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I. Growing feelings of ___________, the buildup of military forces, and alliances caused tension in Europe. A. Competition among European nations for ____________ resulted in conflicts (Imperialism). B. The Triple ____________was an alliance between Britain, France, and Russia. C. Growing nationalism on the __________ Peninsula caused many groups to demand independence. 1. The Serbs were furious at Austria-Hungary for taking over ________. 2. The emperor of ____________warned Russia to accept the takeover of Bosnia or face war. II. After the assassination of their heir to the throne, Austria-Hungary declared war on ______________. A. For three years, the French and British fought the Germans in ____________ warfare. B. World War I is also known as the _________ War. 1. New weapons, such as machine guns, artillery guns, tanks, aircraft, and _________ gases, were used for the first time. 2. Governments made use of all their resources and ___________, not just soldiers, in waging total war. III. Pro-British feelings and business relationships, as well as anger against the Germans, meant the United States eventually would come into the war on the side of the ___________. A. German submarines, or __________, sank any and all ships sailing the waters around Britain.  US troops joining the Allies in 1917 led to a cease-fire in _____.  In 1919, the signing of the ________ ___ _____________ officially ended the war.

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