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Books Online Classes Through our MCAT study materials and online video course, we help our students master a system of science recollection and test-taking techniques designed specifically for the MCAT exam. We offer this customized training program to students nationwide, currently providing them with online instruction and study guides written by the founder and most experienced instructor of the Kabir Academy - Tanvir Fayaz Kabir. After devising and utilizing our methods many years ago, he was able to score a 38 (98.8%) on his first official MCAT exam. Through our innovative curriculum, we specialize in helping our students master the many fundamental science concepts and equations tested on the MCAT. We then show our students how to apply these fundamentals in understanding the advanced topics presented on any MCAT physical or biological science passage. By learning to dissect any passage sentence-by-sentence, our students learn to decipher complex MCAT science passages and gain terrific insight into answering the MCAT questions.

STUDY MATERIALS Kabir Academy Thinking Guides by Tanvir Fayaz Kabir - 4th Edition - Science and Strategy Review - a 570-page compilation of the most important science fundamentals tested on the MCAT. These review guides, written as "dummy guides" so that anyone can effectively understand these fundamentals regardless of science background, encompasses human and cellular biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics. Equations Clairvoyance by Tanvir Fayaz Kabir - 4th Edition - an innovative system designed to teach the student every equation tested on the MCAT in addition to a systematic method of recalling each equation while completing the MCAT science sections

PAST STUDENT TESTIMONIALS The testimonials below will show you surveys completed by some of our past MCAT students after the completion of one of our courses. These surveys have been submitted to us electronically, along with permission to post these surveys on this website. All opinions have been taken directly from students without any editing. Engaging lectures focus on MCAT material and help to work out problem areas and pinpoint the areas of the highest importance. Relaxed instructor effectively builds the student's test taking confidence while quelling student anxiety. Works through passages in class to teach effective strategies and help his students think like a successful test taker. Fayaz is an engaging teacher and uses plenty of examples and works out problems on the board to help teach this material. He is extremely knowledgeable about the all MCAT science material but on the rare occasion, he is not afraid to admit when he doesn't know the answer. I would certainly take another course from him.

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Graduated Salutatorian 2nd in classfrom Henry Clay High School, Gifted and Talented Liberal Arts Academy, Class of 2004, Lexington, Kentucky...

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