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Unit 7 STUDY GUIDE: History of Latin America * You will not need to know specific dates, but you do need to know the general order of events.

Location & time period

Religious beliefs/ Accomplishments

Last ruler

Decline (how did they end?)

Maya n/a



1) What was the Columbian Exchange? Describe the pros and cons of the Columbian Exchange.

2) Length of time Spain/Portugal controlled Latin American colonies-

3) Primary purpose of the Spanish Mission System4) Line of Demarcation (what was it? What were the effects?)-

5) What were some effects of the African slave trade?

6) Beliefs of the Zapatista and why this group is against NAFTA-

Born In (country) Countries Liberated


Miguel Hidalgo

Toussaint L’Ouverture

Simon Bolivar

Dom Pedro

7) Describe the Cuban Revolution. Who was involved? What happened? What was the time period? What was the impact on Cuba and on other nations?

Unit 7 study guide 10