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PIERRE ROMANรงON Riki Benedicto | Pocholo Bismonte | Vincent Barcelona | Paw Castillo | Aika Rapay | Santini Vergara | Alex Basbas | Jerome Dawis and Dulaang Filipino Ensemble


August 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 & 12, 2013 | 7:00 pm August 13-17, 2013 | 1:00pm & 7:00pm

School of Design and Arts Theater 5/F Benilde SDA Campus 950 P. Ocampo St., Malate, Manila



Ms. Carmelita Lazatin

Vice Chancellor Lasallian Mission and Student Life

Pierre Romançon is the Benildean Community’s gift to the College as we celebrate our Silver Anniversary. It brings us to the times when our Patron Saint, even at a young age, already knew he wanted to be a teacher and so innovated his way to become one. But Pierre Romançon is not just the story of a young Brother Benilde. It is also your story, the story of our College, the story of every Benildean and how the innovator in Pierre lives in each one of us. You are about to experience a creative and original story that moves, inspires and uplifts. And in the process, I hope that you will be inspired too by the challenge that Brother Benilde set before us. To be inventive, to go beyond what is expected of us, to be extraordinary.


SYNOPSIS Set during the Napoleonic Wars and French Revolution, when poverty, lack of education and decline of the Church have swept over France and the rest of Europe. Can a young Frenchman named Pierre Romançon change the world by being a Brother of the Christian Schools? He will face challenges from objection of his father to stubborn students, and doubts about him and God by ordinary people. He will hurdle over these obstacles as a person living in his time, and as a teacher with the brand of a Brother. In the end, one will witness what a simple man can do in this chaotic world.


Scene 1. “call of time” In France during the Napoleonic Wars, there was a decrease in the number of men in the countryside due to wars. Because of the lack of harvest in the fields, the men headed to the cities. The young Pierre Romançon saw for himself the horrors of war and poverty in France. The torture and incarceration of his disabled cousin who did not serve in the military left an indelible mark in his memory. He also witnessed the looting and persecution committed by the enemy Prussians during the war. Meanwhile, the deaf Leopold experienced all these. His path crossed that of Pierre. Pierre wondered who is Leopold and what role they play in each other’s life. When the Revolution triumphed in France, it was a whole different experience in the countryside – the number of churchgoers to priests who have pledged allegiance to the Republic has continued to decline. For Pierre who still continued to go to church, he started to ask himself if this is violation or obedience to his faith.

Scene 2. “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT” To survive the hardships, Pierre’s playmate was taught by his father how to steal. The Brothers of the Christian Schools rescued the child and sent him to school. This among other notable pious works and devotion of the Brothers struck Pierre. This inspired him to follow their footsteps. Pierre’s father vehemently contradicted the idea. But Pierre made his father realize that this is his vocation that he has to fulfill.

Scene 3. WHY HE CHOSE THIS The countryside lacked schoolteachers during Pierre’s childhood; anyone who wanted to teach can teach. Because of this deficiency and the low quality of the teachers then, Pierre was motivated to follow his calling to become a teacher under the guidance of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.


Scene 4. COME WHAT MAY Pierre was not admitted to the Brothers of the Christian Schools because of his height. He prayed to his patron Saint Collette to intercede in his petition to become a Brother. Because of his determination and passion to teach, he was finally taken in as a novice in Clermont.

scene 5. THE HABIT In an imagination scene, Br. De La Salle and Pierre conversed. It was time that Pierre was blessed, given his habit and took the religious name Brother Benilde. Br. Benilde imbibed the virtues of a master teacher guided by the teachings of Br. De La Salle.

scene 6. WHOSE HEART, WHOSE LIFE, WHOSE SPIRIT? Br. Benilde reached out to the poor in the countryside. He met a family whose one of the children had disease of the bones, the farm animals had been dying and the eldest child Alphonse served in the war. Alphonse argued with Br. Benilde on the value of prayer and loss of hope in times of hardship.

scene 7. crossroad Riots have hit the streets yet again as there is a looming change of the leadership in government. The masses confronted the religious who they believe were promoting monarchy in France. This alarmed the Brothers, fearing the situation might escalate to the closure of their schools.


Scene 8. as a teacher Some students mocked Br. Benilde because of his strict disposition. In the process of imitating Br. Benilde in his teaching, the students realized what their teacher wanted them to learn. Br. Benilde was to confront his students when the people suddenly heard whistles. This sound was brought about by one lesson of Br. Benilde. This gives us a glimpse of the teaching style of the great Brother at how he likened grace to a branch of a plant.

Scene 9. the tutor Another example of how Br. Benilde has taught his students was how he relates the life of a saint to his lessons. Benilde also opened the door of his classroom to older people from the community. Here the Brothers made education accessible to everyone regardless of age.

scene 10. the deaf From the start until some other scenes, the character of Leopold the Deaf had been randomly introduced - always glimpsing and envious of the students. In this scene, Br. Benilde would meet Leopold. To the delight of Br. Benilde, Leopold was very much eager to learn about the Mass, prayer and communion despite his disability of hearing.


scene 11. without spot The townspeople talked about the rumored miracles of Br. Benilde. They wondered if Br. Benilde can also do his miraculous healing on Leopold. Br. Benilde would ask himself if he can really do something to this crazy world. In the end, he came up with an answer.

scene 12. Quid Pro Quo? Not Br. Benilde returned to the family he always visited. Although they are getting poorer and poorer, the family still sent the youngest child Nicolas to learn under the steadfast Br. Benilde. The eldest child Alphonse found it hard to believe that Br. Benilde’s charity does not come with a price.


scene 13. happy problem Through the dedication of Br. Benilde and the Brothers, the students under their care increased in numbers. Br. Benilde’s dream that multitudes of people will receive the Word of God is finally coming to fruition.

scene 14. Gift of Prophecy Inspite the increase of the number of students of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, something still bothers Br. Benilde. He saw the future: he found joy in the growth of their institution; he also witnessed the wars, chaos and hardships ahead. With all this, what can we do in the worsening state of the world?




Rommel Benedicto

BENILDE. A school founded in Manila. A type in a jacket. A basketball team. Who is Saint Benilde to us at this day and age? I did my research on the life of Saint Benilde. My first step was Google. I got Wikipedia as a top result. Read literatures. Asked around. Watched videos of anything and everything. I asked myself, “Why’s there not much?” Research materials seem to be elusive. In my own investigation, three names of association about Saint Benilde struck me: Napoleon Bonaparte, the Count of Monte Cristo and Karl Marx. These characters aided me to give form to my vision for the play. As the old adage goes “History repeats itself.” The feudal system, monarchy, activism and revolutionary movement, educational systems, the Church and the poor have persisted through the years. These realities made indelible impact in Br. Benilde’s life, small deeds amplified to greatness. Thus, Pope Pius XII spoke dearly about Br. Benilde for “doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.” I forged an agreement with our playwright Liza Magtoto that Br. Benilde shall tell the story of his life HIMSELF – speaking in the first person. This breaks away from the usual narrative that floats from a third person’s perspective. In this production, Br. Benilde is the person who lives with us today; vulnerable, questioning, reasoning, searching. This is not something new to us. All of us search for self-worth. Through the course of our life, we doubt ourselves, fail and get hurt. But this should not deter us from picking ourselves up. Br. Benilde is our ordinary man who blazed his own trail.


We will follow two stories in this play, notable segments in Saint Benilde’s life and the life of the Frenchmen during the Age of Enlightenment. We will remember Pierre in his life’s battles. I want to take you to his time, what he did, what were his shortcomings and resolutions and how he went through the many crossroads of his life. There are two components after Br. Benilde received his habit. The first is his response to the needs of the people despite his own father’s displeasure. The second one is his chosen life as a mentor. In his journey, he faced challenges. His passion for works of mercy will burn brighter, but doubts will not leave him. As the story flows, the name Benilde and the imagery of the habit will transcend its meaning: the escalating and yet fulfilling responsibilities, the enduring struggles in life and the truest form of love. PIERRE ROMANÇON a.k.a. Saint Benilde, answered the call of his time to educate the “poor.” He fully grasped his vocation to be of service to his fellowmen at an early age. With all humility, he did not dream of greatness that would even climax to the point of his canonization. You will all be taken to Benilde’s world and experience the selfless act of love. We need not be the Brother, the teacher, the boss, the citizen, the powerful, the saint to be righteous.

Hence, by living Jesus in our hearts we just have to be ourselves in responding to the CALL OF THE TIMES.


AST Riki Benedicto Benilde

Riki had his theater training in acting, viewpoints, script analysis, musical theater, speech and voice for stage, Shakespeare, improv, scene studies, martial arts and stage combat from reputable theater teachers in the country as well as visiting teachers from Australia, London and New York with Ana Valdes-Lim, Tess Jamias, Upeng Galang Fernandez, Mailes Kanapi, Dennis Marasigan, Noah Rotem, Gus Kaikonen and Ron Borrus to name a few. He started acting in theater with Sining-Lahi Polyrepertory and worked with different community-based theater groups such as Alyansa Ink, Tanghalang Hulyo Bente Tres and Pro.Pro. He was last seen in PETA’s Wonder Twins of Boac (Twelfth Night, playing Antonio). Riki was a former member of Tanghalang Pilipino’s Actors’ Company. Some of his productions with TP include Doc Ressurecion (Jess), Banaag at Sikat (Martin), Noli Me Tangere (Elias), Pinocchio (Stanley), EJ (Edgar Jopson), Tatlong Mariya (Teddy Boy), Kudeta (Lt.Chan) where he received a nomination from Gawad Buhay. “ Working with Magnificent Directors is PRICELESS.” - riki

Pocholo Bismonte

Brother 1, Alphonse, Raoul, Sundalo, Benilde At the age of seven, his first role in a musical play was the Caterpillar in Repertory Philippines’ Alice in Wonderland. He performed on television shows, mostly in GMA7 when he was nine years old until 15. He is now a member of Coro San Benildo. Performing on stage is his passion.

Vincent Barcelona

Ama ni Benilde, Landlord, De La Salle, Old Student, Male Ensemble A member of his high school theater group. He shifted to choral performance during college. He is presently a member of CSB’s CLM Choir and UP Diliman’s UPVE. He acted with Dulaang Filipino a few years back in the play “Religio, Mores et Cultura.” He presently teaches CSBLIFE, ORDEV and NSTP in Benilde.


Francine Denise Arcilla Female Ensemble

A junior Music Production student of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. Franz aims to take her artistic talents in dance, music and theater to perfection, as any artist would dream of being. Tireless in auditions, study and practice, she adheres to professionalism and works her very best. She is armed with a vast number of local and international performances amongst other artistic expressions to boot. Francine’s current passion with Coro San Benildo has tapped a voice equipped to capture various genres in choral and solo. Proud to have been a performing artist of the world-renowned Bayanihan, the Philippine National Folk Dance Company and a “Musikabattan” scholar of the Ryan Cayabyab School of Music.

Jerome Matthew Dawis Leopold

Jerome is a sophomore AB Multimedia Arts student. He has been involved in the performing arts since the age of nine. Jerome aspires to gain versatility in his craft. He is currently an actor of Dulang Filipino.

Maria Angelica Rapay

Bunso, Sta. Collete, Estudyante1/3, Bata, Ina ni Leopold Aika is a third year student taking up Digital Filmmaking at DLS-CSB. She started doing theatre during her elementary days. Now she’s a member of Dulaaang Filipino.

Paulo Carlo Castillo Lalaki, Philippe, Brother 3

Taking up Multimedia Arts, Paw has been active in theater activities since his first year in college. He has been an active member of Dulaang Filipino. He wishes to pursue acting after his graduation.

Jeanne Katreen Dela Cruz

Kapitbahay 1, Ina ni Benilde, Female Ensemble A third year Bachelor of Arts major in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs student at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, Kat started theater during her highschool years with Dulaang Pule under Dodos Dela Cruz Arellano University - A. Mabini Campus during her high school years. Now, she is an actor of Dulaang Filipino under the director Rik Benedicto.


Christine Bas

Kapitbahay, Catherina, Female Ensemble A first year student of DLS-CSB taking up BS-IND. Christine graduated from Philippine High School for the Arts (major in Theater Arts) where she started her theater career. Her acting credits includes Ang Pinakamakisig sa Nalunod sa Buong Daigdig, Ang Pagpapaamo sa Maldita, La Casa de Bernarda Alba, Paglipas ng Limang Taon, Mga Lukaret ng Intamuros, Paano Man ang Trip Mo, Ang Baldado ng Isla Palasan, Art, and Ang Badya ng Ibong Dagat. Now she’s a member of Dulaang Filipino.

Patrice Anne Ebreo Annet, Female Ensemble

A second year college student taking up Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Institution Management, Pat has been Jerome Dawis performing since she was in grade school. Currently she is a Leopold member of Dulaang Filipino.

A sophomore AB Multimedia Arts student. He has been involved in the performing arts since the age of nine, Jerome aspires to gain versatility in his craft. He is currently an actor Angelica Cruz of Dulaang Filipino, DLS-CSB’s resident theater company. Passerby 3, Kapitbahay 2, Ina ng Bata, Female Ensemble, Queen Angelica is a first year BSIHM student. She enrolled in acting workshop organized by OCA in the summer of 2013 and she’s now a resident artist of Dulaang Filipino. She had been involved into different theatrical activities in her previous school Tagaytay City Science National High School. She looks forward to act in films by well-known directors.

Sebastian Santos

Jason Nathan Dawis

Luluwas 1, Guro, Brother, Director of the Novices, King, Male Ensemble

joining theater in his late high school years. PerformLuluwas 3, Lalaki 1, Nicolas, Estudyante 3, BinatangStarted Magsasaka ing became his passion so he decided to purue his dreams even in his college years, he always believes that anything Jason is a freshman BS Architecture student at Benilde. He received canofbe learned as long aas you have the will to do it. Today his first theatre acting workshop at the early age 8 and is currently Seb Santos is taking up BS-HRIM and a member of Dulaang student artist of Dulaang Filipino under the Office of Culture and Arts. Filipino, the resident theater company of DLS-SCB. He aspires to be a versatile theatre actor.

Alexis Bernadette Basbas Angelica CruzEnsemble Ina, Female

Passerby 3, Kapitbahay 2, Ina ng Bata, Female Ensemble, Queen

A second year diplomat in training. A Coro San Benildo alto.

She’s a born singer.inShe her passion. A first year college student CSBconsiders taking upsinging BS-IHM.asShe Eversummer since she was years she hadan been performing in enrolled the class in6DF andold, she’s now official and theatrical plays.After graduation, she resident. different She had musical been involved into different theatrical plans to take Music in UP Diliman and join the prestigious activities Philippine in her previous school Tagaytay Science. She also Madrigal Singers. joined some competitions. And now she is looking forward to act in a film and to be recognized by well-known directors.


Princess Aileem Pangandaman Ina ni Benilde, Female Ensemble

Princess, a member of Dulaang Filipino since 2011, is one of the newbies in the theatre world but her passion and determination in acting, dancing and singing made her reached this far. She already showcased her versatility and unity in some major productions under the Office of the Culture and Arts.

Sophia Reyes

Panganay, Ina ng Bata, Female Ensemble Tracing her roots from a long line of seasoned actresses - her mother Rina Reyes, grandmother Baby O’Brien and great-grandmother Paraluman, Sophia has been in love with performing ever since she was a kid. She has played characters in Trumpets Playshop, Repertory Philippines, Spotlight Artist Centre and Theater Down South. She has been blessed with the opportunity to hone her talents by being part of Dulaang Filipino. She continues to enjoy being a student and artist making God lead her every step of the way.

Ana Marie Nicole Santos

Babae 1, Passerby 2, Kapitbahay 3, Female Ensemble Nica is a hip-hop member of Saint Benilde Romançon Dance Company. She always gives her best when performing. Nica believes that the challenges that she’s facing right now will serves as her motivation on achieving her goals to become a great director.

Clarence Gomez

Brother,Taga-ibang Bayan 3, Street Fighter 3, Male Ensemble A frosh student taking up AB-Multimedia Arts, Clarence started his theatre life since Grade 5 at Supervoice Music and Theater Foundation. He is a born leader, he is a consistent president in two different schools since Grade 5 (Paco Catholic School to Southwoods School of Cavite) and he also became the school CAT Captain and head in their school’s dance crew. He is very active in his highschool life. He graduated 1st Honorable Mention in his batch with different awards in academics, extracurricular and government leadership.

Sebastian Dominic Santos

Luluwas 1, Guro, Brother, Director of the Novices, King, Male


Seb started joining theater in his late high school years. Performing became his passion so he decided to purue his dreams even in his college years. He always believes that anything can be learned as long as you have the will to do it. Today, Seb splits his time with BS HRIM and Dulaang Filipino.

Mark Rolan Maravilla

Taga-ibang Bayan 2, Street Fighter 1, Estudyanteng Patakas, ERPB, Male Ensemble Mark started acting when he was in second year high school. He had played more than 25 distinct characters and had 2 nominations for Best Actor in CROSSROADS 9 held last February 2012. Because of his passion in acting he received full-scholarship in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde taking up Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts. Today, he continues to hone his craft to give life to the stories of man’s struggle, fall and victories.

Santini Vergara

Ama, Luluwas 3, Isang Ama A sophomore BSHRIM student, Santini dreams of bathing in the limelight of Broadway. He sings “I had a dream my life would be so different fom this hell I’m living” in his head. This motivates him to work for excellence and continue dreaming. An artist-leader, Santini is a Coro AND SO ON.

Sophia Reyes Aaliyah Baylen Panganay, Ina ng Bata, Female FemaleEnsemble Ensemble

in consectetur Cavite with remotely Lorem ipsum dolor sitBorn amet, adipiscingany elit.drama Ae- institutions, Aaliyah wanted to bealiquam. part ofVestibulum the theatre, heavily due to the influence of a few of nean commodo vulputate dapibus iaculis relatives. Heridlove acting grew from make-believes to plays purus, vel lacinia ipsumher gravida et. Proin urnafor quis leo porta in school to competitions school, until finally she entered pellentesque ac at nibh. Sed quam nunc, pulvinaroutside ut ornare Dulaang Filipino in college. Currently, she is on her third year at AB sed, viverra in lectus. Integer. CDA and second year in theatre. She plans to continue her acting even after she graduated.

Carl Angelo Ruiz

King, Gatekeeper, Brother 1, Doktor, Male Ensemble Carl Angelo’s interest in theatre, film and television sparked when he was given various roles in his high school in his hometown San Jose del Monte City. Through the years, he has participated in several acting workshops particularly in ABS-CBN under the industry’s great acting coaches: Rahyan Carlos, Bodjie Pascua, Phil Noble, Vangie Labalan among others. His intense involvement and passion in acting led him to pursue a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Digital Filmmaking in DLS-CSB. Carl Angelo is also a freelance production manager, stage manager and events organizer. He is presently the company secretary of Stage Production Operations Team.





Pocholo Bismonte Riki Benedicto Vincent Barcelona Francine Arcilla Jerome Matthew Dawis Angelica Rapay Paulo Carlo Castillo Jeanne Katreen Cruz Christine Bas Patrice Ebreo Angelica Cruz Jason Nathan Dawis Alexis Bernadette Basbas Princess Pangandaman Sophia Reyes Ana Marie Nicole Santos Clarence Gomez Sebastian Santos Mark Rolan Maravilla Santini Vergara Aaliyah Baylen Carl Angelo Ruiz


Benilde, Brother 1, Alphonse, Raoul, Sundalo Benilde Ama ni Benilde, Landlord, De La Salle, Old Student, Male Ense Ina ni Benilde, Female Ensemble Alphonse, Leopold Bunso, Sta. Collete, Estudyante1/3, Bata, Ina ni Leopold Lalaki, Philippe, Brother 3 Kapitbahay 1, Ina ni Benilde, Female Ensemble Kapitbahay, Catherina, Female Ensemble Annet, Female Ensemble Passerby 3, Kapitbahay 2, Ina ng Bata, Female Ensemble, Que Luluwas 3, Lalaki 1, Nicolas, Estudyante 3, Binatang Magsasak Ina, Female Ensemble Female Ensemble Panganay, Ina ng Bata, Female Ensemble Babae 1, Passerby 2, Kapitbahay 3, Female Ensemble Brother, Taga-ibang Bayan 3, Street Fighter 3, Male Ensemble Luluwas 1, Guro, Brother, Director of the Novices, King, Male Taga-ibang Bayan 2, Street Fighter 1, Estudyanteng Patakas, E Ama, Luluwas 3, Isang Ama Female Ensemble King, Gatekeeper, Brother 1, Doktor, Male Ensemble


Riki Benedicto Liza Magtoto Fortunato Ramos Jr. Zyda Marie Baaya James Reyes Alshiey Senosa Armin Merilleno Lex Marcos Paulo Carlo Castillo Michelle Basco

Director Playwright Musical Director/Arranger/ Composer Choreographer Costume Designer Make-up Consultant/Designer Make-up Consultant/Designer Set and Lighting Designer Graphic Designer Graphic Designer


een ka

ERPB, Male



Dang Comedido Carl Angelo Ruiz Aya Carlos Carmina Capile Gabriel Estrada Clara Lizano Gladys Thadine Zapa Jay Lorenz Conanan Connie Valera Andrea Estrellado Arnel Paguyo Andrei Juloya Aldrin Jon de Paula Benedict Alfonso Yoshiko Miyata Regine Binuya Clarisse Co Ysabel Vitoria Tantoco Michelle Caluza Erika San Diego Rachel Bucud Kiarra Lorayes Darwin Mendoza Charlemagne Criste Philippe Gabriel Hernandez Franz Velarde


Production Manager Production Manager Production Manager Stage Manager Assistant Stage Manager Assistant Stage Manager Assistant Stage Manager Assistant Stage Manager Set Crew Set Crew Technical Director Light Board Operator Light Board Operator Light Board Operator Marketing Manager Property Master Property Master Costume Mistress Costume Mistress Costume Mistress Make-up Assistant Make-up Assistant Production Photographer Production Photographer Production Photographer Production Photographer


Stephen Arevalo Mikel Arevalo Theo Blanch Robert Patrik Angelo Cruz Ron Kristoffer Marquez Darwin Mendoza Renn Jiggs Oblea Samuel Valenia

Drummer Guitarist Keyboardist Keyboardist Bassist Drummer Bassist Guitarist



Riki Benedicto Director

Being an actor and a teacher, trained Riki to be a director. He worked with some of brilliant directors in the country and take it as an opportunity for learning. He went through a directing class under Soxie Topacio during NCCA-ALYANSA INK’s sponsored Training Program. Since then, he directed numerous productions from stage plays to events. For Sining-Lahi Polyrepertory, he directed Badya ng Ibong Dagat, Gamu-Gamu sa Kanto ng East Avenue, M Butterfly and Sino Ka Ba Jose Rizal? For Cultural Center of the Philippines, he did Pasinaya 2011 Closing Ceremony, JP ang Gig ni Rizal and Virgin Labfest, he was the director of So Sangibo A Ranon a Piyatay o Satiman o Tadman, Bakit Wala Ng Nagtatagpo sa Philcoa Oberpas (Labfest and Eyeball production) and Kinaumagahan. Riki is the current trainer-director of Dulaang Filipino. Some of his works with DF includes Fuente Ovejuna, Touched-Moved (By a Lady and Five Stars Walking on the Same Carpet), “E” and Out at Sea (entry to the 7th Montreal International Theater Festival in Canada). He is set to direct for DF, an adaptation of Sam Shepard’s Buried Child. “Directing for me is working with Actors not controlling them” -riki

Liza Magtoto Playwright

Saints, single moms, Tandang Sora, violence against women, children sold like slaves, epalismo, Battle of Pinaglabanan, corporal punishment, Teresa Magbanua, gay caregivers in Israel, migration, adolescent sexuality, EDSA 20 years hence, the joy of being single, zodiacs and broken relationships. These are just some of the themes Liza has written for the stage. Pierre Romançon is her second play about a saint, the first being about Saint Benedict (perhaps she’s doing the B’s first!). A multi-Palanca awardee, Liza is a member of the Writer’s Bloc and an artist-teacher of the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA). Her recent plays include Rated:PG, the critically acclaimed Care Divas for PETA, and Isang Daan for the Virgin Labfest. She also wrote two films at the Cinemalaya Film Festival, Sta. Niña and David F.


Fortunato Ramos Jr.

Musical Director / Arranger / Composer TJ has done various theatre productions in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (1, 2, 3...Smile?, Daloy, Himig ng Agunyas, Prinsipe ng Buwan, Midsummer Night’s Dream), Tanghalang Pilipino (Virgin Labfest 4 to 8, Apples from the Desert, Banaag at Sikat, Noli Me Tangere, 3 Tabing, Eyeball, Walang Sugat, Walang Kukurap, Stageshow, Ibalong, Sandosenang Sapatos), Dulaang UP (Amphitryon, Ang Muntik Nang Di Mapigilang Paghahari ni Arturo Ui, Umaaraw Umuulan Kinakasal Ang Tikbalang), Dulaang Laboratoryo (Balin-tuna: Dalawang Palabas ng Kamatayan, Cyrano-Isang Sarswela), Ballet Philippines (Crisostomo Ibarra, Encantada, Inamorata, Sleeping Beauty, Songs, Anting, A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Repertory Philippines (Duets, Paris 1812, Equus, The Joy Luck Club, Shakespeare in Hollywood), Miriam Institute for the Arts (Tamala, Amihan), Philippine High School for the Arts, (3 Prinsesa, 2 Ina, 1 Hangal) and other theatre productions (Sabangan sa Gingoog). He was a member of the sound design team of Road Runner Network Inc. headed by Mr. Ronald De Asis that sound designed films such as T2, Villa Estrella and Dinig Sana Kita. He is currently a recording engineer and musical arranger at Sound Bay Recording Studio where he did a lot of projects for its clients. He is a two-time Outstanding Sound Design winner at the Gawad Buhay: PHILSTAGE Awards for the Performing Arts for Encantada (Ballet Philippines) in 2011 and Stageshow (Tanghalang Pilipino) in 2012. He is forever grateful to his mentors Mr. Jed Balsamo for music and Mr. Jethro Joaquin for sound design.

Zyda Marie Baaya Choreographer

Zyda started dancing ballet at the age of five under Nila Claravall-Gonzalez. After a handful of years without training, she continued dancing during high school at Iloilo National High School-Special Program for the Arts. In 2005, Brezhnev Larlar recruited her to become member of the Footworks Dance Theater. She became a dance scholar at Ballet Philippines in January 2007. Also an alumna of Saint Benilde Romançon Dance Company. She hooks up to her teachers Gerald Mercado, Noordin Jumalon, Georgette Sanchez and Christine Crame-Santillan.


Lex Marcos

Set & Lighting Designer An actor, painter, graphic artist, set and lighting designer rolled into one. Lex, well-rounded artist, completed Arts History from University of the Philippines-Diliman.All his life he immersed himself in the arts. His father used to play in the Philippine Constabulary Band and Manila Symphony Orchestra, while his brother is a guitarist. He spent his scholastic life in choral groups.Dulaang UP’s former resident director Jose Estrella saw in Marcos the potential in set designing. Estrella told the collegian Lex to take classes under UP theater program faculty Amiel Leonardia. Afterwhich, he had been commissioned to

produce sets for Philippine Educational Theater Association (D Wonder Twins of Boac, Ang Post Office), Viva Atlantis (Tarzan: The Musical), Dulaang UP (Adarna, Ang Birheng Matimtiman, premiere and restaging of Umaaraw Umuulan Kinakasal Ang Tikbalang, Amphitryon, As You Like It), UP Center for International Studies and Japan Foundation (Ang Paglalakbay ni Sisa, Isang Noh sa Laguna), Atlantis Productions (premiere and restaging of Rock of Ages, Next to Normal, Disney’s Aladdin and Little Mermaid, Nine, Amphitryon), Repertory Philippines (Wizard of Oz, Shakespeare in Hollywood), and Marie Eugenie Theater of the Assumption (Twelfth Night, The Mystery of Irma Vep) as a promising set designer, Lex also dabbled into the theatrical interplay of light and shade. A Japanese lighting designer Shoko Matsumoto invited Lex to her “Awareness of Light” workshop and productions so he can be exposed in the craft of lighting. He also attended Prof. Leonardia’s lighting design class in UP. He has designed for Umaaraw Umuulan Kinakasal Ang Tikbalang (premiere and restaging), Twelfth Night, The House of Bernarda Alba and The Mystery of Irma Vep (Marie Eugenie Theater of the Assumption). For Lex, there is more to life than doing backstage work. He has also hugged the limelight when he played Orsino in PETA’s D Wonder Twins of Boac, Jupiter in DUP’s Amphitryon, King in Asis on Stage’s Dragon Tales the Musical, Yoshitsune in UPCIS University Theater’s Kanjincho (Kabuki), Ibarra/ Simoun in PETA’s Noli Fili Dekada Dos Mil and Miguel Hernandez in DUP’s Recoged Esta Voz/Gather This Voice/ Tipunin Itong Tinig, among others.

Armin Merilleno

Make-Up Consultant/Designer Armin is a freelance professional make-up artist and currently studying Interior Design at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. In the journey through the hard world of fashion, she had achieved and done a lot of projects which are the following: Afficionado 1 @ 11 Fashion Show, Del Monte Kitchenomics TVC, Star Power Finalists, K-La Rivera and Monica Sacay’s make-up artist at Sharon Cuneta’s Event, Russian Calendar 2012, Solara Swimsuits by Maggie Wilson fashion show, Rent stage play at RCBC Plaza, DTC Mobile advertisement, Café De Seoul advertisement, E production at SDA Theater, Bb. production staged at Tanghal NCR leg in PUP Manila and At Your Service production at ARG Theater.


Alshiey Senosa

Make-Up Consultant/Designer At 20, Alshiey is taking a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design in Benilde. A member of SPOT for three years now she started as a Set Designer, became Costume Designer and now a Makeup Artist by choice. He enjoys makeup more than everyone does that he just learned the basics of applying makeup by watching tutorial videos on YouTube. In a pretty short time of practicing, he is now trying to make a name in the Makeup industry by launching a YouTube channel where he speaks about beauty, fashion and lifestyle, and so he became a beauty guru. “Makeup was never easy, not like a child painting a coloring book. It will require you passion and desire for you to create a beautiful look.” -Alshiey

Paulo Carlo Castillo Graphic Artist

Paw is a fourth year Multimedia Artist specializing in portrait photography and graphic design. He has delivered several posters commissioned by the Office of Culture and Arts.

Michelle Basco Graphic Artist

Passion has never been scarce to a lady named Michelle. Because of her inherent dedication, she commits excellence in all of her works. Aside from being a consistent Dean’s Lister and a Multimedia Arts student, she freelance in photography, web design and layout. She has wowed her clients from Smart Communications (intranet website project), Insular Bank, Citibank, and Sun Cellular with cutting edge design and aesthetics. She has also served in various positions in different student organizations such as AVP Publicity for the 64th Engineering Batch Assembly and VP Publicity for DLSU Chemical Engineering Society. Currently, she is the Documentation and Graphics Design head of SPOT under OCA.




Dang Comedido Production Manager

Proud alumna of Benilde’s Technical Theater program and Dulaang Filipino, Dang is currently the Performing Arts Assistant at the Office of Culture and Arts. Penguin. Places. Pink. Kitakits! “Ora et Labora”

Carl Angelo Ruiz Production Manager

Carl is a sophomore AB Digital Filmmaking student. Aside from acting, handling stage productions is also one of his skills. In fact, he is the company secretary of DLS-CSB’s Stage Production Operations Team as a Production & Stage Manager, he has handled various OCA productions Corossroads, Harmony of Hearts and Voices 4’te, Touched Moved, By a Lady, Corolection, etc. He has also attended various workshops and seminars on productions stage management, such as Cultural Center of the Philippines-Tangahalang Pilipino conducted by Mr. Ed Murillo.

Aya Carlos

Production Manager A member of the Stage Production Operations Team of Benilde. She began working in the field of theatre as a production manager in her first year of college under the tutelage of her senior Cleo Kelley. During CROSSROADS 9 Benildean Theater Festival, she was the assistant production manager in Darcy, Darcy Paano Ka Ginawa? The following year she won best production manager for CROSSROADS 10 with Thrice Upon a Time. She is currently the assistant company manager of SPOT and continues to manage several productions under the OCA.


Carmina Capile Stage Manager

An alumna of De La Salle University-Dasmariñas’ TEATRO Lasalliana who has been equipped to do various works as an actor and production staff. In three years of working as a freelance stage and production manager, she has been part of several productions such as Tanghalang Pilipino’s Banaag at Sikat, American Hwangap, Anatomiya ng Korupsyon, Noli Me Tangere, Eyeball Set A and B, Maliw, Isang Araw sa Karnabal, Bakit Wala Nang Nagtatagpo sa Philcoa Oberpas and Stageshow, Virgin Labfest’s Ondoy and Kung Paano Ako

Naging Leading Lady. Atlantis Productions’ Rock of Ages, Marie Eugenie Theater of the Assumption’s Broadway 4 and 5, The House of Bernarda Alba, Shakespeare Fest, Rehearsal and Performance Class and Summer Workshops and Ring Round the Moon. Tanghalang Tatsulok Community Theater Group Inc’s. Noli Me Tangere: Ang Paghahanap and Cinemalaya 8-Requieme’s Second Assistant Director.

Gabriel Estrada

Assistant Stage Manager Gabe is a no-stranger to the world of theatre. As an apprentice, he was involved in Joseph the Dreamer as Assistant Stage Manager under the guidance of Annette Aguado in 2013. He joined SPOT in pursuit of a life in theater and the dream to be a well-rounded thespian.

Clara Lizano

Assistant Stage Manager An AB Multimedia Arts student but chose to spend her leisure time in theatre. She attended the Stage and Production Management Workshop at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. After finishing her current degree, she plans to take up BA Fine Arts major in Theater Arts and take a master’s degree in Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London to pursue her passions in life.

Gladys Thadine Zapa Assistant Stage Manager

Gladys, an AB-MMA sophomore student at De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde, was one of the youngest members in SPOT. Yet it wasn’t a hindrance for her to do her best. Her leadership and competency was at high. To add and improve her virtues she was sent by OCA to attend the CCP Tanghalang Pilipino Summer Workshop on Production and Stage Management.

Jay Lorenz Conanan Assistant Stage Manager

JayLo, a sophomore AB Production Design student, has been engaged into theater productions before joining SPOT during his frosh year. He was once a performer but entering college required him to focus on the behind-the-scene activities. Now, he is under the Costume Division of the organization but is flexible enough to work under other departments as well. He also creates props, sets, make-up and even does such off-campus.


Connie Valera Set Crew

Ever since she was a little girl, Connie had always been passionate about theatre. She started as an actress and had participated on various musicals during her elementary years. She is now a Production Design student at Benilde where she focuses as a set designer at Office of the Culture and Art’s Stage Production Operations Team. Her first production work was Dulaang Kalay’s “Series Finale: Saan Hahantong ang Tagpong Ito?!” where she worked as Assistant Stage Manager, and was part of theMarketing Team in the Manila show of Woman In Black in October 2012, under the same production house. Now, she’s working with them, again as the set designer and the deputy production manager for their upcoming rendition of Matt and Ben, and Cocaine. She had recently competed as the head stage manager in Crossroads 10 “At Your Service.” Doing carpentry works had always been her guilty pleasure. She is never without a multitool with her, and she considers herself a female Mcgyver. She enjoys eating nilagang mani and loves to collect knives.

Andrea Estrellado Set Crew

Andrea has long been into the arts. Growing up she spends most of her free time sketching, painting, drawing and sculpting. She now contributes to the set design department of SPOT. Having worked on a number of productions such as Ang Gusto Ko Maging... and Fairy Tale; she aims to learn more about stage production.

Arnel Paguyo Technical Director

A proud alumnus of Benilde’s Technical Theater program. He is currently finishing his Masteral Degree in Theater Arts at UP Diliman. He is a scenographer, technical director and entrepreneur by profession. He has been credited in technical direction in Earthday Jam 2013 (Dimitri Productions), What Puring Wants, Coring Needs (Inkamouflage Inc.), Ethnographic Exhibit 2013 (MA-THR 2012 Batch), Art Is Talk 1 & 2 (MA-THR 2012 Batch), Ang Paglalakbay ni Tao (CSB), Applause - Fides Cuyugan’s 80th Celebration (Musical Theater Foundation), Song of Joseph (Musical Theater Foundation), Spoliarium Exerpt (Musical Theater Foundation), Walang Himala (PETA), Pinoy Wannabees (PETA), Romulus d’ Grayt (PETA), Himala (Tanghalang Pilipino), Troyanas (Tanghalang Pilipino), Neo Filipino (Ballet Philippines). Arnel is also a managing partner of One Sceniques Corp. (a supplier in mobile architecture, staging set-up, scenography services, art direction services and technical direction services), a set designer of MYX Music Channel, MYX.PH and Network Twenty.


Andrei Juloya Light Board Operator

Andrei is the lighting designer and technical director of SPOT. He has worked in Dulaang Filipino’s “Checkmate” and Saint Benilde Romançon Dance Company’s “Behind The Screens.” He loves watching dance, theater and choral performances. His interests range from music and design to basketball. He has a great sense of humor, but he takes his work to his heart.

Aldrin Jon de Paula Light Board Operator

Benedict Alfonso

The sweet and spicy young man born in Manila. The smooth criminal of Malate. The smallest one of his family. The joker, at the same time, the corny. The loudest talking machine. Friendly-neighborhood. Mr. smiley face. Mr. videogame. Mr. Positive. Music lover. Food lover. Joke lover. Cartoons lover. Anime lover. Movie lover. And God-lover. Manileños. Malatean. Lasallian. Game designer. Light designer. Technical director. God’s follower. Mr. Never-Giving-Up. And the friendliest young man ever lived. Believed in one of the greatest quote “Try and try until you succeed.” He may have one of the most failures in life as young man, but he can stand up and fight again.

Light Board Operator

Bene is the division head of the Lighting Design and Technical Direction Division of SPOT. He has designed and operated the light board in various productions of the Office of Culture and Arts such as Touched Moved, Fuente Ovejuna and Thrice Upon A Time. He is currently in his third year in BS Industrial Design.

Regine Binuya Property Master

Dedeng has been a member of SPOT since summer of 2012 as Property Master. She is now the head of the SPOT Property Division.

Yoshiko Miyata Marketing Manager

A Human Resource Management major and is currently the head of the Marketing Division of SPOT. One of the things she loves about her job is that she meets and interacts with different people with different point of view in life. She considers SPOT as her training ground before she steps into the real world. She may not be a pro yet in her field, but she is willing to give more time in learning the basics of marketing until she masters it. Her greatest achievement would be, seeing people smiling after the show and as well as her coworkers.


Clarisse Co Property Master

Won Best Property Master at Crossroads10, Clarisse Co pursues her dream to be a famous Production Designer. She is very passionate in what she does and never fails the people around her. And at her young age, she does not stop grabbing opportunities that knocks on her door.

Ysabel Vitoria Tantoco Costume Mistress

Via is a fourth year AB Fashion Design and Merchandising student who has been part of SPOT since her frosh days. She loves theater and dreams of working in Broadway someday.

Michelle Caluza Costume Mistress

A Costume Mistress under SPOT and a Production Design student, Michelle came to love everything about theatre. She is quiet most of the time but when she speaks, her words create a big impact on the people around her. Everyday she strives for her dream to turn into reality.

Erika San Diego Costume Mistress

A junior Production Designer student who loves to watch movies and theater plays. Her goal in life is to travel around the world and discover new things. Erika is currently a member of SPOT and she is very passionate in everything she does. Her dream is to put up a production house together with her friends. She plans in taking her masters degree abroad and being the production designer in Broadway.

Rachel Bucud Make-Up Assistant

Color is part of art. A MUA also plays an important role in theater that gives colors and fancy looks in actors and actresses in the play. She is a dreamer but never stop believing.


Kiarra Lorayes Make-Up Assistant

A sophomore student studying BS Interior Design and part of the Hair and Makeup Division of SPOT. She was amazed by the transformation of the models that she’ve seen on the fashion magazines and write ups when she was a kid. It prompted her to join the world of makeup. With the motivation of her friends, she attended workshops to further improve her skills. She is very dedicated in what she do and she like the adventure of being part of the artists’ world.

Darwin Mendoza Production Photographer

A freelance photographer. His camera is his little buddy. He attended photography workshop with Sir Jun Miranda at PCCI. Darwin tried his entrepreneural skills with his photobooth business named after his son Yuan.

Charlemagne Criste Production Photographer

A future 3D artist finding his place in the industry by studying in the best multimedia school Benilde. Charle is the president of the Dream Team Production and one of the graphic designers of SPOT.

Philippe Gabriel Hernandez Production Photographer

JB, is an aspiring multimedia artist at Benilde and currently serves as SPOT Documentation and Graphic Designer. He likes editing and designing the likes of posters and brochures. This is his first term working under OCA, and he’s eager to share his masterpieces.

Franz Velarde

Production Photographer A second year student at Benilde taking up AB Multimedia Arts, Franz is Documentation and Graphic Designer. He is capable of doing many things and the possibilities are endless. He loves photography and creating illustrations. Though he has shown good artworks, he can still push himself to do his best. Each passing day, he strives harder and harder in order to meet the standards of SPOT and even surpass that standard.




Mikel Arevalo He is a Music Production student. He has been playing guitar for six years as lead guitarist in “Agsunta” band. He plays in batch parties, mall shows, reunions, weddings and many more.

Stephen Arevalo A frosh Music Production student, he has been playing drums for six years in his brother’s band “Agsunta.”

Theo Blanch A native of San Mateo, California, USA, Theo has been playing the piano since the age of 5. He has performed in numerous recitals and worked with both amateur rock bands and professional jazz ensembles in high school. He is currently a 3rd year student in Benilde taking up Music Production.

Robert Patrik Angelo Cruz Robert, 20 years old, fourth year Music Production student in Benilde. The vocalist and guitarist for “Harlequin Carnivale.” He also sessions as guitarist and keyboardist for other bands. He’s an electronic music producer who goes by the name “invisibleants.” When not performing, he makes scores for computer and mobile games.


Ron Kristoffer Marquez Ron Kristoffer Marquez, 20 years old, 4th year Music Production student in DLS-CSB. Lead vocalist and bassist of One Click Straight. Bass Sessionist.

Darwin Mendoza An AB Production Design student, Darwin is a hardcore music lover, no genre limits his interest. He has been playing drums for ten years already. He plays the drum with his band “THIS” at the cadence of the beat of his heart.

Renn Jiggs Oblea He is in a band called “Not Informed.” They will release their debut album by the end of the year. They just released a video of their song aired in MYX this July 2013.


ACKNOWLEDGMENT Our most sincere and deepest gratitude to the following for supporting and making Pierre Romançon a success: Br. Dennis M. Magbanua FSC Br. Victor A. Franco FSC Br. Dante Jose Amisola FSC Ms. Carmelita J. Lazatin Mr. Robert L. Tang Ms. Norie M. Ador Dionisio Ms. Ma. Socorro Bacay Ms. Marie Valdez Ms. Celedonia Cayaban Ms. Magdalena De Leon Ms. Aji Manalo Mr. Ferdinand Alversado Mr. Vincent Barcelona Mr. Levi Albania Ms. Patricia Paola M. Padilla Ms. Analiza M. Abainza Ms. Sharon Sarmiento Ms. Lyn Calibara Ms. May Manglo Mr. Alvin Ilagan Mr. Danilo Esteves Mr. Henry Pastor Ms. Grace Abiera Ms. Sallie Ochoa Ms. Fe Lipnica Ms. Liza Magtoto Ms. Zyda Marie Baaya Mr. Arnel Paguyo Mr. Lex Marcos Ms. Mina Capile

ClickTheCity Careline EB Pinkwater Zoobic Safari California Pizza Kitchen Papa John’s Pizza Rufo’s Famous Tapa Goodles Sn@p Internet Cafe General Administrative Services Department Center for Housekeeping and Environmental Concerns Engineering Center Purchasing Center Center for Safety and Security Br. Fidelis Leddy Learning Resource Center Information Technology Department Center for Institutional Communications Center for Linkages and Advancement School of Design and Arts Music Production Program Department of Student Life Student Involvement Office Career and Placement Office Academic Extension Program Souvenir Program designed by Michelle Basco

office of culture and arts upcoming events Through the Years

September 25-27, 2013 School of Design and Arts Theater, SDA Campus

This production aims to highlight the meticulous journey of the Saint Benilde Romançon Dance Company and how it came to where it is now. It also wishes to put the audience into the shoes of an SBRDC dancer and make them see life through a student artist’s perspective.

Shadow Laboratory

November 20-22, 2013 School of Design and Arts Blackbox, SDA Campus

Buried Child

November 27-29, 2013 School of Design and Arts Theater, SDA Campus

Buried Child is a piece of theater which depicts the fragmentation of the American nuclear family in the context of disappointment and disillusionment with American mythology and the American dream, the 1970s rural economic slowdown and breakdown of traditional family structures and values.

A Tribute to Timeless Music

December 4-6, 2013 School of Design and Arts Theater, SDA Campus

The Silver Year is a celebration of a timeless passion towards something that is continuously flowing through the heart of the society. A night for giving honor, credit and tribute. A night of Gantimpala.

Lasallian Arts Month Year 9 February 1-28, 2014

The Lasallian Arts Month is a monthlong celebration showcasing the talents, knowledge and enthusiasm of the Lasallian community in the field of the arts. This celebration promotes and expands the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines, while raising awareness on social issues that awakens the interest of artists and non-artists. Every year, we gather performers, lecturers and other artists from Lasallian schools, as well as professionals in different fields to share and participate in this celebration of the arts.

Jesus Christ Superstar

February 3-5, 2014 School of Design and Arts Blackbox, SDA Campus

Visayan Forum (Human Trafficking)

February 5-7, 2014 School of Design and Arts Theater, SDA Campus

We deliver social realities in today’s society. This production evokes the life of a sexual slavery victim through the art form of dance.

Harmony of Heart and voices 5

February 13-14, 2014 School of Design and Arts Theater, SDA Campus


February 24-28, 2014 Augusto-Rosario Gonzalez Theater, Taft Campus

A specially programmed theater event stretched over four days showcasing the best performances by pre-selected theater production companies in Benilde solely formed for this event.

STAR 2014

April 29-May 30, 2014 (Theater, Music and Dance)

On its 13th year, the Office of Culture and Arts holds a four-weeek intensive Summer Training and Artist Recruitment in theater, music and dance. STAR intends to enhance the performance of its current artists and train its new members.

Pierre Romancon