and rejuvenate in a group setting as you experience sample DFXSXQFWXUHWUHDWPHQWDQGOHDUQžUVWKDQGDERXWWKHEHQHžWVRIWKLV ancient treatment, which is growing in popularity. Clients are treated sitting up, fully clothed, with ear acupuncture by senior student clinicians IURP3DFLžF&ROOHJHRI2ULHQWDO0HGLFLQH Acupuncture releases endorphins and serotonin, the body’s natural feel good chemicals, and relaxes the sympathetic nervous system, leaving recipients feeling rejuvenated.

WANT A FREE MONTH? TRY YMCA FUN TRIVIA! YMCA trivia could earn you a free month! Check this corner every month and turn your answer, along with your name and contact number, in to Member Services by Friday, January 24th. All FRUUHFWDQVZHUVZLOOEHHQWHUHGLQWRDUDIÂżHIRURQHIUHHPRQWKRI membership! Check back here each month for the answer and the next question with your next chance to win!!! Januaryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s answer was: The YMCA of Greater New York opened in 1852. The New York YMCA was founded by George H. Petrie, who after visiting the YMCA while LQ/RQGRQGHFLGHGWKDW1HZ<RUNFRXOGDOVREHQHžWIURPDVLPLODU organization. On May 25, 1852, Petrie, along with 300 other men, gathered at the Mercer Street Presbyterian Church for a discussion about starting a YMCA in New York; by the end of the meeting, 173 members were enrolled. In September 1852, the YMCA opened its GRRUVDWLWVžUVWSHUPDQHQWORFDWLRQDWWKH6WX\YHVDQW,QVWLWXWHLQ SoHo. Februaryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s question:

When he was 16 years old, this future NBA All-Star played on the National YMCA Championship Team? Who is he? Good luck!

February Member Newsletter  
February Member Newsletter  

McBurney YMCA February Member Newsletter