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The Mayas 1) Located in the Yucatan Peninsula region (southern ______________, ________________, and _________________) from 250-900 CE. 2) The Mayas were great ________________________. The main food of the Mayans was ______________, or corn. 3) Mayas designed very accurate ________________ (365 days) for religious ceremonies. 4) The Mayas developed a system of writing using signs and symbols called __________________________. 5) They also had a complex _______________ system and used their knowledge of astronomy to predict _________________. 6) They worshipped gods based on _________________. 7) They worshipped through music, dance, food offerings, scared ___________________________, and sometimes _____________________________. 8) About __________ CE, the Mayas mysteriously left their cities, but many still live in parts of Central America today.

The Aztecs 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)

Located in the ______________________(present day Mexico City) from 1100s-early 1500s. Their capital was ____________________ built on an island in the middle of Lake Texcoco. The Aztecs were great __________________. They conquered other groups in the area and expanded their land. Aztec doctors made over 1,000 _______________ from plants. Like the Mayans, they were good _____________, kept a ____________________, and used hieroglyphics. The Aztecs believed in nature gods. The ________ god was the most important to them. They believed the sun god needed human ___________ in order to rise, to they offered many human sacrifices. The Aztecs were very fierce people!


In 1519, ____________________________ arrived in Mexico with about 500 _________________________ from Spain. 9) He befriended some of the Aztec’s ______________ tribes and together they conquered the mighty Aztecs in _______________. 10) _____________________________ was the Aztec ruler at the time. He thought Cortes was a god and welcomed him into the city!

The Incas


Located in ____________________ in the Andes Mountains region. Their capital was ______________. 2) They lived there from __________________CE. They had an empire of over 12 million people spread across 2,500 miles. 3) They were famous for ___________________________, too. 4) The Incas were great _________________! 5) They had a highly structured system of __________________ and taxes. 6) They created a large system of __________________ and ________________. (why did they need to do this?) 7) They were also good farmers and built _______________ and ___________________. 8) The Incas also believed in nature gods. They believed their _______________ was descended from the sun god. 9) They had many ________________ and a state religion. They only offered human sacrifices on special occasions. 10) In 1532, __________________________ landed in Peru with 180 conquistadors. He invited ____________________, the Inca emperor to a feast….and then ambushed him! 11) Finally, in 1572, the _________________ completely defeated the Inca empire. Why were the Spanish able to defeat these civilizations?

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Civilizations notes  
Civilizations notes  

Date _____________ Period ____ Name _________________________ Why were the Spanish able to defeat these civilizations? 6) They created a lar...