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Canada Data Collection Using the research materials take brief notes on your assigned topic. You will share these with your group members during sharing time. You will use these notes to form a paragraph that will be your article, so make sure you understand what you have written.  History article 1  Explorers responsible for discovering and settling Canada Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain  Name of indigenous people Inuit  Main item traded in settlements fur  What happened to indigenous people lost land and died of disease  Predominate religion Christianity  History article 2  What caused the French and Indian war both countries wanted land and control of fur trade  What 2 countries was it between France and Great Britain  Canada became part of what country Great Britain  What was the Quebec Act allowed citizens of Quebec to keep their French culture, Catholic religion, and French civil law  How and when did Canada gain its independence Colony of GB; dominion of GB making its own laws but still under GB for foreign affairs; peaceful independence in 1982  Environment article 3  What causes acid rain in Canada pollution as a result of mining, electric power generation, oil and gas use from factories and transportation mix with rain  Why do Canadians believe this is their biggest environmental issue destruction of ecosystem (wildlife, plants, water systems) destroy the environment and the economy  One effect on the environment/one effect on people EX. gets into the water system, kills fish, kills birds who eat fish; everything we eat, drink, breathe has at one time or another come in contact with acid deposits  How can Canadians reduce acid rain EX. use less electricity, carpool, use clean coal

Why must the U.S. and Canada work together on environmental issues we share landforms, bodies of water, air space  Government article 4  What is the British Commonwealth organization of countries once governed/colonies of Great Britain  What type of citizen participation/define parliamentary democracy – citizens vote for leaders who chose the Prime Minister  How is power distributed/define Federal government – divides power between the central and provincial governments  Who is the current Prime Minister Stephen Harper  What is a constitutional monarchy Queen of England has a place in government, but no real power; appoints governor general to represent her  Canada’s government is similar to what European country United Kingdom  Why do people in Quebec want to secede feel they are more of a French culture than the rest of Canada and would like to be their own country  Economy article 5  What type of economy in Canada/define closest to market – based on supply and demand without government interference  Largest trading partner with Canada United States  Current GDP of Canada/define value of goods and services of a country - @ 1.8 trillion  What is NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement – between US, Canada, and Mexico; promote free trade between the countries  What is the purpose of free trade increases trade because you don’t have to pay tariffs/tax  Why is the Great Lakes System important transportation, trade, recreation 

Data Collection Key  

Canada Data Collection Key

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