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Imperial Russia A. Catherine the Great 1) Took control from her husband Czar Peter III. 2) Wanted to free the ________ before they revolted. 3) She ____________ the Russian empire. 4) 3 Themes of Russian history a. _______________ b. harsh treatment of the _____________ _____________ c. slow westernization—becoming more like _________ ___________. B. Building a Vast Empire 1) In 1240—_____________ (the Golden Horde) conquered Russia. 2) Life Under the Golden Horde a. The Mongols ruled Russia for almost ________ years. 3) The Rise of Moscow a. Early 1330s—________ of Muscovy (Moscow) became prince of Russia • He expanded Moscow by buying land. b. 1480—Ivan III took over and ended Mongol rule. 4) Rise of the Czars a. 1547—Ivan the Terrible (IV) became Russia’s first czar or __________. • He was cruel but also expanded into ____________. b. 1689—__________ the Great became czar. • He started to bring Western _______ and __________ to Russia. • What steps did Peter take to westernize Russia?

• Peter expanded Russia to the __________ and __________ Seas. C. Fall of the Czars 1) Tensions grew between the 2 groups in Russia—____ ____ & ____ ____. 2) In 1894, _____________ became Russia’s last czar. 4) Blood Sunday—in 1905, workers marched on the royal palace and forced ____________ from power.

Imperial Russia  

3) She ____________ the Russian empire. c. slow westernization—becoming more like _________ ___________. 1) In 1240—_____________ (the Golde...

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